The Musician

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01 Jan. '20

I’m in my 50s now and I’ve had an enjoyable and comfortable life, full of fun encounters with interesting men. I was a big part of a burgeoning underground and indie music scene and managed bands in my 20s and 30s. I met a ton of fantastic musicians and had my share of liaisons. In my 30s and at present, I work as a freelance writer, editor and occasional writing instructor. I have done well for myself, in spite of one disastrous marriage to a musician, who was more in love with himself than me. I learned a lot through that experience, mainly that I didn’t want to be tied down ever again. It gave me the opportunity to have lovers when I wanted, without apology. In my 50s, I still meet a lot of great men who get me. I am an experienced lover, and I go after who and what I want. Here’s a story about someone I met recently who I won’t soon forget.

When I see him in pictures online I’m reminded of how sweet that evening was. I know that the chances of repeat experiences with men like this one likely won’t happen, and that’s okay. I hoped it was as memorable for him as it was for me and I like to think that when I look at his eyes in a photo online from one of the nights after we met that he might be thinking about it from time to time and it makes me smile.

It all started when I learned that a band I had followed for years were on tour again. I saw them back in the early days and managed another band who toured with them. Only the original guy was left; he is the songwriter, singer, and lead guitarist. He hired three guys to tour with him years ago and they hadn’t come my way in recent years. The tour dates were announced and I saw they’d be hitting my town. I started thinking about going. I still go to many rock shows at clubs because I am first and foremost a big music fan.

To see what the band sounded like these days, I found videos online of the first part of their tour. They sounded fantastic. After watching a few videos,  I couldn’t help but focus on the very hunky bass player. I tried to find out more about him and he was a total mystery. No social media, really no presence anywhere. Using my internet sleuthing skills, I figured out his approximate age (40ish) and he had been around awhile, in his own bands and this paid touring gig he did with this particular band. Couldn’t figure out if he was married or what his status was. I found I couldn’t take my eyes off him. The way he moved on stage- powerful, not too showy, just enough that you knew he was in charge of his instrument and was on it. He exuded such confidence but at the same time was understated.

He looked tall, maybe six feet at least. Blond, short hair, short beard, tattooed, but not many, just his arms, that I could see. That feeling I get started to rise up in me once again. A primal urge in me that causes me to seek out certain men that have certain characteristics.  It was not always about looks, though that helps. It was always more about personality. I knew from seeing the original lineup years ago that after each gig they would hang out and talk to fans and current social media showed that was still the case, although barely any fans took pictures with this guy. 

So I bought a ticket. And kept watching. More videos and pictures started to surface. But he still wasn’t in many of the pictures. It’s as if he either wasn’t getting the attention I thought he deserved or maybe he just sort of opted out of the whole thing. Either way, or not, his mysteriousness made we want to meet him that much more. I loved a challenge.

The night arrived and I got ready. I put on some skinny black jeans that are coated and look like leather. I added some Chelsea boots and a black t shirt.  I didn’t look like every woman; I kept my hair short, and it was black with hints of gray. I had many visible tattoos and carried myself with confidence. It was supposed to be chilly so I grabbed my moto jacket, too, which could easily hold my keys, ID, credit card and lipstick.

I showed up a bit early, just in case he was hanging out, but he wasn’t. The club was great, perfect space for them. I grabbed a beer and said hi to a few people I recognized. One of my gal pals showed up, even, knowing I was there. I shared my plan, or at least my desire with her. She laughed and whispered to me “You be careful! But then again, you being careful is not in your personality!”

I secured my spot in front, as I had always done through the years and my friend joined me. I needed to feel the energy and sweat coming through the music; the mix wasn’t always the best, but I needed to see the expressions on the musicians’ faces, the way they hit their strings or their drums; being a fan and working in the industry gave me such an appreciation for these bands. Every night, playing their hearts out for us. It’s what always made me passionate about rock music.

