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19 Jan. '20

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Still naked, Terry opened the door when Chrissy returned. She slipped in saying, “I hope you don’t mind me being so forward, Terry. Mind if I strip off? But that massage bit and watching Rachel and Nathan in the throes of beautiful sex got me all worked up and also I more or less put you on a promise.” She was now completely naked and draped her clothes over a chair and placed her purse on the table.

“OK” said Terry. “Take a deep, slow breath then tell me what, if anything you want to drink. Then we will sit back and have a quiet, get-to-know-you chat. I will gaze at your beautiful body and allow my thoughts to wander while the juices rise. You may assist in any way you see fit.” 

She opted for an SSB which Terry poured for her and made a Rum and Coke for himself. They sat in recliner chairs, sipping on their drinks and chatting. Terry enquired about Chrissy’s job – Registered Emergency Medicine Nurse – where she lived – in a two bedroom flat being one among several others – any boy friend – no, has had a few but nothing with any prospects – how she met Rachel – went to school together and kept in touch - and life in general.

She asked Terry a few similar questions then put down her empty glass saying, “Will you massage me Terry?”

“Certainly.” He drained his glass, stood and took her hand to help her up from the recliner. He did not let go but led her into the massage room. “Up you go, onto the table, face down. I will use a cover sheet if you wish but, in the circumstances, I don’t think it is necessary, do you? “

“If you do put one over me I will throw it off.”

“Great. Now, I presume you have no tight muscles or ligaments and no tender or painful places and therefore don’t need deep muscle massage.”

“That’s right. A gentle, sensuous, relaxing  massage would be great and don’t avoid the naughty places please.”

“Right you are, young lady. I won’t use oil unless you want it. I find it tends to take some of the sensation out of sensuous massage which depends a lot on friction between your skin and mine. Let’s see how we go.”

She lay on the table with face on the donut pillow and arms in the surrender position. Her skin was uniformly tanned, complimented by the head of brown hair cut short.   Her feet were together with a bolster under her ankles. Her breasts bulged just a little on either side of her chest. Her small, perfectly rounded buttocks, with dividing cleft, prompted Terry to comment that, even in that position, she looked stunningly beautiful.

“Thank you.”

Standing on her left side he worked very gently and slowly around her shoulders, deltoid muscles and shoulder blades. His hands were open with the fingers and palms lightly touching her. He worked both hand in contra-directional circles moving up and down her back from neck to upper thighs. Then he maintained the hand movements while working his way up to stand at her head from where he could caress both upper arms. She moved her hands to grasp his penis and cup his scrotum but he kept on massaging. She stroked his penis from base to tip with a very light grasp and gently kneaded his scrotum and testicles. She rubbed her thumb across the tip of his penis to spread the pre-cum.

Soon enough he stopped work there then moved to the foot of the couch. He grasped both her ankles and moved them out to the ends of the bolster. He then began to gently scrape her soles with his finger nails. She gasped, clenched her fists and curled her toes. He ran his finger tips across the fold at the base of her toes then took up first her left foot to kiss each toe pad in turn then did the same with the right foot.

With both feet back on the bolster he placed a hand around each ankle grasping very lightly then slowly moved his hands up the back of her legs until he could just reach the fold under each buttock. He used his thumbs to spread her buttocks revealing her anus and the outer lips of her vagina. He slid his hands back down to her ankles before repeating the process over and over. At each apex he managed to get his thumbs just a little higher and enough to spread her outer lips revealing the inner lips and he rubbed his thumbs lightly over their inner surfaces. Chrissy sighed, lifted her bottom a little to facilitate his movements. “That is so beautiful, Terry. Don’t stop.”

“But I must soon, Chrissy. A couple more runs up your legs then you turn over.”

When she turned he removed the donut replacing it with a small pillow under her head. She wriggled a little to get comfortable then relaxed, arms by her sides palms upwards..

Terry began by leaning down and lightly kissing her lips then each nipple giving each a little lick with his tongue. Then he leaned over her pubis, took a deep breath and lightly blew onto the surfaces of her outer vaginal lips and down toward her anus.

“That is a new one for me, Terry. Very nice too and so were the kisses.”

“Thank you.”

