Ask Carol

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18 Jan. '20

Harry had owned the New Holland Chronicle for the last two and a half years.  He’d bought the small town newspaper when the owner decided to retire, and he’d bought it to fulfill his dream of being a journalist.  That’s why he went to college.

He thought his job with “The Daily News” would let him do that.  He’d be a no-nonsense reporter who told it like it was.  His newspaper would give him his own column after a couple of years, and he’d go on to become famous for his incisive look into the news of the day.

What actually happened is he ended up writing articles about this year’s garden show or describing the annual Christmas parade.  When he’d begged his editor six times for something to cover with more meat, reality set in.  He was going to keep covering shows at the Armory and parades for a lot of years.  Joyce was still doing that after twenty years with the paper.  She seemed to love it.  To Harry, it was an insult to his education.

“The New Holland Chronicle” wasn’t a major newspaper like “The Daily News” but it had a lot of subscribers in New Holland, enough that it made a small profit.  It wasn’t much, but since Harry wasn’t married, it would be enough to let him live in relative comfort.  It was also exciting because there were only two people on staff.   Helen did the accounting, kept track of subscriptions, and in her spare time, put all the articles and ads in columns and picked out the filler pieces that completed each column.  Maurice, was the man who ran the ancient linotype and printing press and fixed both when they broke.  Harry would be both editor and reporter so he’d determine what made the front page and what would be relegated to the last page of the six page, weekly newspaper.

He’d read the paper before he bought it and realized there was one section missing that nearly every successful newspaper had.  It was missing an advice column.  Once he’d bought the paper, he inquired about licensing rights to two of the most well-known and quickly decided he couldn’t afford them.  

For a month, he published the paper every week, but when Helen brought him the subscription list and said some people who’d subscribed for years hadn’t renewed, he started to worry.  She’d called a few and they told her they liked the national news, but they wanted more about the community and two had told her they were switching to a bigger paper because of the opinion pages and the advice column.

That set Harry to thinking.  The opinion page wouldn’t be hard at all.  All he had to do was ask some of the town leaders to write something every week.  He’d fill in any blanks with interviews of the town’s business owners.  That could probably cover both the request for more about the community as well as the request for an opinion page.

The advice column was harder.  There was no way he could afford one of the nationally published people.  When he thought about it though, all they did was give common sense answers to the questions they got.  About anybody could do that.  That night, he called Carol Williams, a woman he’d met in college and stayed friends with.  She had a degree in social science and had done some counseling, but had decided that being a mother was more important than a career.  

Harry asked Carol if she had enough time to answer some questions from his readers, no more than two a week.  He thought she’d bargain about his offer of fifty dollars per question, but she didn’t.  He set up an email account to receive the questions, and in the next issue, Harry announced that if people would send in their questions about love, life, and living, they’d see an answer in the paper within two weeks.

After that issue, he got emails from four people.  He forwarded them to Carol and asked if she could answer two by the next Tuesday.  On Monday afternoon, he got her reply.  The paper went to print on Wednesday and was delivered to his subscribers in Friday’s mail.

The next Monday when Helen picked up the mail, there were twenty more questions, this time in envelopes.  Harry typed the questions and emailed them to Carol and asked if she could maybe do three a week.  Carol said three was OK and she could probably do four, but that was it.  Harry said he’d pay her a bonus of fifty dollars if she could do four.

For the next two years, “Ask Carol” was one of the most popular columns in his paper.  There was never a shortage of questions asking for advice, in fact, Harry had to apologize for the length of time it was taking to get the answers published.  That didn’t seem to matter.  People kept sending in their questions.  They also kept subscribing to the paper, and at the end of two years, Harry had gained back all the subscribers he’d lost as well as increased the number of subscribers by about ten percent.  The increase in subscribers also increases the ads the local businesses placed.  The New Holland Chronicle was operating with a very substantial profit margin.

It was June of that year the bottom fell out.  Carol emailed him and said she was pregnant again, with twins this time, and her doctor had told her to not work as hard as she had been.  She was going to answer what questions she still had, but couldn’t take any more.

Harry figured he had about a month to find another Carol or he’d start losing subscribers again.  In the last two surveys he’d taken, a lot of subscribers wrote the only subscribed because of “Ask Carol”.

For two weeks, he published the answers Carol emailed him, but had only two for the next week’s edition.  He’d been trying to find someone to take over the column, but that was more difficult than he’d imagined.  He thought about asking Helen if she’d consider it because over the years he’d learned she had a very practical mind.  She always read the questions and answers as she fit them into the columns before they were printed, and would often tell him what she’d tell the person.  That sometimes wasn’t what Carol answered, but it was usually common sense. Helen was about his age too, so she was young enough to understand what both the older women and younger women were asking.

He had to reconsider that idea though.  Helen had told him the one thing that kept people writing to Carol was she didn’t live in the community.  If Helen started doing the column, someone would eventually find out it was her.  They’d be afraid she’d recognize them and tell everyone else about how Betty Jackson couldn’t excite her husband like she used to or that Shirley Jones thought another woman might be really interesting and how could she find one.

