DHAL: Movie Night part 1

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18 Feb. '20

“Wow, we almost made it halfway through a movie this time.” Serena mused as Lacie pulled back from a kiss. For the pair a midnight movie was more foreplay to their foreplay than a chance to appreciate the fine art of cinema. It was a good excuse to get cuddled up in bed beneath the covers, relax, have a glass of wine, or three… or a whole bottle between the two of them. “I mean, you don’t have to stop watching, I can just suck you off beneath the blanket and when you cum you can rewind and switch places.” Lacie replied, casually petting her finger along her lover’s concealed shaft. Serena giggled; the sensation more amusing than arousing. “You make it sound like I can focus on anything else when I’m in your mouth.” “Seri, you’ve literally read entire chapters of books while getting a blowjob.” “Hey! Those were excellent books, this movie is like, alright at best. Besides, I was trying to compliment you on how good you are at giving head but if we’re going to be combative then I’d like to point out that the real flaw in your plan is that we both know, for a fact, that you just melt when I eat you out.” Lacie, clearly beaten, had no recourse but to puff her cheeks into an award-winning pout, “Fuck off!” she huffed, prompting a snort of laughter from the snow leopard. “And here I thought you wanted me to fuck on.”

“You’re lucky you’re so fucking hot or I swear-” “You already swore, twice in fact.” Lacie made a playfully exasperated groan to her partner’s latest retort, appearing to be beat. Serena let her guard down to make yet another witty comment, and with the lapse of the woman’s guard Lacie quickly leaned in, a preemptive counterattack in the form of a second kiss. She didn’t manage to stick the landing, falling into what had been an obvious trap as her tongue was quickly overpowered. “Mmmph…” Lacie whimpered as she was made out with, Serena’s arms pulling her into a tight embrace beneath the blanket. Lacie was quick to recover, pushing back into the kiss even though she couldn’t overcome her lover. The housecat’s hand ran down Serena’s side, feeling out the curve of her body as she zeroed in one of the woman’s curves. “Seri, did you know that your butt is positively perfect?” Lacie asked as the kiss ended, digging her fingers into the snow leopard’s mostly bare rump and tugging a moan from her partner lips. “I may have had some inkling of that.” Serena answered once her brain had rebooted before she got lost in the scent and softness of her girlfriend’s hair, the smaller girl having nuzzled her face into the crook of the larger one’s neck.

“Going back to earlier though…” Serena broke free of the entrancing spell of her girlfriend’s fragrance. “Your plan also falls apart since I’d much rather watch my beautiful girlfriend than some dumb movie.” Lacie made a noise of protest. “See my earlier example of reading while I blow you.” Serena rolled her eyes, her as of now relatively chaste hands diving beneath Lacie’s waistline to let her fingers roam the girl’s clothed ass. “I set my own pace when reading, I can pause to watch you be adorable without you even realizing it.” “Don’t call me giving you oral adorable, that’s weird.” Lacie groaned. She prevented Serena from answering immediately by slipping her hand beneath the woman’s panties and beginning to stroke her flaccid dick, making Serena bite back another moan. “Well then, I guess I’m weird, because everything you do is adorable in my eyes.” Serena retaliated by giving her girlfriend’s behind a rough grope. The movie continued on, undaunted by the lack of attention it was receiving; a lack here meaning none whatsoever, as both women’s attentions were fixed squarely on the other now.

Teasing and conversation fell for a few minutes in the shuffle to undress each other. Serena was rendered fully nude first, considering she only had a top and panties that needed to be removed, and even then when it came down to it she could probably have gone the whole night without actually taking anything off, but she could never do something so dastardly as to deprive Lacie of her bare form during lovemaking. Lacie’s earlier ministrations had already begun to get her erection to blossom, though it would take some more work on the smaller woman’s part before she’d be able to get pounded into their mattress. Lacie licked her lips at the sight of her girlfriend’s body, a small burst of energy exploding outward from her core. She didn’t have any physical traits of demonhood but her grandfather was an incubus, `so she was in part demon. While unable to feed on sexual energy and pleasure the same way her best friend could, foreplay really served to get her riled up on a pre-pleasure rush. “Who gave you permission to be this hot?” Lacie whined, her poor little lesbian heart fit to burst at the sight of her ideal woman, as was the case nearly every night. Serena giggled, striking a quick pose to really accentuate her assets. “I’m pretty sure I gave myself permission, and last time I checked that’s all I need.”

Serena was, in a word, scrumptious. She had the kind of tits that made having a bi-monthly appointment with a chiropractor more of a necessity than an indulgence and the kind of ass that made the chiropractor’s day more a pleasure than usual business. Her dick wasn’t necessarily up to scale with the rest of the buxom beauty, but it was more than enough for her petite partner. A semi-serious modeling career had gotten the woman through university in the black. Even now, in slightly worse shape, she could probably get enough work, with Des’s contacts, to turn modeling into a pretty lucrative side hustle. Her gorgeously fluffy tail swayed playfully through the air behind her as she watched her girlfriend slip off her socks, rendering them both entirely naked, save Lacie's leg brace and Serena's glasses, and extremely horny.

Lacie was petite perfection. Her chest was decently sized for her build, even if nothing to write home about. She was tight; tight tummy, tight ass, tight pussy, and while not exactly toned she had some powerful muscles at work beneath her soft skin. The smaller girl advanced on her partner, forcing Serena onto her back to receive a third kiss. The snow leopard made a happy moan into the kiss as Lacie resumed her hand job. The housecat preferred to start oral with her girlfriend already hard, since it made it less likely that any of the woman’s soft barbs would get in the way. Serena lifted an arm to give Lacie’s chest a squeeze, wanting to be reciprocal in the task of bestowing pleasure. She positioned her other hand on Lacie’s ass, pulling her in closer, deepening the kiss. Lacie tightened her grip, her girlfriend’s barbs tickling her palm as they inflated alongside the central shaft.

