Angel’s Loophole

As high school sweet hearts married at 18, my wife and I had never been with anyone sexually other than each other. This never seemed to bother her. And it surely didnt bother me as my wife was an absolute knockout at the time (still is to be fair). 5’6”, 36C, Blonde hair, with larger than average blue eyes. 113lbs. Any weight she did have was in her ass. She had a small, slightly upturned button nose that rested perfectly above her thick lips. She had soft pale skin and soft cheekbones. She would get a deep dimple on her left side when she smiled, which she did often. Her nickname at our school was Angel, as she was so bubbly that she almost seemed to glow. Well, that and another reason.

She was a good christian girl. She took her religion very, very seriously. She would commonly be called a churchfreak or bible thumper by the jealous girls in her class. She never watched porn or smoked and rarely drank. She wore a silver cross around her neck at all times, even in the shower. When I bought her Wedding Ring I was sure to have it match the silver cross, as I knew that it would never come off her neck for the rest of her life. She even made jokes about her attachment to it.

I am an average looking white male, 5’10, 170lbs, with a 6” dick hard. I’ve always been aware I am average at best. I’ve looked up averages, plus i’ve seen a lot of porn. I’m not small, but definitely not large enough to be free of insercurity. I also knew soon after we were married that I wanted her not to know so I didn’t lose her. She was well out of my league. I trusted her. I did. But a mans insecurity is sometimes too much. I feared that if she found a bigger cock, especially if she *gulp* had sex with one, mine would never compare.

Pretty much every day I would constantly catch men glancing at her everywhere we went. Sometimes I swear I could hear what they were thinking. How did HE get HER? I’m not rich, nor skilled or anything. I really am just your average, mediocre as possible, man.

But, somehow for 7 years I was able to stay happy in my marriage without so even a peep or thought about either of us with someone else. That is until my wife met Rachel.

My wife worked as a salesperson for an international credit card company in a call center. And one day a new coworker, Rachel, was placed in the cubicle next to hers. Naturally conversation between the two happened and long story short my wife came home after two weeks acting strange.

I asked her what was wrong but she wouldn’t say. Just kept saying she was fine but I knew something was up. I kept pestering until finally she said it.

“Fine! My coworker couldn’t believe I’ve only ever been with ONE guy. At first it didnt bother me but after thinking about it she is kind of right. I’m 25 and i’ve only ever been with you”

“Well I’ve only ever been with you”

“I know” she continued “Thats why I think we should....and please dont hate me for saying this.....each find one person to have sex with. Just once. Just to see”

And there it was. The question I had wanted to avoid for our entire relationship. But then again, she did say both of us. Even though my wife was beautiful of course I was curious to see what another woman was like.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea” I stammered.

“Please honey. I love you. I won’t leave you. I just simply don’t think I can go my entire life without seeing what it is like to be with someone else.” She said in the sweetest most convincing voice she could muster.


That’s all I could say. OK. Her mind had been made up and I could tell.

“So how do we do this?” I asked nervously.

“I’ve actually already planned it out. We will both go out separately on the same night so it is fair. Then when we find someone we like we can bring them home at midnight. Then we will both have sex with our partners in our bed. That way we can still be together in the eyes of god.”

“Wait. WHAT?” I exclaimed. I had never been so confused in my life. She wants WHAT?

“Well I read the bible very intensely to try and see if there was a way for us to have sex out of wedlock and it not be a sin, and I found this. ‘A man nor a woman shall lie spearate with another outside thy marriage bed’.”

She looked at me unable to hold back her smile. Her cheeks blushing, giving away how nervous she was. I could tell she was waiting for me to say she was right. “How long did she spend looking for this loophole?” I thought to myself. I didn’t dare ask her.

“So don’t you see?” She said impatiently.

Unfortunately I connected the dots immediately. She stared excited at me. Her oversized blue eyes sparkling at me like a puppy begging for table scraps. Or as if she won the lottery in bible verses. She really wanted this to happen, and she had put in work

“That can’t be right.” I said.

