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27 Mar. '20

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Following Terry and Chrissy’s coital, exercising ECG the group met in Dr Bridge’s office.

He started by explaining to Terry that the exercise proved his stent was working as it should and that Terry should have no trouble exercising in the foreseeable future. “So, we have proved an anatomical success and, no doubt, you are relieved at this result thus we have proved at least partial psychological relief. But that is Dr Wilson’s area of expertise so I will hand you over to her – Alison.”

“Yes, I agree entirely however, I think we should be a little circumspect in respect of how much we have achieved. One sparrow does not a summer  make - so said some ancient philosopher. Although I must say, to you Terry, the fact you had no trouble achieving and maintaining an erection was, in itself, a giant leap forward. Had you failed you would have presented me with a very difficult problem – anxiety impotence. I think both you - Terry and you - Chrissy are greatly relieved by today’s exercise but I think you will both harbour anxieties for quite some time yet. And even a trivial mishap during intercourse could trigger a severe relapse.

“I would like to keep in touch with you both at least for the time being. And with that in mind I will defer to Dr Bridge again to outline a plan for you both to consider.”

“Thank you Alison. What we are saying is that we think it would be wise for you both to continue having sexual experiences under supervision. In normal circumstances that would probably be prohibitively expensive but I am about to make you an offer you probably can’t refuse. Alison - let’s drop the formalities - and I are participants in a worldwide research project into the cardiovascular physiology and psychology of sex.

“Let me say, also, that this is not a new concept. You have probably heard of Masters and Johnson. A male gynaecologist and a female psychologist, who started research into human sexuality in 1957. One of their projects involved laboratory observation and measurements of 700 couples having intercourse or masturbating. Their first book was published in 1966 and more followed. So, what we did today while probably pretty risqué or even kinky to you - is old hat. Even before that Dr Kinsey published a research based book, “Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male.” and others later. A final, perhaps extreme, example of sexual observation by researchers is the fact you can find today, on You Tube, videos of  MRI scans of the pelvis of couples during  intercourse.

“What we would like to do is observe you having sex with multiple successive partners, or even multiple concurrent partners. You will meet each new partner in advance and may refuse a partner no questions asked. In every instance you would both be monitored exactly as you were today – ECG, blood pressure, temperature and so on, observed by both Alison and me and with a nurse – usually but not always Bridgit - with questionnaires and interviews by Alison and me, separately, afterwards. There will be no cost to you – the expenses are covered by a research grant. Before working with each new partner you will need to have tests for sexually transmitted diseases as do the partners. Also of no charge to you. Which reminds me…” and he scribbled out two pathology request forms and handed them one each.

“From my point of view we would gain a great deal of knowledge of the cardiovascular system of men and women of all ages and all pair combinations and of general fitness and its variations and impact on sex. That will be beneficial when advising  cardiac patients. Any questions?”

Terry and Chrissy looked at each other. Then Chrissy asked how frequently the tests would run and at what times. Haydn replied saying the frequency would be about once per fortnight and most often in the afternoon, rarely, in special circumstances at night.

Terry asked if he could recruit Sally as his first partner and Rachel for second. The doctors had no problems with that. “

Chrissy said, “I will have to fit it in with my work shifts and I have one request, or perhaps demand.”

“Oh, and what is that Chrissy?” asked Haydn.

“My first test must be with you.”

That was followed by a short silence with the two doctors looking at each other.

Chrissy then interjected looking at Alison, “And you will be second.”

Another short silence followed then Alison spoke.

“I think I speak for both of us in saying we are honoured and will be happy to oblige.” Haydn nodded in agreement while smiling at Chrissy and saying. “Bridgit is going to be busy. Might get a bit jealous to.”

“I would be happy to help you sort that out.” Terry volunteered.

Haydn wrapped it all up, “OK then. That’s about it for now. We will contact you as soon as the arrangements are made. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

“What do you think about all that?” Terry asked Chrissy as he drove out of the parking area.

“Interesting to say the least. Always happy to oblige with clinical research. Never had an offer like that before either – well, not from a sober doctor in the workplace anyway. Hope I didn’t offend you by not asking for a repeat with you. Just thought I would grasp the opportunity for some variation.”

“I was not offended, Chrissy. In fact I am now looking forward to having multiple partners with no strings attached. It will be interesting to learn Sally’s thoughts. I doubt she will refuse to participate. Which reminds me she comes home on Saturday – three days away. Must ask Rachel if she needs any work done around Sally’s yard or office.”

“Reminds me too – I will have to move back to my unit before Saturday.”

“I was hoping you would wait until she is home. I must insist on her meeting you. I’m sure she will feel the same. You must stay for dinner Saturday and we’ll get Rachel over. Might even invite Jane and Nathan as well.”

“That’s OK but I will take all my gear home and get set up on Saturday then I can make a clean break after the dinner. BBQ I presume? And you and Sally will need some privacy that night too.”

“It is the cooking I do best and is easy and doesn’t make a mess of the kitchen. And Sally is experienced at threesomes – not that I am suggesting we should have one – but I had better shut up I’m making a hash of it.”

“I’m sure what will be will be. I start afternoon shift on Monday. I’ve got the weekend off. Thought I might ask Rachel if she would do the beach thing again on Sunday – you too, and Sally, of course.”

“Sounds like a good idea. What do you feel like for dinner?”

“Hadn’t thought about it. Something simple.”

Rachel was at Terry’s place when they arrived. She was in the kitchen, naked, working on washing and drying cutlery, crockery and barbie tools.

“Hi,” she called as they came through the front door. “I’m in the kitchen. Can’t help myself. None of this didn’t really need it but I had nothing else to do. Tidied up outside too. Tell me about your day.”

They entered the kitchen and immediately undressed, draping their clothes over chairs. Then big hugs and kisses all round.

Terry grabbed a tea towel and started drying. “Have we got a story to tell you, Rachel. Let’s tidy this up and we’ll sit down and have a chat. Chrissy, feel like making some drinks? – I’ll have Chivas and soda.”

“Coming up. I’m having an SSB, what’s your Rachel.?”

“Same - SSB.

So, they discussed the day’s events. Rachel was very interested and readily agreed to participate in the research program. “I have no doubt Sally will be in it too.” She said. “Mind you she is going to be flat out for the first couple of  weeks. I’ve been going to the office every day checking phone messages and the on-line bookings. But I have made sure your regular Thursday evening massage is booked Terry, and we will still get our massage tute.”

“Great stuff. Oh, we better ring Dr Bridge’s office tomorrow and ask for a pathology request from for Rachel and Sally.”

