The Other Job - The Gift Part Two

Finally, the weekend comes around and late at night, Natalie sends me the text I've been dying to read:

'we're 10 minutes from home u ready?'

I snap a photo of myself in her mirror. 'Yes'

'good c u soon'

Ten minutes of waiting is ten more minutes of wondering about what's about to happen. Ten minutes of longing for the threesome that's been on my mind the entire week. Looking into the mirror, I apply the dark cherry lipstick to my lips, the 'cherry' on top of my outfit, which includes the hood, teddy, and collar Natalie had bought, plus thigh-high stockings and black heels.

With a few minutes to kill, I do the only thing I can think of. The one itch I crave to scratch. Sitting on the toilet, I rub my slit. Every movement I make pushes me closer to the edge, but I have no intention of falling off of it. No, I merely want to be as aroused as possible. To be desperate when I finally meet Mr. Tsu, and ready for anything he may throw at me.

I spend the next few minutes toying on the edge of orgasmic bliss. I try to picture Mr. Tsu, and what exactly he might do to me. I'd been fantasizing about this moment for a week, and I still had no exact answers. Only guess after guess of what these two might want with me. I'll finally receive the answer tonight, and to be honest, it'll have a tough time living up to what my mind's conjured up.

That's when the door opens. There, I see Natalie, wearing a figure-hugging red dress. My hand instantly darts away from my pussy, like I've been caught doing something I shouldn't. Natalie only smiles, before saying "It's time."

I stand up as Natalie walks over to me. Once she's in front of me, she grabs my collar, and proceeds to lead me out of the room. There I'm met by Mr. Tsu, although the details are masked by my velvet hood. Still, I can make out enough. He seems rather tall, and I assume his build is rather muscular. He's also wearing a two-piece suit, likely dressing for a fancy restaurant date. Otherwise, he remains a mystery, the details of his face abstract at best.

"Happy anniversary dear." Natalie says.

"Who's that?" Mr. Tsu asks, with a hint of confusion in his voice.

"Amelia." Natalie says.

"She a friend?"

"She's a paid friend. Anything you want from her, just ask."

"Really?" Mr. Tsu asks.

"Yes." I confirm.

"Take my clothes off." He orders.

A step later, and I'm close enough to remove his jacket. I then rub his muscular chest through his dress shirt, before they meet at the middle, finding the buttons. With haste, I open his shirt up and seconds later, it's on the floor.

"See how eager she is?" Natalie states.

"Very." Mr. Tsu replies.

My hands grip his belt buckle as I bite my lip. "I've been thinking about this all week Sir."

"Hmmm. How about you kiss my wife?"

I turn to Natalie who suddenly locks lips with me, fulfilling her husband's desire. My hands squeeze on her ass as her breasts press against mine. Our tongues then thrash together as I wonder if I should take it further and touch Natalie's other 'lips'. Before I can make a move, Mr. Tsu makes his, moving behind me and pressing his crotch up against my ass.

"Think I need to get in on this." He says.

I turn my head to the right and kiss him. As he kneads my breasts, I hear the rustling of Natalie's dress.

"Babe." She says.

We both turn to the now naked Natalie, and Mr. Tsu says "Yes?"

"What more do you want to do with Amelia?"

"Anything off limits?"

I start rubbing my ass against his erection that is straining against his pants. "Nothing at all, Sir. You can do whatever your heart desires with me. Tie me up, spank me, use my mouth, my pussy, my ass. Anything you want."

"Get on your knees."

"Yes Sir."

I fall to my knees and wonder why he wants me there. He then walks around me, making sure his ass is in my face. "Lick my ass."

"Yes Sir."

Without thinking, I part his cheeks and begin rimming his hole, to which he moans "Ohh... Fuck."

"Did you doubt what I was saying, dear?"

"Heh... A bit."

"Well, now you know that this little whore is ours to use tonight, so whatever you want babe, just say."

As my tongue continues to swirl around his hole, my heart skips a beat, eager to hear what Mr. Tsu will ask for next. So far I've only gotten a taste of how kinky these two can get, but I'm sure I'll have a complete idea by the time the night is over.

"I think we should tie her up." Mr. Tsu says.


"Yeah. Grab the cuffs. She can keep licking my ass."

