Jenny's Surprise

My body shuddered with a small orgasm as my husband’s tongue teased my clit. He had two fingers inside my pussy, stroking my g-spot with an experienced touch. He smiled at me, moved up to suck my nipples while he entered me with his hard, eager cock. He groaned as he slipped into me and held a moment. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, falling deep into a private fantasy of my own. I reached down to rub myself as he stroked in and out.

I felt his mouth on my nipple, his cock buried deep in my cunt. It was a comfortable, familiar feeling. I knew this cock, he knew what I liked and how to make me cum, or make me wait. I knew how long he could last and how to make him moan.


With my eyes closed, I can imagine someone else sitting in the corner, a stranger, a man, naked, secretly watching us, getting harder and harder as my groans grow louder, watching my husband’s shaft as he pulls almost all the way out, my pussy wet, waiting for the plunge, then hearing me sigh as he fills me again.

The man, the stranger, walks toward us, quietly, his dick hard and ready. Suddenly, my husband pulls all the way out. His touch vanishes. Cold air on my pussy, clit pulsing, nipples tingling. Where is he? What’s happening? Then I feel something new, a cock I’ve never had before pressing against my lips. He tastes different. I want to reach up and stroke it, but my hands are tied to the bed. I want to see who this is, but I can’t remove the blindfold. My lips part hesitantly and he enters.

“Good girl,” Ben says, his voice coming from behind my head. “Suck him. Take him all the way in.” I've never heard my husband talk that way before.

I open my mouth wide. A hand on my forehead, not my husband’s, fingers on my nipple, rolling it, not my husband’s fingers. A mouth on the other nipple – that mouth I know. I lick eagerly at the shaft, the salty precum of this stranger’s dick on my tastebuds. New flavors. Then he pulls away with a groan and I taste a more familiar cock, and I taste myself on it, and I open wide for it and let him fuck my mouth like I know he likes.

The bed dips as someone climbs up between my legs. A tongue enters my throbbing cunt, then fingers. Long fingers.

Something new again. Those fingers leave my pussy and slip slowly, carefully, painfully into my tight ass, my virgin asshole. Nothing has ever been in there before, and he knows it. The pressure builds. I’m not sure if I like this feeling. My head says stop, but the muscles of my ass contract around his fingers and new sensations course through me. I’m about to cum, hard.


The spell broke as my husband came inside me and collapsed atop me. I opened my eyes and smiled at him. I’d enjoyed my little fantasy, my secret desire, almost more than I’d enjoyed the comfortable fucking I was used to, the pattern we had perfected. It was nice, and I came almost every time, but it was routine.

“Where were you?” my husband asked, pushing up on his elbows.

“What do you mean?”

“You looked like you were far away. You whispered something.”

Oh my God, had it been that obvious that my mind was somewhere else? And what had I said in my fantasy haze? “What did I say?” I asked, afraid to hear the answer.

“I think you said, not in the ass? I wasn’t anywhere near your ass, was I?”

“No. Um, I –“ How could I admit what was really going on? My cheeks flushed with embarrassment and shame.

“What?” he asked. His voice was gentle, his curiosity genuine.

“I have a – kind of – a little fantasy,” I said.

“Oh really?” He rolled off me and propped himself up on one elbow, idly stroking my nipple. “Can I hear about it?”

I couldn’t tell my husband I fantasized about a stranger fucking me. I couldn’t admit I wanted to take two men at once. It was so ridiculous. “It’s so silly,” I said.

“You seemed to enjoy it. Maybe I can help you with it.”

I laughed. “I doubt it,” I said.

“Why? It might be fun to indulge a fantasy. Spice things up, you know?”

“Okay, well…” I could tell him part of it, at least. “I fantasize about being tied up and blindfolded…”

His eyes widened.

“And not knowing what’s going to happen. Having no control.”

He breathed faster. “I never knew you had fantasies like that. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It’s embarrassing,” I said. “It’s like…like being raped. Why would I want that?”

