Yes Sir - Rachael's Fantasy Fulfilled

Rachael stood outside of room seven, her heart beating fast in her chest. She raised her hand to knock, but nerves got the better of her and she pulled it away. Her mind ran with possibilities. What if he didn’t like her in person? Or worse, what if he wasn’t the man she had met online? But no, she thought, she had come this far, and after driving two hours to get to the hotel it would be ridiculous to turn back now. For a moment she focused on the things she hoped he would do with her. To her. She raised her hand again and knocked twice as he had instructed.

“Come in” The voice that replied was a little deeper than she had imagined. He spoke firmly but evenly, and although polite it was unmistakably a command. Eager to make a good first impression Rachael quickly opened the door and walked inside.

Standing inside of the small but modern hotel room was a man of average build, and about a half head taller than Rachael. David had short brown hair and stubble. He wore neat black pants and a simple dress shirt. His eyes stared into hers for a moment before quickly scanning the length of her body. “I see you wore the dress, very good” he murmured.

Rachael was short, with wide hips and a narrow waist. Her face was round and she had shoulder length neon red hair. Although she was shy, she always enjoyed drawing attention, and she often caught men staring. First they noticed her hair, before moving their eyes down to her rather large ass.

“Yes, um, I mean yes sir” Rachael mumbled. The dress was a darker shade of red, the flowing material ending just above her knees. She blushed. This had been so easy when they had messaged online. Maybe she could apologise, explain that she had lost her nerve, and leave?

What happened next seemed to happen very quickly. David walked over to her and brushed his right hand across her cheek, pushing her hair out of the way. Rachael’s heart immediately began to beat faster. His thumb rested on her cheek and his fingers touched the side of her neck. He leaned in and kissed her lips gently. Suddenly David gripped her neck, and pulled her close to him. He forced her back two steps and she hit the door of the room with a small thud.

Rachael gasped as David pressed himself against her body. He was strong, a lot stronger than he looked. Moving his left hand onto her thigh, his right moved smoothly onto her shoulder. “Why are you here?” David asked.
“For you” Rachael replied nervously. Then she added with a hint of excitement “For your pleasure, sir”
“Very good” he replied sounding pleased. His left hand had explored her thigh and moved onto her pussy. She blushed and started to rub herself against his fingers.

She was looking down when David pulled away and slapped her hard across the face. Rachael let out a cry of surprise and looked back at him. Her cheek stung and her eyes watered. But her pussy was left throbbing. She had had her ass slapped before but it had always been light and playful. The shock, pain, and surprise combined was exhilarating - and she wanted more…

David was perfectly calm. He paused between each sentence, and emphasized certain words. “I will tell you when to move. When to bend over. When to suck my cock like the dirty little sub I know you are. Understand?”
“Yes sir” she breathed, giving him a small smile.
“Good, now follow me”
David removed his shirt as he walked over to the bed. Rachael followed. He instructed her to stand in front of the bed, her back to the headboard. He stood in front of her and motioned for her to kneel. She obeyed.
“Suck” he commanded.

With a brief grin Rachael undid his pants and pulled them off. His cock was already hard as a rock. She gently licked the head, before taking him into her mouth. There was a low moan. She drew her lips tight around him and started to suck. Fuck, was he getting bigger, she could have sworn... She ached to touch herself but didn’t dare. She started to suck faster, and deeper. He moaned again, and placed both hands onto the back of her head. Oh god, was he going to…? She had always wanted to try… As if reading her mind her began to move his hips back and forth, his cock moving deeper, reaching the back of her mouth.

He pulled out and Rachael managed to draw in one breath when he thrust back in, his cock entering her throat. She gagged and he pulled out again, giving her a moment to breathe. It wasn’t long enough. The next thrust was even rougher. When David released her she couldn’t help but yell “Fuuuc” - She was interupted by his rock hard cock bulging in her throat, barely masking her spluttering. This continued, until she could barely draw any breath. Her eyes watered. On his final thrust he held his cock in her throat for three very long seconds and then let her go. She fell on all fours, gasping for breath.

