A Modern Fantasy: The Vampire and the Succubus; Part 1

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27 Jan. '20

Linea let out a theatrical sigh as she shut the door to the apartment. After a few seconds with no reaction she released a more genuine groan. From where she stood in the entry the only lights came from the displays on the microwave and oven. Casey was supposed to have clocked off his programming job fifteen minutes ago, but the demoness could just make out the feverish taps and clicks of a mechanical keyboard. She only took the time to remove her boots, her coat and her glamour as she made her way to the vampire’s lair. Turning the corner to the apartment’s hallway, Lin’s suspicions were confirmed, as dim blue light trickled out from beneath the door to Casey’s office. Lin opened the door, becoming momentarily blinded by the trio of screens that were currently the only real light source in their home. For his part Casey didn’t even realize that his lover was home until the demoness stepped into his periphery and climbed up onto his lap, forcing him to disengage with work. Her scarlet hands went to his headphone’s, which were then covered by his ivory hands, pulling the headset down to his neck rather than allow the succubus to throw another set against the wall or potentially a screen depending on how long she’d been without attention.

“Y’know, it’s no fun to work two jobs if my husband can’t be there to greet me after at least one of them.” Lin whined, letting her tail flick dangerously close to the main monitor. “I have deadlines, Lin, and you know how easy it is for me to lose track of time.” Casey replied with a sigh. Lin shifted the target of her threat to the side monitor, running the tip of her spaded tail along the screen’s case, making Casey tense up beneath her. “Then set an alarm or don’t take on a bazillion contracts at once or don’t spend half of your work-day watching Youtube videos. I’m not asking for a lot here babe, just a welcome home kiss, followed by several rounds of welcome home sex.” She said rolling her eyes. “Okay, well counterpoint, I don’t get to meet and talk to interesting people all day, so you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t want to spend 9 straight hours entering variables and building applications.” Casey replied. “Counter-counterpoint, I want you to fuck me until I lose consciousness and I’m not getting up until you agree.” Lin huffed, pulling Casey’s hands to her ass and holding them there, fidgeting a bit as the vampire’s fingers sunk into the covered flesh. “At least make me dinner first.” Casey laughed, pulling his hands back as Lin’s rushed up to unbutton her blouse just enough to show off her cleavage and the fringes of her bra, as well as expose her bite mark littered neck. “Bon Appetit!” She exclaimed.

Casey licked his lips before fully extending his fangs. Lin placed her hands on her husband’s shoulders to steady herself while Casey brought one of his up to caress the demon’s neck. A slight gasp was pulled from her throat as it was touched. Casey ran his fingers along his lover’s slender neck, moving downward toward her shoulder, slipping her blouse further away from her neck. His other hand was also kept busy as he sightlessly undid the fly of Lin’s skin-hugging pants before letting his fingers delve beneath the woman’s panties, pulling free her stiffening shaft and wrapping his soft digits around the pink wand, giving it a firm squeeze. Lin chewed on her lower lip as she tried her hardest to remain still despite Casey’s teasing. A shaky exhale left the demon’s body through her nose and was followed up by just as ragged of an inhale. The hand that had brushed her top out of the way now reversed course, traveling up her neck to her chin, gently grasping it and tilting it upward. Lin complied and raised her head, eyes straining downwards as she watched the messy field of platinum atop her husband’s head approach, his mouth closing in on her vulnerable neck.

Casey peppered a handful of kisses along his wife’s crimson flesh as he decided on the spot from which he would feed tonight. The accelerating beat of the demon’s heart filled his ears, each kiss spurring on an anticipatory rush before returning to its steady climb. After what may have felt like hours for Lin, though was in truth only a minute or two, Casey finally selected his spot, giving it a quick lick after the kiss to inform Lin of his decision. Lin took one last, deep breath and let it out before giving her head a very slight nod. There was the initial wince as the scalpel sharp blades of bone pierced her flesh, followed by a momentary tensing once they had sunk into a vein and the drinking began, but then Lin forced her body to relax and focused on stabilizing her breathing. They had repeated this ritual thousands of times, countless even, but even still Lin found it impossible to suppress her primal, self-preservation instincts entirely. Casey had also never heard of a conscious and aware donor being able to completely eradicate the initial flinch, no matter how willing a participant they may be.