Standing up front, was also so that I could check this guy out first hand up close and see if I could make a connection. In my experience, if I made eye contact, I could usually spark some curiosity or interest. My self-confidence gave me the ability to take risks. I could take no for an answer and I knew when to back off, but I also could read body language and expression well and could quickly tell if there was interest.

When they came onstage, they all waved to the crowd and I stood still, smiling at him. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He wore a black t shirt and 501 Levi's and black leather sneakers.  In pictures he sometimes wore a ball cap, and I was glad he didn’t tonight. Much easier to see his face and hopefully catch his gaze. I watched him move during the first few songs. Just as in the videos, the way he carried his body around was confident and very masculine, but without arrogance. He picked up the bass and went to work. He was so much better in person, larger than life, but I could see the kindness in his eyes and the way he would smile at his bandmates during songs. A very fine bass player, he did his job to perfection. I knew all their songs and he executed everything impressively.

It soon became obvious to him where my attention was around the fifth song and we finally locked eyes for the first time. He smiled at me, but then turned a bit, always moving around the stage. They were loud and rocked. Each time he came back over my way, or stopped to help with backup vocals, he would glance down and smile just a little bit. I even got a raised eyebrow with a smile. The crowd got a bit rowdy and he made a surprised look at me when he saw me get pushed towards the stage by some guys starting to mosh. My girlfriend grabbed my arm and squeezed it; she saw it, too.

Between song banter from the main guy helped my cause.  He knew I was watching him. He would pace a little, double checking his tuner, taking a swig of beer, wiping his forehead with a towel. And he’d glance my way, every move, sometimes smiling, sometimes just looking and then looking away. My friend caught him actually staring my way while I was whispering into her ear. She pointed it out to me and as I turned, I saw him break his gaze and turn his head the other way. I giggled to myself.  He was a sexy beast. I had to have him. I tried to not give him too much attention after that; I was afraid he’d think I was a little strange. But in a moment towards the end of the set, we locked eyes for a moment and I was close enough that I could see his brown eyes soften, ever so slightly. I felt pretty sure I made the connection.

The looks back and forth between us continued, and I could tell he was trying to be cool about it, but then I’d catch his eyes and he’d smile, ever so slightly, almost to himself.

Finally the set came to a close and as I had hoped, the band hung out at the stage to talk to fans. Two guys came up to talk to him and I hung back, but I could see that he was looking over their heads slightly to see if I was still there. Main band guy was near him and he glanced up and gave me a nod and a smile - maybe he remembered me? That could be a good thing.

Finally, it was my turn. He sat down at the edge of the stage and I went right over, smiling.

“Hey,  I said.  I could watch you play all night… you are amazing!”

“Really? Wow...thanks! Have you seen us before?”

“Not in many years, and not with you, but I’m so glad I came out!”

I introduced myself and he shook my hand, but I didn’t let go. He looked in my eyes while I spoke, and listened intently. I told him how I had been a fan for years and wanted to see the band just to see him.

He blushed and said “naw, you’re kidding,” and smiled. I said “no, I’m serious!”

No one else came over to see him. Fans were crowded around the other three, especially the main guy. I guess their music doesn’t tend to attract many women, I realized as I looked around and saw only a few women and they were all over the main guy.

We made small talk, and I told him that I had been around the industry years ago and that he was unusual in that he was such a mystery. He seemed impressed that I knew about his other bands and his musical history. “You are not easy to research, you know,” and I playfully punched him in the arm with the hand he wasn’t holding.

He laughed and said “Yeah, I’m not one to be out there, really. I ignore most of the online stuff. I don’t go on social media sites.”

We made more small talk and I got him to talk about himself some more; he didn’t seem as egocentric as most of the musicians I’d met over the years. I found it charming and very sweet - he asked me more about myself, which was pretty unusual in my experience.

The bar would still be open for one more hour. “Buy you a beer?” I said, and he said “Wow, sure!” And he came off the low stage and still holding my hand started walking.

He suddenly realized he was still holding my hand and said “oh, sorry! I’m still holding your hand!”

