Roxy meets Xavier

The following story is a slightly edited excerpt the 'Xavier' branch from my story 'Roxy's New Roommate', originally published on Feel free to check out the whole story here:

* * * 

I try my best to dress up for the occasion, but I doubt the tight jeans, black knee-high leather boots, Rancid shirt and towering red mohawk are really standard dress for the Riveria. Then again, I'm sure they'll live, barely. I mean, so long I get my free drink we'll get along just fine. An Uber whisks me away and soon enough I find myself outside the Riveria hotel and then inside its bar. The whole thing screams 'neat' and 'corporate'. Neutral colors, and 'scribbled-on' canvases that pass for 'high-art'.

A few minutes later, I find myself leaning on the bar with my glass empty. I look to the bald black man approaching me. He somewhat familiar, with those thick-rimmed glasses and black turtleneck. Someone semi-famous. Maybe a musician, or an artist. Certainly handsome though, even if he is pushing 40. Total DILF if I do say so myself.

"Still looking for the mosh pit?" He jokes with a deep, smooth voice.

"Think I'll just settle for the bar." I state.


That's when it clicks for me. "Xavier Colton, right?"

"That's me. You a fan?"

"Well, I've heard of you."

He smiles. "I'll take it."

"Anyway, I'm Roxy."

"Foxy Roxy. I like it."

"Well I didn't choose it, but I'll take the compliment all the same."

He gives me a slight chuckle. "So what brings you here?"

"New roommate tends bar here and offered me a free drink."

"How about I make it two?"

"I don't think I need any more." I put my finger on those strong abs of his. "If this is going where I think it is?"

He replies with a wolfish smile. "It sure can. Come with me."

Without further ado, I follow Xavier to his place. It's a snazzy little house that's on top of a hill and near the beach. Nice and secluded. Xavier opens the door and leads me inside to the spacious living area. As I look around, he moves up behind me and pulls open my jacket as he kisses my neck.

"Ohh..." I let out a nervous chuckle.

"That's what you're here for, isn't it?"


His eyes gaze upon my ink-covered arms. "You have a lot of tattoos."

"The way you're going, you're going to see them all."

"Good." God, I love how he just asserts what he wants.

That's when he pulls down my jeans about halfway down my thighs. He sure as hell makes sure to glide his hand down my stomach before snaking it under my panties. As his hand runs through my patch of pubic hair, I bite my lip. A second later his finger finally meets with my pierced clit, causing me to whimper.

"Pierced huh?" He says.


"Supposedly, that makes your clit much more sensitive."

"It sure does." I coo as his finger circles my rosebud.

"Do you feel my cock growing against you?"

I nod.

"Say it."

"I feel your cock growing hard Xavier."

"Call me Master."

"I feel your cock growing hard Master."

"Mhmm, you're so submissive. I thought you'd put up more of a fight."

As I try to stammer my way to a reply, my brain tries to deal with both his statement and the pleasure he's giving me. Normally I don't give in like this, but Xavier's taken control with ease. Eventually, I give up and surrender to his finger. I can feel the fire building up inside of me. My legs are growing weak, and my hands are clenching up.

"You're getting close, aren't you?"

"Yes Master."

His finger moves away from my clit, and I can't help but let out a frustrated sigh.

"Do you want to cum?" He says.

"Yes Master."

"Get on your knees then."

I turn around and then fall to my knees, looking to my Master with obedience eyes.

"Take off your shirt." He says.

"Yes Master." With haste, I discard my shirt, showing the black bra I'm wearing underneath.

"Take off your bra."

"Yes Master."

I unclasp the bra as Master says "You don't need to answer me. Your obedience is answer enough."

Nodding, I remove the bra to bare my perky, sizable breasts.

"Remove both my shoes."

That's when I realize he's going to make me do all the work. He knows I want his cock and to test me, he's putting up every barrier possible. Luckily, he's wearing black leather loafers, which are easy to remove.

Having completed my task, I look up to my Master once again.

"Undo my belt."

My hands dance around his belt buckle as look to that bulge in his pants. He's certainly packing something big in there, and every part of my body craves it. I want to feel him inside of me, and I want to cum all over it.

With his buckle defeated, I pull on his belt, Master says "I didn't say remove it."

I look up to meet his piercing gaze. "Sorry Master... I'm just excited."

"I understand that." There's a silent lull that lets my disobedience sink in. "Now you may remove my belt."

I do exactly what he says, placing the belt on the floor.

"Undo my fly."

My hand pulls down on his zipper, so I look up to him for my next instruction.

He flashes a smirk. "Pull my pants down."

