I Think You're Right Ch. 1

Info Boratus
29 Feb. '20

Shaun couldn’t help but admire the body of his girlfriend, Amanda. Her long blonde curly locks flowed down to the middle of her naked back as she buried her face in the pillows of her bed while moaning into them. Shaun kneeled behind her, grabbing her slim hips as he pushed his cock in and out of her. He loved the contrast of his black cock against her round white ass, though he wished it wasn’t muted by the translucency of the condom he wore. Amanda hammered her fist into the bed repeatedly as her body crescendoed toward orgasm. Smiling, Shaun slapped her ass. She responded by turning her head for a moment with a harsh, “No!” before the waves of pleasure from his cock overtook her again and she turned her face back to the pillow. A loud moan escaped her before she could muffle it. Shaun didn’t understand why she was so self-conscious about being heard. So what if the neighbours knew how much pleasure she was experiencing?

Abruptly, she arched her back and her head came up again. This was it, Shaun knew. Her mouth opened but all she could get out was a, “Nggggnggggngggg” as shudders began to overtake her body. Her face slammed back into the pillow and she screamed. Her cunt tightened on his cock and milked it. Shaun loved that feeling. He paused to let her pussy do its thing then tried to resume fucking her. She scooted quickly up the bed as usual, pulling off his cock.

“Too… Too sensitive,” she gasped. As she panted at the top of the bed she noticed Shaun stroking his member. “Didn’t cum yet, babe?” she asked as she admired both his cock and his muscular form.

“I’m kneeling stroking myself off. What do you think?” is what he wanted to say, but he simply shook his head.

She smiled. “Come lie down. I’ll take care of you.”

Shaun lay down while Amanda rushed into the bathroom. Her perky little breasts bounced as she moved. Returning with a warm washcloth, she slipped the condom off him and wiped his cock clean with the cloth. Then she grabbed some tissues before lowering her mouth on him. Shaun had already begun to soften but her sucking brought him back to life. He did love watching her head bob on him. As the pleasure built, he placed a hand on her head and began to control the rhythm. She let him set the pace until he began to get too forceful.

Slipping her lips off him for a moment she said, “Easy, big guy. You know I got this.”

She went down on him with renewed vigour and soon he felt his own orgasm nearing. He grabbed her head again forcefully. She let him this time, knowing what it meant. Then he was erupting into her mouth. She sucked and sucked, staying with him with every thrust, milking every bit of cum she could until she felt him relax. Sliding her lips slowly off him, she brought the tissues to her face and spat out his cum.

Her hazel eyes smiled with satisfaction. “That was a big load, baby. You must’ve really enjoyed that.”

Shaun nodded. He did, but it was also lacking. He wanted things to be wilder. He wanted her to swallow his load. He didn’t want to have to use a condom, but she refused to go on the pill. Shaun had been raised to respect a woman’s boundaries. That didn’t mean he didn’t try to push them once in a while, but Amanda seemed to have reached hers. And a big part of him just wanted to use her like a slut, do whatever he wanted to her. He knew there were girls like that out there, several of his friends had talked about fucking them, but he had yet to find one. Also, from what he heard, those girls fucked everyone. He wanted a girl he could trust.

Looking at the clock, Amanda announced that she needed to shower and get to class. They both attended a nearby college and would come to Amanda’s house to fuck during free periods. “I’m meeting the girls for lunch in an hour,” she said. Then, curling a lock in her finger, she asked, “Care to join me cleaning up?”

“You go, babe,” he replied. “I need to lie here for a bit.”

She moved up and kissed him. He inhaled her vanilla perfume scent.

“Aw. You rest,” she said. “That was quite a workout. Take a nap if you need. Just be sure to be out before one. Mom has a therapy session then.”

“A what?”

“She’s been seeing a therapist to help her getting over dad fucking her secretary and leaving.”

“I didn’t know therapists made house calls.”

Amanda walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower as she talked. “Dr. Maddow does, but he charges you for his travel time. Only clients with money to burn, like my mom, can really afford him, but he comes highly recommended by several of her friends.” She looked at herself in the mirror. “Ack. My roots are showing again. I’ll have to get my hair done again this weekend.”

