The Virgin - Auctioned

The Virgin - Auctioned

A Tale of Billionaire, Alpha Male & Virgin,BD SM, Ménage Erotica

Part One of the

‘Buying the Virgin’ Series

The Virgin - Auctioned

I stand on the podium, looking at the crowd in front of me. I’m scared, trembling as I face them.

I can’t complain. I volunteered for this, and in a few days I’ll have more money than I’ve ever seen in my life. But I have to get through the next few days and…. I’m scared.

I am looking at a sea of male faces; handsome, ugly, white, black, hispanic, asian, tall, short. You name it, they’re in front of me. The only thing they have in common; they’re all rich. Some of them are very rich. I suppose that it will be one of the very rich ones who buys me.

“Charlotte, turn around.” instructs the auctioneer. “They clients want to see what they are paying for.”

I swallow hard and turn slowly around and, trying not to look anyone in the eye, drop my gaze to the floor. My breath is fast and short, my heart pounding.

“Raise your head.” shouts a voice from the floor. “At these prices, I want to see what I’m getting.”

I raise my head, biting my lip and trying to be brave. It’s too late for me to back out now. If I do, they’ll never give me a second chance and I’ll have lost the opportunity of a lifetime.

All the faces are staring at me. The auctioneer leans over to me and whispers. “If you want to get your price up, look at them. Smile a bit. You need to look young and shy, but not scared stupid. They want to know they’re going to have a good time with you.”

I nod and try to follow his advice. Perhaps I could pick out odd individual faces and just exchange a look with them for a moment. Scanning the array of faces, I settle on a few of the handsomer, or more friendly looking ones. Some of the guys look quite scary and I really hope than none of them will be the winning bidder.

“Now then Gentlemen.” Starts the auctioneer. “We all know why we are here. Charlotte here is twenty-two years old and has been certified by our medical experts to be a virgin. Of course, the winning bidder will be able to test that out for himself. All bids are final except in the event of Charlotte herself not complying with the terms of the auction. Which is to say that she will willingly serve the winning bidder in any way he requires for a period of one week. The sale of her virginity is included in the terms. Recipients of the proceeds of the sale are: House takes 50%. Charlotte takes 50%. The winning bid will be lodged in full by the winning bidder with an intermediary attorney immediately after the close of the auction for the period of one week, after which it will be paid to the recipients.”

“So Gentlemen. Who is going to start the bidding?”

Please, please let the bidding go well. I can’t have done this for nothing.

There is a huge computer screen on the wall, displaying the progress of the bidding. There are perhaps a couple of hundred faces or so, actually in front of me, but I know there are remote bids being taken and I see agents pressing ear plugs to their heads, or scanning computer screens as the bidding progresses.

The bidding goes very well, opening with an amount of money that makes me blink then progressing in thousand dollar increments. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about not coming out of this with something worthwhile. My hope is that I can fund my way through college afterwards.

One of the bidders catches my eye. He looks quite nice, good looking. Will it be him? But after only a few minutes, he drops out, shaking his head at me.

A note is passed to the auctioneer. He holds up his hand. “A pause please Gentlemen. I am getting the message from several sources that for them to be willing to bid any higher, they want to be able to see more.” He addresses me directly. “Charlotte. It is entirely your choice, but are you willing to undress at this stage, on the podium? It will almost certainly help you to bring a better price.”

“Undress now? All the way?”

“It’s up to you Charlotte. No-one is going to make you. But the better they can see what they are buying, the better your chances.”

I nod, gulping. Except for the black leather collar at my throat, I am dressed sexily but demurely, not showing too much beyond displaying a bit of cleavage with a low cut blouse. The hall falls silent as I unbutton the blouse and let it fall to the floor. My skirt follows, leaving me skimpily dressed in black lace bra and panties.

“C’mon.” shouts a voice from the back. “Let’s see the rest.” Oh God, don’t let it be him….

Flushing, I unclip my bra, releasing my large pendulous breasts. It feels no better, seeing appreciative, and sometimes calculating looks from some of the faces in front of me.

Slipping fingers inside my panties, I slide them down to join the puddle of clothes on the floor. I hadn’t anticipated this, thinking that I would at least be in private with whoever my owner of one week was going to be.