“It’s a technicality but it is there! As long as we are in the same bed together we can have sex with other people!” She said. Almost gushing with satisfaction of her accomplishment of research. She wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

I mean she knows the bible better than I do. If that is what she read then she wasn’t WRONG. The language did seem strangely specific. I was bested. She came to the fight with her guns loaded. She really was gonna have us make love with stranger in the same bed we slept in every night. I had run out of excuses. My wife is too hot for me to risk being controlling.

“Ok well.....well when then?” I asked her almost shaking. At this point I had accepted the situation and just wanted to get it over with to relieve my nerves.

“Why not tonight?” She said.

Wait, it was a friday night I had almost forgotten. How long had she been planning this? When I first read her expression did she know that this night would end with her entangled with another man for the first time? Was there even a coworker named Rachel? What if she had been planning this for longer? My mind kept racing through every possible scenario.

My heart was racing. This was all happening so fast. Not even 15 minutes ago I had a perfect marriage with an innocent christian wife and now I was going to witness her be penetrated by another man that very evening. I felt dizzy.

“Well. I mean tonight is kinda soon don’t you think?”

“I would really rather get this over with. I would be upset until it happened otherwise.” She said, almost annoyed at this point. “I’ve already been obsessing about it.”

Obsessing. What a strong word. My mind began to imagine what exactly she was obsessing about.

“All....Alright then. Tonight.” I felt like I was going to pass out.

She squealed in delight and jumped into my arms. Kissing me on the cheek. Like she had just gotten a christmas present.

“Thank you so much baby. This will make our love so much stronger” For some reason I doubted her words. How could her getting dicked down in front of me, and me banging a chick in front of her, be good for us? But she had me backed into a corner, so I went along with it.

”Don’t worry” She assured “After tonight is over you’ll feel a lot better. Now go get ready you need to get laid tonight.

Then she ran off into the bedroom. Within seconds she had pulled out a little black dress. I knew that dress. It was the one she would wear when we would go out on special occasions. Anniversarys. Valentine’s Day. So essentially if she was wearing that dress I was getting laid that night. Because of this I became aroused any time I saw that dress. Just like Pavlov’s Dogs and a bell. 

She took about 45 minutes to get ready. I had taken about 5. Pulled out a button up shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Good to go. When she exited the bathroom I saw her. She was amazing. Her makeup was perfect. Not too much not too little, but purposely seductive. The eye liner was extra thick and her lashes thickened as well. Her big blue eyes popped in contrast to the eye makeup. I loved those eyes. I swore I could read her thoughts through those eyes.  The dress fit perfectly and stuck to her every curve. Her silver necklace shined across the dark black. Literally anyone who saw her would be able to tell she was out to get laid that night, yet the cross kept the whole outfit somehow conservative and classy. I assumed she was going to bring home a gentleman tonight. “What if she brings home a gray haired dad type?” I thought to myself. “That would be weird I don’t think I could watch that. Then I had just begun to wonder who else she could bring home, when she interrupted my thoughts.

“Should I wear my ring?” She asked.


”Should I wear my ring? Its up to you.”

“Hmmm.” I wasn’t expecting that question. “I suppose yes.” I told her. For some reason I thought just maybe this might deter any suitors. How foolish of me.

“OK then you have to wear yours as well.” She demanded. 

A fair trade. I agreed.

Then we left. She went south towards the downtown where all the college kids hung out. I instead chose to go to a little bar a few blocks up the street.

Now remember. I had not had to try and pick up a woman since I was 14 years old, and that happened because of game of spin the bottle in Jimmy Stevens basement. Not only did I have no idea what I was doing, I was completely oblivious to the fact that pretty much no woman is going to go for an average looking married guy with a big ring on his finger. Let alone come back to where your wife and another random stranger will also be having sex. 

