My Boyfriend's Hot Friend

Info tinabae
26 Feb. '20

My name is Tina and I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend Zack for a solid two years now. We started dating in high school here in Brussels but he moved to New York when we graduated while I stayed here because my dad didn't want me to go too far away from my family.

A couple of weeks ago Zack decided to invite me to his spring break trip to Cancun with five of his friends. At first I was hesitant to accept since only one of them was gonna bring his girlfriend while the rest decided not to for some reason. He eventually convinced me to join them after a long conversation in which we discussed going somewhere together by ourselves but it was clear that he wanted to be part of this trip with his boys, so I decided why not? I only get to see him twice a year so this was a decent opportunity for us to spend some quality time together. It was better than nothing.

We were meant to meet up in New York so we could all get on the same flight to Cancun but my flight got cancelled so I eventually found another route that would take me there the day after they all arrived. 

I eventually got to Cancun and Zack met me at the airport with flowers and chocolates, it was the cutest thing ever and I immediately knew that this was gonna be a great trip.

When we got to the resort we met up with his friends at the bar and it was pretty clear they were there for a while and had a bit more than a few drinks. They were all really nice and friendly and we got to hang out for a couple of hours and I got to know them fairly quickly especially given the fact that they were really drunk and they let me in on who they were pretty quickly. I found out that the guy that was supposed to bring his girlfriend decided not to get her last minute so I was literally the only girl in the group but I really didn't mind after I got to know them.

As I was talking to them individually it was quite apparent that one of them was the alpha male of the group who would basically call the shots on where we were going and when we would go. His name was Joe and he was soooo hot! Like the type that would make any girl blush just by making eye contact. He had piercing greenish/hazel eyes that were just amazing to look at. I noticed him checking me out A LOT while we were at the bar and I pretended like I didn't notice. I kept on looking at Zack to see if he caught up to it but he was too busy talking to his other friends. 

At some point I posted a picture of all of us hanging out at the bar on my IG story and I got a DM from my sister saying "OMG is that Joe?!!" Apparently her friend had a thing with him a couple years ago and she kept on telling my sister that he was her best fuck she ver had and that he has a 10 inch cock! Zack on the other hand is a good 4 inches shorter than him and he always had problems getting me "there" so when I found that out it made him look even hotter and I just couldn't get him off my mind.

The next day we all met up at the beach and at that point I was dressing to impress! I wore a really tight bikini that had my C cup boobs look like double D's. Joe was literally eye raping me the whole time and it was pretty obvious to all of guys except for Zack for some reason. At one point they all decided to go jet skiing and I was the only one that wasn't up for it so I put on some tanning oil and laid on my beach towel while they all walked to the resort right next to the one we were staying at that had all the jet skis. Not even 5 minutes goes by and I find Joe walking back by himself from a distance with his muscular body looking fine as hell! I started to fix my hair that was flying all over the place from the wind and he was smirking like he knew I was trying to look good for him. He laid down next to me and told me that guys would be gone for another hour so we decided to go to the bar and have a couple of drinks. He kept of saying how lucky Zack was to have such a beautiful girlfriend and I didn't really know what to say! I was blushing so much! We ended up adding each other on instagram and before we knew it the guys were back. Zack looked a bit annoyed at the fact that he came back and found us laughing together. He seemed super intimidated at that point. 

When we went back to our room Zack was pretty pissed off and he was being super cold to me. We were supposed to go out clubbing that night but he said we're just gonna stay in and watch a movie together. I really wanted to go but I was gonna stay in for him and suck it up. Zack told the guys that we were gonna stay in and they kept on insisting that it was gonna be an amazing night and that we wouldn't want to miss it but he was firm with his decision and it seemed like we were just gonna have a boring night while the rest of his friends had fun.

At around 9 PM Zack started to get really tired and it was pretty obvious that he was gonna fall asleep before we even started the movie. I turned on the TV and put whatever I could find in English and before I knew it Zack was knocked out. I put on my PJ's and started to get ready for bed before I got a DM from Joe saying, " Hey Tina, are you sure you guys don't want to come out with us tonight?" I told him that Zack already slept and that I was gonna stay in with him too. He then replied "Come on Tina! Just sneak out! He won't find out I promise." I was really reluctant but I eventually told him I'd come. It just really turned me on that he was being so bold and I wanted him badly at that point!

I met Joe at the lobby of the resort and we took a taxi to the club where we met the rest of the guys. It didn't even seem like they remembered I was Zack's girlfriend. We started taking shots at the table and Joe eventually grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor where none of his friends can see us. When we got there we started dancing and I backed up on him and felt his huge hard cock rubbing against my ass while were grinding. I put my arm around his neck and we started kissing. It took us only and hour before we decided to call a cab and go back to his room.

The whole way back we were making out and he started fingering me like crazy. I was trying not to moan in the cab but I just couldn't help it.

When we got to the resort he lifted me off the ground and we started making out intensely. He threw me on his bed and started kissing me everywhere. I don't even know how I got undressed from how intense we were. The next thing I knew we were both fully undressed and he was positioning his massive cock between my legs. I started to push myself into his cock and I could feel it slowly getting in. I never knew it could feel that good. My pussy started to tighten up on his huge cock. He started to go gain some speed and I was could see my tits bounce faster and faster. I looked into his piercing eyes and he looked back at me. He started to get closer and we started to kiss while he went deeper into my pussy. At this point I've already had an orgasm but I knew I was good for another 4 or 5 at least. I was moaning so loud we could hear people outside laughing as they walked passed the room. He turned me on my side and started to fuck me with my leg up. My tits were bouncing wildly and he was really enjoying that. I looked back and he started to kiss me intensely while I was moaning in his mouth. He eventually came inside me and we kept on kissing. It seemed like he didn't want to stop. He left his huge cock inside of me for a good minute. I had 4 orgasms at that point. He looked at me and said "did you like that baby?"