Mini-mini-mini Me and the Redheaded Physicist

The US Department of Defense is responsible for managing the affairs of the various branches of the US military.  That means they play a pivotal role in the development of new weapons systems and part of that role is approving funding requests by corporations for funding of those development programs.  To get government funding for a weapons development program, a corporation has to submit a proposal outlining the type of weapon system being developed and a justification of why the DOD should budget money for that system development.

The justifications are always glowing descriptions of the new weapon systems's capabilities and how those capabilities will improve the fighting capabilities of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.  They're filled with technical jargon and acronyms that are pretty confusing to most of the people reviewing the proposals because most of those people come from the military and don't have the background to understand the science involved.

I’m sort of the exception to that rule because I have a PhD in Physics.  As a result, I consult for those making the decision about a particular funding request.  That means I review the program and evaluate it for the possibility of success and practicality.  

When I went to Hygraph Magnetics that day, I was certain I was going to find their proposal to be impossible to achieve.  That wasn’t because Hygraph Magnetics had a bad reputation like some companies.  Hygraph had done a lot of the preliminary development on the Navy “rail gun”, the weapon that accelerates projectiles to supersonic speeds and is devastating to targets.  Hygraph had very talented physicists and electronics people, but on the surface, this project just seemed to violate the laws of physics.

The Hygraph Magnetics proposal was to use an intense magnetic field to reduce the physical size of an object in order to enable more efficient transport as well as to improve secrecy of said transport.  One can imagine the strategic advantage of transporting hundreds of trucks, tanks, and the like to a battle zone in one aircraft.  The enemy would think only a few pieces of equipment were landing when in fact, it would be possible to transport all the equipment for an entire army on that aircraft.  Those were some of the words in the justification.

In theory, it would not be possible to reduce the size of an object by using a very strong magnetic field to force the atoms closer together.  The electrical force that keeps the protons, electrons and neutrons in their normal spatial relationships would have to be overcome and since the force would increase as those particles were forced closer together, the magnetic force required would be gargantuan.  The other problem is that some neutrons would probably escape and collide with other atoms which would release more neutrons to collide with other atoms.  That's how the first atomic bombs worked.  An explosive charge forced the atoms together releasing neutrons and created a chain reaction of neutrons bombarding atoms and releasing the resultant energy.

Even were such a thing possible, the practical difficulty is creating a strong enough magnetic field to shrink the object and then maintaining that field during transport.  The other problem is unless the mass of the object can be reduced, i.e. some of the atoms are removed, the object would remain at the same mass, so even though it might be very small, it wouldn't be any lighter in weight.

I voiced these concerns to my supervisor, Major General Hayes, but he said Hygraph had done the impossible with the rail gun, and they may well have done it again.  The next week, I drove into the parking lot of Hygraph Magnetics and then went through the armed guard’s admittance process.

He eyed me up and down, then checked his roster of approved visitors.  Upon finding my name, he looked up and asked me for identification.  I showed him my Department of Defense ID and he compared the number with the number on his list.  I then had to put each finger on a print reader and wait for the prints to be sent to NCIC for verification.  My prints came back as verified, so he took my cell phone, locked it in a cabinet, and had me stand in an airport-style x-ray enclosure while he looked at the screen.  He nodded, told me to have a seat in front of a camera, and then took my picture.  About ten seconds later, a credit card sized badge with my picture and name appeared from a slot on the machine.

He attached the badge to a neck cord, handed it to me, and said “Welcome to Hygraph Magnetics, Mr. Robinson.  I’ll call the scientist who’ll show you around.”  I was a little surprised I hadn’t been strip-searched.

The scientist wasn’t what I’d expected because Rhonda Sims wasn’t a man and she wasn’t wearing glasses thick enough to use for telescope lenses.  Rhonda was a redhead about my age of twenty-eight, and was about like any other woman except she was pretty plain and she had bigger than average breasts.  I knew they had to be pretty big because she couldn’t get her lab coat buttoned all the way up.  Under that lab coat was a frilly blouse, also open at the neck, and under that was some really fantastic cleavage.

Rhonda had a nice ass too, and as she led me back to the conference room for the introductory meeting, I wondered if she was intentionally making her ass sway like that or if it was just natural.

The meeting wasn’t going to be a full-blown drinks and canapés type of meeting.  General Hayes had already attended that meeting.  Instead, I’d be meeting with Rhonda and two other scientists who would explain the theory and answer my questions.  After that, I’d be shown the progress of their research to date.

I’d read the report from the first meeting, so I already knew the theory Hygraph was trying to translate into practical application, and it was pretty sketchy.  There were no detailed descriptions of the process or equipment involved.  In this meeting, I got the same presentation I’d already read and it didn’t change my mind.  I did ask a couple of questions and got answers I wasn’t supposed to understand.  

That’s pretty common when you deal with very intelligent people who stake their jobs and reputations on some new theory.  They’ll speak in scientific terms either because they can't speak in simple terms or out of the hope you’ll be impressed.  They got a lot more reasonable when I informed them I had a PhD in Physics.  Their answers weren’t any better, but at least they weren’t trying to bullshit me.

When the meeting was over, Rhonda said she’d show me the lab and the state of their equipment to date.  I said that would be fine.  What I was hoping was after a short review of equipment I was sure wouldn’t work, I could go back home.

After Rhonda swiped her badge through the badge reader, the lab door buzzed to let us in.

“Matt?  It was Matt, wasn’t it?  Matt, this is where we shrink things”, she said.  “At first, we could only achieve a few milliseconds of minimal change no matter how large the magnetic field or how small the object.  Once we removed the magnetic field, the object expanded to normal size again.  

The second problem was that we could shrink things in size, but not in mass.  That was one of your questions during the meeting – what did we do about mass.  Unfortunately, the answers you got were those prepared by our program security department and don't really contain much useful information.

“The answer was both simple and complex.  As you know, Einstein developed the equation we all use relative to energy and mass – energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.  That equation has been shown to be correct for any reference system in which the mass is measured.  Energy is always a constant for any object and is determined by the mass of the object in a particular frame of reference and the speed of light.”

It was obvious Rhonda knew what she was talking about, but I wasn’t convinced their proposal had any merit.

“It would seem then, that to reduce the size of an object, one would have to reduce the mass of the object.  That’s possible, but only if you can separate some of the protons and neutrons, and even if  you could, you’d generate a lot of heat and radiation.  You’d essentially be creating an atomic explosion.”

Rhonda smiled.

“Yes, that’s true…unless you can find a way to reduce the energy in the system relatively slowly.  I did.”

I grinned what was probably a condescending grin.

“You’re not going to tell me you figured out a way to reduce the speed of light are you?  The speed of light is a constant in any frame of reference.  That’s the basic premise of Einstien’s theory.”

“No, we thought about that before deciding it wasn’t possible without warping the space/time continuum and there were several rather nasty unintended consequences from doing that.  I thought we could remove energy from the system though.  That’s what I designed, sort of an energy sponge.  We add enough energy to the system via an electromagnet to start the reduction process going, and then siphon off the energy until the object is as small as we want it to be.  

That energy is converted into electricity to power the electromagnet, so the process is somewhat self-sustaining.  After the initial application of electricity to the electromagnet, most of the required energy comes from that scavenged from the process. The result is a reduction in both physical size and the mass.  It still happens pretty fast – just a few seconds – but not so fast the object explodes.  It also lasts so there's no need for any equipment to continue the electormagnetic field.   When we want to return the object to it’s original size, we just add the energy back to the system.”

“And how do you do that – add the energy back into the system?”

Rhonda frowned then.

“That’s the part we haven’t worked out yet and why we need the funding.”

I was still skeptical.

“I’ll have to see a demonstration before I’m convinced.”

Rhonda grinned.

“We knew you would, so I’ve prepared a specimen.  It’s by the reduction chamber over here.”

The reduction chamber wasn’t big enough for even a small car, let alone a tank of truck.  When I asked Rhonda about that, she smiled.

