Confidence Ch. 1

I looked down at the raven-haired vixen before me, dutifully sucking my cock as her fingers gently played with my balls. It was amazing how much my life had changed in such a short time. Only weeks ago I was a thirty-five year-old virgin and now this girl woman before me, this sexy, intelligent, seductive beauty would not only have sex with me, but she’d do practically anything I’d tell her to do. For a while anyway.

She glanced up at me to check if I was enjoying her services. I smiled with approval and she did something that sent a jolt of pleasure through my entire body. My head whipped back as I moaned. When I looked back down she smiled at me before doing it again. Playful minx. I decided to remind who was in charge by grabbing her head and shoving my cock as deeply into her mouth as I could. I don’t have a big cock. I would have to say I’m average. In fact, average would be the best way to describe me; average height, average weight, average looks, average salary. I don’t work out. I’ll play sports when I’m invited, which is generally during summer months when a random game breaks out at the park. I’m pretty much a geek into sci-fi and video games, but I love watching football too. I hang out with my buds at the bar on Saturday nights, never scoring, and on Sundays at one of our houses, killing enemy soldiers, zombies, or each other in various games. I have a 9-5 blue collar job and a manageable credit card debt.

“So what happened?” you’re asking right. It all comes down to one word. Confidence. The confidence I showed when I took control of that girl’s head. The confidence I used to order her around my place after unloading my sperm in her mouth. The confidence I used to get her to fuck me in the first place. But let’s start at the beginning.


My buddy Mike is a scientist in a drug lab, a legit one. They were working on a new formula, hoping for a military contract. The aim was suppress the fear centres of the brain to make braver soldiers. Yes, he was under a non-disclosure agreement, but best friends talk. Plus, as the guy who cleans the labs--a job Mike got me--you get to hear a lot of things that you probably shouldn’t. I’d passed the security screening and, at first, people were diligent about keeping things from me, but after a certain amount of “rescues” when experiments went bad, or someone was just clumsy, people relaxed around me and became a little more open about certain experiments. There were even a few rare occasions when bouncing a problem off me got a suggestion from such an unscientific way of thinking that it serendipitously led to the solution.

Mike’s experiments were successfully unsuccessful. They had managed to increase the confidence in lab animals (after getting passed the point where that confidence came out as intense aggression) but it seemed that the animals’ bodies would compensate for the boost within hours. The result was the reverse. A male mouse that would intimidate another male would be submissive to it soon after. Dosing the mouse with more of the formula at the right times to keep its confidence up would work for a few days, but then the mouse would die. Every time. Stop the treatment before it died and the mouse would spend as much time as wimpy, scared creature as it had been the aggressor.

During a discussion about it Mike said something that caught my attention that most scientists would never contemplate. “There drug doesn’t have any other side effects,” he said. “All the mice from previous batches are fine even six months later.” He chuckled. “If the soldiers didn’t mind being wimps for eight hours after an eight hour assault then they could have it now.”

“Eight hours?” I asked. “That’s how long it lasts?”

“Not to the minute. It varies from mouse to mouse but that’s about the average. Eight hours, two minute, and thirty-seven seconds according to the processed data. The weird thing is it takes about eight hours for the drug to even start working. So it, more or less, fits into a twenty-four hour cycle.”

“Wouldn’t it be shorter in people?” I asked.

“That’s the interesting thing about the drug. A bigger does doesn’t last longer, it just makes you more confident … and consequently more of a wimp.”

“Oh I get it.”

“Anyway, this batch is a wash, like the others. Hey, do you mind disposing of it for me? I gotta take a leak.”

“No problem,” I said.

I watched Mike leave the lab and then looked at several beakers, test tubes, and syringes full of the stuff. Yeah, you know where this is going.

Now the disposal of chemicals is all about procedure. These go in this container, those go in that one. Non-hazardous waste goes somewhere else. There was no way I could walk out of the building with stolen formula, but formula carefully sealed and disguised and put in the wrong container could make its way out. Especially if you’re the one in charge of disposing it, and if you’re willing to crawl through a garbage bin in the middle of the night to retrieve it.

So let’s skip to just after the shower that washed the garbage off me. Here I was with a supply of a drug that could increase my confidence and then turn me into a wimp. It may not make sense at first until you think it through. If I take the drug at noon on Friday then it would kick in at around 8pm. I’d then be confident until 4am. So I get home before that, curl up in bed and prepare to become a wimp until noon on Saturday. If the process worked (and didn’t have any unforeseen effects because I’m not a mouse) it could change my weekends forever. And, hey, it was Thursday night!

