He wanted to watch

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09 Jan. '20

My husband of five years is full of surprises. When we were making love one afternoon, he was behind me on all fours, filling my pussy with his hard cock, and he whispered into my ear “God, I’d love to watch another man fuck you like this!”

As he said it, he came hard with a loud grunt. He held my hips and thrust in harder and faster than ever before and my shock and surprise at this led to me reaching a searing orgasm at the same time. As dirty talk goes, it was thrilling, tipping us both over the edge and it enhanced our orgasms. We love to talk dirty during sex, so I never thought anything more about what he actually said. That is, until he raised the subject again the next evening…

“Tilly, you never said anything yesterday when I said I’d love to watch another man fuck you.”

“Why, were you expecting me to? You’re not serious, are you?” I replied.

James smiled, and said “Well, kinda!”

When I rolled my eyes, he added “Well, you know I used to like watching porn, and I got to thinking how hot it would be if the girl being fucked was you!”

I laughed and said “Well, I never made a sex tape before we met. Sorry!”

James surprised me by saying “No, that’s a damn shame. It would be my favourite if you had!”

“Tough luck, you pervert!” I teased, and leaned over to kiss James, to make sure he knew I was only playing.

The kiss became more passionate and within a few minutes, our clothes were in an untidy heap on the floor as we got carried away. I decided to tease my husband some more, so I dropped to my knees and pulled him towards me. Now James loves me sucking his cock and talking dirty to him in between slurps. Normally, I say things like “I want this big cock in my pussy” or “cum in my mouth then kiss me” and other encouragement. It never takes long for him to cum when we do this and it means that when he recovers and we start to fuck, it lasts longer.

However, this evening, I decided to play along with James’s fantasy of watching me being fucked by another guy. This wasn’t wholly altruistic. The thought of being with another man while my husband was present really turned me on. I just hadn’t admitted it to James yet.

I wrapped my hands around James’s ass and licked the tip of his cock lovingly. I pulled him deep into my mouth, making me gag a little, before releasing him and dropping my mouth down to lick his testicles. James was moaning his approval of my technique and this was my opportunity to drive him really wild.

“Mmmm, so you want to watch me getting fucked hard and deep by another guy?” I said, then sucked his cock back into my greedy mouth.

“Oh yeah, fuck yeah!” came James’s eager reply.

I swirled my tongue around his bulbous knob, then said “I’d suck his cock like this to get him hard,” and took his cock in deep again for a few thrusts. “Then I’d beg him to fuck me from behind.”

“Mmm, you’re such a slut. Let him fuck you hard and make you scream!” said James, loving this fantasy scenario as it developed.

I held both of his balls in my hand and pulled down gently, making his cock twitch. I could feel he was close to cumming and I really fancied a mouthful of spunk, so I decided to finish him right now.

“He’s fucked me hard while you watched and jerked. Now I have his cock in my mouth, I’m going to suck him until he fills my mouth with hot cum, then let it dribble out over my tits.” As I finished saying that, I took James’s cock back into my mouth, jerked him hard and waited for the inevitable flood of cum. Just to add to the experience, I slipped a finger into his ass and made him yelp as a torrent of semen filled my mouth. I don’t think James had ever cum as much. There was enough to swallow and enough to let out of my mouth and run over my hard nipples. I slowed my jerking down but cum continued to ooze out of James’s throbbing penis and I wiped his cock over my face then over my breasts, milking him for every drop I could get.

When he could take no more stimulation, he dropped to his knees and kissed me passionately, his cum smeared on both our faces and our tongues both enjoying the taste and texture of his impressive load.

Even though giving him such a great orgasm backfired, with James too knackered to recover and fuck me, it had been a revelation. I started to think he actually wanted to live out this fantasy and it was all I could think of as James licked and nibbled at my clit. He might not have been able to fuck me right then, but he’s so good with his tongue, that hardly mattered. I was building up to an orgasm, thinking about being ravaged by another man, when James pulled my labia apart and shoved his tongue deep into my pussy, thrusting like a mini cock. I had an image in my mind of another man doing this to me as James watched and jerked and I cried out loudly as I was body-slammed by a massive orgasm. It made me shake and convulse, so much so that James had to hold me down to stop me falling off the bed!