By that third week, Harry was out of ideas, and it seemed like it wouldn’t be long before his paper went bankrupt.

He was reading the last set of emailed and hand written questions when he realized a lot of them were the same as questions he’d already seen.  He’d saved all Carol’s questions and responses in one long file in his word processor, so he picked out what seemed to be the key word on the first question – kissing – and then searched for “kissing” in the file of Carol’s responses.  A couple seconds later, his word processor had highlighted that word.

Harry read through the question about kissing and discovered it was nearly identical to the latest one he’d received.  He read Carol’s answer, and realized it would probably work for this question too.

Harry was all grins then.  All he’d have to do to keep “Ask Carol” going was search her previous advice columns for key words, change the wording a little to make the old advice seem new, and publish it.  Since he had a little over a thousand questions and Carol’s resulting advice to choose from, he should be able to just keep going until he could find another woman for the column.

It dawned on him then that there might be questions Carol hadn’t answered before, but he thought he could manage by asking Helen what she thought, and then writing the answer like Carol would have.

Harry went to press that week with the last two actual answers from Carol and two more he’d re-worded from before.  When the questions didn’t stop coming in after another month, Harry patted himself on the back for having such a great idea.

The first snag in his plan arrived in the mail two months later, and would have been his first chance to ask Helen what she thought, but when he read the questions, he knew he couldn’t do that.  Helen wasn’t a prude but she was a very conservative woman, and this question was pretty explicit.

“Dear Carol, I’m about at the end of my rope because all I can think about is this guy from work.  Every time I see him, my panties get wet and I’ve had to start wearing panty liners every day.  I want him to have sex with me so bad I’m going crazy, but he doesn’t seem to even know I’m there.  What can I do to tell him how I feel?  

Thank you,

Hot and Horny.”

Harry had smiled after reading that.  There were only two industries in New Holland, a bakery and a trucking company.  He couldn’t imagine a woman working in the bakery being that way, but he could imagine a woman working in at the trucking company might.  He’d been to both places to write articles for his “Community” page.

The women in the bakery all seemed to be quiet women, more like normal housewives really.  They joked with each other while they worked, but when he was there, he hadn’t heard a single word about sex or any off-color jokes.

The women at the trucking company were a lot different.  Most of them walked around with hand-held scanners and read the bar-coded box labels so they could sort the boxes into the right truck.  The others drove forklifts, and they all fit right in with the truck drivers.  

He’d asked a little blonde about what she did and how she liked it when she grinned at him.

“You mean here at work, or what I do with my boyfriend?”

“Well…uh…at work.”

She’d grinned again.

“You sure?  It’s not as fun as what I do with my boyfriend.”

The older brunette on the forklift had smiled at him when he asked her the same questions.

“Well, I load skids onto the trailers using my forklift and then give the paperwork to the driver.  You ever seen the inside of one of those truck cabs?  They have beds and refrigerators and TV’s and DVD players.  I worked over one night and after I loaded his truck, the driver asked me if I’d like to take a little ride.”

She’d giggled then.

“I thought he was talking about riding in his truck.  That mattress on his bed was really nice though.”

There was no way Harry could publish Hot and Horny’s question because the women in the community would think it was too risqué, but he didn’t want word to get around that a woman had asked for advice and hadn’t gotten any.  He searched his files for “panties”, “wet panties”, and “horny”, but didn’t find anything.  

Harry thought again about asking Helen, but figured she’d tell him to tell the woman to stop acting like she was sixteen.  He decided he’d have to answer it himself but try to write the answer so it sounded like Carol had written it.

That afternoon, Harry sat down at his laptop, took a deep breath and started typing a reply.

"Dear, Hot and Horny.  The paper can’t publish your question and my advice because it’s a bit too explicit, but you deserve an answer. I understand exactly what you’re going through.  The same thing has happened to me." 

Harry stopped then because he didn’t know what to write next.  When he thought  back to the first two women he’d slept with, he realized he’d always made the first move.  Not one of the women had given him any indication they wanted to have sex with him.  They’d tell him once he was touching their breasts and kissing them, but not before.

So, what made him notice those women in the first place, and how had they acted that made him think he wanted to have sex with them?

He’d noticed Zelda as soon as he saw her because Zelda was just weird.  He was in college at the time, and Zelda was in his first literature class.  Zelda wasn’t sexy at all, at least not what he thought of as being sexy.  She always wore loose dresses that reached down to her ankles and didn’t show any figure and moccasins with the heels bent over so she could just slip them on like house slippers.   She never wore any makeup and her hair always looked like she just got up in the morning, pulled the long, black tresses into a pony tail, and held them there with a rubber band.

As the semester ran on, for some reason he’d been attracted to her, and had asked her to have a cup of coffee with him. He hadn’t stopped to think about why he was attracted to her at the time, but now, he thought maybe it was because she was a little mysterious.  It was like she didn’t care how she looked, but dressed so men would have to look at her.  After three dates, he’d parked his car in the back row of her residence hall parking lot and kissed her.  

