1023 Elm Street

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24 Jan. '20

Elm Street wasn’t always called Elm Street.  Before the fire department complained they could never find “the last house before the road to Laverne”, it was just County Highway 43.  It was that when Jenny and I bought the old Ferguson place and the five acres around it.  We put up a wood fence around part of the back yard that summer, just to have someplace for Trixie, our cocker spaniel to run.  

A few years later, the Ferguson kids sold two acres of the corn field to the east, and a couple of weeks later, a construction crew started building a house there.  A month and a half later, we had neighbors.  Jack was a senior NCO at the Army base on the other side of town, and Katie worked at home doing medical transcriptions for several local doctors.

Now, we’re not against having neighbors, as long as they’re neighborly.  When we lived in the city, we had some very neighborly neighbors.  They were Bill and Beatrice, and we had some very good times together before they moved to Florida.

I had always pictured a woman named Beatrice as an older and probably plump, probably very proper English woman who wore her hair in a bun and always wore long dresses that buttoned up all the way to her neck.  Bea, as she preferred to be called, was anything but.  She was about our age and had blonde hair that cascaded in waves over her shoulders.  She usually wore either jeans or shorts that fit like a second skin, and her tops left no doubt she was pretty well endowed.

When she and Bill came to visit or we went to their house, I had a lot of fun with Bea.  She was a take charge kind of woman, and playing with her breasts while she rode my cock was a blast.  It was almost as great watching Bill hold Jenny up on her knees while he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy.  

Jenny liked Bea too.  Once Bill and I had done our thing with them and needed some recovery time, Jenny would snuggle up to Bea and give her a kiss.  I don’t know why one woman kissing another is so erotic, but it is.  What followed would quickly have Bill and I standing tall and ready for another round.

Sometimes it was Jenny stroking Bea’s big breasts and sometimes it was Bea nibbling on Jenny’s nipples.  That would lead to both doing everything they could to excite the other.  It usually ended when Bill and I were slowly stroking our rigid cocks and ready again, but sometimes we’d be treated to the sight of two very sexy and aroused women writhing against each other as their orgasms hit.

The first time was Jenny with Bill when I was gone on business, and was sort of an accident helped along by a little too much wine at a backyard barbecue.  When I got home, Jenny told me what happened, and we had a serious talk about that.

She said Bill was pretty good, but it didn’t feel the same with him as with me.  She also told me Bea had watched them and had told her she wanted to do the same thing with me.  I understood why Jenny had done it.  She’d always had a pretty strong sex drive, and Bill was a pretty nice guy.  I couldn’t be mad at either of them.

I wasn’t sure about doing anything with Bea.  I mean, I might not have been as good as Bill and she wouldn’t like it. Jenny said I didn’t need to worry about that, and told me Bea was going to try to convince me.  Bea did that when they came over one afternoon by asking me to show her where the bathroom was.  By the time we got to the bathroom, she was naked.  I think it was when she reached into my jeans and started stroking my cock that I was convinced.  She and I ended up on the couch while Jenny and Bill used the spare bedroom.  

After they went home, Jenny and I had another serious talk.  We both agreed the sex was great because it put a little variety in our sex life, but we didn’t have the connection with Bill and Bea we had with other.  Jenny and I reaffirmed that connection that night.  That’s how I found out she liked hearing about what I did with Bea, and that hearing that got her so aroused she had to be fucked.

Yes, Bill and Bea were good neighbors, but it was a personal relationship and not a community relationship.  We’ve just never been big on block parties and such, which is why we bought in the country.   I did like sharing a beer or two over my east fence with our new neighbor Jack.  We were doing just that, that sunny late June day before Jack’s unit left for Iraq .

Jack drained his beer, then said he’d be in Iraq for probably a year, and would I watch to see if his wife, Katie, needed help.

“After being married to me and the Army for eighteen years, Katie’s used to managing on her own, so she probably won’t need any help, but I’d like to know you’ll give her a hand if it’s something she can’t fix herself.”

I assured Jack I’d check in with her once in a while to see if she needed help, and handed him another beer.

He left that Sunday, and Jenny went over to console Katie, or whatever it is women do for each other in times like that.  I went out to my garage to putter.  Most of my puttering is done in the office I attached to one side a few years ago.  It has a desk, of course, and a couch and a TV.  It’s also air conditioned, and a really nice place to nap on a hot Tennessee Sunday.