He stood on her right side about level with her navel and began the same hand movements he had used on her back. This time the movements involved her breasts and he deliberately dragged his hands slowly over her nipples. She sighed and groaned a little then grasped his penis in her right hand – just holding it firmly but gently without any strokes. He carried on without comment and no attempt at disengagement.

He worked his way down onto her abdomen and turned inwards but Chrissy maintained her grip. His movements culminated with long strokes down each groin from hip bone to clitoris which he gentle rubbed in a circular motion with his middle fingers. Then her passed his right hand between her thighs with the palmar side of his middle finger sliding along her vaginal slit – down and back, down and back, down and back. He stopped, when he felt her juices flowing, and moved to the bottom of the couch again. From there he repeated the movements he had used on the back of her legs.

This time his thumbs reached her outer lips without difficulty and he was able to bring his index fingers into play as well tickling, scratching and kneading her lips, her clitoris and the skin to each side of her lips.

She drew her knees up a little, kicked the bolster away, placed her heels together and allowed her knees to fall outward. Terry balked a little but then continued his movements up the inner side of her calves and thighs to take advantage of easier access to her vagina. Leaning forward he placed his left hand over her lower abdomen with the thumb rubbing and rotating on her clitoris. He turned his right hand palm up and inserted his middle finger into her vagina curling it up a little and stroking in search of her G spot. He soon found it and inserted a second finger. Chrissy was enraptured and began hip movements in time with his fingers. Ultimately she had a magnificent orgasm, arching her back, thrusting her pelvis and shouting religious words, swear words and words on encouragement to Terry to not stop. She squirted a voluminous amount around Terry’s fingers and hand then she collapsed and fell silent except for gasping respirations.

Terry took his fingers out, straightened her legs and got a wet flannel to clean up her vagina, perineum and upper thighs then patted her dry with a small towel. He got a glass of cold water. When returned Chrissy was propped up on an elbow looking around.

“ Oh, there you are,” she said. “ I wondered where you had got to. What happened?”

“ Not far away, Chrissy. And you had a very powerful orgasm. Now have some cold water and a little rest.”

“Thank you, but I hope that was just the entrée. There is unfinished business to attend too.”

“I know and we will attend to that when you have recovered some more.”

It was not long before she returned to normal. She sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the couch. Her breasts, with nipples proud and engorged, swung a little

“I have just had an idea I would love to try if you are willing Terry.”

“As a rule I will try anything at least once. But before we do, would you mind giving my penis some gentle massage to prepare it for action?’

“Don’t mind at all. And I think the best penile massage should be oral so let’s start.”

With that she slid off the couch, went down on bended knees in front of Terry and grasped his half erect penis. She gave it a few strokes with one hand and cupped his scrotum with the other. Then she took his penis onto her mouth licking all round the end then up and down the shaft dribbling saliva and precum as she went.

“Ah, that’s better and that is very nice.” Said Terry. “What is your suggestion?”

She stood and walked to the foot end of the couch, leaned over it onto her elbows and said, “I wondered if you would take me from behind, at least for a while, vaginally of course. Then we could go to the bedroom. I have never had sex  with my feet on the ground.”

“Your wish is my command. The table height is just about perfect for us both and my equipment is primed and ready. You might like to guide it in. Let’s start.”

He moved behind her, holding his penis, and began rubbing it up and down her slit which he could feel but not see. Chrissy reached down and back between her legs and grasped it leading it to her vagina. He pressed gently until it slid into the well lubricated space. He held her by the hips while he allowed her to adjust to the intrusion then began short, gentle, thrusting building up to almost complete withdrawal before powerful thrusts delivering the head of his penis into contact with her cervix. Chrissy assisted by reciprocating his movements.

Suddenly Terry let out a weird cry, clutched at his chest and collapsed forward onto Chrissy then fell to his right onto the floor face down.

Chrissy was shocked. Looking down she saw Terry lying partly on his right side partly face down. She shouted his name as she stood up with no response. She knelt alongside and behind him feeling for a carotid artery pulse but there was none. She inserted her fingers into his mouth feeling for vomit but there was none so she heaved and struggled to role him onto his back. His eyes were closed but when she pushed one eyelid up she noted the pupil contracted – a good sign she thought.