Needless to say as the night went on I never was able to find a woman to take home. Funny thing is I was so out of touch I really had believed I would be able to find someone.

I went home at about 1130, empty handed. I had a pretty good buzz since I had given up flirting by about 10. I then remembered what was still going to happen tonight. What I went out to do in the first place.

‘Oh No’ I thought. I was going to have to sit IN THE SAME BED and watch my wife make love to another man. “Surely she won’t take it that literal” I thought for a second, but I knew how seriously she took her faith. She was already bending the rules, so she wasn’t going to push it any further.

“Well, maybe she was unsuccessful too.” I tried to reason with myself. Who was I kidding. At this point I had to turn my toughts to other problems. “Maybe he won’t be bigger than me. Or at least not TOO big.” I hoped desperately.

As I previously stated I watched a lot of porn. My wife had never seen a pornographic video in her life to my knowledge. She would have had no idea that my penis was average at best unless she brought home a much “Bigger Man” than I that very night. I mean this was the only time. There is a ton of different types of dicks out there and she can’t see whoever she choses “thing” until he is in our bed.

I started to feel a little better. There was at least a pretty good chance that, at the worst, my wife would experience an inch or so more dick, based on the averages I had read. In the most likely scenario she ends up with a guy right around my size and she would probably even let me join in, since I didn’t bring anyone home.

Midnight came. 12:00 AM exactly. They burst into the door laughing. She was always punctual.

I was waiting in the kitchen standing having another drink, just around the corner from the front door. When they came around the corner I saw something I hadn’t even thought of.

She had brought home a 6’6”, very muscular, very, very, black man. He had dreadlocks and tattoos on his face and neck. He talked with an inner city Detroit accent. This guy was as hood as you could possibly get. My little wife didnt even reach his shoulders. She was probably closer to his dick than his head. His pants sagged and he wore a basketball jersey and a couple gold necklaces. His hand was placed on wife’s ass, grasping firmly.

My heart sank. I didn’t think she even realized what she had done. Or maybe she had. Either way she had just brought home the king of the dicks. If I had to try and place a bet on one person to have the biggest dick in a room of 10,000, I would choose him without having to see the other people. I had watched plenty of interracial porn. I had seen what a BBC could do to a petite white pussy. I thought about what it could do to my wife’s tight pussy.

“Hi Honey.” She said smiling at me. “How was your night?” She rested her head into his big black arm. She didn’t care anymore how I saw her acting. She had her right arm wrapped around his big left bicep. She was visibly buzzed. She rarely drank. “This is my date.”

“Sup man.” He said to me with a smirk, letting me know he was here to fuck my wife.


I was stunned. I had no words. For what felt like an eternity we all just stood not saying anything.

“Where is your date?” My wife asked me.

I couldn’t tell if she was being earnest or had known all along I would probably not bring home a woman. 

“I decided against it” I lied. Maybe if I played the high horse she would back down too.

“Oh. Well....I already told him everything, and he knows he’s only my second and...I mean.....well.....” She looked at me, looked up at him. Looked at me. Looked up at him.

“Let’s go” she said as she gestured her head toward the bedroom.

It was happening. Past the point of no return. In just minutes I was going to witness my sweet innocent wife get demolished by this giant of a man. And I didn’t even bother hoping maybe his cock wasn’t that big. It was. Just look at him. The only question now was just how large.

We had no children and she never used toys. The largest thing that had ever been inside her was me. And even on my mediocre cock, her pussy squeezed so hard it felt like a vice grips.

I didn’t even respond to her. I just started towards the bedroom. The ‘marriage bed’. Her wonderful, god given loophole she just had to find.

They fell onto the bed, him on top of her kissing her neck. She was laughing, her cheeks red from the alcohol and excitement.

“Wait.” She stopped him. “You have to be on the bed.” she said towards me.

“Oh yeah.” I acted as if I had forgetton, I surely hadn’t. “So should I join in”

She just stared at me for a second.