He smiled and kissed me on the lips and then tongued a nipple. “It’s not, because you want it and you trust me,” he said. “And lots of women have rape fantasies.”

“How do you know?” I was skeptical.

He laughed. “There’s a vast database of sexual information out there if you want to look for it,” he said. He caught my confused expression. “The internet!”

“Oh, duh.” I laughed.

“Do you want me to tie you down and blindfold you? We can try that.” I could see his soft cock twitch at the thought. He saw where my eyes were focused.

“Now?” I asked.

“Why not?”

I felt butterflies in my stomach. Why not, indeed? “Oh – um, okay,” I said. He grinned at my stammering.

He went to his closet and flipped through unworn sport coats, neatly hung shirts, and rarely-disturbed slacks until he found what he was looking for, an old bathrobe. Or, more specifically, the belt from his old bathrobe. “Do we have others?” he asked. I shrugged. Suddenly, he smiled. “I know,” he said, and selected a few neckties from a hook. “I never wear these anyway. Now I’m glad I kept them.” His smile became suggestive.

The butterflies grew and I felt my body quiver with anticipation and nervousness. “What –“ I croaked. “What about a blindfold?” I whispered.

He opened his shirt drawer and pulled out a ragged long-sleeved shirt. He twirled it between his hands into a long snake, plenty long enough to go around my head. I swallowed hard.

“Are you nervous?” he asked.

I nodded.

“We don’t have to.”

“No, I – I want to. But I’m nervous.”

He came over to the bed, four ties in one hand, the twirled up shirt in the other. “Sit up,” he said.

I complied, and he climbed up behind me. I could feel his dick beginning to harden, pressed up against my back. He kissed my neck, put the ties down beside me, reached around to pinch my nipple. I gasped.

Ever so gently, he gathered my hair until it lay neatly behind my shoulders. “Ready?” he whispered. I swallowed hard again and nodded. He quickly wrapped the twirled-up shirt around my eyes and tied it securely behind my head. Everything was darkness.

My skin pebbled. I could feel every strand of hair on my arms. I couldn’t think about anything but what was to come. Every puff of his breath on my shoulders, every brush of his hand on my neck shot through me. My breath quickened. The butterflies grew stronger still.

“Lie back,” he whispered, his mouth close to my ear. I quivered and did as I was instructed. He took one of my hands in his and guided it above my head. I didn’t resist. The softness of the first tie brushed my wrist and I jerked my hand away.

“Shh,” he said.

“I’m sorry.”

“Shh.” He took my hand again and guided it back into position. He wrapped the tie around my wrist a few times, then knotted it, not too tightly, but enough that I couldn’t slip my hand out. How did he know how to do this?

He must have sensed my concern. “What is it?” he asked, his voice still gentle.

“How do you know how to do this?” I asked. His motions were so practiced, so confident.

“I, er, may have dabbled in this before,” he said. I could hear the embarrassment in his voice. “If I’d known you wanted to try it, we could have done this long ago.” As he spoke, he tugged on the loose end of the tie, then tied it to the head of the bed. I tested his knots. I couldn’t escape.

I squashed down a fleeting thought to use my free hand to push the blindfold off and untie myself. I did want this. I had asked for it and I wanted it. But I was scared. A little. Just a little. The fear was exciting, too. And then it became moot as he began wrapping a second tie around my other wrist, guiding it into position and securing it to the headboard as well.

I was stretched out on the bed, naked, deprived of sight and escape. Totally vulnerable to whatever he decided to do next. I felt a spurt of wetness between my legs, and a moan escaped my lips.

“Shh,” he said. “Not yet.” He let a finger trail lightly down my chest, between my breasts, down, down. I could feel the line he traced as if it were burned into my skin. He stopped just short of satisfaction, then slid off the bed.

