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16 Jan. '20

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Terry took a call from Rachel. They swapped pleasantries then got on with it.

“I’m fine. Dropped Sally off at the airport today. She told me to expect a call from you, that you would be introducing me to your friend – is it Chrissy?”

“Yes. Christobel, really, but she prefers Chrissy.”

“Sal also said she will be worried sick about me, while she is away, and will not be surprised to find I have a boarder when she gets back.”

Rachel laughed. “Well - I don’t know about that but we will just have to wait and see what happens. Anyway, how would you like to meet Chrissy tomorrow. It’s going to be a bit of a scorcher and Chrissy and I are going to the clothing optional beach behind the golf course. Would you like to come with us?” 

“I’ve been down there a couple of times, alone,  but not recently. Wasn’t very pleasant given all the gay males assumed I was on the prowl. Some became quite obnoxious. Anyway, if I stay close to you and Chrissy, I think I will be perfectly safe. So, yes, I would love to go with you both.”

“OK. How about we pick you up at eight o’çlock? It is going to be a hot start to the day but they have forecast a sea breeze coming in about 11. We like to start with clothes off and a long walk – paddling through the shallows - then a bit of splashing around in the water, some sun baking, more splashing then head home. We’ll leave before we get too burned and before the breeze starts kicking up the sand. Oh, by the way we will simply wear a floppy hat, loose shorts and a T-shirt, no undies – easy off and easy back on - and carry a beach towel. Chrissy will leave her car at my place and come with us.”

“Sounds great. Looking forward to meeting Chrissy. Any follow up plans?’

“Nothing yet. We will play it by ear. I will need to be home about four. My boys will back from swimming at a mates place about then.”

“OK. I would be happy for us to come back here for a light lunch and wallowing about in my spa. But we can decide tomorrow. Great, I’ll be out the front at eight a.m. Bye.”

They arrived on time. Rachel driving and Chrissy in the front passenger seat. Terry clambered into the rear, reached forward and patted Rachel on the shoulder, “Hi Rachel, how’s things?”

“All good, Terry. And this is Chrissy.” - as she eased the car out from the curb and into the light traffic.

Chrissy screwed around in her seat and extended a hand and a welcoming smile to Terry. As her T-shirt drew tight a nipple made its presence obvious. Terry noticed but went on with the introduction – “High Chrissy. Great to meet you. Looking forward to seeing more of you too.”

“Thanks, Terry. The feeling is mutual. Rachel has let slip the occasional reference to your endowments.”

“So, you are obviously comfortable with the clothing free beach?”

“Yep. No issues. My family – Mum and Dad raised me, my two sisters and a brother in a nudist household. We lived on a well screened hobby farm. We have all been to this beach frequently and never wore anything. And Rachel and I never wear clothes unless we have to.”

“Really? Just out of interest, how does that fit in with your boys Rachel?”

“No issues. They accept it as normal at home including when Chrissy visits. She strips off to join me and the boys don’t bother dressing. None of us possess pyjamas either.  Mind you, I have instructed them on the social mores and that they must wear appropriate clothes when appropriate.”

“I gather the rules are much the same at your place Terry?” Chrissy  asked.

“Well, I have lived alone since my wife died and I see no need for clothing, especially in summer but even in winter the reverse cycle air con is a blessing. My wife had the same attitude. Of course we had to dress for visitors – and I still do with certain exceptions such as the present company - and family occasions. We always used the spa naked – amazing how much more pleasant it is than wearing any clothing no matter how brief. And, in my humble opinion there is nothing more beautiful than a naked female body.”

“And amen to that.” quipped Rachel.

They drove on another twenty minutes, chatting idly, then arrived at the beach. Being a week day there were a few vacant parking bays and Rachel even found one in the shade of a tree.

They got out of the car, slung their beach towels over their shoulders, and set off down the path to the beach. There, they turned and tramped through the sand to a large sign indicating clothing was optional past that point. On the far side they saw numerous naked people sunbaking, wading, swimming and cavorting for far along the beach. They stopped and slipped out of their shorts and T-shirts and rolled them up. Chrissy and Terry stood and stared at each other, their eyes tracing up and down the opposite body - lingering over attractive points.

“Sorry I haven’t got the body of a fit, young Adonis any more Chrissy.”

“Don’t you worry about that. None of us can do much about the ravages of the aging process. And I notice that you can still rise to the occasion. What more could we ask for?”