I stored the formula in my fridge and made a mental note to buy a mini-fridge that I could lock.

Okay, some of you may be saying, “No sane person would try an unstable drug with no human trials to try to pick up women.” Many of the people who say this will probably be women. Let me say again: I was a thirty-five year-old virgin! When it came to getting laid, sanity took a backseat.

Add to that the conversations I’d had with women that almost consistently stated that women love confidence and it was something I lacked. I was the safe friend who you bitch about your bad-ass boyfriend to then snuggle up with for comfort before going back to the boyfriend for hot sex.

No ... fucking … more.

The next day at work at noon, I pulled out an echinacea bottle, dropped 5 drops of the formula into my mouth and went about my day. Yes, I was a little worried about falling into a fit of convulsions, turning green, or growing a tail, but my observations in the lab and Mike’s assurances about it helped push those worries away. The end of the work day arrived and Mike, as usual on Friday, suggested we hit a bar after dinner. I usually declined. Watching Mike pick up while I could barely hold a conversation before a girl would spot someone more interesting, didn’t appeal to me. This time I accepted.


I finished my meal just before 8pm and sat there for a few minutes waiting for the drug to kick in. I prepared myself for a wave of either confidence or nausea, but neither arrived. By 8:15 I began to suspect that the drug might not work on humans. I told Mike I’d meet him at 9pm though so I jumped in the shower. I began to wonder why these evenings always made me so nervous. The girls at the bar weren’t supermodels and even if they were I’d seen some of them walk out with what I would say were ugly, slimy, or just unappealing men. My thought had always been that the men had money, but thinking back, many of them didn’t look wealthy. And, if these girls were so amazing then why were so many of them single? My mind flashed back to a picture of an incredibly hot chick with the caption, “No matter how good she looks now, somebody somewhere is sick and tired of putting up with her shit.”

I chuckled. Women. What the hell had I been thinking?

I usually tried to dress to impress, on these nights. You know, use every advantage. But tonight I thought jeans and collared shirt would be enough.

Enzo’s was a hot spot on Fridays where the trendy people gathered. Mike was already there when I arrived and already chatting up a girl and her friend. I walked up and said, “Hi.”

“Jeff!” Mike said. “Girls this is my buddy, Jeff. Jeff, this is Tina and Allison.”

“Hello,” I said to Tina, taking her hand in both of mine as I shook it. A waif in her little black dress, the barely over five feet tall Asian girl with tiny breasts and a sleek ass looked cute as hell. Her short brown hair spiked up a little, giving her the appearance of a pixie. I smiled and squeezed her hand as we locked eyes. “I love your earrings.”

“Oh thank you!” she said. “They’re new.”

I’d seen her playing with them as I crossed the bar. An unconscious act to draw attention to them perhaps?

“The green in them accents your eyes. Not that your eyes need enhancing.”

Her face took on a slight blush.

“Thank you.”

I turned immediately to Allison and took her hand. This blonde stood as tall as me, taller in her heels. Her low-cut blouse showed off full breasts and her jeans hugged a large round ass. I suspected that the ass was not quite to well formed outside of the jeans though.

“Allison,” I said. “And here I thought Amazon’s were a myth.”

She slapped me lightly with her free hand. “Charmer.”

“Should I stop?”

She shook her head with a big smile. “Not at all.”

“Mike tells us you guys work at a chemical lab,” Tina jumped in. “So you’re both scientists?”

I laughed. That was what we always told girls. I’d never opened with I’m a janitor. What girl would be interested in me after that? Now that I look back, what girl was interested in me not knowing that. So…

“No, he’s the scientist. I clean the lab.”

“You’re a janitor?” Allison asked.

“Yep. A good one too. If you’d seen some of the messes these guys have made. Without me doing my job right, there would’ve been some interesting stories in the papers by now.”

“I don’t think I’ve met anyone who was proud to be a janitor,” said Tina.

“I work hard, earn a decent salary, and provide useful service. Why would I be ashamed about that?”

By this point Mike had a “Who the fuck are you?” look on his face. I was trying to figure out why. It’s not like anything I was saying was untrue. I was just speaking my mind. Sure some of the things I didn’t usually have the confidence to … holy shit! The drug. It must have kicked in. It wasn’t at all like I expected. I didn’t really feel more confident, or maybe I did. I just know that the things that used to worry me, little things now that I think about them, didn’t really worry me anymore. It was partly seeing people a little more clearly. I was picking up on their nervous habits and that set mine aside. But on top of that, I, well, I didn’t seem to give a shit how people saw me. I was me. Accept it or move on.