“Well since this is the only time I can be with someone BESIDES you maybe you could just like, pretend not to be here?”

“But im on the bed. and its only a full.”

“Well.....” I could see her thinking. “Can you pretend to be my pillow?” She asked while trying to hold back a grin.

Of course.

“Yeah sure why not” I said exasperated.

Lets just do this.

She smiled and looked me right in the eyes with those big blues of hers and said, as authtentically as I’ve ever heard her say, “I love you” and then turned toward her black lover.

“I love you too” I replied. Little did I know thats was the last time I would be acknowledged for the next two hours. My wife meant what she said. She wanted to experience a completely new person without me at all. Except for the fact I was now lying, clothed at the head the bed, with her head resting on me, as her random fuck buddy made out with her.

For some reason I couldn’t look away. I was so mixed emotionally. I was mortified, angry, hurt, disgusted, but more than anything else...extremely turned on. My cock was so hard if you had measured it I swear I would’ve topped out at a full extra inch. 

I never knew that this would be good....for me... I had seen cuckold porn but it wasn’t really for me. Plus I threw that word around on the internet as an insult to pussies. That wasn’t me. WAS IT?

Turns out it defintely was. I watched him take off that little black dress to reveal no underwear (no surprise with that dress). She sat up and began taking of his shirt.

This guy was ripped. He had tattoos covering every inch of his already dark skin. If I would’ve seen this guy on the street I would’ve done everything I could not to make eye contact.

Then she went for his Zipper. Here it was, the moment of truth. I swear I heard a drum roll.

She reached into his underwear. I watched her as she slowly gripped his cock. Her eyes widened. Then she pulled it out.

WHAM! It smacked her in the face. This thing was, at a minimum, a foot long, and probably as thick as a beer can. There was no way my little wife could handle this massive black cock.

She gasped. I don’t think she knew cocks this big existed. I couldn’t see her eyes but I could tell she was looking up at him in awe.

“Wow” She said. “I’ve heard black guys were big but this this normal?” she asked him.

“Ha..I ‘on know. But its me” he said in his low voice.

I have to clear one thing up. Before when I said I wouldn’t be acknowledged for the next two hours, I meant by my wife. Her man was very aware of me.

He realized that I couldn’t actually see her face, so he turned her sideways and pulled back her hair.

I had a view now. Just a couple feet away was my wifes pretty face, with a semi-hard huge black cock hanging across her chin.

My cock would’ve gotten harder if it could’ve but I was already at full mast. He looked at me and gave me a smirk. Then looked back down at her and picked up his cock in his right hand. Then he dropped his thick cock down square in the middle of her face. The tip hanging over her forehead by a good few inches.

“Lick.” He told her.

I watched as she listened immediately. Her tongue shot out like a cannon and began circling the lower part of his shaft.


She dropped down. She put his smoothly shaven testicles on her tongue and began bouncing them. She got every single inch. It was clear she was lost in passion as she slurped all over his black balls.

She was being so obedient. I could tell that anything he wanted he could have tonight. She was going to give him anythin he wanted. Now I just had to sit back and see how much he took.

I watched, still lying at the head of the bed. I swear I forgot how to blink. I wanted to pull my cock out so bad but I didn’t dare spoil this insanely unique and intimate moment I was having the privlege to witness.


She slid her tongue from the bottom of his sack all the way up nice and slow to the tip of his now fully erect cock. “Jesus how was this guy some how a grower too” I thought to myself.

Once she was at the apex she hovered for just a split second with the tip of her tongue on the tip of his cock, lining up her shot. Then she put it in her mouth with no hands, as they were busy firmly grasping his ass pulling him in closer.

She took it as far as she could. It wasn’t very far. Barely got past the head before she gagged. She was used to mine.

“Here ill help.” He said.

