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08 Jan. '20

She wore jeans, the kind she said she’d never wear, those low-rise ones that let her tummy show beneath her knit top.  She was too old, she’d said.  They were for teens and twenty-somethings with no stretch marks, she’d said.  As she smiled at me, I was thinking no teen ever looked that sensuous.  I knew she’d worn them to please me, though I’d have been pleased no matter what she wore.

She melted into my arms when I held them out, and returned my kiss with the need I knew she felt.  I felt the same need, the craving for her softness pressed against me, for the murmured sounds of our pleasure, for the shattering climax that would leave us both with pounding hearts.

“How was the drive”, I asked. “Have any trouble?”

“No trouble, except it was long.  I tried to get here earlier.”

“I’ve already waited two weeks for you, so a little while longer didn’t hurt.  Let’s get checked in and find some dinner.”

Later that night, I opened the door for her and followed her into the room.  I locked the door and threw the safety latch, then turned around.  She was standing by the bed, grinning.  Her voice was soft, warm and passionate.

“Come take me away again.”

Her soft arms circled my neck as she kissed me, her mouth enveloping mine in her haste for the first tingles to sweep her.   Her soft, warm breath on my face gave me those tingles, as did her small, soft tongue brushing my lower lip, then searching for it’s mate.  At the first touch, a tiny little moan flowed from her throat.

Slowly, I eased up the knit top she wore, then broke the kiss to slip it over the short, brown waves that framed her face.  I tossed it on the bed and took her in my arms again.  As I slipped my fingertips over the satin smoothness of her back, I felt her hands stroking my chest, then begin fumbling with the buttons on my shirt.  When the last button slipped free, she pulled my shirt open and pressed her body tight against mine.

Her bra band unhooked easily, and as I slipped the straps from her shoulders, she eased away from me slightly and let her arms drop to her sides.  The bra fell to the floor and her full breasts settled into my waiting palms.  Gently, I lifted them, squeezed and then rubbed her nipples with my thumbs.

She caught her breath and then sighed.

“Oh God, I’d almost forgotten how that makes me feel.”

I kissed her again as I teased the soft tips into taut, rippled nubs sitting on the tight ridges and tiny bumps of her nipple beds.  Her hand found the back of my neck and stroked softly, sending sensations down my body that further fired the tightening in my loins.  

Gently, she pushed me back.  The whisper was filled with desire.

“Help me get out of these jeans.”

After she laid back on the bed, I took off her running shoes and the socks with pink pompoms.  She unbuckled her wide belt, then unsnapped and unzipped the jeans and lifted her legs.  Her jeans fell on top of the knit top on the floor.  My own clothes quickly joined them.

In the times between, I always tried to remember how she looked, but memory is such a fleeting thing.  This time, as always, was as exciting as the first.  Her breasts lay in soft mounds on the small body that narrowed at her waist and then swelled to the full hips of a sensuous woman.  Her thighs were smooth silk atop shapely calves on small, delicate feet.  I lifted each foot and massaged the sole, something I’d discovered she enjoyed, and then savored the feeling of her satiny skin as I stroked up each leg.

She opened her thighs to my touch, open enough for me to see the pouting lips covered by the lace of her panties.  I moved my hands up, caressing each curve until I touched the softness beneath the lace.  Her body rose as my hands moved to the waistband, allowing me to slip them down over her hips.  She pulled her legs up as I slipped the panties over them, then held out her arms.

“I need you”, she whispered

I tossed the panties aside and knelt between her upraised knees.  As I lowered myself into the soft cradle of her tummy and thighs, her hands stroked up my sides and then onto my back.

My lips closed around her right nipple, my tongue feeling each tiny ridge and ripple of the turgid tip.  I sucked gently, then teased the nipple bed as I had her nipple.  I felt the little roll her tummy muscles made when I lightly pinched just behind her nipple with my lips.  Her hands curled slightly, enough that I felt the delicious pinpricks of her nails against my skin.

After giving her left nipple like attention, my lips traced the valley between her breasts, then down her tummy to the slight rise of her mound.  The soft curls there brushed my chin, then my mouth and finally my nose as I sought the lips hiding in that fragrant forest.

That scent, the special scent of a woman making the journey from desire to fulfillment, the scent of a woman ripe for the taking, set my senses on edge and craving the first taste.  My tongue searched through the soft strands and found the delicate cleft, then moved down, caressing each lip in turn, slightly opening them to part the strands.  When I slipped my tongue between the slender folds, I heard the first little moan.

Each little ripple and fold flowed over my tongue as I savored her taste.  The little pearl, the center of her pleasure, still lay hidden beneath it’s satin sheath.  I stroked the slight swell on each side and felt her hips rock slightly with each soft, wet caress.