The girls were nodding and smiling at my last statement.

“So what do you girls do?” I asked.

“We’re receptionists at a medical clinic,” Allison answered.

“Lucky clinic,” I said. I turned to Mike. “So which one were you after?”

The look on his face was priceless. “‘Scuse me?”

“We’re at a bar on a Friday night. We all know why we’re here,” I said with a glance back to the girls. “You met them first, and I like them both, but you have dibs. Assuming the one you like, likes you.” I winked at the girls. “So tell me now because I’m going to dance with the other one.”

Mike looked from me to the girls and back to me. “I ... Uh.”

“Screw it. You can decide while we dance.” I grabbed one hand of each girl and pulled. “Come on.”

They laughed and let me lead them. Mike followed like a lost child. Only a few people were dancing and they hung around the edges of the dance floor. Now, I am not a great dancer. I have one move which I call the safety shuffle. You’ve seen guys do it. They’re dancing but they might almost just be swaying. I opened with that but with a bit more energy than usual. As the four of us danced I kept my eyes mostly on the girls. I noticed they kept their eyes mostly on me, glancing at Mike to be polite, but it was clear that both girls were intrigued if not decided. When I wasn’t looking at the girls I glanced at Mike and the other guys that were dancing. I took note of what looked good, what I was sure I could pull off and incrementally added the moves to my repertoire. I also just let the music in. Again, it was that feeling of not caring what people thought and just going with what felt good.

It was a little like being drunk, except I distinctly knew where style ended and stupidity entered. Before long I had Allison spinning under my arm, then I picked up and spun a giggling Tina, eventually the girls had me in grinding sandwich. Mike said he was thirsty and went to grab a drink. Many people had their eyes on us on the dance floor. Several of the girls were checking me out. The psychology of it was fascinating to watch. I recognized some of the girls from previous visit here. None of them had given me a second glance. Now with two cute (I wouldn’t say they were hot) girls all over me, I was suddenly desirable. The dance floor started to fill and we kept at it for a few more songs. At times I was silly, at times I touched them sexually, at times I just enjoyed the music. Finally a song came on that made me cringe.

“I don’t like this song,” I said. “Want to get a drink?”

“Okay,” the girls said in unison.

“Yeah, this song isn’t that good,” Tina added, but her eyes told a different story.

“Uh uh,” I said lifting her chin in my hand.

“What?” she asked.

“Don’t lie to me. I can tell you like this song. Don’t agree with me to get me to like you. I already like you. Be real, be honest, and we’ll get along better.” I turned to Allison. “Do you like this song too?” She nodded, a little nervous. “Give me your drink orders. It’ll take me a while to get them in that crowd, but they’ll be ready and waiting when the song’s over. Okay?” I took both their hands again and squeezed them.

“Okay,” they said again in unison.

“Good girls,” I said, squeezing again. I got their drink orders then walked away. Several girls tracked my movements. One bold one followed. Tina and Allison exchanged looks and then sighed. This was way better than I expected.

With all the girls targeting me, Mike surprised me to be the first in my face.

“Okay, what the hell is going on?” he asked.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“Who are you and what have you done with Jeff?”

“Jeff has left the building,” I said.

“Seriously. What gives?”

“I’ve been taking a course on confidence. Everyone’s always saying I lack it.”

He nodded, although he wasn’t completely buying into it.

“What course? Where?”

“Well, nothing formal. I’ve been downloading shit, and reading books, practicing in video chat rooms.”

“The last time we came here-”

“Was six weeks ago. A lot can change in that time.”

“I’ll say. I’d almost say you could teach me.”

I chuckled. “Yeah. Like you’ve ever had trouble picking up.”

“I know, but they all but ignored me for you. That’s…”

“Wait. You’re not upset that they turned you down. You’re upset that they turned you down for me! What the fuck, dude?”

“Sorry, man. I know that sounds wrong.”

“That’s because it is wrong. Don’t get all pissy because I might score for the first time since we’ve been out together. You should be congratulating me.”

“You’re right. You’re right. So make the call. Which one do you want?”

I glanced over at the girls who were now grinding with each other, but glancing our way, my way actually. They looked good. They looked sexy. A circle of guys began to gather around them.