“Now your legs,” he said. Hands engulfed one calf. He kissed the bottom of my foot and wrapped a tie around my ankle. He tied it expertly, as he had those around my wrists, and pulled my foot to the side until my legs were spread wide. Then my leg was as immobile as my arms, the other end of the tie knotted securely around the post of the footboard. The other leg received the same treatment.

My cunt was open to whatever he wanted to do. My breasts bobbed up and down with every quick breath I took. I clenched my ass, wondering what was to come. Or cum, I thought with a little giggle.

“Shh.” Fingers on my thighs, up, up.

“Please,” I thought, “Please, give me something.” But he didn’t. The fingers disappeared.

“Not yet,” he said. He settled between my legs, then leaned forward. The warmth of his body hovering over me nearly sent me over the edge. I was so turned on. I hadn’t been this turned on in my whole life. So vulnerable. So helpless.

Finally, lips touched my nipple. He flicked his tongue against my incredibly sensitive nipple and I bucked my hips. How could I be this close when he hadn’t even done anything yet?

“Not yet,” he said again. His tongue found the other nipple. Then his tongue on one and his fingers on the other, rolling it between his thumb and index finger, just like the stranger in my fantasy. Why hadn’t he ever done that before? I groaned, low and long. He sucked my nipple deep into his mouth, hard. The groan became a moan, then a scream.

“Oh my God!” I yelled. I had never yelled during sex before. Where had this man come from? Why didn’t I know my husband was so skilled?

He stopped. “Ask for more,” he said.


“If you want more, ask for it!” he demanded.

“More. Yes, I want more,” I whispered.


“Please! More! Give me more!”

His mouth returned to one nipple, his fingers to the other. I felt a hardness between my legs. His lifted his mouth off my nipple long enough to say, “I know want my hard cock inside you,” then returned to his work on my throbbing tit.

“Please,” I whispered.

He inserted the head of that familiar cock into my wet, wet opening, then stopped.

“More,” I said.

He entered farther.

“Please, more.” Please, oh please, I need to cum. I need more. I couldn’t say the words. I wasn’t used to dirty talk, but I was finding it so hot.

A little farther, then suddenly nothing. Emptiness.

I felt him move, adjusting his position. Then pressure against my mouth. I opened, tasted him. He pushed his way in, fucking my mouth. It was exquisite torture. I couldn't pull my head away, but I didn’t want to. I gave head like I’d never given head before, tongue darting, lips tight, moving up and down as much as I could along his shaft. I nearly smiled when I heard him groan. I could give as good as I got.

He pulled away. I knew he was standing beside me. I could hear him breathing. I was tense with anticipation. My clit pulsed. I needed release. If he touched me even a little, it would be enough.

“Is there any more to your fantasy?” he asked. I was caught by surprise by the question.

“Um,” I managed.

“Is there more? Because I have more ideas, but I want you to have as much fun as I am.”

I hesitated. I was afraid. “Yes,” I said. “There’s more.”

“Tell me,” he demanded. “Tell me everything.”

I nodded. “Please, I need to feel you in me.”

“First tell me, then I’ll let you cum. I’ll fulfill every fantasy and you’ll cum harder than you ever have before.” The words were strong, almost harsh, but his tone was gentle. This was still Ben. This was still my husband. I was safe.

“There’s a second man,” I blurted. “And he does things to me, and you both do things to me, while I’m tied and blindfolded.”

“What does he do?” Ben whispered.

I flushed. “He fingers me in the ass.”

“Do you want me to finger your ass?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Do you want to try?”

“Yes,” I said, barely audible.

Then he was between my legs, licking my clit with slow, even strokes. I lifted my hips off the bed, so close, so close. He put one finger in my cunt to moisten it, then a second finger.

“Oh, oh,” I yelled. But just as I tipped over the edge, he withdrew his fingers, stopped his licking.

“No, please,” I said.