Terry smiled at her reference to his penis. It had already started to straighten and lift as he stared at Chrissy’s shaved pubis, firm, pear-shaped breasts, slim body with beautiful bottom and slim, smooth legs all topped by a pretty face and short brown hair. Rachel’s attracted his attention too. The familiar hairless curves, groin and breasts brought back memory flashes of their previous ménage a trois.

“OK you two perverts let’s walk. I can see Bill and Marge down there Chrissy. Those people are regulars here Terry and we have got to know them. They always keep an eye on our clothes while we walk and frolic in the water.”

The couple Rachel referred to were elderly, naked and well tanned. They sat in folding  beach chairs under a large beach umbrella just beyond the reach of the little waves that rippled across the wet sand. There was only one other couple nearby – lying prone on beach towels about twenty metres from Marge and Bill. It was a good hundred metres to the next people.

“G’day Marge, g’day Bill. You know Chrissy and this is our friend Terry.” Rachel announced.

Terry reached out and shook Bill’s hand and was about to do the same with Marge but she stood up, stepped forward and gripped Terry in a very tight hug. Her breasts, somewhat pendulous got squashed between their bellies as did Terry’s penis.

“Very pleased to meet you Terry. The girls have mentioned you to us. All good stuff too.” As she stepped back . Then, looking at his now half erect penis, “I’m beginning to understand why too.”

“ Well, if that’s the way it has to be who am I to not contribute?” said Bill, rising from his chair and giving both Rachel and Chrissy a firm, slightly prolonged hug. Then he hugged Marge too, “Just for safety sake.” he said. “But you aren’t getting one, Terry.”

“Little mercies, Bill.”

“OK you two, let’s get on with it. Can we leave our togs with you for a while Marge? “ Rachel asked.

“Of course. Just lay them on the blanket.” replied Marge.

“One of these days I’m going to put them into our car and donate them to the Salvos on the way home.” Bill quipped and Marge chastised him.

The girls got one on each side of Terry holding a hand. They walked into cold, shallow water splashing each other and waded along the beach for about a kilometer before turning back. Along the way they discussed the occasional naked person, couple or group. All ages were represented and the female/male ratio was about even. Some of the younger women were ravishingly beautiful and some of the men were Adonis look-alikes. But, overall, the majority were simply of average proportions but all carefree and enjoying their freedom from clothing as singles, couples or groups.

There were even several groups, obviously families, with parents, grandparents and children – all as naked as the minute they were born and none the least bit ashamed or embarrassed by their own nudity or that of others. There were a couple of beach volley ball games in progress and they stopped to watch them briefly. Gravity and activity gave anatomy some challenges but, again, no one cared.

When they reached their start point they waved to Bill and Marge as they waded into deeper water. Each swam out a short distance then returned to where they could stand neck deep then fall back and float facing upwards. The girls breasts broke the surface with the chill of the water causing their nipples to point and harden.

 “What’s happened to the main-mast Terry?’ asked Rachel as Terry floated on his back - penis no where to be seen.

“Furled. Foul weather. But it will be raised again shortly after we dry off. Just you wait and see.”

They left the water, retrieved their gear and dried off. Terry spread his towel on the sand then lay face down on it. The girls did likewise and were about to lay one on each side when Rachel stopped. “Damn, we forgot the sun protection.”

“No problem,” said Marge reaching into her bag and producing a large container of lotion. “Here, use this. It’s SPF 50 so should last a while.”

“Good. But we will bring a new one for you next time.” Rachel replied.

“Oh don’t be silly. What’s a bit of sun tan lotion between friends.” Marge replied.

Rachel took the container, “Thanks Marge. Terry, I’ll do your back for you, you can do Chrissy while I’m about it then someone can do mine.”

“Good plan. Right Chrissy, front or back first? “ as he got up onto his knees.

“Back please. Then I’ll have first run at your front. You might be able to reach a few patches of my front skin while I’m about it.”

“Could be a bit hit and miss but I’ll try my hardest.”

It turned  out to be an erotic smorgasbord with hands and lotion all over the place. Chrissy insisted Terry get lotion in between her buttocks and upper thighs and, “Don’t forget the rude bits. Wouldn’t do to get sunburned there.”

“Well, OK but only if you insist.”

While he was going about it Rachel finished his back and began reaching around deliberately oiling up his scrotum and penis. Terry said nothing, just grinned and tolerated it. Bill offered to help by applying lotion to Rachel but Marge was having none of that. “Just you sit back here and watch the show. Terry is rather outstanding isn’t he? “

“Hadn’t noticed. I’m just worried the girls will be fully protected – from the sun that is.”