“The process is scalable, but not linearly because the magnetic force required varies as the square of the mass.  We could build a chamber large enough to shrink an aircraft carrier, but we’d have to have our own nuclear reactor to supply enough power to operate it.  If the DOD gives us the money, we can do both, but this size chamber was affordable and serves to demonstrate the process does work.”  

“Well, show me what you can do.”

Rhonda put a hammer in the chamber and closed the door, then went to a computer console and tapped the keys for a while.  

“ don't have a pacemaker or any tattoos, do you?  If you do, you need to wait outside.  The stray magnetic field would probably stop your pacemaker, and with tattoos...well, some of them have metal in the ink.  One of our techincians had one and it got ripped out of his skin."

I said I didn't, and Rhonda smiled.

"Good.  Ready?”

I nodded, and she pressed a key.

Nothing much happened except for a really loud hum and the sensation of the hair standing up on the back of my neck.  A second later, I heard Rhonda tapping the keys on her keyboard again.  

“That should do it” she said, and walked around the chamber and opened the door.  "Let's see what happened."

“That didn’t take long.”

Rhonda smiled.

“Nope.  The energy exchange happens pretty fast.  Now, all we have to do is find that hammer.  It’ll be about the size of a pinhead so we’ll need these.”

She handed me a flashlight and a magnifying glass.

It took half an hour, but she did find it  Rhonda picked it up with her tweezers, put it in a petri dish, and then put the petri dish under a microscope on her desk.

"Have a look."

It hadn’t changed shape, color, or anything else.  It was just one hell of a lot smaller.  

That seemed too good to be true to me, because it was contradictory to everything I knew about physics.  There had to be some illusion involved.  That wasn’t unheard of in military projects.  A company can invest millions before they figure out the idea doesn’t work.  Once they come to that conclusion, they need to get enough money to rework the design or get at least some of that money back.  To do that, they cheat.  

Some can get really creative in order to recover some of their money.  I once witnessed a test of a ground to ground missile that was supposed to be self-guided once locked onto the target.  The first two appeared to work.  They hit the old trucks stationed half a mile away and the trucks exploded.  The third missile hit it’s truck too, but it was the truck fifty yards from the truck it hit that exploded.  They had a guy in a hidden bunker with a panel wired to explosives in each truck.  He triggered the explosive in the wrong truck and exposed the ruse.

I looked at Rhonda.

“You won’t mind if I inspect your chamber, will you?”

She shook her head and smiled.

“No, go ahead.  You’re not going to find anything though.  While you’re doing that, I’ll go shut the system down.”

I must have bumped the catch holding the door open when I crawled inside the chamber, because I was inside when I heard it close and then latch.  I turned around and was waiting for Rhonda to let me out when I felt that prickling sensation on my neck again.  After that, things got weird.  

I was sitting there with my flashlight and magnifying glass when the chamber started getting bigger.  I thought I had them then.  Nobody would be able to see the increase in the size of the chamber because of the external shrouding, but the chamber was now big enough I could stand up, so somebody hiding inside the shroud could have switched the real hammer for a miniaturized copy.  Any second now, a door in the side would open and I'd see that somebody.

After what seemed like only a second, I started to worry a little.  The chamber was either still getting bigger or I was getting smaller.  I couldn’t believe the latter, but by now, there was no way the external shrouds would be able to hide the increase in size.

It was when I started walking toward the door and tripped over a machine gun I realized what had happened.  That machine gun hadn’t been there when I crawled inside the chamber unless it was already there and just too small to see.  I started pounding on the door so Rhonda would let me out.

A few seconds later the door did open, and what I’d feared became reality.  The threads of Rhonda’s lab coat looked like a rope cargo net and the button was as half as wide as I was tall.

Rhonda flashed her flashlight inside the chamber and blinded me, but I heard her shriek, “Oh God, what have I done?  Are you in there and still alive?”

I waved my arms and yelled, “I’m here.  What the hell did you do to me?”

“I hear you but your voice isn’t very loud.  Stand still and keep talking so I can find you.”
A second later I saw Rhonda’s eye looking through her magnifying glass and then saw her giant hand reaching for me.

“There you are.  I’m afraid if I pick you up with my tweezers I’ll squish you.  Climb up on my hand.”

When I was sitting in the palm of her hand Rhonda held her hand up so she could see me.

“God, I am so sorry, Matt.  I didn’t have the system shut down when you closed the door, and it went through the cycle automatically.  Do you feel all right?”

“Hell no, I don’t feel all right.  I’m only two inches tall.”

Rhonda shook her head.

“No, you're more like one and a half inches.”

“Oh great.  I feel a lot better now.  What are you going to do about this?”

“I don’t know.  We have some theories about how to bring you back to your real size, but without the funding…”

I was pissed then.

“You’re gonna need more funding than you asked for after I sue Hygraph for everything they’re worth.  I'll end up owning the company and then I'll fire your ass.”

She smiled then, and it was scary to see teeth as big as dinner plates smiling at me.

“Now, let’s not get all carried away.  One of my theories is to reverse the polarity on the electromagnet and on the energy sponge.  It’s one of the theories for regeneration we’ve been working on, but we’ve never tried it.  Of course, we’ve never tried shrinking a person either.”

“Well do it.  I’d rather be dead then an inch and a half tall for the rest of my life.”

Rhonda shook her head.

“I can’t do that today.  We use big capacitors to supply the initial energy for the electromagnet because the power lines can't carry enough current.  We only get two cycles before the capacitors are drained.  It’ll take the capacitors forty-eight hours to charge back up.”

“So, how are you going to explain that I’m the mini-mini-mini-me that I am now?”

Rhonda thought for a second.

“I’m not.  I’m going to take you home with me for safe keeping until the capacitors get charged back up.  I’ll bring you back with me on Monday and we’ll see what we can do.”

“How are you going to do that without anybody knowing – stick me in your purse?”

“No, the guards will look in my purse when I leave to make sure I’m not stealing anything.  I’ll have to put you someplace they won’t look.”

“Rhonda, when I’ve been here before, they always ask me to sign out and hand in my badge.  How do you intend to get around that?”

She wrinkled up her brow for a couple of seconds and then smiled.

“I’ll tell them you got sick and the nurses said you’d have to stay in their treatment room over the weekend, and I know where I’ll put you.  They’ll x-ray me, but you’re so small, you’ll look like the birthmark they’ve already seen hundreds of times.”

Rhonda used one hand to open her lab coat.

“I’m going to put you in my bra.  Just wiggle down between my boobs until you can’t see out, and the guard won’t be able to see you.”

She carefully lifted her hand up to her cleavage and then said, “You’ll have to jump because I don’t want to pick you up.”

Rhonda had been hiding more under that lab coat than I figured.  The deep cleft between her breasts looked like the Grand Canyon.  I took a deep breath, hoped it was as soft in there as it looked, and jumped.  

It was soft in there, really soft and really warm.  I wiggled around a little until I started sliding down between her breasts.  It didn’t take long before I was inside her bra.  I poked her left breast a couple of times and Rhonda caught her breath.

“What are you doing in there?”

“I’m finding a comfortable place to hide.”

“Well don’t do that.  It makes me…well, just don’t do that anymore.  We’re going to leave now, but don’t be afraid.  There’s no way you can fall out or anything.”

Well, she was right about not being able to fall out.  The problem was that with each step Rhonda took, her big breasts bounced up and down and I was getting bounced right along with them.  I needed something to hold on to, but I couldn’t see anything.  Her bra was one of those microfiber things with no seams.

I tried burrowing deeper, but that didn’t help.  It was when I looked up, I saw something that I could grab and hold tight.  I pushed myself up, put both arms around Rhonda’s right nipple, and held on tight.

She took two more steps, then stopped, and whispered, “Now what are you doing?”

“You’re shaking the crap out of me when you walk, so I’m holding on.”

It seemed as if her nipple got bigger then, and I had to let go and then grab it with my arms again.  Rhonda caught her breath.

“Well…don’t hold on so tight.”


“Because you’re…I’m very sensitive there.  Now, we’re almost at the guard station.  Keep still.”