Naked, I stand in front of my audience, trying to stand straight and thinking that I should be wanting to burst into tears.

Oddly, I don’t.

The attack of nerves that has been holding for the last two days is fading away and is being replaced with a kind of anticipation. My trembling is turning instead into a kind of quivering.

It dawns on me that I am actually beginning to enjoy this.

Shaking my head, my long copper bronze hair settles in a cloud around my shoulders, draping slightly over my breasts and cascading down to my waist. I am at least confident that I look good; flat stomached, narrow waisted and long legged, I know that I have something worth selling.

The bidding resumes.

With mounting excitement, I watch the monitor as the high bid climbs ever higher. To my relief, the creep who shouted from the back of the room seems to be knocked out of the bidding early. Some of the audience seem to be there only to watch. Is this how they get their kicks? But plenty more do bid and I see more remote bids coming in through the agents.

The bidding settles into a three-way war between a short fat man (urgghhhh… noooo….), a tall, kinda-chinesey looking guy, and someone at the back that I cannot see.

The fat guy drops out, shaking his head and looking pissed off. The bidding continues between the Chinese guy and the other…. then pauses….

“Final offer gentlemen? I have the bidding with number 247 at the back?” The hammer hovers, then bangs down. “Sold! Number 247.”

“Charlotte. Come down to the office please.” says the auctioneer. Once I am inside he says “Please read the sale document aloud and then sign it.”

I read the document. I agree that I am selling myself for the period of one week, to include the sale of my virginity. I certify that I am a virgin and ‘clean’. I accept that I am agreeing to anything required of me by my Master that does not result in permanent injury to me…. It goes on. I read it aloud, demonstrating that I know exactly what I am agreeing to.

Who is my new Master?

A man pushes out of the crowd and passes a credit card to the auctioneer. A minute later he has keyed in a PIN. The auctioneer clips a lead to the collar on my neck and passes it to the man.

He is tall, and quite good looking in a severe sort of way. Dressed in a white shirt, black pants and a hip length leather jacket his clothes look expensive but restrained. Blond but silvering hair frames a tanned face and deep brown eyes.

His eyes smile as he looks at me, but his mouth does not. “Nice to meet you Charlotte. I’m your new Master for the week.”

“Nice to meet you too.” I mumble, my nerves returning big-time.

“Nice to meet you Master.” he says, tugging sharply at the leash.

“Sorry, Master. Nice to meet you Master.”

“That’s better. Now come with me. We’re going to have a little chat.”

He leads me to an ante-room to the auction chamber. It seems to be a storage room for the more usual kind of auction, furniture stacked everywhere, pictures and ornaments, bric-a-brac, the left overs of the lives of people who have moved on. My Master sits on an antique chair, dark wood intricately carved, gleaming gold in reflected sunlight and smelling of beeswax.

He is still holding my leash and looks me up and down carefully from where he sits. “Don’t worry.” he says. “I’ll let you put some clothes on before we go. But right now, I’m enjoying the view.”

I am lost for words and just nod, standing awkwardly under the gaze of my Master.

“On your knees Charlotte.” he says. I obey, trying not to graze my knees on the stone flag floor.

Looking me straight in the face he says “Are you really a virgin Charlotte?”

I nod dumbly.

“Is Charlotte your real name?”

Shake head.

“No of course not. But for the avoidance of doubt for you, the auction house knows exactly who I am.” He laughs. “If nothing else, they have my credit card details.”

Looking down at me, he tilts his head. “You are, how old? Twenty-two was it?”


“It’s not easy to be a twenty-two year old virgin these days. How did you manage it?”

“I got married. But he didn’t love me. I found out later that he’d only got married to please his parents…. He… he didn’t like girls…On our wedding night he wouldn’t….” I run out of words.

My Master sucks in his cheeks. “Not a good start to life I have to agree. So after the failure of this miserable marriage?”

“I didn’t have anything. I didn’t know what to do. I want to go to college, but that needs a lot of money and my parents can’t afford to help, so….”

“So you decided to sell the assets you have, to the highest bidder to fund your way through college?”