Terry finished Chrissy’s back, legs and feet and got her to turn over.

“Hang on. Poor old Rachel has not had a hand laid upon her yet. Let’s you and I do her back together then turn her over, I’ll straddle her and we can do each other’s fronts with you doing the awkward bits Terry.”

“Suits me. Just hope no prude is going to spoil our fun.”

So that is what they did. It didn’t take long for them to oil Rachel’s shoulders, back and buttocks. Special attention was paid to the rude bits and Rachel helped by spreading her legs wide and raising her bottom into the air. She became aroused and secretions trickled from her vagina. They progressed down the back of her legs which Rachel decided to leave widespread.

Then they turned her over, Chrissy straddled her pelvis and the girls got straight into  oiling each other’s shoulders, upper chest and breast – lingering there a little. Terry did the front of her legs working his way right up to and including her vaginal lips and even gently stroked her clitoris. But Chrissy inched backwards and Terry found himself isolated. Then he noticed that Chrissy’s labia were exactly above Rachel’s so he slipped his hand up under Chrissy’s bottom and felt around a bit. He could feel Rachels lips and clitoris with his fingers and Chrissy’s clitoris with his thumb so he proceeded to give  both his undivided attention. In due course, both girls experienced the most powerful orgasms and Terry’s hand was expelled from their nether parts in the resulting orgasmic gyrations.

They all fell about on their towels exhausted and exhilarated. Terry lay on his back regaining his composure, but with a very prominent erection. He noticed Bill and Marge  were in the throes of orgasms as each worked on the groins of the other with hands and fingers.

As they all came back down to earth they became aware of applause. They didn’t grasp what was going on until they sat up and looked around. The naked young couple nearby were clapping and shouting, “Encore, encore!” He was sitting upright with her between his spread legs and leaning back against his chest. Her magnificent breasts were fully exposed jiggling as she clapped.

Rachel noticed Terry’s erection, squirted some suntan lotion into her hand and began stroking it. “Careful, young lady,” he said. “That isn’t far off cumming.”

“Good.” she replied gripping tighter and stroking faster. “You are the only one among us, apart from our audience, who hasn’t had orgasm and I am determined to fix that.”

“That’s right. Let me give you hand, so to speak.” said Chrissy as she cupped Terry’s scrotum and gently massaged.

It wasn’t long before Terry came. He lifted his pelvis off the towel with thrusting motions, threw his head back groaning and gasping then froze in muscle spasm as his semen squirted into the air landing on his chest and belly. The girls kept pumping and squeezing until he begged for mercy and flopped down spent.

As he lay there the girls mischievously massaged the semen all over his chest and belly. They squeezed and milked his rapidly deflating penis ensuring it was empty.

“Right. That’s it. The sea breeze is in. Let’s have another swim to clean up then we are out of here.” Rachel announced.

“You better give me a few minutes to recover. Then I’ll be with you.” Terry gasped.

So they all lay back, relaxing and coming down off the orgasmic heights. As they lay there the nearby couple rolled up their towels, picked up their  shorts and T-shirts and started to leave but they came over and stopped to chat.

“Hi, I’m Nathan and this is Jane. You guys certainly know how to entertain each other. Are you part of a club? If so can we join?” Nathan asked with a grin.

The others looked at each other, apart from Bill and Terry who were fascinated with Jane’s breasts and shaved pubis so close within their field of view. She was deeply, seamlessly tanned, her large nipples and areolae were very dark, her eyes brown and her hair brunette and cut short.

“Nah. We are just good friends.” replied Rachel. “Chrissy, here, and I have been here a few times. Bill and Marge are old hands. This bloke is Terry. He is the apprentice. This is his first time here with us. As for joining-the-club as you put it – there is no club but you are welcome to join us. What do you guys think?” Rachel asked.

“Yep. All good with me. Just as long as you are prepared to give and take unconditionally and don’t talk out of school.” Chrissy contributed.

“Yes. I like the cut of your jibs and you seem like decent folk – well as decent as any of us here can claim to be. Are you new to nudity?” Terry asked.

“Well, yes. This is our first experience with public nudity. We rarely wear clothes at home. We have talked about it enough. I was particularly keen. Jane took a bit of  persuasion but we now agree it is great fun and would be so much the better in association with people like you.”

“Sounds good. You going home now?” Rachel asked.

“Yes. Enough sun for one day.” Jane replied.

