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Dr Haydn Bridge - the cheerful, young, male cardiologist met Terry at his hospital office door and welcomed him inside.

“Have a seat Terry. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good, all considered, thanks Doctor. Aches and pains all over – probably due to the cardiac massage my saviours gave me.”

“Yes. But save your life it did. I’ve seen the ambulance Defibrillator ECG traces. Your heart was fibrillating – that means heart muscle contractions were not coordinated or effective. For every minute it is like that, without cardiac massage, the chances of survival drop 10%. Six minutes and brain damage is significant and it’s not really worth starting it then. You were just so lucky your nurse friend did everything correctly.  I’ve got some test  results to discuss with you but first – do you have any questions, problems or complaints?”

“No. I don’t think so -  but that may change after you give the reports.”

“OK, but feel free to ask any questions as we go along.

“Firstly, all the blood tests came back normal. The most important tell me that your heart suffered no damage. I’m a little surprised at that but it is good news. And no signs of any other illness going on. Cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood cells all normal. Blood pressure is normal. Seems you exercise and eat a good balanced diet. Keep it up. Now, your ECG’s – that’s the electrocardiograms – are good. No signs of arrythmias or damaged heart muscle and the exercising ECG you had this morning is perfectly normal. You reached your target heart rate, reported no pain and there were no changes on the ECG. Did you have any difficulty on the treadmill?”

“Not really but I was very pleased when they slowed it to a stop. Bit sweaty and short of breath but no pain. Oh, there is something I have been mulling over. You are aware of the circumstances of my heart attack aren’t you?”

“Well, yes, but moral judgements are not for me to make.”

“That wasn’t my point. You see, I had the exercise test and it certainly got my heart going but I have wondered how that stress would compare with the stress of repeating my standing up, ecstatic, vigorous, near-orgasmic, physical and emotional sex stress? Would the stent deliver adequate blood to my heart to meet the demands of that activity?”

“Are you worried about that?”

“Well, yes. I have been a celibate widower for a few years and recently got sexually tangled up with no less than four women – en masse so to speak. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It probably can’t last but, quite frankly, I will make it last as long as possible. But I would like to be certain that my heart can stand the strain. In fact I am worried about what will happen when the girls catch up with me – especially Chrissy – the girl who saved me and what effect the episode has had on her. I would like to think her libido will remain unchanged but I am very worried it may not.”

“Interesting. Complicated.  I think your concerns are well founded – about yourself and also about Chrissy. But I think we can help. Firstly, the only way we can be sure your heart can cope during vigorous sex is to do a series of exercising ECGs through  sexual encounters. You look surprised but it is no big deal. All we need is  consenting ladies – and we will come back to that shortly.

 When I say we, I mean myself and a colleague whose office is separated from my  private consulting rooms in town only by a laboratory we share. She is a qualified doctor who has specialised in sex therapy. She is highly respected throughout the profession. Her name is Dr Alison Wilson. I think it would be very wise if both you and Chrissy went to see her as a starting point. I will give you her details but both you and Chrissy will need to ask your respective GPs to refer you to her. Do you think Chrissy would along with that?”

“That I don’t know but she is very sensible and with the help and support of the other ladies I think we might be able to make it work.”

“Good. I won’t tell you what approach she will probably take but we have worked together on quite a few similar cases. Your problem is more common than is discussed in polite circles. As a matter of routine, in respect of your heart problem, I would like to reassess you in three months but I am sure Dr Wilson will involve me directly with your treatment. Here is her business card to show your GP. Oh, one more bit of advice, I know she will advise you and Chrissy to talk about that fateful event. Discuss it in detail, listen to each other and tell each other exactly what happened from your point of view. It would probably help if you started doing that immediately.”

“Many thanks Doctor. I’ll discuss that with Chrissy.”


Rachel collected Terry from the hospital early afternoon.

“ Rachel, do you think we could call into a shopping centre on the way. I need to stock up the pantry and I would like to get a huge bunch of flowers for Chrissy.”

“Yep. Not a problem.”

“What is she up to today. I had hoped she would have come with you.”

“She had a few things to do. As you know, she finished a week of night shifts the day before your little drama. She starts back on day shift tomorrow then cycles through afternoon shifts, night shifts and days off again.”

“Must be a drag. She should be working normal hours and having some fun at night.”

“Yes, but she loves her work. Is very good at it too – as  I am sure you will agree.”

“No doubt about that. And a bunch of flowers seems a pathetic way to reward someone for saving your life.”

“Don’t you worry about that. She knows how grateful you are. She even says it was her fault because she suggested what you were doing when you collapsed.”