As Natalie moves off, I reach around and begin tugging on Mr. Tsu's length. Whilst not huge, he had a bit extra girth and length compared to the average cock, and I can't wait for it all to be inside of me. Then again, maybe these two will tease me a bit before, but I don't need any more teasing. I just need Mr. Tsu's cock inside of me.

Eventually, Natalie pulls me up, saying "Come here."

She takes me to the bed where I lay down. There, she cuffs both my hands to the bedpost whilst I spread my legs for her husband. As soon as he puts his weight on the bed, we both look to him, eager for whatever he'll say next.

"What shall we do with him now, babe?" Natalie asks.

"Finger her." He commands.


Natalie's finger sinks inside me without any resistance. It's a mere taste of what Mr. Tsu has for me, but I still moan all the same.

"Ohh baby. She's soaking wet for you." Natalie coos.

She then kisses me before I can reply. As she kisses me, she puts her thumb on my clit and begins to rub. That's when her lips part from mine, allowing me to moan for both her and her husband.

"You like that Amelia?" Mr. Tsu asks.

Looking at him, I smile. "Yes..."

"You want his cock more though, don't you?" Natalie taunts.

"Ahh... Yes please..." I moan as Mr. Tsu starts stroking his cock in front me. God, I just want him inside of me. How can he watch me moan in ecstasy and just sit there and stroke? Surely he wants to be inside of me as badly as I want him inside.

"Wanna get a condom babe?"

Shaking my head, I say "No condom... I'm on the pill."

"Oh, you are a naughty little whore. You want him to cum inside of you?" Natalie then squeezes another finger inside of me.

"Agh... Yes. I want him to fill me up with his cum."

"You getting close?"

Her fingers move faster as I nod frantically. "Yes."

"Do you want to cum for me and my husband?"

"Yes!" I shout, feeling my legs tremble.

"Beg for it." Mr. Tsu demands.

"Ahh! Please let me cum... Please I've been a good little whoreeeeeee."

Right as the word leaves my mouth, I find myself throwing my head back as my body shudders throughout a climax. As I catch my breath, I feel Natalie's fingers meet with my lips, dripping with my wetness. Instinctively, I suck my nectar off as Natalie says "What are you waiting for babe?"

Without further ado, Mr. Tsu pushes my legs towards my chest and then puts the cock I've been desperate for against the lips of my entrance. With a slow push, he enters me, making me moan.

"That's it baby." Natalie says. "How does that pussy feel?"

"So good." He states. The two then share a few kisses before Mr. Tsu starts slowly thrusting, indulging in my soaking wet slit. The position he's got me in makes it feel like he's fucking me as deep as possible.

"You like that?" Natalie asks.

"Yes..." I moan.

"What do you say?"

"Ahh... Thank you."

"This is what I come home to every night. He fucks me in this position and makes me cum over and over again."

Mr. Tsu then starts giving me long, hard thrusts. Each one he gives me hits my spot just right, causing me to yelp every time he does so. My fists clench as the sensation of his pounding takes over my mind.

"He's right on your spot, isn't he?" Natalie taunts.

"Ah... Yes." I cry out.

In response, Mr. Tsu starts pistoning faster, trying his hardest to overwhelm me. Within seconds he's got me on the brink, my legs trembling as I cry "Ohh fuck... You're making me cum!"

That's when my body quivers once more, overcome by the sensation. Mr. Tsu's cock slides out of me, but he still holds me in this folded-up position.

"That everything you wanted?" Natalie asks.

"Yes... Thank you Mr. Tsu."

"Oh, he's only getting started, aren't you dear?"

"Yep." Mr. Tsu says, before inching his cock back inside of me.

"Ohh fuck..." I gasp.

"Bet you wish you could come home to this every day?" Natalie adds.

"Ah... Fuck yes... You're so lucky..."

"Damn right I am."

Mr. Tsu emphasizes her point by plowing me as fast and hard as possible. Even through my lacey mask, I can see the determination on his face, his teeth gritting together as he puts every muscle in his body to work ravaging me. At this point, I'm not even sure if he cares about my pleasure, but fuck does it ever feel good. I make no attempt to mute myself either, screaming "Oh fuck... Fuck...fuck you're making me cum-ahhhh!"

As another climax ripples throughout me, I hear Mr. Tsu let out a grunt. His seed then floods my channel, and he proceeds to give me a few more thrusts to make sure he's completely drained. Now done, he pulls out and lets my legs fall back on the mattress. As I catch my breath, I hear Natalie say "You know the best part about my husband though?"


