Kayla’s Anal Nightmare

As Kayla knelt on the hotel bed, legs and arms tied tightly up to her torso, ball gag in her mouth, and a stranger’s tongue deep in her asshole, she couldn’t believe just 10 minutes ago she was ready to go to sleep.

Her husband had asked her if she wanted to try some light bondage, and she agreed, still half asleep. She lazily rolled around and let him tie her up as he wished. Before she knew it she was completely bound. They had done rope play plenty of times before, so her husband was a pro.

Kayla didn’t really want the ball gag in her mouth but didn’t want to kill the mood so she reluctantly let it happen. Her husband fastened it tightly so she couldn’t speak at all.

Out of no where her husband gets a call. He answers. Kayla hears him say “She’s ready, Room 304.” Who was he talking to? She wondered nervously. In no time there was a knock at the door. Her husband went over and let someone Kayla had never met through the door.

What the hell was her husband doing? She hadn’t been with another man since they were married and now she was bound and gagged in front of a complete stranger.

The man immediately walked over and shoved his tongue deep in Kayla’s tight asshole. She let out a squeal, muffled by the gag.

The stranger’s tongue went crazy in, out and around her hole. Kayla was gushing with excitement from this unexpected turn. Kayla could no longer see her husband but felt something other than a tongue begin to press on her asshole. It didn’t take long for her to realize it was the stranger’s cock.

Her husband had invited someone to assfuck her in front of him! The stranger spit on her tight rim and began pumping slowly. His cock felt huge in her ass but she couldn’t really tell. She hadn’t done anal in years. She screamed in pain. The stranger fucked her ass harder and harder for the next 20 minutes. Kayla was helpless as she was ripped open.

She felt warm cum begin to fill her ass. The stranger push his cock as far in as it could go as he finished unloading inside her ass. She could feel him pulse as he deposited his seed inside her. Kayla wondered if her husband was watching.

The stranger then withdrew his cock from her. She felt his cum slide out and drip down into her wet pussy. She wished so badly she could touch herself but her hands were still bound.

Then she heard the door close. Just like that he was gone. A man had just came in and used her asshole without so much as a hello or a name. His cum was still warm within her gaping asshole. She could feel it run down her pussy lips.

She heard someone texting. She looked around but couldn’t find her husband. How strange. Then the door opened again. Kayla looked back to see a new man, yet another stranger, already unzipping his pants. He went right for her asshole. He used her until she could feel his cock burst just like the last guys. Her asshole was overflowing with hot semen. This man once again just pulled out and left without a word.

Her husband invited a total of 9 different men to the room that night. Each cumming deep inside Kayla’s ass without so much as a word. Kayla helpless to stop any of it.

Once the men finally stopped coming to the room, Kayla fell into a deep, exhausted sleep, still bound.

She awoke to find herself untied and next to her sleeping husband in the hotel bed. Her asshole had been wiped clean. Kayla realized that it had all just been a dream. How disappointing she thought. That was until she turned to the nightstand to take a drink of water and saw an array of pictures of different men using her asshole, confirming the reality. She looked over at her now grinning husband.

“Good morning, Honey” He said with a wink.