“I was quite comfortable that way,” I teased and his face lit up.

I led him to a table as a lot of people had left. A waitress came by and we ordered. He insisted on paying.

We talked about everything. Where he lives, his other music projects, the tour. He wanted to know who I was, what did I do, who did I listen to.

I squeezed his knee under the table, and looked at him intensely. “You are so handsome, do you hear that a lot?”

“Um, wow, man, no, I don’t! That is sweet of you. I’m not used to the attention,” and I noticed as he looked down that his eyelashes were long and made his eyes soften more.

I let go of his knee after squeezing it and returned to small talk.

At one point he said “it’s been fun hanging out with you. Do you have to get going pretty soon? ”I said “only if you want me to leave. I can stay longer,” I said, smiling.


Drummer walked by and gave him a raised eyebrow look and nodded at me with a coy smile.

Time was slipping by. Should I make my move? I weighed it in my mind. I guess if he said no he’d still be flattered and I’d go home to my vibrator.

The bar crowd was thinning. It was starting to be now or never for me, so I asked him where they were going next.

He said that they had a day off and were headed north with a day’s travel on the bus. Time was wasting away and I decided I should make my move now or never.

“How about I put you on a plane tomorrow afternoon? Perhaps I could persuade you to come to my place to hang out?”

He paused and looked at me, first with wide eyes and then his eyes shifted nervously between looking at me and looking nowhere else. “Whoa.  Um, wow...really?”

I nodded. “We can buy the ticket right now, in case you’re worried.” “

He was silent for a minute, nursing his beer and studying the bottle. 

“Wow - I don’t know what to say - um, this is a surprise, really, and well, are you serious?”

“I’ve never not been serious,” and I looked directly into his eyes. “I will make sure you have a great evening. In fact, I think I’d say that I guarantee you’ll have a great evening”

“Wow. Um, wow. Um, well, you really are asking me to go home with you? I’m just...sort of surprised. I don’t tend to get propositioned like this,” and he smiled.

“I’m quite surprised…” I said. “You are quite sexy, you should know.”

He smiled and looked down at his beer, clearly contemplating my offer. We were both quiet - I let him think about it. I told him I was going to the ladies room and that I’d be right back while he thought about it.

I came back and saw the drummer standing at the table talking to him. When he saw me coming, he said something to the drummer and he walked away.

I sat down. “So? Make up your mind?” And I smiled.

“I have to say, I’m freaked out, but….well, Let me check with the boss...wait here,” and he disappeared for a few minutes. I saw him talking to him  but looked away so he wouldn't be embarrassed. But I turned back and they were still talking and I saw main boss guy look over my way and saw him nod and smile, as if to say, “yeah, I know who she is.” I turned away again and checked my phone.

He came back and touched my arm. I looked up at him.

“All good?”

“Let’s go. Before I come to my senses,” he smiled. We headed out without him looking behind. I did, however, and saw a smile on the face of the other band members and got another nod from main guy. I waved slightly.

We got outside into the cool night air. A few fans were hanging around and gave him a thumbs up and he politely smiled and thanked them for coming but tried to not make eye contact with anyone.

“I need to grab a few things from the bus, can you wait here?.”

“I will be in my car, right here,” and I used the remote to open the doors so he’d see the lights flash.

He smiled, and I could see a little red in his face. He paused and looked at me, and I could see that he was trying to read me and contain his excitement at the same time. He then turned and walked to the bus, which was not far from my car.

I started the car and waited. I checked my phone and all of a sudden the passenger door opened.

“I’ve literally never done this, ever” he said, buckling into the seat after tossing a backpack into the back seat. “Like ever - or never, I should say,” he continued. “Boss seemed to know you? When I asked him if he was okay with me meeting up with them tomorrow afternoon he looked over at you and said ‘yeah, just make sure you’re there before you’re supposed to be,’ and as I was walking away he said ‘have a great night.’”