It didn’t rain that week, so the grass didn’t need mowing that Saturday. I found myself with a whole day with nothing to do except watch fishing shows.  Jenny burst that bubble when she reminded me I’d been putting off painting our side of the fence because of the rain.  About nine, I carried a gallon of tan paint, a brush, and a big thermos of ice water out to the fence.

By lunch, I was half way done.  I wrapped the brush in a plastic bag and took a break.  At one, I was back at my painting and wondering if there would be a re-run of the show about lake trout fishing in Alaska sometime before I died.  The voice from the other side of the fence scared the hell out of me.

“Hi Tom.  Whatcha doin’?”

“Katie…you kinda snuck up on me there.  Well, the fence finally dried out so I’m painting it.”

Katie giggled.

“Jenny said she’d have you out here today.  She said you’d been telling her it’d been too wet.”

 “Well, it was until now…How you getting’ along all by yourself?”

“Oh, I’m doing OK.  I got used to Jack being gone a long time ago.  It was worse when the kids were still home, but now that it’s just me, I pretty much get to do what I want, when I want to do it.”

“Katie, you need anything, you just call, OK?  I promised Jack I’d help you out if you needed it.”

“I know.  He told me.  I’ve done this often enough to have figured out how to get through it, but I have a feeling I’ll be needing some help on Saturday.”

“Oh…what’s Saturday?”

Katie smiled.

“Oh, I’m gonna do some stuff I can’t do all by myself.  You’ll see.”

That Saturday, I mowed the grass, and then went out to my office with a few beers to reward myself.  I intended to watch a fishing show or two and then drift off for a couple of hours while Jenny went shopping.  Well, I didn’t watch much fishing, and I didn’t get my nap.  What I got was the surprise of my life.

The office part of my garage sits about ten feet from the property line and that fence I told you about stops at the corner of the garage.  When I added the office, I put a window on the side and the end to let in the spring and fall breezes, and from the window on the side, I had a clear view of Jack and Katie’s back yard.  I could see the shed where Jack stored his lawn tractor and there was a flowerbed that sat right on the property line.

I was minding my own business, sipping my second beer and learning how to catch salmon in Scotland when I heard Jack’s lawn tractor.  Katie was mowing their back yard, something I would have expected to happen since I’d mowed mine the evening before.  I hadn’t expected her to be mowing it in a little bikini.

You’re probably figuring she was just working on her suntan, and she probably would have been if she’d had one.  Katie was as pale as most redheads are, and looked even paler because of the two green triangles trying desperately to contain her breasts.  I assumed there was a third over her crotch, but even though Katie is pretty slender, I couldn’t see anything except a green string that curved over her hip and disappeared between her thighs in front and down her butt crack in back.

I moved my desk chair over to the window, and evidently my movement caught her eye, because Katie looked over at my window, smiled and waved.  I waved back and wished I’d put up those curtains Jenny’d bought for me.  

I couldn’t just sit there and watch like that window was another TV, but I couldn’t  stop watching either.  See, Katie had always impressed me as being a bit on the prim and proper side.  She usually wore baggy jeans and a loose blouse or an oversized T-shirt, and neither fit well enough to see much of her figure.  Like any man would, I’d always wondered what she hid from everybody except Jack, but I figured my chances of ever finding out were about as good as the chances they’d schedule the Winter Olympics in the Sahara.

Well, I didn’t have to wonder any longer.  Beneath those jeans and shirts, Katie had been hiding some very delicious curves.  They weren’t big curves, but damn, they sure were nice ones.

The tractor moved slowly back down their yard, and Katie looked up at the window as she passed, smiled and waved again.  Lifting her arm and waving it somehow dislodged her right breast from it’s little triangle, and a dark pink nipple peeked out at me.  Without even taking her other hand off the steering wheel, Katie adjusted the miniscule bit of cloth to cover it back up, then looked up at me, grinned, and shrugged her shoulders.

Katie was done with the yard a while later.  She put the tractor away and then came back out by my garage to work on her flowerbeds.  I’ll tell you, the sight of her little round butt bent over as she weeded was giving me a raging boner.  That green bikini didn’t leave much to my already rampaging imagination.

Katie pulled weeds for a while, then stood up, wiped her forehead with her arm and looked at my window again.  She smiled, reached behind her neck and untied the string of her bikini top.  The two green triangles promptly fell off her breasts, and Katie grinned at me.  A moment later, her fingers hooked the waist string of her bottoms and start wiggling them over her round little ass.  As that little green triangle fell away, I could see a neatly trimmed red bush.

