When I saw Camilla

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02 Jan. '20

My name is Joel and I consider myself an artist. I’m a photograph for the love of the moment. That means that I take pictures to stop time, to fix that specific moment, object, person, or color in my memory. When I look at the pictures I’ve taken I can remember the noises, the perfumes, everything comes back to my memory. Some of my pictures have been published in books and shown in exhibitions under a pen name. I care for my anonymity because it allows me to take pictures without being noticed. 

For my profession I’m very perceptive for details that could escape most and I studied a lot about body language. My artistic soul taught me to be more perceptive, more sensitive to what is surrounding me, people, animals, buildings, everything that could attract my attention. When I was in grade school I’ve been bullied because my schoolmate thought I was gay and for a while I thought they could have been right. It was in 7th grade, when a teacher gave me the tools to understand myself, that I realized I wasn’t gay. But this is another story. 

I travel around the world and I walk, long walks during which I can catch the objects of my next photos. I’m always ready to take a picture with my camera hanging on my neck to capture the moment with my lens. Sometimes I have to be quick to seize the target, and quiet to not scare that same target, be it a human being or an animal. 

It was the beginning of June when I arrived in a small town in the Midwest and I was walking around malls when I saw a very nice scene of a little girl tying the shoes of a younger one, probably a younger sister. When I take pictures of people I try to be discreet and to hide their faces to protect their privacy. I generally erase those with faces unless they represent people I know or that signed a disclosure agreement. 

I was behind a fountain taking pictures of those girls when in the corner of my eye my attention got captured by a movement. I moved my telephoto to point in that direction and find out what it was. There was a woman in a store talking to a couple. The woman was likely an employee because she was wearing a kind of uniform and an apron, but her smile was amazing and enlightening her surroundings. I started shooting pictures of her face focusing on her smile and her eyes. She was talking with the couple and they were laughing together. I zoomed out just a little to capture details of her body and I realized that she was talking and smiling with her whole body. It seams that they knew each other. 

I checked the store and saw it was a bakery or confectionery. That woman… She didn’t have a perfect body but it was enticing and that uniform wasn’t doing her justice, but that was probably the purpose. The apron was hiding her breasts but from the side looked absolutely perfect  I immediately felt the need to know her and hear her voice.. 

I put my camera in the bag and headed to the store. I got in at the moment the woman was waving off the couple so I held the door open for them.

“Thank you, Sir” the man said, “if you need to buy a cake ask that lady there to help you, she’s great on helping customers” he added.

“It was our first time here,” said the woman with a happy cheering voice “and that lady treated us as old friends but with courtesy. She’s amazing and we’ll be back for sure!”

“Thank you for the advice” I said waving at them. I entered the store and was greeted by a woman, but not the one I was looking for. On her nametag I read JoAnne.

“Good morning Sir, how are you doing today?” JoAnne said. Her tone was polite but her face was saying “I don’t want to be here!”

“We have samples for our guests, if you want to try. Today it’s a Lemon cake. Believe me it’s out of this world” This was her! The woman in my pictures. Her accent was kind of exotic, or erotic was most likely. Her name tag said Camilla. I made a beeline toward her, politely dismissing JoAnne. She obviously wasn’t happy for my choice. She tried again asking me if she could help me but I just started talking to Camilla and ignoring JoAnne.

“I need your help. I’ve never been here before but the sign on the window caught my attention.”

She started talking about the store, the products, in a very gentle voice. I could see her passion for her store. She probably was the owner or a manager. I was studying her body, her voice, her accent, her eyes, her hands: she was using her hands in the conversation. 

“I traveled a lot around the world. With your North European look you can fool your guests but not me. Your accent is different and you use your hands talking. Let me guess.”

“Nobody ever guessed the right one so I bet you’re not different” she challenged me.

“Italian.” I exclaimed.

She blushed but her smile was breathtaking. She was smiling with her whole body and her eyes lit up.

“Yes! How do you know? Have you ever been to Italy?”

“Yes, many times. It’s one of the best places in the world, not only for the food and the history, but for the people. How long have you lived here?”