It took me some time to land back on planet earth after that amazing orgasm. I sighed as I stroked his hair and we kissed again with James stroking my cheek with the back of his fingers. It was bliss!

James chuckled quietly and I asked “What are you laughing at?” with genuine curiosity.

“Well,” he replied, “I think I know what you were thinking about just now!”

I think I blushed a little as I said “Oh, you do, do you?”

“Yep,” said James, with a huge grin on his face. “You were imagining another guy tongue-fucking you, weren’t you?”

The bastard had busted me!

“Well, if I did, it was your fault. Pervert!”

“That’s OK, Honey, don’t be embarassed, said James, adding “it would turn me on so much, if you ever fancy trying it for real, just say the word. You’re so fucking hot, it wouldn’t be hard to find a guy to fuck you!”

Talk about a back-handed compliment! Now I knew James was serious and I have to admit to a little thrill running through my body as he said it. I purred back at him “You find him, I’ll fuck him!” and looked him straight in the eye.

“Now you’re just teasing me,” said James.

“Oh, am I indeed?” I countered. “Well, we’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?” and with that, I rolled over and turned off my bedside light, leaving James with his fantasy thoughts of watching me get fucked.

What I didn’t know at that time was that he was already planning for it to happen…

Nothing more was said about this for a few days, even though we had enjoyed some vigorous, satisfying sex in the car on the way home from the movies. However, as I’ve said, James is full of surprises.

James works from home and regularly gets documents and hardware delivered. Quite frequently, these are delivered by one guy that’s caught my eye. He’s called Rick and he’s tall and rugged-looking, like he should be playing rugby rather than delivering parcels. He also happens to be a good few years younger than us and despite his rugged appearance, looks to be somewhat innocent. James always gives Rick a tip when he drops in a delivery and more often than not, shouts “Tilly, have you got some cash? I need a tip for Rick,” and I have to dig out some money from my purse. He always promises to pay me back but never does!

On this afternoon, James said “I have an urgent delivery coming this afternoon, keep an eye out for the guy, would you please?”

“Sure, Hun,” I replied, thinking nothing more of it.

It was 4pm before the doorbell rang. I was up in the bathroom so James scurried to the door to receive his parcel. I wasn’t at all surprised to hear him shout up to me “Tilly, can you come down please? I want to tip Rick.”

I had been shaving my legs, sat on the edge of the bath in only my underwear, so I quickly put on a kaftan, grabbed my purse and made my way downstairs. Both men were looking up at me as I came down and both had a silly grin on their faces.

“What?” I asked, checking my kaftan, thinking maybe I’d put it on backwards or inside out in my haste to be decent.

“Oh, er, nothing. But do you have a tip for Rick?” asked James.

He was acting strange and Rick still had a silly grin on his face. I fumbled in my purse and James added “Uh, Hun, not cash. We kinda have a different ‘tip’ in mind!”

Now I’m not stupid and I knew immediately what he meant. So did my pussy! I have never before felt a tingle down there so quickly at the mere thought of sex, but this was a totally different scenario. Not since college had I fucked a stranger, and back then, I was probably drunk, or high. Or both!

Today, however, I was thinking clearly. I loosened the thin belt on my kaftan and eased it off one shoulder.

“Hmm, is this the kind of tip you had in mind? What do you say, Rick?” I pulled my kaftan off the other shoulder and let it fall to the floor around my feet, then daintily stepped out of it. I was now wearing nothing but a delicate see-thru white bra and matching thong. I was gratified that Rick’s jaw nearly hit the hall carpet and he whispered “Fuck me!” under his breath. That’s exactly what I intended to do.

“Fuck, Babe, you look amazing!” Wow, that was James who said that. My husband of five years still thought I looked hot and he emphasized his feelings with a long wolf whistle. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself at this moment. I was brazen enough to show my near-naked body to the hot delivery guy and without being too immodest, I knew I looked good! My regular visits to the gym kept my tummy nice and toned but I still had a nice shape, with decent sized boobs and a nice curvy ass. Rick seemed to like what he saw, and as it was he who I wanted to fuck right now, that’s all that really mattered.

