Cum party

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24 Jan. '20

Cum Party

Dawn’s tits were bouncing vigorously. They had everyone’s attention even though she was moaning so loudly as she impaled herself, straddled across Trevor and riding up and down his cock. She was totally naked and enjoying all the cock she could take. Trevor was the second guy she had screwed, the first had cum in her pretty quickly and she quickly motioned the next guy into position, Trevor, and started to fuck her and get back into the fun. She’d told me she wanted to be filled and covered in a sticky mess and the six guys that I’d contacted through the online advertisement were surrounding her and slowly jerking off, taking it in turn to get in her mouth and for a chance to fuck her. 

Trevor was holding onto her hips and thrusting himself hard into her; I had a great view of his cock pounding in her pussy as she rode it for dear life. Dawn loves to get fucked by a young lad with a big cock, and she was getting plenty from Trevor. I could see him stretching her pussy wide and her deep groans as he re-entered her to the hilt showed the group she was in ecstasy surrounded by all the dick she could get.  

She reached out grabbing another guy whilst she opened her mouth for another and started to stroke his cock. A tall dark haired guy stepped forward and she took the end of his cock into her mouth and moved her lips over his manhood. All this time the other guys were wanking away watching the spectacle. 

Dawn started to ride harder on Trevor who was also starting to moan louder. “Make me cum honey, yes, fuck me hard, give it me, Oooh, Oooh”, she exclaimed deeply as she neared her orgasm. Dawn’s tits were banging away hard now with her little hard nipples protruding, it was a great sight to see. As she exclaimed that she was cumming and the shuddering started through her body, two of the other men around her started to cum. The whole thing was too much for them and they couldn’t hold back. They stroked themselves hard and fast and both aimed their dicks onto Dawn. She was in the throws of her own orgasm, but the feeling of their sperm hitting her at all angles, in her hair, face and over her shoulders and tits made her cum even harder and she let out loud cries of joy in her moment of physical excitement. Trevor shouted out he was about to cum too and Dawn swivelled off him and knelt down to take his explosive jet of cum full in the face. She had her tongue out letting the strings of his efforts drip back down over his cock and she rubbed his bell-end all over her face then over her beautiful cum laden breasts. She moaned throughout the whole escapade and was now totally covered in cum from the group.

She knelt forward into the doggy position and the last two guys still yet to cum tag-teamed her. One knelt down behind and eased his dick in her whilst the other got in front and started to moan as she sucked down on him. The guy in her now, Mike, had fucked Dawn a few times previously but now her pussy was filled with the cum of two before him. “Oh my God! It feels so good. Fuck that dick Dawn, Ooh Yes”! Mike was fucking her hard and it was clear he would not last much longer. I had a great view of Dawn, she looked so sexy getting banged and her tits and face were glistening as the light hit areas of her body smothered in jizz. “Come on fuck me, give it me Mike”, she cried out as she took him deep in her sloppy cunt. Mike grabbed her hips tight and held himself tight against her ass. With the noises he made and from Dawn, he was emptying the sticky content of his balls into my wife. “Yes, fuck, in me, Ooh yes”, she let out. Mike slowly let his deflating rod out of Dawn who then turned over and held her legs high and wide for the last guy to fuck her. I could see cum dribbling from her red and swollen pussy. His dick slid in effortlessly and he started to fuck Dawn with long slow strokes going balls deep. He wasn’t in a rush and was going to enjoy her for as long as it could last. Dawn was enjoying this last cock, staring over to me I knew she was loving the session and was going to make the most of fucking this last guy. Her hands came down and she wrapped her legs high around his back so she could take him deep in her pussy. “Harder honey, fuck me come on, give it me...” she let out. The guy started to pump into her hard and they were now both working up to a crescendo of sexual pleasure. Dawn’s moans were building up and she moved her hands onto and over her tits rubbing the sticky mess as she started to cum one last time. I love to watch her cum so hard, she fucks so well.