I did keep still.  I didn’t move the whole time the guard opened Rhonda's purse and then asked her to step into the X-ray box.  I was still not moving when I heard the guard ask Rhonda why I wasn’t with her.  I felt her heart beat speed up when she told him I was sick and had to stay in the nurses treatment room over the weekend.

It wasn’t until she walked out the door that I did anything, and then I only did because I had to in order to not be crushed by her breast.  There were steps going into the building, and when Rhonda started down them, I lost my grip on her nipple and slipped under her breast.  The bouncing was a lot worse, and with each step, the bottom of her breast was mashing me into her bra enough I couldn’t breathe very well.

I had to get back up, so I started looking for something to hold on to.  Inside the building, I couldn’t see much inside her bra, but outside, a little light found its way inside the open neck of her blouse.  When I looked up, I could see some wrinkles on her nipple bed.

It was hard to crawl up over the rounded end of her breast, but once I did, I used those wrinkles like you would the bumps on a climbing wall.  Rhonda seemed to be breathing a little faster.  Her heart was beating faster too.

When I got myself pulled up to her nipple again, it was a lot bigger – too big to get my arms around again.  I knew my only chance was to climb higher and maybe be able to get my hands on the edge of her bra cup.  It was a long walk from the building to the parking lot, so if I couldn’t manage to get some way to hold on, I’d be suffocated by the time we got to her car.

I kept climbing, but it was easier now because I was high enough I could use the same wrinkles as foot-holds too.  It was still tough going, but at least I wasn’t holding all my weight on my arms.  

It was when I was passing her nipple the idea occurred to me.  I couldn’t get my arms around her nipple, but my legs were longer than my arms.  Cautiously, because Rhonda was still bouncing me up and down, I worked my way sideways until I could hook my left leg around her nipple.  With one last pull, I got myself sitting on her nipple, then wrapped my legs around it, crossed my ankles, and squeezed my thighs together.

I didn’t expect Rhonda to gasp and when she jerked, I almost slipped off, so I squeezed my legs tighter.  Rhonda quietly moaned “Oh God” then, but she kept walking.  

I was pretty comfortable then.  I was still getting bounced but it felt more like the time I rode one of those mechanical bulls in a bar.  I had both hands on the wrinkles of her nipple bed and I had my thighs squeezed tight, so I stayed on and I wasn’t getting the breath squeezed out of me with every step.  

After a while, Rhonda stopped walking and I heard her open her car door.  When she slid into the seat, I got swung sideways, but I was ready for that.  I just held on to the wrinkle in each hand and kept my legs together.  I think she caught her breath again.

She didn’t move much for a few seconds except to murmur “Stop that or I’ll wreck the car.”

“Stop what?”

“Stop squeezing my nipple so hard.  You’re making me get excited.”

I chuckled because I knew then why there were wrinkles on her nipple bed and why her nipple had swelled up.  I’d let my legs relax a little when Rhonda sat down, but I squeezed them together again and used my hands to shake her nipple bed up and down.  

“I’m just holding on so you don’t mash me with your boob.”

Rhonda gasped and then moaned.

“No you’re not.  You’re doing it on purpose because I told you I’m very sensitive there.”

I relaxed my legs, squeezed them together again, and then chuckled when Rhonda caught her breath.

“You mean like this?  Well it serves you right for shrinking me.”

Rhonda didn’t say anything more.  She just started her car and I felt her breast sway as she pulled out of the parking lot.

Now, I’d decided this was fun, but I’m not dumb either.  Each time I clamped my thighs around Rhonda’s nipple, she sort of jerked and moaned, so I didn’t do it again until I felt the car stop.  I asked her if we were there yet and she said no, she’d just stopped at a stoplight.  I started pulling on the wrinkles in my hands and clamping and unclamping my legs then.

Rhonda moaned again, and I felt pressure against my back.  That pressure got tighter and tighter until I yelled “Hey, I’m getting mashed in here.”

The pressure went away then and Rhonda whispered “I had to squeeze my boob because you’re making me excited.”

“Well, squeeze the other one or you’ll suffocate me.”

She didn’t answer.  Evidently the light changed because I felt the car moving again.

When Rhonda stopped at a second stop light, I squeezed her nipple over and over and she started to pant. I decided this was almost worth being only an inch and a half tall.  I could tell by the way she was breathing and how fast her heart was beating that I was getting to her.  I kept doing it every time she stopped until I heard her open the car door.  Then, I squeezed my legs tight and clamped my hands on the wrinkles I was holding.

Rhonda gasped and I felt her jerk, but she didn’t say anything.  She seemed to be walking faster though.  I assumed she was going inside her house, and when I heard her fumbling with her keys, I figured that was right.  I gave her nipple a couple of really tight squeezes and felt her jerk her body after each one.  

Once she got inside, I started to get bounced up and down really hard because Rhonda was almost running.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I heard the sound of a snap and then a zipper.  A couple of seconds later, I got bounced hard into her breast when she laid down.  I couldn’t tell what she was doing at first, but when she whispered “Keep pinching me”, I figured it out. Not being one to ruin anyone’s fun, including mine, I started clamping and unclamping my thighs again.  

It was interesting how fast it happened.  I was just lying there, clamping and unclamping her nipple when she started to moan.  It couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before she cried out “Oh fuck”.  Once that happened, I had to hold on for dear life because Rhonda was bouncing up and down.  She sort of screeched when I clamped my legs together tight.  

It’s a good thing I did that, because right after that screech, Rhonda started to shake and if I hadn’t been holding on so tight, I’d have slipped off and down under her bouncing breast again.

Rhonda just lay there breathing really deeply for a while.  Then she breathed, “Whew…that was different.”

I chuckled.

“You should have been in here with me.  You almost bucked me off.”

“Well, I’ve never had my nipple pinched all the way home.  I couldn’t help it.  I had to do something.”

Rhonda’s nipple had started getting soft, so I crawled over to her cleavage, then up out of her bra and blouse and sat on her chest.

“So, what are we going to do until Monday?”

Rhonda shook her head and if I hadn’t caught her bra cup, she’d have tossed me off.

“Well, I can’t just leave you here or I might lose you.  I guess I’ll have to keep you where I know where you are.  Right now, I’m going to have dinner, so hop in my bra again so you don’t get lost, and no pinching my nipple this time.  Once was enough.”

As I slid down between her breasts, I was grinning.  Rhonda deserved to get punished for what she’d done to me, and knowing what I knew now, I wasn’t going to make it easy for her.

I didn’t do anything while she fixed her dinner.  I just hooked my arms over her bra cups and watched through the opening in her blouse as she tossed a frozen dinner into her microwave.  A couple of minutes later, I smelled that dinner and it made me hungry.

“Hey, Rhonda, do I get something to eat too?”

Rhonda pulled her blouse away so she could see me.

“I don’t know if I have anything small enough you can eat it.”

“Well, I’m thirsty too, so figure something out.”

What she figured out was a tiny piece of her meatloaf on a knife and an eyedropper filled with water.  I crawled out of her bra and onto her hand, and then she sat me on the table beside her plate.  The piece of meatloaf looked as big as a pumpkin to me, and I couldn’t do much with it except rip off pieces small enough to get in my mouth.  When I wanted a drink, Rhonda would hold up the eyedropper and I’d suck on the tip like it was a soda bottle.

I’ve never been partial to frozen dinners but it did fill me up, and the water took away my thirst.  When she was finished eating, Rhonda said “Back in my bra you go now.  We’ll watch a movie and then go to bed.”

Rhonda turned on her television and then slumped down on the couch.  It was kind of neat to lay there between her warm, soft breasts and watch the movie, though I didn’t really care for the movie.  I ended up taking a nap, and didn’t wake up until Rhonda stood up and caused me to slide down her cleavage and into her bra again.

She stretched and in the process I slipped a little deeper between her breast and had to claw my way back up on the front of her bra.  Rhonda yawned and then sighed.

“I’m going to bed, and you better come with me so you don’t get lost.”

Once we were in her bedroom, Rhonda held her palm up to her breasts.

“Climb out and onto my hand so I can set you down.  I have to change into my jammies.”