Without warning he quickly grabbed her head and shoved it onto his cock. And Somehow, probably just by surprise, managed to shove the entirety of his massive, thick black cock all the way in her mouth. All the way down to the base. She opened her eyes briefly in shock. They were full of tears. He held her briefly then let her go. She came off his cock breathing heavy and gasping for air. She looked up at him with one tear running down her face, carring her extra thick eyeliner with it. I expected her to be angry, as she wouldn’t ever let me fuck her face when I would try. Her glossy eyes stared up at him like he was God himself.

In only that 10 seconds this man had given my wife an experience she never knew existed. As she looked up at him I could see in her eyes that she knew this man was about to fuck her like she had never, EVER, been fucked in her life. And if she stayed true to her word, would never be fucked again.

If only I could’ve known exactly what her thoughts were in those few moments. Just how much of this did she expect? Was she in over her head? She knew black guys were big but this guy was bigger than big and now come to find out, very experienced to boot. It was clear quickly not only did he own the tool but he was a master craftsmen. And he was about to drill my wife like a pornstar. I’d pay for those thoughts.

He knew damn well too. He was putting in extra effort. My wife had told him the whole situation and he seemed to relish the opportunity to wax this white boys wife better than he ever had, or ever would. 

My wife resumed sucking his cock on her own. But now she could get down about halfway. She probably didn’t want him to be angry with her. She was worshipping his cock. Bobbing on it. Sucking the tip while she ran her tongue all over the head of his cock. She was purposely slurping as loud as she could. I wondered if that was for me. He would occasionally would look over and give me sny grins. Saying without words. “Yeah, you like that cock in your girls mouth?”

I did. I definitely did. My feelings were still mixed I was still hurt and shocked and confused and in disbelief but I could deal with all of that later. I had more pressing matters at hand. I began to rub my cock through my jeans. I was still drunk so between that and the jeans, I wasn’t able to do much. Unless it came out I wasn’t going to be able to cum. It throbbed almost painfully tight to my leg.

She pulled out his horse sized cock from her mouth and slapped in on her face. Covering her already tear covered face with the slobber he had fucked out of her throat. I watched it strand from his cock back to her face. She was so sloppy.

He reached down and took her cross between two fingers. Then wrapped the chain over his black cock so that the cross was facing right at me. My wife continued to stroke and suck his fat cock, her matching ring and cross standing out against his dark skin.

“You cock is so big” She said looking up at him, her big eyes telling him shes grateful for the cock in her mouth.

“You like sucking that big black cock bitch?” he asked her. I got mad briefly. How dare he talk to my wife like that, but before I could even debate reacting my wife had taken his cock as deep as she could, holding what she couldnt take with two hands.

“I love this big black cock. I’m a good cocksucking slut” She mumbled through, with his cock in her mouth.

“Please fuck me” she said as she stared up at him. She couldn’t wait any longer. She needed his cock inside her.

I had never seen her like this before. She looked like a true whore. Like the girls I thought only existed on pornhub.

“Bend over.”

She swung around faster than I’ve ever seen her move. She placed her head on my stomach. Her mouth facing my cock. It was so close, all she had to do was unzip my pants and she could suck me. She pretended not to notice my throbbing erection.

I couldn’t see her eyes but I could tell she was looking back at him, waiting for him to penetrate her. She was ready to become his.

He pulled out a condom.

“Oh, no condoms” My wife said. “Its against my religion.”

I was well aware of this in the beginning, but figured I’d wait to tell all of you for literary effect.

“damn girl you want it raw?” he asked

“Yes it has to be that way to be approved by God”

Crazy how even in this situation she still found a way to bring christ into the bedroom. I was never very religious but went to church because of her. I dont care what loopholes she found, we weren’t telling this to anyone in the congregation. Imagine if people only knew that sweet girl running youth group was secretly a black cock-sucking whore.

“aight thats cool girl.”

With that, he adjusted himself, picked my wife up by her ass and adjusted her too, making sure her head stayed firmly against my chest. He wanted to fuck her into me I could tell.

