How Swingers are Born Pt.2

Info Lee
06 Mar. '20

He really didn’t know how to handle her, this Tommy fellow that my wife Natalia was so infatuated with. Watching him fumble around with her was actually painful. ‘For god’s sake Nat just take the reins already’ I pleaded silently as Tommy continued to awkwardly touch Natalia. Pinching her nipples oddly, moving his hands along her naked skin with no rhyme or reason; the boy was all thumbs and left feet.

            The pitiful scene was taking place in an isolated part of the local Planet Fitness on a late Friday night. The lead up went according to Natalia’s plan; she approached Tommy once the gym was empty (save for myself, as I snuck down a hallway while Tommy wasn’t looking) and enticed him into her clutches, although ‘entice’ is a bit too elegant a description. In reality, she crudely groped his crotch and kissed him aggressively. Despite her assertive advance, Tommy was receptive and hurriedly locked the entrance door and turned off the lights before following Natalia to the separate and enclosed weight room at the back of the gym. I emerged from my hiding spot once the two were in place and watched the action transpire.

            At first, I wasn’t sure how to take what was playing out before me. I mean, what was I supposed to make of my wife, beautiful and womanly, sensually vicious and destructive, striping another man down and preparing to defile him? It didn’t matter that I had tried to picture the event all through the day in uneasy anticipation as the actual moment was far different than anything I could’ve imagined. Tommy’s complete ignorance of how to touch a woman was pretty inconceivable, as was the feelings that welled up within me as I watched Natalia swirl her tongue around the young man’s nipples and move her hands skillfully up and down the sides of his lean body. Taking one look at Tommy, boyish features without a hair out of place, I could tell he was out of his depth. Honestly, I would’ve been just as unprepared at that age, especially if Natalia was one of my first partners. My wife was stimulating parts of his body that he didn’t even know about. She pushed her fingers into his mouth, tongued his belly button, ran her hand around the small of his back, nibbled his neck, sucked on his earlobes, and basically put poor Tommy into sensory overload before even pulling the young man’s pants down. When she finally did get around to the lower half of his body, both Natalia and I received a bit of a surprise.

            Considering that he was incredibly awkward and had absolutely no idea of how to navigate the lightest of sexual encounters, let alone the sensual tsunami that was my wife, it figured that Tommy would have a large and rather impressive penis to compensate. The thing sprung forward confidently the instant Natalia pulled down the jeans and underwear containing it and instantly sucked all the air out of the room. I tensed up when Natalia took hold of the remarkable dick, waiting with baited breath for her to take on this massive challenge. And like the vixen she is my wife rose to the occasion. After retrieving a condom from her discarded workout pants and covering the young man’s endowment, Natalia wasted no time wrapping her lips around the large cock. Natalia went until the whole of Tommy’s penis was engulfed in her mouth and throat, pulling away only when her gag reflex was triggered. She quickly regrouped and teased the head of the massive thing while stroking the shaft.

            What to make of her now; my wonderful gorgeous wife taking hold of another man, tasting and stroking him to her hearts delight knowing that I was watching her intently? More than anything else in that moment, I found Natalia wholly captivating. It was strange. Shouldn’t I be feeling immense anger or jealousy? My wife of ten years was pleasuring a younger man with genitalia that put mine to shame. Not only that but she was enjoying herself, asserting her dominance like a wild animal on the hunt. And yet, I wasn’t feeling a burgeoning fury pushing me to violence. No, I was feeling anticipation, waiting for Natalia to let me join in.

            “Come on in Clayton” my wife called to me. “I need you inside me right now.” Excited (maybe a little too much so), I approached Natalia. “Can you believe he’s still a virgin with a cock like that” she whispered before planting a deep kiss on my lips. “Perhaps we should go easy on him.”

            “A change of heart I see, after all that talk of deflowering him.”

            “I think that mission has been accomplished. Now I just want to play with him for a bit.” Looking over towards the young man I could clearly see his worry, confusion, and excitement. After having a woman like Natalia tease his body and swallow his prick whole it was actually surprising that the kid was still sitting upright. Put in his position I would probably have expired from just seeing Nat naked, let alone having her mouth anywhere close to my body. Tommy was showing himself to have some potential when it came to love making; he just needed a push in the right direction.

            “So Mr. Morgan, I see that you’ve been enjoying my wife” I said introducing myself. Tommy went rigid instantly upon discovering who I was. “No need to be scared, she was enjoying you as well. But you really must learn how to touch a woman if you want to properly reciprocate her efforts. And now seems like the perfect time for a lesson. Wouldn’t you agree?” Although he was tense and nervous, Tommy shook his head affirmatively. “Alright, let’s begin.”

            The scene was such; Natalia lied on a workout bench face up; I stood at her waist inserting myself into her pussy while Tommy stood at her head moaning as she abused his cock. I could already see the young man falling into my wife’s skilled hands and mouth. While I couldn’t blame him for letting the moment consume him, I knew all too well how soon our fun could end if he didn’t slow done.