"He's always ready for another round."

"Think it might be your turn." Mr. Tsu says.


"How about you get the lube?"

"Mhmm. One second."

Natalie then unlocks my restraints, and says "Get him hard whilst I grab my stuff."

"Yes Natalie."

Sitting upright, I come face to face with Mr. Tsu's flaccid member. Immediately, I begin kissing it, whilst using my hand to rub his ballsack. As his length stiffens, I take it in my mouth, bobbing my head back and forward. It sure sucked knowing that I was merely getting him ready to fuck his wife, but maybe if I'm lucky, I might get something in return.

After a seemingly long time, Natalie returns to the bed, before pushing me onto my back. Mr. Tsu moves out of the way, allowing Natalie to mount me and hand me a wand vibrator.

"I'm sure you know how to use this?" She says.

"Yes Miss."

I put it on my slit, so Natalie positions herself on top of me, her breasts pressing against mine. Looking into my eyes, she says "Only turn it on when I say."

"Okay Miss."

That's when I hear Mr. Tsu squeeze on the bottle. I look to Natalie's face, waiting for it to shift once Mr. Tsu finally enters her. When he finally does, Natalie lets out a moan as her jaw becomes agape. The shock of Mr. Tsu's entrance is soon replaced by a broad smile and lustful moans. Moans that tell me how good it feels. Moans that I want to make.

"Oh yeah... Fuck that tight ass baby." Natalie coos.

Natalie doesn't hold back. Maybe she's exaggerating for her husband. Maybe she's just trying to tease me. Hell, maybe a little bit of both. Either way, she's achieved the later with ease. As Mr. Tsu thrusts faster and faster, Natalie moaned louder and louder, her body relaxing into me and her head resting to the left of mine. This gives me a view of her husband, which was one I had not too long ago. One of intense focus and determination. The only difference is who that focus was.

"Ugh... Turn that toy on."

With a press of a button, I bring the vibrator to life. Both Natalie and I scream in unison as the toy takes over our bodies. Then again, I know the added sensation is still just a taste of what Natalie is feeling right now, and judging by the barrage of passionate cries she's unleashing, it feels at least as good as it sounds. I find myself closing my eyes and focusing on my other senses, such as the noise of Natalie's moans, the smell of sweat and sex filling the room, and of course, the vibrations pulsating on my sensitive clit.

"Oh fuck... Fuck I'm gonna cum!" Natalie declares.

A few thrusts later, and Natalie becomes a shuddering mess, quaking on top of my own body, trembling to the vibrations of the toy. That trembling soon turns into an uncontrollable spasm as I join Natalie in orgasmic bliss. She ends up slumped on top of me, panting for air. After a second or so, she's back on top of me, kissing my lips until Mr. Tsu's cock is back inside of her.

"Ahh... Give it to me." She demands.

I shut my eyes and again I find myself lost in the sensations surrounding me, including the vibrator. Soon enough those sensations build to Natalie and I hitting one more climax, our bodies pulsating in unison. This time, when Natalie catches her breath, she turns to her husband.

"You close?"

"Yeah... I wanna finish in Amelia's mouth."


Natalie moves off, as Mr. Tsu is somehow able to drag me around the bed. I soon find myself laying on my back, my head danging off the edge of the bed. Certain of what's coming next, I drop my jaw and prepare to swallow Mr. Tsu's length. As he gets in front of me, his hands proceed to grab the opening of my hood, and tear it open, finally revealing my face.

His length then plunges into my mouth, his balls slapping against my face as he thrusts with vigor. Drool oozes out of my mouth before Natalie says "Let's see if we can make this slut come one more time."

That's when that damn vibrator meets with my slit once more, instantly causing my legs to jolt. My moans are muted by Mr. Tsu's length but are surely audible. As the sudden stimulation takes over my body, my hands claw into the bedsheets, to which Natalie yells "Yes. Yes! Cum for us one more time slut."

Mr. Tsu then drives his length as deep as it will go and holds it. Finally, he spurts what little seed he has left down my throat, right as cum for them one last time. The world seems to spin as I lay there, near delirious after what's just happened. Meanwhile, Natalie says "How was that babe?"

"Best anniversary gift ever." Mr. Tsu replies.

I then sit up and look to a beaming Natalie. "I agree with him."