“Yes. And that worries me. I need to talk to her about it all.”

“That’s good. Here’s Woollies. I’ll try to find a  parking bay close to the entrance and with some shade.”

“I’ve thought about that and dismissed any suggestion it was her fault. I just keep thinking how lucky I was that it happened with Chrissy. If it had been you or Sally or even both, wishful thinking again, then I may not have survived. That is not a criticism of you or Sally but neither of you have the medical expertise and knowledge to do what she did.”

“ You are right there. I would probably have fainted or panicked or both  but then again, I have done a first aid course and practiced resuscitation - but only on a dummy.”

Chrissy had given Terry’s house keys to Rachel. She opened up and they carted the shopping inside onto the kitchen bench.

“Home again,” Terry said. “And the place looks spick and span. You been hard at work here, Rachel?”

“Yep. With some help from Chrissy. We spent some time here yesterday, after we saw you in hospital.”

“You shouldn’t have, but many thanks. By the way, I forgot to mention, Sally rang me last night. Glad you brought my phone in for me. She said you told her what happened – thanks for that. She growled at me and was all set to come home but I persuaded her to continue with her conference and see her brother. She will be back next Saturday.”

“All good. You just have to be a good lad and keep out of trouble. And don’t forget, I live just around the corner – call me any time if you need anything. And I’ll drop in as often as you would like – but won’t make a nuisance of myself. I rang Jane and Nathan too. They send their best wishes and asked if they could drop in some time. I said I would run it past you. I would be worried sick that you would want to run off to the bedroom with Jane.”

“That would be fine. And running off with Jane would be even finer. However, my cardiologist is organising a plan that will definitively test the safety of me continuing my sexual adventures. I will tell you more about it as the plan develops.”

The front door opened, “Hello – any body home?” Chrissy called as she entered.

“In the kitchen, Chrissy.” Terry responded.

She ran in, grabbed Terry in a big hug and held on tight as she spoke.

“Thank God you are OK. You frightened Christ out  of me but that’s OK, just as long as you are good.” She kissed him on the lips but not passionately.

He grasped her shoulders and eased her out to arms length. “Sorry about all the drama but I just cannot thank you enough for saving my life. These are for you.” -  handing her the bunch of red roses.

“Oh Terry, you shouldn’t have, but thank you so much. Can I put them into a vase for the time being?”

“Of course. There is one over there in that cupboard. And while you are doing that let’s have a drink. I’ll have a Chivas and soda – you girls like an SSB?”

 They fussed about. Terry making drinks, Chrissy setting up the roses and Rachel sorting out the shopping. Then Terry suggested they go out onto the patio.

“But before we do go out there  - we are all fully clothed. I would like to strip off but, in the circumstances, you ladies might be unhappy with that. I would hasten to add that there is no way I am going to proposition either of you - just yet.”

The girls looked at each other then at Terry, smiling,  as they both stripped naked. Terry followed suit.

“Just like old times.” he said “Mind you, old times is less than a week ago , but we have certainly had a great time for most of it.”

They chatted away as they sipped their drinks then Rachel finished hers and said she had to go because her boys would be home. She reminded Terry she would be happy to help out at any time.

“So, now there is just the two of us Chrissy and I want to have a serious discussion with you. Like a top up first?”

“Yes please but I’ve got something to say first.”

“OK – ladies first. Fire away.”

“Not sure where to start or what to say but here goes. The first thing is I would hate to think that you would think poorly of me for suggesting we have sex like we did. No, no interruptions please. The fact it all went wrong and damned near killed you was entirely my fault and I accept that – let me finish Terry.

I am just so happy that I managed to keep you alive long enough for the paramedics to get the jumper leads on you and kick start your heart.

Lastly, I want to make you an offer that you will probably refuse but here it is anyway. By way of some recompense I want to stay here with you until Sally returns. I am working day shift this week so you will have the house to yourself until I get back about six o’clock. I would sleep in your spare room and will not molest you or make any sexual advances. I will make you breakfast before I leave for work – means you  have to make dinner. How does that sound?” She had perceived the smile developing on Terry’s lips.

“That sounds wonderful, Chrissy but you do not have to do this, no, no interruptions please.” He said with a grin. She smiled back. “I will certainly appreciate your company, and breakfast in bed.

