Keeping Rank

Info Hylanboy
12 Mar. '20

Once upon a time, for many years ago, I did my compulsory military service as an officer’s candidate in the army. It was a good period of my life, the military life suited me, at least in a sexual sense. I was young, horny, in a very masculine environment and my cock was hard all the time. It was okay to express the demand for pussy and the weekends where a virtual hunting spree at the local bar for whatever, whenever, however.

Being bisexual gave the army life an extra dimension. Lots of nice boys around, lots of nakedness in the showers, plenty of dangling cocks and tight, moving asses. Of course, caution was in high demand, men with alternative sexualities are not liked among other men, especially not in groups. I had to cover my constantly erected manhood with a well-established reputation as a generally horny bastard and pussy hunter. That was easy.

I met this guy, we can call him Bert, during my guard duties. He was a good-looking private and a member of the guard detail. As a corporal, I was his superior but we started to make out in secrecy in the basement under the guard house by the gates. We gave each other pleasure in all the ways. It was exciting combining BDU uniforms with sexual actions. We used to laugh about it; it was great fun.

One day Bert told me secretly, he was also giving pleasures to the chief of the guards, a mid-aged, stocky and mean looking sergeant major known as Bill. Everybody at the camp hated him and the idea that he was a boy-buggerer never occurred to me, until now. Bert told me that Bill used to fuck him in the same basement. He preferred quickies with no fuzz, just pull down your trousers and bend over.

Standing there with my cock in Bert’s jerking hand made me miss when Sergeant Major Bill unlocked the room we were in and came walking through the door. It was a trap; Bert was presenting me on a silver plate for his boss to take. "Have fun", Bert said, smiled and went out. He locked the door behind him.

Until then I had never been properly buggered in my life, but that was about to be changed. It basically came down to; "Corporal, bend over and shut up". He used the lubrication that we kept hidden in the room. His cock was not very large, which was good under the circumstances. It was very manly though and I was excited when I was leaning over a bench, presenting my poor ass for him and he was working up his cock with one hand. He mounted me without courtesy and started to pump me. I had dreamed for many years to be used that way and here I was - a man-whore.

The pleasure of feeling submissive with all that pressure and pain up my ass was wonderful. Bill was moaning and panting, I can't remember what I did, probably squealing like a prima-donna, I don't know. He released himself in my poor anal passage - in these days, there were no HIV or AIDS around. He didn't thank me, just ordered me to get presentable again and get the hell out of there. I couldn't sit or shit properly in days.

From now on me and Bert shared the secret and the action. It was absolutely outrageous, being in this environment and whispering about our last encounter with Bill. We were both properly fucked in by now, our asses ready for anything. He took us together a couple of times and we used to have sex in front of him while he jacked off. Sometimes he was in a hurry and he was satisfied with only a blowjob. This silent, very dominant Bill was my first experience as a slut.

The time went on. I was transferred to cadet school during some months. In the end of the summer, I came back to the military camp to end my fifteen months in the army. I was a second lieutenant and a superior to the NCO's, including Bill who gave me a harsh look. I didn't know if he approved of this. Bert had gone home and I had just a couple of days left before freedom when I altered with the acting duty officer during the night. It was a party to the officer's mess and we were all dressed up in our smart dress uniforms. I couldn't drink since I was wearing the chain and plate collar as the duty officer around my neck.

I went down to the guard house to snoop around, I guess. Everyone was standing at attention. All of a sudden Bill turned up and it was awkward to ask him; "Sergeant major, is everything okay?" and he answered; "Yes, lieutenant, everything is fine." In that moment, I knew exactly what was going to happen.

He ripped down my trousers down in the "fuck room". He was very active, accused me of believing I was something special with a rank on my shoulder. I haplessly protested; "No, sergeant major, no". Well, the duty officer got himself a real buggering that night, thrown over a table, being used by a horny NCO. Oh, he fucked me alright, whispering insults in my ear, forcing me to answer; "Yes, sergeant major, no, sergeant major". After he came in my face and placed my officer's cap back on my head, he said; "Well, I like to fuck officers’ candidates, teach them a lesson."

The fucker had planned this the whole time.