Night Things

People may wonder why the chief of the Psychiatric Department of a major hospital like Winterfield has posted a case log online. Let me assure you, the reason will become clear in time. - - - Dr. Vivian Sanders

Case Log WH-Sanders-2019-3793, Entry One, 20161030

I’m not sure where to begin. This isn’t my case, the patient– I mean client– isn’t one of mine. It’s not even a referral. A colleague came to me for help and guidance. I will refer to her as Doctor Kelly. That is not her name. Ethics require that logs such as this be anonymous except for a patient’s name, but technically, neither she, nor the man in question, is a patient or client of mine so I will use pseudonyms. Should her name be needed for some reason, it is cross-referenced in my contacts on my personal phone. I am making sure there is a complete chain of information because there are legal aspects to this record. Specifically, Doctor Kelley thinks that this might be related to the “Pajama Poser Abductor.”

I asked her if she thought that her client was the Poser and she said no. I asked if he said or did anything that indicated that he thought that someone was in danger and she said, “Sort of.” That’s when she gave me his name and case file number. Then she started crying, something that I hadn’t seen her do in all the years I have known her.

Her tears told me that there was something very wrong with this whole situation. The new mandatory reporter laws specifically state that when a licensed therapist becomes aware that their client has a high likelihood of harming themselves or others, it must be reported to an ethics panel. If the threat is deemed credible, then authorities– meaning the police– are contacted. I am on the ethics panel and that is one of the reasons Dr Kelly came to me more or less informally.

She doesn’t want to go officially to the ethics panel. She says this situation doesn’t meet that criteria, but something about it still bothers her... and me. She felt that she needed to talk to someone, and I feel that I need to document in real time what is occurring. I have registered this log as one of my cases and it has been assigned the designation 2019-3793. Doctor Kelly shall be considered the direct client for the purposes of this case log. Her patient will be considered an affiliated client whom I shall call Dave. Again that is not his real name, but it simplifies references and his true name and case numbers are cross referenced in my contacts should they be needed.

Case Log WH-Sanders-2019-3793, Entry Two 20191106

Doctor Kelly has given me the transcript of her first session with Dave. I am inserting the relevant portion of it here without comment.

 = = = = =
Dr Kelly: Why don’t you start at the beginning.

Dave: It all started when my girlfriend, Courtney, started having these nightmares... but she said they weren’t nightmares, they were real, and that her friend Haley had infected her. She didn’t want to say anything because she was afraid that she would infect me by telling me about them. Evidently she thought that’s how Haley had infected her. Haley had told her about what was happening to her... and about the “Night Things.”

I asked her why she called them that and she became almost hysterical, yelling at me, “That’s their name!” Then she started crying hysterically and flapped her arms at me signaling me that I should sit down and be quiet. So I just sat there for a while until she calmed down and started talking again.

Courtney said that the Night Things were visiting her every night. She said that they called themselves Night Things and had told her they came from another dimension. I asked her how that was possible and she said that they told her it was possible in that instant just before you go to sleep. In that instant you are right on the edge of this dimension, and if you are thinking about them, even subconsciously in the back of your mind, they can reach through the barrier between dimensions.

I told her to start at the beginning and she said that it all started for her a few nights after Haley disappeared. Haley was a close friend of Courtney’s who had been one of the Pajama Poser’s victims. She was abducted from her bedroom, but for some reason, the man or men who abducted her arranged her night clothes in the bed and even covered them with the sheet and blanket. I guess that’s why they call him the Pajama Poser Abductor or the Pajama Poser Rapist. They are pretty sure that Haley had been raped because there was a lot of vaginal fluid in the bed. The man or men involved must have worn rubbers because there was no semen mixed in with the vaginal fluids. They evidently didn’t find any usable DNA either because they have no information at all about the possible rapist.

(silence for two minutes before Dave resumes)

Anyway, Courtney believed that Haley wasn’t abducted– at least not in the way the police think. Courtney believes that Haley was pulled into another dimension by the Night Things.

(nervous laughter)

Courtney was afraid I would think that she was nuts, but she was also afraid that she would go like Haley and she thought maybe I could help. The first night the Night Things came to her, all they did was stroke her breasts as she lay on the bed. It took her a minute or two to realize that she wasn’t dreaming and she jumped up from the bed and turned on the lights. There were two small, pale, blue-green hands sticking up out of her mattress. A voice in her head said, “We are the Night Things. We will come back tomorrow night,” and the hands disappeared back into the mattress.