“Yes, I know him from years ago - a band I managed toured with him once before your time in the band. But that’s all - I don’t know him intimately or anything. And I am honored that you decided to come with me!” and I squeezed his knee and then proceeded to back out of the lot. 

My drive was about thirty minutes and we made small talk. I put on some old reggae music in the background.  He was quiet at first. Definitely nervous. He was probably debating whether or not he should continue on this adventure. We talked about music,  travel, nothing too personal.

“Do you have cell service? Pick out a flight so that’s off your mind. I’ll grab my credit card.”

“No, I got it.  Thanks, though, nice of you to offer,” he smiled.

“It’s the least I could do after kidnapping you!” And we both laughed.

“As long as I am on that plane, I’m good. I won’t be a dead man”

“I’ll be sure of that. I’ve never missed a flight, mine or anyone else’s”  

He messed around on his phone and said “Done. Two pm.”

We drove in relative silence. “Having any second thoughts?”

“No, just a bit nervous, honestly. I’m not that kind of guy, generally,” he said, looking out the window.

“What kind of guy would that be?”

“Um, I guess one who is going home with a woman he just met after a gig,” and he laughed.

“Well, I will ensure that you have a nice end to your evening and you’ll wake up with a smile,” and I put my hand on his thigh. He put his hand on top of mine and squeezed it.

We pulled into my parking spot and I said “here we are!” Which barely came out of my mouth as he leaned over and put his hand on my face, pulled me in and kissed me. Softly. Long but not forceful. His hands were nice. He sat back and smiled at me.

“Well, that was nice,” I said, and it was clear there was heat between us, just from that kiss. He smiled again and we got out, not talking. He grabbed his backpack from the back and followed me up to my building.

We got in the door of my apartment - I dropped my purse and keys and kicked the door closed behind me. He dropped his backpack at the same time and we started kissing, running our hands over each other and kissing furiously, him shoving his tongue nearly down my throat and me returning the gesture. We parted momentarily and both giggled at the same time.

“Do you think I could take a quick shower? I sweated up there a lot,” he said.

“No problem! I’ll be waiting in here,” pointing to my bedroom. “Towels are in the closet next to the bathroom.”

He disappeared and I locked the front door and went into the bedroom and double checked that I still had some condoms around - nightstand drawer - check. Then I took off my shoes and then decided I’d take off my clothes but put on a silk robe while I waited for him. Checked my phone and made sure I had some bottled water for both of us.. 

A text beeped at me; it was from my girlfriend that I ran into at the show: did u take him home w/you?

I texted back: Yep.

She texted back with an open-mouthed emoji.

I heard the water shut off. He came in, slowly with only a towel around his waist and sat on the edge of the bed. He was pretty fair skinned, no hair on his chest, just a little near his stomach. Leaner than he appeared on stage. Not really muscular, but not soft. Lean. He didn’t strike me as the kind of guy who works out. He probably is naturally in shape from the physical demands of his profession. He was sexier in a towel than I had anticipated. My mind started to wander, thinking of what I wanted to do to him.

“I seriously have never done this. I have a long time relationship and I am just not that kind of guy…”

“If you’re having second thoughts - it’s okay.” I slid over and squeezed his shoulder, which was really nice.

“Well, it’s just that this never happens to me - I mean, meeting someone who is into me - I’m not generally the one that gets flirted with,” and he turned and smiled at me.

“I’m surprised,” I said. “You are one handsome and hot dude. I could barely contain myself watching you up there,” and I kissed his shoulder.

He turned red and smiled. “You are very sweet, you know,” and he turned to face me.

“Well, we can just cuddle and hang out, if you’re not up for anything else,” I said, moving back towards the pillows and patting the space next to me.

“You are really pretty…” and he slid over next to me, still with the towel wrapped around him.

I leaned in and kissed him. We started making out pretty furiously and I laid back and pulled him on top of me, still in my robe, him still in his towel.  I could feel him getting hard as he laid against me and moved a bit. I was getting pretty ramped up, thinking of all the things I wanted to do. He then grabbed my shoulder and pulled me over on top of him . We kept kissing and he started to put his hands under my robe and grab my ass with both hands . I started to put my hands around his waist and reach underneath me to open up his towel and he pulled away from kissing me for a moment.