“Tell you what.” Terry interjected. “We are about to leave too but why not join us for lunch and an afternoon at my place so we can get to know each other. Clothing optional but you will feel out of place if you wear any. Oh, and you two are invited too Bill and Marge. You girls OK with that?” as he turned to Rachel and Chrissy. “Yes.” they chorused.

Marge apologised saying they had family coming for dinner. Bill said, “Bugger!”

Terry gave Nathan his address and they waited while the others went back in for a swim and clean up. Then they all walked together to the car park and left for home.

Terry led the girls into his home. “OK. You two into the shower in my en-suite. Should be plenty of towels in there. I’ll use the spa shower then scrounge around in the fridge for something to eat. And who wants a drink?”

“I would love a nice cold SSB if possible.” Chrissy suggested. “

“Me too.” from Rachel.

“OK. It will be waiting for you on the table outside.” And he promptly poured the two whites from a bottle in the fridge and put them - along with a can of Hahn 3.5 in a stubby holder on the outside table. He then showered, dried off and, naked, went to the fridge-freezer - no sooner opening it than the doorbell rang.

Still naked he went to the front door and peered through the peep hole to see Nathan and Jane. He opened the door and invited them in.

 “Welcome to my humble abode. The girls are showering but should be nearly finished. Come on in. But what on earth have you got there?’ indicating the large Esky Nathan was carrying as he led them through to the spa area.

“We did not feel comfortable about arriving empty handed so we called into the shopping centre and picked up some Atlantic salmon, T-bones and a drink or two  and a loaf of fresh sourdough.” Nathan replied.

“Ah. The perfect guest. And being the perfect host I must offer you a shower to remove the salt crust. You are welcome to use the en-suite – just have to elbow the girls aside – or the outside shower at the spa. Which reminds me – “You have been here fully two minutes but already have broken one of the rules – you remain fully clothed.”

“Soon fix that. Just watch.” said Jane peeling off her t-shirt and dropping her shorts to the floor before stepping out of them. “That OK?” she asked pirouetting arms - raised above her head. Nathan needed no further encouragement and was soon naked.

“Perfect. “ said Terry.

“Is that the outside  shower there?” asked Jane “If so it will do me just fine.”

“Me too.” Added Nathan.

“OK. Get it going. I’ll grab you a couple towels.”

As he spoke Rachel and Chrissy emerged, naked, except for towels piled up around their wet hair.

A little surprised they soon recovered and each grabbed a new arrival in a vigorous hug before letting go and changing partners. “Great to see you. Glad you could come.”

“Glad to be here. But excuse us for a minute while we shower off the salt.”

“Go for it. Mind if we watch? It’s our turn.” quipped Rachel.

“Feel free – Oh, and feel freely.” replied Jane.

“I think we are going to like you two. Mind if I towel Nathan off after the shower Jane” Rachel asked.

“Not at all. That leaves Terry or Chrissy to towel me off. Which will it be?” asked Jane.

“It grieves me deeply, Jane, but my priority is getting the barbie and lunch organised. Perhaps we could come to some arrangement a little later. In the meantime I’m sure Chrissy would be happy to oblige.”

Rachel and Chrissy watched as the guests washed each other in the shower. Each paying particular attention to penis/vagina.  When  they left the shower Rachel began by drying Nathan’s back and buttocks pressing the towel through between his legs to dry his scrotum from behind. When she moved around to the front Nathan unwound the towel from her  head as she knelt to dry his legs, working her way up to scrotum and penis which seemed to take just a little longer than elsewhere. His penis soon stood to attention. He ruffled her hair with the towel then threw it aside and proceeded to “comb” her hair with his fingers and hands. She gave his penis a quick kiss then stood, draped her arms around his neck, drew him in close enough to compress her breasts against his chest, planted her mouth over his and pushed her tongue into his mouth. He reciprocated and pulled her too him with his wide open hands across her buttocks.

Chrissy explored Jane similarly with the towel, often letting her bare fingers rub and caress Janes breasts, pubes and vaginal lips. Jane offered no resistance and contributed by massaging Chrissy’s breasts and fingering her vaginal lips.  As Chrissy finished Jane embraced her and kissed her fully on the mouth and lingered there in the presence of no resistance and a suggestion of encouragement. She placed one hand between Chrissy’s shoulder blades and the other over the midline between her buttocks. Her middle finger intruded between them to tickle her anus and perineum.

“I take it you are bi?’” asked Chrissy.

