Take Your Girl to Work

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27 Dec. '19

The alarm goes off and I reach over and turn it off. I’m alone in bed as you’ve already gotten up and gone to work. I lay there and wish you were still here. You fucked me good before you got up to get ready and I went back to sleep. But I crave more. I can feel wetness in my thighs and know it’s your cum leaking out of my used pussy.

I smile and get up to shower and get myself ready. I make my way downstairs to the kitchen to grab my lunch and leave for work. I open the fridge and see your lunch still there. You’ve forgotten it. I shake my head and grab my phone to text you.

“Forget something?”

“Ummm... no?”

“Your lunch.”

“Oh shit”

“It’s okay, I’ll swing by with it”


I grab both lunches and head out the door, shaking my head. I think I can use this to my advantage. I get in my car and head to work.

It’s almost noon and I let my boss know I need to take the afternoon off. I have a bit of an urgent errand and will try to log in from home later. It’s no problem and I pack up and leave.  I get in my car and head to your job site.

I get there and text you, that I’m there.

“I’m tied up for a few. I’m going to send Karem down to bring you up to my office.”

I wait for a few minutes and a tall black man walks towards me. 

“Hey, you Jaime’s girl?”

“Yep, that’s me”

“Come on, I’ll take you up”

We walk inside and go to the bank of elevators. He pushes the up button and we wait.

“You here to see what’s going on or....”

I hold up a lunch bag and laughingly say “Or. someone forgot their lunch”. 

“That’s so nice of you to bring it all the way down here. He coulda just grabbed something.”

“I know. But it gives me the excuse to see him”.

“That’s real sweet of you”

The elevator dings and we head up. The doors open and there you are waiting. Looking so sexy in your work clothes. I can feel my pussy clench, thinking about getting you naked right there. Running my hands over your warm skin and nibbling your lips. Having you suck on my neck and slowly sliding inside me. Having Karem push his body against mine from behind and “Baby!”

“Sorry, what?”

“Was you daydreaming Baby?”

I can feel my cheeks start to heat as I’m blushing. “Yes, yes I was”. I slowly bring my eyes to yours and I can see you know exactly what I was thinking about. You lean forward and kiss me, in front of Karem. He smiles as he watches us. You slide your hand over my ass and swat it and he licks his lips. You pull back and smile at me, a smile I know means playtime is coming. You clasp my hand and lead me to your office. Karem follows and I get the feeling that this may not be a coincidence that you left your lunch at home. The thought that you might have planned this to happen excites me. My shyness and embarrassment have vanished and in its place is a deep gnawing hunger. I want you so much right now and I want an audience.

We get to your office and you smile at Karem over my shoulder. He walks in and shuts the door behind him. You spin me around and have me leaning on your desk. Your back is to him and I can see him watching us. You slide my skirt up my thighs and tap my cheek to get my attention. When I look at you you cup my pussy in your hand. 

“Who’s pussy is this?”

“Yours. Always.”

“Good Girl. I think you need to get on my desk and slide that skirt up. Show us my pussy”.

I boost my self up on your desk and pull my skirt up. I took my panties off in the car before I showed up. I knew what I had planned and you’ve changed it, but I can adapt. I scoot backwards and put my heels on the edge of the desk and spread my legs. You can see my glistening pussy lips. You stand back beside Karem and look at my pussy.

“Spread those lips, Baby. Show us that pretty pink pussy”.

I reach down and spread my wet lips wide. My pussy drips onto your desk. I’m so excited to be spread out on your desk with an audience. I slowly start to rub my clit and bite my lip. I want to be filled. I need it so badly.

“I need you inside me, Papi. Please fill me”

You look at Karem and ask him “what you think? You wanna fuck my girl? She needs a hot cock to fill her”

“Damn. Yeah... yeah I wanna fuck her”

You walk over to me and slide two fingers in my wet pussy. You start to finger me as Karem gets his pants off. You slide your fingers out of me and suck them clean. You moan and kiss me hard. While running your hands under my shirt to my tits, squeezing kneading them. You sense Karem behind you, and you pull back and pull your chair around so you can watch. Karem takes his big thick long cock in his hand and lines it up with my hole. He pushes forward and slowly fills my pussy. He’s so big and thick and is stretching my pussy so good. I throw my head back and you are on me already.

“Uh uh Baby. Look at me. At.Me.”

