The Marriage Counselor

They’d had a few fights like any married couple, but lately, it seemed as if they fought every night.  Wendy would say something like Jack never helped her with the housework and Jack would instantly become defensive.  After all, he worked ten hours a day as an engineer so Wendy wouldn’t have to work.  All she had to do was stay home, keep the house clean, and fix their meals.  

Something else had changed too, and that change had first made him wonder, then made him mad.  He and Wendy had had sex at least every other night after the first year they were married.  Now, three years later, if he touched her, she’d make some kind of excuse like she was tired or had a headache.  They still had sex on Sunday morning, but he always felt like Wendy was just doing it because he wanted to.  The first years of their marriage, she’d told him he was a good lover, and he didn’t think he’d changed.  

At first, he’d thought maybe she was seeing another man, but she denied it and said she’d never do that.  He still didn’t believe her and on the pretext of improving their home security, had installed a home monitoring system with a camera at every door.  After a month of reviewing the recording every night, he hadn’t seen anything except Wendy going shopping and coming back a couple hours later.  She always had a load of groceries and other stuff with her, so he knew she’d really been shopping and not meeting another man somewhere.

It finally came down to Wendy telling him she wanted a divorce.  They’d sat down that night and talked it over.  When they finished, Jack still didn’t understand what had changed.  All Wendy would tell him was that she didn’t think they were compatible anymore.  He’d asked her if she’d stopped loving him and she’d said no, she still did, but she couldn’t live with him any more.  He’d told her he still loved her too and didn’t want to lose her.  They went to bed that night not knowing what they were going to do.

Wendy asked her best friend to come over for coffee the next day.  She had to talk to somebody, somebody who would listen to both what she said and understand what she couldn’t bring herself to say, somebody who wouldn’t judge her.  Sarah was that person.  They’d been friends since junior high school, and had always shared their most intimate thoughts about being women and what they thought about doing with boys.

They’d talked that afternoon about nothing in particular, but Sarah knew those things weren’t why Wendy had asked her to come over.

“Wendy, we’ve known each other for a long time so I know how you are.  Something’s bothering you that you need to talk about.  What is it?”

Wendy couldn’t look Sarah in the face.  She stared at her coffee cup.

“I think I want to divorce Jack.”

“Divorce?  Why?  You two seemed like the perfect couple when you got married.”

Wendy sniffed and wiped a tear from her cheek.

“I know, and it used to be that way, but it’s not any more.  I don’t know what else to do.  I’m not happy at all anymore.”

Sarah reached across the kitchen table and put her hand on Wendy’s.

“What’s changed, Honey. Something must have changed.”

Wendy sniffed again.

“I don’t know.  We just don’t seem to be the same people.”

“Wendy, this is none of my business, really, but are you two still intimate?”

“No, not really.  We do it on Sunday morning, but that’s about all.”

Sarah thought she understood then.

“You don’t like it, do you?”


“Does Jack like making love with you?”

Wendy shook her head.

“I don’t think so.  He just does it until he’s done.”

“Do you still love him?”

“Yes, I do.”

“What about him?  Does he still love you?”

“He says he does.”

Sarah chose her words carefully so Wendy would understand she was trying to help.

“Wendy, what’s happened isn’t all that unusual.  It happens for a lot of reasons, but mostly it’s because couples don’t talk.  Bill and I had the same problem a couple years ago.”

Wendy looked up at Sarah.

“You did?  I didn’t know.”

“Yes, we did.  We knew we couldn’t keep going like we were so we found a marriage counselor who helped us figure out what was wrong and then showed us how to fix it.  I’m not telling you that’s something you should do.  You’ll have to both decide you want to keep trying, but I’ll give you her business card.  Give her a call.  You don’t have anything to lose by talking to her.”

The next morning, Wendy called the number on the card.  The woman who answered had a soft voice and sounded very polite.

“Victoria Counseling.  I’m Victoria.  How may I help you today?”

Wendy didn’t explain much, only that she and her husband were having some problems they wanted to work out and a friend had recommended her.

Victoria’s voice somehow made Wendy feel better.

“I remember Sarah and her husband.  They were not doing well at all when they came for their first appointment.  I was overjoyed after their last.  They were a great couple.  They just needed some help in learning how to talk to each other.  Might you and your husband have the same problem?”

Wendy replied that Sarah thought that was the case.

“That’s what Sarah said.  When could I schedule an appointment?”

Victoria’s voice was reassuring, but she also said there was a condition they had to meet.

“My appointments are two hours long, so most couples come after six.  I have an opening at seven on Thursday night.  There is one thing though.  Your husband will have to be willing to come with you.  It won’t work if he just comes because you want him to.”

Wendy didn’t know if she could convince Jack they needed some help, but she knew she had to try.

“Can you schedule us for Thursday night?  I’ll talk to Jack and if he says no, I’ll call and cancel.”

Wendy gave Victoria her name, address, and phone number, and then heard typing on a keyboard for a few seconds.  Victoria then said, “You’re all set.  When you talk to your husband, please tell him I don’t judge people.  I only try to help them understand each other.”

“I will”, said Wendy.

That night after dinner, Wendy stopped Jack from getting up from the table.

“Jack, we need to talk about us.”

“I thought you’d already decided to divorce me.  What do we need to talk about – how much of our stuff you want and how much of our bank account you’re going to demand?”

“No.  I don’t want to divorce you.  I just said that because…I don’t know why I said it except that I’m so frustrated by how things are now.  I don’t want that at all.  I want us to be like we used to be.  I think I’ve found a way to do that.”

Jack sat back down.

“What way is that?”

“I told Sarah about our problem and she said we should –“

“You told Sarah about our personal life?  How could you do that?”

Wendy had tears streaming down her cheeks then.

“Jack, I had to talk to somebody.  Sarah’s the best friend I have.  She understood because she and Bill had the same problem.  She told me about the marriage counselor they went to and she said the counselor fixed it for them.

“I made an appointment for Thursday night and I want us to go.  The marriage counselor said it wouldn’t work unless you want it to, and I want you to want it to work.  I can’t go on like we are, but I don’t want to leave you either.  If you won’t go and try to fix our problem, I don’t know what I’ll do.  Just sit here and cry every day, I guess, like I have been.”

Jack had been mad when Wendy said she wanted a divorce because he didn’t think he’d done anything to deserve that.  Now, since Wendy had said that wasn’t what she really wanted, he wasn’t mad anymore.  He knew they had some problems they didn’t seem to be able to workout.  He didn’t know what they were, but he knew they were there.  

He didn’t want Wendy to leave, but he didn’t know how to make her stay either.  Maybe a third party would help.  That’s what had happened at work when two of the engineers at his job had had a dispute over a design.  The Engineering Manager had sat down with them and made them talk about what was good and what was bad with both their ideas.  When they were done, the final design had the best concepts from both engineers and they were working together again.

“How would this work, Wendy?”

Wendy shook her head.

“I don’t know.  Sarah just said Victoria’s really good and she could help us figure out what’s wrong and show us how to fix it.”

“Well, I don’t like how we are either, and we don’t seem to be able to work it out on our own.  I’ll go to the first appointment and see what happens.  If it looks like this Victoria can help us, I’ll keep going.”

