My Straight Lovers III: Back to the Land of the Living

   My friend Josh and I were really tight when we were kids. From kindergarten, our mothers became friends through volunteering at school and that just sort of made Josh and I instant friends even though, even back then, we were very different.

   Josh was the type of boy who was into war toys – always running around with a machine gun or camouflage gear screaming “pow! pow!” – and toy trucks – construction gear like Tonka’s but also tanks and Jeeps and armored cars, while I was building Lego towns for my Playmobil families to live in. He was into rugged team sports like football and hockey whereas I was more into agility stuff like gymnastics, diving and swimming.

  Although we were extremely dissimilar, Josh and I did meet at a few crossroads. When he wanted to play with his GI-Joe action figures, his Lone Ranger toys or even with his Star Trek or Star Wars figurines, we always had a blast because I got to create stories for the characters and he’d make them suffer, bleed, and die aplenty. We also shared a rich curiosity for nudity. And not just for the GI-Joes and my sister’s Barbie dolls. We both loved being nude… together and with some of the girls in the neighborhood who never said no to playing doctor or skinny dipping with us. Later on, in our early teens, Josh and I would regularly jerk off together while watching porn, but we never touched each other or commented on each other’s junk because my friend had clearly indicated to me that he was saving himself for pussy and that he wasn’t into any of that “gay shit”.

   I did eventually “come out” to Josh in our senior year of high school, admitting to him that I was bisexual. When I had decided to do that, some night he was sleeping over at my house after a party at Sasha Hilton’s house and I was considerably drunk, I had secretly hoped he’d be shit-faced enough to say “what the heck, let’s give it a try” or at least not level-headed enough to beat the crap out of the “fuckin’ fag” lying next to him. Turned out he was neither: He was really mellow about it and asked a few questions about whether or not I’d ever fantasized about him at all – which I obviously didn’t confess to – and whether or not I’d ever fucked or been fucked in the ass – which I hadn’t at the time.

   Unfortunately, I didn’t confess my appreciation of the male body to Josh on a night that he was drunk enough to not remember it. We never again had another jerk off session together after that night and Josh became weird around me in the showers and the changing room after gym class for our final weeks until graduation.

   After that, I went off to junior college and college and Josh became a mechanic, working at a Toyota dealership in the Eastern Townships. We pretty much lost touch for more than five years before hooking up again – as most people who lose touch do – through Facebook.

    Josh told me he’d met this girl – Cynthia – whom he’d had a beautiful daughter with (“Leyla’s three now”, he said) but who really had a problem with drugs and keeping her clothes on. He told me he’d met Cynthia at a party where they were both stoned out of their minds and she had blown and fucked at least five guys – he’d lost count at some point – including himself. “She’s a really hot fuck,” he said, “but she can be a real cunt and she’ll spread ‘em pretty much for any asshole that’ll come along.”

   I felt uneasy reading what my friend was saying about the mother of his child, but I didn’t want to judge or make him feel bad since I had no idea if his perception of the situation was accurate or not. And how could I know? I didn’t know the girl and I hadn’t seen him in years.

   “One night, I came home from work and I walked in on Nathalie – that’s Cynthia’s sister-in-law, her brother’s girlfriend – going down on Cyn in our bed with the baby sleeping in the other room,” Josh wrote in one of our Facebook conversations.

   “Holy crap! What did you do?” I asked.

   “I fucked both of them, man! It was fucking hot!”

   My eyes widened.

   “Problem is, a few weeks later, I come home from work, and she’s fucking this big black fuck that’s friends with her dealer, right? And she’s all like: “What am I supposed to do all day? You’re always at work!” So she was like, crying on his shoulder like, “I got needs” and shit, so I walk in and that fat fuck – he’s like this 300 pound nigga, right ? – he’s fisting her and stretching that cunt like a motherfucker!”

   Reading this, I didn’t really recognize my friend anymore. I mean sure, Josh had always been a pretty blunt, hard-hitting type of guy, but now, he sounded like a street thug.

   “So what did you do?” I asked.

   “She promised me she wouldn’t fuck him again, but I can’t trust her anymore, you know? How many times did it happen before? Every time I leave the house now, I’m like ‘Who’s she gonna fuck this time?’ One of my friends even told me she’s paid for her weed and for some other shit by blowing dudes and spreading her legs. Like, what the fuck, right, man? She’s a goddamn mother now and she’s still pulling shit like that?”

   I really was at a loss for words. Who was I to tell him what to do but I couldn’t help but wonder what he was still doing with a woman like that.

    “I told her, I said, ‘I can’t go down on you anymore ‘cause I can still smell that black dick in your cunt, bitch!’ and she got all upset.”

   “Oh, come on, Josh! You didn’t say that!”

   But he had.

