I Think You're Right Ch. 3

It was two days before Shaun saw Ms. Russo again. He and Amanda were studying in dining room when she arrived home from work. Shaun noticed her face redden slightly when she saw him. She stared a moment at his body. Even sitting, he looked sexy. His short-sleeved shirt showed off his large biceps nicely. His dark chocolate skin looked tasty, and those deep brown eyes felt hypnotic. She wanted to run her fingers through his short afro hair.

“Oh hi,” she said, shaking herself out of her reverie.

“Hi mom,” Amanda replied.  “How was work?”

“I think I made a middle management guy pee his pants when I came down on him for his inefficiency.”

Amanda laughed, causing her curly blonde locks to bounce. “Really?”

“Yes, men think they have the upper hand when dealing with a woman in business. It’s amusing to watch them crumble when they realize that’s not the case.”

“Good for you, Ms. Russo,” said Shaun. “I’m surprised they haven’t learned yet. You do look very business-like with your suits, not weak or feminine at all.”

She scowled. “Did you just say my clothes aren’t feminine?”

“No,” Shaun replied. “I mean, that’s not what I meant. They’re very professional. I just prefer those suits with the skirt bottom on women. Well, I like skirts and short dresses in general.” He could see her getting impatient. “But I’m just saying, wearing something like that, and maybe wearing your hair down instead of in that braided bun, would make you look even more feminine and an easy target, so that when you lowered the hammer it would have even more of an impact.”

“Interesting,” Ms. Russo replied. “But having never been in a corporation, you really can’t tell me how to dress at mine.”

“Sorry,” Shaun replied. He feigned being uncomfortable and put in his place as he wondered if she’d obey his instructions in the letter and dress like he just said.

“What’s for dinner?” asked Ms. Russo.

“Jenny is making lasagne,” Amanda replied. “Shaun’s staying. We still have a lot to study this evening. Midterms are coming up.”

Shaun was still amused that the Latina business woman had a white maid/cook. He wondered if she chose Jenny to flip the stereotype. He just wished she’d chosen a hot maid instead of an older, pudgy one, but two out of three sexy women in a household wasn’t bad. Plus, Jenny was a sweetheart.

“Fine,” Ms. Russo said she pulled the clips out of her hair and shook it out. “I’m going to change.” Shaun watched her leave, seeing less of the business stride and more of a sultry sway.

When she returned, she wore a short, light sun dress. Shaun smiled.

“How are you two doing with classes?” Ms. Russo asked as they ate.

“I’m doing well,” Amanda said. “Economics is a bitch but I’m keeping my marks up.”

“You know you can come to me for help on that, honey,” Ms. Russo said.

“Yes, mom,” Amanda replied. “And if it gets worse, I will. Believe me. But Shaun’s been helping. He’s really good at it.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes,” her daughter replied. “But who you could help is Shaun.”

“Me?” Ms. Russo asked. “But you just said Shaun was good at economics.”

“He is, but we were just talking about his business project. He needs to interview a high-level executive, and since we have one living here, I thought you could help.”

Ms. Russo shot Shaun an annoyed glance. “I’m very busy.”

“Please mom? It would only take um…” She looked at Shaun.

“An hour,” he said.

“An hour,” Amanda repeated. “He helps me, you help him?” Her eyes both pleaded and sparkled.

Ms. Russo shrugged. “Fine. We can do it after dinner I suppose.”

“Can we do it tomorrow after dinner, Ms. Russo?” Shaun asked. “I don’t have the interview questions here with me.”

“She gave him that annoyed look again. “Ok, but keep it to an hour.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

The rest of the evening proceeded without incident, but shortly after he left the house Shaun received an email.

Dear Dr. Maddow,

Shaun was here tonight. You were right. The longer he stayed the more I could feel my attraction growing. I even agreed to work with him for an hour tomorrow. I’m actually looking forward to spending time with him, but I shouldn’t. He’s my daughter’s boyfriend. Perhaps we should schedule a session to use hypnosis to rid me of this attraction to him.


Jessica Russo.

He waited until he got back to his dorm room to reply, so he could think of an appropriate answer. The room’s five metre by four metre interior held his single bed at the back by a rear window. A small desk with this laptop and a lamp, and a dresser sat to the right of the door when one entered. He had put up a couple posters, one of Black Panther, one of Dr. Dre facing each other on the side walls. Relaxing into his swivel chair, he worked on his phone, smiling.

Dear Jessica,

I understand your concern, but I think that your attraction to Shaun is a good thing and so should you. It means you’ve really gotten over your ex-husband because you are able to have these feelings for another man. I think that letting your feelings grow will show us the expansiveness of your heart and show that it’s not closed off to new men.