He could feel Lin’s half formed erection begin to flag. His wife’s biology never ceased to amuse him. Lin was aroused by pretty much every aspect of being fed on, from the act of offering herself, the preliminary dance of teasing fingers, lips and tongue, the pain of the bite, to the joy she got from sustaining the one she loved with the entirety of her being, but her circulatory system was not strong enough to supply her dick with the blood necessary to display her arousal outwardly in the face of the force Casey used to draw the blood from her veins. It still tried its very best however, as the rate that she lost her erection was more akin to steps than a smooth downward slope. Once thirty seconds had passed Casey limited the force of his suction and then cut it off all together. He carefully pulled his fangs from Lin’s neck and quickly planted his parted lips around the twin wounds. She let out a pleased moan as he drew his tongue up towards the lower of the wounds, lapping up a trail of blood in the process. It was much less efficient to drink like this, but significantly more enjoyable for both of them. Afterall, he didn’t get to appreciate the delightful array of flavors his wife’s blood could possess when he just sucked it up through the tubes in his fangs. Lin let out an adorable whimper as Casey’s pointed tongue flicked at her fresh wounds. “D-Do I taste good tonight?” The demoness asked once Casey had released her chin, the sign that he had closed up the incisions he had made in the vein, so it was safe to move a little. Casey made a noise of affirmation as he continued to lap up the woman’s blood.

The flavor of blood was highly dependent of the mood of the donor at the moment it left their body. Lin’s blood was almost always sweet, as being drank from put her in a good mood. Casey liked to equate his wife’s standard flavor as being peach-like, with a bit of negativity pushing it to grapes, a lot to wine, while on the flip side, a bit of extra joy gave her blood a pear flavor and getting her to a state of ecstasy made it taste like, plump, ripe cherries. Now that one of his hands was free again Casey brought it down to Lin’s chest, slipping a hand beneath the cup of her bra and giving the orb a rough grope. Between Lin’s legs her dick had swelled to full, throbbing erectness now that there wasn’t any suction to impede its growth. Casey gave the organ a few dry pumps, earning a line of drool from the corner of his blissfully content wife’s mouth as well as a stream of pre from the girl’s urethra. He unhanded Lin’s shaft and pressed his palm against the head of her dick, moving his arm in small circles to smear the surface with the natural lubricant. “M-Mphh, d-don’t stop! Don’t stop any of this!” Lin gasped as her fingers tightened their hold on Casey’s shoulders. Casey made another sound of acknowledgement as he finished applying the layer of lubricant to the inside of his hand, prompting him to entrap Lin’s dick in his clutches once again. He held it nice and tight, only loosening his grip enough to allow his hand to slide up and down the girl’s length. He was on the threshold of shifting Lin’s flavor from pear to cherry, but was running out of time, as the bite wounds were nearly closed up.

Casey decided to skip the long, slow deliberate stroke he typically used to begin a handjob, and went straight for merciless, rapid strokes. In addition, he adjusted his other hand to go from unfocused, occasional squeezing, sliding it down a bit so he could pinch Lin’s sensitive nipple between his thumb and pointer finger while still being able to push his other fingers into the demon’s ample boobflesh. “F-fuuuuuck! Yo-You’re… Mmm, Cay, I-I… c-cum-coming!” Lin moaned out her thought in broken fragments separated by moans, whimpers and a fair amount of gasps. If Casey had been feeling a little mean then he might have ruined Lin’s rapidly approaching orgasm, but he figured he needed to make up for losing track of time, so he kept going. Lin had massive tells when she was seconds away from cumming, it was why it was so easy to edge her. Her body tensed again, craving even more stimulation. She pushed her chest against Casey’s hand, and rolled her hips forward even as her legs began to tremble. Her knees pressed tightly around Casey’s thighs and her eyelids fluttered. At the very last moment Casey pulled his hand from Lin’s shaft and wrapped it around the crown of her dick. “A-Ah!” The demoness cried out as she bucked her hips forward, shooting a plentiful helping of her translucent fluid against her husband’s palm in quick but hard bursts. It was only after Lin came down from the high of her orgasm that Casey finally disengaged from her neck, the flesh licked clean and the marks of the closed of wounds masked by a fresh hickey. He licked his lips as he pulled away, savoring the last few traces of his wife’s delicious blood.