   “And then, a few months ago, Cyn’s sister Lexi came over and spent a few days with us, right? And she was all over me, like wanting to fuck me, you know? And I was like, ‘Come on, bitch, I’m your fucking sister’s boyfriend’ but she was all like, ‘yeah, but she’s always stepping out on you and fooling around with other guys and shit. You don’t deserve that. You deserve better, blablabla…’ And man I tell ya, Lexi is a really fine piece of ass so like, what could I do?”

   So what do you think he did? He slept with her. His girlfriend’s sister. His sister-in-law, basically. Talk about a screwed-up keep-it-in-the-family soap opera.

   My head was spinning from reading about this incredibly complicated tale. For a few weeks after that, I didn’t hear about Josh. I’d see his postings on Facebook – a lot of stupid redneck bullshit and idiotic jokes – but not much about his own personal life. Which was probably better anyway, right?

   Then, a few weeks later, he struck up a conversation with me through the Facebook chat.

   “Holy fuck, man, you’ll never guess what is happening to me?”

   From our previous conversations, I was pretty much already convinced that it wouldn’t be anything good.

   “That bitch Lexi – Cyn’s sister, you know? – she says she’s pregnant and that I raped her.”

   My heart sunk and butterflies started fluttering around in my belly as though this was happening to me. Even though Josh and I had drifted apart and were living completely separate lives, the bond we had from when we were kids and teens was still very strong within me and I felt terrible for him.

   “Cyn says she’s filed a complaint with the cops and they’re coming to arrest me any minute now.”

   I didn’t know what to say or do. What could I say or do? I couldn’t fathom that Josh would ever force himself on a woman and, from what I’d heard him say about Cynthia, she could certainly have a sister who was deranged enough to falsely accuse a guy of rape, but… still… did I really know Josh all that well? I felt terrible thinking like that but my head was spinning.

   “Are your parents there for you?” was my first question.

   “I thought you knew. They died in a fire when our condo in Mont Tremblant burned down.”

   I would not have been more stunned if Josh had punched me in the face. He was having to go through this ordeal on his own, whether he was guilty or not at this point, to me, was irrelevant. Either he was being falsely accused or he had done something horrible and deserved to be punished, but he was still a human being and he’d been a precious friend to me so I felt compelled to be there for him in some capacity or another.

   “I’m so sorry, Josh. Listen, here’s my phone number. If you need anything, just call me, okay?”

   “Thanks, man. I really appreciate that. So you believe me?”

   I didn’t know if I did or not… but I put myself in his shoes and couldn’t imagine how I’d feel if my childhood friend said he didn’t believe in me anymore.

   “That family sounds like it has major problems,” I answered. “I wish you hadn’t been so trusting around those girls. And that you’d walked away from Cyn when you found her with that guy, but hey, that’s water under the bridge now. Now, you have to fight to prove your innocence.”

   “That’s gonna be real hard if that kid is really mine.”

   Yeah. No need for a rape kit when you have a full-blown child to vouch for your DNA. I sighed and shook my head, feeling helpless.

   “Shit. Cops are here. Gotta go.”

   That’s the last I heard from Josh for over four years. There was nothing in the papers or on the Internet about his arrest. I didn’t dare ask any of our few common Facebook friends if they had heard anything. Every time I would think of him, I’d get these butterflies in my stomach, a feeling of worry as if my brother, my intimate friend was going through a nightmarish situation I had no control over whatsoever. Actually, it almost felt as though it was happening to me.

   Then, one morning, as I was sitting down at my computer with my second cup of coffee to start on a new erotic story for a website I contributed to regularly – guess which –, my phone rang. It was a collect call from Josh. My heart started racing and hundreds of questions flooded my brain. I accepted the charges.

   – Hey man! Thanks for taking the call.

   – Of course. I’m happy to hear from you. What’s going on?

   Josh told me that he’d spent the last nine months in Bordeaux, one of Quebec’s biggest provincial prisons, after being convicted of raping Lexi. He was in the “protect sex” wing because, as he explained, sex offenders were considered the lowest form of life in prison and they needed extra protection so they wouldn’t get killed by the other inmates. “Man!” I thought, thinking how absurd that sounded to me, but not having time to really process it.

   Now, Josh had served two thirds of his sentence and was eligible for early release, but needed to prepare this provisional discharge. His conditional release from prison depended on him securing certain terms, notably where he would live until the end of his court-determined sentence and during his three years of parole after that.

   – I have this really big favor I need to ask you, man, he said, and I’ll totally understand if you can’t or won’t, but you’re the first person I thought of when my parole agent – or whatever she is – started talking about early release this morning. Do you think I could live with you till November like, at least until my early release period is over – so I can get back on my feet?

   I didn’t even have to think about it. As he was talking, I was imagining myself in his exact situation and I couldn’t picture myself turning him down.

   – Of course, man. Sure. Whatever you need.

   There was a short silence at the other end of the line.