“But, I am worried that what happened might have caused you psychological problems. It might have damaged your libido or could have repercussions later in life. I really don’t know,  I am not a psychologist. But it would be tragic if you lost your libido, and jeopardised future relationships, through worrying that your partner would drop dead on you at any attempt. I have to say that I have similar fears and doubts about myself too. To be completely open and honest with you I did discuss this with my cardiologist – my fears and doubts not yours but he said he had already come to the same conclusion. He suggested a couple of things one being that you and I discuss the whole episode in great detail, repeatedly, your living here for a while would certainly help that.  Also, that we both go to see a Dr Wilson with whom he occasionally helps treat cases like ours. She is a female doctor who specialises in sex therapy.” Terry paused, Chrissy looked at him saying nothing.

“You are quiet, Chrissy. Have I offended or insulted you. That was certainly not my intent.”

“No Terry. You don’t know how to offend or insult people. To tell you the truth I have had the very thoughts you mentioned – and more. And, being a health professional, I didn’t have a clue what to do about it. I would be very happy to see this lady and bare my soul. And even happier to do it with you.”

They both stood and embraced in a tight hug that lasted quite a while. Bare skin to bare skin, breasts to chest, penis against abdomen, hands clasping backs, faces buried in necks. Tears welled in both. Terry stepped back and whipped tissues from the box on the bench. He dabbed her face.

” You’ve got some too.” she said.

“No I haven’t, big boys don’t cry. Just got itchy eyes.”

They both giggled and sipped their drinks.

“OK, young lady, I accept your offer, Sally was right – she told Rachel she expected me to have a boarder when she got home. But, feel like grilled salmon and salad for dinner?”

“Yes please. And we don’t have to get dressed do we.? “

“No. Don’t feel badly about it but that wonderful hug only caused a half hearted erection. “ They both laughed.

Over dinner they both recounted their recollections of the drama, questioning each other, thinking through their responses and encouraging each other.

Relaxing on the patio after dinner they were silent for a while then Chrissy spoke.

“You know what Terry? I feel better already since that long discussion over dinner.”

“Me too. But I still want to see the Dr Wilson.”

“Of course. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to work through the whole treatment program or whatever it is.”

“I’m sure you do and so do I.”

After a prolonged silence as they finished their drinks Chrissy began to say something then stopped. Terry looked at her quizzically.

“You were about to say something?”

“Yes. I was going to make a suggestion but then suddenly remembered the last time I did that it damned near killed you.”

“Let me guess. Were you going to suggest we sleep together for company and mutual benefit but swearing not to attempt sex?”

 “Are you a mind reader?”

“No. Am I correct?”

“Yes. How did you know.”

“I didn’t.  I was about to make the same suggestion.”

  They slept together, naked, and were as good as their word about no sex.

Next day they each got a referral to Dr Wilson from their respective GPs and were pleasantly surprised when they got appointments two days later. Chrissy made the appointments, told the story and the receptionist advised that the doctor would like to see them both – separately for half an hour each then together for a half hour.


There were no other people in the waiting room when Dr Wilson entered, “Hi, you must be Chrissy and Terry. I’m Alison Wilson,” – extending her hand to each in turn. “I would like to have a chat with you first, Chrissy, then Terry and finally the three of us together. Nothing to be afraid of or embarrassed about. You up to it now Chrissy?”

“Yes. Let’s do it.” And she followed Dr Wilson into her office.

Dr Wilson came out with her exactly a half hour later.

“Your turn now Terry.” Chrissy smiled and winked at Terry as he left.

Another half hour passed then Dr Wilson opened her door and called Chrissy back in.

“Take a seat Chrissy. Well, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what happened and it is very clear to me why you are both here. I must commend you on your decisions to seek professional help. I gather, too, that I will have to thank Dr Bridge for directing you to me.

“My assessment is that you, Terry, were having intercourse with Chrissy bending over a massage table and entering her vaginally from behind. You were progressing very well towards mutual orgasms when you suddenly collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest. You, Chrissy saved Terry’s life with external cardiac massage and calling the ambulance on the emergency number. The upshot is that you are both concerned that the experience may have caused psychological problems. Having discussed it with you both I think you are quite correct. However, I am quite sure I can offer you a course of action that will get you both back to normal. Any questions so far?”

There were none.
“OK. You have both suffered a severe shock. You are both nervous about future sexual activities. My job is to fix it. Any severe psychological injury such as you both endured is much like a physical injury – it creates a wound. Properly managed, wounds heal but they leave scars and these can cause problems. I like to call such a psychological scar a cicatrix -  an ancient Greek word for scar I think.  Both of you have a cicatrix that produces a fear of sex.

In both your cases, I think we would get an excellent result from desensitising you to the fear of sex. We would do this by frequent, repeated sexual intercourse – in a controlled environment whereby we can manage any adverse immediate outcome. Initially we would start with just you two then gradually extend your contacts to include other people known to you or even previous sexual partners and then to strangers.