Poor Rick did look a bit flustered, although he had a lascivious look in his until-now innocent eyes. Homer Simpson with a donut springs to mind. He looked over to my husband and said “Are you sure, Mr. D? I mean, really?”

The poor lad must have thought he was being pranked, but James quickly said “Rick, we’re both sure. You’re gonna help us live out a fantasy. How does that feel?”

The bulge in Rick’s delivery-man’s uniform told us exactly how he felt.

“Can I use your bathroom first Mr. D? It’s been a long and sweaty day!” said our new horny friend.

James smiled and said “Knock yourself out Rick. Take a shower and Tilly and I will be waiting for you in the room next to the bathroom.”

I had already showered when I shaved my legs, so I knew I was fresh and clean. James was only going to watch so I didn’t care if he was a bit crusty! I led Rick up the stairs, hoping he was getting a great view of my ass as he followed me.

“Jesus, Mrs D, your ass is amazing!” he said. I was about to tell him to call us James and Tilly, then decided it was hornier if he continued with Mr & Mrs D! I wiggled provocatively at the top of the stairs, grabbed a towel from the cupboard and handed it to Rick.

“Take as long as you need, darling. I want every inch of you clean and fresh and good enough to eat!” I teased.

Rick disappeared into the bathroom and left the door ajar. I saw him strip and step out of his own underwear with a huge boner and licked my lips with anticipation. James and I went into our bedroom and sat beside each other on the bed.

“No backing out, Babe,” said James.

“No chance of that!” I replied. “I was about to say the same to you!”

“Are you kidding me? I won’t be backing out – look at this!” said James, as he undid his belt and dropped his pants, revealing his own huge hard-on.

My eyes beamed and I said “I’ve had a glance as he undressed. I think he’s a bit bigger than you. Are you OK with that?”

James grinned and said “Perfect!”

I leant into my husband’s arms and we kissed passionately. My pussy was already soaking and I had another tingling feeling when I heard the shower stop. It was nearly time. I reached over to James and stroked his cock a few times, hoping he’d let me suck him off once Rick had fucked me. The deal was that he was to watch, but I was hoping he wouldn’t be able to resist joining in!

Our bedroom door was pushed open wide and Rick entered, the towel obscuring the view of his penis. James stood and wandered over to the chair at the foot of the bed. “I’m just going to watch you two have fun, OK?” he said.

Rick and I nodded in unison and when he let the towel drop, I gasped as his fully erect cock was revealed. It really was a bit bigger than James’s cock, and his was the biggest I’d ever had. Up until today.

I extended my arms encouraging Rick to approach me. As he did, I dropped to my knees and barked “Hands on hips!” He was now standing in front of me, his cock twitching inches from my face. I couldn’t resist any longer and reached up to gently grab this beautiful monster which my own loving husband wanted me to enjoy. After several long, slow strokes, which elicited loud moans from Rick, I held his cock upright and licked the underside from his balls to the tip. When I reached the tip, I opened my lips and sucked it into my mouth. The first loud groan was from Rick. The second moan was James, breathing hard and slowly stroking his own rock-hard cock.

“Jesus, Honey, that’s the horniest damn thing I ever saw,” he practically gasped.

I had turned Rick so James had a good view of my head bobbing up and down as Rick’s thick, hard cock penetrated my mouth, deeper and deeper with each thrust. I couldn’t quite get his whole length into me but he fucked my throat and made me gag, and I was loving every second of it, juice flowing freely from my pussy as I flicked my clit in time with his thrusts.

“Mrs D, you look so pretty sucking my cock!” breathed Rick. Excellent! He was getting into the scenario. I pulled his pulsing prick from my mouth and said “Well, it’s a pretty awesome cock you’ve got Rick. I bet you get to fuck a lot of housewives every day, no?”

He laughed, but played along. “Oh yeah, sexy babes like you and horny milfs, I fuck ‘em all!”

I was now using my hands to massage his ass cheeks and traced a finger over his crack as he thrust into my mouth. This made him moan louder than before and he pulled out quickly. I thought I’d done something he didn’t like but before I had chance to apologise, Rick said “Oh my God, don’t do that or I’ll cum immediately!”