   – Really? Holy shit, man. I can’t believe you’d do this for me after all these years…

   He was crying. He was clearly trying to hold back the tears but it wasn’t working. I was still processing the bits and pieces of information I had. Basically, I knew almost nothing, and most of the stuff I would hear and learn as we went along. What I did know was that Josh needed me to write a letter of intention stating that I was willing to provide a roof over his head and basically act as a guardian for the duration of this early release period. Then, he needed me to fax it to that probation officer lady so that she could complete his file and set a date for his hearing. Already, in my head, I was re-organizing the rooms in my house, turning the office into a guest room (the hide-a-bed was already in there, so it wasn’t much of a stretch), and clearing out all my office supplies from the closet so he could put his clothes and stuff in there.

   – You have the fax number? Cool. I’ll write it this morning and shoot it off to her right away.

   – Wow, man. That’s amazing. I really appreciate your support. I can’t wait to get out of this place.

   – I understand.

   I didn’t really, because I had a TV and movie version vision of life in prison and had no idea if what we saw in The Green Line, The Shawshank Redemption and Prison Break was anything like what Josh was going through… or, come to think of it, if the American TV and movie version of the slammer was anything like the reality of the Canadian – or even provincial – prison system.

   I guess Josh would have plenty of time to tell me all about it if this early release went through.

   – I can’t believe you’re doing this for me, man. I really owe you.

   Okay, so yeah, I do admit that I can be a twisted bastard sometimes. It’s probably the writer in me, always concocting crazy, titillating stories in my imagination. But doesn’t anybody – okay, any GUY – who’s told “I really owe you” think: “Will you be paying me back in sexual favors?” I kept flashing back to those jacking off sessions Josh and I used to have in our first years of puberty, popping in an old VHS tape and stroking our cocks to Tracy Lords getting fucked from behind by Ron Jeremy’s massive meat or my personal favorite, Asia Carrera riding Brad Armstrong’s mouth-watering shlong until he shot his load all over her beautiful tits.

   My memories of Josh’s cock were unclear but I did remember he had more pubic hair than I did back then and that I was fascinated by the fact that it was red. He was clearly more advanced on the road to manhood back then than I was. I also remember that even in kindergarten – when we would play doctor or swim nude together – I had been captivated by the fact that he was circumcised, because I was not. I had to pull back my foreskin to expose my cock head whereas his was already exposed. I wondered what it looked like today but felt weird speculating about something like that while talking about his imminent release from prison.

   – Wouldn’t you do the same for me if the tables were turned?

   – You know I would, bro.

   He told me that as soon as he’d have more information, he’d call me back to keep me abreast of everything.

   – Thanks again, man. You’ve really given me hope.

   When we hung up, I hoped it wasn’t false hope.


   A few days later, he called me back to tell me his hearing date had been set and that he’d gotten in touch with Cyn.

   – What?

   – Yeah, she says she misses me and can’t wait for me to get out so we can get back together.

   My head started spinning again. I didn’t know if the feeling that was building inside was outrage, incredulity or jealousy (why would I feel jealousy, right? but I had felt it before and this thing in the pit of my stomach certainly felt a lot like that), but one thing was for sure. I couldn’t understand why in God’s name he’d be stupid enough to want to consider getting back with her if everything he had told me was true.

   – What do you mean, ‘get back together’?

   – She says she misses us being a family.

   Right. I’d forgotten about his daughter. “Man, she must be like… seven or eight by now, right?” I thought.

   – That’s great for your daughter, Josh, but… do you really think you want to get back with her? Don’t you have a kid with her sister now, too?

   I didn’t want to sound judgmental, but… really?

   – Oh no, didn’t I tell you? She miscarried. Well, actually, the kid was stillborn. He had some kind of cardiac malfunction and respiratory problem and he would have been retarded.

   I didn’t know if I should feel sad, horrified or relieved, really. I felt terrible thinking: “This child was better off not living, being born in such a horrible mess of a family anyway.”

   – I’m sorry, I said, not really knowing if it made sense to say that since he basically sounded as cold about it as a doctor would.

   Nevertheless, I felt my blood boiling.

   – So what, now? You’re going to move in with Cyn for the sake of your daughter?

   There was so much irony and such passive-aggressiveness in my tone that I even surprised myself.

   – No way, man. I’m just saying we might just start seeing each other for Leyla and… well, she’s always been a good fuck so…

   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

   – Whatever…

   Wow. The word had come out spontaneously and I realized how much I had sounded like a wronged wife. I did not like the sound of that.

   – It’s your life, my friend. You know what you need to do.

   I had tried to bring it down a notch and sound detached and uninterested, but I felt like I was just making things worse.

   – I need to be a dad to my daughter. For the rest, we’ll see, right?

   – Right, I replied reflexively.

   – So my hearing is in three days and, if they grant my early release, I’ll be free to leave right after they process the paper work.

   – How long will that take?

   – A few hours at the most.

   – Oh okay, so you’d be released on Friday?

   – Yeah. Would that be okay with you?

   – Sure.

   – Do you think you could come and pick me up at the gate?

   – No problem.

   When we hung up, my head was spinning again. That had been happening a lot since Josh had resurfaced in my life.