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to try for both.”

“Both?” Mike’s look was incredulous. “Okay. Fuck it. This I gotta see.”

We looked back at the dance floor where a couple good-looking muscular guys began talking the girls up.

“Although you may have already lost them,” Mike said.

“I doubt it,” I said. “But even if I did, there are plenty of others here.” I watched the bold one approach. “I could have another in less than thirty seconds.”

“Now you’re just spouting bullshit.”

I finally caught the bartender’s eye and ordered for the girls, Mike, and myself. I turned back to Mike. “I’ll bet this round of drinks,” I challenged.

“Done. Thirty seconds starting n-”

“Hi there,” the bold one said as she used the crowded area as an excuse to slip her body right into mine.

“Jesus Christ!” Mike exclaimed.

“I’m Jessica.”

Jessica was a sleek, slutty, Italian girl in a formfitting blue dress and “fuck me” pumps.

“Hello Jessica,” I replied.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you here before,” she said. “I’m sure I would’ve noticed.”

Lies. I’d seen her before. She’d glanced at me as I smiled when she walked past then quickly averted her eyes as she looked for more manly men.

“Maybe you weren’t looking hard enough,” I said.

“You’re probably right, but I’m looking now.”

Her voice was sultry, and I might have taken things further if Tina and Allison (who I was mentally called my T&A for the night) hadn’t walked up right then. It was no coincidence. They’d seen Jessica’s approach and had moved to intercept.

“And I appreciate that, Jessica,” I said. “But my girls would get a little upset with me if I stray. And I’m not the kind of guy who likes to upset his girls.”

“Your ... girls?” Jessica asked. “Both of them?”

I glanced over and they nodded. If they had heat vision, Jessica would have been incinerated by now. She saw that and backed off.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were, uh, taken.”

“It’s all good,” I said. “Have to met my friend Mike though? Highly paid, highly intelligent, highly skilled scientist if you get my meaning.”

She did.

“Hello Mike,” she cooed.

“Hello Jessica,” Mike replied. He shot me a thank you smile and led her away.

“Your drinks, ladies,” I said, handing Tina and Allison their beverages.

“Thank you, kind sir,” said Allison.

“Yes, thanks,” Tina added.

“You put on quite a show for the guys,” I said.

“That wasn’t for the guys,” Tina said.

I winked at her. “I know, and I thank you. It made me start to like that song.”

That earned smiles from both of them.

“Still, you built up a good fan club,” I said.

“It appears you did too,” said Allison.

“Then why don’t we finish our drinks and go increase our fan clubs some more?”

We clinked glasses and drank and chatted and laughed then danced another hour away with another round of drinks. With each song I fondled the girls more. My cock grew hard they felt it when I grinded on them. I squeezed their asses and felt along their legs, both outer and inner thighs. Both were getting hot and horny. Both let me touch more and more, sometimes moving my hands where they wanted them. Finally I even reached up grabbed Allison’s big tits receiving, not a complaint, but a sigh. I knew it was time to leave.

“Did you drive here?” I asked.

“Cab,” said Tina as she pushed her ass back into my cock. “We knew we’d be drinking.”

“Me too,” I said. “Let’s grab one while the lines are light and get outta here. Ready, Allison?”

She nodded. Then she and Tina exchanged a nervous glance. They’d never shared a man before. I could tell. But they both wanted me and neither wanted to back off. I winked at Mike as we left. He was still with Jessica who looked quite drunk at this point. Mike wasn’t sure if he still wanted her.

Light lines was an understatement. It was just after eleven. Many people were just starting their nights. Most cabs were dropping off, so it was easy to grab one.

I opened the door for Allison but stopped Tina before she could get in. I moved in and kissed her deeply. She melted into my arms. Sliding into the cab, I pulled her in after me so that I could be between the girls. Giving the cabbie my address, I placed a hand on each girl’s thigh. Both placed their hands over mine.

“So Tina gets the kiss?” asked Allison.

I smiled at her. “Tina got the first kiss.” I moved my arm up around her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. At the same time, my other hand wasted no time sliding up Tina’s thigh to rub against her clit. She gasped but didn’t stop me. Allison and I continued to make out, getting more passionate. My fingers slipped under Tina’s thong and went to work, getting wet from her immediately. Tina’s hand grasped my leg tightly as she whimpered high pitched sounds of pleasure. Allison’s hand, meanwhile, moved down to my crotch and rubbed it.