 “I’ll do that.” Chrissy said, “And Rachel, you need to see this guy – Dr Bridge, Haydn – what a hunk. I demanded I have my first test with him. He agreed. And I also demanded to do a test with Dr Wilson – Alison. She is something special, self-confessed bi, told her you and I were bi too. She seemed flattered when I asked her.”

“I reckon she went weak at the knees Chrissy. And she blushed too. I think you are on a winner with both of them.”

“Well, she is going to have to be something really special to bump Haydn out of the pack. Might have to be a threesome. She did say she was bi.”

Terry’s phone vibrated and he walked out of the room to answer it.

He returned within a few minutes – “That was Nathan and Jane. They are in the neighbourhood and want to drop in. Shouldn’t be long.” Whereupon the doorbell rang. Terry went to the door, looked through the peephole and pulled the door open, “That was quick. Come on in.”

“Yes. Fact is we were parked in your driveway when we rang.” smiled Nathan shaking Terry’s hand from behind Jane as she hugged Terry. Then into the kitchen to enthusiastic welcomes from Rachel and Chrissy as they both stripped naked. Terry’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of Jane’s voluptuous body - giving him a bit of a transient shock. More hugs and kisses with Rachel and Chrissy, drinks ordered and they all adjourned outside.

After they had talked it all out, and got through another round of drinks, Nathan and Jane had agreed to take part in the research. Chrissy volunteered to advise Dr Bridge and ask for pathology request forms for them.  She took their particulars and went inside the house to make the call. They decided to call out for pizzas rather than start cooking. Jane took the orders and phoned them in to a nearby shop.

“You guys need to meet Sally, too.” said  Rachel. “We are going to the beach on Sunday. Hope Sally will come too. Will you be there?”

“Hadn’t planned anything. What do you think, Jane?” Nathan replied.

“Oh, yes please. And how about we all go back to our place for a barbie afterwards. We have a pool too if you want a swim. Clothing optional. We will provide everything – and I do mean everything in the way of food and drinks that is. You OK with that Nathan?”


Chrissy returned, phone still in her hand, and stood looking at them all – a strange look on her face. The chatter stopped, they looked at her.

“Is something wrong, Chrissy?” Terry asked.

She smiled, “Oh, no. But you won’t believe this. Dr Bridge’s receptionist said, if I rang, she was to put me through to him. Fact is he will join us at the beach on Sunday and bring Alison – he put me on hold while he rang her. He wanted to take me out Saturday night but I will be here with Sally, Rachel and Terry. That OK with you all? Can they come to your place too, Nathan?”

“Yes, of course. As long as we don’t come to fisticuffs over all you ladies, naked, at the beach.”

“He could come here Saturday.” Terry said.

“I thought of that but, no. Saturday is Sally’s first night home. It wouldn’t be fair to her.”

“Yes, didn’t consider that.” replied Terry.

After the pizzas were devoured Rachel went home to her boys. Ultimately, Terry took Jane to bed where they exhausted each other in a frenzy of sex. Nathan and Crissy went to bed in the spare room and enjoyed  similar sexual activities.

In the morning both couples enjoyed morning glories then showers and emerged still naked. Terry cooked bacon, eggs and hash browns for breakfast. The girls looked after coffee and toast. Then cleaned up.

“Time for us to go.” announced Nathan handing Jane her clothes from the chair she had draped them on. “But, one thing before we get dressed and depart…” He took Chrissy in a passionate embrace and prolonged kiss. Jane took her cue and embraced and kissed Terry. “I’m looking forward to our next meeting.” she said.

“That looks like being Sunday but I will need to give my attentions to Sally.”

“Yes. I am aware of that. But there will come other opportunities I am sure. Bye“

They said the goodbyes at the front door before opening it – Terry and Chrissy were still naked.

“Well, what now Chrissy? Looks like you are a real hit with Haydn. Wish I was forty years younger – I’d have a dash at Alison.”

“Well, at least you can look forward to some great sex with her even if you will be hooked up to their computers and with an audience. Does the audience bother you Terry?”

“Strangely enough, no. I thought it might and I was a bit embarrassed when we stripped off but it soon passed. In fact I think I enjoyed it. Bit like being naked at the beach.”

“Yes. That’s very much the way I feel about it. Want to know what I would like right now?”

“I have a feeling you are going to tell me anyhow. But would it be you would like a massage?”

“You can read minds can’t you?”

“No, I can’t, but I’m pretty good at guessing. Come along then. One thing, though, I would rather not try the standing doggy again just yet. If that’s what you want it will have to be vanilla doggy on the bed.” Taking her hand he led her into the massage room, turned her to him and embraced her, pulling her breasts into his chest, hands down to her buttocks pushing her pelvis into his. His erect penis stood up against her abdomen. She reached down with one hand to encircle it and rub her thumb across the drop of precum at the tip.

“Mmmm that is so nice but that’s enough. Onto the table, face down and lets do the massage.”

She turned, swung her right leg up and over the massage table then lay down drawing her left leg up alongside the right. She wriggled about a bit to get comfortable, placed her face into the round pillow, lifting her feet as Terry placed a bolster under them. Then he began his ministrations.

He went through each massage technique sequenced exactly as he had during the test. With Chrissy face up he nuzzled, licked, kissed and nibbled her nipples while his right hand massaged her labia with his ring finger inside, curved forward to stroke her G-spot and thumb massaging her clitoris. She came in grand style, back arched, hand screwing the sheet on the couch, pelvis thrusting forward in time with Terry’s strokes inside her vagina. Slowly, Chrissy returned to earth, relaxed and went floppy.

He gave her time to get her breath back then got a warm, wet flannel and proceeded to clean her out vaginal folds, perineum where secretions had trickled down, inner thighs and breasts. He patted her dry with a hand towel.

“God you do that so beautifully. I can’t help but wonder if Haydn can do as well.”

“You will find out soon enough young lady. Ready to take the dog for a run?”

“Woof, woof.” She said as she rolled onto her right side to sit up and swing her legs down.

He smiled, took her hand to help her off the table then she led him into his bedroom holding his penis. He flung the cover, blanket and top sheet back over the end onto the floor. Slapping her gently on the bottom he then helped her up onto the bed where she crawled into position with her elbows on the sheet, face turned toward Terry and bottom high in the air. Her wet pussy gaped beneath her puckered anus.

Terry crawled onto the bed behind her, rose up onto his knees, changed his mind and repositioned so that her could kiss her labia, run his tongue up and down each protruding lip in turn and also firmly lick her clitoris with his nose between the lips.