“Not yet.” He spread my ass cheeks with one hand and leaned in close. With one finger, he stroked the tender skin between my cunt and my asshole. The sensation shot through me like electricity. I clenched my ass muscles, afraid. He stroked me again, fingers trailing closer to my untried hole. Then I felt the wetness of his tongue. I shuddered.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” he said, then started licking me again, teasing the opening. “But if you don’t want me to stop, you have to relax.” More tongue.

He inserted two fingers into my cunt again for just a few seconds, long enough to warm me back up and moisten his fingers some more. I was dripping wet from clit to asshole, my own juices mingling with his saliva.

He pressed one finger against my puckered hole, requesting entry. I tried to let go, tried to imagine his finger slipping into my ass as easily as his cock slipped into my pussy. He increased his pressure, sliding his finger forward. I gasped. I could feel it in my whole body, all my muscles clenched at once, then released. He pushed in farther, and then he was through. There was no pain.

I contracted the muscles involuntarily, felt myself grip his finger. He leaned in to tongue my clit again and the muscles pulsed, opening and closing in time with his tongue. He wiggled the finger inside me.

“Ooooooooooh!” was all I could say. I had never felt anything like it. It was so right. Then more pressure against the hole as he tried to add a second finger. I tried to let him in, tried to relax, but I was almost out of my mind with the sensations. My hips bucked, and with another involuntary pulsing of the muscles, the second finger slipped in.

The gutteral cry from the back of my throat startled even me. With his other hand, he put two fingers in my cunt and stroked my g-spot. And I couldn’t stand it anymore. With a cry and a crashing wave of intense, incredible pleasure, my orgasm took me. It felt like it went on for hours, clit throbbing, cunt hot, the muscles in my asshole clenched around his two fingers, zaps of energy coursing through my whole crotch with every pulse.

And then it was over. I was dizzy, panting, limp. But he wasn’t done. Another jolt as his cock entered my hot pussy and his mouth found my nipple again. An aftershock ran through me, and he came quickly, shooting a second load into me with a cry of release.

After a moment, Ben’s gentle hands lifted my head and unwound the blindfold. I blinked in the sudden brightness. I was in my room, on my bed, safe. But for a while, I had been transported into my own fantasy.

I wanted to go back there soon.


It was as if we were teenagers again, opened up to a whole new world of pleasure and excitement. We bought toys, restraints, lube. We were having sex two or three times a night. I discovered the joys of the butt plug and used it almost every time we had sex. I was cumming more often and harder than I ever had before.

And then one night he sprung it on me. “You know,” he said, “there’s one part of your fantasy we still haven’t fulfilled.”

“What part?” I asked.

“The other guy. You fantasized about a threesome.”

“Well, I don’t really expect you to do that. It’s only a fantasy.”

“To be honest, I think it would be incredibly hot to watch another guy fuck you, and to have another guy watch us. And to have one cock in your mouth and another in your cunt.”

It was only a fantasy, a little indulgence. And yet…

“You want to do it? For real? You want to find another guy and…” I trailed off. Ever since our sexual rennaisance, I’d been browsing the web for ideas and advice. I’d even read quite a bit of erotic fiction about threesomes, just to fuel my fantasy.

“I do. And I think I know someone who might be willing.”

“Someone I know?” I asked.

“You’ve met him once, I think, but not someone you’re friends with.”

While the rest of my fantasy had become reality, and it was more exciting than I could have dreamed, I hadn’t once considered actually taking a second guy. A second cock, a second set of hands, a second mouth. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the idea. “You’d be okay with someone else fucking me?”

“If I’m there, too, I think so. It wouldn’t be like you were cheating on me. What do you think?”

I didn’t think. I didn’t know. Ben had been my first and only. I’d never had sex with anyone else. I’d never had casual sex. I felt like a shivering virgin again. “I…”

“Forget it. Just keep in your fantasy. It’s okay. I can see you’re uncomfortable with it.”

And then I knew I wanted it. I just knew. “I want to.”

“Okay. When should we do it?”