I look over at you and you have your pants around your ankles and your cock out. I watch as you spit on your cock and start to stroke. Karem is starting to pound into my pussy. It’s rough and so deep. It feels so good and I can already feel my pussy starting to spasm. I’m close already. I’m thinking about both of you being inside me. I’m moaning and so turned on thinking about being dp’d. I want both holes filled. 

“Papi? Can you both fuck me?”

You ditch your jeans and work boots. “You hear that Karem? My naughty girl wants to be dp’d and fucked like the dirty little whore she is”

Karem pulls out and I slide off the desk. You come over and kiss me as you take off my shirt and bra. “ I want to see these beautiful tits bouncing”

Karem lays on the desk and I straddle him. You grab his cock and side it into my awaiting pussy. I sink down on his cock and you admire how I look from behind filled. Pussy so full and stretched. My glistening lips gripping his thick dark cock.

You slap my ass “You gonna rode that cock Baby?. You spread my ass cheeks as I start to ride Karem’s thick cock. You slowly start to rub my ass as I continue to take all that cock. I am so full and it feels so good. I’m riding him hard. You put your hands on my hips and rub your cock against my ass. I want you inside me. I want to have you both fucking me. I stop moving and look at you over my shoulder, “Papi, I want you in my ass. I want you both inside me. Please?”. You smile and lean down to kiss me. “Yes, Baby. I want to fuck your ass. I want you stuffed”. 

Just as you’re about to slide inside me, someone knocks on the door. The door knob rattles. Thank god Karem locked the door. “Yo! Boss! We need you.”. You look at me and I’m trying not to laugh out loud. “Conference call. I’ll be out after.”. They walk away muttering to themselves. 

Karem thrust his hips up to push his cock deeper inside me. Not letting me forget I’m half naked on his cock in your office. You grab your cock and spit on it. Getting it nice and wet and ready to slide in my ass. You position yourself and grab my hips again. Pushing your hips forward into my tight ass. I’m so full with Karem’s cock it’s tighter than normal. You push to get in and slide balls deep, then stop. I am shaking I am so close to cumming. I am so full. Having toys and a cock is nothing to having two cocks. I move slightly and the shaking increases. I’m moaning and not even moving. I can’t move I feel so good. 

“I think that my girl is in a cock coma. We’re gonna have to fuck her. She can’t ride” you laughingly say. You are exactly right. You wrap your arms around my chest and pull me up on my knees. Karem starts to thrust into me and you do. You find a rhythm and I am completely rigid in ecstasy.  I am going to explode any second and you whisper in my ear, “you’re going to cum my dirty little whore? Your body is in the edge. Let go. Cum for Daddy. Cum all over him and me. Do it. Now.”

I can’t take anymore and my pussy starts to gush. It’s running down my thighs and pooling on your desk. I’m moaning non stop as I ride out my orgasm. Your hand comes up and covers my mouth to quiet me. You are pumping in and out of my ass so hard and fast. You’re so close to cumming. You feel Karem start to shoot his load inside me. Feel his pulsing cock inside me, through my walls. You can feel your balls tighten and your orgasm start. You’re pumping hot cum into my ass and biting my shoulder to keep from making too much noise. Another orgasm is ripping through me and I can’t control my hips. I start grinding against you both. Trying to get that friction I crave. I feel Karem’s cock slide out of me and all that cum start to drip out of my pussy. You are losing and sucking on my neck as you finish your orgasm. 

“Good girl. You’re such a good good girl. MY dirty little whore”. 

I smile and get off your desk and see the mess we’ve made. Papers are scattered across the floor and there are puddles from me squirting.

I look at you and start laughing. “You have a mess on your hands.”

I bend over and start to pick up the papers. You can see all the cum dripping out of my ass and my pussy. You grab my hips and start to drag me back to the desk. “Up on your knees. Ass up.” I comply and you start to lick me clean. Tasting your cum, my cum and Karems. I’m shaking again as it feels so good. Your hot tongue sliding through my folds. Tasting all of us. I can’t take it anymore and turn and sit on the desk facing you. I grab your face in my hands and kiss you hard. Sliding my tongue against yours and tasting all the cum. My hands drift to your ass and pull you closer so you’re standing between my legs. My tits pressed against your chest. 

You pull back and look at me, “we have a mess to clean up.”. I get off the desk and we put your office back together. We all get our clothes back on and it’s time for me to leave.

You walk me back to the elevators and we take one down. You walk me to my car and kiss me. 

“Thank you Baby for bringing my lunch.”

I smirk at you, and open my car door. I look over my shoulder and say, “maybe you should forget it more often.”