Work and Pleasure Part 2

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22 Aug. '16

All night he kept thinking of her finger in his asshole. All night she kept thinking of more ways to cause him pain. The next day was highly anticipated by both Augustus and Bianca. Augustus reached the office before time to meet Bianca but to his great disappointment she was on leave that day. So he somehow tried to concentrate on his work but his mind wandered off to yesterday. His behemoth of a dick in her hot and wet mouth. She sucked him like she owned him. His trail of thought was disturbed when his office line rang. He answered the phone and from the other side came the firm and seductive voice that had given him a hard on yesterday. Bianca; his breath left him in a rush. She wanted some important documents at her place in half an hour. Augustus was elated and desperate to meet her again. He collected the documents and was at her door in the next thirty minutes. A butler opened the door and led him to Bianca’s office. The office was immaculately kept. The walls and furniture in deep burgundy color with accents of gold. A large leather couch covered the empty space. But despite all this he couldn’t take his eyes off his boss who was sitting at the end of the table wearing a tight corset that made her ample breasts to spill out and tiny black satin shorts. A robe was loosely draped around her shoulders. She was working on a file with the utmost concentration. Augustus cleared his throat to indicate that he was there. She turned her head and looked at him with such intensity that he had to avert his gaze. Bianca smirked as Augustus came forward to hand her the documents bit he couldn’t take his eyes off her boobs. “like what you see?” questioned Bianca. “huh? Oh, I’m sorry ma’am. I should leave now.” stammered Augustus. Bianca stood up and walked past him. She closed the door and stood behind Augustus. As he turned around she pushed him so he was sitting on the office table. She got closer and sat on his lap rubbing her cunt against his dick from outside his trousers. She slid her arms behind his neck and grabbed his hair. Then she lowered her mouth to his, planting soft and wet kisses on his lips. She slid her tongue inside his mouth and sucked. Augustus moaned in pleasure as she squeezed his dick from outside and bit his lip. Her kisses became more forceful and urgent. “carry me to the couch.” She ordered. He did as he was told and gently placed her on the couch. “strip for me.” Barked Bianca. Augustus couldn’t decide what to do but he didn’t want to displease his boss so he did as he was told. He took off his tie and j buttoned his shirt. Bianca took off her robe. He removed his socks and shoes and then his trousers. Bianca took off her shorts. Augustus stood there in her boxers with his dick straining inside them. He was breathing heavily. He saw Bianca who was now just in her corset and tiny lace panties. She stood up and walked to him like a predator walks towards its prey looking at him with a ferocious intensity. “take off your boxers.” Ordered Bianca. Augustus took them off and his dick popped up, reaching Bianca’s crotch. It glistened with precum. Bianca touched his dick with the pad of her thumb and licked the precum off her fingers. Augustus swallowed hard. “get on your knees.” Ordered Bianca. “but ma’am” before he could complete his sentence Bianca slapped him hard across his face. “you are only allowed to say yes ma’am! Do as you’re told!” barked Bianca. Augustus was stunned. He quickly got on his knees. “take off my panties.” Said Bianca but as he was going to do so she grabbed his hands and said “ with your mouth.” Augustus neared her cunt and took off her panties, one strap at a time with his mouth. She stepped outside them and went back to sit in the couch. “stroke your filthy dick” ordered Bianca. Augustus started stroking his dick. Bianca placed her legs on the table and spread them part so he got the clear view of her shaved cunt. Augustus breathed heavily. His dick hard in his hands, all wet with precum. Bianca started circling her fingers around her cunt. “ stroke it faster!” she shouted. “Yes Ma’am” said Augustus as he fisted his thick dick. Bianca rubbed her clit and moaned in pleasure. This caused another spray of precum from his dick. She pushed one finger inside her tight cunt and trusted it in and out moaning and seducing Augustus. She squeezed her breasts hard from her corset and moaned harder. Then she looked at Augustus with his dick throbbing in his hand all wet with precum. She stood up and got on her knees taking his dick in her both her hands and squeezed it hard. Augustus moaned. She flicked her tongue at the tip of his dick, licking the precum. Then she took all of it inside her mouth and sucked hard. Augustus fucked her mouth hard. She grabbed his balls and took them in her mouth, grazing her teeth along the length of his dick. He whimpered in pain and pleasure. She sucked his dick harder till he was extremely close but then stopped. Then she started to suck his dick again. Augustus had never been so turned on in his life. She liked torturing him. “ma’am please make me cum” begged Augustus. Bianca took all of him inside and then bit his dick hard. The pain caused him to cum hard spraying jets of his semen in her mouth. Bianca swallowed all of it greedily. She stood up and asked Augustus to stand against the office table. Once there she turned him around and told him to bend over. Augustus was confused but he did as he was told. Bianca caressed his butt planting soft kisses all over it. Then she took his belt and hit him hard across his ass. The blow came unexpectedly and drew all the air out of Augustus’s lungs. He yelped in pain. “count till ten.” Said Bianca in her no nonsense tone. She hit him hard across his ass again and again to the count of ten till he was whimpering in pain and pleasure. All of this was completely new for Augustus. The sharp bite of the belt caused him to yelp but also aroused him more. When she was finished she got to her knees and licked his ass, spreading it wide and flicking her tongue across his tight asshole. “aah! Oh yes ma’am! Do stop!” cried Augustus. She licked his asshole and inserted her finger in it. Slowly at first but ramming it inside him later. She rammed her finger inside him faster as he gripped his hard cock. Then she lowered her mouth and inserted her wet and warm tongue in side his tight asshole. She moaned in pleasure as Augustus couldn’t bear it anymore and he came again with a ferocious force. Bianca stood up, satisfied by the effect she had on him. She then took his hand and took him towards the couch. Slowly she sat on his hard dick, taking all of it inside her warm and wet pussy. Augustus moaned in pleasure. "Oh fuck! Her cunt is so tight" he thought to himself. "Take off my corset" ordered Bianca. Very carefully he untied her corset, one strap at a time. Then he marveled at her big and firm boobs. Her nipples were hard. He took one in her mouth and she moaned in pleasure. He sucked her boobs hard and bit her nipples, kneading the other in his hands. Bianca placed her hands on his shoulder and moved up and down along the length of his dick. Then she increased her speed and rode him hard. Twerking her ass around her dick. She went on bouncing on his dick with the utmost force fucking him deep. She could feel her orgasm building. Bianca rubbed her clit and rode his filthy and huge dick harder and faster. Augustus cried in pleasure and came inside her. Filling her tight cunt with his cum. She found her release at the same time. She bit into his shoulders as she came hard around his dick. The feeling of euphoria was mutual.