I began kissing Allison’s neck and moved to her breasts. That’s when she noticed what was happening to her friend.

“Oh wow,” she whispered. Tina looked over and the situation of her friend watching her get frigged in a cab was too much. She bit down on the hand of hers that wasn’t digging into my thigh and tried to muffle the sound of her orgasm. Her body arched for a moment and then shuddered. A nearby driver slammed down on his horn and our cab swerved violently. The cabbie had been watching the show.

“Eyes on the road, please,” I said.

As he got the car moving in the right lane again, Allison’s tits sprung out of her top so I could suck on them. I pulled Tina’s hand to my pants and onto my zipper. She took the cue and hurriedly opened my pants and fished for my cock.

There was a time, only hours ago, when my mind would have been reeling. Is this really happening? Am I doing the right things? I hope I don’t screw this up. But now I was taking it in stride. These girls were horny as hell. It doesn’t matter that I was who they were with. They wanted it to be me! Memories of pornos came bubbling up into my consciousness almost guiding my actions. If I made a wrong move and heard the reaction from either girl, I didn’t think Shit. What did I do wrong? Or What now? I just noted the reaction, stored away the info not to do that again, and tried something else. But I made sure to keep different notes for the girls. As I later found out, Tina loves to have her nipples squeezed really hard, while Allison likes her tits squeezed firmly but her nipples gently caressed. And the differences just started there.

The cabbie kept glancing back. Twice I said, “Road,” as we started to drift. Tina eagerly sucked on my cock while Allison moaned as I squeezed and sucked her tits.

The cab came to a stop. The cabbie turned to watch.

“Meter,” I said. He turned it off. It was only $15. “Free fare and I’ll let you squeeze this,” I said holding up Allison’s tit.

“Hey!” she exclaimed. Tina’s head popped off my cock to see what would happen.

“It’s not like I’m going to let him fuck you,” I said.

The sternness in my eyes made her nod. The cabbie reached back and squeezed her tits. The uncomfortable look in her eyes vanished when my hand slid down under her panties and rubbed her clit. She hadn’t noticed that I’d undone her pants during the fondling. Her head went back and her back arched.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she moaned. Her body began to quiver as an orgasm approached.

“That’s enough,” I said, removing both my hand from her crotch and the cabbie’s from her tits. Allison whimpered with disappointment. “Thank you, sir,” I said as we scooted out.

I made out with Tina on elevator ride up to my place while Allison knelt, taking her turn sucking my cock. We all almost ripped our clothes off once we entered the apartment. I led the girls to my bedroom where we fell in a naked heap on the bed.

“I wanna fuck him first,” Allison said as she moved to straddle me.

“Aw,” Tina moaned.

“You can sit here,” I said, pointing at my face.

Tina smiled and hopped on, facing her friend.

I felt my cock slide into Allison’s soaking pussy. It was official. I was no longer a virgin. Allison managed ten strokes on my cock before the orgasm that built up in the car hit her. Meanwhile, Tina’s high pitched moaning resumed. Again, I went to work experimenting. I soon found a technique that she absolutely loved that involved my tongue in her pussy and my fingers on her clit. I made her cum twice before beginning to tease her, letting her get close and then stopping. Her frustration started to build. She tried to push her pussy harder on my face, but I’d just retract my tongue and grasp her thighs until she learned who was in control. After about the seventh time doing this I went to town on her pussy. The orgasm that hit her made her scream. She lurched forward, having nothing to brace herself with except Allison’s tits, which she squeezed hard. That set Allison off into another orgasm. The two girls ended up hugging each other as they came down from the highs.

“Oh my god,” Tina gasped. “I haven’t cum like that in a while. You should feel this tongue.”

“You should feel this cock!” Allison shot back.

“Switch?” Tina asked.

Allison nodded, and they move got off me, but that’s when I intervened.

“On your back, Allison,” I ordered. “Near the top of the bed.”

She quickly obeyed.

“Hands and knees, Tina,” I said. “Head between her legs.”

Tina had made it to her hands and knees then froze on the last order. Allison got a worried look.

“But we don’t do that,” Tina said. “Well, Allison has, but I don’t-”

“If you want my cock in your pussy then you do tonight,” I said. They knew from the tone of my voice that there was no bargaining.

“It’s okay,” Allison said to Tina. “Everything’s been great so far. Just go with it.”