Now, I’m just as horny as the next guy, and in spite of loving Jenny all to pieces, I’ve never passed up the chance to look at a hot woman.  Katie was going way past hot; she was more in the “so scorching hot, I’d burn my fingers and I wouldn’t even care” category.  About three seconds later, I was ready to get more than my fingers burned.

Katie grinned, and then put her hand over her left breast.  She pinched and pulled at her nipple until it stood straight out, and then moved her hand down to that little red bush.  I held my breath as I watched her slender fingers slip deep into that bush and move around slowly.  Just as slowly, Katie lifted her fingers to her mouth and popped them in, one at a time.

As her fingers moved slowly down her belly again and disappeared inside the red curls, Katie looked up at me once more.  With her left hand she pointed to herself, then spread her index and middle fingers.  She used those to point at her eyes, then turned them to point at me.  The final movement of this game of charades was her left hand curled around and stroking an imaginary cock.

Well, if anybody had told me something like this was going to happen, I’d have laughed and said they were as full of shit as a Christmas turkey, but there Katie was, no more than fifteen feet from me and naked with one hand massaging her pussy and the other jacking an invisible cock.

Jenny wasn’t home and there weren’t any other people closer than a mile away.  If all I did was jack off, Jenny couldn’t be all that mad at me.  Even if she was, hearing about stuff like this usually starts her on the road that ends with her jerking like crazy over my stroking cock.  I stepped a little closer to the window, dropped my pants, and started jacking my cock.

Katie grinned, stopped working her free hand up and down and moved it to her breast.  When she rolled her nipple and then pulled it out, her mouth made a little “O” shape, but she didn’t stop watching me.  She pulled her other nipple then, and I saw her tummy sort of roll.

Now, I’m no different from any other guy.  You show me a naked woman with two fingers in her pussy and another pulling her nipples and I’m gonna be well on the way to blowing my load.  I did hold out until Katie started rocking her hips into her hand, but that was it. My first shot hit the window just as Katie started to shudder and shake.  The second and third made little puddles on my floor.  

Katie sat down on the grass then, looked up at me and then spread her fingers.  I saw pink lips that glistened in the sunlight.  She stroked a fingertip up those lips and jerked a little when she touched her clit, then stuck that finger in her mouth and slowly pulled it out.

If my cock would have stood up again, I’d have jacked off right then and there, but I’m not eighteen anymore.  It would have taken a while before I’d be able to manage that.  Instead, I grinned and gave Katie a thumbs-up.  She smiled, picked up her little bikini and walked back to her house.  I spent the next five minutes cleaning my cum off the window and floor, and wondered what had brought all that on.

I found out when Jenny got home.  She walked out to my office to let me know she was back, and asked how my afternoon had gone.

Now, we don’t keep secrets from each other, so I was going to tell her about Katie, but not at first.  I had to work up to that.

“Well, I know how to catch salmon in Scotland in case we ever go there, and I cleaned up a little.  Oh, and Katie mowed her yard, so I watched her.”

Jenny grinned.

“Is that all she did?”

“Well, no.  She weeded her flowers.”


“Well, she was wearing a bikini but she took it off after she finished weeding.”

Jenny chuckled.

“That’s what she said she was going to do, but I didn’t believe she’d actually do it.”

“She told you she was going to do that?  When?”

“Yesterday when you were out here taking a nap.  She came over to ask if I had a cup of laundry detergent she could borrow until she could get to the store.  We got to talking and one thing led to another.  She said she was doing all right by herself except she was pretty worked up.  I asked her what that meant and she said she and Jack usually had sex about four times a week.  Now that he was gone, she was horny.

“She said when they lived on base and Jack was gone, they had a friend who helped her out, but he’d been sent to Afghanistan too, so she couldn’t go to him.  I was surprised that she’d tell me something like that, but Katie’s apparently a very open person.

“I didn’t know what she’d think if I said you’d probably be more than willing to help her out, so I didn’t say that.  What I said was I never had that problem because you were always chasing me around the house.  She said I was lucky to have a man like that.  I just laughed and said I appreciated all the attention, but that sometimes I wished I could pawn you off on another woman for a while.

“She grinned then and said if I ever decided to do that, to let her know.

“Well, I felt sorry for her.  I remember when you took that class in Chicago for two weeks.  After the first week, I got so jumpy I couldn’t do anything.  I wanted to help her without just coming right out and saying she could have you.  I said I understood and told her about that time.  She asked what I did, and I sorta told her about Bill.”