   I didn’t sleep all night Thursday to Friday. I kept thinking about Josh’s phone call. Either I’d need to hop in my car and go pick up my new border or my childhood friend would stay in jail for a crime I still didn’t know much about.

   When the phone did ring, I jumped out of my skin.

   – Hello?

   – Hey, man. I got it. They granted me early release.

   – I’m on my way.

   I had already gone online to research the itinerary and I was ready to go. Within forty-five minutes, I was driving up to the gates of Bordeaux prison, pulling up to a guy standing there with three paper bags with rope handles. Was that really Josh? This tall, pale-skinned, red-headed dude with a neatly-trimmed goatee didn’t look much like the guy I’d last seen over ten years ago. He was wearing gray sweat pants and an over-sized black t-shirt that sort of covered up his little belly.

   – Hey, dude! Great to see you! he said, leaning through the passenger door window.

   He threw his bags on the back seat and sat in the front seat, grabbing my hand to shake it.

   – I really appreciate you doing this for me. You’re really saving my ass.

   “Where did I hear that before?” I asked myself. “Oh yeah! Anthony!”

   I chuckled.

   – Why are you laughing?

   – I guess you must’ve had to save your own ass a few times while you were in there, right?

   – Holy fuck, man! No shit! You wouldn’t believe all the fucking going on in there.

   – I can only fantasize, I said with a smirk.

   – Shut up, man, he said with a chuckle of his own. I was constantly fending off advances from guys.

   Wow. His vocabulary certainly had improved since our Facebook chats.

   – And not just gays, you know? Like everybody in there is looking to get laid.

   – Everybody?

   – Well, not everybody… but almost…

   I couldn’t believe how comfortable I was talking about gay sex with Josh since we hadn’t broached the subject ever since I’d admitted to him I was bisexual at the end of high school.

   – So… are you a bottom or a top? I asked, half-jokingly.

   – Shut the fuck up, man! he shot back with an amused tone. You know I’d be a top ‘cause if anybody’s gonna fuck an ass, it’s me, not the other way.

   – So you’re telling me you didn’t have sex for almost ten months?

   – I didn’t even jack off, man!

   – What?

   – Fuck! I couldn’t! I was in this bunk-bed cell with another guy.

   – And your cell mate never came on to you or suggested you jack off together?

   – Hell, yeah! That fucker’s married and has three kids, he’s pumping iron, exercising like all hell and taking cold showers to curb the horniness, but shit, he was like, “man, you want to jerk off together?”, “you want me to jack you off?”, “you want me to suck your dick?”, “you mind if I jack off while you take a shit?”…

   – Wo-ho!

   – I’m telling you, man. Guys are losing their minds in there.

   I was getting hard and feeling my cock press against the steering wheel as I drove us to my place.

   – One night, in the middle of the night, there was these two Muslim guys who were in the same cell, and we started hearing struggling and arguing and shit, right? We thought they were fighting and it ended up one of them had crawled into the other one’s bunk and was trying to have his way with him, like grabbing at his dick and trying to kiss him and dry hump his leg and shit, you know? He was saying stuff like: “Come on, brother, just this once. We can make each other feel good. Let me pleasure you. God’ll understand. He knows it’s just because we’re away from women and won’t ever do this again. Please!” And the other one was going, “No, we can’t! You’re my brother! This is wrong! Go back to your bed please. You don’t want to force me!” Apparently, nothing happened, but the next day, the guys were joking that one of them was looking for halal sex!

   My erection had gotten even more intense and my level of horniness had gone through the roof. But when he got to the last part, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

   It was so nice to reunite with my childhood friend and, although he’d been through stuff that I would never have imagined possible back then, it was as though no time had passed and that any type of weirdness that might have set in from not seeing each other for so long had already dissipated.

   – So how were you able to handle your own horniness all that time? I asked.

   – Oh it was fucking hell, man! I kept thinking of Cyn’s over-stretched pussy and I was walking around with a hard-on twenty-four / seven.

   – Really? I asked, looking over at his crotch.

   I couldn’t see any pole protruding in those loose-fitting sweatpants, but I thought: “Either he’s just talking metaphorically or he’s wearing tight-fitting briefs or his cock hasn’t grown since we last jacked off together. That last hypothesis made me chuckle out loud.

   – Really! he insisted. And that just made things worse ‘cause guys would notice my pecker sticking out and they’d be all over my ass like, “you want me to take care of that for you, man?”, “you need somebody to ease your tension, dude?”, “you want me to suck that off for you, mate?”, “you look like you need to shoot a load or two there, pal.”

   I didn’t know if he was realizing how crazy he was making me with all this homo-erotic talk, but… I was running gay porn’s galore in my mind.

   – How the hell did you resist not taking them up on their offers? It’s not like they were asking you to jack them off in return or suck them off in exchange, right?

   – I know but I just didn’t want to start that shit.

   – Afraid you’d like it?

   – Shut up, dude!