He leans forward, sliding a finger down the side of my face to my collar bone and down between my breasts. “A brave thing to do. I have to admire your guts, but it was astonishingly dangerous. You’re lucky you have me as your buyer. Men who play these sorts of games can have very…. elaborate tastes in entertainment. I suspect you don’t know what you were agreeing to when you signed that contract. I’m going to enjoy taking your cherry and I’ll test you to the edge with other games, believe me. But I won’t do anything that might hurt you, not permanently.”

I gulp at the thought of what this might mean. What is he suggesting?

“Tell me Charlotte. How much were you hoping to make out of this? That auction total was good, but it won’t get you through college.”

“I don’t really know. Just as much as possible.”

He pauses, obviously trying to choose his words. “The reason I am asking this Charlotte, is that I have paid a very good price for you, but you could earn more if you are willing and if you have the nerve to carry it through.”

What does he mean? My mouth is dry and I simply wait for him to continue.

“Let me tell you a little about myself. You have done this because you dream of a better life. Good for you. I have dreams too. Perhaps fantasies is a better word…. One of them is to have a young and beautiful girl kneeling naked in front of me.” He smiles down at me and I blush. “Another is…. Well, this is going to be your first time. They say that we all remember our first time and I suppose mine would have been about average. I was a young, incompetent fumbler, but an older woman did me a favour and guided me through. She made it good for me. I’ve always dreamed of being able to take a girl’s virginity and make her first time wonderful for her. Do you understand me?”

Feeling much reassured “Mmm. That sounds… nice.”

“I’m glad you think so. Don’t worry. Your first time is going to be as good as I know how to make it for you……… However……” He draws a deep breath. “There was a room full of men in there who would willingly pay to play other games with a girl like you; young, inexperienced, beautiful.”

My mouth is dry. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand….”

“I own you for week Charlotte. If you want to earn as much money as possible, then it doesn’t have to be just me. I have other fantasies than simply having your virginity. I’d like to share you with other men. Watch them with you. Let them watch me with you. Several of us sharing you. But….” He stabs a finger towards me. “Understand that I won’t do this without your agreement and without your being well rewarded for it. I’m asking you now, because while we are still here at the auction house, this could be arranged, if it is what you want and are willing to do.”

I am shaking now. “Can I have a few minutes to think about it?”

“Of course. That’s only fair. But I will stress; if you agree to this, you will be tested to the limit, but you won’t be permanently hurt. I won’t let anything serious happen to you. I will be in control and I will control what happens. It’s your choice.”

He stands. “I’m going to leave you alone for a while. Give you some space to think. I’ll be in the auction chamber. Come through when you’re ready.”

He walks out, but then a moment later the door swings open again and he tosses something to me. “And put your clothes on Charlotte. I own you now, but you are in charge of what happens in the next few minutes.”

I get dressed, thinking hard. This could bring in enough to see me right through college. In truth, I know that I am not considering what to do. I have already decided. I am simply screwing up the courage to do it.

Fully dressed, I step into the auction chamber and stand on the podium again, head raised, standing straight, staring over the sea of faces. They have waited. They knew this might happen. I stand with my hands clasped before me. It was once given to me as advice for a job interview; clasp the hands together so as not to show them shaking, to hide nerves. The advice stands me in good stead now.

Trying to keep any wavering out of my voice, I look at my Master and then the auctioneer. “I’ll do it. Let’s get on with it.”

There is a glint in my Master’s eye. He nods acknowledgment to me but do I see…. admiration?

The bidding resumes, but this time I am uncertain what exactly is being bid for. What exactly have I agreed to? All I know is that the bids keep climbing and that half that money is mine. I must simply keep my nerve for a week. Light-headed, feeling a little spaced out, I allow myself to drift off….

With a bang, the hammer comes down again. As I see the winning bid on the monitor, my heart misses a beat. So much money. Who is it? Who is it?

Immediately, my Master comes to my side. Taking me by the arm he leads me to the office. “Sign there and there Charlotte. I’ll handle everything else. Don’t worry. I’ll look after you and your interests.”

I sign and then sit awhile while my Master speaks with the auctioneer. There is much muttered discussion.