Shaun didn’t really hear her. His thoughts had shifted to her mother, Jessica Russo. This was a lady that had every guy who met her drooling like an idiot. A Latin goddess, the woman had breasts that any outfit she wore seemed to struggle to contain. Shaun wished that her daughter had inherited those breasts but Amanda’s came from her father’s side of the family where the women were very fair and slim. He was happy Amanda had gotten the round Latino ass, but hers still didn’t compare to her mom’s.

Ms. Russo kept her deep brown hair long, hanging to the small of her back, ending right where her luscious bubble butt began. But it wasn’t just her body. The woman had strong cheekbones, full lips, sparkles of green in her brown eyes, and if she decided to give you a seductive look, you were hers.

On top of all that, she was intelligent and outgoing. She owned a string of companies and it wasn’t from sleeping her way to the top. She had a keen business sense and no nonsense attitude that bewildered anyone that judged her by her looks, (which was just about everyone that first met her) a fact that she’d taken advantage of to win negotiations. Shaun couldn’t understand why her idiot husband had cheated on her. If he had a woman like that he’d never let her go.

Despite having cum, Shaun felt his cock stir at the thought of the woman. But also, having just cum, he let himself drift off to sleep.

He awoke to a scream. His first thought was that Ms. Russo had walked into the bedroom to find him naked on the bed. Despite his lusting after her, she gave no indication that she liked or approved of him. She seemed to tolerate him out of respect for her daughter’s decision.

Shaun grabbed the sheets to cover himself up but, seeing no one at the door, got up instead. He quickly slipped on his pants and rushed out of the bedroom. The scream came again but now he realized it was more of a moan. He slowed his pace as he got to the top of the stairs and then quietly moved down until he could see what was going on. The stairs led down to the empty front foyer on their right. On the far side of it, he could see into the living room. To his shock, he saw Ms. Russo, completely naked, leaning over the end of her couch while a man ploughed her with his cock. Her big tits swayed beneath her, although her long hair blocked most of them. She writhed in pleasure. Her naked ass was better than he’d expected, big, round, and luscious. Her tummy wasn’t flat but that didn’t detract from her beauty. Her curves only enhanced it.

‘Is this the doctor?’ he thought.  ‘If so, therapy is not what I thought.’

If he had thought the woman looked good clothed, that was nothing compared to her in writhing in ecstasy. Dragging himself away from the scene momentarily, he rushed back to the bedroom and grabbed his phone. He quickly returned to film the scene below.

“I think you love my cock the more times I fuck you,” said the man. “What do you think?”

“Oh godddd. I think you’re right, doctor,” she answered, her Spanish accent sounding so sexy.

“I think you want to cum on my cock again, don’t you?” he asked.

She nodded, unable to speak for a moment.

“What are the rules?” he asked.

“I’m not to cum without your permission. Your permission is my reward.”

‘What the hell?’ thought Shaun.

“Do you want your reward?” asked the doctor.

“Yes please!” she cried. “I need it so bad.”

“I think when you cum, the pleasure will be very intense, and will remind you why it is so important to obey me and please me. What do you think?”

“I think you’re right, doctor.”

The smile the man made was evil. “Then cum,” he said.

The woman began to buck and scream. She didn’t care if the neighbours heard. It looked like she’d throw the doctor right off, but he held on. “Cum,” he said again. Her eyes went wide as a second orgasm hit her. Her head flew back, dark locks flowing as she screamed again.

“More?” he asked.

She turned in confusion. “M… More?”

“Cum,” he said.

“Oh Dios!” She called out as she came.

This time the doctor couldn’t hold on, staggering back a few steps as she bucked him off. She collapsed in a beautiful mess on the floor, her body shuddering and jerking. She grabbed her big tits and squeezed them as she bit her bottom lip. When she finally had control of her body again, she stared up at him with lust crazed eyes.

“Holy shit,” Shaun whispered.

“Cock. Now,” the doctor ordered.

Ms. Russo scurried onto her knees and sucked his prick into her mouth. She attacked it, like sucking it meant everything to her. The doctor looked down at her with smug satisfaction. “Do you care anymore that your husband cheated on you?”

She shook her head around his cock.

“Do you care anymore that your secretary betrayed you?”

She shook her head and again.

“Are you happy now?”

She nodded eagerly.

“I think that the therapy is going well. What you do think?”

She pulled her head off his cock for a moment to answer. “I think you’re right, doctor.”