I could feel my wife shaking nervously as she waited for him to penetrate her.

His cock now sat only a few hair widths away from her puffed up pussy lips. Even from my angle, I could see how aroused she was. She was dripping. I could see the juices glisten across her lips. It was everywhere, dripping down her legs all the way to her knees, soaking into the sheets below. She had been soaking for awhile, maybe since before they came home. Maybe even before she went out.

“You ready?” He looked down at her.

She just nodded nervously. His big hands grabbed her tightly by the waist and he prepared to open her up.

“I am a good husband, look how happy she is.” I thought to myself. as I hoped she appreciated my sacrifice.

Then he looked at me, right in my eyes, and said

 “Enjoy the show, I know she will.”

My wife giggled, unable to pretend she didn’t hear.

It was in a tone somewhere in between “Have fun watching me permanently wreck your wifes pussy” and “youre welcome you little bitch”. A tone that effectively let me know that my wife would never be the same, and I had to watch it happen.

Then he stuck his rock hard, dark cock into her extremely tight, dripping, shaven, white pussy. It was clear he wasn’t planning on being gentle.

He went in way too fast, probably on purpose to try to tear her up. However she was so wet it went right in. I could hear her pussy as his cock slid through her soaking slit.

My wife let out a squeal that I will never forget. 


Her eyes opened as she struggled not to have then roll back into her head.

“Oh my God. I don’t know if I can do this.” She said. And tried to pull away.

Instead of stopping he grabbed her and pressed her into me so she couldn’t squirm away, and then pressed harder. She let out a painful scream, followed by a resounding “Yesssssssss”. She was crying slightly, but through her sobbing was clear moans of pleasure. She wasn’t going to stop until she had been pounded, no matter what. 

Then he took his thumb and shoved it in her virgin asshole while he took her pussy from behind.

I watched as he continued his first pump, he just kept pressing, not letting up, holding still as her pussy stretched to fit his cock. His thumb gripping her asshole. I couldn’t believe that this was really happening to my wife.

I could hear her wimpering. I could tell that it still hurt, but I also could hear her wimpers turning into moans. Her pussy was getting stretched out by this massive black cock. With each inch that pressed into her, she enjoyed it more and more.

He finished his first pump all the way to the base, Where his cock got just a bit thinner, enough so that it would be pulled deeper inside her when she took it all. She was getting restretched both ways. I couldn’t believe he got it all the way in on his first try. Even in porn they usually do a few half pumps before they go deep. Not this guy. Had it not been for my wifes dripping wet pussy she would have been split in two. 

He began really fucking her now. Pumping just a bit faster and faster as time went on. Her moans were something I had never heard from her. Our sex life was just fine, I had given her plenty of orgasms before, but this was different.

These were life changing moans. These moans were the combination of having her guts rearranged by a footlong black cock and years of oppression of sexuality and urges being released in one kinky, shameful, beautiful, embarassing and yet technically god approved moment.

On every thrust at the point when he would get his entire throbbing black cock all the way in, my wife would make this little squeak noise. 


I only assume that was the sound of him hitting the back of her insides, if he wasn’t already 5 inches before.

To be honest I had no idea where she was putting it. Had he laid it on her stomach it would have nearly reached her breasts. Yet somehow I was witnessing first hand his cock disappear completely time and time again. It went against the laws of physics.

“Flip over.”

She spun around without hesitation. Once again showing off her obedience.

She laid her back head against my chest like we were watching netflix, and looked up into his eyes waiting for him to put his cock back inside her.

He wasted no time reinserting his throbbing member all the way back inside her. She threw her head back and let out a loud moan as he hit her wall.

Her eyes opened wide, watering and glossy.

She stared up at the heavens. And let out the half-moan/half sentence at the top of her lungs:

“Dear Lord, thank you!”

The neighbors probably heard it.

This big black cock was a gift from god for her. I think she may have even thought of it as some sort of miracle.