My Master breaks loose from the discussion, looking pleased. “Come on Charlotte. Let’s get you out of here. You have an exciting week ahead of you.”

Still a bit dazed I follow my Master. Taking my hand, as though we are a perfectly normal couple, he hails a taxi and barks an hotel address at the driver. The address is very much at the classy end of town. I had sort of expected this. With what he is paying for me, he just has to be rich. But when we arrive at the block, we take the lift to the Penthouse. He catches my eye. “Not my home Charlotte. I’ve just rented it for the week, but the auction house knows where I have brought you.”

My jitters have returned and my Master sees this. “Relax. We’ll have a meal first I think. Calm you down a bit. And perhaps some wine inside you might help? Do you like champagne?”

“Um, not sure. I’ve never had it.”

“Excellent. I can introduce you to it then? What kind of food do you like?”

“Err... Don’t mind really…. Italian?”

“Fine. We’ll go to Luigi’s around the corner then. I’ll reserve a table for us. Why don’t you have a look around. Have a bath or a shower perhaps? Make yourself comfortable. If you look in the wardrobes you will finds bathrobes and…. other clothes. Look them over.”

I leave him calling the restaurant to make the booking. Exploring the huge apartment, the lounge is vast and tastefully decorated, the bathroom luxurious, the bedroom….

The bedroom is beautiful. Whoever decorated it must have paid a fortune. The bed…. I don’t want to look at the bed. I explore the wardrobes instead, which do indeed contain bathrobes. The other clothes range from jeans and tee-shirts, through the classic little black cocktail dress and evening gowns to…. Black leather? Vinyl? Some kind of harness? I take a robe and close the wardrobe again, turning to head for the bathroom and all but scream as I walk into my Master who is standing behind me, offering me a champagne flute.

“Calm down Charlotte. I promise I am not going to hurt you.” Putting down the glass, he takes me in his arms, holding me like a little girl and kisses the top of my head. “I won’t hurt you.” he repeats. “Have your bath. Afterwards, try the dresses for size. They should fit. Your measurements were listed on the auction ad. I think the black one would suit you well, but you choose.” He retrieves the glass and pushes it into my hand. “Please drink that. I want you to enjoy yourself.” He grins, wickedly. “Think of this as…. The Adventure of a Lifetime.”

He is right. I have committed myself. His grin is infectious and I start to smile as I gulp down the champagne. “You know,” he says. “It really isn’t meant to be drunk like that. Champagne should be savoured. Come and have some more.”

Later that evening, I feel great. My nerves have gone. I am having an adventure. I am here for the ride.

At the restaurant, my Master is good company; full of interesting talk and anecdotes. “I don’t want to embarrass you Charlotte. Here in public, you can call me James. In private, I am ‘Master’.”

Full of excellent food and with perhaps just a little more wine inside me than is quite good for me, we return to the hotel. My Master is all courtesy, holding out a hand to invite me to enter the apartment first, standing behind me to slip the coat from my shoulders, hanging it carefully.

Eyes meeting mine, he takes me by the hand, leading me through to the bedroom.

It is dimly lit, with only a flickering glow from candles scattered here and there.

Standing before me, he strokes my face. “I’ll tell you what’s going to happen now Charlotte. Because this is your first time, you don’t know what to expect. No matter what you have seen in movies or read in books, you just don’t.”

I am trembling with a mixture of excitement, nerves and anticipation. I am confident that my Master will not hurt me more than necessary, but….

He continues. “I am going to undress you, quite slowly, because I am going to enjoy that. I saw you naked at the auction, but I didn’t like it, seeing you treated like goods. This time I want to undress you carefully, to enjoy your body and for you to enjoy it too. If you would like to undress me too, partially or completely, that’s fine, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Are you with me so far?” He takes my chin in one hand, tilting my face to his so that I must look him in the eye. I nod, gulping and sucking my dry lips.

“After that, I want you to lie down on the bed and to be comfortable. You should be completely relaxed. If you like, I can turn the heating up or down for your comfort. Would you like me to make it warmer or cooler?”