“Part of my fantasy is that I don’t know he’s there. It’s a surprise when I feel him.”

“I see,” he said. “So what if I arrange it, let you know it’s arranged, but I don’t tell you when or who?”

I nodded, suddenly wet between the legs. “That’s what I want.”

“But he will be a stranger to you. Are you okay with that? Are you sure?”

I breathed deeply. The thought was both terrifying and exhilarating. “I’m sure. I trust you to pick someone who will be right for us.”

“Okay. Should I tell you that I’ve set it up, if he agrees?”

I shook my head. “Only tell me if he says no and that you’re looking for someone else.” That was a big part of the fantasy for me, the not knowing.

“Okay. If you change your mind, you tell me.”

I nodded.


Now every time we had sex, I wondered if this was it. The anticipation made me so horny. When the blindfold went on (and by now we had a proper blindfold and a quality set of restraints) and the wrist cuffs fastened around my willing arms, I listened for a second set of footsteps, another person breathing. Anything that would give me a clue.

But Ben was way ahead of me on that, too. He started playing music while we fucked. I got used to not being able to hear him move around the room, and now just the opening notes of the erotic music had me wet and ready, like some kind of Pavlovian response.

He also started leaving me alone in the room, blindfolded and tied up, for a few minutes at a time, opening and closing the door, coming and going, doing something mysterious. Sometimes he’d come back with something I wasn’t expecting, like a new toy he’d ordered in secret.

But still no second man.

He had so expertly set the stage and delayed the surprise that I began to think he hadn’t actually found someone and he was leading me on.

Then one night, he disappeared for a little longer than usual. Was this it? Was it time?

I was suddenly very frightened, thinking about this fantasy coming true. Sex with a stranger? Someone seeing me naked without me even knowing? Who was this man he’d found? Would he be gentle? Or maybe I didn’t want him to be gentle. I shuddered with fear and anticipation.

A hand touched my head, stroked my hair very lightly. Ben’s touch didn’t feel like this. “Oh,” I breathed. “Who are you?”

There was no response. I was very aware of my nudity, my exposed pussy, my helplessness. Every sensitive part was out there for the touching, the taking. And he was stroking my hair. Just the hair on the top of my head. An unfamiliar voice murmured, “You are so beautiful, so sexy. I can see everything, you know. Your cunt is dripping wet, waiting for my cock. Your ass is so tight. Your lips hunger for me. But you don’t even know it yet.”

A squeal rose from deep within me. I wasn’t sure if I was terrified or incredibly turned on. Was Ben in the room? Was he watching? Was he keeping me safe? It was real. This stranger, this unknown man was here with me, and I couldn't escape.

“I’m scared,” I said.

“I know. But you have nothing to fear. You trust your husband.”


“Then you can trust me.” And with that, he took my nipple deep into his mouth. The shock ripped another squeal from me, but soon I felt a second mouth take my other nipple. Ben was there. Some of my fear faded. Some.

And then I couldn’t think about much, as four hands explored me, two mouths sucked and licked, touching everywhere at once. With a shuddering cry, I came, my back arching, hips lifted off the bed. Then it all ceased.

“It’s time for you to taste a new cock,” the unfamiliar voice said. He was straddling my chest, his knees almost in my armpits. His cock brushed against my chin. I trembled. “Open your mouth.” I did. And I tasted a new cock. It was wider than Ben’s. That was all I knew. This was not Ben’s dick. It didn’t smell like him. It didn’t taste like him. And it was bigger.

I’d been experimenting with dildos larger than Ben’s cock, but the idea of such a cock deep inside me brought on new waves of fear and anticipation. This wasn’t a piece of silicone, and there was a whole man attached, with hands and a mouth and a deep, commanding voice.

The stranger fucked my mouth, going deep enough to make me gag. With all our experimenting, I hadn’t been able to deep throat, and I didn’t really want to. He pulled back a little. I flicked my tongue, giving him the same treatment I would have given Ben. The only part of him touching me was his cock inside my mouth. I didn’t know if Ben was still there or what he was doing.