She held his mouth closed and squeezed his nostrils together seeking signs of breathing but there was none. She immediately swung over him to his right side and, kneeling, clenched her right hand into a fist, raised it high above her head slammed it down over his sternum. Occasionally this will restart a stopped heart.  Feeling no carotid pulse she placed her left hand over the right over his mid-sternum and began external cardiac massage. After ten compressions she rushed into the living room, snatched her purse from the table, pulled out her mobile phone, which was always turned on,  pressed the Ambulance Emergency App icon and then the Speaker icon. She put the phone on the massage couch and started pumping Terry’s chest again.

Almost immediately a female voice came from the phone. “Ambulance Emergency – what is your emergency?”

“I am an E.D. Nurse in a private residence. A 78 year old male has collapsed, is non-responsive, not breathing and pulseless. I am giving chest compressions. I need paramedics ASAP. I am alone.”

“Great summary. Well done. I have an ambulance on its way and should reach you in about three minutes. Your phone GPS has been sent to them automatically. They know where to get to.”

“Christ I’m getting tired. Tell them my Red Mazda SUV is parked in the driveway.”

“What is your name?”


“Try to hang in there Chrissy. Help will be with you very soon.”

“Shit. The front door is locked. I’ll have stop this to  run out and open it.”

“OK. I’ll stay on the line. “

She ran through the living room wondering if she was going to have to find a key but the lock was operable from inside. She flung the door open and rushed back to Terry. On the way she heard the ambulance siren.

” I’m back, the door is open.”

“Well done Chrissy. Just out of interest what was the man doing when he collapsed?”

“If you must know he was fucking me – at my request! Any thing else you want to know?”

“Sorry, Chrissy.”

“Forget it. Hooray, your cavalry has arrived. Just in time. I am completely knackered.”

The ambulance crew – a male and female – rushed in carrying their gear.

“Hi. You must be Chrissy. I’m Jake and this is Rita.” - as they rapidly, smoothly set to work.

Jake got the defibrillator switched on and pads in place in no time. Rita put an oxygen mask over Terry’s face then relieved Chrissy who stood and stepped back.

“ No offence intended Chrissy but you might like to put your clothes on. Nosy neighbours are bound to turn up any second.”

As she was pulling her dress over her head she heard the defibrillator’s robotic talking then Jake saying “Back of, Rita, defibbing now. “  then “No joy. Another try. Back off.”

After a pause Jake yelled, “We got him! He’s pumping. He’s got a rhythm. His pupils are still working too. We’ve had a big win. Hey Chrissy you saved his life! He is back in sinus rhythm now.”

Chrissy, now dressed collapsed into a lounge chair and burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably. “Jesus Christ!  Jesus fucking Christ! “

“Chrissy! What happened? The boys went to see where the ambulance was going and came tearing back to say it was here. So here I am.”

Chrissy stood up and ran into Rachel’s arms. Rachel’s bewildered boys gazed around.

“Bloody Terry had a fucking heart attack, I think. He just collapsed as we were hard at it standing up. Thank Christ you are here.”

Rita came over to them while Jake attended Terry.

“He‘s awake again. Can’t say much but keeps saying your name Chrissy. And any chance we could find a pair of shorts for now and some clothes for him to take to hospital? Tooth brush and shaving gear might be handy too.”

Rachel said, “You go and talk to him Chrissy. Tell him I’m going to ransack his bedroom and I’ll get what I think he will need.”

Chrissy walked into the massage room to find Terry sitting, propped up, on the ambulance stretcher. A blanket up to his waist. He looked up, took the oxygen mask off his face, smiled at her and said, “They told me you saved my life. Thank you so much Chrissy. That’s something else I owe you.”

“You owe me nothing, Terry. Just glad I was able to do something useful. You’re off to hospital now. Rachel and I will visit you in the morning. Sweet dreams dear Terry. Oh, before I go…” She leaned down, lifted the mask off,  kissed him on the lips, replaced the mask and walked away.

And so it all progressed. The ambulance took Terry to the city hospital. The girls decided they would tidy up, Chrissy would stay with Rachel overnight and they would both go into the hospital in the morning.


