The Other Job - The Gift Part One

As the elevator takes me up to my office, I decide to check my phone. Once again, I find an email from my other employer.

'Greetings Amelia

A client has requested your services. She wishes for you to be part of an anniversary gift for her husband, and has requested that you meet during the week so she can go through the details of what she has planned.'

Well, that's a new one. Normally when I'm hired by those who are married, I'm forced to hide away in a hotel room or when their partner is away. Now I'm going to be presented front and center to someone else's husband. I can't help but wonder if there's another reason for hiring me. Maybe her husband is into some odd fetish or something of a more kinky nature like masochism?

Guess I'll find out soon enough when I meet up with the client.

* * *

The next day I meet my client at lunch. I find her sitting alone at a table, wearing attire similar to mine, in addition to a set of thick-rimmed glasses. She has a Medderterranian look to her, with olive skin, and dark brown hair that's tied up in a neat bun. Her body is rather slender like mine but manages to pack curves in all the right places, including rather sizable breasts.

When I near, she says "Hey Amelia."

"Hi, Mrs?"

"Tsu. Natalie Tsu." The last name sounds Asian, which hints at what her husband will look like. Then again, if he's anything like his partner, I'm sure he's drop-dead gorgeous.

"Pleasure to meet you."

"So, I guess you have something in mind for me?"

"That I do. See my husband and I have been exploring our fantasies, and well, a threesome is one of his."

"And that's where I come in?"

"Exactly. It's gonna be my anniversary surprise."

"Oh really. How long have you been married?"

"Five years."


"Thank you."

"So, anything special in mind?"

"Well, we're very open-minded, and we've been experimenting."

Smiling, I say "And that's where I come in?"

"Yeah. Pretty much."

We soon eat lunch, before heading off to our next destination. As we walk, I begin to wonder just how open-minded Natalie and her husband are. I mean the fact she's willing to share her husband with another woman already speaks volumes to how open she is, but what more could they be into? That question's going to have my imagination running wild for the next few days, right until I receive my answer.

Natalie leads me to a place called Love+. Inside, my eyes are met by a plethora of sex toys, DVDs, BDSM outfits, and a woman with a mohawk at the counter.

"Hey there." The clerk says. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, we're looking for an outfit for my friend here." Natalie says.

"Anything in mind?"

"Do you have a lace hood? Something that'll cover her face, except for her mouth."

"Sure. Come with me." We follow the clerk to an aisle filled with clothing, including the aforementioned lace hood. "Anything else?"

"Hmmm... I think a crotchless lingerie teddy would really complement this, wouldn't you Amelia?"

"Yeah, sure."

I give the clerk my measurements, before heading off to grab the desired piece of clothing. A quick check in the changing room confirms the fit. Once that's done, Natalie says "I have one last thing."


"This." Natalie holds up a leather collar, to which she says "So he knows your place."

"Of course."

"That the lot?" The clerk asks.

"I have the rest at home, so I think this'll do."

"No problem."

As we walk to the counter, the clerk asks "Would you guys like a bag for all that?"


We soon arrive at our destination, where the clerk bags up the items. That's when Natalie whispers into my ear "Just so you know, our safeword is Velvet."

I give her a nod of acknowledgment as the clerk put the bag on the counter. Natalie pays for the items and I grab the bag. Upon exiting the store, Natalie says "See you soon, Amelia."

"See you."

Heading back to work, I begin to wonder what exactly I've gotten myself into. Just how kinky is this couple, and just exactly do they want with me? Will I be their little submissive slave for the weekend, or is there something else they want for me? All I know is the questions my mind is coming up with excites more than nearly anything. 

* * *

At the end of the day, I head to my bedroom and put on my new outfit. Even through the lacey hood, I can see myself in my sensual outfit. My hands run along my body just as I imagine my client's hands would. Would he merely touch me, or would he be rougher? Would he reach for my slit right away, or would he toy with me? Maybe he'll pinch a nipple, or maybe he'll pull me in with the collar. He might even rip this teddy off of my body, exposing it completely. No matter what he does, I'm sure he'll have me as wet as I am right now.

My finger sinks inside of me with ease. There's no time for toys or anything. Leaning against my wall, I work my finger and close my eyes, picturing what my new clients will do to me. What are Mr. Tsu's desires? Does he want to watch me have sex with his wife, or will he focus on me? Would he make love to me, or will he ravage me? Maybe there's something his wife isn't quite open to, like anal, or spanking.

I wonder what Mr. Tsu would do me if he was in this room right now, hearing me moan his name. If he saw my legs shaking like they are right now, how would he finish me off? Would he yank my fingers out and replace them with his? Maybe he'd be unable to resist the urge to just fuck me on the spot. Or maybe he'd wait for me to be as close I am now, shuddering as I near the brink of orgasmic bliss, and then force me to stop.

Thankfully, no one can stop me from cumming right now. My free hand smacks the wall as my legs give way. I let out a moan as my body quakes, nearly falling to the floor as I do so. Once I catch my breath, I lay down in my bed, with the only company being my filthy thoughts. Such thoughts keep me up like a relentless lover, fueled by pure, unadulterated lust. The only thing that can quell it is a third guest: a sex toy.

My hand dives into the drawer of my nightstand and grabs the first toy I can find, which just so happens to be a wand vibrator. As I move it under my sheets and turn it on, I wonder if the Tsu's will bring out any toys to play with? The collar Nataline purchased hints at kinkier things, such as ropes, whips, and cuffs. Maybe she'll tie me up for her husband, leaving me at his mercy to fulfill his desires. Whatever he does, I hope it has me trembling like my vibrator has. I hope he'll have me cumming again and again, like my magic wand can.

All I know, is I'll only be satisfied when this weekend comes and I can stop wondering.