There was nothing mysterious about what she wanted after he worked his hand down the front of her dress and cupped her breast.  She’d unbuttoned her dress from the neck to the bottom, pulled it open, and then said, “suck my nipples and fuck me.”

Zelda wasn’t wearing any underwear and he’d just stared at her small breasts, long, dark nipples, and the mass of black hair on her mound.  Zelda had tapped him on the shoulder a few seconds later and said, “Are you gonna just stare at my tits and pussy or are you gonna fuck me?”

Zelda had been pretty great, but the second time he had sex with her, the way she kept telling him what to do was a turn-off.  He never dated her again, but she didn’t seem to care.  He saw her parked with another guy a week later.

Mary Ellen was a woman who worked at “The Daily News” as a subscription clerk.  Mary Ellen was kind of quiet, like Zelda, but she dressed better.  She usually wore something that showed some cleavage, and her pants always fit tight enough he could see her ass cheeks moving up and down when she walked.  On their first date, he’d taken her to dinner.  When he asked her out again, Mary Ellen said there wasn’t any sense in spending money when she could cook for them.  

After dinner at her house, they ended up on the couch.  Mary Ellen had snuggled up close and looked like she wanted to be kissed, so Harry kissed her and while he was kissing her he stroked her breast, then slipped his hand under her sweater and squeezed her breast through her bra.  Mary Ellen caught her breath but she didn’t pull his hand away.  When he slipped it up her inner thigh, she opened her legs wide.  That was when he’d said they’d be more comfortable in her bed.

When they got to her bedroom, Harry found out Mary Ellen wasn’t the quiet woman she was at work.  She pulled off her clothes and then opened a drawer in the table beside her bed.  What she pulled out was four, soft cotton ropes, two things that looked like little C-clamps, and a thing that looked like the dusting brush his barber used but had long strings made of leather instead of bristles.

“Tie me to the bed, clamp my nipples, then flog me”, she said.

Harry had felt odd through the whole thing.  When he fucked her it was great because Mary Ellen fucked him as much as he fucked her, but afterwards, he had second thoughts.  It didn’t seem right that any normal woman would want to be tied up, have her nipples clamped tight, or to be flogged.  He didn’t ask her out again.

So, Zelda had attracted him because she looked mysterious and Mary Ellen wore clothes that made her look sexy.  Harry didn’t know how to tell Hot and Horny how to look mysterious, but he could tell her how to look sexy.

"Honey, to get a man’s attention, you have to give him something to look at, something that will catch his eye.  You don’t say how big you are, but even if you have small breasts, you can still show some cleavage.  Buy a padded bra and some tops that are cut low over the bust.  Now, don’t overdo it.  You’re trying to get him to notice you, not make him wonder when your next porn film will be out.  Just give him a peek and when he looks, smile.  He’ll get the idea.


Harry read over what he’d written, and then patted himself on the back for calling the woman “Honey”.  Carol was from Tennessee, and she often used that word in her advice column.  He clicked “send” and congratulated himself again.

Harry did all right with “Ask Carol” the next week.  The three questions he got were all things Carol had answered before.  He typed out the answers and then printed the questions and the answers and gave them to Helen.

The paper was already being distributed when Carol got another email from Hot and Horny.

"Dear Carol.  I tried what you suggested, but he didn’t look at me.  I don’t know why because I’m a 36C and I don’t need a padded bra.  I was afraid I was showing too much cleavage, but he still didn’t notice me.  What else can I do?  


Hot and Horny"

Harry had to sit there and think for a while.  He’d already told Hot and Horny what had attracted him to Mary Ellen.  Was there something else that made him look at a woman that way, something he just didn’t recognize?  Maybe if he went somewhere, somewhere there were a lot of women, and looked at them as potential sex partners, he’d see something.

Harry closed out the email account and then walked out of his office and told Helen he was taking the afternoon off.  After lunch at the corner diner, Harry drove the thirty miles to the nearest shopping mall, went inside, and sat down on a bench in the main aisle.  He took the small notepad and pen from his pocket and settled down to watch women.

There was no shortage of women to watch.  Harry saw women of all ages, from girls he thought were probably just out of high school to women who’d left the age of sixty behind them.  There were skinny women, plump women, really fat women, and women with figures that were full and sensuous.  There were all sorts of faces and hairstyles too.  Some were pretty, a few really plain looking, and a couple who looked like they should have been on a magazine cover instead of shopping.

After a few minutes, Harry thought to himself, I have to do this systematically or I’ll never figure it out.  I’ll list hair color, body type, probable age, how they look in the face, and how they’re dressed and I’ll put a “Y” beside that if I’d like to take them to bed and an “N” if I wouldn’t.

Half an hour later, Harry had filled one page of his notepad.

