Trivia Erotica

There is no other way to tell this story other than to jump right in and get to the details. Not long ago my wife and I decided to try trivia at a local bar as a new type of date night. We didn’t have much time after work so we had to eat quickly and get on the road. My wife dressed and came out into the kitchen where I was making dinner. As she came into view I couldn’t take my eyes off of her new boots. Now these boots go almost to her knees with laces that just add to the unbelievable seductive looks that my wife has always had! I went about making dinner as she poured two whiskeys to get our night started the right way.

After dinner I rushed to get dressed myself. I put on some new jeans and a shirt I had recently purchased and was ready for our night. I noticed some looks from my wife as she saw my outfit and the way it made my ass look. She put her hands on me and gave me a look that told me there would be very little sleep when we got home.

We were now on the road and moments later were seated and prepared for trivia. I ordered two beers and the game began. As the night went on so did the drinks. Twice as my wife got up to turn in questions I noticed two men at another table enjoying the view and commenting to one another. As much as I didn’t want them lustily looking at my wife I will admit it did turn me on a bit. In the end I knew I was taking her home and was well aware of what she had planned by the way she looked at me all night.

Trivia came to an end and although we did not win we did make a good showing for ourselves. This was a task considering we had many many drinks throughout the evening. As we got up to leave my wife grabbing my arm and led me to the indoor bar where kamikazes and beers were ordered. We were both in a very happy mood and left to go home. 
Upon entering the house I was ordered to get naked and lay on the bed. In no time I found my hard cock deep in her mouth as she moved up and down in a perfect rhythm. I was about to explode when she jumped up and mounted me placing me deep inside her very wet pussy. Unable to take it anymore I threw her over, mounted her and rode until my cock exploded several spurts of cum deep inside her! She then want my fingers to caress her pussy focusing on her clit until she demanded I put my cock inside her again. I did as ordered and before long was sending another load in her pussy. We both laid back and smiled at how trivia night had gone and swore it was going to happen again.