Our Story II: Our Odyssey of Passion

Info Thorin
04 Nov. '15

Part two of “Our Story” and the chronicles of the epic journey of two lovers who were destined to be together, and the passion that kept them fighting for each other.

It would be four long months after our first visit in March before we saw each other again. The drama and the absolute shit storm that our decisions set in motion were enough to crush most people. I still don’t know how our love survived, how we survived. My only explanation is that it must have been fate.

Shortly after returning home, I received a phone call from my screaming wife demanding to know if I had gone to seen “her” in March. I was shocked and admitted that I had, but how in the hell did she know? Apparently, my love’s husband contacted my wife, through Facebook, and told her everything. She was already reeling from me asking for a divorce, she suspected there was somebody else, but this news sent her completely over the edge. You know that saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” I can attest that it is the absolute truth.

My soon to be ex-wife and my love’s soon to be ex-husband became the best of friends, and between the two of them they did everything in their power to destroy us both. My ex learned how to manipulate my love’s ex in an attempt to get him to attack her physically. She also sent him pictures of me and told him where to find me if he wanted to come after me. Over the next year, there would be threats, slashed tires, restraining orders, and police called. And the more they sought to destroy us, the closer we became. Their hatred of us ultimately strengthened our love and our bond.
In the first couple of months, my love took the brunt of their fury. At the time, my love was scared, weaker than she is now, and filled with an incredible amount of guilt. All I could do was love her through it. She would talk for hours, and I would listen. I learned not to offer advice or tell her what to do. She needed me to listen and be there for her. I remember being so incredibly scared of losing her in those first few months. What I couldn’t know at the time, but later found out about my love is that she has a quiet and powerful determination. Once she has made up her mind to do something, she will see it through to the end no matter what it costs her. That resolve is one of the million things I love about her. She may appear shy and timid, but beneath the surface she has the ferocity of spirit that is indomitable.

It was in these first couple of months of dramatic hell that we also began to exchange flirty and dirty little text messages. It was also during this time that my love started reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” as a distraction. I picked up a copy as well, and soon we were ending our text messages with “Laters baby.” One night when we were talking on the phone, she said, “Could you write me a story?”

“What kind of story?” I said.

“You know, a story about us being together.”

I was shocked, “You mean like a ‘Fifty Shades’ kind of story?”

“Yeah,” she said softly. “That kind of story. I know you’re very good with the words.”

“Um, I don’t know. I’ve never written anything like that before. But, I could try.” My head was spinning a little. What would I write about? How graphic should I be? What’s she into? And, what do I call a vagina? Vag? Pussy? Cum dumpster? Twat? I imagine that these semantic conundrums are common among writers making their first excursions into the world of Erotica. I had to give her lady parts a nickname, and after few more awkward exchanges we arrived at “Honey Pot.” Sweet, warm, moist and delicious! As soon as I was off the phone, I began to write my first bit of Erotica.

The next morning when she awoke, there was a long text message waiting for her with the title, “Your Rough Day.”

Your Rough Day
    Work had been insane for you. Problems needed solving, and crises had to be averted. You were already worn down, but this day utterly exhausted you. I knew from your text messages that your day had been Hell. And on top of that, you had worn heels for work, and while you looked unquestionably amazing, your feet were killing you. I was waiting for your when you came in the door. I took your bags from you, set them down, and wrapped you in the biggest, strongest hug you can imagine. Then I whispered in your ear, “I want you to relax. I have a surprise for you.”

    “Baby, I can’t handle any surprises, right now?”

    “Can you handle a bath with a cup of hot tea?” I smiled.

    “Oh my God, that sounds like heaven. I could handle that.”

    “Then follow me.” I led you by the hand into our bathroom. There was a hot bath with lavender sea salts bathed in candle light awaiting you, and a cup of steaming hot tea was set on the edge of the tub. Adele was playing softly on Pandora. “Let me take care of you tonight. Let me show you how much I love you and appreciate everything you do for us.” You started to cry, and I held you close. Then I gently started to undress you. First your heels, and then your stockings. I unzipped your dress and pulled it down over your shoulders. My fingers undid the tiny hooks of your bra, and finally I knelt before you pulling your panties off. You stood there, stunning in your beauty, absolutely naked in every way to me.