The controlled environment is the laboratory next door. It has massage couches, examination tables and a couple of beds. There is also a defibrillator and resuscitation trolley. I am pleased to say that in the five years Dr Bridge and I have been using this laboratory we have never had to use either. During the exposures you will both be connected to an ECG monitor via wireless contacts stuck on the skin of your chest sending signals to the monitor via Blue Tooth. You will also have a blood pressure cuff on one arm and it will automatically inflate every two minutes and send your blood pressure and pulse rate to the monitor.

We set a target heart rate which is calculated by the formula – 220 minus your age. In our experience, and in many other published research papers, it is most uncommon for subjects to reach their target heart rate during sexual activity and they rarely exceed 130 beats per minute. If you exceed your target we stop you. When the males reaches orgasm/ejaculation we continue monitoring until his heart rate returns to resting level. As women tend to have more that one orgasm during these tests we do not intervene unless her blood pressure becomes excessive and/or her pulse rate exceeds 110% of Target.

Now, you will, of course, be naked during the tests. We have had some problems, in the past, with this as some patients were too embarrassed to strip off and have sex in front of me, Dr Bridge and the Nurse assistant. We solved the issue by stripping naked ourselves. It seemed to remove all of the patient’s reservations. Do you have a problem with that?

“Well,” said Terry, “Chrissy and I, along with two other ladies and several friends, are practicing nudists. We visit a clothing optional beach and, on social occasions at my home, nudity is encouraged – if not demanded. What do you think Chrissy?”

“I agree entirely and certainly don’t see a problem with it. Mind you, Alison, all of the ladies we have mentioned are bisexual, but not obligate lesbians, you may attract some unwanted attention.”

“Only I can decide if such attention would be unwanted, Chrissy. To be truthful we do studies here with homosexuals and I have acted as partner to some lesbians. So, you see, I, too, am bi. And it does raise the question of should we be looking at that as a risk factor for you and extend the desensitisation to lesbian experiences.”

“I would not have a problem with that as long as I choose who the partners are. My friend Rachell would be a willing partner. She works for Sally, who is Terry’s masseuse, and they have a loose lesbian relationship. I have not met Sally so I can’t say if I would not welcome her. And I might as well say so now – I would not reject an advance from you and judging by Terry’s description of Dr Bridge I might want to recruit him to my cause too – is that permissible? “

“Thank you, Chrissy. If necessary I would be very happy to partner you but I can’t speak for Dr Bridge. However, technically speaking you are my patient, not his and therefore probably not an ethical risk to him but a high risk for me.”

Dr Wilson’s mobile phone buzzed and vibrated on her desk. She picked it up and looked casually at it and obviously not intending to answer it but then, “Oh, sorry, excuse me a minute it is Dr Bridge – let me see what he wants.”

After a short conversation she looked up at Terry and Chrissy saying, “He has just arrived in his office and wondered if we could start your treatment right now. Would that be possible – will take no more than two hours – probably closer to one hour?”

Terry and Chrissy looked at each other and both nodded. “OK, let’s do it.” said Terry.

“Great. Come with me.” Alison took them through a door into the laboratory. She pointed out the massage tables, examination couches, beds and the multiple monitors sitting on benches. Dr Bridge was not there but entered as they were stripping off.

“High Alison, Terry and Chrissy. I take it you have explained us stripping naked, Alison. And here is Nurse McDonald – OK for us all to call you Bridgit?” he spoke to every one at once as the nurse entered.

Bridgit said, “Yes, of course.” As she stripped naked. She and Alison shaped up very well in comparison with Chrissy. Both slim with short hair, generous, uplifted breasts with large nipples and areolas, no body fat,  tanned, smooth skin and no hair below the neck.

Chrissy watched Dr Bridge kick off his shoes, shed his shirt and singlet, free his belt and release the buttons on his trouser tops, slide down the zip and step out of trousers and jocks simultaneously. He balanced on one foot as he removed his socks. She was impressed by his physique, circumcised penis and scrotum. He, too, had no body hair.

He took the floor speaking as he walked around the lab switching on monitors and lights.  “Many thanks Chrissy and Terry for making yourselves available at such short notice. And to you both too Alison and Bridgit. Now let’s get on with it. Bridgit, will you attach the electrodes please. I would like to start the study as the patients started their activity on the critical day. You gave Chrissy an erotic massage Terry?”

“Yes. That took about twenty minutes. I started on her back then had her turn over and massaged her chest, breasts, nipples with the occasional kiss here and there then stroked her vaginal lips, inserted a finger to stroke her G spot. It was about then Chrissy suggested we try intercourse with her standing and leaning over the massage table and me entering her vagina from behind.” While Terry spoke Dr Bridge indicated to Chrissy to lay face down on the massage table.