   – Afraid you’d develop a need for it, I mean?

   There was a short silence.

   – Yeah. Maybe. I don’t know.

   There was another moment of silence. My mind started wandering and I began thinking back at how much I’d yearned to reach over and help Josh reach his orgasm back in the day, when we were kids and we would jerk off watching porn. Straight porn, of course. Always. My cock twitched again in my pants as I widened my eyes to help me concentrate on my driving. And then, again, my brain thought back to how I’d wanted to see how it would feel to lick, kiss and suck Josh’s circumcised cock head back in the day.

   – So all that time you were in there, you never once jacked off, never once had a guy jerk you off, never once got a guy to give you a blow job and never once shot a load while fucking a guy’s tight asshole?

    I realized I could have said all this with a lot less words and a lot less underlying feeling, but I was purposely fueling the fire of my own horniness and really trying to drive him over the top.

   – Do you mind if we drive by Cyn’s place before we go to your house? he asked me. I just want to see if she’s there.

   Yeah. I should have expected that. And it was kind of my fault.

   – You sure you want to do that? What if she is there? What will you do?

   He hesitated.

   – Fuck her while I wait in the car?

   – Holy fuck, man! I want her fucking, dirty-ass pussy so bad I can taste its funky black-cock-fucked stench from here…

  That made my hard-on die down a bit. His ghetto rap talk almost made me want to puke actually. But I stayed mum.

   – So you want me to drive you there?

   – If you don’t mind.

   I rolled my eyes and let him tell me the way to that slutty bitch’s place.


   – Holy shit!

   Those were the first words out of his mouth when we drove up to the public housing apartment building where Cynthia lived.

   – I think that’s that asshole’s car. Wait here.

   – Don’t do anything stupid! was all I was able to say before he shut the passenger door in my face.

   He walked on the lawn to the side of the building and squatted down, placing his hands over his eyes to shield the sun. After a few seconds, one of his hands came down to his crotch.

   – What the hell is he doing? I asked myself aloud. Oh my God, is he really…

   He was. He was squeezing his cock through his grey prison sweatpants, either making himself hard or jacking himself off through the fabric.

   – No, no, no, man, don’t do this. What if someone…

   Before I could finish my sentence, I saw Josh drop to his knees from his squatting position and pulling down his pants and briefs over his rock-hard cock which – I couldn’t help thinking – looked big even from so far away. Bringing his left hand back over his eyes and peering through the window, he started jacking off like a madman, stopping twice to spit in his hand to lubricate before standing up on his knees, arcing his back and shooting strand after strand of cum onto the window.

   I just sat there, mouth agape as he started slapping his hard cock against the window, emptying his hose and attracting whoever was inside’s attention. Then, he slapped it against the window one last time as he brought down his left hand to give whoever was inside the finger!

   He hopped back on his feet, pulled his briefs and sweatpants back over his cock and balls while running back to the car like a small child who’s played a prank on a neighbor.

   – Are you fucking crazy??? I shouted at him as soon as he opened the car door.

   – Can you believe she was fucking that fat fuck?

   – Fuck!

   – GO! he shouted at me.

  – What were you thinking? I mumbled as I sped off as though I had done something illegal.

  – I look in the window and I see his fat black ass going up and down on that bitch and that whore’s white elephant legs up in the air, on either side of that fat fuck’s blubber!

   – You just got out of prison!

   – I know, right? And she does this on the day I come out?

   He wasn’t getting my point.

   – You’re nuts, man!

   – Yeah, dude! Finally got my fucking nuts off!

   I couldn’t answer that. I was speechless.

   – You’re insane!

   – That fucking whore! How could she do this to me? I am so fucking over her!

   He wasn’t hearing a word I was saying.

   – Man, that felt good!

   I couldn’t help but realize that my outrage was partly caused by the fact that I had been strangely aroused by this crazy scene and that I hated myself for it. “What kind of crazy pervert are you?” I scolded myself.

   For the longest while, I drove without saying a word.

   – You got any porn at your place?

   – What?

   – You got any smut DVDs and shit?

   His question had surprised me and taken me aback.

   – Uh… yeah. Sure.

   – You updated since those old VHS tapes we used to jerk off to?

   He remembered. I chuckled.

   – Yeah, I’ve updated.

   – You have just gay stuff or…?

   He remembered that, too. That was the first time he’d actually acknowledged my “different” sexual orientation since that actual night when I’d come clean to him about being bisexual.

   – Nah, I got pretty much everything. Guy on girl, guy on guy, bisexual threesomes and orgies, I even have girl on girl stuff…

   – Mmmm… nice. You won’t mind sharing with your old pal, will you?

   I was still in shock from what he’d just done, but he was acting like it had never happened.


   When we finally got to my house, he got out of the car and stretched his limbs.

   – Wow, man! Nice place. You’ve done okay for yourself.