I shake my head. I’m fine

“Alright. If you change your mind, tell me. Once you are comfortable, I am going to massage you, kiss you and enjoy your body. Then I will open your legs and kiss you between them. I will lick and suck you. That should arouse you to orgasm.” He hesitates. “Have you ever had an orgasm Charlotte? Perhaps by doing it yourself?”

“Ummm, I’m not sure. I don’t think so.” I say this uncertainly, but at the mention of licking and sucking me…. down there…. a sharp … something… has stabbed through me. I am warm and wet and my panties are suddenly uncomfortably moist and sticky.

He laughs. “If you’re not sure, then the answer’s ‘No’. When you orgasm, there is no mistaking it.” He tilts his head and smiles. “That’s very good. I am going to be able to give you your first climax. But hopefully, not your last.”

“After you have climaxed, I will penetrate you and will have my own climax. By then you should be aroused enough that your body will be ready for me and it won’t hurt you at all. Do you understand all that?”

I nod again, but my pulse is beginning to race and my heart to pound, my breathing heavy.

My Master see this and smiles. “Good girl.” he says, cupping my face in his hands, and then slowly, draws me close to kiss me on the lips. First his kiss is soft, his lips barely brushing mine, then his tongue slips between my lips, urging me to open my mouth. His tongue traces the outline of my lips and teeth then withdraws as he sucks my lower lip. I am quivering uncontrollably now.

Pulling back, he looks at me again. “Don’t be frightened. I promise I am not going to hurt you. I want this to be wonderful for you.”

“I’m not frightened Master, just excited I think….”

“Listen to your body.” he says. “You’re a grown woman and even if you don’t know it, your body wants this, wants to be touched. Let yourself go.”

He is right. My Master kisses my neck and the hollow of my throat, his hands running through my hair, down my shoulders and arms, skimming my breasts, to my belly and hips. Inside I am increasingly warm and between my legs, ever wetter. My breath is in shorts gasps now.

He cups my breasts, bending to kiss them, one at a time through the sheer fabric of my blouse. The nipples are hard enough to stand out through both bra and blouse and his teeth gently nibble at them.

Tiny though the sensation is, it ripples through me, electric fire down to my sex and involuntarily, I cry out, staggering slightly and grabbing my Master by the shoulders to stay upright. He says nothing, but flashes me a pleased smile, teeth white against his tan.

I am beginning to understand what lust is. My nerves are evaporating and I want… I want…. I don’t know what I want, but I want more….

Standing up straight before me, smile still crinkling the corners of his eyes, my Master strokes fingers across my cheeks and kisses me on the forehead, then lowers his gaze to the top button of my blouse. Carefully he unbuttons it, then the second and the third, stroking the fabric aside to reveal my breasts and stomach.  Sliding the blouse backwards over my shoulders, he lets it drop to the floor, then curving a hand around my back, one-handedly unclips my bra. At it also falls to the ground, I wonder how often a man must practice the movement, to undo a bra clip with one hand.

Standing before him, bare breasted, I am suddenly bashful and cannot look him in the face. Dropping my gaze, his trousers are bulging at the front. I swallow hard, but simultaneously, heat surges through me again. I barely know what to do with myself, panting, pulse racing and beginning to flush. I can see my belly and breasts turning red, glistening with sweat.

“You’re alright Charlotte. It’s perfectly normal. You are aroused. Listen to your body. It has a lot better idea of what is happening than you do. Just let it flow.”

I glance into his eyes again, and unwilling to trust to words through my shuddering pants, simply nod again, then find myself gaze drawn inexorably to the bulge in my Master’s trousers.

“It won’t bite you.” he says. “It is going to fuck you, but not until you’re ready for it, which isn’t yet.” He takes my hand, guiding it downward. “Touch me. I’d like you to, and I think you will like it too.”

I touch him, nervously at first, jumping, a little startled as I feel my Master’s cock twitching in response to me through his clothing, but then more confidently. It is an odd feeling of power, to touch and feel the reply to my caress.

My Master embraces me. His hands behind me unzip my skirt, sliding it smoothly down over my hips, leaving me only my black lace panties, but at the same time, he is lightly pressing his hips, his erection, against me. Again, there is that twitch, that pulsation, in the contact and mounting excitement within me as I realise that, not only does my Master intend to arouse me, but that I can arouse him.