I could tell she didn’t even know where she was. This man was a tank. His stamina. Over an hour had passed and he hadn’t slowed up at all. He just kept steadily pounding her, hard and fast and deep, switching up strokes ocassionally, but always hard and always deep. I watched as my wife got lost in every pump. Her legs quivered. I could see white foam building up on his cock. Her face was still covered in makeup, spit, and tears, some of her hair stuck to her face. Her legs were soaked as was the bed as she continued to drip.


He turned her on her side facing me. She used her left hand to hold back her hair as she laid her cheek on my chest. I could see her silver wedding ring glistening against her now messy hair, as she stared back at him. I was staring into her eyes, as she stared up into his. She looked defeated and used. She had came more times than I could count and her body now laid lazily against mine. She was spent. She had been fucked beyond anything she could have ever imagined would happen tonight. Yet somehow he still wasn’t done yet.

He put her legs together on her side, almost in the fetal postion. He kept pumping. Her head bounced against my racing heart. I’m sure she could hear it. I wonder if she knew that it was from the fact my cock was harder than it had ever been in my life.

Then it hit me, this wasn’t only the best sex she’d had in her life, it was some of the best sex I had in mine as well. Without being touched I was more sexually stimulated than I may have ever been. I could try and disect all the psychology; why watching this big black cock stretch my wife made me so turned on. But to be honest I didn’t care. All I knew is that this was amazing, and my wife thought it was amazing, and this guy thought it was amazing, and we were all in one if those moments that most people only have a few times in a lifetime. A benchmark moment. A pivotal realization of ecstacy between my wife and I.


At this point between foreplay and fucking, about two hours had passed. That is when my wife acknowledged me for the first time since she said I love you at the beginning of it all. 

“Look at your man” He told her.

She opened her big blue eyes and stared directly into mine. Head still on my heart. Cock still ramming her tight wer pussy, probably even harder.

He picked up speed.

“Tell him what you are.”

“I’m a whore.” she managed to squeak out as he continued to speed up fucked her harder and harder. “I’m a big black cock loving whore.” She could barely breath let alone speak, but she never stopped staring at me. She wanted me to see. 

He was at full speed now. The thrusts smacking off her thick ass and filling the room with loud claps. She stared into me as I felt her getting close to yet another orgasm. Her body getting bounced into me with every power thrust he made. Her right leg was now over his shoulder. He grabbed it tight and fucked her as hard as he possibly could.

And then with her eyes open she look at me and screamed. “I’m gonna cummmm....” I felt it build up in her body as she pressed against me. A wave of tension, this one was gonna be bigger than the others. Then she released, screaming right into my face as I stared into her blue eyes. 

“Holy fuuuucckkkk.” She screamed at full volume, just a few inches from my face. Still looking at me she said.

“This is the best sex I’ve ever had. Thank You.”

I could hear her pussy start squirting all over his cock, gushing all over the bed as he continued to pound her pussy. Her orgasm continued.

Then with what seemed like her last breath she said “I love you” as she was staring right at me and still getting fucked by a huge black cock as hard and deep as any girl I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Thats when I realized my heart wasn’t racing just because of lust, but because of love too. And that was really why this was so great. We had so much love that it overflowed and we could share it with someone else. Maybe her loophole....wasnt a loophole after all. Maybe it was written that way for a reason.

“I love you too”

She smiled lovingly at me.

“Im gonna bust.” He said.

He pulled out right away, thank god. Like a professional, my wife turned and wiggled lower to get underneath his cock. There she waited for his load, tongue open and mouth wide.

He jerked off just briefly, then started to explode. He clearly had enjoyed her too. He shot streams all over my wives blushing, makeup smeared face and her beautiful, pale breasts. Her pink nipples acting as obstacles as the runnier cum ran down her tits.

He came in proportion into the size of his cock, meaning that he covered her entire face and most of her chest. You’d have thought 5 guys had came on her.