“God, that is beautiful.” she sighed, “But I want you inside me, please Terry.”

He rose back up on his knees, shuffled into position behind her, held his penis at her entrance then slowly pressed forward and into the hilt. Chrissy moaned and reached back between her legs to fondle his scrotum. As his stroke speed increased she joined in the rhythm, both elbows firmly on the bed, her pelvis thrusting back against his thighs and lower abdomen.  His hands reaching forward to massage her breasts. In due course they both came together silently but each forcing against the other in muscular spasm, he dragging her hips back to him. She felt his hot semen squirt into the depths of her vagina. He felt her vagina gripping around his penis and he stayed there until his penis drained of semen, became flaccid and flopped out.

He flopped down on the bed beside her as she allowed her knees to straighten then she was prone alongside him. Some time during the night he got up to pee and pulled up the sheet and blankets. That is how the sunlight found them in the morning.

Terry woke her with a coffee, bringing his own too. “Wakey, wakey little lady.” As he placed her coffee on the bedside cupboard and sat on the bed . Curled up in the foetal position she groaned, rolled onto her back and kicked off the blanket and sheets while  stretching her arms above her head. Her breasts and nipples stood up proudly. She sat up, swung her legs off the bed and went to the toilet – “Have to pee. Won’t be long.”

She returned, stacked the pillows against the bed head and lay back against them reaching for her coffee. She took a sip, “Mmm, nice. Thank you, Terry. Shall we have a morning glory?”

“Let’s finish our coffee first. And it will have to be our last. I need to prepare myself for Sally. Wouldn’t do to be empty and unable to rise to the occasion when she gets home.”

She finished her coffee before Terry, replaced the cup, rearranged the pillows, lay back and reached out to grasp his very erect penis.

“I’ll just hang onto this until you’re ready.”

“Ready right now,” he said  putting his cup down alongside hers.

He reached down to stroke her vaginal lips - she spread her legs.

“Good, nice and moist.” as he moved  over her, between her legs and immediately placing the head of his penis at her vaginal lips. She crossed her arms over his neck, pulling his face down for a kiss as he slowly slipped inside. She moaned and lifted her pelvis a little then, spreading her legs to the maximum she crossed them over his thighs. Thus locked, they proceeded with small movements – he twisting his penis from side to side and up and down, within the limits of their embrace, stimulating all areas of her vagina.

As they progressed their passion increased, she let her legs unlock so that her feet were on the sheet enabling her to lift and tilt her pelvis to counter his increasingly powerful, passionate thrusts. With orgasm fast approaching their convolutions became frantic and, ultimately, they both came simultaneously, locked tight together in the ultimate embrace. 

Chrissy showered while Terry prepared a light breakfast. They ate in silence.

“You OK Chrissy – you’re a bit quiet.”

“Yes, Terry. I’m fine. I was thinking about the events of the last two weeks and the time I have spent here with you. You are such a gentleman and a superb lover. I never knew sex could be so good as it has been with you. But – all good things must come to an end and when Sally gets home I, more-or-less, hand you back to her. With thanks.”

“Chrissy, when one door closes another opens. You next door is already ajar – that’s with Haydn. There is obviously a very strong magnetism between you. I will be surprised if you don’t become an item and even finish up married.”

“Cut it out, Terry. Marriage is not something I am anticipating in the near future. Anyway, I must away. The blood, guts and lunatics await me in the Emergency Department and so do the patients. See you tonight – an abstinent night too but not to worry. Bye”.  And she was gone.

Hugs and kisses in the arrivals lounge, collected case from baggage carousel and got out of the parking area without any holdups.

“So, Sall, how did it all go?”

“Great Terry. The conference was excellent. Learned a few new tricks – I’ll have to teach them to you and Rachel in our sessions too. Caught up with a few old friends from the massage profession and the formal dinner was very good. Couldn’t fault it at all.”

“Great. And how about the visit to your brother?”

“Excellent. Just like old times although we do see each other at least annually.” She paused, then continued, “I suppose this is as good a time as any to explain that Ron is not a real brother. It’s a long story, but here goes.

“We had separate parents who were completely unrelated. They had only one child – Ron who was always a very nice kid. They lived next door to us and were very close friends. And there was a third family who lived next door to us on the other side. They had one child – a daughter named Toni. Toni’s father was killed in a car crash – she never knew him. Her mother continued living next door.

All three of us kids were born in the same year. We were together as toddlers and have remained closely bonded ever since. In the families we were collectively referred to as, “The Kids.”  And brother and sisters.

Ron’s parents, and mine, were full blown nudists. Toni’s Mum wasn’t originally but, becoming very friendly with Mum after her husband was killed, she gradually moved that way. From the time each of us could walk we never wore clothes unless we had to and assumed that it was completely normal for parents and their friends to be naked.

As we progressed with life we adjusted to wearing clothes to school but they were removed as soon as we got home. We three kids were in the same class at the same school so, whenever there was homework, we would do it together at one of the houses – all naked. We did sleep overs naked. Along the way my Dad and Ron’s Mum left us and moved interstate together. They still are. Mum and Ron’s Dad remained friends, with benefits, but did not want to marry.

Fast forward to age sixteen and we were taking a serious interest in each other’s bodies. Long story short, Ron deflowered both us girls in my bedroom while our mothers played cards in the living room one cold winter afternoon. It was done with our eager, willing consent. It became a regular event with Ron and either one of us girls or all three together. Mum and Toni’s Mum had anticipated such an event and got us both onto the pill about a year prior.

I got an apprenticeship with a hairdresser, Toni got a job at the local library and finished up a fully qualified librarian, Ron did an electrician apprenticeship and now owns his own, very successful business – and is married to Toni. We remain as close as geography permits. I never married, had a succession of suitors but none I wanted to marry. I am bisexual – no doubt as a consequence of my upbringing – lost interest in hairdressing and studied massage. And all this brings me to my little holiday with my brother – and sister. We spent three days and nights reliving parts of our youth – the sexy parts. Honestly Terri it was a magnificent sexual smorgasbord. We all slept in their king size double bed, had sex in it, in the kitchen, in the lounge, in the shower – where-ever. Me and Ron with Toni observing, Toni and me with Ron observing and tickling here and there, Ron and Toni with me observing and stroking and tickling, and the occasional Toni and I having a sixty-niner while Ron slipped into the anus of whoever was on top . Loved every minute of it. But I did occasionally think of you and Rachel and Chrissy. You gave me a hell of a shock with your heart attack. Whew, I’ve said enough. Your turn.

