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20 Feb. '20

NOTE: All persons in this story are adults, 18-years or older.


Last night I had a wonderful dream of a woman, my wife Eve whom I love very much which woke me up too early, but it left such an impression I could not get back to sleep…

I was inside a dungeon of huge stones, wet, cold, suffering and hurting; which seemed to have gone on forever. I did not know why, where or how, I just felt pain racking my body and depression invading my mind, thoughts and feelings.

In the darkness I heard noise, my cell door opened and backlit in the frame I saw a vision of beautiful a female form, slightly aglow…an angel? She didn't say a word but raised her hand beckoning me to come and follow...

Next we are walking outside through a big iron and wood gate and into the countryside. My Angel was so graceful and silent, even when walking through leaves. She should be making more noise, but I do not why or how that was happening? We walked into deeper and darker woods, then I noticed a glow; it was not dark where she stood? I also saw the answer as to why she was not making any noise; her feet were not touching the ground but hovered a few inches above, but she still walked as if on the ground.

We continued traveling and after a time I felt tired, cold, hurting and hungry but still I followed her mon Ange (my Angel). She stopped, turned around and looked at me; astonishingly I started to feel better, my pain lessened, she came closer and I felt warmer from her ses pouvoirs surnaturels (supernatural powers)? She turned and moved away slowly, I followed knowing she was there to help and protect me. I noticed that passing through the woods was much too easy as there was no path. We were walking through grass, shrubs and trees, but with little resistance as if everything was allowing us to pass? Still I was slowing down, getting weaker even with her help or super powers. Soon she stopped and my next thought was waking up, rested and refreshed, maybe hurting less and I was feeling better. Why, all because of her? I knew it! I could feel her power flowing through me, helping and supporting me physically and emotionally. Yes it was true! Thank God! Thanks mon Ange (my Angel)!

I stood to find a clear spring just steps away; I drank and satisfied my thirst. I walked back it where she was standing and found a pile of sweet fruits and tender nuts. I sank to my knees, eating some of the greatest tasting morsels that I could remember. I offered her some, but she just smiled saying nothing but not accepting my offer. I hurried assuming we were still trying to escape and hide, but she touched my head and J'ai ressenti de la joie, du bonheur et de la paix en moi (I felt joy, happiness and peace flood through me)!

After eating we traveled more, over hills and through valleys, but the passage was easy and we covered ground quickly. The weather seemed pleasant, not too cold or hot, with a fair breeze. As the sun sunk low in the sky she took my hand and pulled me under the shade of a big oak tree. She touched my shoulder and my body relaxed; slowly I sat into soft, sweet smelling grass. I tried to get up, but couldn't move; she looked at me and frowned. I stretched out down into the grass and she smiled beautifully down at me. I watched this créature féminine magnifique et fantastique (gorgeous and fantastic female creature) standing over me as I slowly fell asleep, knowing she was keeping me safe.

I awoke feeling warmth on my cheek; cela pourrait-il être un baiser de mon ange (could it be a kiss, from my angel)? I really hoped so! I felt very warm, too warm for being in the woods without a tent or blankets. My back was warmer; I looked over my shoulder and saw her lying next to me with a wonderful Cheshire cat size smile. I was hesitant, not sure what to do, her being an Angel, me a prisoner and human. She slowly reached up and touched my shoulder and rolled me over onto my back. We were staring up through the oak tree, neither of us moving enjoying our closeness. We rolled to face each other; her hand slid around my side and pulled me closer. I was still frightened, uncertain, but also very happy all at the same time.

Her face came closer to mine; my face felt her warmth like I was facing the sun. Then her lips touched mine and it felt like lightening with tingles racing through my whole body. As we embraced my mind exploded with images d'amour, de joie, de bonheur et de paix (of love, joy, happiness and peace). Slowly we pulled closer, our bodies meeting but feeling as if I was hugging the sun; my skin was on fire wherever our bodies touched.

I gazed into her beautiful golden brown eyes and got the impression that we were brought together for a reason. I know I was hers; she was mine…. my Angel! I loved her and she loved me. How she found me far from home, in prison, being tortured, left to die I don’t know but I was very happy that she had saved me.

Her glow lessened, the woods grew darker and I noticed that we had no clothes, they disappeared and I saw her perfect body of ivory soft skin. Her body melted into mine and I got impressions of love and sharing affection. My body awoke with passion, I rolled over and she felt my sword of love grow between us. If possible her smile got bigger, full of joy and happiness. I moved over her fantastic sexy body; I smiled and wrapped my arms around her and held her close to me. With her bare chest against mine I was feeling her warmth and the strength of her beating heart as she felt mine.

Her breasts were perfect just the right size, like peaches on her chest, with sweet nipples reaching to the havens. My eyes roam down her body; her belly had the slight swell typical of healthy women. I saw her bellybutton, breadth of her womanly hips and her monticule pubien (pubic mound) covered in soft golden brown hair. Her Mons Venires was directly beneath me tucked delightfully between her legs, which were perfectly shaped down to her tiny feet.

We started kissing, my lips burned slightly and her lips tasted like honey, fresh apples maybe citrus, so sweet sharp, sweet and wonderful. Her body gave off this astonishing fragrance like after a rain, but with a bit of spice just tickling my nose. We continued to kiss, but I felt her passion raising, her kisses were getting more urgent, pressing harder onto my lips. I started to explore her body, slowly down her neck, across her shoulders, onto her chest and caressing her breasts. Her nipples grew to attention, she raised her back pressing her tender flesh into my hand and I heard her soft moan escape.