“You told her you fucked our neighbor?”

“Well, I didn’t put it that way.  I just said I went to their house for dinner one night and Bill asked me how I was doing and I said OK but I really missed being hugged like you did every morning before you went to work.  I said Bill held out his arms and said he’d give me a hug, so I let him.  I told her his hug turned into his squeezing my butt cheeks and because I was so tense I let him.  

“Then I said he whispered in my ear that he wanted to do more with me, and that it wasn’t long before we were on a blanket by the pool together.  Katie grinned when I told her it was a real relief, and that afterwards Bill told me he and Bea had been trying to find a way to get both of us to agree with trading partners sometime.”

“She asked me if I ever told you and I said I had, but you weren’t mad because I told you Bea wanted to have you like Bill had had me.  I said that happened the next weekend.”

“Katie asked if I’d be mad at her if she convinced you to help her out, and I said it wouldn’t as long as she’d give me the same opportunity when Jack came back home.  She just giggled and said that wouldn’t be a problem.  Evidently Jack likes me and told her he’d love taking me to bed.

“Katie was a little worried you wouldn’t like her.  I just said she’d have to find that out by herself.  I didn’t think she’d have much trouble after hearing what you say about her.  So, besides stripping for you, how did she do it?”

“Well…she started touching herself and then she pulled on her nipples and stuck her fingers in her pussy and…well, you had to be there.”

 “So, how many times did you have sex with her?”

“None actually.  She just wanted me to jack off while I watched her.”

Jenny chuckled.

“I thought she’d want you to screw her at least once.  Maybe that’ll come later.  So, did you?”


“Was it good?”

I grinned.

“Not as good as fucking you, but it was pretty good.  Katie has a nice body.”

Jenny patted me on the shoulder.

“I think she’s sexy too.  Let’s go eat and then you can tell me all the details.  I hope you’re not too tired after this afternoon.  You know what I’m gonna want after I hear all that.”

Well, I wasn’t too tired.  In fact, I wasn’t too tired twice, not counting the time before when I licked Jenny until she came.  After the second time, Jenny snuggled up to my chest.

“Do you think Jack and Katie could be like Bill and Bea?  I miss them sometimes.”

“I don’t know.  It depends on Bill, but mostly on you.  You’d have to wait for a year but I wouldn’t.  Think you could do that without being jealous?”

Jenny stroked down my belly and gave my cock a little shake.

“If you save some of this for me, I can.  Besides, Bea and I had some great times together.  Maybe Katie and I would too.”

On Sunday afternoon, I was trimming the grass around my garage foundation.  I’d missed it on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday, decided I’d rather watch a fishing show and take a nap.  As it turned out, I hadn’t done either, but it still had to be done.  I’d just snapped the line on the string trimmer and couldn’t get the automatic extender thing to shoot out more.  I’d shut off the engine and was in the process of taking out the spool when I felt a tap on the shoulder.  When I turned around, there was Katie.

She wasn’t wearing her tiny little green bikini this time, but she wasn’t any less sexy.  She had on one of her over-sized T-shirts and though it didn’t fit tight, it was pretty obvious she’d forgotten to put on a bra.  Her nipples made bumps in the front.

She grinned.

“So, did you like watching me yesterday?”

“Well, sure.  What man wouldn’t?  You’re pretty hot.”

She was still grinning.

“I liked it too.  I like being watched.  It makes me feel kinda naughty and that gets me all aroused.  I liked watching you too, but I couldn’t see you very good.  The sun was reflecting off your window.  I went over to see Jenny a few minutes ago, and she said you have a nice dick.  Wanna show me up close so I can see it?  She said you’d probably do it if I asked.”

“You and Jenny talked about my cock?”

“Well, yes, among other things.  Women always do that.  Didn’t you know?  Now, show me.”

I figured if Jenny told her to ask me, she wouldn’t care if I did.  I unzipped my shorts and let them drop to my ankles, then pulled down my underwear.  Katie licked her lips, reached out and circled my cock with her hand, then giggled when it jerked.

“Gee, I think I woke him up.”

I laughed.

“What did you expect?”

Katie grinned slyly.

“I thought I’d probably have to do this first.”

She pulled the T-shirt over her head and tossed it on the grass.  The reason her nipples had been making bumps in that shirt was they were long, thick and stiff.  She pushed her right nipple down flat against her breast and then let it pop back up.

