Alexandra - Deliberately Powerless

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30 Dec. '19

Alexandra Sampson led an empire. At only 30 years old, she was one of the most successful entrepreneurs of her time. She was intelligent, beautiful, cunning, and often ruthless.

Her office spanned the entire top floor of Sampson Enterprises and included her personal office, meeting room, kitchen, gym, changing room and bathroom. Today there was only one employee present, Jakob, her personal bodyguard.

Jakob was tall, with a muscular body, and short cropped hair. He wore an expensive black suit, but he would prefer to be wearing his military uniform. He stood just outside the office, watching the elevator intently.

Alexandra looked Jakob up and down, and smiled. She has achieved every goal, every ambition, every desire. Today she had only one desire, and he was the only other person on the entire floor.

“Jakob” Alexandra called from her desk.
Jakob walked into her large office and stood at attention. “Yes Ma’am?”
"When you fuck your whores, do they satisfy you?" asked Alexandra, the words contradicting her business-like tone.
Jakob tensed. "I'm sorry Ma'am, but I don't understand the question" he said. His voice was like a knife, sharp, yet balanced.
"Maybe whore isn't quite right, after all you don't actually pay for them. Your cunts then. The ones who you invite to your home, the ones you fuck?"
"How did you-"
"Oh come on Jakob, you don't think I’d know my own bodyguard? Please just answer the question".
A moment passed. Then Jakob simply replied "No".

Alexandra stood up from her chair. She was tall, and in heels barely shorter than Jakob. She wore a tight white blouse that showed off her cleavage, and a black pencil skirt that ended above her knees. Her long blonde hair tickled her back. She began to walk around her large desk, very slowly toward Jakob, her high heels clacking in a steady rhythm.

"And why do you think that is, Jakob?"
"I… enjoy more specific pleasures than the women who I… entertain… Ma'am" The knife in his voice was drawn now, and sharper than before.

Alexandra laughed. Not her usual polite, fake laugh, but a genuine spontaneous reaction. She reached Jakob and looked up at him.
"Relax, alright? I know a lot of women claim they'll let you do what you want with them, but they don't really mean it. My point, Jakob, is that they did not satisfy you."

Alexandra took a step closer and reached for his crotch. She found the outline of his cock and began to stroke it. In that moment, her voice softened, betraying her need. "I will".
Jakob moved quickly between surprise, excitement, and finally doubt. "And how do you know you can do that?" he asked dryly.

Alexandra continued to touch him as she spoke. "Most things in life are easy for me, often trivial. But finding someone to fuck me, properly, isn't always simple". She looked up at Jakob, saw the glint appearing in his eyes, and felt his cock grow.

"I want you to fuck me until every one of my holes is burning and raw. I want you to slap me until I can't remember my own name. I want you to choke me until every breath becomes a precious gift". With each word she lowered her voice until she spoke in barely a whisper in his ear.
"I want you to reduce me to a cum covered cunt, abandoned on the floor, and I want it right now".

No sooner than she had finished speaking did Jakob grab a fistful of her hair and pull her head backwards, forcing her to arch her back. Alexandra gasped but kept her grip on his increasingly hard cock. She smiled widely. "Yes, please, more" she breathed.

Jakob kept her hair tight and used his right hand to examine her. His fingers stroked her neck and moved towards her chest. He explored her soft tits and gave them a playful slap. Then further down, unhooking the clasp on her skirt but not removing it. He slipped his hand into her panties and found her cunt wet and ready. His cock was like steel.

Jakob let go of her hair and moved both hands to the top of her blouse. He pulled from the middle, splitting the fabric around the buttons and causing it to erupt, revealing her black lace bra. He left the blouse hanging loose and pushed her bra down, freeing her tits. Alexandra grinned as she continued to stroke him.

“Suck my cock” Jakob commanded.
Alexandra quickly moved to squat on her heels and rushed to remove his belt. When she did, Jakob took it from her and put it around her neck. She unzipped him and immediately impaled her head on his cock. She made sure to reach his balls, taking his cock straight into her throat.