   Yeah. I was really happy with my house and loved living in the country. I thought how good it would be for him to be away from the craziness of his life and to not have access to a car – unless he asked to borrow mine, which I would greatly hesitate in doing after what he had just pulled – or to public transportation. He’d basically be secluded in the country and have time to rethink his life.

   – You mind if I grab a shower? I took one this morning, but…

   – You wanna clean the last drops of cum off your cock head?

   He chuckled.

   – Yeah. Something like that.

   I showed him his room, let him put away his bags, set him up with towels and everything he needed for the bathroom, and then I went and made lunch. He devoured the kick-ass sandwich I made him and had two bowls of my homemade chicken soup before thanking me and heading for the den.

   – Wow… Nice TV.

   He went straight for my collection of porn DVDs.

   – Ooooohhhh! Isn’t that the chick we jerked off to on VHS?

   – Yup. Asia Carrera. She’s always been my favorite.

   – Yeah, I remember you dug Asian chicks. Wasn’t there that girl – what was her name in elementary school? – Stephanie?

   – Yeah. Stephanie Chen. We hooked up later on in college and… she’s my daughter’s mother actually.

   – No shit!

   – No shit! We still have a great relationship. And we co-parent really well.

   – That’s so cool.

   He popped the Asia Carrera classic into the DVD player and plopped himself down on my leather couch.

   – Shit! That’s cold, he chuckled.

   Of course it was. He was wearing only a white t-shirt and boxer shorts. Almost instantly, his hard cock popped out of the piss hole in his boxers.

   – Holy crap, where did that come from? he joked.

   I couldn’t believe how easily he was making himself at home and I was experiencing conflicting feelings about it. On the one hand, I was happy he was still as free with his body as he had been when we were kids. I kept thinking how things had changed after I’d come out to him and how now, that seemed to be forgotten. My own cock was getting pretty hard itself under my clothes. On the other hand, I felt weird standing in the middle of my den with my friend sitting spread-eagle on my couch with his hard cock exposed and me not knowing if I was welcome in my own den, let alone next to him on my couch.

   As soon as Josh pressed the play button on the remote, he started stroking his cock like I wasn’t even there. The second feeling was taking over. The feeling of being the odd man out, the outsider, the guy who should just leave.

   – Holy shit, that girl is hot!

   Watching my childhood friend’s circumcised cock poking out of a bunch of orange pubic hair was pretty hot, too. While his eyes were on Asia’s tits and twat bouncing on some guy’s pole, my own eyes were on Josh’s hand stroking his glistening meat. I was impressed with its girth and it seemed to me that it had grown in length, too.

   – That thing’s gotten bigger since I last saw it, I said, trying to attract his attention.

   He looked over at me.

   – You think?

   He looked down at his cock and pulled it toward the TV like he was offering it up to Asia. But he was actually just checking himself out, appraising the size of his manhood.

   – I guess it’s hard to notice when it’s your own and it grows with you, huh?

   – Yeah. I guess you’re right.

   I unfastened the button of my pants and pulled down my zipper, hooking my thumbs inside the elastic band of my Denver Hayes briefs and taking out my hard cock.

   He didn’t even notice. His eyes had gone back to Asia who was now taking it doggy style with her amazing tits swaying and bouncing.

   – Oh man! I’d give my left nut to fuck those tits!

   Without taking his eyes off the TV or his hand off his pole, Josh stood up to pull his boxers off completely. He had a hard time getting his cock back into his boxers through the piss hole, because it was so long and hard, but when he did, he was able to push down his underwear and kick it off. He looked back at the TV and I got a great view of his heavy balls covered in orange fuzz, bouncing under his pumping cock. Suddenly, Josh caught a glimpse of me in his peripheral vision and exclaimed:

   – Holy shit! Looks like yours got bigger, too, huh?

   Knowing that Josh was now noticing and admiring my cock was making me even harder and hornier. He sat back down on the couch and, to my surprise, kept his eyes on my cock instead of going back to Asia in action. I gave myself a few strokes as did he before I kicked off my shoes and pulled my pants down.

   – You gonna jack off to Asia, too, man?

   – Sure.

   I kicked off my pants and underwear before I heard Josh say:

   – Get your ass over here, dude…

   My heart was racing and so much blood was pumping into my cock I thought it would just burst open. His invitation made me want to just fuck my hand furiously and shoot my load even before I sat down, but I reasoned with myself and thought: “You need to get a grip, man! He just wants you to sit, not fool around with him.”

   I sat down next to my friend and we both stroked our dicks while Asia started working her lips on another guy’s cock, a new guy who’d just joined in the action.

   – Oh man! Oooh! Those lips, that mouth, that tongue on my dick? Shit! I’d shoot a fucking river, man!

   Without even giving it a second thought, I took advantage of his down stroke to engulf his huge pole in my mouth.

   – What the fuck, dude?!?

   On my way back up, I gave him a little tongue, a lot of suction and a little graze of the teeth on his uncovered cock head before I pulled myself off his pole.

