Luck Be A Lady Ch.7

Info Sybarite
19 Jan. '20

I related in previous chapters how I became friends with a woman from the neighborhood. This friendship blossomed into romance. This romance developed into something more when Kate insisted I join in intimacy with her and her handsome boyfriend as part of a birthday gift to him. Our relationship evolved yet again when Kate disclosed something I would never expect: Kate had a fetish about submitting to a woman. She had never engaged in this behavior and was anxious to try it. I had severe misgivings about assuming the role of Kate’s mistress, but Kate persisted and I yielded to her wish.

As we were both feeling our way through our new roles, we started slowly. I would shave her and then put her in positions she enjoyed; spread eagle, bent over the back of her couch, holding her ankles behind her ears while I penetrated her, you name it. I was surprised at how readily I adapted to my new role; I became more authoritative while Kate became more submissive.

As I previously disclosed, Kate had provided a riding crop for me to spank her vagina while I sat on her face. She especially enjoyed this and I had come to find satisfaction in it, too. There was no harm intended and none done. Her boyfriend Tom never suspected our activities because outside of our role playing sessions Kate and I appeared as merely two friends.

Meanwhile, Tom had made Kate and me his sex toys during our three-ways, but always respectfully. We happily accommodated his manly desires. He had some favorites: With Kate and me kissing, he’d push his manhood between our lips, his fingers in our hair, holding our heads together. He also enjoyed the sight of his penis between our boobs and would take every opportunity with both of us. He would stack us on top of each other and take turns entering us. He loved giving us vagina to mouth to vagina treatment. He sometimes would lay us down cheek to cheek and squirt on our faces. It was all in good fun and we came to savor our time together.

Our three-ways had become somewhat regular and again we were together in Kate’s bed. Once the curtains were drawn, Kate and I undressed each other, giggling the whole time. After having abused Kate as much as I had in our private sessions, albeit at her request, I wanted to please her like the queen that she is. I pushed her onto the bed and dove between her legs. I easily brought her to one of her adorable finishes while Tom watched. Satisfied, she took Tom by his erection and led him to me. Kate primed me with gentle kisses to my labia and I welcomed Tom’s entry. He was the perfect gentleman.

“Is this okay, Laura?” he asked as he always did while coaxing his substantial manhood in slowly.

“You’re so gentle,” I cooed. Tom continued with respect and was soon fully in.

As usual, Kate pushed her pretty face into our lovemaking and entertained my clitoris with her tongue as Tom gently made love to me.

“You sweetie,” Kate said into my inhabited vagina. “You are so cute.” She turned to Tom.

“Isn’t Laura a doll?”

“A living doll,” Tom agreed.

Kate, being our chaperone, tickled Tom’s scrotum as she tended to me. She well knew how to bring both me and Tom to completion and we soon shared a simultaneous and rousing finish. Tom remained inside while Kate cared for my hypersensitive clitoris. She pulled Tom out and licked him clean. With hardly a pause, Kate spun onto her hands and knees and beckoned Tom. He slid into her from behind and began a slow cadence.

A confluence of thoughts and emotions consumed me, the foremost being jealousy, but for whom? Was it my girlfriend enjoying love with someone else? Or was it Tom being with Kate, not with me? I couldn’t blame her; he was her boyfriend, not mine. And I couldn’t blame him for loving his girl. Still, the pangs of jealousy stung.

Tom pulled out and flipped Kate onto her back. He squirmed to me with a devious look in his eyes. He positioned me on top of her in the sixty-nine position. It was the moment I had been waiting for. Tom bunched my hair up and held it loosely in his fist. He entered me and we made love on Kate’s face. He’d withdraw from me, push into Kate’s mouth, and repeat. He soon had a riveting finish inside of me. He stayed in a while and then pulled out.

As Kate’s mistress, I had previously promised that I would make her suck her boyfriend’s semen out of me after I made love with him. I kept my promise; I lowered myself onto Kate’s mouth and she sucked me dry while I administered a few discreet spanks to her swollen clitoris.