She chocked herself with his cock as he began to tighten the belt. At the same time she pulled up her skirt and began to touch her dripping cunt. The sensation was incredibly intense. She hadn't expected the belt this early, or the orgasm that ripped through her body like a tidal wave.

Jakob removed the belt and smiled at the red marks he had already left, maybe she would offer some real fun. Alexandra breathed in deep but kept her attention on him, desperate to be taken again.

Jakob gripped the back of her head with both hands, as she worshiped him. He waited until she was at his balls and then applied enough pressure to keep her there. She began to gag as he held her in place. It was far from the first time her throat had been used like this and she didn’t struggle or panic. She could feel Jakob’s strength and knew that she could not escape his grasp. She massaged her clit with a wild passion.

Jakob held her in place for five seconds before he let her take a breath.
“What, is that all you got” laughed Alexandra.
“Not even close” He thrust his cock back into to her throat and started to thrust back and forth. He used his hands to push and pull her head, violently shaking her head as she produced very satisfying grunts and gasps.

Again he held her mouth against his balls. This time he held her for ten long seconds. This time Alexandra didn’t have time to comment upon release. One short breath and she was back on his cock, gagging, eyes watering, her face turning red. Twelve seconds. This time her gasp for air was desperate and hoarse. She had started to attempt to escape, her hands pushing uselessly against him. After fourteen difficult seconds he finally let her go.

Jakob looked down at Alexandra and smiled. He was having a lot of fun with his unexpected new toy. As she caught her breath he dragged her to the desk. She had thought to remove everything in advance, how nice of her.

He lifted her onto the desk and positioned her on her back, and removed her skirt, revealing panties that matched her bra. He removed those too,leaving her wearing her hanging blouse, pushed down bra and high heels.He admired her cunt, and imagined what it would look like when he was done with it. The desk was height adjustable and positioned suspiciously well for his height. He stood in between her legs and pulled her to the edge of the desk. His cock found her quickly and he pushed into her waiting cunt.

Jakob fucked her slowly as he casually took off his clothes. First he used his feet to remove his shoes, then dropped his pants and underwear and kicked them off, then tie, jacket and finally his sweaty shirt.
“Come on” complained Alexandra loudly.
Free of his clothes Jakob slapped her hard across her cheek before gripping her by her cheekbones, forcing her mouth open. She gasped and her eyes lit up.

Jakob thrust into her, keeping a slow but increasingly powerful rhythm. He started to slap Alexandra, first her face, then her tits. She let out small gasps with each slap and each thrust. They stared into each other's eyes, sharing a fiery intensity. Jakob's thrusts became quicker but just as deep, just as forceful. Alexandra knew we would be left battered and bruised. Each thrust was pain and she revelled in it. She could feel the next orgasm building.

Jakob no longer paused at all between thrusts. He began to grunt with the effort. His hands found the edge of her throat. "Yes… please" panted Alexandra, her outstretched hands desperately gripping the sides of the desk.
Jakob tightened his grip and took her breath. Her cunt was his. Her very breath was his. Alexandra came a second time, her eyes rolling just slightly as her head exploded with passion and pain and just a hint of fear.

Jakob pulled out and let go of her. Alexandra panted, her eyes intensely focused on him. Jakob was also catching his breath but wasted no time. He pulled her legs towards him, pulling her off the desk and onto her feet. He spun her around and pushed her face towards the desk. She spread her legs wide and bent her knees slightly.

Jakob slapped her ass before moving his hand towards her asshole. He rubbed his index finger up and down. Alexandra just breathed, slowly regaining her rhythm. He slipped his finger inside and Alexandra moaned. Jakob smiled. She had done this before, he wasn't about to rip her open, but she was tight enough that it would hurt.

Jakob removed his finger and slapped her right ass cheek hard, leaving a red mark. Alexandra made another satisfying noise and wriggled her ass, offering herself. Jakob slapped again, this time her left. Again Alexandra winced and wriggled. Little did she know he was just getting started.