Thursday night, Jack turned into the parking lot of the strip mall and parked in front of the building with the sign, “Victoria Counseling” in script letters on the door.  He looked at Wendy.

“Still want to do this?”

Wendy nodded.

“Yes, at least this once.”

Jack opened his door.

“Let’s go see how it goes.”

They were both surprised when they walked inside and saw the woman at the desk.  Jack thought she’d probably be wearing a white coat and have thick glasses.  Wendy thought Victoria would be older because she’d sounded so understanding on the phone.

Victoria was neither of those things.  What Jack saw was a pretty blonde about thirty with hair that brushed her shoulders, eyes that looked mysterious, and lips that were sensuous.  What Wendy saw was a woman she wouldn’t have wanted Jack looking at.   Victoria had larger breasts then she, and while Wendy always thought she was pretty, Victoria looked prettier.

Victoria smiled at them.

“Wendy and Jack?”

Wendy nodded.

“Fantastic.  Let’s go back to my office and talk a while before we get started.”

Victoria’s office had a couch and one chair, but no desk.  Victoria pointed to the couch.

“Have a seat while I get something to write on.”

Victoria left them alone while she went back to the desk in front.  She left them alone for a reason.  Most couples were nervous about going to a marriage counselor and she wanted to give them a little time to realize they were finally there and to reconsider if they wanted to stay.  

Victoria smiled to herself as she picked up the pad of paper and a pen.  They were a good-looking couple, and she could see what had originally attracted them to each other.  People fell in love after they’d been together for a while, but the initial attraction was always physical.

Jack was tall, and while not built like a weight lifter, had a well-muscled body.  His face was kind, and she saw the intelligence in his eyes.  He was the kind of man that always made her heart skip a beat when she saw one.

Wendy was slender but very feminine, with breasts in proportion to her size and hips that were wide enough to say she was very female, but not wide enough to be considered fat.  She was also pretty, not beautiful, but pretty.  Wendy’s face looked soft and caring, and the same sparkle of intelligence was in her eyes.

It was going to be interesting seeing how they reacted to her help.  Victoria knew it was useless to continue until she understood how each thought, and that was the reason for talking for the first hour.  She’d find out as much about them as she could while putting them at ease with her.  For this to work, both had to understand what she was doing, why she was doing it, and give her the trust she needed.  The second hour, she’d begin introducing them to her method of counseling.

Jack and Wendy had just been sitting there waiting on her and talking because both of them were nervous about what was going to happen.  Jack looked around the room for a few moments.

“This doesn’t look like a shrink’s office.  I thought they always had a desk and a bunch of books on shelves.

“Well, she’s not a psychiatrist.  She’s a counselor.”

“What do you think she’d going to tell us?” asked Jack.

Wendy shrugged.

“How would I know?  I’ve never done this before.  Sarah said she helped her and Bill learn how to talk to each other.  Maybe she’s going to just help us do that.”

“I didn’t think we had a problem talking.  We talk all the time, or used to anyway.”

“We talk, but we don’t talk talk.”

“I don’t know what that means”, said Jack.

“I don’t either. What does what mean?” said Victoria.

They hadn’t heard her come into the room.  When neither answered her, Victoria smiled.

“I doesn’t matter.  We’ll get to that later.  Now, I need to learn as much about you both as I can, so let’s get started.”

Victoria asked them about what they liked to do, about any hobbies, who they liked as friends and several other things that were just filler questions.  They were intended to get Jack and Wendy comfortable about talking with her.  The real questions, the questions that would start them on the road to understanding each other, would come later when they wouldn’t be reluctant to answer.

Victoria took notes about what they told her, and the more she learned, the more she smiled.  Jack and Wendy were a good match.  They had enough in common to want to do things together, but each had different interests to occupy their time when they couldn’t.    

When she’d asked all her standard questions, Victoria read through her notes, and then looked at them and smiled.

“You’re a great couple and it’s easy to see how you found each other and finally married.  I’ve helped a lot of couples who weren’t as close a match as you two.  I don’t see anything here that should lead to problems.  One or two might seem to be the problem, but that’s just the real problem coming out in a different way.  To get to the real issue, I have to ask you some very personal questions, but don’t worry.  Our relationship is as confidential as that between a doctor and patient or a lawyer and client.

“How would you rate your love life – great, OK, not much fun, or we don’t have one?”

When Jack and Wendy looked at each other but didn’t answer, Victoria smiled.

“It’s ok to be hesitant.  It’s a pretty personal question, but we do need to talk about this.  Wendy, what do you think, and please be honest with me?”

Wendy looked at Jack, then back at Victoria.

“It’s not very good.”

“Why do you think that is?”

“I don’t know.  It used to be OK.”

Victoria looked at Jack.

“Jack, what do you think?”

Jack was a little irritated, both by the question and by Wendy’s answer.

“I told Wendy I’d do this but if that’s what this is going to be, I’m not so sure.”

Victoria’s face looked stern.

“I know it’s a very personal question but sex is a big part of any marriage.  So is being honest.  If you can’t be honest with me, I can’t help you.”

Jack frowned.

“I guess it’s OK.  I thought it was anyway.”

Victoria smiled again.

“I think we’ve found something here.  Wendy says it’s not very good, but Jack, you say it’s OK.  Jack, why do you suppose you two don’t have the same opinion?”

Jack shrugged.

“I don’t know.  She never complained before this.”

Victoria turned to Wendy.

“Wendy, is that true?  You never said Jack wasn’t doing what you wanted?”

Wendy looked at her lap.

“No, I never said anything.”

Victoria’s voice became the same reassuring voice Wendy had heard on the telephone.

“Jack, Wendy, this is nothing to be mad or ashamed about.  It’s unfortunately pretty normal and there are reasons why it happens.  What we have to do is recognize those reasons and try to work around them.

“The problem you two are having started a long time ago, long before you ever met.  Mothers teach their daughters about what’s going to happen to them when they start becoming women.  They teach them about what’s happening to their bodies and they teach them about sex and that unless they practice some kind of birth control, sex results in babies.  Very few mothers tell their daughters how sex should feel and how to tell a man how to make them feel that way.  A lot of mothers still tell their daughters its wrong to feel anything during sex.  

“Fathers teach their sons the basics, but they don’t teach them about how a woman feels about sex and what she needs to enjoy it.  

“It’s not their fault.  It’s the way they were taught when they changed from boys to men and girls to women.  Most parents know that sex is one of the ways a couple shows how much they love each other, but they won’t tell their children that.  Some won’t in an attempt keep their sons and daughters from having sex until they’re married.  Some don’t want their sons and daughters to know they enjoy the intimacy of sex.  I’m sure your parents were no different.

“The result is men making love to women in what they think is the best way and women suffering because they’re not feeling much.  When the woman doesn’t say anything, the man assumes he’s doing it right.  A lot of women won’t say anything because of embarrassment or worry they’ll offend the man.  That’s what we need to work on.  Jack, we need to help you understand what a woman wants and needs, and Wendy, we need to help you understand what a man wants and needs.  We need to make you both comfortable telling each other what those things are.”

Wendy looked up and frowned.

“I can’t tell Jack those things.  It’ll sound like I’m some sort of slut.”

Victoria smiled.

“Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “A lady in public, a whore in the bedroom”?

“Yes, but I always thought it was saying a bad thing about a woman.”

“Wendy, men sometimes are a little crude when they say things, but in this case, it’s what most men dream about.  Don’t worry.  I won’t ask you to start doing that tonight.  There’s another way to show Jack what you like.”

Victoria got up out of her chair and sat down on the couch beside Wendy.

“I think it’s time we started figuring all this out.  I need you to trust me, because the way we’re going to do this is probably something you’d never do.  Do you both think you can do that?”

Jack wasn’t sure he knew where this was going so he wasn’t sure he could agree.

“What are we going to do?”

Victoria smiled.

“Wendy is going to show you what she likes…with a little help from me.  That’s all.  I won’t do anything she doesn’t like or make her do anything she doesn’t want to do.  Can you trust me that far?”

Jack still didn’t know, but it looked to him like Wendy wanted him to say yes.  He looked back at Victoria and she was still smiling.  Surely she wasn’t going to do anything more than talk some more.

“I…I guess I can…if I can stop you if I think things are going too far.”

Victoria nodded.

“That’s fair.  Wendy, do you trust me?”

“Yes, I think so, if it’ll help us.”

“Good.  Wendy, may I touch you?”

Wendy’s first reaction was to say no.  Women weren’t supposed to touch other women unless it was just a hug.  She looked at Victoria’s smile then.  Her smile was reassuring and Wendy knew they needed help.

“Yes, I trust you.”

Victoria put her arms around Wendy’s shoulders and hugged her gently, then looked at Jack.

“Jack, women like to be touched, but they like to be touched gently most of the time.  You can tell how gently she wants to be touched by how she touches you.  This little hug is an example.  Wendy, you don’t mind this hug, do you?”

“No.  It feels good.”

“It feels good to me too.  Touching is one way couples show love to each other.  This hug is how a woman would show love for her sister or how a mother would show love to her daughter.  It feels nice to a woman and makes her feel secure, but she wants more from a man.  She wants him to touch her in places she wouldn’t let her mother or her sister touch.”

Victoria used her other hand to stroke Wendy’s neck, and smiled when Wendy shivered.

“I think you liked that, didn’t you?”

Wendy bit her bottom lip because she had and it was embarrassing that a woman could make her feel that way.

“Yes, I guess so.”

Victoria stroked a fingertip from Wendy’s neck down to the open vee of her blouse.

“Wendy, there’s no need to be embarrassed.  All I’m doing is helping you show Jack what you like.”

Victoria’s fingertip went lower until Wendy felt Victoria touching the swell of her breasts.  Victoria’s touch was so soft and gentle and made her tingle, but that was wrong.   Wendy felt another tingle when Victoria slipped that fingertip under the cup of her bar.  It was wrong, but it felt so good.  Was that really wrong, to feel good just because someone, even another woman, was touching you?  She was still trying to decide when Victoria pulled her fingertip away.

“Jack, see how Wendy has her eyes closed.  She really enjoyed what I was doing.  Men know so little about a woman’s breasts.  They’re extremely sensitive to touch, but most men grab them like they’re baseballs.  That’s not the way to touch a woman’s breasts.  You have to be gentle, at least at first, like this.”

When Victoria closed her hand around Wendy’s left breast, Wendy caught her breath.  The touch was feather light and yet she felt it all the way to her core.  This was wrong too, but she couldn’t tell Victoria to stop.  When Victoria squeezed gently, she caught her breath again, and when Victoria lightly stroked over the place where her nipple was, Wendy had to stop herself from moaning.

Victoria leaned down and whispered in Wendy’s ear.

“I’m going to unbutton your blouse now.  Is that OK?”

If Victoria hadn’t brushed over her nipple again, Wendy might have said no, but the little tingle that raced to her tummy wouldn’t let her.  She just nodded.

Jack had sat there spellbound.  He’d never seen Wendy like she was, not ever.  She looked so erotic, and Victoria hadn’t even done much yet.  When Victoria put her fingers inside Wendy’s blouse, Jack thought he should probably stop this, but the way Wendy caught her breath made him put that thought out of his mind and just watch.

Wendy felt Victoria’s fingers unbuttoning her blouse, and when all the buttons were undone, she felt the cooler air against her skin.  She didn’t resist when Victoria whispered, “Let’s take your blouse off now”.

Wendy’s skin tingled when Victoria stroked over the swell of her breasts, and when Victoria fondled her breasts through her light bra, she had to stop the moan that formed in her throat.  It was like Victoria knew every spot to touch and exactly how to touch each spot to cause those feelings.  

Wendy did hesitate a little when Victoria whispered, “I’m going to take off your bra now.”

“No…I…I can’t.”

Victoria gently stroked her palm over Wendy’s right nipple.

“I won’t hurt you, Wendy.  We just need to show Jack what you like”

She slipped one hand to Wendy’s back then, and Wendy didn’t stop her from unhooking her bra.  Her breasts fell out of her bra cups, and instead of cupping her breasts through her bra, Victoria began gently stroking her fingertip along the underside of Wendy’s breasts.

“Jack, a woman isn’t normally quite so sensitive here, but after wearing a bra all day, she will be.  All it takes is a very light touch, so light you might not think she feels it, but she does, don’t you Wendy?”

Wendy smiled a little, and her voice was soft.

“Yes, I feel it.”

Victoria lifted Wendy’s bra by the cups.  

“We don’t need this anymore.”

Wendy held out her arms and Victoria slipped the bra from her shoulders.  Wendy caught her breath again when Victoria closed her soft hand around Wendy’s left breast.  She felt that nipple growing stiffer and felt her nipple bed beginning to tighten.  She couldn’t stop the moan when Victoria stroked her finger around her taut nipple bed.

“Jack, see how Wendy’s aureole has tightened up?  It does that involuntarily, just like her nipple is swelling.  It does that because she’d becoming aroused.  She’s not ready for anything else, not yet, but she feels what I’m doing and her body is telling her it likes feeling this way.  Watch what happens when I touch her nipple.”

Jack was watching and his cock was starting to swell.  It was almost like when they were first married.  He’d thought Wendy was the most erotic woman he’d ever seen then.  It was the way she responded to his touch.  What had happened to her to make her change?  It dawned on him then that maybe Wendy hadn’t changed.  Maybe he had.

Wendy was enjoying the little tingles Victoria was creating by stroking the little wrinkles and bumps of her nipple bed.  She gasped when that finger stroked up the side of her nipple and then gasped again when Victoria closed her thumb and forefinger gently around the swollen nub.  The moan that slipped from her throat then came from her core, low and throaty.  

“See Jack, I’m still being very gentle, but look at Wendy’s face.  She’s becoming very aroused and I’ve hardly touched her.  She needs the same gentle touch for a while, but there is something else we can do to excite her more.”

Victoria bent her head, opened her mouth, and closed her lips around Wendy’s nipple.  Jack saw Victoria’s cheeks work a little and then heard the gasp and then the low moan Wendy made.  He unconsciously moved his cock from pointing down to pointing up.

