The Office

The founder and old CEO of the company, Mr. Millner, had gone into a well-deserved pension and his son, Mr. Millner Jr, had taken over the huge corner office on the top floor of the office building. Walking towards it in the main corridor, passing the myriad of office workers in their offices and cubicles on the way, I had to yet again feel sad that the old man left us. Being a department chief, I've grown close to the old boss. A real man, strong and proud.

The young Millner was just there because of his father. Old Mr. Millner had always held the traditions high, keeping the strict dress code and respect for authority. No casual Fridays here. Everybody believed that these days were over. Young Mr. Millner had a bad reputation, legal affairs, his father getting him out of numerous scraps, a hopeless womanizer, driving his beautiful wife mad. He would shame us all.

I was to leave a paper with Miss Kamp, the Chief Secretary and Office Manager in the front office. She was left over from the old man, obviously a connection point between the generation. Always impeccably dressed, Miss Kamp was still a striking woman at close to fifty. She was strict, hard-nosed and highly critical behind her smart eyeglasses. Miss Kamp carried her hourglass figure and high bust on a pair of strong very female legs. Unmarried - or married to the job - she was known for killing the men around her. She kept the office clean, that was it.

However, I had a special deal with her, entirely based on my close relationship with the old man, so even if the occupied sign shined angry red outside the office door, I just stepped in, not even knocked, because it was just a matter of a paper. My colleague managers envied me for that.

Miss Kamp's front office was as big as mine, a hub of affectiveness. I laid the paper on her well-organized desk and was just about to leave when repeating noise fetched my attention. I saw the door into the Millner-office was ajar and the noise raised when I stepped closer.

The hair on my neck stood up - was this ... was that ... No!

I pressed my face to the small opening in the door and there, on the big sofa - I recognized young Mr. Millner’s broad back - he was a former quarterback - my boss was without trousers, working his manhood hard into Miss Kamp, who was laying on her back on the sofa. Mr. Millner's naked and hard but was pumping relentlessly into Miss Kamp between her long legs, both risen high towards the ceiling with the perfect stockings and expensive shoes swaying in the air.

The repeating sound I've heard was their flesh bouncing at each other. They were moaning, panting and just when I left the door I heard, muffled and sweaty:

Mr. Millner Jr: 'You bitch'.

Mss Kamp: '... Sir ... yes ... aahh'.

Miss Kamp was not allowed to use Sir's private bathroom inside the executive office and probably never done so. When she left the CEO cleaning himself off in there and closed the door behind her, she was a sight to see on her way to her private bathroom.

On wobbly feet, she was still wringing down her tight shirt over her broad ass. Therefore, I got a full sight at her big, heavy breasts bulging over her bra between her open blouse. Her big hair was all over the place and ... was that cum smeared out with her mascara?

She suddenly saw me sitting on her chair, behind her desk. She didn't blush, just staring at me with her exhausted eyes over her glasses, as completely trashed she was.

I stood up, smiled at her broadly and pointed at my paper on the desk. I said:

'Miss Kamp, I left this for you as agreed earlier'.

With that, I left her, convinced that I've just risen in status at the office.

The strain in my scrotum finally became too much for me and Miss Denham, a floozy secretary from my department that I used to date secretly before had to step up and lean over my table so I could lift her skirt and penetrate her from behind.

I was pumping away, she made small pleasure sounds, and with closed eyes, I was thinking of the sight I had seen just an hour before when the world shifted. The door opened to my office and Mss Kamp came in, all composed, again the perfect Office Manager. She pointed to the door with a sharp thumb.

'Get out, slut', she ordered and Miss Denham attached herself from my manhood. Passing her hard manager, I heard the old dragon hiss: 'Get yourself together, I will see you later'.

'Yes, Miss Kamp', Denham cried.

The door was shut and Kamp turned to me.

'I sent out your cunt outside, so we will be undisturbed'.

She meant Mrs Marsh, my secretary.

'Okay', I said, getting my breath. My hardon was still pointing at her, hard and blue. I was proud of the way I was handling this situation.

Kamp walked up to me; we were the same length.

'Sir', she said. 'We have some business to rearrange'.

'Oh, yeah', I smiled.

The material of her skirt rubbed at the end of my erection when she turned on me, sending flashes up my spine. She took Denham’s place and wrangled up her skirt over her ass - she was not wearing any knickers.

Was that normal? I thought.

Her pussy was all wet and I slit in without any problem, to the hilt.

'Sir, fuck me and shut up', she said.

So, I did.

The day after Mr. Millner Jr sent for me. Miss Kamp was not there so I just stepped in to his office.

'Oh, yes, come in', said Junior.

He didn't point at a chair, so I parked myself in front of his desk. He was preoccupied with some documents.

'How is everything?' he asked.

'Fine, just fine, Sir'.

'Oh, good, jolly good'.

Now he was finished, he smacked his big hands on the table and stood up.

'I've got some information', he said and started to circle the table. He was in his shirtsleeves, with his tie loosen a bit. A hard-working Chief Executive.

'Information. Sir?'

He was standing in front of me, with hands on his hips, not looking at me as if he was thinking.

'Yes, Miss Kamp has pointed out for me that you may be involved with - how should I put it - in un-descent activities in your office'.

'What ...', I stumbled.

The bitch, I thought.

Mr. Millner was looking at me now. 'Listen to me, if you have sexual intercourses with your staff, that's your business, man, but, you do not blackmail Ms Kamp, is that understood'.

'Blackmail ...?'

'Look, don't be a fool now. Miss Kamp is mine and we'll keep it so, alright?'

I did not understand.

'Now', he continued. "This will cost you at least one blow job'.


Suddenly his cock was out of his pants. It was at half-mast and big.

'I told you, pal, don't be an idiot. I know that you gave my father blow jobs regularly. Fuck, man, you based your whole career on sucking his cock, didn't you? He told me you were good at it, lots of pleasure'.

!%/¤#, I thought.

My boss grabbed my shoulder and pressed me down.

'So, down we go and continue the good work".

I filled my mouth with his cock, it immediately became hard and I could caress the head with my tongue while I was working myself up and down the shaft.

He sighed. 'My father was right, you know your business, bitch'.

Suddenly I was aware of that we weren’t alone anymore. Mis Kamp came up besides our boss. She was putting down some more documents on his table and turned to us, smiling broadly.

'Well, Sir, I believe you do that better than me', she said to me with eyes filled with dominance and smear.

I blushed hard, still with Mr. Millner's cock bursting on my hard-working mouth. I felt his pre cum in my throat.

'Oh yeah', he bursted out, voice muffled by pleasure. 'He's a great cock sucker'.

With that he growled and huge wads of hot cum filled my mouth. I couldn't keep it in anymore, I released my mouth from his still pumping cock. Sperm was pouring out of my mouth and more wads from his cock hit my suit and tie.

Miss Kamp laughed and lent down, grabbing my scalp, staring cruelly into my distorted, cummy face.

'You dumb bitch, I was the old man’s fuck doll for thirty years. He was a real man, you see, and so is his son. I've taught him to be one'.

Junior was composing himself from the orgasm.

'Yeah, bitch. I'm alone fucking this first-class whore, not you. And every time I do so from now on, you clean us up after, is that understood?'

I got on my feet, weak at the knees.

'Yes, Sir', I said, gulping cum. 'Ma'm'.

They were laughing when I stumbled to the door.

'Hey there', Miss Kamp said. 'Say, thank you for the cock, Sir'.

I stopped and without turning around I did exactly so.