Can I do this? One hand in my Master’s hair, curling and winding it through my fingers, I allow the other hand to quest over his chest, his stomach, beyond and down. Before I go too far…

“Take my shirt off Charlotte.”

I am smiling now. My Master is right. I must listen to my body. And my body is saying….

I unbutton his shirt. My movements are clumsy. I have never done this before. But now, bare chested, I begin to see how beautiful my Master is. His shoulders are broad, narrowing down to a tightly muscled belly and waist. A fine scattering of hairs across his chest tighten to a fine line leading down the centre of his stomach and below his belt line. And, his shirt slides away, I get the scent of him; musky and spicy, a heady perfume. Is it him? Some aftershave he uses? Or is this the scent of sex?

“It’s alright Charlotte. Touch me if you want to.”

He knows what I want. I do want to touch him. Never have I been so close to a male body. My fingers barely grazing his skin, I follow the line of his shoulders, his chest, the small nubs of his nipples with their aura of hairs, the tight outline of his abs and taut, flat stomach. I know how Columbus must have felt, exploring new worlds.

I kiss his chest, lightly, wanting to press my face into him, to take in his wonderful scent, but nerves take me again and I back off, embarrassed.

“It’s alright Charlotte. If you want to do it, then do it.” His hand slips to the back of my head, not pressing, but guiding me in.

Encouraged, I kiss again, tracing the line of his chest. My lips brush past a nipple and I take it into my mouth, tasting for the first time, the salty flavour of him, savouring the crinkled texture of the nipple.

Abruptly, he gasps, drawing a deep breath. “Fuck Charlotte! I hoped this was going to be good, but….”

He grabs me by the shoulders, pulling me upright, in the first ungentle move he has made. “Ye gods girl! Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?”

Abashed. “I’m sorry Master. I didn’t mean….”

He laughs and grabs my chin in one hand. “That’s not what I meant. You definitely do not need to apologise. I’m just realising that I’m lighting fires that may takes some quenching.”

Then he turns serious. “Your turn now.” And he drops to his knees, looking up at me. “Support yourself on me. Your hands on my head or shoulders, whatever you need.”

I don’t understand him at first, but then, as his mouth closes over me through my panties, I get it. As his warm breath bathes my thighs and his tongue laps at me through the fabric, fire ignites between my thighs and I cry out. My knees giving under me, my hands scrabble for something to hang on to.

“Gently girl.” he says as I grab at his hair, trying to stabilize myself against him. “Open your legs a little. Let me at you.”

I move my feet apart a bit, making a small gap between my thighs, watching as my Master slips in a hand and starts to stroke me through the panties. Entirely unsure as to what exactly he is stroking, nonetheless, I shudder and moan as my panties are abruptly wetter, flinging my head back, eye screwed shut.

“Master. I’m sorry, but I can’t stand up properly.”

Abruptly, he rises, scooping me up. “Time to get you horizontal I think.” he says. And he drops me on the bed, almost dumping me there.

I lie in a tumble of hair and sweat, panting uncontrollably, my Master towering above me, looking down, his expression calculating.

“Are you still nervous Charlotte? Still scared?”

No, I am not scared, not nervous, not even slightly. I am afire. I want more…. But I have no words and shake my head dumbly.

Still he gazes at me, assessing, for a long moment, then starts unbelting his jeans.

As they fall to the floor, I see him, my first man, for the first time, naked. I have seen pictures of course, in the magazines, on the internet, but have never appreciated before, how wonderful an aroused man with an erection can look. The pictures and images I have seen before seemed tawdry and cheap. When I sold myself, I believed that I was sacrificing myself for money, prostituting myself. But.…

He is magnificent.

His blond hair; a halo; I could lose myself in the deep pool of his dark eyes. His taut muscles outlined and gleaning in a sheen of perspiration. His erection, his penis, upright, proud against his flat stomach.

I want him. But I don’t know…

I reach out to him, arms outstretched. Somehow, my hands are drawn to his cock.

His sees it, but shakes his head. “Not yet. Not for your first time. I want you ready for me.”

Disappointed, I flop back onto the pillow, feeling a little petulant. He sees it, cocking an eyebrow. “Madam. Do as you are told. I am in charge here. And…. You will enjoy it the more.”

