Kneeling before Sir

Info ObedientSub84
27 Mar. '20
Feeling the carpet dig into her knees has always felt right. Kneeling for Sir has become every desire she has ever known encompassed into one. Her play collar and blindfold feel like the warm embrace of old friends. Placing on the nipple clamps and leather cuffs that Sir has laid out for session places her into further sub-space to serve Him. She waits, listens, and craves to hear her Sir enter the room. The excitement of His Dominance creates a thin layer of sweat over her entire body, the sense of Him as he enters the room makes her wet and wanting to serve Him in every way completely. She feels His presence in front of her and her mouth begins to salvate to taste His hard cock within her mouth. He finally speaks asking, "Who owns this dirty little whore?" She responds without pause "You, Sir own this dirty little whore, completely." She feels Him get closer and instinctively her mouth opens to take His long hard cock down her throat. She knows this an honor, a privilege to suck Him, taste Him, and crave to get to do it again. Sir commands her into position one. She's trained to know to immediately bend over the playroom bed, legs spread wide, and cuffed wrists above her head. He steps behind her and lands a perfectly placed spank of her ass. A submissive shutter travels through her entire body as she can feel His Dominance radiate off of Him. The spankings continue one hand after the next, both cheeks getting red, hot, and feeling alive. He pauses and picks up the flogger, the one he knows she loves. The one that thumps hard on her wanting ass, thighs, and pussy. He begins flogging her harder and harder, the pain beginning to grow both inside and on her soon bruised skin. In his perfectly Dominant way she feels the next thump of the flogger and He immediately informs her that she will be getting a series of hard stings with the vipers tongue. She jumps involuntarily with each hit. Her ass, inner thighs, and clit getting stung hard with every blow. Sir knows her body, her needs, and immediately commands her into position three. She flips over to her back on the bed, cuffed arms above her head, and legs spread eagle for His every use and desire. She waits quietly listening, hearing her beloved Dominant picking up different items He's laid out for her pleasure. She can feel Him between her legs as He slides the perfect size glass dildo deep into her wanting ass. His finger slides deep inside her pussy as He spreads her open to enter her. With his first thrust inside He also takes the glass dildo and fucks her hard. Her submissive body shutters in pleasure she has never known. Her body building an orgasm that will make her scream in pleasure provided only by his Dominance. She begs to cum while being double penetrated by His complete and total control, but He instructs her to hold it in until she can't anymore and to scream as she orgasms that she is, "His ass whore that he owns completely." She holds on as long as she can and explodes screaming her Sirs command and feeling her entire body shakes in pure ecstasy as she squirts and orgasms harder than she ever has before. Her body used, pleased, and Dominated completely she begs to be allowed to taste her Sir's orgasm in her mouth. To have the honor to get him off and be given that which is so very important to her, to know that she has properly pleased Him during their session. Position five is instructed of her. She lays lengthwise across the bed, her head face up lying over the edge. She opens wide to take Him deep down her throat, feeling Him face fuck her continuously deeper and harder. Sir pulls out and begins to flog and slap her tits as He positions above her to suck his balls reverently and tongue His asshole with vigor. Just then he repositions Himself and plunges all the way down her throat and cums hard. Pumping every drop into her mouth as she swallows and savors everything He has given her. He then collects her into His arms. He comforts her mind, body, and soul until the session ends. He knows that as soon as she leaves she will crave His Domination every moment until she kneels before him again, he knows she is submissive Him completely. He knows He owns her. She knows she will kneel reverently before Him again and that fulfills everything she is.