Rachel, Chrissy and the boys walked back to Rachel’s house after locking up Terry’s.

“I’ll get my car in the morning. Do you think we should ring Sally?” Chrissy asked.

“Probably better to do it after we see Terry in the morning.” Rachel replied. “We might have more to tell her then. Plus, if my memory is correct, it is the conference dinner tonight. She won’t have her phone with her.”

“OK. Hope you’ve got something to drink in the fridge.”

 “I’ve got soda water and ice in the fridge and a very nice scotch in the liquor cabinet. I reckon the scotch is what you need right now.”

As they entered the house the boys threw themselves in front of the TV ignoring the ladies who stripped naked – as was their habit.

Rachel mixed two drinks and they went out to sit on the back verandah. Chrissy related how events developed from when she left Rachel earlier that day omitting no detail. After several drinks and nightfall the two boys came out, naked, kissed their Mum and Chrissy goodnight and went to bed.

“I think I might turn in too, Rachel. Would you mind?”

“Not at all. I think I will too. It will take you a while to get off to sleep you know. It will all keep going through your mind. And you might as well hop into my bed with me. I’ve got a couple of shoulders you can cry on if you wish and a good cuddle will help.”

“Cuddle sounds nice. So do the shoulders. I might even revert to infancy and want to suckle a breast or two as well. Shower first though. OK?”

They showered together soaping, lathering and washing each other  with extra attention paid to breasts and labia.  Rinsed and dried off they went to bed. Rachel opened her arms and Chrissy rolled into them as they lay breast to breast, hugging each other.

Tears formed at Chrissy’s eyes trickling down onto Rachel’s face. She kissed them away and drew a knee up between Chrissy’s so the thigh pressed her vagina. Chrissy began to sob and they lay there fully ten  minutes - Rachel hugging Chrissy tight. Then Chrissy took a deep breath, sighed and said, “Thank you. Don’t know what I would have done without you and this comfort. I think I’m OK now.” She kissed Rachel fully on the mouth, softly but persistently until Rachel’s tongue began to move against hers.

“You can kiss my nipples if you want to, Chrissy. And my clitoris and vagina. If not then I could kiss yours. Might help you know.”

“I’m sure it will help. I owe you so I’ll start here and work my way down. On second thoughts, lets start by kissing, licking and pinching each other’s nipples in turn then we’ll do a 69er. That way both of us will be satisfied and sleep well.”

“Good idea.” replied Rachel as Chrissy took a nipple into her mouth simultaneously cupping and squeezing Rachel’s breast. Rachel moved her thigh away from Chrissy’s vagina but replaced it with her right hand. She extended her middle finger to slide it up and down the slit feeling the moisture rising as Chrissy kept the nipple in her mouth tonguing it, nibbling and stretching it with her teeth.

The culmination was mutual, simultaneous orgasms with Rachel on top - her face buried in the labia between Chrissy’s thighs spread to maximum width, while Rachel straddled Chrissy’s face - her nose buried in Rachel’s vagina and Rachel’s clitoris sucked into Chrissy’s mouth. Returning to earth they kissed good night and slept the sleep of the damned.


They arrived at the hospital about 1030 next morning surprised to find Terry sitting up in bed smiling and cheerful. He welcomed them each by name and indicated one should approach each side of the bed where he drew them to him and hugged them.

“I can’t thank you both enough. And without any discredit to you Rachel I actually owe my life to Chrissy. If she had failed to do what she did when she did it I would most certainly have died. Mind you, I couldn’t think of a nicer way to bring on a heart attack.”

 “And the good news is they decided to do a coronary artery angiogram last night – I think that’s what they called it – and found one partly blocked artery. They put a stent into it there and then. The cardiologist told me this morning that, to all intents and purposes, I am now back to normal. Mind you, I do feel as though I have been run over by a truck – that was caused by you, Chrissy, doing what you did – and I am certainly glad you did - plus the defibrillator making every muscle in my body contract violently.

“They want me to stay overnight again while the blood tests come back but all going well I will be home tomorrow. “

He flung the blankets back revealing no clothing below the t-shirt and a semi-erect penis. “Who wants go first?”

“In your dreams!!” they chorused, flinging the blankets back over him.


                                                            To be continued.