“That was a fascinating story Sally. You have to write a book. Nothing much for me to report apart from the heart attack, Chrissy saving my life. And the research project.”

“What research project? Rachel hasn’t told me anything about a research project.”

“Well, we aren’t far from home. I guess you want to go to your place first but we are dining at my place with Rachel and Chrissy. At my insistence. So I will give an abbreviated version of the what the project is all about now and elaborate later on.”

As they drew into Sally’s driveway she said, “Well, that is interesting. I will be a willing participant. Will put an entirely new adventure into my sex life. Oh, look, Rachel is here. That’s her car.”

There were hugs and kisses all round with fast and furious chatter. Terry carried Sally’s case in and opened it for the girls to sort out. He left them to it saying he would make a few preparations at his place. The girls agreed and promised to walk around later.

When Sally and Rachel arrived Terry was, of course naked. They immediately followed suit. Terry and Sally hugged each other tightly with their hands running up and down the other’s back. Terry’s penis started to stand to attention which did not escape the observation of Rachel. “Do you two want to slip down to the bedroom for a while? I’ll keep watch out here.”

“What do you think Sall?”

“Yes please.”

“Don’t mind at all if you want to join us Rachel. Nothing you haven’t witnessed before.”

“Yes, you must come too Rachel.” added Sally.

So all three went to the bedroom with Sally leading Terry by the penis with one hand and pulling Rachel into close contact with the other.

Sally sat at the edge of the bed, Rachel climbed up on the other side and lay down leaning on her left elbow to watch. Terry stood in front of Sally and weighed her breasts in his hands before bending down to kiss each in turn. Then he dropped to his knees, pressed her knees wide apart and proceeded with vigorous cunnilingus. Sally lay back, sighing. She reached back over her head, felt Rachel and pulled her towards herself manoeuvring her so that Rachel’s breasts came to her face. Simultaneously she raised her legs, spread wide and lay them over Terry’s shoulders. While he kissed, sucked and licked her vaginal lips and clitoris Sally nibbled, sucked and licked Rachel’s nipples in turn. Rachel twisted around further until she could mouth and massage Sally’s nipples and breasts.

With one final labial kiss Terry stood, closed Sally’s legs and swung her around onto the bed spreading her legs again. “Sorry Rachel,” as he disrupted her attention to Sally’s breasts. Without further comment he lay between Sally’s spread legs and slipped his penis into her vagina to the hilt. He raised himself on his arms to gain maximum penetration, held it there for a short while then bent to kiss her breasts again. Sally wound  her legs around his thighs, pulled his face down for a kiss with her hands then pushed him back up. “On my face please Rachel. Facing Terry”

“This isn’t going to work, ladies. Swap with me Sall. I’ll lay on my back you straddle me cowgirl style and Rachel on my  face, facing you.” Terry ordered.

Rachel needed no urging,  swinging her leg over Terry’s head to put her vagina straight onto his mouth before leaning forward to fasten her mouth over Sally’s and grasping her breasts. Sally worked hard on Terry’s penis and he worked hard on Rachel with his tongue and lips on her clitoris and his nose into her vagina. In due course all three climaxed together.

When his penis slipped out Terry lay between Sally and Rachel. He manoeuvred an arm under the head of each and drew them close.

“Welcome home, Sally.” he said.

“Nice to be here and what better welcome.” she replied. “This is pretty much like how it all started on your birthday Terry.”

“Yes. And a fair bit of sexual energy has been expended by each of us since then. Except for Rachel. Which raises a point, should you not be going to look after your boys, Rachel.”

“No. Forgot to mention. I took them to the school this morning and put them on a bus. They are off to Canberra for a week – school camp they call it. The boys are excited about seeing the War Memorial, Parliament House, Australia Zoo and a few other things. It will be a bit lonely without them but they will be back in a week.”

“Rachel – don’t you dare think you can be lonely. We will look after you and fill the gap. We are going to be working together too but you will sleep at my place or Terry’s. You will not sleep alone. I will insist on that. In fact I think it would be good if we all slept together.” Sally sternly ordered.

“I don’t want to be a nuisance.”

“That would be the day.” Terry said, softly, drawing Rachel closer and rolling her toward him so that her breasts flattened against his chest and giving her a kiss. Sally rolled towards him too her left breast right onto his chest, the right breast flat against his rib cage. They all dozed off.

“Any body here? Where are you?” woke them.

Terry checked his watch. “Strewth, it’s Chrissy, we must have slept for a while.”

Then he called out, “Down here in the bedroom Chrissy. You know the way.”

The girls stirred. Sally tried to get up but Terry held her back. Chrissy appeared in the doorway, naked, having stripped as soon as she entered the front door.

“Well, well, well. What have we here? Looks like an orgy. Can I joint in?” as she walked around the bed to lean down and kiss Rachel on the mouth and tweaking a nipple. She leaned further over to kiss Terry and shake his penis. Walking around the bed again, “And you must be the lovely Sally. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about you.” Standing next to Sally she extended her hand. Sally grasped it, squeezed it and drew Chrissy closer.

“And you must be the wonderful Chrissy who saved the life of our hero.” So saying she drew Chrissy forward forcing her to put one knee up on the bed. Sally drew her closer then down so that she could kiss her. Chrissy was off balance but did not resist causing her to put her left hand forward to maintain balance. Her palm contacted Sally’s right breast so she held it there squeezing gently as Sally’s right hand went behind her head pulling her in closer while still kissing her. Sally’s left hand immediately felt for and found Chrissy’s vagina inserting a curved middle finger to tickle her G-spot.

 “Well, this is the first time I have ever been introduced to a beautiful, young, naked Joan of Arc who seems attracted to me, while I am naked, laying flat on my back, dribbling semen and copious vaginal secretions  in the arms of my naked male lover and another beautiful, young, naked lady-lover, up close, personal and very welcome. Very pleased to meet you Chrissy.”

“That’s the formalities out of the way then.” said Terry. “I am in no hurry to extricate myself from this predicament but, anyone want a drink? Need to start thinking about dinner too girls.”

“Mind if I shower, Terry? A day’s travelling and all this exertion. If I don’t shower I’ll start to smell.”

“May I join you, Sally. I’ve been working all day and need to freshen up.”

“I’ll join you too. I know from past experience the shower can cope with three if not four. Isn’t that right Terry.”

“Yes. But I have to ….. Oh, bugger it, I need one too so let’s all be in it together.”