“Almost 9 years”

“Oh that’s why your accent is still strong. I don’t mean it in a negative way. Believe me. Your accent is very exotic.”

“Now you are making me blush. Is there something I can do for you today?”

I can feel her embarrassment and her attempt to move the attention away from her. Was her coworker the reason? Or maybe she’s not used to receiving compliments. JoAnn was moving closer to us making rough movements. What a rude attitude! .

At this point I was utterly attracted to her and her accent was seducing me. My mind went to a very dangerous direction, dreaming of Camilla naked in front of me, imagining her red hair covering her mound and her sensuous breast in my hands. I was fantasizing about her saying “I’m cumming” with that exotic accent. I felt a boner beginning to tighten my jeans. I had to think of something else before I was making a show.

“Sir?” she called for my attention.

“Oh sorry! I was thinking of the person I want to give a present and my mind went away for a moment. What were you saying?”

“No problem. I was explaining our decorations, if it’s a gift.”  

“Oh yes, it’s a gift for a woman.”

When I went to pay for the gift I made sure to slip my business card beneath the credit card. I winked and she blushed again. I loved to make her blush. While I was waiting for my purchase to be ready, I continued talking to her. I was disappointed when my decoration was ready but I was hoping she’d decided to call me.

It was later that afternoon that my phone signaled an incoming text message. 

- Hi Joel! This is Cami from the bakery. This morning. Do you remember?

- Of course! Where R U?

- In the parking lot outside the store.

- BRT in 3

I was approaching parking lot and I saw Camilla standing by a car, but she looked uneasy. When I got closer, I asked her if there was something wrong.

“Oh, uhm, I was just thinking about the text I sent you. I don’t know you. You could be… well I don’t know. I should be more careful but you looked ok.” she answered.

Her eyes were brighter than usual. 

“I’m a photographer and believe me this is not my usual approach. I’m more shy but this morning when I saw you I really wanted to know you. Do you mind walking a little?”, I said trying to break the ice and make her comfortable. What I really wanted was to kiss her but I didn’t want to scare her.

“Yes. It’s a wonderful evening and after a long winter inside, I need the air. Nobody ever wants to walk nowadays” she replied nervously but more at ease.

“For my profession I find that walking I can see more subjects to capture that I would miss otherwise” I explained.

“Same for me. I love taking pictures. Not that I am a photographer, far from that. I just love to capture what Mother Nature has in store for my eyes.”

“Where were you hiding?” I asked looking at her, mesmerized. Her accent was something, but her eyes were so lit up when she was talking.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh it wasn’t a real question. I mean, I was just thinking that the fate put us together today. Do you believe in these things?” I asked

“Like ‘everything happens for a reason’? Absolutely!” She sounded happy to talk to somebody that could finally understand.

Walking we arrived in front of a steakhouse.

“Are you angry? I’m starving and this is a good place” she said. 

I couldn’t understand, then I realized what she wanted to say and I laughed. “You probably mean that you are hungry, not angry!” I corrected her.

I could see the change of mood in her eyes, she was upset.

“Oh my! I hate that. I generally pay more attention when I speak, but sometimes I let it go and then... see what happens? I should stop speaking but I can’t!” she said, blushing more and more.

I felt bad. I shouldn’t have laughed and I wanted her to feel free to talk to me. I took her hand in mine, squeezing a little. 

“Please, don’t stop talking and don’t feel embarrassed. I shouldn’t have laughed, I apologize, but the thing is… I love your accent. It’s sexy. More than sexy, it’s very erotic. I loved it from the first moment you talked to me this morning. I want to hear your voice and your accent forever.”

“Really? Why? My voice is stupid and childish. My accent… in my head I hear a perfect accent but one day I happened to hear a recording of me talking and I was disgusted. That’s why I prefer to write, I can make a grammar mistake but so many Americans make big mistakes. Nobody hears my accent and my voice when I write. It’s the same when I take pictures and post them on instagram. The captions are most of the time in Italian. It’s a safety net.  