He said, “Wow, I really can't believe I'm doing this.”

I said, “You know we can stop we don't have to keep going on you know if you don't feel comfortable.  It’s totally fine with me you know really no big deal”

He looked at me and I smiled and he said, “Well I really want to…”

I said, “Well is this something that your girlfriend would mind you doing? Do you have an understanding about this stuff when you’re on the road?”

“I'm not sure I'd want her to know.”

“Well, are the other guys gonna say something?  Do you need to worry about that?”

“I don't think so. You know, it's one of those kind of unspoken road rules that everything stays on the bus. I trust them. I'm sure they will give me a lot of shit when I see them tomorrow, because as I said before, I've never done this kind of thing and so I think they were all pretty surprised.”

I said “You know, it's up to you. I'm good either way. I would love to be with you but I get it and if it's something that's going to be a bad idea then we can just totally hang out, watch TV smoke some pot or have a drink.”

He sat up and he said, “You are just so beautiful…” and he put his hand on my cheek and stroked my face.

I said, Well I think you're pretty sexy yourself,” and he pulled me towards him and started kissing me again and then he stopped. 

“I don't have any condoms…”

I said, “Oh I do." He laughed.

“Well I can't use that as an excuse,” and we both laughed.

I said “Any time you want to stop is fine with me. It really is okay.”

At that point things started to get very heated. He rolled over on top of me again and straddled  my legs and opened my robe and started kissing me all over my chest and my stomach. I still had my bra on and he started to reach around me to open it and his towel was still on him. He managed to open my bra and put his hands underneath it and grabbed my breasts and I moaned softly as he started nibbling on my neck while he was squeezing my breasts. I could feel him getting hard and could feel his cock pushing against my thigh.

I rolled him over again onto his back and straddled him. I took off my robe and my bra and I was down to my underwear. I started kissing his chest and biting his nipples and running my hands up and down his chest. Then I started kissing him again and I reached down and opened his towel and grabbed his cock with my hand and squeezed it. He moaned pretty audibly and said “Holy fuck.”

I stopped for a moment and wriggled out of my underwear and kneeled between his legs. I at last took a look and noticed that he was pretty ample in the size department. I was pleasantly surprised. I startled him as I took his cock In my mouth and swallowed it as deep as I could and he sat up and he moaned pretty loudly and said “Fuck!”

A bunch of words came out of him at that point - “Oh my God, fuck, Jesus Christ, you are so hot, etc.” He and put his hand on the back of my head and started stroking my hair while I started sucking his cock, moving up and down it, teasing him all over with my tongue. I grabbed his balls with one hand and squeezed them as I continued to work on his cock. I then worked my way down and started licking his balls and stroking his cock at the same time and he was very turned on, closing his eyes momentarily and letting out some breath.

He moved back to stop the action and said “Wow, you are so fucking hot,” and pulled me on top of him again and started kissing me.

He flipped me over on my back and started kissing my breasts and sucking them and then started kissing my stomach while he squeezed my breasts. He then worked his way down towards my pelvis and looked up at me.

“Can I go down on you?” And I said “Fuck yes” and he started licking me and fucking me with his tongue. He was clearly experienced and found my clit right away and started working on me. I moaned louder than I had in a while and he looked up at me for a moment.

“Good?” he smiled.

“Fuck, you are so fucking sexy,” I managed to say and put my hand on the back of his head.

He continued and I was really starting to ramp up and I started saying “Don’t stop - fuck, oh yeah” as he hit the right rhythm and I found myself pushing my pussy into his face really hard and he didn’t let go. I finally started coming and yelled about it and he hung on for dear life and I had an explosive orgasm that took me out of my body for a moment.

I finished and said “Fuck!” and fell back on the pillow.

He came up to me and started kissing me again and I could taste myself on him. He smiled at me.