The next night she left the light on and put on one of her thickest flannel pajamas. It didn’t make any difference. Just as she was starting to go to sleep, she felt something stroke her breasts and tweak her nipples. She was crying when she told me about it because she was so ashamed. “I should have jumped out of bed,” she said between her sobs, “but it felt soooo good.”

After that, she started sleeping in the nude and was actually looking forward to the hands each night. I didn’t know it at the time, but I think that was when she decided that she didn’t want us to make love in her bed. She would always insist that we come over to my place for that. And she would always leave right afterwards.

She said that after about a week or so, something changed. A second set of hands appeared at her hips, reaching up and stroking her belly and the top of her cunt. She found that she would end up raising her hips up as though she was with me. Again, she was ashamed that she didn’t do something, but it felt so good and she slept so well afterwards. She tried to convince herself that it was just pre-sleep dreams and that the hands were just her own in her dream state.

But the Night Things kept talking to her. They told her that it wasn’t time yet, but when it was time, they would take her higher than she had ever gone. And when she finally climaxed, the energy would split the barrier and they would take her through to their dimension where she would be their sex slave and power source.

I asked her about that and she said that the Night Things said that in their dimension, it was possible to capture sexual energy and use it to power... everything. And since humans had a lot of sexual energy, they made perfect energy sources.
 = = = = =

Case Log WH-Sanders-2019-3793, Entry Three 20191113

Dr Kelly shared another transcript of one of her sessions with Dave. Again, this is the relevant portion.

 = = = = =
Dr. Kelly: You told me about your girlfriend Courtney last time. Do you want to say more about that?

Dave: I think her dreams– or whatever they were– were starting to get to her. They were making her weird. She really believed that those Night Things would take her somewhere if they got her to cum, so she wanted me to train her to not cum. I would tease her and finger her and lick her until she was almost out of her mind, then if she came, I would spank her... really hard... harder than I wanted to spank her, but she made me promise that I had to really hurt her so she would learn not to cum.

She got so she could last a really long time. I could get her flowing all over my hand and then eat her for what seemed like hours. I could even fuck her until I came and then use my hands until I was ready again and fuck her again and she still wouldn’t cum.

Dr. Kelly: Didn’t you think that was not normal?

Dave: I said that she was starting to get weird. But then she got weirder. She started wanting me to ass fuck her... and she had never let me do that before. She said another set of Night Thing hands had appeared between her legs. They were starting to play with her asshole and it was starting to feel too good. She said that the night hands would finger her pussy until she was flowing and then they would start to rub her fluids into her rosebud. She said, “When they stuck the first finger in, I yelled at them to stop, but they didn’t. The second night, I didn’t yell until they put the second finger in. By the end of the week, I wasn’t telling them to stop until they had all four fingers in me. After a month, they could put their whole hand inside me and it still felt good.” I asked her if she wanted me to put my whole hand inside her and she said no, my hands were much bigger than the hands of the Night Things. But she wanted me to ass fuck her so she could also learn to control her ass orgasms.

She wanted me to fuck her so much that I started taking those little blue pills just to keep up. I was also starting to fall asleep at work. I almost got fired. Then Courtney disappeared. When she didn’t answer her cell or texts, I went over to her apartment. The landlady knew me and when I told her I was worried about Courtney, she let me in.

Nothing in the apartment was disturbed... well, it was in its usual disarray, but it looked like it always did when I was over there. I checked her bedroom and the bed appeared to have been slept in. The covers were pulled up, but rumpled. I pulled them down and there was a big wet spot in the middle of the bed. The whole bedroom reeked of sex.

I went down to the police station and reported her missing. I guess I told them too much about what was going on. They were treating me like I was nuts until I mentioned her friend Haley. Then they put me in an interrogation room and started pressing me for more details and asking me where I was on the night that Haley disappeared. Lucky for me, I was out of town and could prove it or I might still be in jail.
 = = = = =

Case Log WH-Sanders-2019-3793, Entry Four 20191217

Dr Kelly told me that Dave missed several appointments. Then, after about a month, he called and said he had to see her, that it was very important and couldn’t be put off. She told him she would fit him in at the end of the day. When he arrived, he was slightly unkempt and disheveled. He also seemed to be distracted, almost erratic. This is a portion of the transcript from that session.

 = = = = =
Dr Kelly: Dave, you are obviously agitated and upset. Please tell me about it.

Dave: I haven’t slept in a week. I can’t. I can’t go to sleep. They’ll take me.

Dr Kelly: Who will take you Dave?