The conversation devolved into a mix of moans and gasps, tongues eagerly playing against each other, eyes bold and daring, gold challenging silver. “Would you mind turning around, love?” Serena asked as she released her girlfriend. “Only if you’re planning on 69ing.” Lacie answered, though she was already climbing off Serena before she got a reply. “That was in fact the plan.” Serena laughed as she watched Lacie gather up her golden hair and confine it into a ponytail. “Good.” Lacie huffed as she trapped Serena’s head between her knees, centering her cunt above the woman’s face. Lacie begun, dipping her head down to kiss the tapered pink crown of her girlfriend’s dick, earning a twitch and a hum from the woman beneath her. “Lace, I can’t do anything with your hips all the way up there.” Serena commented as her girlfriend bobbed her head down past her tip, taking a few flexible barbs into her mouth as she descended down the shaft. In response Lacie gave one of the afore mentioned barbs a flick with her tongue, causing Serena to whimper in pleasure. The smaller girl gave her hips a wiggle, emphasizing how enticingly out of reach they were. Serena sighed and rolled her eyes. “I promise not to bite… much…”

That was apparently adequate for the smaller girl as, in a feat of flexibility, she spread her knees, evenly dropping her slit into range of her girlfriend’s mouth. “Showofpph” Serena’s complaint was muffled by the pair of labia that pressed onto her mouth. The leopard quickly regained any dominance she had lost to Lacie by taking control of the situation. A few quick and a single deep lick later and Lacie was a wet, purring mess. She made some inaudible comment around her lover’s dick and in an attempt to regain her metaphorical footing she bobbed all the way down to her girlfriend’s base. Moments later a whimpering moan erupted from the housecat. “Yoump phaid uph woulnvtn bhite!” Or, for those unable to speak bottom, “You said you wouldn’t bite!” Serena giggled as she leaned her head back. “I said I wouldn’t bite much.” As soon as she was done speaking she dove back in, teasing one of her girlfriend’s lips between her teeth, earning another yelp for her troubles. “If you actually don’t want me to nibble, all you have to do is ask.” Serena chimed in before letting her tongue traverse the nearly fully mapped out expanse of her girlfriend’s folds.

Lacie remained silent… well, perhaps silent would be the wrong word, as she made no shortage of moans, whimpers, yelps or incomparably adorable squeaks, in addition to the rumbling purr in her chest. However, not a single serious protest emerged from her largely occupied mouth. “Mmhmm, that’s what I though.” Serena returned, triumphantly; to reward her darling little bottom she teased the girl’s clit between her teeth, applying just enough pressure to, in turn, be rewarded by a squirt to her chin. Lacie was now the epitome of a pouting kitten, no small feat considering the five inches of dick in her mouth and the one inch that was devilishly close to being in her throat. “Jeez Lace, I didn’t realize you were that pent up.” Serena commented after recovering from another fit of giggling. Lacie went back to bobbing along her girlfriend’s length, drawing some moans from the woman as she attended to Serena’s barbs with her tongue. Both girl’s faces were drenched from both saliva and love juice; from Lacie’s chin dripped a bead of their mixed fluids down onto Serena’s silver carpet of pubic hair.

After a minute Lacie pulled her lips away from Serena’s dick, panting slightly. “Fu~uck, you’re so tasty!” She moaned; her breath being further stolen when Serena coaxed her bottom more forcefully down on her face. By this point Lacie had shifted from doing the splits to a more sustainable position with her calves flanking the snow leopard’s head. She willed herself to sit up, removing her clit from the range of Serena’s dexterous tongue as she didn’t want to have too many orgasms before her lover got to experience even one. Despite removing her clit from the equation, she was still more than interested in riding her girlfriend’s face and began to grind on the woman, her panting interrupted every few seconds with a high pitched squeak or moan. She didn’t leave her partner completely unattended to, coiling her tail around Serena’s spit slick dick and giving her a tailjob.

Serena had to take more frequent breaks with her girlfriend’s beautiful butt covering her nose. This was at times difficult as Lacie’s altered position meant that occasionally she was squeezing Serena’s head with her thighs, and she could impart a lot of force, not quite enough to crack a watermelon, so at the very least Serena’s head was safe. Serena was also of the mind that her girlfriend tasted positively delicious tonight, though she was lacking an opportunity to inform her of such at the moment. She noticed a familiar change in Lacie’s grinding which informed her that the other woman had begun groping herself. Lacie wasn’t particularly dull to sensation, in fact she could basically be tickled anywhere on her body, but her nipples were rather hypersensitive, especially when she was aroused. The girl in turn, typically avoided her nipples when she squeezed and played with her boobs, preferring for Serena to be the one to tease her in that regard. “Mm~ Seri… that feels so fucking good~” She gasped, shuddering as her love caught her labia between her teeth again, giving the dripping flesh a gentle tug before releasing it. “Gods and devils, I need you inside of me babe, I can’t wait much longer.” Lacie moaned as she forced herself to get off her girlfriend’s face, each of them having a short opportunity to catch their breaths as they readjusted.

Lacie gathered up a few of the pillows scattered over the bed to make a comfortable place for her to lay. They both preferred to have sex facing each other, to be able to see exactly how pleasurable their bodies were to the other, so Lacie settled in on her beck while Serena positioned herself between her lovers spread legs, lining herself up to penetrate the love of her life. Serena’s eyes looked down at Lacie with both a predatory lust and absolute, loving adoration. She couldn’t wait until this woman was her wife, even though she could and would wait for the perfect time to propose.