Wendy’s mind was reeling.  She hadn’t felt so aroused for years, not since sex was a new thing and almost any touch aroused her.  This was different.  This was the agonizingly wonderful stream of tingles, shocks and sensations that raced from her breasts and nipples to her center and made it contract.  It was a feeling of ever increasing tension in her body.  She wanted to cry out to Jack to take her, to push his cock inside her, but she couldn’t because the sensations never stopped long enough.

Victoria changed nipples and created another series of shudders and moans that Wendy couldn’t stop.  Then, she raised her face to Wendy’s and kissed her.

That took Wendy by surprise, but like the caresses to her breasts and nipples, the softness of the kiss and they way Victoria was mouthing her lower lip took her breath away.  When she felt Victoria’s tongue brush her upper lip, Wendy opened her mouth and then moaned when she felt Victoria’s tongue touch hers.

Victoria eased away, and then whispered, “Wendy, I’m going to take off your jeans now.”

Wendy felt Victoria undo the top button and then pull the zipper down.  When Victoria pulled gently on the waistband, Wendy raised her hips off the couch and felt Victoria sliding them down her legs.  Because her eyes were closed, she didn’t see Victoria drop them on the chair and then whisper to Jack, “I know you’re excited.  It will help Wendy understand if she sees how excited you are.  It’s normal, so don’t be embarrassed.  There are tissues on the table beside you.”

Victoria sat down beside Wendy again and stroked one hand up Wendy’s thighs, then pressed gently to get Wendy to open them.  One look at Wendy’s smooth, pale white thighs and the little puffy bulge in the crotch of her panties was all it took for Jack to pull his jeans and underwear down to his knees and then stretch out a little and begin slowly stroking his cock.

Victoria looked at him and smiled.  Jack was larger than most she’d seen.  If he aroused Wendy enough she was ready to accept him, the feeling would be wonderful.

Wendy was breathing a little deeper and waiting to see what Victoria would do next.  She caught her breath when Victoria lightly raked her nails up Wendy’s inner thighs.  The tingles that had been coming from her breasts and nipples were now coming from her inner thighs, and before she could absorb that new feeling, she felt Victoria cup her crotch and fondle gently.

Victoria smiled to herself.  Wendy’s panties were a little damp, not the normal dampness of the day, the dampness of arousal, the preparation of Wendy’s entrance and passage to accept and enjoy the penetration of a man’s cock.   She stroked Wendy’s outer lips through her panties and then kissed her again while she slipped her hand down the front and cupped Wendy’s hair fringed lips.  Wendy felt her body respond with a little rise of her hips and another low moan.

Victoria didn’t tell Wendy she was going to take her panties off, and Wendy didn’t need to be asked to lift her hips.  She felt the silky nylon sliding down her thighs, then her calves, and finally, her feet.  A second later, she felt Victoria probing between her lips with a fingertip, and her hips rocked up again.

Victoria looked over at Jack and smiled.  He was slumped down on the couch and stroking his rigid cock.  She nodded and mouthed “good”, and then slipped her fingertip over Wendy’s inner lips.  

Wendy shuddered at that touch and couldn’t stop the lift of her hips anymore than she could stop herself from starting to pant.  She couldn’t remember ever feeling like this, not even when she’d done it herself out of frustration.  It was like Victoria’s finger knew just where to touch, how firmly, and how often.  Before she knew it, she was starting to lift her body up in an attempt to get that finger inside her.

Victoria knew what Wendy wanted, and she moved that fingertip down until she found Wendy’s entrance, stroked gently around the opening, and then slowly slipped her finger inside.  Wendy moaned, then gasped when Victoria curled that finger up and stroked the little pad just inside the opening.  Wendy had never felt that before.  I felt almost like when she had to pee, but different.  It was a feeling of being full and needing to relieve that fullness.  When Victoria slipped a second finger inside her, curled both up to that same spot and began massaging again, Wendy did.  She gasped and then felt the exquisite feeling of wet warmth streaming over the fingers inside her.

Wendy knew she was close after that happened.  It was the tension in her legs and in her core.  She felt like a spring inside her was being tightened, then tightened again, then tightened some more.  She needed the release of that tension, craved it, but began to feel it get yet tighter.

Victoria leaned down then and whispered, “Wendy, look at Jack.”

Wendy opened her eyes and saw Jack stroking his rigid cock.  He was watching them and lifting his hips into each stroke just like Wendy was doing to Victoria’s fingers.

“You made him do this”, whispered Victoria.  He’ll have an orgasm when you do.”

Wendy couldn’t stop watching Jack.  She’d never seen him do this before and it shocked her a little that she thought it was erotic.  He was swollen tight, his cock head almost purple, and with each stroke of his hand, he breathed in deeply.

She was still watching him when Victoria whispered, “It’s time to take you the rest of the way, Wendy.”

Wendy didn’t know what that meant until Victoria began stroking her two fingers in and out, began rubbing beside the little bump at the top of her lips with her thumb, and then bent down and sucked hard on her right nipple.  Wendy lost track of everything then except the tightness in her core, the crashing of the sensations from her clit and entrance into the strong sensations from her nipple, and the sight of Jack stroking his cock.  A second later, she cried out, raised her hips into Victoria’s stroking fingers and grabbed Victoria’s head.  

A second after that, something happened inside her, something that released the tension in one gasping surge of sensations and emotions.  She arched off the couch and began rocking her hips up and down even though her legs were shaking so hard she didn’t think they would hold her up.  She heard Jack groan and looked over to see him thrusting his cock up into the tissue he held over the tip.  Then, another wave swept her away into the oblivion of release.

Victoria didn’t stop stroking her two fingers or rubbing Wendy’s clit or sucking her nipple until Wendy sagged back down on the couch.  Victoria stroked Wendy’s mound and then kissed her, the same open-mouth, tongue-touching kiss as before and that caused Wendy to moan again.

When Wendy was breathing slow enough she could talk, she looked up at Victoria.

“I never dreamed it could be like that.”

Victoria smiled.

“I can be like this almost every time if Jack does it like we showed him.”

Wendy looked over at Jack.  His cock was still standing up, but it looked smaller now.  He smiled at her and nodded.

Victoria eased away from Wendy and smiled.

“I think our first session went very well.  If you think you want to continue, I’ll schedule you for next Thursday at the same time.  What do you think?  Did it help?”

Both Wendy and Jack nodded.

“OK, I’ll put you on my schedule.   Now, between now and next Thursday, I don’t want you to have sex.  What I want you to do, Jack, is practice what you saw tonight, and Wendy, I want you to tell him if he’s doing it too gently or too roughly.  Can you both do that?”

Wendy frowned.

“We can’t have sex?”

Victoria shook her head.

“No, Jack has to practice and we need to teach you how to arouse him before you do.  That’s what we’ll do next week.  Until then, Jack, you can give Wendy all the orgasms she wants and you can masturbate all you want, but no penetration except for fingers like I just did, OK?  Wendy, you don’t masturbate.  Let Jack do that for you.  This week is for him to learn about you.”

The next Thursday, Victoria smiled when they walked into the lobby.  They were holding hands.

“I’m happy you came back.  Let’s go to my office.”

Once in her office, Victoria smiled.

“So, how did the week go?”

Wendy grinned.

“I’ve never had so many orgasms in my life.  The first day it was a little hard to tell Jack what I liked and what I didn’t, but I tried and he tried too.  We finally had to limit it to twice a day because I was too tired to do it more often.”