He carefully pulled his hand away from Lin’s softening dick, keeping it cupped so that the pool of cum wouldn’t spill out. He brought his hand to his lips and poured it into his mouth, swishing it around to catch any lingering blood and to clear out the sanguineous aftertaste before swallowing. Lin watched, panting in uneven breaths, the sight of her husband drinking her cum more than enough to halt and even reverse the softening of her dick. Casey licked his hand clean before again grasping Lin’s chin, however, this time he directed it in the opposite direction, and when he leaned his head in again, it was their lips that met this time. Lin relaxed her arms, releasing Casey’s shoulders. She draped her arms around his neck as they made out. Early on in their relationship she thought she would never be able to kiss Casey so soon after a feeding, even with a buffer of cum or mouthwash or water to lessen the sulfurous aftertaste of her fel blood; But it barely even registered to her now, and even without a buffer it didn’t bother her enough to dissuade her from entwining tongues with the man she loved. Casey let Lin be the one to break the kiss, more than content to stay like this for the rest of the night if that’s what his wife wanted. A good five minutes later is when Lin finally pulled back. “So? Do I get to be fucked now?” She asked, eager to get her own meal after so willingly feeding the vampire’s bloodlust. Casey smiled, running the hand that wasn’t still a little sticky though Lin’s chestnut waves. “How about, you give me fifteen minutes, go and get yourself cleaned up and ready, I’ll quickly finish up here, no matter how inelegant I have to be, and then I’ll give you exactly what you want.” Casey offered. Lin looked at him suspiciously for a few seconds, before putting on a pouty expression. “15 minutes… You promise? You know what’s going to happen if you’re lying again.” She said, pointing her tail at one of the monitors again. Casey nodded. “Yes, Yes I promise.”  Lin narrowed her eyes at the man beneath her for a few moments but then relented. Casey helped her back to her feet. “15 minutes.” The demon repeated as she stepped out of the office, closing the door behind her.

Casey managed to finish with six minutes to spare, pushing up from the computer as soon as he had submitted his work to the project site. He was met with a surprised peep as he walked in on his wife comparing bras. Casey grinned as the demon swiveled and moved an arm down to attempt to cover her selection of panties. Lin liked to surprise her husband for stuff like this; she was undeniably sexy, it sort of came with the species, but her cute and bashful side was really what had made Casey fall in love with her. “Y-You’re early… for once.” Lin attempted to recover from getting flustered with a dig, but Casey’s smile only grew wider. “I just can’t win today, can I?” The vampire chuckled as he shook his head and shrugged. “I’m going to take a quick shower, so just pretend I didn’t see anything.” Casey said as he walked over to the bathroom.