“Well, yes, but very limited experience with women. Just thought I would take advantage of the moment. Hope you don’t mind. Nathan and I do have a very full and satisfying sex life but we both do enjoy the occasional variation. But Nathan limits his variation to women. Definitely not bi.”

“No offence taken at all. In fact I enjoyed your little intrusions and my exploration of your attractions. Rachel and I enjoy each other quite a bit but also enjoy having sex with men. I have been looking forward to sex with Terry. Rachel tells me he is very good. Being a mature gentleman, he knows how to make a lady happy she says.”

“After you with Terry.”

“I take it you won’t mind Rachel and me trying Nathan for size – so to speak.”

“Not at all. There is nothing he enjoys more than a good old-fashioned ménage a trois. While you are at it - I will see if I can draw the gentleman out of Terry. And speaking of him I think we should help with lunch.”

The ladies all chose the Atlantic salmon and the men settled for T-bone steaks which Terry lightly sprayed with Rice Bran Oil then a sprinkle of garlic salt. He set them up with the steaks at the back of the barbeque plate and the salmon steaks, skin on, to the front and kept them separate through-out the cooking. Nathan joined him with two glasses of Cab Sab.

“Do you ladies prefer your salmon cooked through or still slimy in the middle?” he asked. They all agreed to cooked right through.

To Nathan he said, “I like to turn my steaks once only. The first side I leave until a little blood starts to pool on the surface then turn them until just a smidgeon of blood or moisture appears on the other side. Then off the barbie to rest for ten minutes before eating. That do you.?”

“You’ve got it right my friend.”

While the cooking proceeded the ladies prepared salads and tore the sourdough into bite size pieces. They set the outside table, topped up drinks all round and waited for Terry to plate up.

Nathan delivered the plates of fish and meat to the table. Terry cleaned the BBQ then joined them.

“Great job with the salads girls – thank you. Now help yourselves.”

The next hour passed with eating, drinking and chattering. Inevitably the conversation got around to massage with Terry and Rachel explaining their interest and respective positions.

“Any chance of a demonstration?” asked Jane.

“Certainly.” Terry replied. “I would suggest Rachel use Nathan as a model and teach Chrissy  a little of the finer arts. You can use the massage table. If Jane is willing I will try to send her off into the rhapsody of sensuous massage but it will have to be on my bed, Jane. I have only the one massage table.”

“Sounds good to me.” Nathan responded. “Me too chipped in Jane.”

“Well, I’m OK with that but I reserve the right to have my way with Terry later. If he agrees.” Said Chrissy.

“More than happy to oblige, Chrissy. But, if my anticipation of Jane’s role is accurate, we may have to patiently wait for the opportune time.” Terry cautioned.

“Suits me, time is of no consequence.” Chrissy replied .

“Good, that’s that all sorted. Let’s get cleaned up – dishes into the dish washer and we will get on with it.”

Terry  led Jane by the hand into his bedroom. He got a large bath towel, spread it over the bed and removed the pillows.

“Be my guest, Jane. Your choice is front up or down. I think you might enjoy a very light, sensuous massage rather than the deep muscle thing which I usually find uncomfortable.”

“I think I’ll start off face down Terry. But I leave myself entirely at your tender mercies.”

”OK.  But please tell me if you feel any discomfort or want to change position. I refer to not use oil, it has its uses but can be messy, but will do if you wish.”

She declined.

He kneeled on her left side, his knees just touching her, and sat back on his heels. He opened both hands and placed the palms gently on her shoulder blades then began slowly sliding them apart. His left hand went to her neck, shoulders and upper arms his right hand moved in circles down to her buttocks. Then he slowly, lightly drew them together again, paused, and repeated but this time he gently scraped her skin with his finger nails.

He drew his left hand down to her left arm-pit and along the side of her breast. His right hand scraped down to  her buttocks then in between, crossed her perineum and lightly tickled her labia.

After several repetitions of these movements, each soliciting a moan or sigh from Jane, he moved toward her legs, continuing the scraping and caressing down over the soles of her feet. His first scratch of her soles caused a reflex  jump but, as he persisted, she merely curled her toes tightly and moaned with each caress.

After a while he changed position by grasping her ankles, spreading her legs wide and kneeling between them facing her head. He then repeated all his movements but paying more attention to her sides as he came down over her hips, down her thighs to her knees then back up scratching her inner thighs all the way to her vagina where he rubber her clitoris, protruding lips and perineum. She sighed and lifted her bottom up off the bed. He inserted his middle finger into her vagina and - feeling for her G spot her groans signalling his success.