Victoria looked at Jack.

“It sounds like you figured out what Wendy likes.  What did you think about the week?”

Jack took a deep breath.

“Well, I never realized…I mean nobody ever told me about what women like except other guys, and it’s pretty obvious they didn’t know what they were talking about.  I’ve never seen Wendy so worked up and I’ve never seen her have such strong orgasms.”

Victoria smiled.

“Tonight we’re going to learn how to make her orgasms stronger because she’s going to learn how to excite you.”

Jack laughed.

“I don’t think I can get more excited than I’ve been every morning and night for the past week.  I think Wendy got more excited when I masturbated too.  I didn’t know a woman liked seeing a man do that.”

“Well, we do if it’s the right man.  Let’s get started.  Tonight, Wendy, it’s your turn to watch, but if you want to, you can masturbate just like Jack did last week.  Don’t be embarrassed.  It’s normal for a woman to masturbate.  All of us do.

“Let’s sit on the couch again like we did last time.  Wendy, don’t worry about what I’m doing.  It’s the same as you and I did last week, just a teaching session.”

Victoria stroked Jack’s chest with her palm and then smiled.  

“Just do what you feel like doing, Jack.  You can’t do anything I haven’t seen before.”

With that, she parted her lips and kissed him.

Jack had watched when Victoria kissed Wendy and couldn’t believe such a soft kiss could make her respond like she had.  When Victoria kissed him, he thought he’d probably underestimated her.  Just that one kiss, just the way her lips nibbled at his one second and then closed against his the next, just the way he felt her tongue searching for an opening, it all took his breath away.  

He opened his mouth and then groaned when Victoria stroked his tongue with hers.  He felt her soft hand slip between the buttons of his shirt and stroke the hair on his chest, and then those same fingers undoing each button.  It was instinct more than anything that made him feel for Victoria’s breasts.  He felt her sigh into his mouth when he gentle fondled her soft mounds.

It felt weird to be touching another woman, but since this was therapy, Jack let himself go.  He let himself go when Victoria pulled his shirt open and he let himself go when she broke the kiss and began kissing and nibbling his chest.  Wendy had never done that so he didn’t know it would be so erotic.  He started to change the position of his stiffening cock, but Victoria’s hand stopped him.  

Jack felt her unbuckle his belt buckle and unbutton the top button, and shivered when she nibbled his earlobe and whispered, “I’m going to touch you now.  Hold still.”

Jack held still while she pulled down his zipper and then raised up when Victoria started to pull his jeans down.  He hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pulled them off his hips.  Victoria pulled them down to his knees and then stroked his cock through his underwear.  He heard her whisper again.

“I like your big cock.”

When Victoria pulled his underwear down, Jack raised his hips again until she had them down to his knees.  He jumped when she closed her fingers around his shaft.  When he looked at Wendy, she was sitting there with her mouth open and stroking her breasts through her blouse and bra.

Victoria looked at Wendy and smiled.

“Wendy, he’s erect, but he’s not ready yet.  This is how you get him ready.  It’s called ‘edging’”

Jack thought he probably couldn’t get anymore ready than he already was until Victoria began stroking his cock with feather light touches. It wasn’t enough to make him ready to cum but almost.  That changed a little later because Victoria kissed him again and that made her slow, light strokes more arousing.  

Victoria smiled to herself as she tangled her tongue with Jacks and stroked his cock a little more firmly.  He was going to experience something he’d never felt before, and if Wendy could learn the technique, he’d beg her to do it.  

She kept kissing him and stroking his cock until Jack began lifting his hips into her stroking fingers.  She stopped stroking him, broke the kiss, and then nuzzled his ear.

“I’m not going to let you have an orgasm until I’m ready, so just enjoy.”

Jack felt a little cheated.  He’d been ready to cum, and then Victoria had stopped.  He was going to ask her why when she started stoking his cock again.  Like before, she kissed him and stroked his cock until he thought he couldn’t hold out any longer and then she stopped.  This time though, it was different.  The feeling of almost cumming was still there, a little less then before, but still there.

Jack was going crazy with the need to cum after Victoria had done the same thing six more times.  It took less and less each time before she stopped, and the feeling lingered longer.  When she pulled a tissue from the box on the table and started stroking his cock again, Jack didn’t last long.  She’d wrapped her little tongue around his and started stroking again, and a few seconds later, he groaned.  Victoria broke the kiss, gave his cock a few firm strokes, and then smiled as Jack humped his cock into her hand and filled the tissue with a spurt of cum.  She kept stroking until his cock had throbbed out three more spurts and then one that was just a dribble.  

When he sagged back down on the couch, Victoria looked at Wendy and smiled again.  Wendy had her eyes shut, her mouth was open, and her hand was inside her jeans.  A second later, Wendy arched up off the couch and gasped as the orgasm hit and turned her body into shudders of release.

Victoria waited until Wendy opened her eyes and then blushed as she pulled her hand out of her jeans.

“Sorry, Victoria, I couldn’t help it.”

“You weren’t suppose to, Wendy.  You should feel free to do anything you want while you’re here and in your bedroom at home.”

Victoria looked at Jack then.

“Did you like that?”

“Oh yeah.  How could I not like it?  It was something else.”

Victoria smiled.

“We can do it again.”

Jack shook his head.

“Not for at least an hour we can’t.”

Victoria looked a Wendy.  

“Wendy, do you want to see Jack do it again?”

Wendy didn’t have to think about that.  When Victoria had kissed Jack, she’d been a little aggravated and especially so when Jack seemed to enjoy it.  When Victoria had pulled down his pants and started stroking Jack’s cock, that aggravation turned into fascination.  She’d never seen Jack so hard and she’d never seen him panting and gasping for breath before.  If Victoria could do that, maybe she could too.

It had been because watching them was so arousing she slipped her hand inside her jeans and started fingering herself.  When Victoria had stopped the second time, Wendy had figured out what she was doing, and she started doing the same thing to herself.  She hadn’t timed it as well as she’d planned.  Jack had an orgasm before she was ready, but the orgasm she did have was almost as good as the ones she’d had over the past week.

“Yes, I want to see it again.”

Victoria grinned.

“Men aren’t like us girls.  We can just keep having orgasms until we pass out.  Men need a little recovery time, but there’s a way to make it shorter.  Here’s how you do that.”

Jack was still feeling really relaxed when Victoria picked up his limp cock, stroked it a couple of times and then closed her mouth around his cock head.  He felt the suction as she worked her cheeks in and out and then the delicate touch of her fingers on his balls.  He felt his cock coming back to life a little.  It was still going to be a while, but what Victoria was doing was definitely going to speed things up.

He wasn’t expecting the hand on his balls to slip down until one finger was between his ass cheeks and resting on his asshole.  Victoria began massaging between the tight muscle and the space between there and his balls, and it wasn’t long before his cock started to get hard again.

Victoria raised up off his cock and looked at Wendy.  

“Men like it when you rub the spot just under their testicles.  You can stimulate the prostate that way, and if I keep doing it, he’ll get erect faster.  The other thing you can do is penetrate him with one finger .  I won’t do that tonight, but it’s something I want you to try.”