“Let me get the electrodes on first please Haydn.” Bridgit said as began the task. She had all six electrodes attached in no time. Looking over at the monitor she noted it was now showing a normal sinus rhythm. Chrissy then climbed onto the table and lay face down onto the donut pillow and arms in the surrender position.

Bridgit was about to start on Terry but instead opened a nearby drawer and took out an electric shaver. She shaved patches of hair from his chest where each electrode would attach then applied them. Another live ECG trace appeared on the same monitor as Chrissy’s but below a line across the middle. Their names appeared on each as Alison typed them into a keyboard.

“Right. Everybody set? Then let’s start. Terry, I want you to do exactly as you did before or as close as you can remember. You too Chrissy. Bridgit and I will observe the monitors. If I tell you to stop please do so immediately. Hopefully it will not happen during orgasm.”

Bridgit was in the process of draping a sheet over Chrissy. Terry stopped her. “We didn’t bother with that on the day but we did have a bolster under her ankles.”

Bridgit got the bolster while Terry commenced his light, sensuous massage of Chrissy’s shoulders, upper arms and back and extending down to her upper thighs then back up to her shoulders. He kept his hands moving as he moved around to the head of the table enabling him to use one hand on each side of her chest.

Chrissy reached up to grasp his penis in her right hand and to cup his scrotum in the left. She used her right thumb to spread his pre-cum around his glans. And so it went on following the script through his massage of her legs, thighs and outer vaginal lips; getting the turn  over for massage of her breasts, kisses to the nipples, running his hands over her abdomen and down over her clitoris and vaginal lips; moving to the foot of the table  to caress her legs and thighs right up and into her vagina; the deep breath and blowing gently over her vagina and anus, massaging her clitoris with his left thumb then inserting two fingers palm upwards to find and caress her G spot. Then the ultimate mind blowing orgasm exactly as it occurred previously. There was a stunned silence in the room as she came back to earth. Terry asked for cold water, which Bridgit provided and gave to Terry and also brought a warm wet flannel which she used  clean up Chrissy’s vagina, thighs and perineum.

She sat up, legs over the side and drank some of the cold water.

“OK Terry, this is it. Ready for it? “

“Yes. Let’s get started.”

Chrissy slid off the table, went down on  her knees and took his penis into her mouth, holding it with her right hand and cupping his scrotum with the left. She swirled her tongue around his glans, licked down to his pubis and back then sucked and bobbed along its length. Terry held her head assisting her movements but soon decided he could not last much longer and withdrew. He helped her to her feet and led her to the foot end of the table where she leaned over it with her elbows resting on its surface. She spread her legs wide looking over her shoulder. Terry acted as if there was no one else present as he grasped his penis  and rubbed the glans up and down her slit several times. Her secretions coated it and he placed the tip at her entrance then slowly pressed it in, withdrew a  little then pushed in to maximum depth. She moaned, lifted her head up then down and pressed back against him.

He grasped her hips and dragged back on them pumping in unison with their thrusting. Then he leaned forward to put his elbows over her hips and hands under her breasts manipulating, caressing and twisting her nipples. They both became totally oblivious to their where-abouts their minds focussing entirely on the machinations of their pelvises and genitals. Eventually they reached an explosive orgasm simultaneously. Terry thrusting frantically then plunging in to lock in place as he ejaculated. Chrissy collapsed forward onto the table her arms outstretched and legs shaking and wobbling. He held his penis in place until it shrivelled and slipped out. Nonchalantly, Bridgit came with a warm, wet flannel and wiped his penis, scrotum, lower abdomen and upper thighs. Then she dried him with a hand towel and took them away to return with fresh items which she used to clean Chrissy who remained  face down on the table. That made it easy for Bridgit to clean and dry her.

Alison, Haydn and then Bridgit stood dumbstruck. Chrissy stood up to lean against Terry. An arm around her, he held her up as she gradually regained her senses.

Haydn began to slowly clap his hands. Alison and Bridgit joined in. “Bravo, Bravo”

“Encore, Encore.”

“Like bloody hell!” exclaimed Terry as he led Chrissy to some chairs where they both sat down.

“Guess what, Terry.” spoke Haydn. “You will never believe this but looking at the ECG it appears your heart skipped a beat at the height of your orgasms. Apart from that everything is entirely normal.”

“One down. How many to go?” Terry asked.

“Alison is ready right now. Think you can manage.” And they all burst into laughter.


                                                                                    To be continued.