Well, my cock stood up and took notice, and Katie giggled.

“Doesn’t take much to get you started does it?”

“Well, any woman doing what you’re doing usually does it.”

“That’s what Jenny said.  I just thought I’d find out for myself.”

She ran a fingertip around my cock head, then stroked the underside.  I couldn’t help it that my cock jerked again.  Katie caught her breath and her eyes got a little more open, or at least that’s how it looked to me.

“Mmm, Jenny was right.  You’re almost hard enough.  Maybe this will help.”

She let go of my cock, unzipped her shorts and then stepped out of them.  The little minx had forgotten to put on panties too, and that pumped up my cock the rest of the way.  Katie grinned.

“Thought that might do it.  Now, what am I gonna do with you?  Oh, I know.  Katie said you have a couch in your office.  Let’s go try it out.”

By then, I was way beyond resisting.  I mean, Jenny had said it was OK with her, and Katie obviously wanted to be fucked.  What kind of neighbor would I be if I didn’t help her out like Jack had asked me to?”

As it turned out, she wanted more than to just be fucked.  As soon as I closed the door to my office, Katie stretched out on my couch, hooked one leg over the back and put the other foot on the floor.  She stroked the red curls between her spread thighs and then smiled.

“Jenny says your tongue is really nice too.  Come show me.”

Ever since that first time, years ago, when I tasted Jenny, I’ve loved that taste.  Katie was a little different, but still really great.  She tasted even better once I’d lapped at the soft folds of her inner lips for a while.

“Oh God”, she murmured.  “Jenny was right.”

Katie didn’t murmur anything else.  I think that was because I licked up and over her clit.  She jerked her hips up and gasped, “Wow, keep doing that.”

I did, for about five more minutes during which I had to hold on to Katie’s ass to keep my tongue in place.  It got really bad there at the end.  She was raising her ass up far enough I had to adjust my position to stay with her.  She’d raise it up, her pussy would rock up and down over my tongue, and then she fall back down.  

She held her breath when she was arched up like that, so once she was back down and wiggling around under my tongue, she’d pant a few times and then arch back up again.  

The last one was pretty amazing.  She groaned, said, “I’m gonna cum”, and then started to shake.  I slipped two fingers in her pussy and then started licking her clit again.  Katie shrieked, her hips jerked, and then I felt her pussy open up around my fingers and then my fingers got all wet.

She stayed up there like that and with every lick, she made a little mewing cry.  Her pussy would close up around my fingers and then I’d feel that same wetness when she opened it again.

Katie gave a final little whimpering cry and then pushed my head away as she sank back down on my couch.  She panted a while and I felt her squeezing the two fingers inside her.  That didn’t really stop for quite a while, but it did slow down and the squeezes weren’t quite as tight.  

Katie raised up her head then and grinned.

“No wonder Jenny say’s your so good.”

I slipped my fingers out of her and then raised up enough I could see her face.

“Well, I try.”

Katie held out her arms.

“Try using your dick in me then.  Katie says she always wants that after you do what you just did.”

I thought maybe I should talk to Jenny about how much she was telling Katie.  I mean, I liked the compliments, but…well, you have to understand.  She was making promises I might not be able to keep.

Right then, though, the sight of Katie laying there on my couch with her pussy still open a little was too much to resist.  She rocked her hips up when my cock head touched her, and when that didn’t work, she reached down and guided my stiff cock to the right place.

I thought I'd go slow.  I usually do it that way with Jenny.  I like feeling her rippled passage stroke my cock as it goes in.  Katie had another idea.

I’d gotten my cock head just inside her when Katie raised herself up and pushed her wet pussy over my cock.  One second, I was feeling her soft pussy lips on my cock head, and the next I was balls deep in her.

Katie groaned.

“Don’t go slow.  I’m so hot I need it fast.”

I did speed up a little, but with Katie under me and moaning, with her hands on my ass trying to pull me deeper, if I’d gone any faster I’d have cum way before she was ready.  That would have felt great, but it’s a lot better for me if I can time it so I’m cumming at about the same time as my partner.

Evidently she did need to be fucked pretty bad.  It didn’t take many deep strokes to have her rocking her hips into each one.  When I bent down and sucked her right nipple, Katie jerked her body up over my cock and then started to pant.

Between feeling her stiff nipple in my mouth and the way her pussy kept clamping and then unclamping around my cock, I figured I was going to finish first no matter how hard I tried to hold it off.  After about three more strokes, I felt it start.