The tart taste drew me to its source, the entrance to the passage I would fill more than once by tomorrow.  My tongue probed, finding the wet warmth of her, the intoxicating nectar that would ease my passage.  Opening her petals with my thumbs, I pressed deeper into her body and felt the tightening of her passage at the sensation.  My tongue moved up slowly, fondling each petal with the very tip until I reached the cleft again.  With soft touches, I teased at her little pearl, rolling back the soft sheath to barely lick the tip, and then moving back beside it.

Her hands were on my head, pushing gently as her breathing became shallow and throaty.  I grasped a swelling lip with my mouth and gently pulled, then rolled it between my lips and tongue.  The soft skin of her inner thighs gently pressed against my cheeks.

I slipped one finger, then two into her wetness as my lips found the swollen button I knew would send her over the edge.  My fingers moved in and out slowly, sometimes curling up to the small spot just inside her opening.  I sucked the little button gently and felt her body tremble, then covered her breast with my palm and squeezed.

As it always was with her, this first time came quickly, beginning with soft, panting moans and little hip movements and ending with an explosive gasp and the arching of her body into my face.  She slowly eased her body back down, then shuddered as my tongue found the tip of her little button and flicked it.  Twice more, I teased her until she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled me up to her face.

I kissed her.  She slowly mouthed my lips, tasting herself on them.  Her soft hands caressed my back, then slipped lower to my hips, softly stroking them as she rocked her own up for my entrance.  Just a little while and she would be ready again, ready to feel my shaft sliding slowly into her, ready to climb the slope of desire and fall again into the abyss of release.  She would tell me when.  

Her hand slipped between us, found my rigid cock and moved the head between her slippery, swollen lips.  When I felt her entrance, I pushed in gently.  Her body was open and ready.  She sighed as my cock penetrated her sex.

My strokes began as she loved them, slow and deep, the front of my thighs pressing tightly against the back of hers as I pushed into the grasping depths of her center.  Her hands moved back to my shoulders as her nails lightly raked my back.  A soft sigh tickled the skin on my neck.  The moan sent a tingle to my loins.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I stroked deep and lifted herself to let my cock sink even deeper.  The feeling of her silken passage clasping my shaft was exquisite, a feeling that could quickly have me spending my seed if I didn’t take care.  

This time, her climax came more slowly, her need not for a quick, shattering release but for the sustained, multiple waves of the simultaneous orgasm of two bodies becoming one.  I could feel her body responding.  The first waves were gentle hints of what was to come.  

Her body tightened and lifted into my thrust, then fell softly back to the bed.  She pulled me down on her until her rigid nipples brushed the hair on my chest.  Another wave, stronger than the first, rippled her tummy under mine.  A soft “O-h-h-h” spilled from her parted lips.

The final shuddering spasm came soon after, the one that pushed me over the edge with her.  Her passage sucked at my cock as it pulsed with the spurting release of my seed.  Her little cry burst against my neck as her nails dug into my hips and pulled me tight against her.

I never remember how long we stay locked in the embrace of lovers.  I only remember the sensation of her body tightening from time to time as I try to keep my cock buried in her.  When I slipped from the satin embrace, I rolled to her side.  She snuggled her cheek against my chest and put her arm over me.

Morning came peeping through the gaps of the drawn curtains to spill rays of sunlight across her body.  She had stirred me from sleep with a kiss and her fingers stroking my shaft.  I opened my eyes onto her smile and eyes sparkling with passion.

“I need you now”, she whispered.

At the end, she mounted me and quickly impaled herself on my cock, shuddering as she felt it penetrate her depths.  As she rode me, I fondled her swaying breasts and teased her nipples stiff again.

She made love to me with the abandon of a woman consumed by primal need, her body reacting of its own accord to increase the sensations we both felt.  That clasping wetness I’d felt the night before was there as was the soft resistance I felt as she pressed her body tightly down over me and then rocked her hips to drive me deeper.  

The end came too quickly for us both.  She could control her need no more than I mine.  She gasped, then cried out and mashed her soft, wet, swollen lips onto the base of my cock.  With another cry, she sagged into her arms and let the orgasm sweep her away in a series of spasms that milked the last of my seed from my loins.  

We showered together, our hands caressing bodies sated for the moment, but relishing the lover’s touch that hinted of pleasures that lie ahead.  After we dressed, I walked her to her car, then held her close and kissed her.  She pulled herself tight against me.

“I love you”, she whispered into my ear.

“And I love you.”

“I would never have believed I could love two men at the same time, but I do.”

“I love two women, but it’s different love for each.”

“Does she still understand?”

“Yes.  Does he?”

“He says he wants me to be happy.”

“Are you?”

She kissed me, then smiled.

“Wonderfully happy.”

“We should be leaving.  It’s a long drive for us both.”

“I know.  I need to get home.  You’ll call me?”

“Just like I always do.”

“And in two weeks…”

“I made the reservation when I checked out.”

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me, then turned and got in her car.  I watched her taillights merge into the stream of traffic passing by the hotel.

As I started the engine, I smiled.  Two weeks was a long time, but like all the best of life’s pleasure, she was well worth the wait.