When Casey emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his torso, he would find his wife laying atop their bed on her stomach, lace covered hands supporting her head, legs idly kicking back and forth, and tail swishing lazily through the air. Beside her sat a bottle of lube, a sealed inkwell full of spell-ink, a strap-on harness and a dildo that wasn’t quite size-queen thickness, but still wasn’t really lacking for girth. The couple met each other’s gaze; a smile blooming on Linea’s painted lips as well as Casey’s pale ones. Casey let the towel drop as he approached the bed, inviting his wife to drink in his form just as he drank the demon’s blood. Her eyes traveled the only direction they could from his face, pausing for a few seconds on his tits. It had never really bothered her that her husband was more voluptuous than she was, she had curvier hips, he had bigger tits, it all balanced out. Invariably her eyes were drawn down to the man’s cunt, his lips a faint pink against his otherwise colorless skin. “Whatever did I do to deserve the most handsome man in the world?” Casey shrugged. “Maybe it’s just fate, the most handsome man in the world destined to love and be loved by the most beautiful woman in the universe.” Lin blushed, wishing he was closer so she could pull him into a kiss. She sighed as her wandering gaze drifted to the fading ink on her husband’s left leg. “Aww, I can barely see the snake anymore.”  “Yep, only a few more months and it’ll be gone.” Casey nodded, feigning a solemn expression as he stepped onto the bed “At least now I know what to get you for our anniversary this year. Do you know what you’re going to replace it with yet?” Lin asked, eyes tracking her lover until the vampire moved out of her field of vision. “I have a few ideas, but nothing fully realized yet, I was thinking something inspired by Japanese wood block prints would be cool, it’s been a few centuries since I had something like that.” Casey answered back.

“But enough about me, how was your day? Hear any fun stories?” The vampire stepped a foot over the demoness and lowered himself down onto her back, straddling it. “Hmm… Let me think.” Linea replied, taking a breath and relaxing as her husband’s hands squeezed around her shoulders, thumbs rubbing at her blades and hands working towards her collarbones, massaging the day’s tensions away.

“Oh! That old couple who’ve been coming to the café since they were high school sweethearts asked why all the women in my family look so similar.” Lin answered amid instructions for where Casey should move his hands next. “Linea, this is why you need to vary your glamour every few decades.” Casey sighed as he started working on one of Lin’s miniature bat wings. She had to keep them pressed flat against her back all day so it could take a bit of work to wake them back up. Casey felt the spaded tip of Lin’s tail rub against his back, it was much less thorough of a massage than the one he was providing, but it was just as appreciated. “I do vary my glamour, but I wasn’t high sorcerer to queen what’s-her-name or archmage of illusion, so I’m limited in what I can do.” Lin did her best to sound grumpy, but her efforts were thwarted by the pleased hums she made as Casey worked his non-magical magic on the sensitive points of her other wing. “My sister’s name was Berzelt, and I can always teach you.” Casey returned, but Lin shook her head. “I’d rather spend our days off having fun than magic lessons.” Lin answered back, shooting down the idea. Casey’s hands returned to Lin’s back, traveling below her bra line now. “I have a lot of fun teaching you magic.” “Yeah, but I don’t have fun learning it. I love you sweetie, but you’re way too intense of a teacher.” “I’m intense in bed too, but you seem to enjoy that.” Casey stated as he worked a knot out of Lin’s lower back, making the demon gasp and then moan from the relief. “I do enjoy how intense you are in bed, but… look we both know what I’m talking about, can we move on?” Lin sighed and was met with one from Casey in response. “Of course, babe. It’s just… I’m concerned, you know?” Lin nodded. “I know, but I lived through witch trials too, I know how to be careful around humans.”

They let the topic drop, and it was Lin who brought up the next. “Hey, do you want to meet me at the bar after my shift is over tomorrow night? I was thinking we could go see a movie and just have a date night.” The demoness suggested as Casey got up and scooted back to sit on Lin’s knees and continue her massage. “I wish that you would just lead with ‘do you want to come meet my aunt?’ instead of trying to trick me into it.” Casey replied. Lin sighed. “Okay fine, do you want to come meet my mom? I promise she doesn’t think you’re just using me... anymore at least” “No to aunt, yes to date night.” Casey replied as he massaged his wife’s thighs, carefully avoiding the most intense of the woman’s erogenous zones. Lin’s tail teasingly ran over Casey’s thigh, only to get playfully swatted away. “Pleeease, Casey? This is important to me. Just five minutes so I can introduce my husband to my mom?” Casey sighed. “I’ll think about it. Later” The vampire got up and took a seat besides Lin. “But for right now, the only thing I want to be thinking about is you. Would you mind rolling over sweetie?” Casey requested as he picked up the bottle of lube and squirted some onto his fingers.