She reached out with her left hand, jerking his cock. She leaned up and sucked out any sperm remaining in the shaft. Her bright wedding ring glowing as it moved up and down his dark cock, being covered in his cum.

She came off with a slurping pop. And then turned and looked at me through the cum that was hanging over her big eyelashes. I could see her silver cross also completely covered in his cum.

She pushed him off her and sat up, the thick cum slowly dripping down her face.

Then she came closer to me and leaned in, and began to kiss me, still dripping in his thick load. My resistance was short lived at best as I accepted my fate and began to make out with my cum covered bride.

I could taste his cum as it ran down her face and onto her lips then into my mouth. It was so thick and there was so much it felt as if I had a full load in my mouth myself. I swallowed it as we stared into each other.

“Good Boy.” She whispered approvingly. As she gave me a little peck on the lips.

It was amazing. At this point she was completely ignoring him. She had her hand on my face and was staring in my eyes. Yeah her face was covered in his cum, but it was our experience and our love.

The guy took the hint, got dressed and let himself out. He gave me a thumbs up as he left. Probably his way of saying “Thanks for letting me fuck your wife!” I nodded to him to say no problem. I should’ve hugged him to be honest. He freed me in a way. I knew that our love was still intact. I trusted her even more now. I had just watched every mans biggest fear right? I mean, I saw her take a big black cock in her tight, comparatively virgin pussy; watched her be used like a slut by a complete stranger; witnessed her pure pussy get stretched to the absolute limit so that I knew I would never compare; watched as another man made her cum harder than I ever could; stared as unbelievably thick jizz was sprayed all over her face; and yah know what, it was fine. In fact it was better than fine, it was great.

All the things I thought would make me insecure now somehow made me happy. I didnt care he was bigger than me, in fact it was great that my wife had now taken what I imagine is the biggest she could ever take. I didnt care that he had made my wife his sex slave for the night, in fact it was great that I got to see her in that light. I didn’t even care that he kept taunting me. The only thing that mattered is that I knew for sure that our love was still there, and in fact even stronger.

In that moment looking up at her, I had never felt more secure. Her cum covered silver cross hanging down and sticking to my chin. She smiled at me with a bratty look as she picked up the cum soaked cross and put it in my mouth.


She said it with a giggle, a quote from our new “friend”. Her clever way to let me know she was thinking about me the whole time, or at least in between getting impaled with an unfathomable amount of black cock. I listened to her and sucked her cross clean. An unforgettable flavor. If there was any doubt before, it was gone now. Every time for the rest of our lives when I saw that silver cross i’d remember this night. The cross that she wore Every. Single. Day. The one that she never, EVER, took off, would now forever bring the taste of a black mans cum to my lips, and the image of her being cum-soaked and happy. Staring lovingly at me through the strands covering her slutty eyes that say “Am I still pretty?”

After a couple minutes she got up and went to wash off. The deed was done, she had been fucked by another man just like she wanted. She called it from the start. We were even further in love.

The next few days she said she was sore and stereotypically walked a little funny. She asked if I still wanted to have sex with another woman, to be equal, and I told her no, but I kinda want her to have sex another man again.

Her eyes lit up. “I was praying you would say that.” she said with a chuckle.

I no longer cared about guys looking at her. In fact now when I caught someone sneaking a peak I would think “I wonder what he would do to her?”

After a week passed, I still hadn’t came from that night. I returned home from work and opened my front door. There were candles lit in every room and all the lights were off.

“Im in the bedroom” My wife invited.

I walked toward the room. When I entered I found her lying on the bed in lingerie; rose pedals scattered across her flesh and the bed.

“Welcome home baby” She said sexily. In a way that told me that this was my reward for trusting her to explore herself. I looked down at her chest, her silver cross was reflecting the candlelight. I looked back up at her face and saw it now covered in thick cum. I licked my lips and smiled, as I began to undress.