With that, Victoria began stroking her mouth up and down Jack’s cock and massaging that same spot again.  He groaned as the first wave of sensation swept through him and stiffened his cock.  After a few more, his cock was rigid and tingling as Victoria pulled her lips up until they were closed around his cock head, then licked the sensitive spot on the underside.

Like before, Victoria took him to the edge six more times.  The last time, she raised up, kissed him, and then whispered, “When you’re ready, go ahead.  I like this part as much as the man does.”

Jack was ready after she sucked his cock into her mouth and then pushed her face down.  Jack felt his cock head pressing into Victoria’s throat and then the increased sensation as she began stroking his cock faster.  He groaned and lurched up into Victoria’s mouth and stroking hand, and then jerked hard as cum flew out of his cock and into Victoria’s mouth.  

He felt her swallow and then start bobbing her head up an down again as the second spurt of cum exploded from his cock head.  He was gasping for breath when he shot the third, and whimpered when Victoria sucked the dribble from his cock, then stripped his length with her fingers and sucked again.  He was dimly aware of the little cry Wendy made and the way the couch shook as she came again.

Before Jack and Wendy left, Victoria scheduled them for anther appointment, and then gave them their instructions for the next week.

“I want you to both practice what you’ve learned but still no actual sex.  Wendy, you watched what I did, so I want you to practice doing that with Jack.  Oh, one thing.  I swallow, but you don’t have to.  Just catch it in a tissue like I did the first time.

“Jack, now that you know what Wendy likes, you can do the same thing for her.  Just take her to the point she’s almost there and then stop until she calms down a little.  I’ll see you both next Thursday at seven.”

After Jack and Wendy left, Victoria walked back to her office and sat down on the couch. The reason she’d become a marriage counselor was because her own marriage had failed even though they’d gone to a counselor.  That marriage counselor wanted to just talk them through their problems, but he didn’t understand what was really going on and she’d been too embarrassed to tell him.

 She’d decided she was never going to have any type of permanent relationship again because the first one had hurt too much, but she could help keep other women from enduring the same pain.  By counseling couples the way she did, she could both help them and get some sexual satisfaction without any type of commitment.  

It wasn’t perfect but it had worked for her up until now.  Jack and Wendy had changed her and now it wasn’t working.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way because it had never been this way before.  With every other couple she’d helped, she’d enjoyed showing them how to make love, but that’s where the relationship ended.  Jack and Wendy were different.

When she was showing any other husband or boyfriend how to arouse a woman, she’d have taken the woman to an orgasm like she had Wendy.  When she was showing a wife or a girlfriend how to “edge” her man, she’d have done the same thing, except she wouldn’t have swallowed.  She’d have caught in another tissue.

With Wendy, it had been more than just using her skills to bring Wendy to an orgasm.  Before, she’d always been able to stay detached, but when she’d kissed Wendy and Wendy responded instead of just sitting there, Victoria had felt as if something had begun she couldn’t stop.

It was the same with Jack.  When the time came for her to pull her mouth off Jack’s cock, cover it with a tissue and then stroke him until he came, she couldn’t do it.  She wanted, no, she needed to feel him flooding her mouth and then the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure as she swallowed it.  

It was like she was giving them both the same love she’d give a lover if she had one.

The other thing that bothered her was watching Wendy masturbate while she edged Jack.  She realized she was aroused by Wendy, by the way she looked when she was stroking herself and the way she looked when she was shaking out the orgasm.  Victoria didn’t consider herself to be a lesbian or even bi-sexual, but Wendy had clicked something inside her mind that made her want the woman again.

Now that they were gone, Victoria felt as if something had been taken from her, and that was a feeling she’d never had before.  If they’d stayed, she’d have wanted to make love to Wendy, really making love this time instead of going through the motions of what she knew how to do in order to teach Jack.

Then she thought about Jack and the way he’d reacted at first and then how he’d changed.  Victoria thought Jack was probably a loving man because he’d agreed to do what Wendy wanted in order to help them both.  He’d fondled her breasts while she stroked his cock too, and she’d loved feeling his hands on her.  If they’d stayed, she’d have wanted to make love to him too, and not just with her mouth and hands.  

Victoria closed her eyes and the vision of her fantasy began to play out in her mind.  

She’d undress Wendy and then undress herself while Jack watched.  Then, together, they’d undress him.  The couch was one that made into a bed, so Victoria would open it, and they’d all lie down together.  

Victoria would begin arousing Wendy first, and she’d whisper to Jack to help her.  While she stroked Wendy’s entrance with two fingers and Jack used his mouth on Wendy’s nipples, Victoria would gently stroke his cock until it was hard and erect.

She’d move her lips to Jack’s ear then and whisper, “Take me from behind while I do Wendy”.  When he moved behind her, Victoria would begin nibbling Wendy’s nipples and kissing her while her fingers stroked in and out.  

Victoria knew she’d be ready by the then.  She’d been ready after that first session, ready enough she’d gone back to her office, laid on the couch, and fingered herself until she came.  She’d been wet enough for a man to penetrate her.

Victoria felt down her tummy, slipped her hand inside her pants and panties, and then felt her hairy lips.  Yes, she was wet, wet enough for a cock as thick as Jack’s to enter her easily.

She pulled her pants and panties down to her knees, then pulled her stretchy top over her head and unhooked her bra.

Yes, this is how it would be.  She’d be kissing Wendy and Wendy would stroke her breasts and nipples.  Jack would insert two fingers in her and stroke them in and out until she was panting.  He’d enter her then, slide his thick cock inside her slowly until her brain was screaming to feel his belly collide with her ass.  She’d push back into that stroke and shudder when Jack bottomed out inside her.

It would be over too soon for her, but she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from kissing Wendy and rubbing her clit until Wendy was beginning to writhe.  She’d feel her own orgasm building then, and she’d cry out to Jack, “Oh, now Jack” just before the waves carried her away.  Wendy would have her orgasm at the same time, and a second later, she’d feel Jack thrust his cock in her and then fill her.

Victoria arched up off the couch then, hung there as the orgasm turned her legs to jelly and first knotted her core and then let it burst into waves of sensations that took her breath away.  She fell back to the couch, still feeling the contractions around her fingers.

As Victoria lay in bed that night, she wondered if she should just call Wendy and tell her she was canceling the appointment.  They were far enough along now that they could figure out the rest.

The more she thought though, the more her mind was telling her to do what she always told couples – be honest with your partner and say what you feel.  Could she do that, and if she did, would they just leave?

Jack and Wendy practiced what they’d learned every night.  By Sunday, Wendy was taking Jack to the edge of an orgasm and then letting him coast down as many as four times before she let him cum.  She didn’t try oral until Monday night, and she didn’t swallow.  Tuesday night she did and discovered she didn’t like it.  Jack stroked her face, then hugged her tight, and told her it didn’t matter to him.

Jack learned how to tell Wendy was ready to cum after a few attempts at edging her.  Wendy felt odd when she put her hand on his when she got close the third time.  That was something she’d never have done before.  Jack understood, and started watching for the way her face looked and how her body was reacting.  On Sunday night, Wendy arched high off the bed and stayed there because he’d gotten her almost there five times before.  