Sucking in my cheeks with a mixture of embarrassment and amusement, I obey my Master. He has been right about everything so far. Why should I not want to follow his wishes and commands?

“Raise your arms over your head Charlotte. Clasp your heads together.”

Obediently, I do so, a little puzzled.

“I am not going to restrain you in any way today Charlotte. It might frighten you. But, take that position. Later, you will be tied and restrained. Today, simply hold the position. Imagine that I have hand-cuffed you that way.”

Sitting on the bed, he slips hands between my knees, encouraging them apart. “Open up now. I’m going to tongue-fuck you.”

At his words, a surge of juices floods between my thighs. Opening my knees my Master sees how wet I am and “Mmmms” with a pleased sound. Pulling a pillow from the bed he pushes it under my hips, then pulls me into position. “Swing your legs up. Open your knees. Wider. That’s it. Head down. Hips up. Let me see you.”

He pulls another pillow from under my head, again he shoves it under my hips, forcing my back to arch and my hips to jut upwards.

“Good girl. Lie back. Relax. Just let me take over now.” He makes a final adjustment to my position, pulling my hips up a little more, widening the spread of my knees and thighs. I am completely exposed. I have never been naked with a man before. Now I am not merely naked, but displayed……

My nerves are back and my panting is not just arousal but now, real fear. There is a sinking in my stomach. What is he going to do? Nonetheless, I am running hot and liquid. I can feel my…. private parts…. are hot and swollen.

“You’re beautiful Charlotte. I know that you don’t know how beautiful, but trust me, you are. And I’m going to make you cum and scream for more. I’m going to fuck you until you know that you are beautiful.”

His eyes, lambent in lust and candlelight, meet mine, and my fears disperse. Then he leans forwards and licks me slowly, from cunt to clit. Just once.

And I scream.

Ecstatically, I convulse at this never before experienced sensation of a warm, sensual tongue slipping over my pussy and bud.

My arms have, disobediently, flailed at random, and my Master’s hands grab me by the wrists, pressing my arms back to obedience, above my head into the pillows.

“Very good Charlotte.” he whispers into my ear. “But did I tell you to move?”

Almost disabled by the sheer sensation of what I have just experienced, I lie limply back against the pillow. “No Master. Sorry Master. I’ll be good.”

“That’s better. Why don’t you hold onto the bars of the headboard. Perhaps it will make it easier for you to be obedient.”

I had not previously really looked at the headboard. It consists of half a dozen upright metal bars within a frame. Very easy to hold on to and also, as my over sensitised mind now registers…. very easy to be tied to.

Moving both arms behind my head, I hold a bar with each hand, clasping tightly so as not to disobey my Master.

There is a glint of approval in his eyes. “Good girl. Feel free to move your legs to make yourself comfortable. If you swing them upwards it will be easiest for me, but you can rest your feet on my back or shoulders if you want to.”

He settles between my spread legs, lifting them again slightly at the knees. Suddenly I understand what he means about swinging up my legs, and I adjust my position to present my pussy to him. “Is that better Master?”

 “Perfect. Now, lie still while I tongue-fuck you.” At his words wet heat spreads through my core.

He does not immediately lick me, but instead sits back a little, looking at me, looking between my legs, examining me. His fingers explore me, tracing the outline of my folds. He opens me, fingers parting my lips, stroking back the hood of my clit. It is unsettling for me, to be examined so intimately, but nonetheless, exciting. And at his lightest touch, I shudder and moan. I have never before understood just how sensitive I am, or could be. My Master looks pleased at the noises I am making.

I have always thought that a man would simply plunge inside me, but instead, he traces the outlines of my pussy with his fingers, circling my wetness. Laid back as I am, I cannot properly see what he is doing, but the feeling is exquisite. For one brief moment, I feel something slip inside me, and then out again. I gasp, and meet his eyes to see him sucking his fingers clean. “You taste wonderful Charlotte.” he says. “Soon you will taste of me, when I come inside you, but first….”