            “Hey, eyes up kid” I said startling Tommy (Natalia was undisturbed, the sensual master that she was). “I know you’re having fun but you’ve got to focus if you want to make this last.” Showing some promise, Tommy calmed himself pretty quickly. “That’s better. Now here’s your first lesson; this is about her pleasure, not yours. Trust me; Nat here is going to take care of both of us. Our job is to take care of her, like so.” Gently, I moved my hands over Natalia’s skin, applying slight pressure on her sides and swirling a finger in her belly button before slowly caressing her breasts and nipples. Being sensitive to the sensations, Natalia responded by swiveling her hips against me while sucking even harder on Tommy’s erection, making us both moan in excitement. “You see” I said catching my breath. “Focus on her and she’ll focus on you.” We breathed for a moment, continuing to fuck Natalia at a consistent rhythm. “On to the next lesson” I said getting Tommy’s attention again. “Remember to always communicate. This and every sexual encounter has to flow in order to be pleasurable to all parties. And since we can’t read minds we have to talk to each other to maintain a good flow. So, my darling Natalia, what would you like to do next?” Pulling Tommy from her mouth, she said huskily “I want this big cock in my pussy and I want yours in my ass.” “You heard her Mr. Morgan, let’s give the lady what she wants.”

            Lying on my back on the padded floor, my prick slowly sliding into Natalia’s anus, we awaited Tommy to finish our little triangle. Watching from below my wife, I got a sense of the anticipation she must have been feeling. The young man’s cock was truly enormous, especially from a lower angle. “Go slow now Mr. Morgan” Natalia urged him. “It might take me a moment to adjust to all of you.” Tommy hesitated slightly, his eyes meeting mine as if he was asking permission.

            “You heard the woman; go slow.” Taking a breath, Tommy began to push his dick into Natalia’s cunt. All of our breaths caught in that instant: Tommy from his first insertion into a woman’s pussy, Natalia from taking a larger penis than she was used to, and me from very quickly sinking into my wife’s asshole. Once the initial sensations subsided, we all began to rock against one another. Tommy pushed deeper into Natalia from above while I firmly impaled her from below. Not to be idle in her pleasure, Nat rocked her hips, sinking both cocks even further into her tight tunnels. Feeling devious, I started to massage my wife’s breasts, delighting greatly in her ecstatic moans. Going a step further I reached my right hand down to her clitoris, taking the hardened flesh between my fingers and gently rubbing it. Natalia quickly put her hand over mine, increasing the pressure on her excited nub. Amid being deep inside Nat’s ass and stroking her clit, I became engrossed in this unique moment; so much so that I didn’t notice Natalia move my hand away from her clit and down towards Tommy’s penis.

            “Feels good doesn’t it lover” she said as I felt this great erection plunging into her. By this point I was far too absorbed in everything to feel insecure or envious. My wife was enjoying herself, and so was I.

            Natalia, unexpectedly, was the first to come. She didn’t announce how close she was or give us a warning; she just cried out in pleasure as her body contracted in orgasmic spasms. Tommy and I held her in place, our cocks reaping the benefits of her constricting muscles. “Don’t tell me that I’m the only one that came” she asked breathing erratically and gingerly climbing off of our pricks.

            “I’m afraid so Nat. You didn’t even make the kid come” I said smiling as Tommy looked at Natalia apologetically.

            “Well there’s no way I’m letting this stand” she said determined. Taking a penis in each hand, Natalia masturbated the two of us – me at a quick pace and Tommy at a slow stroke. As I was reaching the end of my rope, Natalia suggested something rather unexpected to me. “You’ve never tasted me off another man” she said nodding her head towards Tommy’s prick still slick with her come. “Go ahead Clay, give it a try.” I’m not sure what kind of fantasy my wife had been conjuring up, but I was a bit too close to my peak to care. Tommy seemed to be in the same state as I was, far too gone to be sane any longer. So mustering up some courage, I leaned towards the young man and, for the first time in my life, took a cock into my mouth.

            Two things happened a few seconds after I started sucking Tommy’s penis. Firstly, he came. Had it not been for the condom he was wearing I would’ve tasted another man’s semen right then. That being said, I felt the warmth of his ejaculate immediately. That coupled with the taste of my wife and her continued stimulation of my cock triggered the second happening: I came – quite hard in fact, shooting my seed a ways across the room. I collapsed as soon as my orgasm was finished. Ever the aftercare-giver, Natalia kept her hands on the both Tommy and I as came down off our orgasmic highs, gently rubbing our thighs and saying how great we were.

            We laid in exhaustion for a little while longer before putting on our clothes and cleaning up the sweat and come. Once the weight room no longer smelled like three people had just got done fucking in it, Natalia and I left, but not before thanking Tommy for the unique experience first. Nat kissed him on the cheek while I shook his hand (because what else are you supposed to do when you’ve just sucked a man’s dick?) Back in the car, while contemplating everything, I had only one question for my wife. “So Natalia, are we swingers now?”

            “I think so” she said after pausing for a beat, “Although, I won’t be sure until the next time.”

            “Do you really think we’ll be able to have more moments like that one?”

            “Maybe, maybe not, but I certainly want to try it out. Besides, would you really deprive me the experience of watching you fuck another woman?” Looking into her eyes and seeing the desire that lied within them, I realized that this kind of arrangement would work perfectly for Natalia and I. We were a solid pair through and through, and sharing our love in this way would only benefit us.

            “When you put it like that, how could I possibly say no?” With that we kissed each other before driving off into the night.”