   I looked up at him and met his deer-in-the-headlights eyes. The astonishment was quickly replaced with confusion and a mix of frustration and overwhelming desire. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably not even two seconds, Josh reached behind my head, grabbed me by the hair and forced me down on his pole.

   – Okay, man! Yeah. Do it! Suck my dick! Yeah.

   He was holding me down and choking me with his meat, fucking my mouth like it was the hottest pussy he’d ever had.

   – Holy fuck, man! Your mouth is so fucking tight.

   That was actually my throat he was fucking, pushing on the back of my head and bouncing his ass off the couch to bury his cock head as deep as he could.

   – I’m gonna fucking blow my load! Oooooh! Fuuuuuuuuck! Yeah!

   His cum burst out of his pole and just cascaded straight down my oesophagus without me even tasting it, since he inundated my throat. He held on to my head for the longest time and I was surprised I didn’t choke or have trouble breathing. I was also very impressed by the fact that his cock didn’t lose a speck of its hardness.

   Suddenly, even though he still hadn’t freed me from his pole, I realized he was fucking my throat again, this time panting, moaning and even whimpering.

   – Oh man! How the fuck did you do that? Shit! That was fucking amazing!

   He finally pulled me off his cock by my hair and didn’t let go, looking deep in my eyes. I could see he was in some sort of domination mode and I didn’t want to give him complete control over the situation so I detached my eyes and looked over at his pole, grabbing his cock head like the knob of a stick shift, squeezing it lightly and moving his cock around as though I was changing gears.

   He moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain.

   – What the fuck, man?

   – What do you want to do with it now, pal?

   His eyes widened.

   – I…

   – You gonna have me believe that’s it? You’re done? You don’t want any more of me?

   Honestly, I didn’t recognize myself but when I think back on it now, I’d had such mixed feelings about getting face fucked by Josh – really, truly excited that we were finally having sex after all these years of me fantasizing about it, but also kind of pissed off at him for dominating me like that and treating me like his bitch –, that I think I just wanted to regain control of the situation and not let this end like this.

   – I wanna fuck you in the ass… he barely whispered, his voice like a little child asking for something he’s sure he’s not goomg to get.

   I got up and grabbed a condom from the end table. I ripped the package open before his very eyes.

   – What’s that for? he asked.

   I guffawed as I started rolling the sheath over his meat.

   – If you think you’re gonna fuck me after sticking that thing in the dirty cunts you’ve had, you’re even crazier than I thought.

   Once I’d wrapped up his sausage, I grabbed some lube and got down on all fours, my head turned toward the TV, exposing my puckering asshole to his view. I rubbed my man hole with two lubed up fingers and showed him how tight my backside really was. When I barely slipped the two fingers into the entrance to my man cave, I realized I hadn’t had a cock up there in the longest time and, checking out Josh’s girth, this was not going to be easy.

   – Oh man! he whimpered. What the fuck are you making me do?

   – What am I making you do? You gonna assume any responsibility for this? You gonna tell me that you don’t really want it?

   – I’m not gay, man. You know that.

   – Yeah, I know that, but if you want this ass, you’ll have to face reality.

   I got up and faced him, coming closer. I violently grabbed his wrist – because I knew that if I took it softly, he would easily pull away – and brought it closer to my hard cock and balls.

   – This ass is connected to this cock and these balls!

   I pulled his hand in even closer and twisted his wrist, making his hand cup my balls. He looked up at me like a frightened child whose mother was making him touch a burning stove, but he didn’t resist long.

   – If you want to have my ass, Josh, you gotta live with the fact that these balls are gonna be knocking against yours…

   I grabbed his wrist and brought his hand close to my hard pole, wrapping his fingers around it.

   – … and that this cock is gonna shoot a load because your cock’ll be buried within me.

  When he got over the shock of having his fingers on my cock and balls and the amazement of having his bitch turn the tables on him and imposing respect, he let go of my junk and stood up, facing me.

   – Yeah, man, okay. I want it. I want your ass.

   – You want to feel your hard cock inside me?

   – Yeah, man! I do.

   I slowly cupped his balls in my hand and played with them like I was weighing them.

   – Yeah, Josh. I can feel how much you want me. Can you make your cock dance for me so I can check out how much it’s dying to get inside me?

   He made his cock bounce up and down a few times while I kept cupping his balls.

   – That’s really hot, Josh. Check out how much my cock likes to see your cock dancing like that.

   He looked down at my meat, confirming again that that hole he was going to fuck wasn’t just any other hole but an ass that belonged to a guy, a real man with a cock and balls just like his.

    I turned my back on him and got back down on all fours, in that same position I’d been in earlier, facing the TV, spreading my legs so he could get on his knees between them, and offering him my butt cheeks and lubed-up anus.

   I felt his knees hit the ground and his hands grab my hips. A jolt of electricity went through my whole body just from feeling his hands on me. Then, I felt his sheathed cock head press against the entrance of my backside and braced myself, visualizing his huge jackhammer getting ready to drill a hole in me. The first thrust felt as though I’d never been fucked before and my groan freaked Josh out a little bit:

   – You okay, man?