“But...” Tina started to say. Then she felt my cock pushing into her pussy. “Oh god…”

I got the head in and stopped. She turned to look back at me. I pointed down at Allison’s pussy. She turned back to Allison and slowly began to lower her head. I slammed my cock all the way in. Her head shot back up, so I pushed it down with my hand. “Lick that pussy if you want me to keep fucking you,” I warned.

She started licking, tentatively at first. I watched and matched my strokes with her head. She picked up on what I was doing immediately. The licking increased in speed and became more forceful. So did the fucking.

“Holy shit, Tina,” Allison exclaimed. “For someone who’s never licked pussy you’re … you’re … oh fuck!” Allison grabbed Tina’s hair and ground the little girl’s face into her pussy as she came. Tina began to moan as well as her body shuddered around my cock. I was in fucking heaven, so much so that I unloaded into Tina’s pussy.

“Fuck! That was good,” I said. Tina had gone quiet, but little aftershocks shot through her body that I could feel through my cock. Allison lay panting. She was suddenly aware that she still gripped her friend’s hair and released it.

I eased myself out of Tina and stood next to the bed. “I’ll grab some water for us. You need to hydrate.”

“Fuck yeah,” said Allison. Tina still lay quietly with her head on Allison’s pussy. “Tina, you okay?”

Tina slowly rolled over. The grin on her face reached for her ears.

When I got back with the water both girls downed theirs and then lay back on the bed, giving me teasing looks.

“Kiss,” I said. Again there was hesitation, but the girls slowly moved into a kiss which grew more passionate by the second. “Suck Allison’s tits, Tina.”

No hesitation this time. As Tina sucked and Allison moaned, I moved behind Tina reached around her and squeezed her little tits.

She broke away from Allison’s tits long enough to say, “Hard.”

She didn’t have much to squeeze in the way of tits, so I grabbed her nipples and squeezed hard. She had long thick nipples, easy to grab hold of. She shuddered and moaned with pleasure.

“Play with her pussy,” I said. I was talking to Tina but both girls reached down and were soon masturbating each other. Meanwhile, I continued to add pressure to Tina’s nipples. She moaned louder but didn’t try to stop me. I squeezed even harder and noticed her sucking harder, her hand moving faster, thrusting her fingers in and out of Allison’s pussy. I twisted and the little Asian doll started to slam her hands into the big tittied blonde’s cunt. Allison’s hand was erratic. She couldn’t focus to give pleasure with what was happening to her. I gave a final hard squeeze and twist and then let go as I got ready to take the girl lying down from behind. To my surprise, when I let go, when the blood flowed back into her nipples, she came.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” she yelled. Her hand began to spasm in and out of Allison’s pussy and the blonde came too. Her fingers grabbed hold of Tina’s pussy, setting off another orgasm in the brunette. I stepped back and just watched in wonder.

“Holy…” Allison gasped. “Just need a moment to recover.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Not going to happen.” I stepped around the bed to Allison’s side, pulled her to me until her ass was almost off the bed, put her ankles over my shoulders and rammed my steel hard cock into her pussy.

“Motherfucker!” she yelled.

Tina lifted herself off the bed and looked at me for orders. “Mount her face, kitten.”

She moved quickly and sat on Allison. As the blonde started licking, Tina’s eyes rolled up. “Oh man, you’re good too.”

I kept a moderate pace, trying twists and circles, short thrusts and long, until I knew what Allison liked best. Occasionally, I’d reach down and play with her pussy. Twice that set off an orgasm. Finally I picked up the pace. Tina screamed out another orgasm and I knew mine was getting close. I beckoned Tina with a finger and she leaned forward. I pushed her head back on Allison’s pussy. She offered no resistance even though my stomach was slamming into her head. Allison came again with the new sensations. I held on, waiting for Tina to have one more orgasm. Finally she lifted her head to moan. I let my own orgasm wash over me. The first stream of cum went in Allison, but then I pulled out and came on Tina’s face. I quickly grabbed her head and shoved my cock in her mouth as a third stream shot out. Her eyes went wide, but my stern confident smile kept her from pulling away. I spasmed two small squirts after that and then relaxed. Tina also shifted to a gentle sucking of my cock. She slowly pulled it out and cleaned it lovingly, then wiped the cum off her face and swallowed that too.

She looked up at me. I could feel the lust. “No man’s ever treated me like that before,” she said.

“But you liked it,” I said.

She nodded. “Very much … thank you.”