How Swingers are Born Pt. 1

Info Lee
28 Feb. '20

I looked at him the way a lioness might look at a gazelle or some other beast of prey. Rather than scan him for what I found attractive, I looked for weaknesses. How he interacted with others and the way he carried himself were dead giveaways to his nature. He was an easy kill; foolish enough to take me as a friend and feeble enough to not put up much of a fight. It would be a pleasure taking him.

My soon to be victim, this young man whom I was going to pin down, devour until he begged for mercy and then devour again, was known to most as Tommy Morgan. His name alone piqued my volatile desire. Not yet did he go by ‘Tom’, the curter and more certain version of his name. Nor did he take on the civil and tactful variety of it, perhaps the name on his birth certificate – ‘Thomas’. No, he was Tommy; a name he was called by friends on the playground; a name his mother still said lovingly over the phone. But one can only infer so much about a person’s personality by name alone. It is action that truly proves a person’s mold and Tommy’s acts showed that his name was a proper fit.

Any member of the Planet Fitness where he was employed could attest to the young man’s sheepish demeanor. He was a little too humble when thanking people and a bit too avoidant when certain patrons needed assistance or became unruly. Despite his aloof attitude Tommy did show signs of potential, complimenting people on good workout sessions and sometimes serving as a spotter for weight lifters. He has even paid me a compliment or two after I’ve finished cooling down. Of course, kind words only served to ensnare him in my trap.

“Looks like you had a good one Ms. Natalia” he said one Thursday afternoon when I was finishing my workout.

“Why thank you Tom” I responded while collecting my towel and bottle of water.

“You know you’re free to call me Tommy ma’am.”

“I am aware Mr. Morgan; I simply prefer the shortened version. You are a grown man and I feel that your name should reflect that.” As we spoke I dabbed the sweat residing on my forehead and the cleavage that my tank top showed off. Being a rather voluptuous woman, somewhat short in stature but full figured, I’m privy of the feelings that my body is capable of eliciting. So I wasn’t all that surprised when I caught Tommy taking a not so indiscreet look at my chest as I wiped away the perspiration. What I was more shocked by was that this timid young man, the same one who could barely look people in the eye for longer than a few seconds, had enough gall to stare me down in such a way, whether he thought I was unaware or not. To be honest I felt a little challenged by his gaze. I knew that he didn’t have the gumption to take any action, but that was beside the point. He had provoked me and I intended to teach him a lesson.

Later that Night

“So this kid gives you one random look and you want to fuck him for it. Am I hearing you right honey” asked Clay, my husband, after I revealed my plans to him. Although I was certain in my plot to conquer Tommy, I was uncertain in how my partner would take this peculiar lust of mine. It was true that we shared a healthy intrigue in sex and unusual fantasies, but we had never included a third party into our marriage. I knew he would hear me out at the very least, but getting his blessing on such an undertaking would be a tossup. So, hedging my bets, I jumped him as soon as he got home. While we were both prone to initiate spontaneous encounters I still feared that he’d suspect my alternate intentions. Those worries eased the moment I got his pants off and took his limp, funky sex into my mouth.

Clay, Clayton being his given name, was easily excited and his dick became engorged within seconds of being between my lips. I wasn’t able to hold him for long however. Once he got going my husband was downright gluttonous. So much so that, in return for my measly three minutes of fellatio, he carried me to our bedroom, striped me naked and ravaged my cunt. He tongued and fingered me for minutes on end until he was covered in my essence. When he got really into it, Clay would use that wide tongue of his to spread my sticky sap all over my inner thighs before swirling his fingers in the mix and coating my stiff nipples in it. By the time he was done tonguing and tweaking my skin I could barely remember the reason I had caused this scene in the first place. Once I could think coherently again, I flippantly floated the idea of being with Tommy to him as we laid entangled in each other.

“I said I wanted to have my way with him” I said. While speaking I mindlessly stroked his erection which was eagerly waiting for me to finish the job I had started. Likewise, Clay was moving his digits in and out of my pussy, pausing periodically to rub the fluid onto my ass cheeks. “Fucking implies that there will be some action on his part.”

“It sounds as if you want to torture this young man.”

“What if I do; wouldn’t he have it coming? You can’t just provoke a sexually realized woman and not expect any consequences. There are rules and he needs to be properly educated.”