I grinned up at him and said “So? I’m sure you can get it up again to fuck me, can’t you?” And with that, I took Rick’s huge, throbbing cock back into my throat and carried on squeezing his ass cheeks. I resumed tracing my fingernails up and down his ass crack, loving the sound of Rick’s moans as I did so. When I snaked a finger into his anus, his cock erupted like a mini volcano, filling my mouth with his creamy lava. My God, there seemed like gallons of it! I spluttered with the volume and couldn’t help but dribble it out, coating the length of his cock and his balls with sticky cum. I jerked his cock gently to make sure he’d finished unloading, then looked up at him with my best naughty-girl face.

James paused his stroking and grabbed his phone, saying “Honey, don’t move!” He flicked the camera on and took several pics of my face, mouth covered in cum, huge cock held in front of me, cum dribbling down my hand. I must admit, I was looking forward to seeing the pics myself later!

Rick’s knees started to buckle. “Jeez, I need to sit!” he gasped. He sat on the edge of the bed and said with a grin “If only all the hot wives I fuck could blow a cock like that!” I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not but I was happy to take the compliment.

I cleaned myself up with Rick’s towel and we took a little pause to get our breath back. James, however, was already hungry for more.

“So, you appreciate a good bj Rick? How are you at returning the favour. Believe me, you’ve never felt anything like my wife cumming on your face!”

I looked over to Rick who had the biggest smile on his face. “Meh, I’ll give it a try!” he said, like he’d never licked a pussy before. “Get on your knees, Mrs D. I think you’ll like this,” he said, teasingly.

I turned away from him and knelt on the bed so my ass was perfectly presented for him. He crawled up behind me, grasped my hips with his hands and smashed his face into my pussy, making me jump. He held it there for some time before he eased his head back slightly, poked his tongue out and prodded the tip against my bullet-hard clitoris. Electric shocks ran from my pussy, up through my belly and filled my head with fuzziness at the feel of his tongue. It got even better when he ran his tongue from my clit, all the way along my soaking slit and up to my tight, puckered anus. His hands were squeezing and pulling my cheeks apart, totally exposing my sex to the mercy of his tongue.

I had never felt so vulnerable, yet so stimulated, especially when James piped up “Oh yeah, she loves being rimmed, Rick. Tongue-fuck her ass buddy!”

I like Rick, because he did what he was told! His tongue started to dart in and out of my anus, then I felt him insert a finger in my pussy. He was deliberately massaging my G spot as he tongued me and it was just too much for me. It felt like somebody had hit me over the head with a rubber mallet as my orgasm hit me. I didn’t have enough breath to moan, but just as I came, I let out a cry that would shatter glass. James has told me that I sound like a cow in labour when I cum really hard. I’m not sure how he knows what that sounds like, but I know what he means. I kind of build up to it with little grunts, then let out an animalistic roar when I reach my climax. And boy, what a climax this was!

Rick gently lapped at my soaking pussy and held me firm as I came down from the ferocity of my orgasm. He may have looked innocent, but he certainly knew how to make a woman cum and how to bring her back down with tenderness. I was so absorbed with how I was feeling, I hadn't noticed that James had cum hard at the same time I had done. Even as I was gasping for breath, I remember feeling disappointed when I saw him cleaning himself up that he hadn’t jerked his cock into my mouth, or maybe over my face. Damn, when I get horny, I’m such a slut and this was taking it to new levels!

I lay beside Rick on the bed and giggled when he said “Best tip ever!”

James interrupted, saying “I think you’ll find that’s only half of the tip, young Rick. Right, Tills?”

I looked seductively into Rick’s eyes and said “You’re not leaving here until you fuck me, you got that?”

Rick pretended to check the watch he wasn’t wearing, and replied “Yes Ma’am!” His cock was already fully erect and I desperately wanted to feel it inside me, stretching my tight pussy, making me cum again.

“Stay on your back, I’m going to ride you like the fucking stallion you are!” I said, laughing inside my head at this absurd porno talk. But he was a fucking stallion and I was about to play cowgirl.

