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20 Jan. '20

The Kiss was on the newl post!

Perhaps I should explain. The Kiss is a famous sculpture by Rodin. It depicts a naked couple kissing, she sitting on his lap. Because of the way her leg is arranged, how his arm droops over to her hip, the only erogenous zone that is obvious are her breasts. For an erotic sculpture it’s surprisingly subdued, only a prude would take offense.

My wife enjoys sleeping with other people. I have no objection - in fact I support it, we enjoy her flings. Many times she’ll go to a hotel or their house, just as often she’ll bring them to our bedroom. Perhaps I’ll know about her activity beforehand, other times she’ll report the fornication later.

Simply to surprise me, she’ll occasionally bring a lover to our home without my knowledge, allowing me to discover them. The first time this happened I opened the door to see a burly man unexpectedly screwing the shit out of my wife; needless to say I was stunned. After he left I relayed my shock to my wife, she understood my dismay, devised a method to forewarn me.

We have a replica of The Kiss. It normally rests in a niche in the foyer, when my wife is entertaining a guest in an earthy fashion she’ll place the statue on the post of the staircase; when it’s there I’m aware I’ll find something interesting when I open the bedroom door. And today when I got home after work the Kiss was on the newl post! I climbed the stairs anxious to discover what my wife was up to.

One time her lover of the moment was DeShawn. He was in his late twenties, had been a football player in his college days, was still quite athletic. On that occasion I opened the door to see him standing upright in the middle of the room, she had her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, he was grasping her ass, forcing it up and down like a piston. I watched his thick obsidian cock sliding into her alabaster passage. 

Another time the man was her friend Benny, a graduate student in Grecian history, not the most manly of men. He was handcuffed to the bed, my wife was standing over him in a black bodice and thong forcing him to kiss her feet. As I remember his prick was soft and never gained confidence, he was compelled to watch me take my wife forcefully, making her come over and over as she verbally humiliated him. In the end she forced him to masturbate in front of us. He begged to see her again.

Once my wife was on the bed in a soft teal babydoll, her lover was beside her. Soft music filled the air, candles supplied muted lighting. They made love tenderly for hours as I observed their romance.

There was a time when I found her in the arms of a woman, kissing and touching each other. My wife brought Anna to orgasm with her tongue and finger, Anna paid similar attention to my wife. After forty minutes I was invited to the bed, my wife inserted my raging cock into Anna’s sweet pussy. While we screwed my wife kissed, licked and fondled both of us.

And yet another time I was treated to a vision of my wife with three men, each of them good looking, each firm and desirous of her. They treated her as a wanton slut, she played the part well.

This day I climbed the steps impatiently, eager to discover the circumstances of my wife’s latest liaison. I opened the door . . .