He stopped, sat up and suggested she turn over. She swung her right leg over his head and lay back. He was now outside her legs so he promptly repositioned them and himself between them, bent down and began mouthing her vagina. He took one of the protruding minor lips between his lips nibbling, licking and sucking on it then did the other. Jane writhed in ecstasy lifting her hips high off the bed and, when he took her clitoris  between his lips and sucked hard on it, she came. She arched her back to the maximum, raising her pelvis as her vaginal juices flooded his mouth but he kept on until she collapsed, moaning, limp and sweating.

“Stop, for a minute,” she panted. “That was marvellous but I need to get my breath back and then I want you inside me.” He sat up.

She reached down and grasped his very erect penis with her right hand.

“It’s beautiful. Just the right size and crying a little.” She said as she rubbed her thumb across the drop of precum at the tip.

“Can you put it in now please Terry? I’ll guide you. Please.”

“Yes. Show me the way to go home.” He stretched out on top of her stopping briefly at her breasts to kiss, nibble and tongue then to her mouth where they tongue kissed vigorously as she raised her legs, knees bent and pulled his penis into her.

There was no resistance as she released his penis and hugged him with both arms as it slid in to the hilt. She lifted her pelvis in a vain attempt to gain a little more. Then  lay back as they began the horizontal dancing with withdrawal to the tip then forceful re-entry until his scrotum slapped on her perineum. With occasional pauses at full penetration, while her vaginal walls contracted around him, he was able to delay orgasm through three of Jane’s. But then – the inevitable ecstatic orgasm with its violent thrusting, shoving and moving his penis in every direction while she mightily thrust her pelvis upwards to meet his thrusts. Until they stopped, at full penetration while they both came – their bodies spasmodic, arms around each other hugging tightly, her legs around his pelvis,   heels drumming on his buttocks, mouths locked together, tongues entwined.

They slowly returned to earth. Muscles relaxed, Jane’s legs extended and flopped out side Terry’s and she let her arms just lay across his back. Terry took a little weight on his elbows allowing some air between their bodies and tried to keep his penis within Jane’s vagina but it was fast losing all rigidity and soon came free. He rolled over onto his right side then onto his back leaving his right arm under her shoulders. Jane wriggled her left arm out from under him then turned onto her left side, lay her face on his right shoulder and flexed her right knee to place her leg across Terry’s near flaccid penis, scrotum and thighs.

“Hmmm, Rachel is quite correct. The elderly gentleman knows how to treat a lady.” Jane murmured into his ear.

“And you, young lady, certainly know how to help an elderly gentleman dispense that treatment. And the gentleman has another brief task to perform. Just stay as you are.”

With that he got up from the bed, went into the en-suite and got two flannel face washers. He ran them under the hot tap and cleaned up his penis and scrotum with one.

Taking a towel and the other wet flannel he went back to Jane, gently rolled her onto her back and spread her legs wide apart. She did not resist. He then used the flannel to clean her vaginal lips and perineum before rolling her onto her side and cleaning up the juices that had run down between her buttocks, patted her dry then sprinkled her with talcum powder from  the bedside cupboard.

“Ah! The perfect gentleman. Never before has any person paid such attention to my needs. Thank you Terry and I will look forward, with rapt anticipation, for an opportunity to repay the debt.”

“You owe me nothing, Jane. Our little romp just now was worth far more than any debt. Now let’s see what the others are up to.” Naked, they left the bedroom then heard voices from the spa-BBQ area and found Nathan, Chrissy and Rachel – all still naked – sitting around the table each with a drink in hand.

“About time you two returned,” quipped Rachel and “How did it go?”’

“You were correct Rachel. Terry is the perfect gentleman – in more ways than one. And you, Chrissy, if you haven’t expended your sexual energies on Nathan, will begin to wonder why you bother with callow youth after an experience with Terry.”

“As it turned out, Rachel drained Nathan after we gave him the massage of his life – to date any how. I observed but did add a little stimulation here and there to them both. So I am still fully charged and looking forward to learning from Terry as soon as you lot go. That is if you are still interested Terry?”

“Have no fear, Chrissy. There is no way I want to let slip  the opportunity to demonstrate my skills with you. But I will need an hour or so for the sexual energy to return. Jane is quite an expert at seduction. She led me through the gates of Paradise, draining me in the process.”

They sat around chatting until Rachel left to look after her boys. Nathan and Jane decided to leave then also. Chrissy dressed and went with Rachel to get her car then returned a short time later.


                                                                                    To be continued.