I think you should continue to explore these feelings for Shaun and see how else he affects you. I’ve seen several other women go through this process and the reactions are quite common. For instance, I think that if he touches you in any way it will make you sexually aroused. Further contact will increase that arousal. This is normal and a good sign of your letting go of your husband even though you may find it uncomfortable at the time. I think that if he does touch you, you won’t stop him because of the physical pleasure it brings you, however, you may voice your opinions about the rightness of the situation and how it makes you feel. I think that if he whispers to you, you will always reply with the honest truth. Whispers create intimacy and I think you’ll always want to be truthful if a man you’re attracted to whispers to you.

However, your situation with Shaun ends up, I think you should write to me and tell me what happened, your feelings, and what you did to resolve any sexual tension he created. I think this is best course of action to open you up for a new relationship with a great man when you’re ready to have one.

Reply and tell me what you think.

Dr. Maddow.

Shaun sent off the email and a few minutes later received the reply.

Dear Dr. Maddow,

I think you’re right. I didn’t see how good a thing this is until you explained it. I am so happy to be getting over my ex. I’m so happy I haven’t shut myself down. Yes, it will be uncomfortable being attracted to my daughter’s boyfriend for a while, but if it means moving into a new amazing relationship with a great man then I’ll go through it.

Thank you so much,

Jessica Russo.


Shaun jacked off right away, finished studying, and then jacked off again while watching his videos before falling asleep.

The next day he was pleased to see Ms. Russo arrive home from work in a business suit with a skirt bottom. Seeing that she had kept her hair up, showed him he still had a way to go. She didn’t change before dinner, saying that she wanted to dress appropriately for a business interview. She scolded Shaun for not wearing a suit.

“If you were interviewing another executive would you have worn a suit?” she asked.

“Yes, but…”

“But nothing. I expect to be treated with the same respect you give other professionals. Do you think that’s fair?”

Shaun hung his head. “Yes ma’am. Very fair. Should I go home and change?”

She shook her head. “You’ve already made the mistake. Know better next time.”

“Yes ma’am.”

After dinner, Ms. Russo asked if Shaun wanted to do the interview in the living room. Shaun said sitting at the dining room would be more formal. The table was more like a desk.

The group sat and chatted in the family room while Jenny cleaned things up. When Amanda started up the stairs to her room, Ms. Russo pulled out her hair clips again. Her dark brown locks flowed down like a waterfall to reach her butt where it bounced slightly before settling.

“Are you ready?” she asked Shaun. He nodded, trying to keep his dick from rising as they got up and returned to the dining room. Before Ms. Russo could sit down Shaun offered his hand.

“Thank you for speaking with me this evening, Ms. Russo. I’m very grateful you could spare me the time.”

She smiled at his formality and took his hand. She was shocked at how wet her pussy got when she touched him. Shaun saw her eyes widen but said nothing. As she moved to sit he said, “Let me help you,” and pushed her seat in, making sure his hand came in contact with her shoulders. Ms. Russo felt her horniness build.

To her surprise, Shaun didn’t sit across from her but to her left at the end of the table. They were close enough that their knees could touch if they positioned themselves right.

Shaun kept the questioning professional since this was a real assignment he had to do. Ms. Russo could see the value of the questions and answered to the best of her ability. At one point, she gave a professional answer about treating employees, but Shaun raised an eyebrow.

“Really?” he said, putting a hand on her knee. She squirmed slightly in the chair. “I know there is a protocol to treating employees, but your comment the other day about putting that manager in his place, contradicts your answer now.”

“Speaking of contradictions,” she said. “It is inappropriate to put your hand on someone’s knee during an interview.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Shaun said as he removed his hand. He looked like he was going to continue but then said, “Wait a minute.” He placed his hand back. “This is inappropriate?”

“Ye-yes,” Ms Russo replied.

He lifted his hand again. “I can see how this…” He put his hand back. “Would be inappropriate in a job interview. But this is simply a fact-finding interview. It’s not like it would enter into the realms of harassment because I don’t intend to work for you. Can you explain it please?”

Her pussy was on fire now. She wanted to stroke her clit. His hand was still on her and her horniness continued to mount.

“It doesn’t matter the situation,” she said, her voice slightly breathless. “We’re not in a bar. We’re pretending this is an office environment. There’s a certain code of conduct.”

“I see,” said Shaun. “And are there varying degrees to the inappropriateness of this action?”

“I’m not sure I follow,” she said.

“Well, my hand is currently on your knee, but is that better or worse than my hand being here, on your thigh.”