Gently, I took your hand and helped you into the tub. I rolled a small towel up and placed it behind your head, so you could recline and relax. For the next twenty minutes, I let you tell me all about your day. The stress poured out of you, and I noticed that the tension drained from your shoulders. Then I stood up and unbuttoned my white dress shirt, and stood before you with my bare chest wearing your favorite jeans. I knelt down beside the tub and poured body wash onto your loofa. Carefully and gently I began to wash your entire body.

My hands slid all over your body, and your entire mood began to transform from stressed to aroused. I rinsed you off, and as you prepared to get out of the tub, I went to the dryer and got you a warmed towel. I dried you off and led you to our bed in a room lit with candle light. I laid your naked body down on our bed with your legs dangling off the edge and kissed you with all of my passion. I whispered in your ear, “This night is entirely for you.” A beautiful smile lit up your face as my tongue traced circles around your nipple. First one then the other, until each one was firm and aroused. Slowly my tongue made its way down to the sexy mound of your Honey Pot.

First little kisses, then long sliding strokes up and down the sides of your lips, building tension and expectant pleasure. Then I slid my tongue inside of you and began to work it slowly up to your clit, tasting your dripping honey of pleasure. I spent ten minutes slowly making out with your clit in circles and long strokes of pleasure. My hand spread your legs wide and held your ass at times, and then my hand moved to your taunt nipples and pinched them until your back arched and your whole body went into fits of pleasure. My tongue dove deep inside you prolonging your pleasure until your body was spent.

I quickly lost my pants, and while you were still reeling from the pleasure of my tongue, I slid onto the bed, my hips between your legs, and my throbbing cock poised to give you more pleasure. In one long stroke, I was deep inside your dripping Honey Pot. My hand went right to your ass, and my leg went outside one of yours. I began working Horace in small circles deep inside of you. My steel hard shaft stimulated your clit again and again, and my thick long hard cock filled you completely. Your toes squeezed together and your legs flexed in ecstasy, and I kept grinding, stroking, and working you into a frenzy of released passion. Moving swiftly, I brought my leg back inside of yours, sat up on my knees, and put the back of your legs against my chest. My hands grabbed your hips, and I began working you hard and harder. With each slam of my cock into you, I watched your pleasure rise. I felt your hot, wet Honey Pot clench around me, and as you started to climax again, you drew all of the passion out of me. My hot seed spread all over your deep spot, and I made sure you felt every inch of my throbbing cock as it exploded inside of you.

For the next hour, I held your naked body close to mine. Stroking my fingers down your back until you fell peacefully asleep.

I knew she was awake in the morning when I received her text. “Oh my God, that story got me so hot. I want you!!!”

“Glad you liked. I love you too.”

“When can I get more of those?”

“I’ll work on another one tonight when I get home from work. Laters Baby.”

“Love you, Gorgeous.”

Over the next few months, I wrote many stories. It was like three months of foreplay and teasing, so by the time July came we were both incredibly, desperately hot for each other. Her flight landed at 5:30 and by 7:00 we were all over each other. We almost didn’t make it out of the parking garage. Our bodies could not be denied as they lusted for each other, and after we had worked up our first good sweat and satisfied our needs, I left her to take a shower as I prepared a small dinner for us.
She came out of the room wearing jeans and a t-shirt that fit just right. I was wearing my jeans and nothing else. “Oh, a topless chef,” her eyes lit up. “I like that outfit. You are so hot.”

“I love you, Beautiful. Are you hungry?”

“Yeah, and the food looks good too.”

“Mmmm… I see,” returning her playful smile. “Let’s get some food first and see what comes up. I have some fresh baked bread, grilled artichokes, brie, and grapes.”

We made a romantic little picnic on the couch and ottoman and passed the next couple of hours talking and chatting, flirting. The sky outside started to light up sporadically, and distant thunder began to roll. A storm was coming in, and my mind thought back to one of the stories I had written about us making love in the rain after a hike. The wind picked up, and I knew it would be raining soon. It had been about 90 that day, and the temperature was dropping into the 70’s. I put on a pot of coffee, grabbed two towels, and poured the two cups of hot coffee.

“What are you doing?” She asked with a curious sparkle in her eyes.

“Making our fantasy a reality,” I said with a wicked smile. “Come outside, let's watch the storm roll in.”