I rolled off of Kate and we lay in a pile. Kate and I gently caressed Tom’s scrotum and flagging penis as he recovered. He soon did. We were on our backs and Tom stacked me on top of Kate, my back to her chest. He took turns entering us. I was in Kate’s arms and she held my boobs scrunched together. After sampling our vaginas multiple times, I took him by his erection and led him to my cleavage. Straddling both of us, he placed his handsome manhood between my boobs and enjoyed. He then alternated between our vaginas and my cleavage. Kate held me tight, her delicate fingers keeping me scrunched together. It made a wonderful sight and Tom soon deposited another healthy orgasm on my boobs. I wore it proudly.

We rose. Kate licked most of Tom off me. Tom was totally spent. We held his deflated penis.

“Three’s a charm,” he panted. “I finished three times with you, Laura,” he continued. “You’re my little ball drainer.”

“Laura has a boyfriend and she’s already draining his balls,” Kate interjected.

And I was. I hadn’t broken up with Bill. When Bill and I had first started dating I was an ingénue with little experience. Since then I had become bisexual, Kate’s mistress, and had regularly participated in group sex. Of course I hadn’t disclosed any of this to Bill. He still thought I was the innocent little girl that I was on our first date. He was happy with that fantasy so I continued playing the part with him.

Tom’s face fell at Kate’s remark. I sensed he had come to see me as his girlfriend. I wasn’t; Kate was. I was just a guest, although a guest who seemed to be getting increasingly favored treatment. I wondered if Kate was starting to resent this.


If she did, it hadn’t affected her desire for me to be her mistress. Our lovemaking actually intensified. I had bought Kate a collar, a leash, and some quarter-cup push-up bras for her birthday. She absolutely loved wearing them for me.

Our most recent session was typical. I undressed Kate, put her on her leash, and shaved her. Kate preferred to retain some pubic hair, but I overruled her; I keep Kate’s vagina totally bare. I put her new bra on her, positioning her tits the way I liked them, standing out prominently with nipples proudly displayed. After womanhandling her tits anyway I pleased, I made Kate undress me down to my panties and I walked her to her bed. She crawled behind me. To have a beautiful, buxom woman on a leash, naked at your feet, is something every woman should experience.

Once on her bed, I could no longer resist the siren call of her beautiful vagina. I dragged my tongue up the full length of her slit and savored her delicate taste, all the while holding her leash in my fist. I soon focused on her inflamed clitoris. This treatment drove Kate wild and she began to wail loudly. I removed my panties and stuffed them in her mouth to muffle her moans. I returned to her clit. In seconds she experienced an intense orgasm. I kept her in her throes for minutes.

Before she calmed I pulled my panties out of her mouth and sat on her face. With her riding crop in my one hand and her leash in the other I held her against my wetness while I spanked her hairless vagina.

“Lick my clit,” I ordered. In her zeal, Kate gave me some hard licks.

“Gently!” I admonished with some resolute slaps to her vagina.

“I’m sorry, Mistress Laura. Like this?” she asked, giving some tender licks and kisses to my engorged clitoris.

“Yes, just like that. Good girl!” I said, as I slapped her vagina with reduced intensity.

Kate was masturbating furiously. “None of that,” I ordered. “Hold yourself open so I can spank between your lips.”

“Yes, Mistress Laura.” Kate pulled her vagina open to receive my treatment.

The sound of the crop slapping her soft, wet vagina was pleasing to both of us.

“Do you like when I spank your pussy, Kate?” I asked as I continued.

“Oh, yes, Mistress Laura. A little harder, please, Mistress. She’s been a bad girl.”

“Keep her open for me,” I ordered. Kate pulled her vagina open wider and I increased intensity.

“Oh, thank you, Mistress Laura. I need that.”

“Good girl. Show me your clit.”

“Yes, Mistress Laura.” She pulled up and her inflated clitoris burst forth like the unveiling of a masterpiece. I meted out a few slaps with the crop.

“Thank you, Mistress Laura,” Kate moaned into my vagina.

“Don’t forget my clit,” I warned as her tongue became sluggish.

“Sorry, Mistress Laura.”

I gave her an extra spank.

“Do you want me to finish in your mouth, Kate?”

“Oh, please, Mistress.”