So they did all shower together. Soaping and lathering and rinsing each other, careful attention paid to penis and vaginas. Terry actually got another erection under the manipulations of six hands. Kisses all over the place – lips, breasts, penis even well rinsed vaginas as the owner leaned back against the wall and spread her legs to an eager tongue. All four got a taste of that – so to speak. Terry held out from coming without too much difficulty given it wasn’t long since his last.

They dried each other. Rachel hung her towel over Terry’s penis triggering  laughs from everyone. Someone found the hair dryer which the girls took turns at drying each other’s hair. Terry went out to the kitchen to organise dinner. He had prepared prawn kebabs – the prawns interspaced with slices of red and yellow capsicum. There was a large bowl of diced mango, another of torn cos lettuce, another of diced tomato and one of torn sourdough bread.

He assembled it on the kitchen bench then went out and flashed up the barbie.

 Knowing it would take a quarter hour to reach prawn cooking level he then set about spreading a table cloth over the al fresco table, got knives, forks and spoons and was placing then when the ladies arrived – all fresh and smelling of the perfumes Terry’s wife had left.

“Hope you don’t mind us using the perfume, Terry? “ asked Sally.

“Not at all. Never had much use for it myself. But keep your hands off my Imperial Leather after shave.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it. I prefer my Coochy Intimate Aftershave Protection.” parried  Rachel.

He spread the kebabs on the hot plate turning them every few minutes while the girls finished setting the table. Sally attended to drinks – white wine for every one.

They sat down, ate, drank and chatted. They talked through all the details of the research study. Which reminded Chrissy about the beach next day and that Haydn and Alison would be attending and they were going to Nathan and Jane’s after the beach for lunch.

“We were a bit worried you might have wanted to sort things out at the office Sally.” Rachel said.

“Nope. The beach sounds better. Haven’t done nude beach for a while now. Plus, I’m looking forward to meeting  these new people – Nathan, Jane, Haydn and Alison.”

“Great. Oh, and at least one extra – Bridgit the nurse who attends most of the testing sessions.”  Rachel added.

“You are not going home tonight are you Chrissy?” Terry asked.

“That was my plan, as you know. But I’ve been thinking about it. I do have my overnight bag in the car and going to the beach tomorrow means backwards and forwards. And I don’t want to cramp Sally’s style and this and that… would you mind if I stayed the night?”

“I would be most annoyed if you decided to abandon us Rachel.” Terry replied. “Give me your car keys. I’ll get your bag for you.” She handed them over, “On the back seat.”

Terry went out into the dark still naked and returned with Chrissy’s overnight bag.

 “As far as sleeping arrangements go I am receptive to any suggestions. If my bed was half as big again I would insist we all sleep there. But it isn’t and it appears to me the most comfortable arrangement might be Sally and me in my bed, Rachel and Chrissy in the spare room double bed. How does that sound?”

Terry’s suggestion was unanimously accepted and that is how they spent the night. Neither couple wasted any time in consummating the allocation.

They all slept well and rose, bright and shiny, about 6:30, sat around the kitchen table sipping coffee made by Terry – all naked of course. “Pancakes with sugar, butter and lemon juice for breakfast, just like our Mums used to make. I’ll do it while you girls shower and get yourselves looking gorgeous – not that you don’t now but you know what I mean.”

He assembled the ingredients, the electric mixer and a large fry pan and started. Within the hour later he had a huge plate of pancakes, hot and steaming, sitting on the al fresco table with a bowl of sugar, another of quartered lemons and a third of butter as well plates, knives and serviettes just in time for the ladies to arrive. Terry ate pancakes two before going for a shower. By eight o’clock they were all in Terry’s car heading for the beach. Nathan and Jane were waiting for them in the car park and Haydn, Alison and Bridgit arrived shortly after. Excited introductions all round and they set off to the Optional Clothing sign on the beach.

They all stripped quickly, none showing the least embarrassment, and tucked their bare essentials clothing into beach bags. “Haydn,” Chrissy called, “How about you, Alison and me have a ménage a trois with the sunscreen lotion?”

“That would be very nice, Chrissy. Do you agree Alison?”

“Absolutely. But we must invite Bridgit also. Happy with that Bridgit?”

“Very much so. Do we do it here or down the beach?”

“Down the beach, near Bill and Marge. We will introduce you. They watch our stuff while we swim and walk.” Chrissy replied. 

They could see Bill and Marge in their usual spot and set off, in their direction, in one close group. As they walked, Terry said to Haydn, “They might be suitable candidates for the research group Haydn. Marg will put up some resistance but I’ll bet Bill will be keen as mustard and persuade Marge to participate.”

“”Thanks Terry, I’ll feel them out – figuratively speaking of course – at an opportune moment.”

Bill rose from his folding chair as they approached, “Greetings one and all, those I know and those I don’t. Welcome to our clothing optional beach. Make yourselves at our place.”

Then followed the introductions, Bill shaking hands firmly with Haydn first then Nathan and Terry and proceeded to hug Sally, Bridgit and Alison in turn then Rachel and Chrissy too. So Marge stood and hugged the men first then the ladies each in turn.

Beach towels were spread out in no particular order and several bottles of sun screen lotion produced. Chrissy called her partners together and started out with Haydn after squirting some into his hands. He immediately started on her breasts so she started on his penis and scrotum.  Alison produced a bottle, gave Bridgit a liberal squirt into both hands then the same to herself. She dropped the bottle onto her towel and started on Bridgit’s breasts. Bridgit reciprocated in kind.

Meanwhile Nathan started with Rachel, Sally started on Terry who was left with Jane who chose to start by helping Sally work on Terry then worked around Nathan and Rachel as well.

When it came to backs of legs the men stood with legs apart and the girls massaged the lotion up and down not missing scrotums and penises. The girls chose to lay on their towels and their respective partners revelled in the access to vaginas and breasts.

It was Rachel who called out from under Nathan, who was sitting on her thighs massaging lotion into her back while Sally did his back, “Don’t forget the naughty bits either everyone. No one wants a sunburned pussy or prick.”

“Nipples too.” added Jane who was attending to Terry’s genitals.

Nathan moved backwards down Rachel’s thighs then lifting one leg he placed it between Rachels’ gently spreading them until there was room for his knees between hers. The he progressed with the lotion down her thighs, initially, then back to her buttocks which he gently parted and rubbed lotion over and around her anus. With a fresh squirt of lotion he proceeded to massage her  perineum, vaginal lips and the space between them and her thighs.

“That is so nice, Nathan. Is anyone attending to you?”

“Thank you Rachel. Yes, Sally is making sure my penis and scrotum are protected. That is very nice too.” Sally was kneeling at his right side with her left hand on his back and right hand working on his penis and scrotum.