“You’re right, Ben, she does give good head,” he said, then withdrew his cock and moved back, scooting down the bed toward my hips. I moaned. I couldn't imagine what they had planned.

The stranger took one of my nipples in his mouth again. His hard cock pressed against my stomach. He pinched my other nipple between thumb and forefinger and massaged my breasts.

A hand turned my head to the side, and a cock touched my lips. Ben’s. I opened for him eagerly, vowing to give him the best blow job of his life. The other man continued to focus his attention on my tits.

Ben stopped me and took his dick away. The nipple play continued. I could hardly focus. “Jenny, I’m going to untie your legs, but I don’t want you to move until you’re told to. If you do anything we don’t tell you to, or if you don’t do what we say, there will be consequences. Do you understand?”

Fear again. He wasn’t usually this harsh. But the jolts of ecstasy the stranger was producing were enough for me. I nodded.

The steady tug of the ankle restraints loosened, then was gone. I remembered what Ben had told me, but it was so hard not to close my legs now that they were free.

The stranger stopped his sucking and pinching and moved to kneel between my legs. Hands pushed my thighs even farther apart. I felt his tongue circling my clit, teasing. One finger, then two in my cunt, deep. Then a third. His tongue didn’t stop.

His fingers trailed slowly out of my pussy and down to my asshole, circling. I tensed, then willed myself to relax. His finger slid into my ass easily.

“Now,” Ben said, “As I understand it, the whole point of a threesome is to stuff you at both ends at once. So I will give you a choice. Whose cock do you want in your pussy first, and whose in your mouth? This is the only choice you will get to make tonight, so take your time and choose well.”

The “first” is what really drove home that I was fucking two men at once. Of course they would both take me. This choice was just another tease.

“I want you in my pussy and the stranger in my mouth,” I said. The stranger resumed his position astride my chest and Ben climbed up between my legs. With no warning, Ben’s cock slid deep into my cunt. When I gasped, the stranger shoved his dick into my mouth.

“You better suck me off good,” the stranger said. “Because when this cock stretches that sweet pussy of yours, you want me to be gentle.”

I couldn’t think. With Ben moving inside me and flicking my clit with one finger, and the stranger’s dick in my mouth, I was overwhelmed. I hoped I was giving him the blow job he wanted. I suddenly couldn't even remember how.

At first, I didn’t even realize I was cumming. But when I did, I came so hard and so fast that Ben had to pull out before the contractions of my pussy made him cum. There was still more to do.

“Thank you,” the stranger said. He moved aside and Ben took his position and put his cock into my mouth. Then the stranger was once again between my legs, and I felt the head of that huge cock against my waiting cunt. He pushed in with one powerful stroke and a muffled cry surged up out of my throat. The size and speed of his penetration shocked me to my core, and the knowledge that a strange cock was inside me was almost more than I could bear.

Ben held my head with both hands. “Suck, woman.” I sucked. Ben held my head in place as the stranger fucked me hard, his cock sliding along the walls of my cunt with an unfamiliar rhythm. I tried to move to meet him, but he put his hands on my hips and wouldn't let me.

The pounding continued, Ben fucking my mouth and the stranger’s cock stretching my pussy. They both stopped, still short of cumming. No one touched me. No one said anything. Then the stranger put his mouth near my ear. “Lift your hips,” he said. I did, and a pillow slid under my ass. “Now bring your knees up toward your chest.” I did as I was told. The stranger got off the bed. I could tell that Ben was still there beside me. His weight shifted, and the he was down near my pussy, but not touching.

I wasn't sure, but it seemed like they were both down there. I trembled but held my position. A finger, very well lubed, slipped into my exposed asshole. The stranger started talking. “The keys to successful anal sex are lots of lube and a very slow entrance. My finger is nice and slippery, and it slides in so nicely, see. Ben says you’ve experimented with butt plugs and dildos but that you haven’t had a real live cock in there before. He says he wants to try it now, and he asked me to prepare you for his entrance.”