Blonde, long hair, nice boobs and butt, thirty, OK face, tight knit top and tight jeans, Y

Brunette, short hair, pudgy, forty, pretty, sweatshirt and sweatpants, Y/N

Blonde, short hair, skinny, twenty five, gorgeous, tight jeans and blouse, N

Redhead, medium hair, big boobs, wide butt, plain, sweater and jeans, Y

The rest of his list was about the same and when he looked at it, he shook his head because no one trait stood out.  He liked women with all colors and styles of hair, skinny women, not so skinny women, even a couple who were kind of fat, pretty women, plain women, and women in everything from sweat suits to knitted tops and yoga pants.

If any trait stood out at all, it was a generous figure.  Harry could understand that because he’d always liked big breasts and wide hips.  He couldn’t write back to Hot and Horny that she needed those things though.  He knew she probably had nice breasts but what if her butt was either skinny or really big?  She’d just feel bad about herself it that was the case because there wasn’t anything she’d be able to do about a skinny butt or a really fat butt.

No, it had to be something else, so Harry turned the page and continued to watch women.  

He was half way down the page when he noticed something else about the women who walked by.  A few, when they saw him staring at them, frowned, and Harry always wrote an “N” after the description.  Some smiled, though, and he found himself writing a “Y” for them no matter how they looked unless they were really obese.

Maybe that was it.  It was at least something he could write back to Hot and Horny, and it was something any woman could do no matter how she looked.

The next morning, he opened the email account, found Hot and Horny’s email, and clicked “reply”.

"Dear Hot and Horny.  The problem isn’t your figure or how much you show him.  I wonder if you ever smile at him.  No matter how you look, a frown isn’t going to make him look at you like you want him to.  A smile will, so smile every time he looks at you.  He’ll ask you why you’re smiling and that will give you a chance to get to know him better.  After that, it should be only a matter of time before he asks you out.  


Harry read over his advice, and then frowned.  It seemed lame.  How would the guy know if Hot and Horny was smiling because she wanted to fuck him or if she was just being friendly?  He erased everything and then stared at the blank screen.

He was still staring at it when Helen walked into his office.

“We got a couple of really racy questions in the mail this morning.  I don’t know if you can publish them or not.”

Harry looked up.

“Like what?”

Helen took a deep breath.

“Well, this one woman, I guess she’s a woman anyway, she calls herself ‘Wet And Wanting’ and she wants to know if men want a woman to lead.”

“You mean like in dancing?”

Helen frowned.

“What she said was…God, I can’t believe I’m saying this word…what she asked was if it was OK if she told her boyfriend she wanted to be…fucked… instead of waiting for him to ask her.”

Harry shook his head.

“No, we can’t publish that.  I’ll have Carol answer the question and then send it directly to the woman.”

Helen frowned.

“What do you think Carol is going to say?”

Harry shrugged.

“Carol is kind of a liberated woman, so I imagine she’s going to say it’s fine if the woman does that.”

“You think that’s acceptable behavior for a woman, using a word like that and asking for sex?”

Harry smiled.

“Well, what I think is a lot of men would be happy if their girlfriend told them that.  Guys can be a little backward sometimes.  It’s hard for us to figure out how you women feel about sex because you dress sexy, but don’t give us any hints that say you want to have sex.  As for the word, yes, it can be pretty erotic sometimes if the right woman says it.  If she doesn’t seem like the type of woman who’d say that but she does, it’s a real turn-on.  It says she’s saying what she wants in words the guy can understand.  What do you think?”

Helen frowned.

“I don’t know.  My mother taught me that ladies don’t do that sort of thing.  I suppose if I really wanted to and that was the only way to tell him…I’d have to think about it for a while before I did.  It just seems so crude.”

“Well, some of us like a woman who says what she wants.  We don’t think it’s crude.  We think it’s sexy.  Now, you said there were two.  What’s the other one say?”

Helen took the top letter in her hand and moved it behind the next.

“This one is from a woman who calls herself ‘Shy But Sexy’.  She wants to know if men really like…here I go again…if men really like having their dicks sucked.”

Harry shook his head.

“Nope, can’t publish that one either.  I’ll just send Carol an email and send her answer back to the woman.”

Helen wrinkled up her brow.

“You’re a man.  Do men really like that?”

Harry grinned.

“I suppose it depends on the woman and why she’s doing it.  If she really likes doing it, I would too.  If she’s only doing it because she thinks she has to, well that would kind of ruin it for me.”

“How could you tell?”

“Well, if she smiles before she starts, I’d believe she really wanted to.  If she looks up at me when she is, I’d pretty much know she was enjoying it too.  If she seemed hesitant or didn’t look at my face, I’d know it wasn’t something she really liked doing.”

“Is that what Carol’s going to tell her, that if she likes it, her guy will too?”

“Probably.  Like I said, Carol’s kind of a liberated woman.  When I knew her in college she didn’t seem like there was much about sex she didn’t like.”

Helen smiled.

“You and Carol…you did it?”

Harry shook his head.

“No.  We didn’t click that way so we were just close friends.  She just told me about what she likes.”

“Her husband is probably really happy then, isn’t he?”

Harry smiled.

“They have two kids and she’s pregnant again, so I’d say they’re both pretty happy.”

Helen dropped both letters on Harry’s desk.