I guess she had to take a leak too, because as soon as she put me on the nightstand, she went into her bathroom.  When she came back out, she was wearing what looked like a T-shirt that came half way down her thighs.  She sat down on the bed and looked me.

“Hmmm…where are we going to put you to sleep?  I don’t have a bed or blankets small enough and you’ll just get lost in bed with me.”

I grinned at her.

“I was warm enough all day.  The same place oughta keep me warn tonight too.”

“Between my boobies?”

I grinned again.

“Well, it was pretty comfortable there.  Do you sleep on your back or stomach?”

“Oh, on my back always.”

“Well, just put me in there and let me get comfortable.”

It wasn’t quite as snug between her breasts because they sort of moved to each side when she was laying on her back, but they were still close enough together I could snuggle in between them.  Rhonda shut off the lamp and then told me good-night.

Everything was working fine until she rolled over on her side.  When she did that, I slipped down over her left breast, missed her nipple when I went past, and ended up trapped between her shirt and her breast.  I couldn’t go forward, so I tried backing out of the trap and it worked.  It took a lot of effort but it helped when Rhonda scratched her breast.  I was free.

I started to worry then.  I wasn't trapped, but I was still inside her shirt so if she rolled around much, I was in danger of being mashed.  I had to get out of her shirt and someplace where I could at least get away if she moved again.

I felt my way down her tummy until I got to her hip bone and when the shirt wasn't rubbing my head anymore, realized I wasn’t inside it.  Somehow, probably as soon as she got into bed, it had slipped up around her waist.  That was both good and bad.  I wouldn’t be trapped if she rolled over again, but I didn't have any landmarks except her.  If I couldn’t touch her anymore, I’d be wandering around under the vast expanse of her sheet and blankets without a clue as to where the hell I was.  I could see myself feeling my way in the dark and not knowing I’d gotten to the edge of the bed before I fell off.

The only way to know where I was, was to stay beside her close enough I could still feel her with my hands.  If she rolled back on her back, I might have a chance of getting back between her breasts.  If she didn’t I’d have to be content with just staying where I was until morning.

That didn’t last long.  Rhonda pulled her left thigh up and rolled over a little more.  Luckily, I hadn’t gone to sleep yet, so all that happened was I had to move a little to stay out of her way until she settled back down.  Once she did, I started feeling around to figure out where I was now.

I’d been holding my breath when she started to roll over, and when I inhaled again, I figured out where I was.  It took me a while to understand the stiff fringe hanging over my head wasn't some weird sort of underwear.  I started feeling around to make sure, and was surprise that all I felt was skin.  Rhonda wasn’t wearing any panties and what I thought was fringe was really her pubic hair.

I was holding on to one hair in each hand and contemplating what I should do next when Rhonda coughed and then rolled back onto her back.  My instinctive reaction was to hold tight to the hair in each hand, so I got pulled up and over.  When I landed, I was hanging by my hands between her thighs.

I was really worried then.  If Rhonda closed her thighs, I’d be mashed like a walnut in a nut cracker.  I had to get out of there and the only safe way was up over her mound.  If I could get there, I could probably feel my way up between her breasts again.

I started feeling for a foothold so I had something to push against.  After a couple of tries, I figured out there wasn’t anything solid enough to hold my weight.  I could dig  the toe of my shoe into her pussy lip, but it just slipped away from me when I tried to push down.  Still, I kept trying.  I was paddling away with my feet while holding my hands on her two hairs when Rhonda moaned in her sleep and then opened her thighs.  When she did that, both my feet slipped off her pussy lips because they opened up too.  I fell between them and realized my situation had gotten worse.

I still had a hair in each hand, so I didn’t fall all the way down, but getting out of there was going to be nearly impossible.  Before, when I tried to climb up her pussy lips, they just moved away as soon as I put my weight on my feet.  Now, I could feel some little folds that might have held my weight, but they were too slippery to keep my shoes in place.

Out of the need to survive, I kept trying, but the more I tried to climb up her inner lips, the slipperier she got.  

I had another problem too.  I’d been trying to get enough of a foothold to move up a little when Rhonda moaned again and opened her thighs a little wider.  I felt her pussy sort of open up and then close again.  I had to get out of there and started paddling my feet furiously in my attempt to do that.  All that got me was another moan from Rhonda and another feeling of her pussy opening up and then closing again.

I decided I’d have to take it slow and just pull myself up by using my hands.  That was working pretty well until I came to this bump at the top of her lips that had to be her clit.  It wasn’t very big and by then my clothes were slippery too, so I figured I could just slide over it and keep going.  I was in the process of doing that, when Rhonda’s body jerked, she moaned, and then murmured “Fuck me now.”

When she jerked her body, I lost all the ground I’d gained and had to start over.  I was smart enough this time to not use my feet.  Rhonda was breathing pretty deep breaths, so I knew she was still asleep.  

Rhonda might have been asleep, but she was still feeling me.  I got all the way to that bump again and was starting to pull myself up and over it when she caught her breath, jerked her body up again, and then moaned.

I was being cautious on this climb, so I didn’t slip back down.  Instead, when she jerked, I sort of slid up over that bump and then slid back down until I caught myself with her hair again.  Rhonda moaned , “Oh God, don’t stop”, and jerked again.

All I could do was hold on for dear life after that, because every time she jerked I got pulled up over or beside her clit and then slipped back down and that made her jerk again.  After the first few times, her clit got bigger too, and apparently she felt it more.  I was still hanging on and being dragged up and down her clit when Rhonda softly cried “Oh God”, and started rocking her pussy up and down really fast.

I almost lost my grip a couple of times before she settled down, but when she did, I was still where I was when all the gyrations started.  I gave her a few minutes so see if it was going to happen again, and when it didn’t , I slowly pulled myself up on her mound.

After that, it was pretty easy to find my way under her shirt and back up between her breasts again though I did step in her belly button and fall down.  Thankfully, she didn’t roll over again.  She’d beat me to a frazzle trying to hold on while she bucked up and down and I needed to sleep.

I woke up the next morning because I was getting squeezed.  When I opened my eyes I could see why.  Well, all I could see was her big breasts blocking my view, but I knew that had to be because she was stretching and that had pulled her breasts up and together.  I yelled, “Hey Ronda, you’re mashing me here.”

I heard her say, “Sorry” and then the pressure decreased.  It went completely  away when she pulled her breasts apart and looked down at me.

“Did you sleep…”

Rhonda stopped and sniffed twice.

“Where have you been and what did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything.  You did it all.”

She frowned.

“I was asleep.  I couldn’t have done anything.”

“Yes, you were asleep, but you rolled over on your side and I fell off your boob.  I thought you were going to mash me so I backed out from between your boob and your shirt and then kept going to find someplace safe in case you rolled over the rest of the way.  Where I ended up is under your thigh.  That’s when the other thing happened.”

“What other thing?”

“Well, I was holding on to your hair when you rolled back on your back and I sort of got jerked up between your legs.  I tried to climb back up but you were too slippery so I had to pull myself up with my hands.  That’s when you started jerking all over the place.”

Rhonda wrinkled up her brow.

“I thought I was having a dream.  That must be why I slept so good.  I really did that?”

“Yes, and you damn near beat me to death in the process.  You were flapping me up and down like crazy.”

Rhonda frowned.  

“I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No, but now my clothes are soaked and I’m getting cold.”

Rhonda grinned.

“So I see.  You could use a bath too.  Well, take them off and I’ll wash them for you while you wash up.”

“You want me to strip right here?”

Rhonda nodded.

“I don’t know where else you can go without getting lost.”

She pulled a tissue from the box on the nightstand and handed it to me.

“Here, you can wrap yourself up in this.  I promise not to look.”

That tissue looked as big as the tarpaulin for a semi trailer.

“Can you tear that into smaller pieces?  I can’t get all that wrapped around me.”

I’m pretty sure she peeked, but by then I was freezing.  I stripped and then wrapped the tissue around me.

“OK, now how am I going to take a bath, and don’t tell me in your sink?  That’ll be like taking a bath in an olympic-size swimming pool and I'll be afraid you'll pull the plug before I'm out.”