As soon as she slowly lowered herself back down on the mattress, Jack had started again.  Wendy had gasped when his fingertip touched her clit.  She grabbed his hand and in gasping breaths said, “Jack, I love what you’re doing to me, but give me a minute, OK.  I can hardly breathe as it is.”  Jack had just chuckled and tweaked her right nipple.

It was Wednesday night as they lay in bed together that Jack asked Wendy if she thought the counselor was helping them.  Wendy sighed.

“She’s helping me be tired all the time, but what’s making me tired is great.  I didn’t know it could be this way, and we haven’t really had sex yet.”

Jack stroked Wendy’s breast.

“I know what you mean.  That first night I was ready to stop it when Victoria unbuttoned your blouse, but I’m glad I didn’t.  I’d never seen you look like that and that’s why I ended up doing what I did.”

“You got excited watching us?”


Wendy didn’t say anything for a while, but then stroked Jack’s chest with her fingertips.

“Victoria told us we should be honest with each other.  I got excited watching you with her too.  I got so excited I had to touch myself until I had an orgasm.  Do you suppose that’s normal?

Jack patted Wendy’s hand.  

“That first night, when she got up to take off your jeans, she told me it was normal for me to be aroused and said I should use a tissue from the box on the table.  I think she’d tell you it was normal for you too.”

“Jack, don’t hate me for saying this, but I’m trying to tell you what I think instead of keeping it inside like I used to.  I really liked it when Victoria did what she did to me.  It’s not better than what you’ve been doing.  It was just different.  I don’t want you to be jealous of her, but…well…if Victoria and I did it again, would you be mad at me?”

Jack chuckled.

“Not if I get to watch.  Would you be mad if Victoria and I did it again?”

“No, I don’t guess so.  It was pretty erotic.  Would you like her to?”

Jack leaned over and kissed Wendy, then stroked her cheek.

“Yes, but it’s like you said, she’s different, not better, just different.  You’ve been fantastic this last two weeks, so I wouldn’t ever trade you for her.  It was just different, that’s all.”

“Jack, do you like Victoria.”


“No, I mean really like her, because I think I do.”

“You mean like you’re in love with her?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve never felt this way about another woman before.”

Jack chuckled.

“I wasn’t going to tell you, but I guess we should keep being honest with each other.  I feel sort of the same way about her.”

“You think you’re in love with her?”

“I don’t know anymore than you do, Wendy.  All I know is I like being with her even when she’s with you.”

“Do you think we should tell her?”

“I don’t know that either.  To her, we’re probably just clients and she’ll tell us it’s just because she’s helping us.”

That Thursday, Victoria led them back to her office and asked them to sit down on the couch.

“So how did it go last week?”

Wendy sighed.

“Better than I ever thought it could be.”

“Same here”, said Jack.  “it seems so simple now, but it was really hard before.”

Victoria smiled.

“It was hard because you hadn’t learned how to talk to each other.  Wendy wasn’t satisfied and neither were you, Jack, because neither one could tell the other what they wanted.  I just showed you both some things that women and men like.  That gave you a place to start talking.

Wendy’s voice was hopeful.

“We’re not done are we?”

Victoria shook her head.  “Almost, but not quite.  Tonight, Wendy, you and I are going to show Jack another thing most women like.”

“Are you going to undress me again?”

Victoria smiled.

“I’d like to unless you’d rather Jack did it.”

Wendy smiled at Jack.

“You don’t mind, do you, Jack?”

Jack knew what Wendy was thinking.

“No, I don’t mind at all.”

Victoria felt the same feeling when she unbuttoned Wendy’s blouse.  The practical part of her mind told her she shouldn’t have that feeling, but the counselor part of her mind said, “Be honest about what you feel.  That’s the key to relationships.  If they don’t feel the same way, they’ll tell you.”

When Victoria slipped the blouse off Wendy’s shoulders, Wendy noticed a difference.  It wasn’t much, just the way Victoria let her hands linger on her shoulders before slipping the blouse down her arms.  She hadn’t done that the time before, and Wendy wondered if it was on purpose, or if it was an accident and she was just hoping.

She felt it again when Victoria unhooked her bra band.  Before, Victoria had just let it fall and then stroked the underside of her breasts.  This time, Wendy felt Victoria move her hands around her sides and then stroke the sides of her breasts.  

That couldn’t be an accident.  Wendy put her hand on Victoria’s arm.

“Victoria, I want to undress you too.”

Victoria paused.  Could it be that Wendy had really said what she thought she heard?

“Wendy, you want to undress me?”

“Yes.  I want to see you like you’re going to see me.”

“I don’t think Jack would like that, would he?”

Victoria heard Jack’s soft reply.

“I’d like to see you too.”

Victoria’s mind was spinning.  This shouldn’t be happening, and yet, it was.  Her heart was racing when she kissed Wendy, then eased away and smiled.

“I’d like you to undress me, Wendy.”

Jack pushed his stiffening cock upright and then sat down.  As he watched the two women undressing each other, he was amazed at how sensuous they were and how they stopped to embrace and kiss after each piece of clothing came off.  When Wendy slipped Victoria’s bra from her shoulders, she bent down, lifted Victoria’s left breast and closed her lips around it.  Jack saw Wendy’s cheeks suck in a little just before Victoria threw back her head and moaned.

It was the same when Victoria pulled off Wendy’s jeans and when Wendy pulled off Victoria’s pants.  They embraced and kissed, and Jack saw their hands stroking each other’s ass cheeks and then moving around to slip inside the other’s panties.

Victoria didn’t tell Jack what she was going to do like she had the last time she was with Wendy.  She just pushed Wendy gently back on the couch, pulled her knees to bring her to the edge, and then pulled Wendy’s panties off.   Seeing Wendy sitting on the edge of the couch with her hair-fringed lips exposed, made Jack pull his jeans and underwear down to his knees and start slowly stroking his cock.

Victoria smiled at Wendy, and then said, “Don’t be afraid, Wendy.  What I’m going to do isn’t dirty and it isn’t wrong.”

Jack held his breath as Victoria spread Wendy’s legs wide, gently parted her pussy lips, and then lowered her face.  Wendy gasped at the first touch of Victoria’s tongue, and then murmured, “Oh… my… God”.

Jack watched as Victoria moved her left hand up to fondle Wendy’s right breast and slipped two fingers of her right hand inside Wendy.  Wendy gasped when Victoria’s fingers entered her and then stroked the back of Victoria’s head.  

Jack didn’t know how long they stayed like that because he couldn’t look away to find out.  His eyes were locked on Wendy and Victoria.  Victoria was stroking Wendy’s nipples while her own breasts swayed back and forth sensuously as she stroked her fingers in and out of Wendy.  Victoria’s head moved slowly up and down, and while he couldn’t see what she was doing, he heard the little wet sounds that had to be her licking and sucking at Wendy’s soft lips and clit.

Jack was stroking his cock and trying to keep himself on the edge when Wendy gasped and arched into Victoria’s face.  She hung there for a few seconds, and then began rocking her hips up and down.  Victoria stayed with her and after a few more seconds, Wendy cried out, “Oh God Oh God Oh God” and grabbed Victoria’s head and pushed it tight into her crotch.

Jack came then and groaned as he shot three thick, white ropes of seed in to the tissue in his hand.  He held it there and continued watching.