“Well, you ask Carol what she thinks and then give me her answers.  I kept the envelopes so I’ll know who to mail them to.”

After Helen left, it dawned on him that the answer to “Hot and Horny” was in the questions Helen had left on his desk.  He started typing a new answer.

"Dear Hot and Horny,

Some men are a little backward about sex.  They’re not sure a woman wants to have sex so they don’t ask.  The only way around that is for you to tell him what you want, and you’ll have to use words he’ll understand.  Try putting your arms around his neck, pushing your breasts into his chest, and then look into his eyes and say, “I want us to make love together”.  That probably seems like a drastic step, but if you really want him, this may be the only way he’ll understand what you want.


Harry was congratulating himself for being so clever when he clicked the “send” icon.  Hot and Horny might not do what he’d suggested, but if she did and her guy told her no, he probably wasn’t worth her time anyway.

He thought while he was answering, he might as well look at the two Helen had brought him.  He picked up the first one and read it.

"Dear Carol,

I was wondering what a man would think if I told him I wanted to fuck him.  Do men like being told that, or will he think I’m a whore and never speak to me again?  I don’t want to drive him away, but all I can think about is having his dick in me.  What should I do?

Wet and Wanting"

Harry smiled when he realized this question was the same question ‘Hot and Horny’ had asked.  The same answer would work perfectly.  He composed an email on Carol’s account with the same answer worded a little differently.

"Dear Wet and Wanting,

Men want a woman who isn’t afraid to say what she wants, so he won’t think you’re a whore unless he’s a real prude.  He’ll probably think it’s really erotic if you say you want to have sex with him.  Take a deep breath and tell him you want to make love to him instead of him making love to you.  I’d bet he’ll just grin and tell you that would be fantastic.


The other question, the one from Shy but Sexy was harder to answer.

"Dear Carol,

I saw a movie last week where it looked like the woman was sucking the man’s dick.  Of course, the movie didn’t actually show her doing that, but he was laying on his back and her head was bobbing up and down and he was groaning a lot.  I really want to try that, but I don’t want my husband to think I’m some sort of freak.  Do men really like having their dicks sucked?

Shy but Sexy"

Harry thought about what he’d told Helen, and decided that was the best answer he could give the woman.

"Dear Shy but Sexy,

In my experience, most men do like oral sex, but it depends mostly upon the woman.  If you really want to and show him you really want to, he’ll think it’s great.  If this is just a fantasy and once you start, you decide you don’t like it, just stop right there.  If you keep going, he’ll know you don’t really like it and it will ruin it for him.


Harry added all three answers to his file and then printed the last two answers.  Since they had come in the mail, he put them in his desk so it would look to Helen like he’d sent them to Carol and Carol had replied a day later.  He was feeling good when he went home that night.

The next morning, he took the two answers to Helen along with the original letters with the questions.  Helen read the answers and then looked up a Harry.

“This Carol woman said the same things you told me.  You didn’t just write down what you said and put her name on it, did you?”

Harry shook his head.

“No, I didn’t.  These are Carol’s answers.  I can’t help it if we think the same way.”

Helen grinned.

“You sure you and she didn’t …?”

‘Yes, I’m sure.  I wouldn’t lie about something like that.”

“OK, if you say so”, said Helen.  I’ll mail these out today.”

Two days after that, Carol got another email from Hot and Horny.

"Dear Carol,

I think I can do what you said and tell him I want to have sex with him, but I don’t know what would be the right place and the right time.  Should I do it at work?  That’s the only place I see him.


Hot and Horny" 

Harry had to think about that for a while.  Most businesses had rules about what employees could say to other employees.  He’d never heard of a man claiming a woman had harassed him sexually, but if the guy didn’t like hearing what Hot and Horny wanted, he’d have a case.

He thought about how he’d feel if that happened, if some woman at The Daily News had come up to him and said she wanted to fuck him.  He had to smile when he realized that would be a big boost to his ego.  Harry didn’t consider himself to be a man women would drool over, so if a woman told him that, he’d feel pretty good about himself.

It would have to be when they were alone though.  If he didn’t like the woman that way, he’d have to tell her he couldn’t.  If she really wanted him and he said no, she’d be crushed and probably cry and the other people would know something was wrong.  They’d eventually figure it out and the woman would feel terrible about what she’d done.

Harry tapped the “reply” icon and then started typing.

"Dear Hot and Horny,

If you only see him at work, your only option is to tell him there.  I would wait until you can find a way to be alone with him.  If he likes the idea, you can make plans for where and when.  If he doesn’t, you won’t be embarrassed in front of your co-workers.


Harry read over his answer, and then clicked “Send”.  Some guy was going to get the surprise of his life from Hot and Horny.  He hoped for her sake the guy decided she was serious and that he wanted her too.

The next week was pretty crazy.  On Sunday, a water main broke and caused Main Street to develop a sinkhole.  Harry drove to the site, took a lot of pictures, and interviewed the Mayor, the Water Commissioner, and the Road Commissioner.  He went back to his office then and typed an article describing what had happened, how the town was going to fix it and how long it was going to take.  There was some national news too, but the water main break would be his front-page story and he’d include several pictures.