They got a round of applause from Marg and Bill when they were finished.

“Keep an eye on our things as usual Bill and Marg?” asked Rachel as they were moving across the beach in a group.

“Sure thing Rachel.” Bill replied.

“You all go on ahead. I’ll catch up – I want to talk to Marge and Bill for a bit.” Haydn called.

Alison decided she should stay also to give her perspective. They explained who they were, what their professions were and the sex research project they were involved with. “We need to measure people of all age groups and both sexes while they are having sex. Terry and Chrissy have already been through it – that was initially to make sure they were both OK after their traumatic experience but they have both volunteered to be part of the research.” Haydn explained.

“Aren’t we a bit old for that sort of thing?” asked Bill.

“Not at all,” replied Alison. “How old are you both?”

“I’m 78 and Marge is 76.”replied Bill.

“Terry is 78 and came through it with flying colours. We would test you two together initially then, if you consented, we would pair you of with much younger partners for one or even more tests if you were willing.”

“What if we didn’t like the partner?” asked Marge.

“Not a problem, you just say no and that is the end of that partnership. No questions asked.”

“Well, I can tell you right now, I will be in it if Marge will.” Bill offered.

“You’re just a dirty old man. I’m not sure I could take my clothes off and have sex with anyone in front of an audience.”

“Everyone in the room will be naked. Me and Haydn too and Bridgit – she puts all the electrodes and blood pressure things on you. So you have already seen five of the people who would be there naked and they have seen you naked.” Alison countered.

Marge looked puzzled. “Five? There’s only you two and Bridgit that we’ve seen.”

“Ah, but what about Bill and you? That’s two more. You don’t worry about sitting down here stark naked for all and sundry to view while you look at them.” Haydn offered.

“That’s true but we’ve never had sex on the beach or anywhere else with an audience. But anyway, it’s all for a good cause. We’ll be in it won’t we Bill.”

Bill looked dumb-founded and stuck for words. “Never thought I would live to hear you say those words Marge but yair, of course we will Alison.”

“Great.” said Haydn. “We’ll get your contact detail from you before we go and get in touch with you with all the details. It should happen in about a fortnight. Now, let’s catch up with the others Alison.”

They sprinted along the beach in the wet but firm sand catching up with the others as they were about to return. They splashed about in the shallow water behaving like a bunch of school kids but having fun. In due course they settled down and concentrating on wading through the water, knee deep. Then out onto the wet sand and a brisk walk for about a kilometer, sprinting for a while then walking briskly on the way back.   Back into the water for good swim and cool down before drying each other off in front of Marge and Bill and spreading out on the towels. They passed the next hour or so with idle chatter, some reference to the research program with a round of applause when Bill announced he and Marge would be participants.

As they returned to the clothing optional sign Terry, Nathan and Haydn walked together talking men’s talk,. There, they all took their minimal clothing from their bags and got dressed.

“Really enjoyed that. Think I might make a habit of it.” Haydn confessed. “Didn’t recognise any patients along the beach either. Of course there may have been one or two or recognised me.”

“If there were any and they were blokes they would have been very jealous. Three men and six beautiful women. What more could we ask for.” replied Nathan. “You guys got my address? And don’t stop to buy any food or drinks - and my home has the same rules as yours Terry - clothing prohibited.”

“Yes, we will follow you anyway.” replied Terry. “And happy about the nude rule.”

They all arrived at once. Nathan’s car went to the garage and the driveway accommodated the other two. The house was big, near new, near luxurious and immaculately kept. In the lounge adjacent to the entrance a naked Jane mustered them all and invited them to disrobe and drape their clothes over the furniture. “OK – now come on through to the al fresco and pool area. If anyone wants a swim feel free, there is an outside shower there, plenty of towels, and you can also use the toilet and shower in the en suite near the door. Drinks are in the ice buckets and the fridge near the barbie – help yourselves. We’ll serve some food a little later, in the mean time there are snacks and nibbles for you to help yourselves.”

Nathan, naked, was getting the barbie warmed up and arranging trays of salmon, prawns, steak and lamb chops. The sight prompted Terry to quip, “You expecting a bus load of starving refugees, Nathan?”

With everything organised they settled into the usual routine at such parties – small groups gathered here and there chatting about this and that and moving between groups. They all had a shower to remove the sea salt, some splashed about in the pool before drying off and circulating.

Haydn grasped an opportunity when he saw Chrissy moving between groups and intercepted her. “Hi Chrissy, haven’t had the chance for a chat all day. Enjoyed yourself?”

“Absolutely. I love that place and the freedom that nudity brings. I don’t wear clothes at home. I stayed with Terry last week while Sally was away. No clothes. We put the stent to good use every night and most mornings too. No problems there.”

Haydn laughed. “I was very disappointed when you couldn’t accept my invitation to dinner last night but happy at the alternative. You are really something special and not just physically beautiful – especially naked – I reckon you are a very smart young lady. I would dearly love to spend the night with you – can I tempt you?”

“Haydn, if you think I am the sort of woman who would jump into bed with you at the first opportunity – you would be quite correct. Yes, I would dearly love to spend the night with you. I will leave here with you, and Alison I presume, but I need to get my car from Terry’s place on the way. I need to get to work tomorrow – afternoon shift. So if you want me to sleep with you each and every night for the next week you will have to wait until ten          o’çlock. And the week after that I am on night shift so we will need to make mad passionate love after you get home from work and before I go to work.”

“I’m beginning to think I might be on a winner  with you. A bit demanding especially with the mad passionate love, which I presume, includes the occasional sexual interlude, but I will make every effort to rise to each and every occasion.”

Chrissy stepped forward, swung her arms over his shoulders, put her hands at the back of his head and commenced a very vigorous kiss. He reciprocated in kind, his hands over her shoulder blades, initially, pulling her against him, flattening her breasts against his chest. Then his hands slid down to her buttocks and he pulled her pubes against his stiffening penis. She ground her pelvis against it.  They only broke it off after they had to draw breath.

“Bravo, bravo, viva la romance.” called Nathan clapping his hands. The others joined in. Haydn took Chrissy’s hand and led her to a small group which included Alison.

“Well, ladies, you might be correct in thinking that Chrissy and I are now an item. The union will be consummated tonight at my residence.”

Another round of applause. Chrissy blushed and looked a little embarrassed.

Jane quipped, “If you need a practice run there are a couple of spare bedroom inside – feel free.”

“Thank you Jane, but no, the gentleman in me dictates that I behave like a gentle man and await the perfect time. Now where did I put that drink and where is you champers, Chrissy?”

