Public adventure

Info Urs always
22 Jan. '20

I walk in the bedroom, after my bath, and see him waiting with a gift bag for me. 

Before giving it to me, he informs me that this is for me to wear when we go shopping together. 

I smile and say...”well, thanks! I hope it fits. Lemme see.”

He hands me the bag and I pull out a pair of cut boy shorts and a matching bra. I squeal and give him a kiss. Tearing off my robe  I quickly pull the undies on and pause. Looking at him, I say “they fit ok,but the crotch feels odd?”

Putting his hand in his pocket he chuckles and I suddenly feel a soft, slow vibration on my pussy. Starting a bit, I gasp and stare blankly for a minute in enjoyment. 

He turns it off and hands me the bra silently. 

I pull the bra on  and realize it has holes that push my nipple out. 

He reaches out to pinch them to full erection and my knees begin to tremble. 

Reaching in his pocket, he fumbles and the openings around my nipples tighten slightly to keep them erect. 

I try to grasp for his cock, but he pushes my hand away and leaves the room telling me to get dressed to go shopping. 

I throw on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt noticing my nipples are highly visible. 

Now, I’m not a sexually prudish woman but I do embarrass easily so the idea of strutting around with hard nipples on display in a store is more than I can do. 

I grab a hoodie and throw it over my shirt but leave it unzipped for him. 


We arrive at the store and I have spent the whole ride trying not shift at all because the fabric rubbing on my sensitive nipple is driving me crazy. 

He parks at the very back of the lot and comes around to open my door. I’m swinging my legs out to jump down from his truck when he reaches into my hoodie and twirls, teases and pinches my nipples. Groaning with need, I thrust them forward for him and groan. 

He grins and stops teasing them pulling me out. 

Walking through the parking lot he throws his arm around me and reaches down to flick one nipple.  I can barely walk from the building desperation for orgasm and moan softly. 

As we get closer to the doors, he gives it one rough tug and tells me to be patient. 

Opening the doors for me I walk past him glaring in frustration. 

Trying to focus on why we are even here is making me stare blankly at anything as I try to calm myself. 

As I’m finally getting a tiny bit of control I feel a soft pulsing vibration on my clit (I had forgotten completely about the ply panties) and nearly trip over my own feet. He gallantly loops his arms under my waist snaking his hand up to roll my nipple. 

He pulls away and the pulsing stops.  I follow him, mild rage beginning at his relentless teasing. 

He’s stopped in a corner of the shoe department and pulls me in front of him casually pointing out a pair of thigh high boots. I reach out to pick them up and the pulsing begins again, harder and faster than before. He reaches around me and pulls me back against his crotch so I feel just how much he’s enjoying himself. I growl hungrily and bounce myself against his hard cock groaning desperately. 

He slides one hand out to pretend to look at the boots while the other reaches up to roll and pinch my rock hard nipple. 

The pulsing is making my pussy flood with juices and it’s now slipping up and down with my bouncing. 

Suddenly he pulls away and I feel the pulsing stop completely. 

I spin around angrily to beg him to turn it back on. 

He’s already turning down the next aisle. 

I race to catch up and he looks down and orders me to takeoff the hoodie so he can look at how excited my tits are. 

I’m past being worried about embarrassing myself. I just wanna find a dressing room and get his cock in my mouth so I can cum. 

He leads me around the almost empty aisles to the men’s wear and motions for me to walk in front of him. 

I begin blindly wandering around the menswear and soon notice that quite a few men are stopping cold staring at my hard nipples poking out under my thin shirt. 

I start to cross my arms but he leans down and whispers to let them stare at HIS property. 

I’m so horny and dying for release, I drop my arms and my eyes. Let them look but I will not meet their eyes dammit. 

We wander around until he motions to the change rooms and grabs a pair of pants. 

Looking around to make sure none of the store staff is around, he pushes me into the room and closes the door. 

I reach for his zipper as he pulls out the remote and I suddenly feel the openings around my nipples tighten harder. Then the panties begin vibrating and pulsing harder. I fall helplessly onto the bench and he aims his cock to my lips. Opening them I take the head and suck happily. 

Reaching down he grabs my head and pushes himself slowly to the back of my throat. Pausing there he groans then begins thrusting himself faster. I feel my orgasm hit its peak and clench my thighs tighter on that delicious vibration and pull my cheeks tighter on the shaft of his cock. 

He leaves the vibration on and I keep cumming as he fucks my face faster. My moans muffled as the head slams against the back of my throat. I feel him grow thicker and throb harder on my tongue so I relax my throat and wait for him to shoot his load. 

As soon as I taste the first shot of his cum,I have another mind blowing orgasm. 

My yoga pants are soaked and I feel like I ran a marathon. 

Pulling his pants up, he helps me to my feet. Kissing my forehead, he tells me how much he loves me. 


Best shopping trip ever, and we didn’t spend a penny.