The house to ourselves finally

Stumbling into the kitchen, I see he’s cleaning up from the night before. Hugging him I ask where everybody else is. He tells me everyone is out somewhere...the girls are at work and my son is over at his friends place. 

Pouring a cup of coffee I watch him scrub the pot from the previous nights dinner and thank him for doing this for me. He reminds me that he said he would when we went to bed so no thanks needed. 

I tell him, “yes but you even made sure I had coffee waiting, so I think you deserve a show of my gratitude”

Sliding my hand over the front of his boxers, I slip in the hole and stroke his rapidly hardening cock.  His hands freeze in the soapy water and he gives a low groan. 

I push his boxers down and move under his arm to face him. Leaning down I kiss and softly suck the head of his cock while stroking the shaft and using my other hand to lightly tickle his balls. 

Giving up he drops the pan and uses his hot slippery fingers to play with my nipples. I straighten up and lean backwards to pull my tits up for him. 

The soapy water rolls down my belly to the edge of my thong as he rubs, pinches and squeezes my hard nipples. My moans become almost ceaseless with his masterful play on my tits and the growing hardness I my hand. 

His other hand pushes my head back down to the head of his cock. “Get it nice and sensitive baby, then I’m gonna pound your pussy until you cum for me” 

I suckle the head happily groaning with anticipation. 

He pulls me up and spins me to face the sink, pushing my hands into the water and pulling them up to keep my nipples hard myself. 

Grabbing my hips he pulls my thong aside and guides his cock to my dripping opening. Slamming himself forward he lets out a animalistic growl and begins sliding himself harder in and out of me. I’m pinching and rolling my nipples moaning his name as I feel myself cumming on his cock. 

He feels my pussy tighten and pulling his cock and moans “that’s my girl. Cum for me baby” and starts pounding himself harder and faster into me as I continue to cum helplessly on his cock. 

Shifting his legs he adjusts to bang the head on my gspot and I lose control cumming and screaming his name. 

As his own orgasm begins he somehow pounds harder and faster into me. Feeling his cock grow and throb as he shoots his cum into me sends me into another monstrous orgasm, drenching his cock in my juices. 

Collapsing forward he tells me that the dishes can wait. We need to keep fucking while we have the house to ourselves. 

We both laugh and I ask him where he wants to do it next. 

When he tells me that as soon as I get him hard again, he is going to fuck me on the dining room table and then I’m going to shower so he can 69 me on the living room bench.