On Monday, he found three op-eds in his email from people who lived along the street.  He read them and one was critical of the Water Commissioner, but two  praised the Mayor and the Water Commissioner for their prompt actions.  He decided to publish all three.

Tuesday was the day to put the paper together into columns and that took some doing.  Helen had put a picture or two on the front page before but never as many as Harry wanted to include.  Harry knew it was going to take her all day to size the pictures and then fit them into his story about what happened.  To help her out, he did the rest of the paper.  There were a lot of ads from local businesses and the classified section as well as the “Ask Carol” column and the three opinion pieces.  

It was almost seven Tuesday night when they finished.  Maurice had gone home, but said he’d be in early to get the printing plates ready.  He’d print the paper that afternoon so they’d be able to get it to the post office and in the mail by Friday morning.

Harry was sitting beside Helen at her desk and looking at the galleys she’d put together.  Helen had done a great job.  The people at The Daily News couldn’t have done any better.

He turned to Helen and grinned.

“This is great work, Helen.  It looks better than some of what the people at The Daily News did while I was there.  I’m lucky to have you.”

Helen smiled a funny smile and then her face changed to a serious expression.

“What if you could really have me?  I’d like that.  Would you?”

Harry looked at Helen, really looked at her, for the first time in a long time.  She was leaning towards him a little, and the blouse she was wearing was cut low enough in the front her breasts had welled up enough to make her cleavage look deeper.

“I’m not sure what you mean, Helen.”

Helen looked like she was struggling with something mentally, but then tried to grin.

“I mean, I want to…to…to fuck you.  There, I said it.”

Harry leaned back.

“Helen, why would you say such a thing?”

“Because I do want to fuck you and that’s what you told Hot and Horny she should say.”

“How do you know about Hot and Horny?  She always sent her questions to Carol in an email and Carol replied the same way.”

Helen hung her head.

“Because I’m Hot and Horny.  I’m Wet and Wanting and Shy but Sexy too.”

Harry lifted Helen’s chin up so he could see her face.

“Helen, you could have just told me.”

“No, I couldn’t.  When you bought the paper I liked you and wanted you to notice me, but it wasn’t right that I did, so I started acting like I was pretty conservative.  That didn’t work very well for me.  I couldn’t stop wondering how it would be and the more I wondered, the worse it got. If I’d said anything, you’d have thought I was some sort of slut.”

“No, I wouldn’t.”

“Yes, you would.  Any man would.  That’s why I wrote to Carol and asked her what I should do.  It wasn’t until she answered me I figured out it was you and not her.”

“You knew?”

“Well, sure I did.  I read all her answers, remember? Carol’s not a liberated as you think she is.  She’s actually pretty conservative when it comes to sex.  She’d never tell a woman what you did.  She’d have said I should give you little hints or something”

“Why didn’t you say something about that?  Our readers might suspect too and that’ll mean losing subscriptions again.”

Helen shook her head.

“No, they won’t.  You’ve been giving the same answers Carol did and it’s never to the same women, so they won’t figure it out.”

“So, why Wet and Wanting and Shy But Sexy?”  

Helen grinned.

“Once I knew it was you answering me, I decided to see how honest you’d be with me.  I admit I was a little shocked when you said a woman telling you she wanted to fuck you would be good.”

Harry smiled.

“Well, it sounded like you wanted the truth.  That was the truth.”

Helen stood up and put her arms around Harry’s neck.

“Harry, am I the right kind of woman to make saying ‘fuck” sound sexy.’

Harry chuckled.

“Well, I sure as hell wouldn’t have expected you to say it.”

Helen hugged him a little tighter, tight enough he felt her breasts pressing into his chest and her lips against his ear when she whispered, “I want to fuck you Harry, right here, right now.”

“On your desk?”

Helen kissed him and then smiled.

“You have a couch in your office.  That would probably work better.”

Harry didn’t really know why he took Helen by the hand and led her back to his office and then closed the door.  He hardly knew Helen, really, and he’d never thought she could be like this, but she was and she was exciting him.

Helen excited him more when she unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders, then unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.  Her breasts were round, soft, and full and rose and fell as she breathed.  Her nipples and nipple beds were a little darker, but were already showing the sounds of arousal.  Her nipple beds were contracted into wrinkles and her nipples were stiff and swollen.

Helen slipped out of her shoes and started working her pants down over her hips.  Harry watched, spellbound, as her hips came into view, then the waistband of her panties, and finally her hair-covered mound under the black lace.  As Helen worked them down her legs, she bent over and her firm breasts hung from her chest, a sight Harry always found to be extremely erotic.

Helen stood up and stepped out of her pants, then grinned.

“You get undressed now.  I want to watch you.”

Harry was down to his underwear when Helen dropped to her knees, hooked her fingers in the waistband, and pulled his underwear down to his ankles.  He was starting to step out of them when Helen circled his stiff cock with her hand and then smiled at him.