Soon he began to grunt. “Swallow it all,” he said. She dutifully obeyed, slowing her rhythm down until she released him and looked up for approval. He patted her head. “Good girl.” She smiled proudly. “Now stand in front of the couch.”

She got up and stood before him.

“Anthropological chickens,” he said.

Ms. Russo collapsed onto the couch behind her.

“Good,” said the doctor. “Now, you will not remember fucking me this session. You will only remember that the session went wonderfully and that your feelings about your husband and your secretary have faded. You will still desire to see me on a weekly basis. You will remember how good the session made you feel and will want to feel that again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, doctor,” she said, her voice taking on a hollow tone.

“Remember, whenever you hear me and only me say, “I think,” you will believe or obey whatever I say immediately after. Obeying me will make you feel good. Whenever I send you a message, such as on email or text, that contains “I think,” you will believe or obey whatever comes next in the message. Do you understand?”

“Yes doctor.”

“Good. Get dressed. When I leave, you will shower and brush your teeth and then continue with your day.”

They both dressed and then he sat in an armchair while she got back on the couch. “When I snap my fingers, you will awake, feeling happy and refreshed.” He snapped his fingers.

Her eyes lit up. “Wow. I feel amazing!” she exclaimed. “Thank you so much, doctor!”

“My pleasure, Jessica. Please let me know if you’d like another session sometime.”

“Yes!” she almost shouted. “I mean, can we make this a weekly thing? I feel like I’ve gotten so much out of it after just three sessions.”

“Of course,” he replied. Shaun saw the gloat in his smile. Ms. Russo was oblivious. “I’ll have my secretary schedule you in.”

“Oh, thank you,” she said.

As the doctor got up to leave, Shaun snuck back to Amanda’s bedroom and got dressed. He knew he’d be jacking off to the video later that night. What had just happened, though, blew his mind. What that doctor had done was completely unethical, but he knew if he had a chance to fuck that woman, he’d take it too. He wished he could use those keywords he heard to make Ms. Russo fuck him, but the doctor wasn’t stupid. He’d explicitly set it up so she’d only obey him.

He stayed quietly in the room until he heard the shower start in Ms. Russo’s en suite. Then he snuck out of the house. As he walked to the college, he wondered if he should report the doctor. That would be the right thing to do, and he had evidence on his phone, but a bigger part of him wanted to come back next week and watch the whole session. He was halfway to school when an idea hit him. It seemed a long shot, but he decided he had nothing to lose, so he turned around and went back.

He rang the doorbell and was soon greeted by his girlfriend’s mom in a bathrobe. She didn’t look pleased to see him. At 5’9” she only had to look slightly up at him, unlike her more petite daughter who was four inches shorter.

“Hello, Shaun,” she said. “Amanda’s not home.”

“Oh?” he replied. “Ok thanks. Oh hey, who was that guy that left?”

She scowled. “I don’t think that’s any of your business, Shaun.”

“Sorry, it’s just that he said he’d forgotten to give you couple messages. He tried ringing the doorbell, but I guess you were in the shower, so he asked me to deliver his messages.”

Her curiosity piqued. “What are the messages?” she asked more softly.

“He said, ‘I think Ms. Russo should pour herself a glass of wine and enjoy it to celebrate a great session. What you do think?”

Shaun didn’t know if the, “What do you think?” was necessary but threw it in.

“I think he’s right,” she replied. She turned and headed for the kitchen, seeming to forget he was there. He followed her in.

She poured a glass of wine and began to drink it. “That is good,” she said. She held up the glass. “Here’s to a great session.”

Shaun just nodded since she hadn’t offered him any wine. She all but ignored him as she finished the glass.

“What was the other message?” she asked finally.

“He said, “I think Ms. Russo should then make herself a cup of coffee, savour the taste, and then get back to work.”

He left the “What do you think?” part off this time to see what would happen, but he’d chosen to make her drink coffee right after wine because, well, who does that?

Ms. Russo nodded and then turned on the coffee maker. “I think he’s right.” She poured herself a cup and sipped it with a smile. Then she looked at him curiously.  “Why are you still here?”

“Sorry ma’am,” Shaun said. “I’ll leave.”

Shaun was bursting with excitement as he left. “This’ll work,” he said. He deliberately didn’t say something like “I think Ms. Russo should fuck Shaun,” because she would never believe the message came from the doctor. “She has another appointment next week. If I do this right I can get her to fuck me too.”