Again, he leans forward and I feel the heat of his breath lingering over my clit and pussy, making me squirm with pleasure. Grabbing me by the hips, he holds me still, pinning me to the pillow and now takes me in his mouth, sucking at my clit, gently, oh so gently. But it does not feel gentle. Electric pleasure pierces me. I scream because I do not know what else to do as my Master flicks and tongues my clit, the wet heat of his licking and sucking combining with my own pussy juices.

Something arises within me. I do not know what it is, but it is there, welling up inside me; a tension. Something within me wants to explode. Helplessly, I arch my back, feet on my Master’s back, tensing my legs as I strain to escape/embrace this astonishing feeling.

My Master’s lips curl around my engorged pussy, his tongue plunging within. He licks and probes, and, I think, I feel his fingers slip in also. I cannot tell. I am lost in the upsurge within me.

Explosively, my orgasm comes and I finally understand his comment “If you’re not sure, then the answer’s ‘No’.”

I convulse and writhe, moaning, almost shrieking, lost to the pulsing pleasure erupting through my cunt, belly and thighs. My Master is still tongue-fucking me, and it is becoming….


“Stop! Stop! Please Master….”

Instantly he pulls away, releasing me, allowing my legs to drop back to the bed.

For timeless moments I lie back, eyes screwed shut, still captive to the throbbing of my pussy, gasping and twitching as the feeling ebbs and fades.

Regaining my breath, beginning to feel the world around me again, I open my eyes, to see my Master sitting on the edge of the bed, watching me, grinning broadly.

“So you enjoyed your first orgasm?” He looks like the cat that got the cream.

I try to nod, twitching again as an aftershock runs through my sex. “Yes. It was wonderful Master.”

I am wondering what happens next. I feel sated, relaxed. I could lie here and think of rainbows. However, my Master is waiting. His cock is upright. Watching it, I see it quiver to his pulse, and there is a droplet at the tip.

“Stay there.” he says. “Just relax. Your body is as ready for me as it’s ever going to be.”

My hips still rest on the pillows, arching me slightly as my knees are eased apart again, my Master positioning himself on top of me. His cock brushes against my wet and tender clit, and lips, then probes my entrance.

Is this where it hurts? I tense.

“Shhh…” he says, stroking my hair, kissing me softly on the lips. “Calm down. It’s alright….” And he slides inside me, slowly, delicately. In, then out, in, then out, a little deeper each time, until he is fully sheathed within me. There is no pain, only a sensation of slick stretching, of being filled.

Panting and shuddering under him, I take my Master within me. His rhythm increases, faster and harder. Abruptly, my body knows what to do, and I move with him, arching and rocking to meet him as he thrusts, deeper and harder. It does hurt, but I want this pain. He bangs against my inner walls, but my body welcomes him as he pounds into me.

I want to keep my eyes closed but, glancing up, see that he is watching me, gauging me, taking my measure as he takes me.

“Are you alright Charlotte?” His voice is breathless, ragged.

“Yes, Master. I’m fine.” And it’s true. I want to smile, to rejoice at this glorious feeling. My hands explore his back and shoulders, sheened with perspiration. I scent the smell of sweat and lust and sex in his hair, and, reaching up to kiss, taste him as we meet open-mouthed.

His eyes close, and his head bows, face buried beside mine in a sea of my hair. He shudders, his hips bucking into me, pressing hard in as he gasps and groans.

Then he simply flops onto me and for a moment, I am taking his full weight before he remembers himself and raises up on his elbows.

Pulling out of me, he rolls to one side, smiling at me, takes my chin in one hand and kisses me. “Charlotte. Thank you. That was unforgettable.”

“Master. Thank you. I was so nervous. But, you made it, just so….” I don’t know what to say, so I settle for “Can we just lie here for a few minutes? Is that okay?”

“Of course it is. We’ll just enjoy the moment shall we.” he smiles.

We lie together in a naked embrace, arms loosely linked.

“No regrets Charlotte?”

“No Master. None.”

“That’s good. Now, we have six days ahead of us. Would you like to sleep now?”

“Yes, I think I would.”

“You do that then. I have some phone calls to make.”

So I curl up in the bed and doze, my last thought before falling asleep “What about those other men?

The Story Continues in “The Virgin - Sold.”