I Think You're Right Ch. 2

A week later Shaun lay on Amanda’s bed while she rode his cock. A sexy as his girlfriend looked, his mind was on her mother and the scene that would play out with the doctor later that day. As the possibilities entered his mind, his urgency increased. He rolled Amanda over and began pounding her hard. She buried her face in his shoulder biting his muscles to muffle her screams. This time when she came, he came with her. He fell on her body shortly after.

“Oh my god,” she said. “That was intense. And you came in me, didn’t you?”

“Fuck yeah,” he replied.

“Better pull out then,” she said. “Don’t want the condom leaking.”

He groaned as he got off her. He pulled off the condom and threw it in the garbage as he went to pee. “Meeting the girls again today?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Amanda replied. “Jill’s got boyfriend problems. I guess not everyone can find one as awesome as mine.”

He winced. “True dat. Is it okay if I nap again before I leave?”

“After that performance,” she said as she started the shower. “You can do whatever you want, babe.”


He didn’t nap. He went downstairs and positioned a webcam in the living room then went back to the bedroom and waited. In Amanda’s room, he watched Ms. Russo arrive home in a business suit. Soon she brought the doctor into the living room when he arrived. The man didn’t waste any time.

“Anthropological chickens,” he said and Ms. Russo slumped on the couch. “Now Jessica, today we are going to discuss your businesses.”

“What the fuck?” said Shaun. “Seriously? You’ve got that and you want to talk business?”

The doctor began to ask her about various business dealings and investments she had. Shaun didn’t see the point until they discussed an upcoming merger.

“So if one were to invest that the company you’re buying now, what would happen to the stock price after the merger?”

“It will probably increase four times in price, maybe five,” she replied.

“That’s very good. You are doing well, and answering my questions honestly makes you feel even better. In fact, answering me honestly and obeying me make you feel quite horny.”

“Here we go,” said Shaun.

They continued to talk a while with the doctor gathering information. Shaun saw the point. Insider trading. He was going to make a fortune off this lady and fuck her to boot.

“How horny are you now, Jessica?”

“Soooo horny,” she replied.

“Do you need cock in you?”


“When I snap my fingers, you will awake from your trance knowing only that you need to be fucked hard. You will not be able to initiate sex though, only seduce and beg, but you will do whatever it takes to get me to fuck you. The longer I refuse to fuck you the hornier and more desperate you will become. Do you understand?”

“Yes doctor.”

He snapped his fingers.

“Doctor Maddow,” she said. “It’s too hot in here for you to be wearing a jacket. Let me help you with that.”

“Why thank you, Jessica.”

As she removed his jacket, she squeezed his arm. “Doctor, your arms are solid. Do you work out?”

“I do.”

Shaun snickered quietly in the bedroom. “Your stomach is bigger than your chest. Do you curl doughnuts?”

I’d love to see what you look like under that shirt,” Jessica continued downstairs.

“I think that would be inappropriate, Jessica.”

“And disgusting,” said Shaun.

“We could make it a game,” she replied.

“How so?”

She took off her blouse. “I’ll go as far as you will.”

“Are you trying to seduce me, Jessica?”

Giving him a playful look, she said, “Now you’re catching on.” She ran her hands along her body. “You don’t like what you see?”

“I think it’s very nice. I’d like to see more.”

She smiled and slowly, seductively slid her pants down to the floor. In the bedroom, Shaun admired the matching black bra and panties she wore. He pulled out his cock and began stroking it.

“Your turn,” Jessica told Dr. Maddow.

“I don’t know,” said the doctor. “How do I know if I take off my shirt and pants, you won’t just put yours back on?”

“How about this then?” Jessica answered. Seconds later her bra and panties lay on the floor as she modelled her body for him.

Dr. Maddow rose. Jessica smiled hopefully, thinking his clothes were about to come off but, instead, he walked over to her.

“You have a very sexy body, Jessica,” he said. “May I touch it?”

“Please!” Jessica replied, reaching out to him.

He took a step back. “No. Put your hands at your sides and don’t move.”

Disappointment took over her face but she obeyed. The doctor walked up and began to massage her breasts. She immediately began to moan. Her hands started to rise a moment, but she jerked them back to her sides. The doctor leaned in a suckled a nipple. Jessica’s head began to roll.

“Oh god, yessss,” she whispered.

She reached up and grabbed the doctor’s head, pulling him into her tit.

“Hands,” he said sharply.

She forced them back to her sides, clenching her fists as he worked on one and then the other tit. “Please doctor,” she said. “I need it.”

“What do you need?” he asked.

“I need you to fuck me.”

“Reach down and take out my cock,” he said.