I wanted to lower my legs. It was true I enjoyed the butt play we’d tried, but Ben’s cock, though smaller than the stranger’s, was still bigger than anything else I’d put in there. I pushed against the stranger’s hands, but he held me fast. He clicked his tongue. “You aren’t to move unless you’re told to. Or we can find ways to make it so you can’t move.” I swallowed hard. I knew that if I really said no, they wouldn’t do this. I knew that. And I knew they were just playing to my fantasy, the fantasy that had become oh, so real.

I opened my mouth to say I didn’t want to, but that’s not the words that came out. I heard myself say, “I’m sorry.”

“Good girl,” the stranger said. A second well-lubed finger slid in beside the first. He pulled them slightly back and opened them in a V shape, stretching me. I willed the muscles to relax. “Breathe,” he said, and as I took a deep breath, a third finger joined the first two. Then a fourth, just the tips, stretching, stretching, until I knew I could take Ben’s cock, and I knew I would like it. I moaned.

“She’s yours,” he said, and his fingers vanished. Ben settled himself in the stranger’s place and put his hands on my hips. I felt the tip of his cock press against my lubed hole. He waited just a moment, then pushed the head of his cock through. The muscles protested, a ring of fire bloomed, then quickly faded as he sank his shaft deep inside me. He held it there, and when I didn’t protest, he slowly pulled back, then thrust in again.

The sensation was incredible. This felt nothing like being fucked in the pussy. It felt nothing like a butt plug or a finger. When I felt a mouth - I wasn’t even sure whose - on my clit, sucking, I thought I would lose my mind. I came again, the muscles of my asshole contracting around Ben’s cock. He groaned.

“Wait!” the stranger said. Ben stopped. I couldn’t stop the orgasm. It washed over me. I felt Ben slide out of me. “There’s one more thing to do,” he said. I wasn’t sure when he had started directing this show, but his tone was so commanding that we both awaited his next instruction, unquestioning. “I am going to untie your arms, and you are going to roll over to your side. Stay there until you are told what to do next.”

My arms were freed at last. I resisted the urge to pull them to my chest. I rolled to my side obediently. The stranger lay down behind me. “Ride my cock,” he said. I rolled over and felt for him, then pulled myself up to straddle him. My muscles protested after so long in the restraints. “Ride me,” he said again, and helped guide my hips down until his cock filled my pussy once again. It felt even bigger this time. When he was all the way in, he grasped my shoulders and pulled me forward, until my tits pressed into his chest. This put the pressure of his cock directly against my g-spot. He pushed me up just enough to grab my tits, then pinched my nipples hard. At that exact moment, Ben’s cock slid up my ass. I was sandwiched between the two men, full to bursting with hard cock.

They both lost control. The stranger bucked his hips up to me, pushing his cock in as far as it would go, then out, then in again. Ben thrust into me again and again. My nipples burned, my ass was stretched to the limit, and my pussy throbbed with agony and ecstasy. Ben came first, but stayed inside me, still rock hard after holding himself back for so long. The stranger lasted another moment, then shot his load deep into me. I lay there, Ben’s weight forcing my tits into the stranger’s chest. The two cocks started to soften, but neither man moved.

Finally, Ben rolled off of me. The stranger gently rolled me over beside Ben and moved away, just a few inches. Ben removed my blindfold and I got my first glimpse of this stranger. The face did not match the voice or the cock. He was cute in a nerdy way and looked vaguely familiar. Someone from Ben’s office?

“I’m Adam,” he said. “And you have one hell of a fantasy.”

Ben put his arm across my chest and hugged me close. “How’d we do?” he whispered.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. “Nice to meet you, Adam,” I said finally.

Ben laughed.

Copyright 2016 Madison Barry