Rhonda’s brow wrinkled up for a second, and then she smiled.

“I’ll run you a bath in a tea cup and give you a couple drops of my body wash.  Will that work?”

Half an hour later, I smelled like lilacs, but I was clean, and Rhonda had used her hair dryer to dry my clothes after she washed them.  I was getting dressed when she turned her back to me and pulled the T-shirt over her head.  All I could see was her ass, and like I’d figured, it was a really nice ass.

She left me on the vanity for a little while and then came back with a bra in one hand and panties in the other.  I’d been right about her big breasts too.  They were big enough they hung down a little, but they stuck out from her chest a lot too.  I also saw why I’d had trouble holding on to her nipple.  Her nipples were a lot bigger in proportion then most women I’d been with.  What I’d thought was probably a nicely trimmed bush was as red as the hair on her head, and the hairs were long and stuck out all over.  That’s why it had been easy to hold on to.

Rhonda had evidently forgotten I was there, because she had one leg in her panties when she looked up, blushed bright pink, and turned around.  

“Sorry about that.  I don’t usually have men in my bathroom when I get dressed.”

She finished dressing and then held out her hand.

“Hop on and we’ll go have breakfast.”

Well, let’s just say the rest of Saturday was interesting.  I rode around in Rhonda’s bra while she did some housework.  After the first time she bent over, I climbed back up and wrapped my legs around her nipple – the right nipple this time – so I wouldn’t get jostled around so much.  

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease her some more, so I spent the morning clamping and unclamping my legs around her nipple.  Just like her left nipple, this one got all stiff and wrinked on the sides, and just like before, Rhonda’s heart started beating a little faster.  

I couldn’t see her do it, but it was pretty obvious when about an hour into her housecleaning, Rhonda stuck her hand in her jeans and started rubbing her clit.  I was getting jostled all over the place.  She didn’t say much, just a few moans and gasps, until she started jerking all over the place again.  I just tightened up my legs around her swollen nipple and held on until she cried out and almost fell down.

A few moments later, she giggled.

“I’ll have to remember not to be standing up if this happens again.  Now, stop that.  I have work to do.”

I did stop for a while, but as soon as she was breathing normally, I started again.  The way it turned out, Rhonda had to stop three more times that day and I had to hold on tight each time.  The third time, I did lose my grip and slipped off her nipple, but Rhonda surprised me.  She pulled her bra away from her breast and then whispered, “Do you need help getting back up?”

I didn’t answer her because I was already half way there.  I was beside her nipple and starting to work my way over to it when the thought struck me.  It was a pretty evil thought and I didn’t know if she’d feel it or not, but I stuck my tongue in the dimple on the tip of her nipple and waggled it up and down.

Rhonda gasped, “Oh, don’t do that.  I told you I’m really sensitive there.”

I chuckled.

“Just checking.  Now hold still until I get back on.”

I couldn’t very well lick her nipple when I was riding it, so the fourth time, right before dinner, I just clamped my legs around her nipple and then rocked from side to side and rolled her nipple.  Rhonda gasped, and like the other three times, she rubbed her clit until she came.

Rhonda was still panting when she said it was time to eat again.  She had another frozen dinner, chicken this time.  I couldn’t pull it off in pieces like the meatloaf.  I had to just bite the side of the chicken breast and chew off a chunk.  

After another movie, we went to bed, but Rhonda didn’t change in her bathroom.  She just sat me on the night stand, stripped, and then held out her hand so I could climb up on it.   I was a little confused.

“You’re not wearing that shirt again?”

“No, you got trapped in it last night.  I don’t want that to happen again.  You should probably take off your clothes too…just in case.”

“Just in case what?”

“Just in case you end up where you were last night.”

It was a little embarrassing to strip in front of her.  I mean, I’m not usually shy about stripping in front of a woman, but I figured my cock was only about an eighth of an inch long and that was pretty embarrassing.

I did strip though, and when Rhonda held out her hand, I climbed up on it.  

She grinned.

“I’ll put you between my boobies again unless you’d rather sleep somewhere else.”

The way she said that made me think she’d rather have me somewhere else, but I said between her boobs would be fine.  

I hadn’t intended on doing anything other than sleeping, but Rhonda didn’t seem to be going to sleep.  I rolled over on my stomach after a few minutes and then looked up.  There was moonlight coming through the bedroom window, and I saw Rhonda looking down at me and smiling.  I raised up on my elbows then.

“Rhonda, are you waiting on something?”

She grinned.

“No…I was just remembering what I thought was a dream last night.”

“I suppose you’d like to have that dream again?”

“Well…it was a pretty nice dream.”

What had happened was an accident and not really her fault, and she was trying to take good care of me.  Besides, I kind of liked making her hot.  It didn’t do me any good, but it was still fun.

When Rhonda was laying on her back, her breasts flattened out enough I could reach her nipples.  I hadn’t been able to see that the night before, but since she hadn't covered us up yet, I could now.  I crawled over under her left breast, then stood up and put both hands on her nipple.  Just like I’d grown to expect, once I’d stroked it a little, that nipple swelled up all taught and with ridges all around.  I kept stroking those tight little ridges until Rhonda sighed.  

I had to pull her nipple down to get it even with my face, but once I did, I stuck my tongue in the dimple and wiggled it around until Rhonda moaned.  

It was easier with her other nipple, because Rhonda grabbed her breast and pointed her nipple down toward me.  It was already pretty stiff, so I rolled it between my palms while I licked that little dimple again.

It wasn’t long before Rhonda was starting to breathe a little faster.  
There was no way I could get my mouth around her nipple because it looked as big as a barrel to me, but I gave her a little nip where the tip of her nipple met the side.  Rhonda gasped, and then murmured “Again…do that again.”

I did a couple times, and when she moaned both times, I decided it was time to go visit her pussy again.  It took me a while and it was a rough ride down her tummy because it kept rolling under me.  When I looked back, I saw the reason.  Rhonda he both hands squeezing her breasts with each nipple pinched tight between her middle and ring fingers.

When I got to her bush, it was like you see in the movies where the hero is fighting his way through the jungle.  I didn’t have a machete like the movie guys always do, so I had to keep separating the tangled hairs so I could get through.  It was good having the hair there though.  Rhonda had started lifting her hips every so often, and the hair gave me something to hold on to.

When I got to her slit, I was in somewhat of a quandary.  The night before, I’d been holding her pussy lips open with my body.  I wasn’t about to go through that again.  I kept remembering how her pussy had kept opening and closing and thinking as wet as she’d been, if I fell in there I’d probably drown.

I put one hand on each pussy lip and pushed.  They were pretty soft and supple, so they moved apart enough I could see the hood over her clit.  As soon as I reached down with my right hand, everything closed up around my arm.  I could feel around, but I couldn’t see anything.  I did feel around her clit hood, and found that if I used both hands, I could lift the edge and pull it back.  Rhonda caught her breath when I did that, so I started pulling it back and then pushing it down over her clit.  

Rhonda was rocking her pussy up and down by then, but that was about all I could do until she murmured, “Hold still.  I’ll help you out.”

The next thing I knew she spread her thighs wide and then pulled her pussy lips apart.  That was great because while I still couldn’t see much, I could move my hands around without having to push her pussy lips out of the way.

Instead of pulling her clit hood back and forth, I tried putting one hand on each side and sort of jacking her clit hood over her clit.  The effect was instantaneous and pretty wild.  Rhonda gasped, murmured “Oh God, yes”, and then raised her knees.  That made her pussy roll toward me so I could see better and didn’t have to reach so far.

The other thing that happened during all this was her clit swelled up tight and it seemed to be throbbing when I put a hand on each side and started feeling the smooth bump.

Her clit was pretty slippery by then, so my hands just slid up and down the sides.  I stretched out until my chin was against her clit and reached as far as I could.  What I’d intended to do was wrap my arms around the pulsating nub and wiggle it around until Rhonda came.  As I was feeling the underneath side though, I made an interesting discovery.

