Work and Pleasure Part 3

Augustus left Bianca’s office in haste. All this was extremely bizarre and new for him. Never in his dreams had he thought that he’ll be so utterly turned on by someone bossing him around like a slave. But there was no denying that he liked every minute of it. Moreover he had to clear the air with his girlfriend. He couldn’t just leave her hanging. On the other hand Bianca resolved to go to any limits to make Augustus her submissive. They both waited for the next day at office. The next day Augustus went to her office to get some files done. Bianca studied the files carefully without uttering a word. The silence was killing Augustus. He finally managed to speak, “ma’am I’m sorry if I’ve done something wrong it’s just that all of this is pretty new to me. I mean, no doubt you’re very beautiful and you arouse me like no one ever does but I’ve never been treated like this before.” “I could very well make out that you’re not aware of the entire dominant and submissive thing Augustus.” said Bianca, “but there’s always some scope for learning. This is who I am Augustus. I am a dominant. I like inflicting pain on my submissive. It turns me on. Now I have a proposition for you, you become my submissive and I’ll do anything in my power to satisfy your sexual needs. Good for both of us?” It took some time for Augustus to take in all of this information but what else was he expecting from her, hearts and roses? “Ma’am I do have a girlfriend and I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with your sexual needs.” “But you can give it a try!” said Bianca, a bit irritated, “two weeks. If you don’t find it good enough you’ll be free to leave.” Augustus was in a dilemma. He couldn’t decide what to do, but then he was tempted by the idea of being able to fuck Bianca. He couldn’t stop thinking of her sitting on his dick, worshipping his cock, riding him hard but majorly her causing him such pain that made him come like never before. He couldn’t stop himself from saying yes. Bianca seemed ecstatic. She invited him to her place that night. They both were looking forward to that night. Augustus finished work in the office and went home. That night he played it cool with some destressed denims and a black t-shirt. When he knocked at Bianca’s door his adrenaline was at its peak. His butler took him in and made him sit in the living room. In a minute or two Bianca made her entrance, wearing a red cocktail dress. It was indecently short with a plunging neckline and almost the same plunging back. It made Augustus swoon. She greeted him with a formal handshake, “dinner will be served in a while. Till that time let’s just sit in the den.” Augustus obliged and followed her to the den. Turns out it was a big room with muted lights and comfy couches covering most of the area. A lavish home theatre system and a snooker table completed the plush ambience. They sat next to each other and took sips of the chilled champagne that was placed at the table beforehand. Bianca stroked his thighs and his hands never left her back while they talked about the rules and terms of the relationship they were about to enter. Augustus had to oblige to all of Bianca's whims to fuck him anywhere and everywhere. He’ll have to keep with the pain that she inflicts on him however; she’ll keep in mind to not hurt in badly. He’ll have to obey orders and call her ma’am whenever they’ll be together. After having a candlelit dinner she finally took him to her bedroom. Augustus couldn’t keep his excitement in control so as soon as he entered her bedroom he grabbed Bianca's head and kissed her. Bianca got away fast and slapped him hard, “you’re not supposed to touch me until I tell you to, you filthy swine! Now get on your knees and tell me that you’re sorry and that you’re my slave.” Augustus had to oblige. He got on his knees “I’m sorry ma’am. This won’t happen again. I am your slave.” “Good boy.” said Bianca, patting him like his dog. She grabbed him by his hair and brought him up. Augustus yelped at the sudden pain. She went over to her dresser and came back with a black satin piece of cloth. “Close your eyes.” ordered Bianca. Augustus was reluctant in doing so but did it anyway. Bianca blindfolded him and stated unbuttoning his shirt. Slowly, seductively, one button at a time, biting his skin after each button. The sensation aroused Augustus. She threw away his shirt and pushed him towards the bed. Augustus could hear the sound of her zipper so he knew that she was undressing. Bianca crawled over him and sat over his crotch. Augustus felt something brush over his face and over his chest but he couldn’t make out what it was. After a bit of caressing Bianca struck him hard with the flogger. Augustus yelped; whatever it that was brushing over him struck him hard. Bianca hit him again and he jerked again in pain but to his utter surprise he became hard as a rock. Bianca enjoyed flogging him. She grinded his cunt over his dick and felt him hardening beneath her. Once done with the flogging she started unbuttoning his jeans. Augustus’s hand came around her and cupped her ass. She smacked his hand away; “so you can’t keep your hands to yourself eh?” Augustus felt her grabbing his hands and tying them together. “Better now. You move your hand again; ill spank the shit out of you. You understand?” shouted Bianca. Augustus was stunned; all he could do was nod in agreement. She took of his jeans and brushed the flogger against his rock hard dick. Then she ordered him to turn around which he willingly did. Bianca took off his boxers from behind and kissed his ass. This sent a shiver down his spine and caused more precum to ooze out from him dick. She planted soft kisses on his ass then out of the blue spanked him hard. Augustus cried in pain. This was unexpected. She spanked his ass again and again till the skin was burning red. Augustus was panting now. He felt Bianca get up and heard the door open. He laid there, his ass burning with pain. He heard the door open and Bianca got over him again. Then her mouth came over his butt. “Oh fuck!” cursed Augustus. The ice cube in Bianca’s mouth sent a chill down his spine but it did have a soothing effect over his burning ass. She rubbed the ice cube all over his ass with her mouth. This was such a turn on for him but with his hands tied together he couldn’t do anything to help it. Bianca continued her sweet torture. “Ma’am please! Please make me come” begged Augustus. Bianca took another ice cube in her mouth and pushed it towards his asshole, grazing it over his sensitive area. Augustus screamed in pain and pleasure. She turned him around and rubbed the ice cube against his dick, milking his balls simultaneously. This was too much, thought Augustus. He was too close. He moved his hips and tried to protest but all he could do was moan. Finally Bianca took his dick in her mouth and sucked hard. Her cold mouth around his hot and hard dick covered with precum. He started fucking her mouth like crazy, thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth. “Damn! Fuck I’m so close ma’am! Ah! Fuck. Don’t stop” Bianca sucked him hard, one hand stroking his length and the other milking his balls. She squeezed his balls and he screamed in pain. She took all of him inside and gaged because he was so big. She took his dick and placed it between her boobs. Augustus came loudly screaming Bianca’s name. His hot ejaculate spurted on Bianca’s boobs. She leaned forward and opened his blindfold. Looking at her boobs all covered in his cum was a huge turn on. She licked all of the cum off her boobs. Later that night while driving home, Augustus thought that he probably made the right decision.