Info adora
01 Feb. '20

She sat in the dimly lit restaurant at a back corner booth. It was perfect. Deep dark red velvet underneath her bare legs, rich dark purplish aubergine drapes hung behind her. Candlelight flickered from table to table outside the sheer burgundy curtains surrounding the cold black marble table. Faint music mixed with the whispered conversation. They’d been toying with each other for ages. They didn’t talk everyday, sometimes it was weeks. When they did, the volley back and forth, it was intense and in sync. She felt him everyday though, knew she was on his mind.

Nice. She saw him making his way toward her. They shared a love of black attire and she could appreciate his style as he wove through the tables. She loved the way his clothing was snug in places and loose in others. Tall, dark and wickedly handsome he fit the vision she’d forever had in her head. Their real encounters were special and all too infrequent, sporadic. When he caught her eye through the gap in the sheer curtains, he grinned broadly, wolfish. Her insides melted. She took a sip from the cabernet she had been swirling as he slid into the seat beside her. Aching for his kiss she leaned in, her hand on his thigh, he sucked in her breath and tasted her lips, ‘always delicious’, he said with a lift of his eyebrow, ‘my dirty sexy bitch’. ‘My dirty fucking cunt,’ she returned with a smile from her deep burgundy lips and leaned in again sucking then biting his lip. Quickly she tasted his blood, she could not help herself, she sucked drawing more into her mouth. She felt him grow harder through the thin material of his pants. She unzipped him and slipped her hand inside. He leaned back and took a sip of wine. He groaned as her mouth wrapped around the head of his cock, sucking more of the pre-cum he’d been dripping from the moment he’d laid eyes on her. He grabbed a piece of cold salmon from one of the tiny plates scattered across the table full of various arousal inspiring foods. He’d enjoyed selecting each one for its aphrodisiac quality and varying shades of red to pink to dark purple colors. A large bowl was filled with strawberries, cherries and pomegranates. Broken open the pomegranates revealed glossy, plump and juicy gems of fruit – so sensual. He grabbed a sliced fig and rubbed it on his throbbing lip, ‘damn that was hot.’ 


He pulled her up from his lap, he needed to kiss her more, then bent and grabbed her nipple with his teeth biting gently until she squealed as he broke the skin tasting blood. Mmmm, they both settled back into the soft velvet. His pants open, his cock and balls pulled out, rock hard. Her skirt hiked up, her plump, bare lips exposed as he played with the hard nub of her clit. Thump, thump, thump with every stoke of his finger she felt as if he were reaching to her very core, she could feel the trickle of her desire … melting … melted like the chocolate she was swirling her finger through. She rubbed the warm chocolate up and down his stiff cock while they caught up on the details of their individual lives. One of these times she mused, she was just going to stay, not fly back across the pond to the states. Instead, everyday they’d shut the door and forget the rest of the world existed until morning.

Suddenly, he could stand no more. He was craving her, he was starved. He pushed away the plates, the bowls and set her bare ass on the cold marble table. The commotion caused glances from the other tables, the view muted by the sheer curtains. He did not notice. All he saw was her, breasts bared in soft glowing light, legs spread wide as his face dipped to taste and his fingers opened her wet pink cunt. He flicked his tongue inside her … so sweet, she tasted different though. He stuck his tongue inside her and as her hole pulsated he sucked out a warm strawberry, ‘oh what a tasty surprise’, they both groaned as he looked up into her eyes and shoved his fingers inside her triggering a gush of sweetness. She couldn’t wait any longer, she knew she was running short on time. She slid off the table and onto his stiff rod in one fluid move, so deep inside her, locked tight with him she rocked back and forth. She looked into his eyes holding his face between her hands, fuck! they connected, fit. He pumped inside her one more time filling her with his juice as she bit his lower lip again. She was not sure how long they both sat there, not moving. Their surroundings soon drifted in, she climbed off him and stood on shaky legs, she pulled her skirt down, adjusted her shirt to cover her tits, grabbed her clutch and walked toward the door. Damn he thought, ‘there she goes, a luscious blend of black and Bordeaux, a true sexy bitch.’ She snapped around suddenly and walked back, flipped open the sheers, placed her foot on the seat. She looked directly at him as she pulled another strawberry from her cunt, took a bite, ‘you missed one’, plopped it in his open mouth and was gone. It was the hottest, most delicious strawberry he ever ate.