Jakob reached forward and wound her long blonde hair around into his right fist. He pulled her by her hair until she was arched back, desperately trying to release the pressure. She moaned and cried out in pain. Jakob slapped her ass with his left hand while keeping his grip tight around her hair. She gasped and despite her best efforts she felt the tears escape her eyes.

His handprint had formed in her left cheek as Alexandra moaned and squirmed. Finally he released her hair. "Have I been to your expectation ma'am" asked Jakob as he slapped her ass again.
"Almost" said Alexandra and she turned her head to face him "But you haven't used all my holes properly yet. And you haven't come on me". The truth was he had come very close earlier, but he didn't tell her that.
"Let's fix that then" said Jakob. He pushed her head away, signalling for her to get back into position. He rubbed his cock against her waiting asshole and slowly started to push inside.

Alexandra gasped and then let out a long steady moan. He had barely half his cock inside her. He pushed deeper and the moan shifted to a cry of pain. He fit nearly his whole cock. He pulled back slowly. Then he gripped her waist and thrust deep. Alexandra cried out and whimpered. It had been a while and she was surprised. But she had asked for it and she had meant it.

As Jakob's cock forced it's way inside of her Alexandra forgot about where she was. She forgot the stress of running an empire. She forgot everything. There was just the intense passion, the pleasure, and the oddly cathartic pain. He pounded her ass and slapped her burning cheeks. It was over too soon.

"Get off the table, remove your clothes and kneel in front of me". Jakob ordered. Alexandra rushed to obey, eager for more. Jakob leaned forward and slapped her face. "You like this don't you?" he said. It obviously wasn’t meant as a question. Alexandra nodded anyway. He slapped her again. Her cheeks burned.

Suddenly Jakob gripped the back of her head and pushed her onto his waiting cock. Taken by surprise Alexandra sputtered and instinctively tried to get away. She made no difference. She gasped and heaved but he kept her there. His balls touched her chin as he savoured his plaything. Alexandra began to run out of breath, her eyes began to water and her face turned bright red. He eyes betrayed real panic and her legs flailed wildly. She pushed against his legs.

When he let her go she fell to the ground coughing, and gasping for air. It wasn't long before her grabbed her hair again and invaded her mouth, her throat. Alexandra gasped and begged him with her eyes. Again she fell to the floor, gasping for precious air. Air was all she wanted, needed. Nothing else mattered.

Alexandra felt as Jakob pulled her onto her knees.. When had he moved behind her? She felt him enter her swollen cunt once more. At this point she barely noticed. She simply breathed and let him fuck her. But as she regained her breath once more, she began to feel his strength and his cock. Her cunt was especially sensitive now and she moaned long and loud.

Jakob finally stopped and walked around to her front once more. One last time he gripped her by her hair and one last time her thrust his cock into her throat. This time he didn't hold her there for long. He let out a cry of pleasure as he came in her throat. He pulled his cock out as he came, spraying her face and tangled web of hair with his hot cum.

Alexandra fell back onto her elbows and then relaxed onto the floor. Jakob dropped onto the floor and lay down next to her. They both panted, sharing the moment between them. Alexandra licked her lips and used her fingers to gather the cum from her face, she sucked her fingers dry.

Alexandra crawled over to Jakob and lay on top of him, enjoying his warm body.
"So, did you're newest cunt satisfy you, Jakob" asked Alexandra playfully.
Jakob laughed and grabbed her red ass "Yes ma'am" he replied.

Alexandra slowly stood up, feeling every inch of her body moan in blissful agony, and started making her way to the bathroom, as Jakob began to dress. "Today I need a long hot shower, but I hope you'll fuck me again? I'm sure I can clear next Friday"
"Yes ma'am, perhaps I could introduce you to a few… tools of the trade?"
Alexandra flashed him a smile "When we're alone you can call me Alexandra, when we fuck, you can call me anything you like. And bring whatever 'tools' you see fit to tear me down, surprise me"
"You sure fucking surprised me" replied Jakob with a laugh.

After watching Alexandra walk away, Jakob finished dressing and returned to his post, his mind racing. Next week couldn't come fast enough.