“What are the towels for?”

“When the rain comes, I’m going to strip you, and ravage you in it.”

Her eyes lit up as she remember the story. “You are so much fun!”

We sat on the covered patio, and I lit a Marlboro. We talked for a bit and enjoyed the coffee. Then the rain started, a slow drizzle at first. The sky opened with a crack of thunder and sheets of rain began to pound down. I grabbed her hand as she stood and pulled her into the dark rainy night. Our desire for each other was incendiary. I ripped her t-shirt off, and my mouth closed around her nipple playing with it until her bud was taught, and then I moved to the other one. Her hands found my belt buckle and worked at the button and zipper. I pulled her close as the rain drenched us, kissing her with so much fire and passion that we became impervious to the cold water soaking us. Soon our clothes were ripped off, and our naked bodies were lit by lightning. She was so incredibly hot, slim, muscular, sexy. The water ran over my shoulders, down my broad chest, and over my abs. I held her tight against the storm and lifted her thighs and bottom into position. She worked her hips over my throbbing cock, getting Horace wet with her honey as she worked him deeper and deeper. Then she leaned back with her hands around the back of my neck letting the rain pour over us. I grabbed her hot little ass and with strong thrusts drove my cock into her over and over again. He body began to shake, and her moans let me know she was getting close. “Fuck me!” She screamed as the light flashed and the thunder cracked. Without a word, I pounded my lust into her. She felt so incredible. The whole scene was surreal. Cold wind and rain drenched our naked bodies, but the heat of her body and her moist warm, wet, pussy erupted all over my cock. She sank her hips down onto me as I filled her with my hot cum, and I smacked her ass with my hand, sending her over the edge. She convulsed up and down my long cock enjoying an intense orgasm before she finally relaxed and laid her head on my shoulders. I carried her back to the patio and wrapped her in a towel. We sat there for twenty minutes, wrapped in towels, watching the rain, drinking our coffee, completely unable to wipe the stupid smiles off our faces.

The next four days of that visit were some of the best days of my life. The sex was incredible, and we both wore each other out in ways we never thought possible. But, there was one conversation we needed to have. Both of us had gotten married and had kids before we really knew who we were or what we needed from a partner. Now, we knew, and there were some things we would never compromise on again. Each of us had a list, and one evening we sat down and began to talk. The chemistry was there, but we had to know whether we were really compatible with each other in the long run.

“What’s your number one most important thing?” She asked, clearly nervous.

I took a deep breath and prepared to be more honest than I ever have been with someone. “I need a partner who is active and in shape. It’s not about size or being skinny, but I want someone to workout with, someone to backpack with, and someone to have great sex with, so she has to be in shape. It might sound shallow, but it’s honest.” I was so scared waiting for her reply.

“Do you think I meet that need?” She asked with hesitation. “I haven’t been backpacking in years, but I want to go.”

“I think you’re amazing. We’ve run together, hiked a few miles, and your are definitely fun in bed. So, I think that one is covered. What’s your number one need?” I asked.

“I’m not sure where to start, but I need someone to listen to me. I mean really listen and respect me. I’m sick of doing everything alone, so I want a partner who helps me. You have to be a man, a grown up.”

I could tell it took a lot for her to share this, and I hope I could meet her needs. “How am I doing with the listening?”

“You’re a good listener. I feel like you’re actually interested and not just listening to argue with me. Also, when I came here I was impressed by how clean the house is and that you cook.” She gave me a gentle smile, as we both began to realize that this might work. “What’s another deal breaker for you?”

“This one is kind of strange, but I want a partner who doesn’t want to live a conventional life. I know we have children, but after they’re gone, I want to travel a lot, money doesn’t hold much value for me, so I’m willing to wander without a home or a lot of comforts. I want to hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail), live abroad in New Zealand, and just wander. I’ll work hard, but I need to get out there for a while.”

Her eyes twinkled at that moment, “Really? Do You want to do all that stuff? It sounds wonderful, scary and dangerous, but amazing. We can’t do that until the kids graduate, but I love the sound of it. I’m in.”

I was shocked, and I thought for sure this would be a deal breaker, but she truly surprised me. “Any other deal breakers for you?”