“Look Nat, I…” Clay went to say before I began stroking the head of his penis, more so to see the pleasure rush onto his face than to gain any leverage in our conversation. He cut his eyes at me for my action; a subtle warning.

“What’s the problem Clayton, afraid that a younger man might sweep me off my feet?” Clay, much like me, wasn’t to be trifled with sexually. Challenging him always ended in some kind of splendid erotic torture. This time, said torture came in the form of him suddenly pinching my clitoris in between his thumb and forefinger right before gently massaging it. I squealed and moaned at the painful surprise and the soothing pleasure that followed.

“As I was saying Natalia, I understand how you feel. A young, inexperienced man has dared to incite your sensual side and you have a violent urge to deflower him for it. But don’t you think that would be a bit much?” Only when he was done speaking did Clay release my agitated clit, leaving me breathless and hot. As I struggled to regain my composure he looked at me with a smirk and licked my wetness from his fingers. Even after ten years of marriage, this man, my husband, still caused me a bit of confliction. I hated that he knew me so well. There wasn’t a single spot on my body that he didn’t know how to touch. Worse still, he knew how to handle me – had the arrogance to handle me. But I knew that Clayton hadn’t studied my body to try and control me, he did so because he liked me. He was sucking his fingers now because he liked the way I tasted. He played in my pussy long after I had come because he liked the way I felt. The man simply liked me, and that fact was as disgusting as it was sweet.

“It may be a bit much Clayton, but if I don’t teach him his place, who will? Besides, don’t you want to see me in action? I know you’d love to watch me dismantle that poor little cub. Just imagine me taking his untested cock into my mouth and making him come in mere seconds. Now tell me that such a sight wouldn’t drive you wild.” Just as Clayton was about to respond I jumped him again, quickly taking his manhood into my mouth. Admittedly I was just as crazy about the taste and musk of his prick as he was about my own unique flavor. I’ve consistently found it more fun to suck his bulging rod after he’s tongued my sex; it just felt more alive afterwards. Rather than pull me off of him and fish our conversation Clay began thrusting his hips, pushing his cock further into my mouth.

            If there was one thing I loved about Clay sexually, beyond his annoyingly vast knowledge of how to pleasure me, it was the fact that he could come twice, although getting him to that point wasn’t always easy. He had to be in the right mood and his body had to be excited to just the right moment. On this night, I got lucky. I encircled the head of his penis with my tongue while using my hands to stroke his shaft and quickly massage his balls. I kept my movements steady, listening to his shaky voice and reading his body movements. When his breath caught and his groin tensed, I stopped cold and welcomed two spurts of hot cream onto my tongue. Slowly I released him careful to not trigger his second explosion.

            “You must really want to ruin this young man” Clay said with shallow breath when I showed him the come on my tongue. I swallowed when he tried to kiss me, not sharing the spunk with him.

            “That one was mine. You can have the other one.” Eager as always Clay rolled on top of me. Instead of penetrating me right away, he positioned the shaft of his dick against the hood of my clitoris. Moving his hips, he massaged my little nub gently but with an increasing pressure that was driving me crazy.

            “Before you have your way with this man Natalia, we need to set some ground rules” he said still grinding his cock into my sensitive flesh and making me moan and mumble sweet nothings. “Rule one, he wears a condom. Rule two; he doesn’t come inside of you. And lastly, rule three, I get to join in. Are you okay with my terms?” To each of his rules I shook my head in agreement, unable to speak as my body continued to climb to a wonderful peak. “Good.” Suddenly Clay started to press his pelvis more forcefully against mine, pinning my clit firmly under his penis. His slow grind sped up in addition to the increased pressure, making me wail in delight. Just as I was about to come Clay repositioned himself and quickly stuffed his cock inside my walls. Being penetrated at that moment was enough to push us both over. As I came my contractions coaxed the second orgasm out of him. We both moaned and writhed against each other, experiencing the ravages of orgasm. Once it was finally over I laid motionless, bathing in the pleasantness of it all. Meanwhile Clayton pulled out of my greedy cunt only to move downward to my crotch. “Here, I’ll clean up the mess.” Following through, Clay lapped at my pussy and sucked up his come as it spilled out of me. Try as I might to deny it, I loved this nasty man.