Renee’s Awakening Part 1

*Authors Note - This is my first foray into erotic writing and would love some feedback. This is only a small part of chapter 1, but wanted to put it up to get some thoughts on it and the overall premise. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it, thanks* 

Waking up on her 18th birthday Renee was filled with hope, she was finally legal, in all sense of the word. No more worrying that her fake ID wasn’t good enough to convince people, she knew she was free to make those choices and damn be the consequences. Its not like she hadn’t been out before, but this just felt different, an electricity was coursing through her veins that she hadn’t been experienced before, tingling her to the core. Picking up her phone and hopping out of bed her reflection in the mirror made her stop. Renee measured up at 5’8 with medium length red hair, her breasts we just the right size to cup and being natural, jiggled nicely as she moved. Wearing a sheer nighty she took the time to adjust properly and while cupping one breast, she pinched her nipple, causing it to harden and press up against the lace of her nighty. She liked to make herself slightly see through for her best friend every morning, teasing him, not obvious, but just enough that he could tell and she knew it. 

Making her way to the kitchen for breakfast Renee’s mind wandered off, thinking about where she was going to spend her first night out. As she neared the stairs she suddenly stopped; the electricity from before was back and stronger, this time though it was concentrated on her breasts. Both her nipples stiffened instantly and pushed up against her nighty, now clearly see-through. Ducking into the bathroom Renee quickly locked the door and dropped her nighty to the floor, everything looked normal, breasts perky, light areolas and hard nipples, but the intense tingling sensation was clearly there. Almost unconsciously her hand went to her breast, squeezing and rubbing, as soon as she started the sensation started to subside. Continuing for a few minutes the feeling disappears and she was more comfortable, albeit horny, she redressed and continued to the kitchen.

Walking in Renee’s Best Friend Matt was already sitting at the table, with a glass of orange juice and what looked like scrambled eggs. Matt was 2 years older than Renee and had been back from University for 3 weeks, He was 6’5 with bleached white hair and an athletes body, he was part of the Football Team. 
Catching his gaze Renee asked “Do you want any cereal as well? Or are you good?”
“No i'm good, but get yours then come here, I have your present…. happy birthday by the way.” 
Not being able to see any presents Renee was intrigued as to what it could be, quickly making her cereal she went over and took a seat. 
“I remember when I was 18 and my life changed.” Said Matt, Pulling a box almost out of thing air 
“Happy Birthday, You can open it if you like, but know you won’t be able to see the present until you are ready.”
Not understanding Renee opened the box there was only a note inside, Renee read the note out load to Matt 
“Are you ready to play a game?" 
"What is this Matt? Some sort of joke?” Renee asked, but before Matt could respond a familiar *Beep Beep* came from Renee’s phone, opening the message. “Are you ready to play a game?” 
“How did you do that Matt? Yes, Ill play the game, just tell me how you did it and what the game is?”
“It’s not me Renee, but have fun, i'm going to get ready to go out, I’ll see you later.”
Getting up for the table, Renee could see the outline of his cock through his shorts, he was clearly able to see through her shirt and it must have turned him on. Putting his plate in the dishwasher Matt disappear from view. 

*Beep Beep* - Good, I hope you enjoyed the little taste I gave you this morning, lets try again though.
While reading the message Renee heard a thud that sounded like it came from the kitchen, but unable to see anyone brushed it off. After finishing reading the message the same electrified feeling started pulsing strongly throughout Renee’s body, causing her to jump in surprise.

*Beep Beep* - Do not touch yourself without permission or there will be a punishment. 
Knowing this was part of a game, Renee tried to ignore the desire and not touch herself, but she was finding it difficult as it moved across her body and stopped to focus on her nipples and inner thighs, coming close but not providing any release of the pent up horniness she got earlier, her now soaking wet pussy was dripping through her panties and onto the chair. Unable to take the intense teasing her hand slipped under her nighty and inside her panties, but the instant she touched herself the sensation stopped. Continuing to rub her chit in small circles Renee’s phone went off again and by some unseen force her hand was ripped away from her pussy.

*Beep Beep* – I told you not to move, for that you will be punished. Go to your room!!!
Responding back to the unknown number Renee said “I'm not playing your game anymore”

*Beep Beep* – You’ve already committed, there is no backing out now.
With that Renee was lifted out of her chair and placed bent over the table locked in place and unable to move. She felt her nightly slowly lift up to her shoulders exposing her Ass, panties and breasts. 
“Let me go.”
Being so exposed and unable Renee started to panic before a “Slap” crashed into her bare ass, then another, and another, after 6 slaps Renee finally gave in. 
“Stop ill Play, just please stop.”
As it stopped, Renee felt what seemed like a breath on her lips, then lips touched lips and she was stuck in place kissing thin air. A tongue darted out and her lips parted allowing it to enter, her own reciprocating in return. This was the best kiss she’d ever had and almost unknown to her was the hand that had started to grope her breast. As the hand and lips moved away the tension was released and Renee was able to move again.