I read. I read a lot. At the beginning I had to check the dictionary every other word. Now I barely check the dictionary. I know most of the words but I never use them because I’m afraid to use them in the wrong context or to slip up the pronunciation. You know that took my son a couple of hours to help me say “daughter” and “water”? And even then I’m not sure I’m saying it right. This language is so confusing and now I’m talking way too much”

I was looking at her but she was avoiding my eyes. I could see that she was about to cry. What she just said came from her heart and she probably never said these things before. I could feel the intensity of what she just shared with me. She needed a moment to rally before I could reply to her. I wanted to hug her so badly, to make her feel better.

After a moment, probably a few minutes, she raised her head with a shy smile.

“Listen,” I said in a low and calm tone “it was rude from me to laugh but it wasn’t for your accent or your mispronunciation. It was only because I had to do something to change the direction of my thoughts. I’m here with an amazing Italian woman, with an incredibly sexy accent, and a body to dream of, and all these was arousing me. I needed something to distract me or I was going to ask you to skip dinner and go to my hotel room. So now, who should be more ashamed between you and me?”

She couldn’t believe his words. “Why are you saying this? Just to make me feel better?”

“Because it’s exactly what I think. Don’t tell me you don’t know how sexy you are”

“I… the thing is that… No, I have no idea how sexy I am. In fact I think I’m not sexy at all. I’m getting old and I’m overweight, no matter how hard I try to lose weight. Not to mention… never mind” she said hesitant.

“What do you think if we grab something to go, sit on a bench, and take advantage of this wonderful night?” I suggested cheerfully.

“I think it’s a great idea. It’s a wonderful night. Let’s go. There is a park not far from here and it’s wonderful for a walk at night. You might find subjects for some pictures” she answered.

“I already have a beautiful subject right before my eyes.” I said making her blush again. I decided that my mission was to make her blush because she was amazing.

We grabbed some sandwiches and water and followed the path inside the park. Not many people were around, just a few joggers. There was an artificial river with a few benches and wooden bridge. We sat down to eat, and never stopped talking.  She was a very interesting person with a very peculiar life. I have never thoroughly examined all the circumstances involved in a transfer to a foreign country, but she gave me an idea and it’s not an easy step.

I saw a bush of flowers with a skunk and went there to take some pictures. I know how to walk around a skunk to avoid the stinky spray. Meanwhile Camilla went to the bridge and leaned on the railing. I saw her and took some pictures of her without her noticing. She was so natural, so beautiful with all her perfect imperfections. I put the camera in my camera bag and went to Camilla by the railing. I hugged her from behind making her wince but I couldn’t resist any longer.

“Shhhh it’s just me” I whispered in her ear “I wanted to hug you since I saw you this morning talking with that couple”

“What couple?” she asked and I explained to her why I entered in her store that morning.

She stood up and leaned on me with her head on my shoulder. I hugged her tightly and I was sure she could feel I was aroused.

“What on earth…” she asked trying, with no much effort,  to free herself from my hug, and my erection.

“It’s not my fault. It’s a spontaneous reaction I get when I have such a beautiful woman in my arms.” From my position I could see some cleavage and her nipples poking through her bra and shirt. 

I tentatively moved my hands up to touch her breasts, after checking around if anybody was passing by. All clear. I lightly touched her breast with the palms of my hand and then rubbed her nipple with my thumb. She closed her eyes and her breath was becoming faster.

I lightly pinched her nipple and she winced but didn’t open her eyes. I felt her legs losing support. We were out of control and, for once, I didn’t want to have any control. I wanted for her to live in the moment and let it be. The knuckles of her hands on the railing were white for fear of falling on the ground. 

“I bet you’re wet, right?” I whispered in her ear.

She nodded.  “Mmh mmh”

I kissed her jaw, her neck, her shoulder, pressing my hard cock against her soft butt. In the meantime I moved one hand down to her stomach, under her shirt. Her skin was warm and soft. I wanted to kiss her there on that spot but I didn’t want to change position now. I tucked my hand in her pants. 

“What are you doing? Somebody can see us!” she winced

“Shhh, I’m checking around. Nobody is coming. Relax and enjoy” I could feel some lace panties. I moved my hand down to rub her pussy and the panties were wet.