Katie did too, and she let me know.  She was writhing under me, digging her nails into my ass and moaning so much I didn’t think she’d have room for any thoughts, but after one little squeak, she gasped, “I’m almost there so go ahead.  Cum in me.”

That happened about three seconds later.  I beat Katie by a few more, but when she came, she almost bucked my ass off her.  That little woman lifted us both off the couch about six inches, shook like a leaf, and then with a loud cry, arched up a little higher.

It took her a while to stop shaking and ease back down on my couch.  I kept stroking my cock in and out of her and feeling the little contractions that squeezed it, so even though I’d already cum, it still felt great.  Even when she was lying down, she kept her hands on my ass so I couldn’t pull out.  

She finally didn’t have a choice.  My cock shriveled up enough it wouldn’t stay in.  Katie giggled when it slipped out.

“I think he went to sleep again.”

“Well, yeah, that’s what happens or did you forget.”

She giggled again.

“I didn’t forget.  I’d wait until he wakes up again, but you need to save something for Jenny tonight.  She told me to tell you she’ll want to hear what we did and that’ll make her horny.  She says it always does that.”

I chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s my Jenny.  She always likes to hear what happened and then tries to repeat it.”

Katie felt between her thighs and then giggled again.

“Before you do that, you’re gonna have to clean your couch.  I’m leaking all over the place.  Got a towel handy?”

I didn’t have a towel, but I did have a box of tissues.  Katie stuck a wad in her shorts before she put them back on, then pulled the T-shirt back over her head, and gave me a hug.

“I probably won’t see you until Saturday.  I got a ton of work to do this week.  Just don’t forget about Jenny, OK?  See ya.”

Well like Katie had predicted, Jenny knew what was going to happen and wanted to know all the details.  It was one in the morning before she let me go to sleep.  I didn’t mind though.  The first time she came, when I used my tongue and fingers, was pretty great.  The second, when she rode my cock, was fantastic.  The third when she just hooked her leg over mine and then guided my cock into her pussy was pretty fantastic too.  I didn’t have much left, but Jenny did.  Honestly, I think that little woman would keep cumming and then still want more if I could somehow keep my cock hard.  

The week was pretty normal.  I rested up on Monday by watching how to catch really big largemouth bass by using really big sucker minnows, and then how to catch sharks from the beach.  After lunch, I took a nap, and then watched a western on my TV.  It wasn’t much of a movie, but the main actress spent a lot of the time in a corset so it wasn’t all bad.

Jenny didn’t jump on me that night.  She’s learned I need a day to rest up or I won’t be worth a shit.  She just kissed me good night, stroked my cock and said, “we’ll wait until tomorrow night if that’s OK with you”, and then rolled over and went to sleep.  I fell asleep wondering how I was going to keep up with two horny women at the same time.

The rest of the week was about the same as always.  I mowed the grass, trimmed, and spent some time trying to fix Jenny’s hair dryer.  I knew it was useless but she wanted me to try.  The damned things are made like everything else these days.  Once they’re assembled at the factory, it’s hard to get them back apart because you can’t see what’s holding them together.  I did manage to do that, but once I got inside, I saw the heater coil was broken.  I dumped it all in the trash and told Jenny to go buy a new one, then cracked open a beer and watched how to catch trout with dry flies.

When Saturday rolled around, I figured something was gonna happen because  Jenny was humming to herself when she fixed breakfast.  She usually does that if we’ve had sex the night before.  She says sex makes her feel happy and she hums when she’s happy.  We hadn’t done anything that Friday night though.  Jenny had just said she was tired from shopping, kissed me good night, and then rolled over.

After breakfast I went out to my office.  I’d planned on building a yard swing, and had started to draw up my plans.  I was about finished by eleven so I went back to the house to have lunch.  Jenny was still humming.

After lunch, I went back to my office to figure out what lumber I needed.  I was pricing treated lumber when there was a tap on my window.

Katie grinned when I turned around to see who it was, and grinned again when I motioned her to come in.  While she was doing that, I put away my parts list.  I didn’t figure I’d be needing it for a while.

Katie didn’t mess around.  She just walked in, smiled, and pulled her T-shirt over her head.  Like the time before, she wasn’t wearing a bra and when she pulled her shorts down, she wasn’t wearing panties either.  She stepped out of her shorts, then walked over and put her arms around my neck.

“I’ve been thinking about this all week, and I’m so hot I can’t wait any more.  Can you fix me?”