"To your ankles, Master?"


When I grip the hem of his jeans, I make sure not to grab his briefs, as much as I want to. Then I peel his pants down, whilst looking to that fucking huge bulge in his grey briefs. Once Master's pants meet with his ankles, he says "Now do the same with my briefs."

Biting my lip, I repeat the process. As his briefs fall, his erection stands to attention. Once his briefs meet with his pants I look to his manhood, and what a manhood it is. Lengthier than average, and plenty thick. I can already picture him inching inside of me, stretching my pussy with every long, hard, powerful thrust.

"Do you like what you see?" Master asks.

"Yes Master."

"Tell me what you like about my cock."

"Well... It's pretty long, and it's very thick, but at the same time, it's not too big... It's like perfect."

"Are you imagining how it would feel inside of you?"

"Yes Sir."

"Well if you keep this up, you might just get your wish. Now I want your hands on me at all times." Master states.

Instinctively, I put my right hand on his thigh and my left around his cock. Seeing his girth was one thing, but feeling it brings a whole new appreciation. "Is that good Master?"

"So long they do not leave my body. I don't want you touching yourself." His words emphasize my desire even more.

"Yes Master."

"Now pleasure me."

I wrap my lips around his tip as my hand works his shaft. My tongue circles around his glands as I wonder what exactly he wants. Looking up to his face, I see a smile, but that doesn't offer much of an answer. Does he want me to tease him, or does he want to cum right now? Maybe all he wants is for me to play this fucking guessing game in my head.

If I know one thing, it's that guys like variety in their blowjobs. With that in mind, I plunge down what length of his isn't covered by my hand. My head then bobs back and forth, to which he gives a purr. A sign of satisfaction. The satisfaction I crave. I can only imagine how that cock would feel filling and stretching and pounding my aching pussy. All I can do continue to pump my mouth on Master's cock at an ever-increasing pace, ready to hear his next words.

After a while, he says "Try and get as much inside your mouth as you can."

With his instruction ringing throughout my head, I move my hand down on his thigh. Next, I plunge down his shaft, inching his entire length down my throat. He might have a big cock, but I have a lot of practice. After a few seconds, I retract my mouth, with my drool spilling from my mouth.

"That good Master?" I ask.

"Very impressive. Stand up."

I shoot to my feet so Master steps forward, his cock rubbing the lips of my entrance.

"Close your legs around my cock."

My thighs hug the cock I desire so much. It's literally so close to where I want it, but I'm still being denied. Our foreheads meet as he looks into my eyes, a wolfish smile on his face. Then he starts to thrust, gliding his saliva-soaked shaft against my pussy. As I purr, he says "You know I thought you'd put up more of a fight."

I try to come up with the words. To stammer my way to something, anything, but words fail me. Have I disappointed him? Surely he won't deny me now.

"Don't worry my dear, I will take care of you. My safe word is Arrêter."

"Oui Maître."

"You speak French?" He asks.


"Interesting, but we have more pressing matters. Turn around and bend over.

I follow his order, assuming the position he had stated. My ears listen to his hand as it rustles in the pockets of his discarded pants. Next, he tears open a condom which he then rolls onto his thick manhood. Master then moves behind me and grabs my wrists to pull my arms back, demonstrating his power. That's when his tip meets the lips of my entrance. This is it. I'm finally about to get fucked by my Master. As soon as his dick enters inside of me, I gasp as my jaw drops into a smile. He continues to inch his length inside of me, to which he says "That what you want?"

"Oui... Merci Maître."

"Such a beautiful language." He coos before thrusting at a surprisingly tender pace, considering the dominance he's demonstrating. I'm at the mercy of him and his sizeable cock that is stretching me just perfectly. To my surprise, he continues at a slow pace. It still feels good, but I can't deny I want him to go a bit faster.

"Rub your clit." He states, letting go of my left wrist.

I put my hand on my sensitive little bud and begin to circle it. His thrusts grow faster and faster as I continue to massage my clit. "Oh fuck. That's it Maître... fuck me fuck me fuck me!"

I can't help but scream his praise as he hammers my pussy. Within seconds he has my legs trembling as my body tenses up. He asks me the obvious, and all I can do is nod before my body spasms throughout a powerful climax, causing me to slide off of his cock. As I catch my breath, I feel his warm seed land on my ass. We both then fall/flop down onto the floor into a spooning position, both fully spent. Eventually, he kisses my cheek before asking "Want to stay the night?"

After a sigh, I say "Well, I have work tomorrow. I'd have to get up early."

"I understand. Maybe we'll have to do this some other time then?"

"I'd like that, Maître."