Rachael rested for a moment.
“You do very well for a first timer” David teased. “I was sure you wouldn’t have been able to handle that”
Rachael beamed, proud that she had pleased him.
“Ready to continue?”
Rachael wasn’t sure if he had meant it as a question but she already knew the answer.
“Anything to please you, sir”
“Good girl, now get up”
She stood. David turned her around and spread her legs wide.
“Bend over”
Rachael placed her hands down on the bed. She held her round ass up. As she had hoped, David started to slap her ass. Then again, harder. Rachael moaned, desperately trying to stay quiet. He continued to hit her, harder and harder. Her moans turned to wincing and then cries of pain. She didn’t know but underneath her dress her ass cheeks were bright red. The spanking continued for several more minutes.

David folded her dress up, revealing her frilly black panties. He had stopped hitting her but she could still feel the hot sting of his hand. By this stage her pussy was dripping wet. She didn’t want to cum, she needed to. She was single minded, like an animal in heat. David rested his fingers over her panties and just touched her pussy from the other side. She had to ask, no, beg for mercy - she longed to feel the length of his cock. Before she could say anything, David pulled her panties to one side and touched her swollen clit. Rachael couldn’t help it any longer.
“Please, please sir, fuck me, I need to cum, please sir” She begged.
“You sound like a whore” teased David, sounding amused.
“I am!” Rachael cried “I am a filthy whore, I will willingly take your punishment but I need your cock right now” She tilted back and forward, rubbing herself on his fingers.

David granted her wish. His cock entered her and she moaned in gratitude. He slowly drew back and then thrust hard.
“You - are - nothing - but a - worthless - whore” David panted as he thrust, slamming into her repeatedly.
“I’m just a worthless whore, sir” Rachael repeated.
He leaned forward and wrapped her hair into his fist, and pulled hard, forcing her head upwards.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck” Rachael breathed. Her brain was on fire, barely keeping up with the intensity. He thrust faster now, the slapping on her thighs more frequent. He pushed her head back down and grabbed her waist with both hands, fucking her like an animal. Rachael’s body shook as an orgasm spread through her body, and punctured her mind like a spear. She let out one long final cry and he released her, collapsing onto the bed, shuddering.

Before she could fully recover she heard David speak “Take off your clothes”.
Rachael turned to face him and dutifully unzipped her dress, took the straps off her shoulders and pulled it down. She felt the fabric rubbing against her stinging ass as she removed it. She took off her matching black lace bra and panties and tossed them aside.
“Thank you sir” said Rachael as she undressed “Thank you for fucking my pussy”
“You’re just lucky that I felt merciful today” replied david. “Now, move to the edge of the bed”.

Rachael shuffled forward on her knees. David gripped her hair and pushed her head down onto his waiting cock. She gagged as her head was shaken like a ragdoll, gulping noises escaping the side of her mouth, her breasts moving in time. Her pussy was still feeling the orgasm. He moved his free hand to her neck, and held her head between his hands. He held her head down and came, letting out a long satisfied grunt. She felt his hot sperm flow into her throat and he released her. She coughed and greedily breathed in, getting as much air as she could.

After a moment, she heard David speak “you dirty whore, clean up your mess”
Rachael licked her lips and gave him a smile. “Yes sir”
She looked into his eyes as she ran her tongue up his cock, eager to get every drop. She finished and started to use her finger to collect the drops that had spilled onto her chest.
“I’m impressed”, David said and her heart leapt at the satisfaction in his voice. “Now get yourself some water, I’ll run you a shower”

The water felt great on her skin and it helped her body to relax after the brutal punishments. Rachael smiled as she recalled the events of the last hour. She had never felt so out of control, never been able to fully give herself to another person. She dried off and walked into the main room. David was lying on the bed, wearing only his underwear and motioned for her to join him. She cuddled up to him and he held her tight and spoke gently to her. He caressed her naked back, running his fingers up and down rhythmically He told her that she was precious and worthy of love and attention. That she deserved every pleasure she hoped to achieve. Rachael relaxed and smiled back at him, suddenly shy again. That night she slept deeply and dreamlessly for the first time in a long time. She didn’t know it yet but David would become her permanent master and her life would never be the same again.