“Was that good?” and he laughed.

“Oh, fuck, um, yeah!”

He touched my face and I took his fingers and put them in my mouth and started sucking on them while I reached down below and stroked his cock, which was still very hard and now dripping a lot of precum into my hand.

He moaned again and said, “Oh my God, you're so hot!”

I took his fingers out of my mouth and said “I want you to fuck me, really hard”

He laughed and turned red again.

I rolled him off me and I reached over to my nightstand drawer and grabbed a condom and I was super wet. He was really hard and totally engorged. I opened the wrapper and slid it over his cock and kept my eyes focused on his and I sat up and started to climb on top of him, my knees straddling him.

I said “Are you ready? Are you sure you wanna do this?”

He nodded.

So I sat right on top of him and plunged him into me pretty fast, all at once..

He let out a breath and exclaimed “Fuck! Oh my God.”

I started moving up and down on him and I could see his eyes were almost watering and he closed his eyes and put his hands around my waist and kept saying things like “Jesus Christ “ and “fuck” and “oh my God.”

I was really enjoying myself, riding on top of him while watching his handsome face. He was  clearly having a good time.

I could tell by the way he was talking and breathing that he was already getting pretty close so I climbed off of him and I rolled over onto my back and held out my arms and he sat up and kneeled between my legs and picked up my legs in his arms and plunged right back into me. He started fucking me really hard and I kept telling him to fuck me more. He stopped but stayed inside me. He dropped my legs and reached up and kissed my neck and my cheeks and my mouth and whispered in my ear "You are so fucking hot, you're making me crazy!"

I giggled and said, "Do you want to fuck me from behind?” and he smiled and pulled out and I got up on my hands and knees and he grabbed my ass and plunged back into me once more. This time I knew there was no turning back for him.  He pounded into me furiously moaning the whole time. He stopped and leaned into me while still inside me and kissed my back.

"You are so sexy! I can't believe how hot you are!" and then I heard his moaning get a little louder and he finally said "Fuck, I'm going to come,” and he plowed into me one last time  saying "fuck" and I knew he had finished. He pulled out of me and took off the condom and dropped it off the bed. I rolled over and lay on my back and he collapsed on top of me.

He said,"Oh my God I can't believe how hot you are." I kissed him and said, "Did you enjoy that?" and I laughed. He said "I think you could tell!" and he laughed.

We stayed wrapped in each other's arms for a bit and he kissed me, softly moaning and sighing a bit.

"Do you want to go to sleep?" He nodded so I pulled a sheet over us and he half rolled off me and put his arms around me and held me.

He said, "I can't believe I just did this," and we both laughed and we kissed, and fell asleep.

About 4 in the morning I woke up to use the bathroom and he was sleeping soundly next to me. When I came back to bed, he had stirred and smiled at me, closed his eyes and put out his arms for me to cuddle into.  He kissed me on the top of the head and fell back asleep with his nose buried in my hair. I lay awake for a bit thinking about the night before. I wondered if I would ever see him again after this. I sure hoped so, but I doubted it. That was the problem with these liaisons. Maybe I’d hear from him once or twice or never and I’d have to be satisfied with just that.

We both woke up about 8 and he got up to pee. He had a really cute ass and I admired it as I watched him walk into the bathroom. I think he sensed I was watching him. He returned with boxers on, and smiled at me.

“Hey, beautiful - how are you doing?” he sat on the side of the bed I was laying on.

“I’m great - how are YOU doing?” and I stroked the hair on his arm.

“I’m pretty good. Can't believe I went home with you," he smiled.

“Did you have a nice time?” I continued stroking his arm.

“Oh yes, I really did. I needed that more than you could know.”

“Did you bring your toothbrush? I have spares,” I said, wanting to kiss him.

“I brought it.  I’ll be right back,” and he got up.

“I’m right behind you.”

I grabbed my robe and put it on. We brushed our teeth together and he smiled at me a lot, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

After we brushed, he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into him for a long kiss. It was really nice. He kept holding me as we finished the kiss and looked into my eyes for a long second.