What he felt next was her soft lips closing on his cock head and then her tongue licking the underside.  He looked down and saw Helen looking up at him.  She stopped, pulled her mouth off his cock, and smiled.

“Am I making you believe I like doing this, like you said?”

She didn’t wait for an answer.  She just started moving her mouth down over his cock, then down further until her lips touched the hand she had around his shaft.  Harry groaned a little when she sucked in her cheeks and then slowly pulled her lips back up his length.  She stopped when she got to his cock head, and then he felt her tongue swirl around the tip and then lick the underside.

“Damn, Helen, if you don’t like it, you’re doing a hell of a job of hiding that fact.”

Harry’s cock lurched when Helen hummed, “Ummm-hmmm”, and then started sliding her mouth up and down his cock.  The sensations were getting to him too fast.

“God, slow down a little.”

Helen pulled off his cock, looked up and smiled.

“OK…this time.”

Helen got up, pulled off her panties, and then laid down on the couch and held out her arms.

“Harry, come give me what I need.”

Harry didn’t remember any other woman ever being like Helen.  One had sucked his cock, but it had been like he’d told Helen.  He could tell she didn’t like doing it, so he stopped her. He’d stopped Helen too but that wasn’t because he wasn’t enjoying it.  It was because he was enjoying it too much to hold out.

Helen’s body wasn’t much different than the others, though her breasts were bigger than most and she wasn’t shaved.  That was erotic, but not as erotic as the way she reacted to every touch he made.  Light strokes to her breasts made her smile.  His fingertip touching her stiff nipples made her make little moans, and when he sucked gently on one, Helen caught her breath and held his face in place.  When he kissed her, Helen opened her lips, mouthed his bottom lip a little and then stuck her tongue between his teeth.  They both moaned when their tongues touched.

Helen shivered a little when he stroked his hand down her flank, and she giggled.

“Sorry.  I’m ticklish there.”

Harry smiled and cupped Helen’s hip.

“Does this tickle too?”

“No, it feels great.”

He slipped his hand down over the hair on Helen’s mound and then between her thighs.

“Ticklish here?”

Helen caught her breath when Harry slipped a finger between her puffy lips, then murmured, “No, not ticklish, just really exciting.  Can’t you tell?”

Harry could tell.  He could tell because Helen was already a little wet, and when he slipped his finger into her entrance, she moaned and Harry felt her pussy contract a little.

The longer he stroked his finger in and out, the wetter Helen got.  When he moved his wet fingers up to Helen’s clit and rubbed gently, she gasped and arched up a little.  He slipped that finger back to her entrance and joined it with a second, while his thumb stroked the firm little button at the top of Helen’s slit.  Helen pulled his head to her left breast, and moaned when he sucked that nipple into his mouth.  

Helen was starting to breathe panting breaths when she whispered, “Lay on your back Harry.”

As Harry worked his way over to his back, Helen put her thigh over his legs.  When he was on his back, Helen straightened up and then leaned down to kiss him.  Harry felt the zap of the shock race to his cock when Helen found his tongue with hers.  When Helen broke the kiss, he felt her reach between them for his cock, so he opened his eyes and looked down over his chest.

Helen moved his swollen cock head between her lips a few times, then moved it back, moved her hips around a little, and then sighed as she began impaling herself on his shaft.

Harry watched as Helen lowered her body slowly, and he groaned when he felt the snug ring just inside her lips squeezing his cock head.  Helen raised up then, but immediately lowered her pussy over his cock, and when it slipped past that snug place, she sighed and kept pushing down until she was sitting on his thighs.

Harry felt her passage contract a little and then relax as Helen started riding his cock.

Her breasts were swaying gently and Harry couldn’t resist stroking them and then lightly pinching Helen’s nipples.  She made a low moan when he did, and he saw her tummy tighten up and then roll.  He pinched harder and Helen gasped and made two quick strokes over his cock.

She seemed to open a little then, and when her passage tightened up again, Harry felt wet warmth stream down his cock and over his balls.   He pulled on both Helen’s nipples, and it happened again.  After he did it a third time, Helen dropped down on her hands and started rocking her body over his cock a lot faster, fast enough she was taking Harry to the edge way too fast.  When he was going to tell her to slow down, Helen poked her right nipple into his face and whispered, “Can’t.  I’m almost there”.  

Harry got in two firm sucks to Helen’s nipple before she threw back her head and her thighs started to shake.  She cried out softly, “Oh God, now Harry”, and then collapsed on his chest with her pussy rocking over his cock so fast there was no way he could hold out.  He groaned and thrust up as the first spurt flew out of his cock and inside Helen.  She didn’t slow down even a little and she was making little mewing cries.  Harry’s cock spurted again, then again, and Helen was still shaking and grinding her pussy into the base of his cock.

Helen did stop shaking after a while, but Harry felt her pussy contract and then relax over the next couple of minutes or so.  When Helen raised back up on her arms, she giggled.


Harry chuckled.

“Yeah, I know.  Do you suppose it means anything?”