I grinned.

“Well, which part needs fixing first?”

Katie pulled my hand up to her breast.

“All of me, starting with these.”

Well, after I walked her over to my couch, I stripped and started doing my best to fix Katie.  I was doing pretty well too, if I say so myself.  

Her nipples were already pretty stiff when I sucked the right one in my mouth and then licked the tip.  Katie moaned and pulled my face down a little tighter so I sucked that nipple hard.  I felt it getting longer, and a little after she moaned again, I closed my teeth on it, not very hard, but I know she felt the pinch.  Her body jerked and she gasped, “Ooooh, do that again”.  I did, and then gave the other nipple a nip.

When I started nibbling down her soft tummy, Katie closed her eyes and started breathing a little deeper.  She was stretched out on my couch, but when I lifted her legs to separate them, she hooked one over the back and spread the other far enough her pussy lips opened up a little.  She caught her breath when I slipped a finger between them.

She was already wet, so I didn’t have to take any time getting her that way.  My one finger slid inside her until it was stopped by my hand, so I pulled it out and then used two.  Katie murmured something about her clit, so I used my thumb to rub beside it.  She said something else then, but it was all mixed up with a long, low moan, so I couldn’t understand what she said.

I was slowly stroking those two fingers in and out when my office door opened.  Jenny put her finger to her lips, walked in, and then closed it behind her.  Her wicked smile told me what she had in mind.

I moved down between Katie’s spread thighs, opened her pussy lips with my thumbs, and then stuck my tongue as far inside her as it would reach.  She caught her breath again, then moved her hips a little so her pussy was a little higher off the couch.  The lick from her entrance all the way up to her little clit made her catch her breath again.

I looked up then and saw that Jenny had stripped and was sitting on the floor beside my couch.  She looked at me, smiled, and then put both her hands on Katie’s breasts and began gently fondling them.

Katie opened her eyes then and started to say something, but Jenny put her finger on Katie’s lips and then whispered, “Uh-uh.  Don’t say anything, Honey.”  

She kissed Katie on the mouth then, and I could have cum right then and there with about two strokes to my cock.  I’d seen Jenny kiss Bea before, but it had been a long time and I’d forgotten what that does to me.

Katie didn’t do anything for a couple of seconds.  Then, Jenny stroked Katie’s stiff left nipple, then pinched it a little.  Katie moaned into Jenny’s mouth and put her hand on the back of Jenny’s head.  I know it wasn’t my imagination when she tentatively stuck out her little pink tongue, and if I could have fucked my couch, I would have.  Jenny let her tongue touch Katie’s, and they purred out a quiet little moan.  It was the most cock raising sight I’d seen since Bill and Bea moved away.

I stopped watching what they were doing after Jenny started playing with Katie’s nipples while their tongues played together.  Katie was really wet and I wanted to taste all of that.  I did too, right up to the point that Katie jerked her hips up into my face, cried out, “Oh fuck”, and then started to shake.  She came a few seconds after that.   I know she came because I was happily licking and sucking her clit and then felt the two fingers I was stroking in and out of her pussy get really wet.  She pushed my head away then, and when I looked down, my fingers had her white cream all over them and more was running down the crack of her ass.

Katie looked up at Jenny, smiled, and then said, “I didn’t know another woman would be like this.”

Jenny stroked Katie’s forehead.  

“It can be better, if you’d like it to be.  All you have to do is let me show you.”

Katie reached over and cupped Jenny’s heavy right breast.

“Jack always wanted me to try, but we never found a woman who seemed to want to.  I’ll have to tell him about this when he calls tonight.  He’ll be happy.”

Well, I was happy too.  At least Jenny wasn’t going to have to wait a year before having a little of her own.  I was also horny as a three-peckered billygoat.  I mean, no man could have his tongue in one woman and watch another woman kissing her and playing with her nipples and not feel the same way.  I needed to fuck one of them right then, and I really didn’t car which.

Katie was the closest, so I moved between her thighs and stroked her swollen clit a couple times.  She looked down and chuckled.

“Don’t worry, Jerry.  This was nice, but I need a dick too.”

My cock sliding into her creamy little pussy felt fantastic.  Katie wiggled around a little when it went in, and when the base of my cock flattened her pussy lips into her thighs, she groaned and tried to lift her hips up to get it deeper inside her.  That little lift lasted until Jenny pinched Katie’s nipple and then pulled it up and out.  Then it became a straining arch of Katie’s back and a little mewing cry.