Dave: The Night Things. Courtney was right. She infected me. After they took her, they started with me. It’s weird. I’m a man. Why would they come for me? ... But they did. It was just like Courtney said. Just as I was starting to go to sleep, I felt something brush across my chest. Then it felt like fingers circling my nipple... then both nipples. I was wearing a t-shirt and boxers but it didn’t make any difference. The fingers reached right through the fabric and were rubbing my nipples.

I hadn’t really believed Courtney when she told me that the pleasure was unbelievable, but it was. I found myself panting and moaning. And then I realized what was happening and jumped out of bed and turned on the lights. There they were... a pair of pale, blue-green hands sticking up out of my mattress. They were bigger than a child’s hands, but smaller than most women.

I stood there for a moment watching those hands waving around as if they were searching for me. Then I heard the voices. It was more than one voice, but they were speaking in unison. They said, “We are the Night Things. We will come back tomorrow night.” I just lay there, trying to get to sleep. I figured that if I could just get to sleep, they would be gone, but it is really hard to go to sleep when someone... something... is trying to get you all turned on. Finally they left... or I went to sleep... or something.

The next night, I figured that I would lay on my stomach so they couldn’t get to my chest. That was a mistake. They just reached up through the mattress and started running their fingers in little circles around my nipples. And then they started stroking my cock. I could feel myself getting stiff and it felt almost like I was pointing straight down into the mattress. They kept going for a while and then the voices said, “It isn’t time yet,” and they were gone... or I went to sleep... or something.

I thought Courtney was crazy for giving up and sleeping in the nude, but the next night, I left off the t-shirt and boxers and just lay on the bed naked. I was face up, and I was under the covers, but I was naked. There were two sets of hands at first. One set was stroking my nipples and the other was rubbing my cock. It was against my stomach and they were just rubbing up and down, up and down on the bottom part that wasn’t pressed against me.

Then I felt a third set of hands reach up between my legs and start stroking my balls. I thought I was going to cum right then but the voices said, “Not yet. It isn’t time,” and suddenly the tension in my balls was gone. It was replaced by more of a... longing... I wanted something, but I didn’t know what.

The hands knew. They started playing with my asshole... and if felt good... really good. I’m straighter than an iron rod, but for some reason I wanted those fingers inside me. I was writhing on the bed when suddenly they were gone. I was painfully erect with the worse case of blue balls I had ever experienced, so I wacked myself off just to relieve the pain so I could fall asleep.

The next night, the fingers started pushing into my ass. By the end of the week, the blue hand was going totally inside me and it still felt good. That’s when I knew I had to stop them. I have this thing that fits in my doorway so I can do pullups and things like that. I put it in the bedroom doorway. I also have these suspension gloves that allow me to hang from the bar to straighten my back. I put those on and stood there, more or less hanging by my hands from the pullup bars. I figured if I slept standing up, fully clothed, they couldn’t get to me. But they did.

It was even worse standing up. Two hands were stroking my chest and nipples; two were playing with my cock; and two were finger-fucking my ass. I was thrashing all over the place when suddenly everything stopped. The voices said, “You are almost ready. Tomorrow we will take you to our dimension.”

That was a week ago. I haven’t slept since then. I don’t know how much longer I can keep awake. You have to do something, doc. I’m not insane. Please do something.
 = = = = =

Dr Kelly indicated that she arranged for a thirty-day in-patient review for Dave. But the next morning, the ward called to say that despite sedation and anti-anxiety meds, Dave had left during the night. They weren’t sure what he was wearing because he had left the clothing he arrived in hanging in the room. They were puzzled by the fact that he had arranged his t-shirt and boxers in the bed under the covers as if he were wearing them to sleep.

Case Log WH-Sanders-2019-3793, Entry Five 20200112

I am worried about Dr Kelly. The timeline for the Night Things for Haley to Courtney to Dave was a month each. It has been almost a month and I have not heard from Dr Kelly. I am worried that she might be next.

Case Log WH-Sanders-2019-3793, Entry 20200117

I got a phone call from the police late last night. My fears have become reality. Dr Kelly is the latest victim of the Pajama Poser. And even worse, tonight as I started to go to sleep, I felt something brush against the side of my breast. I’m now afraid that I am next.

Case Log WH-Sanders-2019-3793, Entry 20200205

God forgive me. I have made a bargain with the Night Things. I told them that they were being very inefficient harvesting one person at a time. They said they could only come to those who were infected and people only told their closest friends– or perhaps their therapist– what was happening. I said that if they would spare me, I would write a story to tell the world about them. I would infect the world and then they could harvest as many almost asleep people as they needed.

Now you know why I have posted this log online.

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