She may have been an Angel, but she was enjoying our earthly pleasures and physical joys that we were sharing. She was more beau et sexy (beautiful and sexy) than any other woman I have ever known. With my mouth over her breasts her nipples hardened; her skin was so soft and tasted wonderful. I licked, sucked and nipped at her breasts; each action got a reaction from her superior body twitching, jerking, and moaning. I benefited from her auditory passion as her quickening gasps breath from unbridled pleasure filled my ears. I had never enjoyed loving or was ever enamored more of any other woman. I was profiter vraiment du paradis sur terre avec mon ange (truly enjoying heaven on earth with my angel).

I switched breasts, getting more joy and excitement for both of us, as our passion built toward a detonation of desire, lust and heavenly love. I kissed and licked my way down across her belly, into her belly button, which tickled making her giggle. I could now inhale her intoxicating effeminate fragrance and this drove me to worship this goddess the way she deserved to be, like only a true believer could. She was getting animated and vocal from our pleasure and joy. That influenced me and I did not want to rush, but my needs and desires were beginning to master my body with urges that were overriding my brain.

I kissed my way down her body and found that feminine island of pleasure, the place of joy and happiness all men crave. My fingers moved through the hairs over her mons veneris, feeling so soft and fine. I dipped my fingers lower and I felt her sweet love nectar had already begun to flow down the petals of her womanhood. Using my fingers I slowly open her flower of love, all pink, soft and sweet, elle était à couper le souffle (she was breathtaking)!

God's greatest creation was femme (woman); his gift for all men, a true miracle, un trésor plus grand que l'or ou les diamants et beaucoup plus précieux (a treasure greater than gold or diamonds and much more precious).

She spread her legs wider, opening herself and allowing me greater access to ma joie et mon bonheur étaient accablants (my joy and happiness was overwheming). I lowered my face into her sexy garden, kissing and licking with abandon, enjoying her taste and bouquet. I was astonished by her reactions; twitches and shudders, moans, groans and rapid gasps of breath. When my tongue entered her passage she almost flew away, but I grabbed around her legs holding her sweet sexy ass. I forced my face, lips and tongue deeper into her bien de la vie (well of life). As her passion grew her tunnel de l'amour (tunnel of love) wasn't a well; but became a spring overflowing with her joyous nectar of passion.

If someone overheard us they would have assumed I was hurting her, causing pain or suffering, but I lifted my head and saw her face was radiant. Her eyes were half closed and I could saw nothing but paix, plaisir et bonheur (peace, pleasure and happiness)! I lowered my face and continued bringing more physical joy and sexual deliverance to her angelic body. I felt her hands on my head, pulling my hair; physically moving my tongue and lips to bring greater joy and stronger feelings to all her right places. With each lick she trembled and when I sucked on her shining pearl I was overwhelmed with every reaction of her body and took pleasure in hearing her joy. I benefited from repeating the loving course of action again and again as much as her! We played this dance of sex, pleasure and enjoyment, on and on till I sentit son explosion orgasmique se tordre et se retourner sous moi (felt her orgasmic explosion, twisting and turning under me).

She squeezed my head painfully between her legs as the “La Petite Morte” (small death of orgasm) overtook her body, what a way to die but I was enjoying myself! Slowly she relaxed her legs, releasing my head but pulled up on my hair so I laid my head on her belly. I felt her vibrate and twitch, under my cheek again and again. I looked up and saw her lovely face glowing peacefully, not from angelic super powers, but knew it was from sharing our love and pleasure. After a time she finally calmed down and relaxed, we were both sweaty and hot, but were ready to continue our passionate efforts.

She gave me the "LOOK" pulling up her knees and opening her sex, drawing me closer to her most intimate place. I understood and shared her wishes and desires, so I pushed up and directed my sword of love into her most sacred sheath. I was enjoying the marvelous feelings of my member entering the warmth, wetness and tightness of her sexy body. I drove deeper into her body as she lifted her hips meeting me half way. I slowed to enjoy the many sensations and feelings from our unification almost too great to continue, but her body moved and I knew that we both wanted more, much more.

I picked up the pace, driving in and out with increasing force and speed as desire and lust overtook my body and as her body responded to my actions. We were building to an outburst de joie, de plaisirs et d'amour (of joy, pleasure and love). I could feel her body paroxysm and rhythmical contraction of her muscles around my sword of joy. My lord, I thought as I began to explode that ce doit être à quoi ressemble le paradis (this must be what Heaven is like)! My vision was blinded by stars, dark spots and fireworks of light as my body locked in position into and over her sexy body. I couldn't move, but was convulsing, twitching, moaning and groaning louder than her, jetting my seed deep inside her as we attained orgasmic utopia.

I wanted that moment to last forever, never to end. I was so thankful to her for saving me, grateful for being this close to her, able to love and make love with her. I didn't care if I died as these feelings, thoughts and images sustained me, lifted me up as if dans le paradis lui-même avec mon ange (into haven itself with my Angel)! Our souls and bodies danced in unison in blissful calibration till we finally reached Nirvana! After what seemed like forever my body finally responded, I was exhausted but satisfied, in high spirits and très reconnaissant et reconnaissant pour mon ange (very appreciative and thankful for my angel). I searched her face and what I saw assured me that she too was very happy and also enjoyed our fusion of love. I fell down next her body and we snuggled for a long time as our bodies slowly recovered….

I woke up in my bed, my heart pounding, wet with sweat, but with Eve my wife of many years next to me in bed. I thank God for having her in my life, no longer a dream but a reality we can enjoy, even recreate together again and again forever and ever!!!!

Je t'aime Eve, mon Ange (I love you Eve, my Ange)!!!