Rhonda’s inner pussy lips were attached to her clit and right at that attachment point was a little separation.  I grabbed both sides of that separation and started moving my arms up and down as fast as I could.  Ronda’s body jerked, then she moaned, and then I was holding on as much as I was pulling on her clit.  Rhonda started that same shaking thing she’d done the night before.

A bit later, the shaking got worse and Rhonda let her pussy lips go.  I was trapped up to my armpits in her pussy and it was only by holding my head up as far as I could that I didn’t suffocate.  I heard her cry out ‘Oh fuck”, and then just held on tight until she stopped jumping around all over the bed.

Once Rhonda’s pussy had stopped moving up and down and she’d stopped panting, I started to back out from between her pussy lips.  That turned out to be hard, because every time I moved, she’d catch her breath and rock her pussy up again.  I finally got one hand out and grabbed a hair, then pulled myself out the rest of the way.  

I crawled back up her tummy and then in between her breasts.  I was a little disappointed that she didn’t even say thank you, but she couldn’t.  She was asleep.

I guess cumming had relaxed her enough she didn’t roll around.  I stayed right there between her big breasts all night without being disturbed.  

I woke up the next morning because something was rubbing against my sides.  Rhonda still hadn’t covered us up and the sun was streaming through the window, so I could see.  She was squeezing her breasts again and her nipples were already stiff and swollen tight.  

She felt me moving around, looked down at me and then whispered “Fuck me”.

Well, that was pretty much impossible.  The term my old Army drill sergeant used – needle dick – came to mind.

“Uh…Rhonda…I uh…I don’t know how to do that since I’m only an inch and a half tall.”

Rhonda pinched her nipples flat, spread her thighs open, and then moaned “You’re a physicist.  Figure it out.”

On my way down over Rhonda’s rolling tummy I remembered that little separation on the bottom of her clit.  Maybe, if I lowered myself down and held on to her pussy lips…

After I fought my way through the tangled mass of red hair again, I stood at the top of her pussy lips.  They were pretty swollen and puffy, and her clit was sticking out.  I figured she must have been playing with her nipples for a while for that to happen.

I turned around, grabbed a pussy lip in each hand, and started working my way down.  I did try to catch something with my toes, but like that first night, she was too wet and slippery.  I finally got down far enough her clit was pushing against my belly.

My cock was hard, just like it had been every other time I’d excited Rhonda.  I probed around a little and then felt my cock slip into that little separation.  It wasn’t really tight, but the way her clit was pulsating made up for that.  I started stroking my cock in and out of that little groove between her clit and pussy lips.  In the process, my belly was rubbing Rhonda’s clit, and she started rocking her pussy up and down again.  

That felt really great.  I mean it wasn’t as great as if my cock had been the right size to really fuck Rhonda, but it was still working.  It was working for her too.  She started moaning and though I couldn't see much over the jungle of red hair  on her mound, I could see her pinching and pulling on her nipples.

Rhonda came about like she had before – a lot of her ass jumping around all over the bed and a lot of low moans and little cries.  I had to hold on tight until she clamped her thighs together.  Once she did that, I didn't get squished but everything tightened up a lot.  I made three more strokes and then came.  I didn’t think she’d feel anything, but when I spurted my cum under her clit, Rhonda gasped and murmured, “Yes, cum in me.”

When I got myself in between her breasts again Rhonda looked down and grinned.

“I think I’ll keep you this size for a while longer.  That was great.”

I slapped the side of her right breast.

“Oh no you won’t.  You promised to get me back to the right size.”

“No, I promised I’d try to get you back to the right size, and I can’t do that until tomorrow.  Wanna do me again?”

Well, I did, twice more that day.  My cock wouldn’t get hard enough after that, so the fourth time, I just wiggled her clit until she came.  That was when she was ready to go to bed, so after that time, we both went to sleep.

On Monday morning, Rhonda put me in her bra and sneaked me back into her lab.  She held out her hand, and when I climbed up on it, she put me on her desk.

“Now, don’t you go anywhere.  I’m going to try this on that hammer first and I don’t want to have to find again you if that works.”

Rhonda sat down at the computer console and typed for about a hour, then stood up and picked up a petri dish from her desk, a pair of tweezers, and a magnifying glass.  She opened the chamber, reached into the petri dish with her tweezers, and put the hammer on the floor of the chamber.  After she closed the door, she went back to the computer console and tapped three more keys.

There was a soft, low hum and that same feeling of the hair on the back of my neck standing up.  A couple of seconds later, Rhonda opened the chamber and smiled.  She reached in and held up the hammer and the machine gun.

“It worked.  The machine gun we couldn’t find after the last test was in there too, and it’s the right size now.”

She walked over to her desk.

“Are you sure you want to try this?  You’re really little but you’re still alive.  I can’t guarantee what'll happen to a person.  ”

I nodded.

“Just put me in there.  If it works, I’ll be happy.  If it doesn’t, I probably won’t know anyway.”

Rhonda carried me to the chamber.  I climbed out of her palm and then said “Here goes nothing.  Hit the switch.”

A few seconds after Rhonda closed the door, that hum and the feeling on my neck started again.  The chamber started getting smaller and  smaller until I had to get down on my hands and knees.  I knew the chamber wasn't getting smaller.  I was just getting bigger.  When Rhonda opened the chamber door, she looked in and said in a worried voice, “Matt, are you still alive?”

“Yes, I’m still alive.  You hold that door open until I get out of this damned thing.”

Rhonda insisted she had to weigh me, so I stepped on her digital scales.  When the number on the display read 68.2 kg, she asked if that was about right.  When I said I was, she grinned.  

“Well, I didn’t lose any of you.  You look like you did when you came in except you need to shave.”

I felt my chin and she was right.

“Well, I’ll shave when I get back to my hotel.”

“Which hotel?” she asked.

“Why do you want to know that?”

Rhonda looked at the floor.

“I just thought maybe since we know each other a lot better we might…Oh, just forget it.  After what I did to you, you probably hope you never see me again.”

“Rhonda, I know what happened was an accident and not something you did intentionally.  Why would I never want to see you again?”

Rhonda looked up at me then.

“Matt, look at me.  I’m smart, smarter than a lot of guys and I’m not very pretty.  What that means is men look at me like I’m some kind of freak.  Women are supposed to be pretty and not as smart as men, or at least that’s what most men seem to think.  I don’t think I'm all that different and I try not to be that way, but after what happened, you’re probably thinking I’m a freak too.”  

I felt kind of sorry for Rhonda then because what she’d said men think about her is exactly what I’d been thinking when I first met her.  The circumstances that made her take me home with her were pretty freaky, but over that weekend, I’d learned Rhonda was about like any other woman once you got to know her except she seemed to be pretty easy to arouse.  She just wasn’t the kind of woman who makes your brain say “Wow”, when you see her.

I smiled.

“Rhonda, I don’t think you’re a freak.  I think you’re a very smart woman who doesn’t try very hard to attract men because you’re selling yourself short.  I wouldn’t mind seeing you again.

Rhonda looked up at me hopefully.

“You mean like soon, or if you come back again?”

I smiled.

“Well, I still have to write my report so I’ll be here for another day.  We could have dinner tonight.”

“You’d really want to be seen with me?”

“Sure.  I don’t really care how you look…well, I do care, but you aren’t ugly or anything.”

I grinned then.

“Parts of you are pretty great.”

Rhonda blushed then.

“You’re just saying that, aren’t you?”

I grinned.

“I usually don’t say things like that unless I mean them.  So, will you have dinner with me tonight?”

When I went past the guard station and turned in my badge, the guard asked if I was feeling OK.  

I frowned.

“Don’t know what the hell happened to me.  One minute I was fine and the next I felt dizzy as hell.  One of the nurses said I was run down and just needed to rest.  She gave me a shot of vitamins and that helped.  I guess I have been burning both ends of the candle lately.  It’s budget time, and everybody wants their pet projects approved so I've been flying around all over hell.  I’m fine now.  One thing though…”

I winked at the guard then.

“You really ought to find some sexier nurses.”

He laughed and buzzed the door open for me.