“Thanks for such a nice evening,” he said. “I think I really needed that. Aside from the obvious fun we had, it was nice to hold you when we fell asleep,” and he smiled and looked into my eyes once again.

I gave him a squeezing hug. “Me, too,” I said into his ear. “You were incredible and sweet.”

As I pulled back from the hug he was blushing a bit.

I asked him if he wanted coffee and something to eat.

“Yeah, sure, I’m hungry, actually, thanks!” and he went into the bathroom.

“You can shower again if you want, eggs and toast?” I walked into the kitchen with my robe on.

“Thanks - that sounds great.” I heard the water turn on.

I made some coffee and made him a plate of eggs and toast. He came out of the bathroom dressed and was smiling, ear to ear. 

“Wow - this looks great!  Thank you so much. Are you going to join me?”

He had come out dressed in a different shirt, and I recognized the logo from one of his other bands.  I told him how I had been downloading some of his other stuff and could hear how talented he was. That made him blush and look down.

“Wow, that’s so cool of you. Glad you like it!” and he seemed genuinely surprised that I had done that.

“I’ll take my shower and then I”ll have some coffee with you,” and I went into the shower.

While I was getting dressed, I heard him on his cell phone, talking to one of his band mates. I heard him say a lot of “yeah, yeah, uh huh, oh yes, (laughter) and yeah, it’s okay, and 2 pm, and I don’t know and oh fuck you’ (playfully) and some more laughing.

He said goodbye and at that point I came out, freshly dressed, my hair in a towel.

I poured us coffee.

“Checked in with the guys?” I said between sips.

“Yeah, gave me some shit, which I suppose I deserve,” and he smiled and sipped coffee.

“Will I ever see you again?” I smiled.

“I’d love that, but I really don’t know, to be honest.”

“That’s okay, I understand, you know. Hopefully this gives you a good memory to take with you on the road.”

“Yes, I’d say it was a pretty memorable evening...and morning. I won’t forget this, ever, I think” and he smiled at me through his coffee mug.

I asked him about what was coming up and how things were going out there and he shared a few funny road stories with me.

I gave him my number and said that he didn’t have to call me, but if he ever wanted to text me or call, I wouldn’t mind. He put it in his phone, which I thought was nice.

We finished coffee and I looked at the time. It was already 10:30 and I didn’t want him to stress about his flight at 2 so I asked him if I could drive him to the airport.

He nodded and smiled. So I finished my hair and makeup while he gathered his few items and backpack and when I came out with my purse and keys, he took my purse off my shoulder and set it down and took my keys and set them down and put his arms around me and pulled me in close for a tight hug.

“You really made my night...and morning. Thank you for being so fucking awesome and spending the night with me - you are incredible.” and he put his hand under my chin and lifted my face to his for a kiss.

“You are more than welcome. You made my night and day as well! You are incredibly handsome and sexy and I’m so glad I got to spend this time with you - I’ll never forget about you,” and I smiled at him and looked into his eyes, which sparkled and reflected the light from the window near him.

We got into my car and I drove him to the airport - about a ½ hour away. We pulled up to the curb and as soon as I put the car in park he reached over to kiss me again.

“Have a safe flight and hope the rest of the tour goes don’t have to do this, but will you let me know that you got back to the guys safely?”

“Sure, I’ll text you when I join them. Thank you for everything. You are amazing." He paused like he wanted to say something else.

"I think I fell a little in love with you,” and he kissed me quickly once more, paused to smile and got out of the car.

I rolled down the passenger window as he closed the door.

“Hey,” and he stopped. “Me, too.” and I blew him a kiss. He beamed at me and turned and walked into the terminal.

About five in the afternoon I got a text:

Got back to the guys. Thanks again, beautiful. I won’t forget this. Can we keep this on the down low?

I texted back:

Glad you are back with them. Of course. I will still think about you and what a wonderful time I had with you.

He returned a smile emoji.