Helen kissed him, another open mouth kiss, and then nestled her cheek against his and whispered, “I know it means I want to do it again.”

“It seems like we should be dating if we’re going to keep doing it.”

Helen tried to raise up and then stroke down over his cock again, but it slipped out.  She chuckled.

“Damn…I wanted to keep it in.  I guess I’ll have to wait a while, huh?’

“Yeah, about an hour.  Wanna go have dinner?  It could be our first date.”

Helen raised up and grinned.

“Do I get to fuck you again after that?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Let’s go to Burger King then.  It’ll take two hours to eat in a restaurant.”

That night in his bed and after Helen had ridden his cock until he came so hard he forgot to breathe, he stroked Helen’s side.

“I have to ask this, Helen.  You’re so much different now.  What changed?”

“Nothing.  I’ve always been this way.  It’s just that when you live in a small town everybody knows what everybody else is doing.  If I’d dated any of the local guys and this happened, everybody would know.  I was going crazy until you bought the paper.  I’d made up my mind to quit and go look for a job in a large city where I could just be me.  When I saw you, I decided I’d stay and see what happened.

“When you didn’t look at me, it was frustrating.  I tried low cut tops, tight tops, I even didn’t wear a bra one day, but you still didn’t notice me.  That’s when I wrote to Carol.”

Helen tried to stroke her pussy over his cock then, but it slipped out and she giggled.

“Damn.  There it goes again.  In the end, it worked out like I hoped it would, well, except that you get soft really fast.”

Harry chuckled.

“There’s not much I can do about that.”

Helen rolled to his side then and put her arm over his chest.

“Harry, I don’t care if this is all it is.  If it could be more, I’d like it to be, but if this is all you want, I can live with that.”

Harry thought for a few moments about what Helen had just said.  He didn’t know what he wanted now.  Before she’d been an employee, a very good employee, but he hadn’t been able to see anything except that.  Now…well, he was learning about the real Helen, and he liked what he was learning.

“Well, Helen, let’s do what you did with me.  Let’s just see how it goes.”

How it went was Harry took Helen to dinner every Friday night after work and they stayed at his house for the night.  On Saturday, they’d sleep in and then have lunch somewhere in Bagley, the city where he’d gone to watch women at the mall.  They’d go to the same mall sometimes and sometimes just walk down the street of the business district and find a shop Helen wanted to see.

On Saturday night, they’d have dinner in Bagley and then come back to his house.  Sunday night, Harry would take Helen home to her house, and they’d spend another hour together because he didn’t want to go home and she didn’t want him to leave her.

After that first night, Helen started answering the questions that came for Carol, and nobody noticed the difference.  Helen didn’t have a degree in social work, but like Harry figured, she had a very practical way of thinking about things.  Once in a while, somebody would write that Carol had helped her make her life better.  Helen was happy when that happened.

She was happier yet, when, six months later, Harry asked her to marry him.

“You mean like really married, with rings and everything?”

Harry smiled.

“That’s the only married I know about.”

“Will I still get to work for you?”

“No, I think we’ll promote you to part owner and reporter.  I can’t have my wife just doing the accounting and arranging articles into columns.”

The New Holland Chronicle still exists, though Harry and Helen now own The Bagley Times too.  Harry bought The Bagley Times when the owner’s kids didn’t want anything to do with the newspaper business because they said the Internet was replacing newspapers.  The Bagley Times has a staff of six reporters and three men to run the printing press, and prints the newspaper daily instead of weekly.  When Maurice said he was retiring, Harry started printing The New Holland Chronicle on The Bagley Times presses, and he hired Stephanie Adams to do the accounting and layout work.  Stephanie does that work on her computer and then emails it to the print shop at The Bagley Times.

Harry’s office is in Bagley now and Helen uses his old office at The New Holland Times.  It’s just her and Stephanie, but they get along well, and the people of New Holland still like having a paper that tells them about New Holland instead of mostly the national news.  Helen is pretty busy what with running The New Holland Times and answering questions for the “Ask Carol” column.  Harry started printing that column in The Bagley Times too, and now they get about twenty letters or emails every day.

Last Friday night, Helen said she got an odd letter to Carol in the mail.  Harry asked her why it was odd.

“Well, she asked if men liked giving oral sex to women and if it was normal that she liked it.  It's not really explicit, so I think we can publish it.”

“What are you going to tell her?”

Helen smiled.

“That depends on you.  Do men really like doing that?”

Harry grinned.

“You should already know that answer to that question.”

“I take it that means yes?”

“Well, if the woman enjoys it.  Do you?”

“I don’t remember because it’s been a whole week since we did it that way.  Maybe you need to show me again.  I wouldn’t want to give her the wrong advice.”

In that Friday’s paper, Carol wrote,

Dear Lucy,

I can honestly say oral sex is really great and my husband loves to please me that way.  He was a little hesitant at first, but now it’s part of our regular foreplay.  Just ask him to try.  I think you’ll find he’ll love it, and you’ll have a whole new way for him to show you he loves you.