When I walked down to the hotel lobby at six that evening, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Rhonda said she’d try not to embarrass me when we went to dinner and I wasn’t sure what that meant.  I was hoping that meant she’d wear something besides what she wore to work, but I doubted that would be the case.  I don’t think I’d ever met someone as smart as Rhonda who had any fashion sense at all.  There hadn’t been many women, but the one’s I’d met seemed to not really care.

When I saw Rhonda, I was quite surprised.  I’d expected pants and a blouse that made her look at least a little female.  What she was wearing was a snug black dress, stockings and high heels.  The dress wasn’t all that short at the bottom, but the neckline was low enough the soft swell of her breasts was visible, and it fit just right over her ass.

She smiled when I walked up.

“Is this all right?  I bought this outfit for our Christmas party last year in hopes of attracting some attention.  It didn’t work though.”

It looked like Rhonda had used some lipstick too.  It was a little smeared in a couple of places, but it made her lips look really inviting.

“Rhonda, you look fine.  I don’t know the restaurants in town.  Where would you like to go to eat?”

Rhonda looked at the floor.

“Could we just eat here?  I don’t walk very well in high heels because I never wear them.”

Well, she was right about the heels.  We started for the restaurant in the lobby, and Rhonda’s foot went sideways after two steps.  She grabbed my arm to keep from falling, and then pulled herself back up.

“See.  That’s what always happens.  Can I hold on to you?”

We made it into the restaurant with Rhonda’s arm hooked in mine.  She didn’t fall again, but it was close a couple of times.

Dinner with Rhonda was interesting.  Before the accident, we’d only talked about her theories and how she’d put them into practice.  After the accident, she’d been more worried about keeping me safe until she could get me back to the right size again.  I’d been pretty pissed off that she’d shrunk me and then after that first night, I was concentrating on tormenting her.  As a result, we didn’t really talk about anything.

What I learned about Rhonda was pretty interesting.  Like me, she had a PhD in physics, and also like me, she’d decided the academic world wasn’t for her.

“All they wanted to do is sit around writing equations and then arguing about who was right.  I wanted to use my education to make the world better.”

She laughed then.

“I guess inventing ways to make war more efficient isn’t exactly what you’d call making the world a better place, but it pays very well, and I like the challenge.”

I smiled.

“Well, I can assure you every other country in the world is trying to do the same thing.  You’re just helping keep the US at the head of the pack.  That’s an important thing to do.  Nobody wants to attack somebody stronger than they are.  The bullies always go for the weaklings.”

She nodded her head.

“I know that.  I just wish I didn’t feel so isolated all the time.  I can’t tell anybody what I do except the people I work with, and I can’t even tell most of them because they don’t have a high enough security clearance.  It’s just me and Roger and Harold in the lab, all day, every day.  Roger sometimes pees in the wastebasket because he’s thinking and forgets where he is, and Harold…”

Rhonda giggled then.

“Well, Harold is a man…I think…but you’d never know it.  He just spends all day with his face glued to his computer terminal or checking out some piece of the equipment.  

“Neither one of them ever looks at me, not that way.  They’re both married, but if they treat their wives like they treat me, the poor women are either really dumb, or they must be climbing the walls.  Just once in a while, it would be nice to be treated like a woman instead of like just another egg-head physicist.”

Rhonda smiled then.

“That why what happened when I took you home with me was so great.  I knew  you were doing it because you were mad at me for shrinking you, but it still made me feel like a woman because you wouldn’t have done the same things to a man.

“I’ve only been out with one man in my entire life and that was when I was a freshman in college.  We ended up in bed and it wasn’t at all what I expected it to be.  It hurt and he just did his thing until he got done.  I found out later he only did it because of some stupid fraternity initiation thing they called "Do The Dog".  

Rhonda’s face and her voice both got softer then, and she reached across the table and touched me on the hand.

“I was wondering if…well, it's not very lady-like to ask something like this, but when you're like me, that's about all you can do.  I know you were tormenting me when I brought you home in my bra that night, and I know the first time was an accident, but…well, I liked what we did and I don’t think you would have done it the other times unless you liked it too and I was wondering if you might want to do it again…now that you’re the right size.”

I felt sorry for Rhonda then.  She didn’t really look bad in the face.  It was just that she didn’t seem to do anything to help herself out.  It pissed me off that any guy would fuck her just because of some fraternity thing.  No woman deserved anything like that.  

I hadn't been with another woman who responded like Rhonda and that had been  pretty fantastic even though it wasn't all that great for me.  Well, once I figured out about the little spot under her clit, it had been pretty good for me too. Finding out what it would be like for real would be interesting to say the least.

I grinned.

“You sure that's what you want?”

Rhonda stroked my hand again.

“I thought about it from the time you left until now.   You're probably my only chance to feel what it's supposed to feel like instead of how it felt that first time.”

Rhonda held on to me until we got inside my room, though she seemed to be doing better in her high heels.  I only had to catch her once.  After I closed and locked the door behind us, she looked up at me and she looked worried.

“You aren't just doing this to make me feel better, are you?”

I shook my head and grinned.

“Rhonda, I don't work that way.  If I didn't want to, I'd just tell you that.”

I reached for the light switch then, but Rhonda stopped me.

“Leave the lights one.  You’ve already seen me naked, and I want to see you when I can see you without a magnifying glass.  Can you help me undress?  I can't get the zipper of my dress back down without the little string and hook thing I have a home.”

I had seen Rhonda naked, but it was a little strange.  I mean, her breasts had stuck up off her chest almost higher than I was tall, and I'd tripped when I stepped in her belly button because at my size then, it felt as big as a manhole and about three feet deep.  When I slipped her dress over her head, everything got right.

Rhonda's black bra had pushed her breasts up into some really sexy cleavage, and once I took it off, her breasts didn't really drop much.  They were round, full, and tipped with a little darker pink nipple beds and nipples.  When I stroked her right nipple, it popped up stiff and thick, just like I remembered, but this time, I could get it in my mouth.  Rhonda shuddered when I did that.

"Oh, were good when you were so little.  Now...I can't tell you how good  that feels."

I started working her black panties down as I gently sucked her left nipple.  Rhonda moaned and felt for my cock through my pants.

I let her panties fall to the floor once I had them down over her ass, and then stepped back to look at the hair on her mound.  Instead of the hairs looking like red ropes, they were delicate little fronds that covered her mound and then stuck out from her pussy lips.  When I cupped Rhonda's pussy and massaged gently, she caught her breath and then breathed "Do me now, Matt.  I'm ready."

Well, judging by how fast she got ready the other  times, I figured she probably was, but I wasn't.  I wanted to feel everything I'd felt before but could now see.  I stroked a fingertip over Rhonda's breast and slipped my other fingertip between her pussy lips a little.  Her body jerked and she caught her breath again, then spread her thighs apart and then whispered, "You get undressed now."

It only took a couple of minutes for me to get out of my shoes, shirt and pants.  Rhonda pulled my underwear down then, slipped her hand inside, and circled my cock.

"Mmm", she purred, "you're pretty big, aren't you?"

I chuckled.

"Compared to before, I am."

Rhonda stroked my cock up and down a little, then whispered, "I need to feel what it feels like with you inside me. Fuck me, Matt".

I'd heard Rhonda say that before, but since I really couldn't, it didn't affect me much.  Now, well, she didn't seem like that kind of woman at all but she'd said it and I found that to be very erotic for some reason.  

"Wouldn't you rather be on the bed?"

Rhonda ran her fingertip over my swollen cock head.

"I don't care if you take me standing up, laying down, or on your lap.  I need to feel your dick inside me.'

I'd never done the standing up thing before and I really didn't want to try.  Instead, I led Rhonda to the bed and after pulling the sheet and blanket down to the foot, gently pushed her down on her back with her legs dangling over the edge.  

Rhonda tried to swing her legs up on the bed but I stopped her.

"Uh-uh.  If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it all."

When I spread her thighs, Rhonda looked down and said "What are you doing?"

"I'm doing what I wasn't big enough to do before.  Just relax and hold still."