   There was no way I was going to give him the satisfaction of thinking his cock was too big for me and – at the same time – I was happy that he did care enough to ask!

   – Are you all in? I asked, making it sound like I was saying “Is that all you have?”

   He didn’t answer and I felt his fingers dig into my hips before he thrust forward with all his might, his mammoth cock splitting me in half. I barely winced and he didn’t see me close my eyes or bite down on my lower lip.

   – Holy fuck you’re tight, man!

   – Yeah, mate. Don’t sound so surprised.

   I think I heard him chuckle, but it definitely didn’t diminish his hardness. If anything, I felt as though his cock had blown up even more.

   – Come on, Josh! You wanted to fuck me? Do it! Fuck me, man!

   Again, his fingers dug into my hips and he started pounding my man pussy, slamming his pelvic bone against my butt cheeks.

   – See that, Josh? You see your cock sliding in and out of your childhood friend’s asshole?

   – Yeah, he moaned, panting.

   – You see it?

   – Yeah, I see it, he answered, again, trying to catch his breath and moaning with pleasure.

   – Pull it out a little more so you can really see it go right back in!

    I felt him pull out slowly, almost all the way. Like only his mushroom-shaped cock head was still inside. And then he thrust it back in and I felt his bush tickle my butt cheeks.

   – Yeah! That’s it. Fuck my ass, man!

   He began really hammering my hole like he was going to explode inside me, accelerating like crazy.

   – Oh fuck, man! Your ass is so fucking hot! I’m gonna cum, Big! I’m gonna plaster your insides with my juice!

    Of course, he wasn’t, because of the condom, but I didn’t care. It still sounded hot and, just as he started pumping jism into the sheath, I reached between my legs and grabbed his balls, tugging down at them.

   – Holy fuuuuuuuuuuck, man! Yeah! Squeeze my balls! Oooooooh!!!

   When he said that, I felt my asshole tighten and my own balls churn just as the cum started crawling up my pole without any help from my hands. As Josh filled up the condom, I shot a puddle of cum on my dark, hardwood floor, my balls rubbing against his and my cock pulsating, trying to reach up to my navel.

   I honestly expected Josh to quickly pull out and run to the bathroom, determined to forget that he’d finally had sex with a guy after resisting all these chances, all these advances, all these temptations. But he didn’t right away. He massaged my butt cheeks, spreading them like he wanted to get an even better view of what was going on with his cock. I felt that he wasn’t softening as quickly as I’d thought either. His hands made their way up the small of my back, massaging me tenderly, as though he wanted to really feel me. This was nice.

   After making it up to my shoulders and massaging me with his strong hands, he finally did pull out, holding on to the condom. I quickly turned around because I wanted to be the one to remove the sheath from his pole. He got off his knees and slipped his ass on the couch, looking spent, and breathing a deep sigh of satisfaction. What he wasn’t expecting was that I wasn’t done. I grabbed his cock – which was still more than half hard – and I started licking it clean, insisting on his sensitive cock head especially, sucking the last drops of his cum out of his piss slit in a kissing suction motion with my lips.

   – Oh man! This is better than fucking porn paradise. Going from the goddamn sex desert in prison to this? Shit! Who knew? It’s like I was dead and now, I’m alive again. Phew! You brought me back to the land of the living, pal…

   He reached between his legs as I was licking his red-fuzz-covered balls and tenderly ran his fingers through my hair, softly whispering:

   – Thank you…

   A few seconds later, he was snoring, his hand sleeping in my hair.


   I’ll never know what really happened between Josh and that bitch Lexi – ‘cause yeah, no matter what happened, whether she’s a bitch who framed Josh or a bitch who was a victim of sexual assault, I’m sorry, she’s still a bitch as far as I’m concerned –, but one thing is for sure: Josh is definitely better off staying away from those inbreeding psychos.

   He’s still living at my house and eventually went back to work for that Toyota dealership in the Eastern Townships. They gave him a great deal on a second-hand Yaris and he paid it off by the bosses taking a cut off his paycheck every two weeks. Although his workplace is really far from my house, he’s still managing fine. He’s even paying rent and sharing in the groceries and household expenses.

   Right now, he’s in talks with his probation officer so that he can start visits with Leyla, and my ex, Stephanie, who Josh has known since forever, has been really cool about the time my daughter spends at my house, even though Josh is living here. Sure, I hate the fact that I’m a bit uncomfortable when he’s around her, but I’m just extra careful. Since he knows what it is to be a dad with a little girl you want to protect with all your might, I think he knows to be extra careful… especially after everything I’ve done for him. And I don’t mean sexually…

   Although he does still get the occasional blowjob and anal sex when we’re alone in the house and we pop in one of my good ole XXX DVDs. Which are back in their hiding place now that their being temporarily in full view has served their purpose. :)