James grabbed the camera again and was getting some pretty close-up shots as I manoeuvred myself into position above Rick’s throbbing cock. When his tip parted my lips, I let out a moan. When his full length slid into my soaking snatch, I yelped and Rick sighed deeply. “Oh fuck, Mrs D. your pussy is so hot. Ride me hard!” He grabbed my hips again and pulled me down onto his groin. I ground into him, then let him lift me up so I could smash back down again. This was no gentle, passionate intercourse. This was hard, dirty fucking like two rutting animals and I couldn’t get enough of it. I turned to see James who was sat alongside us now, hard cock in hand, fixed smile on his face.

Rick reached around to squeeze my ass cheeks and snaked a finger into my tight hole as I continued to ride him hard. Oh God, it felt amazing! Then I got to wondering how his cock would feel up there instead of his finger! Only one way to find out…

On the next upward movement, I deliberately let his knob slip out of me. I didn’t warn him what I was going to do but I knew my anus would be lubed enough to take it. I fumbled to reinsert Rick’s cock, purposely aligning it to my asshole, then I sank back down again. The shaft of pain that went through me as I impaled my anus on Rick’s huge cock nearly made me faint. It was excruciating yet overwhelmingly arousing and the juice from my pussy was flowing freely again. Rick seemed unsure if this was what I wanted after the first deep stroke. It must have felt different for him too and as I yelped in pain he said “Oh Fuck! Sorry, I…”

I replied succinctly. “Shut up and fuck my ass!” and ground into him again. The pain passed and I was left with a feeling that made my knees go weak with each thrust. How he stopped himself from cumming I’ll never know, but I’m glad he did as I never wanted this amazing feeling to end. As I felt my orgasm build, I gasped down at Rick, saying “Fill my asshole, Lover!” The look on his face when I said this was hilarious. Talk about the cat that got the cream!

Talking of cream, I wanted my own protein shot and I motioned for the dick-jerking James to get closer to me. I pointed to his cock, then to my mouth and he nodded eagerly.

My grunts were getting louder and more frequent and Rick was moaning loudly.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna cum again!” he practically shouted. I held still so I could feel his cock throbbing in my anus, then I felt his second eruption of the day as he filled me with hot cum. I opened my mouth for my husband to finish in and was rewarded with a huge load, hitting the roof of my mouth and filling my mouth as full as my ass. My own orgasm rose quickly and I roared again as I came, spluttering James’s cum out of my mouth and feeling Rick’s cock slide out of me as I squirted for the first time in my life, covering Rick’s belly with cum, which ran off him and soaked the bed sheet below us.

“Fuck me!” shouted James, “that was even hotter than before!”

Rick grinned and pulled me forward to kiss me on the mouth, oblivious of the fact that James’s cum was splattered around my lips.

“Mr. D, you have the hottest wife in the whole fucking world!” and even managed to give my tender ass a little spank as I climbed off him.

I was too exhausted to speak. I must have looked a sight with my hair dishevelled, my eye make-up smeared and cum still dripping down my cheeks. James only caught this on camera too!  I heard the fake shutter sound of the phone camera clicking away and opened my eyes to see it pointed right at my face. I managed a weak smile and made James laugh.

Rick lifted himself off the bed, saying “I think the last few parcels I have to deliver are gonna be a bit late!” and we all chuckled, not knowing whether or not he was serious. He discreetly slipped into the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later fully dressed.

James extended his hand, Rick took it and shook it vigorously, “Thanks for the tip, Mr & Mrs D. I’m gonna make sure nobody else gets your address on their delivery route from now on!”

James and I both smiled. Rick added “And don’t worry if you haven’t got any cash for a tip next time. I’m sure we can improvise!”

After we had said our goodbyes and James had shown Rick out, he trotted back up the stairs, leant against the door frame and peered at me, still laying flat on the bed.

“Well? Do I have the best ideas, or what?” James asked with a smug smile on his face.

“You sure do, Babe,” I replied. “Just once thought occurs.”

“Oh, what’s that?” asked James.

“Well, I have a UPS delivery due on Thursday and last time they delivered to us, it was a girl. What do you think?”