“Yeah, sex. I’m done with a lousy sex life. I want great sex, a partner who I can talk to, experiment with, play with, and who really excites me. I already know you measure up,” she laughed. “But what about you, what do you need sexually from me?”

“I need a good blowjob!” The words jumped out of my mouth, and I was mortified. We both burst into a fit of laughter. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to just jump out, but it’s true. For the last twelve years, I have fantasized most about your kisses.”

“So it’s been pretty bad for you?”

“I haven’t cum in a girl’s mouth since you and I were last together. It has sucked, no pun intended. I don’t even know if I can get off that way anymore.”

“Really? We need to fix that,” she said with a devilish little grin. “How about we fix that right now?”

“We can try, but it might take a while,” I said.

“Ok, as long as I get to taste you again.”

And with that we began to play again with a very specific end in mind. She sucked me for a long time, and then I tasted her, fucked her, and we kept going until finally after twelve years my cock exploded in her mouth, and she swallowed me down. Oh my, God, I forgot how incredible her mouth felt, and the way she worked her tongue around the head of my cock. I nearly passed out, and she was so happy. “I love sucking you off,” she said. “It makes me feel powerful when I drive you crazy.”

These visits meant everything to us. They were romantic, lust filled, exciting, and they gave us time to really talk. We needed to see each other, but life and the distance between us made it difficult. As our divorces ground both of us down, it was our visits that rejuvenated our souls and gave of us hope for the future. After the fourth of July visit, we decided to meet up again in Sedona for Labor Day weekend. I had to find out if she really liked to hike, and what better place to test things out than the Grand Canyon?

I left Texas after work on Thursday, and once again found myself driving 1,000+ miles through the desolation of West Texas, New Mexico, and Eastern Arizona. I drove through the night and arrived at The Butterfly Garden Inn in Oak Creek Canyon just north of Sedona. My love was waiting for me in a small cabin she had rented for the weekend with her best friend and another woman they worked with. Exhausted as I was, my heart leapt at the sight of my love. After introductions and a cup of coffee, the other two ladies disappeared for a day of shopping and exploring Sedona, leaving us to reconnect.

My love took me into the bathroom and started a hot shower. She peeled off my clothes and took me into the hot steamy shower. As the water began to rinse off the road grime and weariness, she gently washed my entire body. I held her wet body and kissed her with a longing passion. She was incredibly beautiful and so sweet to me. After the shower, she led me to our room, where our bed awaited my exhausted body. We dropped our towels to the floor and climbed in naked and clean.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered as she kissed my ear and nuzzled my neck.

I couldn’t believe I was touching her naked body again. In those passionate moments, my love for her crashed into me with such an overwhelming force. “I love you, Beautiful.”

“I love you too.”

Gently I rolled her onto her back and caressed the length of her body with tender touches. Over and over I whispered my love to her. And as gently as I could, I slid my love into her moist and wanting lips. Her body tensed, and she gasped as we became one. She was so warm, wet, and absolutely precious to me. Our eyes met as my hips started slow and caring thrusts, and our lips reached out to one another. Our hips and tongues moved in synchronicity, a lover’s dance of beautiful love making, tender touches, and limitless passion.

We poured our love into each other, building on a slow rhythm with desperate “I love you’s” whispered between the two of us. We were carried away in these moments to a place neither of us had felt in a very long time. Our souls embraced as our bodies were awash in carnal pleasure. As she built closer to climax, she aroused in me feelings that I could not contain. Our bodies moved as one to higher pleasure and a closer union of our souls until we both became lost in the pleasure of each other. As she climaxed, my love for her exploded in a moment of perfect passion. I felt her orgasm at the same time she felt my hot love fill her, and both of us kept coming with such intensity that time stopped.

We stayed locked together for a long time, completely overcome by our exchange. We both began to cry and hold each other. Neither of us needed words, for, at that moment, each of us understood the love the other felt and experienced. We had become one, and we let the ecstasy of the moment linger between us. Then like a retreating tide, we began to return to reality. The hours of driving and lack of sleep crept into my bones. And as I lay there holding the love of my life, I drifted into a wonderfully peaceful sleep.

A few hours later she woke me up with fresh coffee and tender kisses. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking, and picking up some last minute snacks for our hike tomorrow. She said, “This hike feels like some kind of test?”