*Beep Beep* – Now, Go to your Bedroom
Obeying, Renee made her way back to her bedroom, closing the door behind her, when she turned around the box her brother gave her was sitting in the middle of the bed.
*Beep Beep* – Good, but you forgot the box. I will let that one slide, but if it happens again, no more mister nice guy.
*Beep Beep* - Now strip, get on the bed and spread your legs, I'm going to show you what I can really do. 

Already horny, Renee quickly stripped and hopped onto the bed, propping herself up against her pillows she spread he legs wide enough that she was touching both sides of her Queen sized bed. With her nearly perfect pink pussy exposed, clit slightly engorged and glossy wetness she felt nervous, but excited and intrigued. She suddenly felt her legs lock in place and arms move to be stuck behind her back. As the electricity started up again it was just a light nice feeling, instead of the intense feeling from before, as she was enjoying this something grabbed her breast, starting to massage her in a way she had never felt before. All of a sudden her other nipple started to be sucked, in and out, popping quickly and shooting waves of pleasure through her body and into her exposed clit. Every time it popped Renee let out a small gasp, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh. As the force continued to suck it steadily got larger and before long it was engulfing her entire breast, popping the whole thing in and out with waves of pleasure arcing through her body and into her now swollen and sensitive clit. Releasing the lock on her arms and legs all pleasure and forces seemed to dissipate.

Throughout the whole experience Renee at no point orgasmed, everytime she felt herself getting close the sensation would die down just that little bit to keep her on the edge. She felt satisfied, but also somewhat let down, she was still horny and wanted to release so badly, but she knew she wasn’t allowed to touch herself. Thinking about what was going on Renee started to doze off and fell asleep.

Matt knew what was going on, having gone through the same thing on his 18th birthday. He had made sure that he was able to be here for Renee’s birthday to be the one that provide her with the box. Unable to wait Matt was awake at 4am thinking about how he could best provide Renee the box but do it without arousing suspicion of what it meant, He had developed a crush on Renee as soon as she started to blossom, but never took the risk. In the end he landed on giving her the box early and then give her space to understand what it was. Heading to the kitchen, Matt decided that he wanted to cook, making up some scrambled eggs and a glass of orange juice as he heard Renee start stirring. Knowing what was coming he was getting excited and started to get aroused himself. As Renee entered the kitchen the first thing Matt noticed was her nipples, normally he could just glimpse one through the shirt, but today both were very clearly visible, instantly with his own excitement and visuals he started to get hard feeling blood pumping into his cock with every heartbeat.

As they sat there eating, talking, Matt gave her the box, appearing it out of thin air just like magic. Having studied for the last four years, Matt only had one year left at school, but what most people didn’t know, was that his school was not like a normal school. It was for people with certain skill sets, those that have the ability to control up to 5 different forces. Light, Electricity, Matter, Thought & Desire. Matt was lucky enough to be able to control both Light & Matter, only 20% of people can control more than 1 force. Light allows the wielder to alter the light around them causing things to become invisible, while matter can manifest and create things. The other forces, Electricity allows the user to control the energy that flows through the world. Thought allows you to influence a person’s thought process and change what they believe they are seeing, while Desire allows you to directly change what someone truly wants.

Finishing up in the kitchen with Renee, Matt took his dues and disappears into the hallway. unable to keep walking he took his skill of light he adjusted himself turning invisible, already horny, he wanted to see what was going to happen with the box. Sneaking back into kitchen Matt could see Renee engrossed in her phone, moving quietly he made his way to the table and sat back in the chair, as he sat down the chair moved slightly and Renee looked up. Holding his breath and staying still Matt stayed hidden only metres away. 

As Matt was unable to control electricity he couldn’t tell what was going on, but Renee was certainly feeling something, the pleasure on her face was obvious. As she squirmed and wriggled Matt’s eyes never left her and eventually he could see her hand move towards her panties. Instinctively his own hand gripped his cock and started pumping the shaft. When everything stopped Matt did too, thinking it was over, but just as he was getting ready to move Renee was lifted out of her chair and bent over the table, her face only inches away from his own, her smell, her breath was encapsulating him, almost teasing him to move forward and kiss her. With each slap of her ass her body shuddered forward her nose almost touching his, as Renee yelled that she would play Matt took the chance, as he moved in, to his surprise Renee accepted it without question, her tongue moving around with precision in his mouth. Reach down he grabbed a breast finally touching Renee with the one body part that she teased him with, it was as perfect as he imagined, a full handful that was all natural.

As Renee left the room Matt was overcome with desire, he went somewhere he never thought possible, and he loved it. With Renee’s face and body clearly in his mind he started to create a replica. Given his advanced skills and natural aptitude he was able to create a perfect replica from the matter around him that had the same soft lips and tongue. Removing his shorts Matt lowered the face down to his hard cock, allowing it to engulf his thick hard cock. As it bobbed up and down it was as real as if it was Renee doing it herself, tongue swirling around the head, sucking with each movement up and down. Matt only lasted 2 minutes before blowing his load, shooting think cum straight onto the kitchen floor. After cleaning up, Matt when off to have a shower and head out for the afternoon.

To Be Continued