Wendy sighed and sank back down on the couch, then pulled Victoria up to her face and kissed her.  Victoria broke the kiss a little later, and then smiled.

“I was going to show Jack and then have him do this, but I couldn’t stop.”

Wendy stroked Victoria’s cheek.

“I didn’t want you to stop, Victoria.”

“But now, Jack won’t get to learn anything.”

Wendy smiled.

“Yes he will…if he does it to you.”

Victoria shook her head.

“I don’t think Jack would want –

Victoria hadn’t noticed Jack slide over beside Wendy until she felt his hand cupping her breast.

“It doesn’t look too hard”, he said, “And you can tell me if I’m doing something wrong.”

Wendy smiled.

“Come on, Victoria, up here beside me.”

Jack did the same thing to Victoria she’d done with Wendy.  He pulled on her knees to scoot her to the edge of the couch, and then slipped her panties down her legs.  He spread her thighs then, and opened her lips with his fingers.

Victoria felt his hands opening her and lay back.  It was almost what she’d dreamed about that night.  

She caught her breath when she felt his tongue on her lips and hoped he wouldn’t stop.  He did, long enough to say, “this isn’t what I thought it would be”, and then rasped his tongue over Victoria’s clit.  She moaned, “a little easier at first”, and then moaned again when he licked her full inner lips.

Jack heard Wendy whisper, “I want to help you too”, and looked up to see Wendy with her lips against Victoria’s and her hand cupping Victoria’s breast.

Jack thought about trying to keep Victoria on the edge for a while like she’d done to him, but what he really wanted was to hear and feel her cumming.  If there were other times in the future, he’d do that, but right now, what he wanted was to make her feel like she’d made Wendy feel.

He began to concentrate on the taste and texture of Victoria’s pussy and the way she reacted.  He remembered what he’d learned to do with his fingers and reasoned he could start that way with his tongue.  Jack let his tongue slip gently over every ripple and fold of Victoria’s swollen lips, then ventured down until his tongue found her entrance.  Victoria moaned when his tongue slipped inside her a little, and then moaned again when he ran it around her entrance.

He felt her rock up against him and looked up.  Wendy was sucking on Victoria’s left nipple and lightly pinching the right.  Victoria moaned again and he felt her pussy push out against his tongue and then pull back in. A trickle of wetness slowly flowed from her entrance and down over his tongue.

Victoria seemed wet enough, so Jack slipped a finger inside her and when she didn’t feel too dry, put in a second and started stroking them in and out.  It wasn’t long before Victoria began lifting her hips into his hand.  That was what Wendy always did when she was getting close, and he knew what to do.

Victoria felt Jack’s tongue on her clit and gasped when he licked the tip.  He started licking above, on each side and then under the swollen button, and Victoria felt herself growing tense.  When Jack curled his fingers up and firmly stroked the little pad just inside Victoria’s entrance, something he knew Wendy liked, Victoria arched up off the couch.  A few strokes of his fingers and one firm lick to her clit was all it took.  Victoria cried out, pushed Jack’s head into her thighs and then rocked her hips up and down as the orgasm wracked her body with contractions.

When she eased back down on the couch, she pulled Jack up by the shoulders.

He looked her in the eyes and said “Well, did I do I right?”

Victoria grinned.

“No, you didn’t kiss me yet.”

Jack leaned down, kissed her and then brushed Victoria’s lips with his tongue.  She opened her mouth and moaned when their tongues touched.  When Jack backed away, Victoria still had her eyes closed, but she murmured, “Now you’ve done it right.”

Victoria and Wendy were both quiet when the got dressed.  Wendy was happy, but didn’t know what Victoria thought, so she didn’t say anything.  Victoria was trying to figure out what she could say after what had happened.

It was Jack who broke the silence.

“Victoria, I uh…I don’t know how you feel about what just happened, but Wendy and I…well…we were talking this morning and we think you’re a lot more to us than our marriage counselor.  We don’t want this to be the end of us getting together.”

Victoria smiled.

“I think this is just because I helped you both see what you could be if you talked to each other.  It’s a normal reaction.”

Wendy picked up Victoria’s hand.

“No, it’s not that, Victoria. We talked about that and decided it’s more.  I…I think I love you.  So does Jack.”

Victoria wanted to embrace them both but knew that wouldn’t be right.

“But you love each other.”

Wendy smiled.

“Yes, we do, but what law says a woman can’t love a man and a woman and a man can’t love two women?  I don’t know of any.”

Victoria shook her head.

“It wouldn’t work out.  One of you would be jealous of the other and I’d be the cause.  I can’t be responsible for that.”

Wendy put her arms around Victoria’s neck.

“We talked about that this morning too.  If the three of us are always together, nobody can be jealous of anybody else, so that’s what we want to do.  We want you to join us.  We know you have your business to run, so it’ll have to be on the weekends, but we want you to be with us as often as we can manage.”

Victoria started to say she couldn’t, but Jack stopped her.

“Victoria, you’ve been telling us the key to a relationship is honesty.  I saw the difference between what you did with Wendy the first night and what you did tonight.  I don’t think you were really trying to teach me something.  It looked more like you were doing what I do with Wendy – making love to her.  Can you be honest with us like you say we should be with each other?

Victoria looked up at Jack.

“I’m afraid to.”


“Because I’m not supposed to feel like I do.”

“How do you feel?”

Victoria hung her head.

“Like I want what you want.  It’s wrong, but that’s how I feel.”

Wendy brushed the hair from Victoria’s face.

“Remember when you told us it isn’t wrong to want something and that it never works unless you say that’s what you want?  That’s all we’re doing and that’s all we want you to do.  Just do what you’ve been telling us we need to do.”

It took a little more convincing to get Victoria to follow her heart instead of her head, but it’s worked out well so far.  During the week, Victoria is a marriage counselor, Jack is an engineer, and Wendy stays home and takes care of the house.  From Saturday morning until Sunday night, they’re three people who love each other and spend their time showing that love.

They don’t always have sex.  Sometimes they go shopping together or have a picnic, but nightfall will find them at Jack and Wendy’s house.  They’re always together in bed.  That was a condition they agreed on, but sometimes Victoria and Wendy have what they call “girl time”, and Jack just watches.  When they finish, he’ll lay down between them and let them choose which one will feel his cock in her and which one will help.  

It felt a little odd to Jack at first.  He’d often dreamed about a relationship like theirs when he was a teenager.  As he got older, he’d dismissed it as fantasy.  It took a while before he realized his fantasy had really come true.

Wendy is happy all the time now, and during the week, she’s what Victoria had said – a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom.  She’s proud of both, but mostly she’s proud of what she’s able to do with Jack and Victoria on their weekends together.  It’s like it used to be, but better.  She and Jack and Victoria talk openly about what they want and they experiment sometimes.

Victoria has found something she didn’t expect, didn’t think she wanted when she found it, and now wouldn’t give up for anything.  She’d been trying to avoid a permanent relationship, but had unknowingly let herself fall in love with two people at the same time.  She’d always told her clients they had to tell each other what they wanted and what they liked if their marriage was to succeed.  Now, on Saturday nights, she lies beside Jack and smiles and remembers that Thursday night when Wendy told her she needed to do the same thing.