The smell and sizzle of cooking meat soon wafted across them. Jane called for help from the girls to bring out loads of salad, bread, butter, condiments and hot baked potatoes and tomatoes. Plus crockery and cutlery. All was arranged neatly.

“Grab a plate, people, line up and Nathan will serve your choice of meat. Sit where you like but don’t anyone get between Haydn and Chrissy – you could suffer a cruel injury.” Jane announced. They all laughed.

They progressed through their meal, chatting and drinking and having a good time. No others paired off although Jane sat on one side of Terry and let her hand find his penis under the table now and then. Sally sat on his other side chatting amicably with Jane and Terry and with Bridget opposite – alongside Nathan with Rachel on his other side. She became aware of Janes wandering hand and decided to out her – she nonchalantly let her hand fall below the table, reach to Terry’s penis and clasp Janes hand. Jane hastily withdrew her hand, blushed and whispered, “ Uh Oh – sprung.”

“ Yes Jane. He is mine – at least I think so – but I admire your taste, and your whole being for that matter. Would you be willing to let me share him with you for a ménage a trois a little later. That is if Terry is willing to participate.”

“ Anything to please a lady – or ladies.” Terry assured them.

“How are you getting on Darling?” Jane asked Nathan.

“ Well, my love, Bridgit and Rachel have been dropping eves on you and Sally. We decided, among the three of us, not to be outdone by you three and we have made a similar arrangement. I think you and I will have to toss a coin to see who gets which bedroom. Mind you the beds in both could probably accommodate all six of us but we will leave that experiment to another time.”

The sun was setting when Haydn, Alison and Chrissy decided to call it a day. Hugs, kisses, cuddles and gentle groping all round saw them dress and leave. Haydn asked Alison how she would feel about driving given he thought she had consumed much less alcohol the he had. She agreed but insisted Chrissy sit in the front with her, “So that we can chat without you crawling all over her. Your turn later my friend.”

“ Spoil sport.”

Back at Terry’s place Haydn told Chrissy to follow them into the high rise when they got there. “ I have two parking bays but only one car so, follow us into the garage and park right alongside us. It is completely secure.”

“ OK.”

They rode the lift. “I’ve got a reasonable apartment here. Not the penthouse but high enough to offer views out to the ocean and beyond. Alison lives across the corridor from me. But you are going to joins us for a drink aren’t you Alison – I do insist. And you can strip off as soon as we get through the door – or even right now if you wish.”

The lift stopped and the doors opened onto an empty corridor. “Turn left, first door on the right Chrissy.” Haydn advised.

“ What do you think, Chrissy? Would I be cramping your style? I don’t want to put the brakes on your unbridled passion.”

“ Don’t be silly.” Chrissy replied as she stepped forward and kissed Alison on the lips.

Haydn unlocked the door with his remote, stepped ahead pushing the door wide, “Come on in my lovely ladies.” The apartment lights came on automatically.

“ Oh my God!” exclaimed Chrissy as she took in the apartment. “This is nothing short of magnificent. You live here alone? Who cleans it? Is yours like this too Alison? And look at that view – all the city lights and the ocean on the distance.”

“ Questions, questions, questions – yes I live here alone, yes I have a cleaning  lady who works naked, yes Alison’s is identical and yes her view is just as spectacular.” Haydn replied.

As they spoke Alison had slipped out of her clothes.

As she disrobed, Chrissy smiled, “ I think it might be wise for me to engage the services of a chaperone. But, let’s be honest Alison, we are both bisexual and I find you very attractive. I would be delighted if Haydn would invite you to join us while he has his way with me for the first time and you participate as you see fit. And, if it is not a rude question, have you two …..?”

Alison answered, “ Yes, we do have more or less regular sex. Depends on our work loads and time and that sort of thing. We have long since agreed it is not a true love relationship heading towards matrimony. It is really a matter of mutual enjoyment, sexual satisfaction and respect – with respect probably the most important factor.’

Haydn was now naked. “ Anyone want a drink?”

“ I think I have had enough and I have to work tomorrow.” replied Alison.

“ Me too. Let’s just get cuddly with each other and see what happens.” Said Chrissy.

“OK suits me. Follow me.” said Haydn walking through a doorway opposite the scenic view.

He threw a dimmer light switch to reveal his master bedroom. He walked over to the bed and flung the bedcover, blanket and top sheet back over the end of the bed onto the floor then threw himself onto the middle of the bed face up with his erection prominent.

“ Come on girls. Who is first?”

Alison spoke, “ Your move Chrissy, its your privilege. I am just a bystander.”

“ We’ll see about that,” replied Crissy jumping onto the bed, breasts jiggling, hair flying and pounced upon Haydn. Her mouth covered his in a passionate kiss, her left hand reached down and gripped his penis. His left hand went behind her head to hold the kiss in place, his right hand went down to her right buttock then slid down over her anus to tickle her perineum.

Alison, smiling, walked around the bed sat down and wriggled up to sit alongside the couple’s heads. Leaning on her left elbow she ran her right index finger nail along the side of Chrissy’s chest and up into her armpit then down again.

Chrissy broke Haydn’s grip and released his penis to climb onto and straddle him feeling behind her for his penis.

“ Let me help, Chrissy,”  Alison said, reaching around Chrissy’s bottom to grasp Haydn’s penis and guide it into Chrissy’s waiting vagina. Chrissy allowed herself to slide down onto it, engulfing it, her clitoris pressing on his pubic symphisis.

“ Thank you, Alison.” as she began slow, rhythmic movements along Haydn’s penis in both directions in and out.

Alison changed her position to enable her to massage Haydn’s scrotum with her right hand and Chrissy’s left breast with her left hand.

“That is beautiful Chrissy and you too Alison – would you like some oral work on your vagina?”

“I thought you were never going to ask,” she replied. “Reverse cowgirl so that Chrissy and I can chat.” as she manoeuvred into position over Haydn’s face. He immediately licked the length of her labia then pushed his nose in as far as possible while sucking her clitoris in between his lips and strongly working it with his tongue. While he was thus engaged the girls were tongue kissing and massaging each other’s breasts. Chrissy continued riding Haydn’s penis which he mobilised into strong thrusts upward with each downward slide of Chrissy’s. Each of them progressed into more and more vigorous movements ultimately experiencing unanimous, mind-blowing orgasms then collapsing in a heap on top of Haydn.