“Oh, God, Jerry.  Do it…make me cum again.”

It wasn’t like I needed any encouragement.  Katie and Jenny had already set me on that path.  All I had to do was keep myself from cumming after three strokes.  That’s how far gone I was by then.  

Katie made it worse by starting to roll her hips around.  With every stroke, my cock got pushed up, then to left or right, then down, and then to the left or right again.  I can’t really describe how that feels except to say if I hadn’t had that yard swing to think about, I’d have disappointed Katie a lot.

Jenny knew how far gone I was because sometimes that had happened when I watched her and Bea, and she’d developed a solution.  I felt her hand slip between us and then the small motions of her hand as she rubbed Katie’s clit.  Her other hand was busy flicking Katie’s nipples, and every so often, she’d bend down and kiss Katie.  All that was helping Katie get there, but I couldn’t watch or it would have all been over.  All I could do was close my eyes and concentrate on not cumming too soon.

I felt more of Katie’s cream leak out around my cock a little later and her continuous gasps, panting breaths, and little moans told me she was getting close.  When Jenny’s fingertip started moving faster, those moans became little stifled cries.  

I think it was Jenny sucking on Katie’s right nipple that tipped her over the edge.  I saw Jenny do that, and Katie groaned, “Oh fuck”.  Right after that, she started getting tense, and a couple seconds later, I had to hold on to her ass to keep my cock in her.

I let myself go then, and as the first spurt raced up my shaft, I groaned and rammed my cock inside Katie as deep as it would go.  She shrieked, raised her ass up off my couch again, and I felt her passage tighten up.  She shrieked again, then again when I pumped in the next two shots, and she was still shaking when I stopped stroking so I could breathe again.  I felt Jenny’s finger still rubbing Katie’s clit, and that kept Katie arched up and rocking her hips.  

Katie reached down then and pulled Jenny’s hand away, then pulled Jenny down and kissed her.  It wasn’t like those tongue-tangling kisses they’d done before.  This one was just a normal, but still erotic kiss.  It even made my softening cock think about getting hard again.

That didn’t happen, of course, but it still made me stroke my cock back inside Katie.  I felt her squeeze it and then the slippery feeling as my cum and her cream leaked out around my cock and dripped on my couch.

Katie went home with the crotch of her shorts stuffed with tissues and a smile on her face.  Once she was gone, Jenny grinned.

“I guess I won’t have to wait a year after all, will I?”

“Nope, doesn’t look like it to me.  There at the last, Katie was touching your boobs.”

Jenny smiled.

“I know.  I felt that.  Now, do I get to feel your cock in me?”

“Well, I don’t know if it’s gonna stand up again for a while yet.”

Jenny sat down on the couch, hooked her leg over the back, and grinned.

“Then you’ll have to do me like you did Katie until it does.”

Well, that was a great summer and the winter wasn’t bad either.  We usually didn’t play together during the week.  Well, Jenny and Katie did, but I didn’t join them.  

Katie would come over for coffee most afternoons, and I’d slip out to my office for a nap.  When I finished my nap and went back in the house, they were usually sitting at the kitchen table having coffee.  I wasn’t fooled though.  When Jenny’s been fucked or fingered, she gets really happy and just like that day she joined me and Katie, she be humming.  She and Katie had been having some fun.

That winter, we usually didn’t use my garage.  It doesn’t snow much in Tennessee.  Instead, it rains, and Katie and Jenny are no different than other women when it comes to getting wet, well, getting wet from the rain anyway.  We’d stay in the house and play.  Those were some fun times.  Unless you’ve fucked a hot and very willing woman by the blinking lights on a Christmas tree, you probably wouldn’t understand.  

Spring rolled around then, and Katie was excited.  Jack said he’d be home about the middle of June, so she was planning a party for when he did.  Jenny was helping her, and when I asked if we should get Jack a gift, she grinned.

“We already did. Katie sent him some of the pictures you took of us two together.  He wants to watch us and then play with me.  I’m going to wear a big red bow and a sign that says, ‘Welcome Home Jack’…and nothing else.”

Well, it’s Saturday, and even though it’s just May, it’s pretty warm outside and I need to mow the grass again.  I think after that, I’ll head out to my office for a couple of beers.  There’s a show on TV about ice fishing, and maybe seeing all the snow and ice will help me cool off.  I’ll need to do that before Katie and Jenny come out to join me.  It’ll get really hot then.