Rhonda did relax...for about ten seconds.  As soon as I slipped my hand up her inner thighs and parted her pussy lips, she moaned and her body jerked.  That caused her pussy lips to slip away from my thumbs.  When I lightly pinched each lip between my thumb and forefinger to pull them apart again, Rhonda jerked again, but this time the jerk stretched out her pussy lips.  She gasped, "Oh God.  I've never felt that before."

I chuckled.

"Then you've never felt this either."

I licked her clit then and Rhonda moaned and lifted her pussy up into my face.  I licked her inner lips, then her clit again.  Rhonda caught her breath, held it for a while, and then started to quietly pant.

I hadn't intended to make Rhonda cum with my tongue, but she got away from me before I realized it was happening.  One minute I was slowly licking from her entrance, over her rippled inner lips, and then beside her stiff clit, and the next, she pushed my face into her pussy, cried out, and started to rock her pussy up and down.  I felt my chin get wet while she made little mewing cries and shook like a leaf.  It was when she squeezed her thighs together I figured she was done that time.  

I pushed her thighs apart, gave her clit one last lick that made Rhonda jerk again, and then swung her legs up on the bed and climbed between them.  Rhonda opened her eyes then.

"Are you going to put your dick in me now?"

I lowered my face until I could capture one of her stiff nipples with my mouth, sucked it gently, and then let my lips smack together after I stretched her breast up and her nipple slipped out.

"In a little while, as soon as you're ready again."

Rhonda wiggled her ass around in an attempt to get my cock between her pussy lips.

"Try me", she whispered.  "I'm ready right now."

I couldn't see how Rhonda could be, but like a lot of things about her, I'd underestimated her.  I was humoring her more than anything when I probed her pussy with my cock head, found the opening and then pushed my cock in slowly.  Rhonda groaned and then jerked her pussy up really fast.  Before I had time to pull back, my cock was inside her and her pussy lips were pressed flat against her thighs.

Rhonda put her hands on my ass and pulled, then murmured, "Don't wait, Matt.  Do me right now."

I honestly think she'd have rocked her pussy over my cock until she came and I wouldn't have had to do anything except just stay in one position.  I couldn't do that though.  Rhonda was so tight and so wet and so slippery, I had to start stroking my cock in and out.  

After a couple of minutes it dawned on me Rhonda was making me get ahead of her.  It was the constant stream off little moans and gasps she was making and then way she grabbed my ass cheeks and tried to pull me deeper inside her with each stroke.  To help her along, I bent my head down and sucked on her right nipple.  That helped Rhonda along.  Her tummy rolled under me and her pussy contracted around my cock.  That also made it harder for me to hold back.

I was doing fine, just enjoying the feeling of the ripples in her slippery passage sliding past my cock and listening to her little moans, until she dug her nails into my ass and murmured, "Don't stop, Matt.  Oh God, don't stop."

I was able to hold out until Rhonda gasped, tightened her pussy around my cock, and then arched up off the bed.  She hung there and held her breath until her thighs started to shake, then fell back down.  I went with her so my cock didn't slip out, and no sooner had her ass hit the mattress than she gasped, "Oh fuck", and arched up again.  When her pussy started rocking up and down over my cock, I gave up, groaned, and let four spurts fly through my cock and inside Rhonda.  

It took her a few more seconds before she eased back down on the bed, but her thighs were still shaking.  Because I was still stroking my cock in and out of her, she moaned and clamped her pussy around my shaft from time to time.  She had her eyes closed and her mouth was open until my cock got soft enough it wouldn't stay inside her.

She opened her eyes then and grinned.

"Wow...I want to feel like this all the time.  Can you make me feel like this all the time?"

I grinned.

"Well, I need some recovery time, but I probably can at least once more tonight."

Rhonda pulled me down until my chest flattened her big breasts.

"Then promise me we can do it again in the morning too."

Well, after that second time and then again the next morning, I was starting to think of Rhonda in a different way.  What she was, was a very intelligent woman who didn't look all that pretty, but she had the mind of a seductress inside her, and the body to make her very desirable.  She was also very open with me, something I hadn't found with any other woman.  Some women might hint at what they wanted, most wouldn't say anything at first, but Rhonda just put it all out there and wasn't ashamed at all.  

When she'd said "Fuck me, Matt", I'd looked at her face.  Rhonda wasn't blushing and she didn't looked like she was embarrassed.  With her half-closed eyes and open mouth, she just looked aroused.  She'd also stroked my cock gently and I'd never had a woman do that before.

When Rhonda was getting dressed to go back to work, she smiled at me.

"How soon will you be back?"

I shrugged.

"I don't know.  I have to make my report and my boss might think that's good enough and I won't be back."

Rhonda stuck out her bottom lip then.

"I was hoping...well, Matt...I don't think I'm ever going to find a man who will want to make me feel like you do.  Is there any way..."

It turned out that it took some doing, but there was a way.  When I made my report to General Hayes, I left out the part about Hygraph's invention being able to shrink people too, but the report said their proposal would work and with the proper funding, could give the US a huge advantage over all our enemies.

That was the report classified as "Top Secret (Black Widow) that only he and a few other high-level people in DOD and the CIA were cleared to read.  My other report, the report classified as just "Top Secret" and  intended to go along with the budget request said Hygraph had a viable project that would probably take another ten years to bring to the prototype stage.  It also specified that DOD should consider hiring one or two of the key Hygraph physicists to monitor the project.  When General Hayes read that report, he asked if I had a specific physicist in mind.

Rhonda got a healthy raise and a private office when she came to work for DOD.  We don't usually go out on inspections together because she's concentrating on Hygraph's project, but we live together.  It's about every night when we're not traveling that Rhonda will walk into our living room naked and smile at me.

Her voice will be soft and low when she pushes her big breasts into my chest and then whispers, "I need to be fucked."  She always abandons herself to that need, and the plain physicist I met at Hygraph becomes the erotic woman I'd always wanted but figured probably didn't exist.

You won't ever hear anything about the US being able to shrink tanks, artillery and trucks in size for transportation and then being able to return them to the original size on the battlefield.  That information is still at the highest level of classification, but you probably have heard about a thing called a "Rapid Deployment Force".  These elite Army units can be deployed anywhere in the world within eighteen hours and actively engaged in battle almost immediately upon arrival at the conflict zone.  They have demonstrated their ability to do this on multiple occasions though you'll never hear anything about them except for rumors.  

Another thing  you won't hear about is a transportation unit that leads the way for the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions and supporting units because it doesn't exist in the listing of US Army units.  The  Boeing 747 cargo planes they use are marked with FedEx markings so you'd never suspect they're anything but a commercial cargo plane.  There are only two things that don't look right for a FedEx plane.  

One is the planes are always kept in a hanger and that hanger is guarded by armed guards.  The other is the sign on the hangar door.  It's a yellow rectangle with a black circle in the center and three black wedge shapes around the circle.  It's the hazmat symbol for ionizing radiation.  That sign is very small and you can't see it unless you get past the guards and are standing right at the door.

Those planes land before the planes carrying the ground combat units and by the time the combat teams unload, they're met with an array of the required vehicles and artillery.  Nobody knows how those trucks, tanks, and field pieces get there except for the handful of pilots and crewmen who don't wear uniforms and also don't exist on the Army register of personnel.    

If things go according to schedule,  in the not too distant future, the 747's will be replaced by two smaller jet aircraft and those Rapid Deployment Forces will just appear, seemingly out of nowhere, with tanks, trucks, artillery, and thousands of fighting troops.  

I don't know how the DOD will maintain secrecy after that happens, but then, they've done a pretty good job on other projects.  Next week, I'm going to a company that doesn't even have a name to look at what the proposal described as the culmination of research since the late 1940's.  It's supposed to be some sort of craft that doesn't make any noise and can accelerate from zero to Mach 10 in a little less than a second.  General Hayes said it looks a little like a really big hubcap with lights all around the edge and is an improvement over the one's already flying over the Nevada desert.  

It doesn't seem possible to me, but I guess we'll see.   I know there's no way I'm getting into one of the damned things.  I've already learned that lesson.