I wanted to deny it, but she was right. “Sort of,” I said, “But it’s not to judge you. I just need to know if you really like hiking. If we can spend time together on a trail without fighting?”

“I understand, but I’m really nervous. I hate the idea of disappointing you.”

“I don’t think you could ever disappoint me. I love you in ways that I can’t describe with words. Besides, just the fact that you’re willing to hike with me from the rim to the river and back again in a day is enough for me.”

The next morning we were up by 3:00 AM, made coffee milkshakes and hit the road by 3:45. We were nearly the only car in the parking lot and caught the hiker’s bus at Grand Canyon Village that took us to Yaki Point and the trailhead of the South Kaibab Trail. We started down the trail with headlamps and a light drizzle falling. As we hiked further into the depth and darkness of the canyon, our hearts fluttered. Both of us had longed for so long to be with someone who we could share adventures with, and here we were, together at last, and sharing a truly grand adventure.

Predawn light began to fill the canyon, and the beauty of nature’s ultimate temple unveiled herself to us both. We knew we were in a surreal place, and that words or casual conversation would be tantamount to blasphemy, so we hiked that hour in silent reverie. We let the overwhelming beauty and power of this place fill us with awe.
At O’Neill Butte, we stopped to watch the sunrise flood the canyon with red hued light under a purple sky. We perched ourselves on a dizzying precipice and whispered love to each other. I held her so close, and at that moment I realized more than ever that I had found my person. I studied her face admiring the beauty, strength, and authenticity that made her the most special woman in the world to me. The purity of our love matched the splendor of the canyon, and like the canyon, I could see our love reaching to eternity.

We spent the rest of the morning enjoying our descent to the river. We were in no rush, neither one of really wanted to return from this day and our time together was so short, so we savored every moment. We began to chat as the morning wore on. We spoke of dreams, hopes, and past pain. We smiled and laughed until our faces hurt, and we stopped at various points to hold each other, to kiss, to be tender and loving. It seemed that deeper we went into the canyon, the deeper we dove into each other. Years of walls we had erected to keep ourselves hidden from our respective spouses began to crumble, and finally we felt the freedom of letting our true selves out.

By 10:00 AM we had reached the Colorado River, and as we walked along the bottom of the canyon, we found a small cold, clear running creek. We hiked up the creek a little ways and found some nice rocks to relax on and enjoy our lunch. We both took off our boots and set our socks on warm rocks to dry out. We put our now battered feet into the icy waters of the creek and spent an hour resting in the hot sun. The morning’s cold drizzle had given way to a cloudless afternoon with just a hint of a breeze.

It took nearly twice as long to hike out as it did to hike in. We had to stop at the 1-mile rest house on the Bright Angel Trail to hydrate, eat and rest. But, we had also spent that afternoon flirting. We argued about who should be in front because both of us wanted to enjoy the view of the other one walking in front. By the time we did reach the rim, we were exhausted, ready to be back at our cabin. We had hiked over 15 miles, descended 4,780’, climbed 4,380’ in twelve hours. We hadn’t said one cross word to each other all day and had laughed more then either of us thought possible. It had been a perfect day, and in the car as we drove back to the cabin, she asked, “So, did I pass the test?”

A huge smile flashed across my face, “Oh my God, YES!!! A thousand times yes. You are more amazing than I could have possibly ever imagined.”

“Oh good,” she said with a coy smile. “So, are you too worn out to play with me?”

“Hmmm… I think I can manage. Is that your test for me?”


We both burst into laughter, and said in unison, “I love you.”

That began a new tradition for us. No matter how tired we were, or how hard the trip had been, we played after every road trip. It didn’t have to be the most mind-blowing, crazy, kinky sex of our lives, but we always found the energy to play. In the years that were to pass, it wouldn’t matter if we had driven a thousand miles with little to no sleep, when we made it home, we played. It was our promise to each other, no matter how much life took out of us, we also saved something for each other.

There were to be many trials, many trips, too many “goodbyes,” and life at times seemed to conspire against us. But the odyssey of our passion led us to the only place we ever wanted to be, in each other’s arms. Together we could face anything; together we were the embodiment of passion. We had fallen in love as teenagers, too ignorant to understand the preciousness of true love, but somehow, by grace and sheer determination of will, we fought our way back to each other. And today, the odyssey continues, moving slowly toward an eternity of love.