A quiet moan escaped Ms. Russo.

Shaun continued. “One could argue that my hand on your thigh is more appropriate because now I’m touching your skirt and not directly in contact with your skin. But on the other hand, I’m farther up your leg.” He slid his hand back down to her knee. “So is this worse?” He slid his hand back up. “Or is this worse?”

“Both. I mean, neither. Sorry, I’m a bit confused about this line of questioning.”

“It’s just that there have been a lot of lawsuits over harassment lately and while some are clear, there are others where it seems like the man or woman was just being friendly and they got hit with a lawsuit. I’m wondering if personal opinion of the person committing the act has a bearing. You don’t like someone so even when they do something inoffensive you charge them. For instance, we know you don’t like me, so would you have said this type of touching was inappropriate if you did like me?”

He squeezed her leg. She gripped the bottom of her chair but did nothing to stop him.

“And what about this?” he asked holding up his hand. “Shake my hand.”

She did with a wariness in her eyes.

“This is appropriate but…” He pulled her in and put a hand on her shoulder. He whispered into her ear, “Is a quiet conversation like this appropriate.”

“It… it depends who it’s with and the nature of the conversation,” she whispered back. This close, his musky scent distracted her further.

He dropped his other hand onto her thigh. “But doing this is inappropriate,” he whispered.

“Yes,” she replied.

“But do you like the way it makes you feel?” he asked.

“Yessss,” she replied. Then her face flushed. Why did she just tell him that?

“Do you want me to stop touching you?”

“No. Yes.”

“Which is it?”

“Both,” she replied. “I want you to touch me more because it feels so good, but I want you to stop because it’s not right and driving me crazy.”

“But is your reaction to my touch appropriate or inappropriate?” he whispered.


“So, we’re both being inappropriate?” he asked.


“So I should stop?”

“I… I…”

He pulled back. “You’re right. Let’s finish the questions.”

With that he went back to business, finishing the questions on his list and then standing to thank her with a firm handshake. Ms. Russo thought her knees would buckle. Shaun yelled up to Amanda that he was leaving. She came down to kiss him good-bye. He said thank you to Ms Russo a final time and then came up and gave her a hug. She nearly came right then.

When Shaun arrived home a new email arrived within minutes.

Dear Dr. Maddow,

I did the school interview with Shaun today and you were right about his touch. I got hornier and hornier. It was all I could do not to touch myself or move his hand to where I wanted to be touched. After he left I rushed to my room and masturbated to two orgasms before I finally calmed down. I hope this isn’t too much information but you said to give you the details and I want to make sure we handle this right.

Part of me is scared to see him again, but a bigger part is excited. If he can create this level of arousal in me, just imagine what the right man will do to me!


Jessica Russo.

Shaun replied immediately.

Excellent Jessica.

Yes, please continue to send all the details and I think you should use language appropriate to what you’re thinking and doing at the time. There’s no need to be formal about this.

I’m glad to hear your sexual awakening is going well. I think you’ll find that you will only think of Shaun when you masturbate now, and I think that, until you have sex with him, the thought of having sex with him will overshadow any other real or potential sexual encounters. I think that you’ll behave as though you’re attracted to the person you’re with but deep down you’ll be wishing it was Shaun, imagining it was Shaun, though you will never reveal this to the person you are with. It’s funny how obsession works, isn’t it? I think that even if someone tells you how you feel attracted to them or are in need of them, you will automatically replace them with Shaun in your mind and any feelings you have to toward the other person will fade, although you’ll pretend otherwise.

I think you’ll actually enjoy trying to find ways to make Shaun want you, though you’ll also feel guilty about him being your daughter’s boyfriend. I think you love the cat and mouse game you’re playing because it makes you feel alive and sexy. I know you will never cross the line yourself and attack your daughter’s boyfriend, but I think if he kisses you, all your barriers will break and you’ll let him have his way with you.

What do you think?


Dr. Maddow.

A few minutes later Shaun got his reply.

Dear Dr. Maddow,

I think you’re right. How do you know me so well? I haven’t felt this sexual in years and it’s amazing. I see now that things got stagnant with my husband. That was one of the reasons he cheated on me. I’m not saying what he did was right, but now I see it wasn’t all his fault. I need to be like this all the time in my relationships. I don’t know why I stopped when it feels this good.

Thank you doctor for all that you are teaching me.


Jessica Russo.

Shaun smiled. He would soon be fucking his dream girl and at the same time weaning her off Dr. Maddow’s spell. He wanted to fuck right away but he had just set things up so she’d have to see Maddow first, possibly more than once. He could be patient.