“Oh yes, you are wet. So I’m not the only one who likes this”

“Mmmh no, I like it very much. But I fear somebody could see us” she replied with shortness of breath.

“Let it be me to worry about it, ok?” I said kissing her neck. I moved my hand under her panties and felt the soft hair on her mund. I opened her big lips with two fingers. She held her breath. I could see her heart beating faster from the vein on her neck. I slid a finger between her wet lips.

“Mmmh, so wet. All for me! I’m honored”

She tried to breath, she cleared her throat to get more air in her lungs. I heard steps but didn’t stop. I checked and saw a jogger but he didn’t notice what was happening, so I continued indifferent to the surrounding but caring only for the magnificent creature in my arms.

I slid my finger along her slit touching her clit but not stopping there too long. I heard her breathing getting faster so I moved my finger faster and pinched her nipple a little harder. 

I knew she was close so I slipped two fingers inside her pussy. I wanted use my cock but at the moment this would work. Seeing her so in a trance, so excited, was a huge pleasure for me too.

She jumped.  

“Quiet. We don’t want somebody to call the police” I suggested moved my fingers out and then in again, deeper and faster. She was holding her breath, her moaning restrained.

Then she started shaking, moving her pelvis toward my fingers, faster and faster, When suddenly she was still, her pussy milking my fingers, she was making some sounds clearly a restrained scream from the orgasm running through her. 

“Oh my God” she exclaimed when she regained control. My fingers were still in her pussy but moving slower now.

“My fingers want to stay in your wet pussy” I whispered, making her laugh.

She grabbed my wrist, pulled my hands out of her pants and sucked my fingers to taste herself. I was going to lose it. 

“Oh god, with this we better find a bed because I’m going to make you here if you don’t stop”

We almost ran to my hotel room. I closed the door, gently, but not too much, pushed her against the wall, and I almost ripped her clothes off. I kneeled before her and I started eating her luxurious pussy, but at this point I wanted to be inside her so I held her hand and guided her toward the bed while she was pulling off my clothes. I grabbed my wallet in my jeans and took out a condom. We lay down on the bed, I opened her legs with my knees while trying to unwrap the condom.

“I’m safe. If you are, we don’t need it” she said in a husky voice, smiling.

“You don’t need to ask me twice. I hate this but it can be necessary sometimes”

I lowered my body on top of her, kissed her deeply. Her mouth tasted delicious and her tongue was playing with mine making my cock harder, as if that was possible.

“I need you inside me. Please” she whispered.

I moved my hand to her pussy to help her get wetter but I realized she didn’t need it. She was ready. 

She pulled up her knees giving me a view of her pussy.  It was shining because of how wet she was. She grabbed my cock in her hand, rubbing the head along her wet slit.

“This is it. I can’t wait anymore. Ready?” I asked but I didn’t wait for her answer. I just entered her pussy with my cock slowly to enjoy her wet, milking pussy. Halfway through I had to push deeper and harder. She shrieked but her smile was a clear signal that she was enjoying my pushing so I continued. It was a little rough but after all that happened in the past hour, I couldn’t take things slow. Not now. Later I could go slow.

She moved her hands on my butt squeezing my cheeks and pulling me deeper. One finger slid in my crack and this was all I could endure. I started to push faster and deeper.

“Yes. Push. Harder. Again. Please” she pulled up her head holding her breath then fell back on the pillow and arched her back shrieking and pushing her breasts to my face. I took one nipple in my mouth and bit right on the base. At this point she started shaking like hell. I couldn’t hold it and let it go. I felt my balls tightening and after a few seconds I filled her with my seed.

When we were both breathing again I kissed her holding my weight on my elbows.

“You’re not heavy. Let it go and hug me” she said, her knees still up, her hands still on my cheeks, and her finger still in my crack. 

I settled down on top of her and smiled.

“I can’t believe what just happened” she said and it was exactly what I was thinking.

Well, two years have passed since that day. I still travel a lot but at the end of each trip I go back to that small town in the Midwest. We bought a house together with a backyard. I don’t have to tell you how much I miss her every time I’m away. But we make up for the lost time whenever we are together, and when I come back after a long trip, she takes a few days off at work…