Sitting on her face, tugging on her leash, spanking her pussy while she held herself open for me, and the sound of her plea caused me to finish with a fury. Even though I had jammed my vagina into Kate’s mouth, I still squirted all over her face. It took me a while to calm and when I did I still had an abundance of wetness. I smeared it on her face and her tits. I collapsed in an embrace. We kissed.

Kate was a beautiful woman and I had come to enjoy being her mistress. Our intimacy wasn’t confined to the bedroom. Occasionally we’d spend time just relaxing. I’d have Kate on her leash wearing only her quarter-cup push up bra. She’d sit on the floor next to the coffee table on which I had my feet. Kate enjoyed licking my feet while we spent quality time together. I enjoyed our quiet time, too.


I was riding Kate one day, scissoring her, when she hit me with a bombshell.

“You and Tom belong together,” she announced.

My face fell. “What?”

“You do. I’m breaking up with Tom. He’s yours for the taking.”

The shock overwhelmed me and I disengaged our vaginas.

“But why? I didn’t mean to become a wedge between you and Tom,” I said, dismounting her.

“It’s not that. I knew from the start that you were meant for each other. That’s why I introduced you. It’s so obvious. Tom loves you. He adores you. He’s so tender with you. Besides, Tom is not the guy for me. He’s too young for me. I need someone more mature and worldlier.

How dare she imply that Tom wasn’t mature or sophisticated.

“I don’t have the heart to hurt him; he’s a sensitive guy,” she continued. “So I’m asking for yet another favor, Laura. Take Tom. Treat him right. He’s the guy for you; you’re the girl for him. You two bonded. He’s your soulmate.”

I was speechless. I hadn’t anticipated this. Sure, I liked Tom. But I never intended to be the cause of a breakup. Even though Kate said it wasn’t about me, I still felt guilty. I should never have gotten involved. Three truly is a bad number.

“Besides,” Kate continued, “every time you finish, he finishes with you.”

That was true; we finished together most times.

“What about you?” I asked.

“I might have a new guy. A guy I met on vacation last year. He called me out of the blue and wants to get together. I’m seeing him next weekend.”

Leaving Tom for a new guy?  How could she do that? I hid my displeasure.

“Have you told Tom?”

“Not yet. I want you to be there to ease the sadness. If you’re present and you make it known you’ll be there for him it will easier for him and for me. Do me the favor. Be there for Tom.”

I couldn’t say no. But what about Bill? I’d have to break it off with him. I didn’t want to hurt him, either. Why does love have to be so complicated?

Kate and I met Tom to break the news. The mood was solemn. Kate disclosed her plan; she was out, I was in. She didn’t mention anything about the new guy pursuing her. She just played the part of a lover accepting defeat graciously. Tom took it stoically. He asked Kate to reconsider, even offering to end our trysts, but it was obvious her mind was made up. He requested that she hold no animosity toward me. She answered truthfully that she didn’t and wouldn’t; she was sincerely happy for us. She wanted to remain friends with both of us. What I left unsaid was that there would be no more sharing.

The next week Tom and I had our first date alone. He was still a bit sad and reticent, but he was the perfect gentleman and behaved as if it was our first date. He was punctual and nicely dressed. He had gotten a haircut and was clean shaven. He made sure I felt like a lady. He held every door for me and showed total deference. He’d stand when I stood. He felt guilty of our prior relationship and hoped I didn’t think him a cad. I assured him I didn’t. He said this was our time and he wanted to start anew. He said it was fine if I wanted to continue seeing Kate. He got me home early. Despite already having had me in every position you could imagine, at the end of our date he actually asked if he could kiss me. I told him that I didn’t want to break up with my boyfriend abruptly so he’d have to tolerate me dating another guy for a while. He agreed to my terms.

After a month I started feeling guilty about being intimate with Bill while my heart was with Tom. It was nice getting special treatment from two guys, but it had to end. I broke off with Bill and kept Tom as my only guy.

Soon after, Tom proposed marriage and I tearfully accepted. I wasn’t ready for such a commitment, but if you’re lucky enough to get a guy like Tom, you don’t let him go. We had a short engagement. Kate was my bridesmaid.

Kate still has her needs and as I am the only girl who can satisfy them, we continue our role playing, albeit without my husband’s knowledge of my role.