Slowly the girls disentangled themselves kissing, and fondling each other and Haydn as they did so. Then, Haydn spread both arms out to the side. Chrissy rolled over one to cuddle him, kiss him and stroke is now flaccid penis. Alison did the same on her side but having to make do with his scrotum rather than penis - Chrissy laying a strong claim to that.

After they all returned to planet earth Haydn got up and went to the toilet to pee. Chrissy followed him, stood behind him saying, “Can I aim it for you please?”

“Be my guest. But come and stand alongside me so you can see where to aim.”

She complied and his stream went directly into the bowl. When he finished she shook it for him and dabbed the drops from the end with toilet tissue.

“You going too?” he asked.

“Yes but not here. Come with me.” as she stepped into the shower.

“Kneel down, facing me.”

As he did so, Chrissy spread her thighs wide and used fingers of both hands to spread her vaginal lips enabling her to direct a stream of hot, golden  urine onto his chest. He was taken by surprise but reached up behind her to her bottom, pulling her forward so that her vaginal lips were flush against his throat, under his uplifted chin. Hot urine flooded out and down in a waterfall over his torso to the floor. Empty, she stepped back saying, “Thanks Haydn. I have always wanted to give a man a golden shower. You are the first but it won’t be your last from me.”

“So have I,” spoke Alison who was standing at the shower door watching it all. “Don’t get up Haydn. It’s my turn.” As Chrissy stepped back and Alison took her place.

She elected to hold Haydn’s chest at arms length with her outstretched left hand, opened her vagina with the right hand and directed her hot, golden stream all over his shoulders and body. On completion she squeezed her labia between index and middle finger and flicked off the remnant drops. “Up you come Haydn, lets all have a shower. You need special attention Haydn. Wouldn’t do to consult patients in the morning smelling like stale urine.

They gave each other good latherings of body jell not missing any millimetre of skin as they used their hands all over each other.  Thorough good rinsing off, drying each other with fluffy white towels and they were done.

“I must away.” said Alison, gathering up her clothes and feeling in her hand bag for her unit key. She draped her clothes over her arm. “See you around the office tomorrow Haydn. Many thanks for the transport today, your company and the evenings entertainment. You too Chrissy – it just would not have been the same without you. I have a strong feeling we will being seeing more of each other and Haydn.”

“Thank you too  Alison.” Chrissy added. “I was a bit jealous of you to start with and felt I had no chance with Haydn while you were around. Initially I thought you were an item. Pleased as all get-out that you are just great friend with wonderful benefits. Hope I can become part of the benefits. Can’t wait for the next round of research tests. Don’t forget, Haydn, when you are working out the tests program,  I have reserved you for my first test and Alison for the second.”

“Nah – reckon I’ll work it so that you have to do five consecutive tests with me.”
 “Like Hell you will.” both Alison and Chrissy protested.

“Right, I’m off. See you both later.” As she opened the door.

“Aren’t you going to dress?” asked Chrissy.

“No point, only our two apartments in this wing on this floor. Bye.”

Haydn took Chrissy by the hand and led her back into the bedroom. Between them they straightened out the bed and put on a clean bottom sheet – the other bore evidence of the earlier activities – wet patches.

They went to bed and lay, hugging each other.

“Great day Chrissy. Great bunch of people. So glad you got on well with Alison too. I hope you and I will click and you move in here one way or another. I don’t think either of us would have a problem with Alison living a few meters away.”

“Yep. All cool with me. Mind you, I have to keep close to Terry and hence Sally and Rachel.  Bridgit seems to fit in quite well. A bit self conscious but we could work on that. Perhaps we could get her up here for Sunday lunch one day.”

“Yes. Having worked with her, I know she is a bit introverted but very pleased that she didn’t behave like that today. She is very pleasant, I don’t think she is bisexual but it is possible.”

They drifted off into sleep. Sunlight woke them in the morning.

The earlier departure of Haydn, Alison and Chrissy left Terry, Sally, Rachel, Bridgit, Jane and Nathan.  Two men four women. Nathan produced a fifty cent coin, “I will toss the coin to decided who gets which bedroom.  Jane, as you are lady of the house it is your call.” So saying he flipped the coin, spinning, into the air. Jane called Tails.  It bounced once on the carpet. Nathan and Jane both leaned forward to see the result. Tails.

“Right, I think it is time I christened the second main bedroom. Never had sex in there. So, Terry, I believe your partners are Sally and me – so we get the second bedroom. Nathan will take Bridgit and Rachel to the main bedroom – you ladies all OK with that?”

The agreement was unanimous. They all decided to take a drink with them, Sally took water assuming she would be driving home.

No point in going through a blow by blow description of the antics of both parties. Suffice it to say they were pretty much in line with Haydn, Chrissy and Alison. Some hours later they were saying their good byes with hugs and kisses all round before they got dressed. Bridgit had arranged for Terry to drop her off. Rachel was staying with Terry.  Sally declined an invitation to stay with Terry given she needed a good night’s sleep ready for work next day. After dropping off Bridgit, Terry asked Rachel  how she got on with her.

“She is special, Terry. Very polite and thoughtful but, boy, does she enjoy sex. She drained Nathan and gave me some tender spots. She would be welcome at my place at any time. I was very impressed with her.”

“That’s good. I think I volunteered to partner her in the research project.”

“That will put your stent to a real test, Terry.”

“Speaking of which, you and I have not had a lot of body contact for a while. Interested in a reunion, so to speak, before we nod off tonight?”

“Of course I am. How could I refuse you? I still think about that first time when I cow-girled you on your massage table. You thought all you birthdays had come at once.”

In due course the project got under way. Haydn’s roster of participants included Terry partnered with Sally first time, Chrissy with himself, Alison with Chrissy, Nathan with Jane, Bill with Marge, then Bridgit with Terry, Sally with Chrissy, Nathan with Rachel, Jane with Alison. Then outsiders came into the mix and all of the original nine got at least one new partner. There were no refusals, no dramas, every subject reached orgasm and the statistics gradually expanded into meaningful data.

Late in the ensuing autumn Haydn organised a get-together of all the participants and involved staff. They booked most of the available accommodation, for one night,  at a secluded nudist resort/retreat. Everything was provided – transport for those who needed it, food, drinks, bed, showers and toilets – the full Monty. The invitations stressed the strict dress requirements – absolutely no clothing to be worn from time of arrival to time of departure. Acceptance rate was 100%, not a single  complaint over the whole weekend. A great time was had by all. New friendships were made. Many signed on for membership at the venue. Haydn announced that if the academic paper he and Alison were working on was published in a prestigious medical journal, and received favourable peer review, they would invite everyone back for a celebratory weekend. That was received with enthusiastic applause.