Her hands moved quickly, unzipping his pants and fishing for his cock. He wasn’t wearing underwear, so it was out quickly. She began stroking it. When he was fully erect he pulled away.

“Doctor?” she said.

He sat down on the couch. “Do you want this in you?”

“Soooo much,” she said. She was drooling as she looked at it.

“What will you do to have it?”

“Anything. Just tell me.”

“On your knees.”

She dropped quickly.

“Crawl to me.”

Like an eager puppy, she moved in front of him.

“Suck it.”

His cock disappeared between her lips. Her head bobbed with urgency. He lay back and enjoyed her ministrations for a minute, watching her with admiration. Shaun could tell he wasn’t admiring her beauty though, but what he’d done to her.

“Alright, climb on,” the doctor said at last in a gracious tone.

“Thank you, doctor!” she squealed as she stood up, straddled him, and then lowered herself on his prick.

“Start slow,” he said.

She nodded and began to bounce.

“I think you’re getting addicted to my cock. What do you think?”

“Ugggghhhhh. I think you’re right, doctor.”

They continued with her increasing the pace.

“I think that the more you fuck me, the more you’ll want to please me, trust me, and listen to me.”

She nodded as she moaned. “I think you’re riiiight.”

“I think that every orgasm you have from me will make you realize how much more you need me.”

“Oh god. I think you’re right.”

“And I think you’re going to cum… now.”

Jessica threw her head back and screamed. Her cunt clamped down on the doctor’s cock and she grabbed onto his shoulders to steady herself.

“Doc… Doc…” she moaned as bolts of pleasure ripped through her body.

“I think you’re going to have another one… now.”

“Fuck me!” she screamed. Her body began to involuntarily slam up and down on him triggering a third orgasm. “Oh Dios, oh Dios, oh Dios, oh Dios.”

At that point, the doctor began to grunt. His hips bucked up as he started shooting his cum into her pussy. Jessica had collapsed onto him. Her body continued to spasm. Upstairs, Shaun jerked his cock as he shot cum into a tissue. He smiled after watching the display, happy about two things: his cock was bigger than the doctor’s, and that fuck only took a few minutes. His sessions with Amanda went far longer. When he was through with Ms. Russo, she wouldn’t remember who Dr. Maddow was, possibly literally.

Downstairs, the doctor had Ms. Russo suck his cock clean before he put it back in his pants. She then dressed before he brought her back to reality. After the doctor left and Ms. Russo stepped into the shower as ordered, Shaun snuck downstairs and left an envelope on the kitchen counter. He repositioned the webcam so he could watch Ms. Russo read it. When she returned and found it, she glanced around, wondering how it had gotten there, but saw it was addressed to her from Dr. Maddow, so she opened it.


During our session today, you talked about your dislike of your daughter’s boyfriend, Shaun. This happened while under hypnosis and I apologize for forgetting to make you remember it, but we came to some realizations.

I think that the dislike you feel toward Shaun is actually jealously. I think you are attracted to him, but know you shouldn’t be because he is dating your daughter. The dislike is a deflection. Furthermore, I think that the more time you spend with Shaun the greater that attraction will grow. I think you will find yourself doing things to get him to find you beautiful and sexy, dressing in ways he likes, and finding excuses to be around him, but of course maintaining the air of dislike of him to cover up your true feelings.

This is a separate matter from what we’ve been dealing with so far in our sessions, so I think it would be best if you used the email below to correspond with me about your thoughts and feelings toward Shaun after each the interaction you have with him. I think you should use my regular email for all other correspondence but BCC this email when sending the regular emails.

As we have established this is a separate matter, I think you should not mention this topic in our regular sessions, but only through the email below. When you have finished reading this, I think you should email me immediately at the new email address and tell me what you think.


Dr. Maddow.

Shaun watched Ms. Russo read the letter and then go to her laptop and log in. He hoped he had sounded formal enough and lit up as he watched her start to type a message. Almost immediately, Shaun’s phone buzzed with a new email in the account he had setup.

Dear Dr. Maddow,

I think you are right. I see the attraction clearly now. Thank you for making realize the truth.


Jessica Russo.

Shaun wanted to scream, “Yes!” but held it in. Then he realized he’d trapped himself in the house with Ms. Russo. After an initial panic, he replied to her email.

Excellent, Jessica. We had a wonderful but intense session. I think you should take a short 20 minute nap before working again, a deep nap in which nothing will disturb you.

Dr. Maddow.

A moment later he received a reply.

Dear Dr. Maddow,

I think you’re right. I will take a nap right away.

Jessica Russo.

Soon Shaun heard the wet dream of his life coming up the stairs. He waited five minutes to make sure she was asleep and then snuck out of the house. He had so much energy, he practically sprinted to school.