Bike Swim Love: Steve Meets Thomas

   When I was a kid, I used to love riding my bike, but then, when I became a teenager, I turned to water sports so I was more into diving and swimming. During my college years, I even played for the water polo team. That's when I realized I was really into guys and even developed a passion for Lycra and Spandex. Checking out bulges in Speedos and other brief-type swimwear became somewhat of an obsession. As a matter of fact, every time I saw a guy wearing boxer-type swim trunks, I always rolled my eyes in discouragement. What a waste! And what vulgarity!

   When I started travelling, in my twenties, both for pleasure and for work as a physician with the Doctors Without Borders program, I discovered scuba diving in both shallow and deep water and I reconnected with cycling because – in many countries – renting or borrowing a bike was the best way to get around and see the sights at the same time.

   I don’t really know if my swimwear, Lycra and Spandex fetishes – I happen to think they are all somewhat connected – were instigators for me to dive into (so to speak) scuba and to reconnect with biking, but my eyes certainly started to get plenty for their money.

   Then, two months ago, I was having lunch with an old colleague at the hospital, Dr. Gering, and he was telling me about his plans to ease into retirement but staying on at the hospital on more of a consultant basis.

   – So what are you planning to do with all that free time? I asked, knowing full well how I would fill my leisure time.

   – Ugh… my wife is all over me, he replied. She wants us to buy a luxury RV and crisscross the country in it. She’s the adventurous type, you know? She’s just like my son Thomas which is odd when you think of it, ‘cause she’s my second wife. Not his mom so it’s not like it’s a gene thing…

   Dr. Gering went on about how he regretted not having his children younger because he’d started having health issues at a relatively young age and hadn’t been able to play sports and run around with them as much as he would have liked.

   – Especially Thomas, he continued. He’s a ball of energy, that one. And a bit of a daredevil. He’s into mountain bikes and dirt bikes and diving off cliffs and stuff.

   – Really? I marvelled.

   – Last summer, he took off to Hawaii for two months on a volunteer mission and did all these crazy things… deep sea diving, cross country biking, hang gliding… He kept sending us these videos and I had to constantly repeat to myself, "okay, if he was able to send the video, it means he’s still alive".

   I chuckled.

   – I didn’t want to sound like one of those crazy, overprotective parents but I darn well almost had a heart attack every time.

   I was listening to what he was saying and showed some empathy but my mind was not at all where Dr. Gering’s was. I kept imagining a gorgeous, younger version of the dashing doctor in a multitude of colorful Speedos diving off a Hawaiian cliff into a crystal-clear bay, in a tight Lycra wet suit swimming above a coral reef with his taut, tight butt popping out of the surface of the water, or riding a mountain bike on a dusty, sinuous trail through the luxuriant Hawaiian vegetation in some tight Spandex biking pants.

   – I’m surprised he’s never broken a bone. Touch wood.

   Just having all these mental images of athletic young Thomas was making me think of a completely different kind of bone and I was starting to want to feel a very different kind of wood.

   – I’ve been pretty lucky myself, I managed to reply. I’ve only had a few sprains and bruises through the years.

   Dr. Gering’s face lit up.

   – Oh that’s right! You’re into all that crazy daredevil stuff yourself, aren’t you?

   – Well, maybe not to your son’s level, but I like the scuba diving and I am into swimming, diving and all sorts of biking, too.

   Dr. Gering clapped his hands together.

   – Thomas has been after me for years to do all this stuff with him but I’ve always found an excuse. Besides being really into all this outdoorsy stuff, he really isn’t very out-going, you know? Not really the sociable type. I mean, don’t get me wrong. He’s pleasant and nice to be around, but he’s not a go-getter as far as going out and meeting people so he pretty much keeps to himself. I should introduce you two. You’d be the perfect model and mentor for him.

   I couldn’t understand why but my heart started beating faster and a strange fluttering invaded my belly. I felt like Dr. Gering was setting me up on a blind date with his son! His much-younger-than-me son!

   – How old is Thomas? I asked, trying to sound detached.

   – He’ll be twenty-four in August.

   “What a coincidence!” I thought. “Exactly half my age!” I suddenly felt like an old, perverted uncle and quickly put the kibosh in the sexual element of this eventual meeting. I mean, sure, I can’t help but take a second look when I see a cute twenty-year-old’s Speedo bulge or a hot barely-legal biker’s bubble butt in tight Spandex pants racing by me on the trail or path, but I certainly don’t go running after them like a crazy person.

   I’ve had my share of lovers – younger and older than I – through the years, but when it comes to cruising the younger set, I’m rather tame because I’m always worried – although many people say I look ten years younger and I’m really fit from all my sporty passions – a younger guy will look at me like I’m geriatric.

   – How about this weekend? Dr. Gering suggested, sounding all excited like he was setting up his progeny’s wedding. Thomas is coming to town for the cancer awareness cross country biking event at Mount DeVry…

   – On Sunday? You’re kidding? I interrupted spontaneously. I’m registered for that race, too.

   Dr. Gering chuckled.

   – Of course you are. That’s just perfect! Why don’t you come over to my place for dinner on Friday? Do you have plans?

   Again, I had to switch gears in my brain because this kept sounding like a blind date. “Come on, man! Dr. Gering is NOT pimping out his son to you.”

   – It’s a date, then, he said, standing up with much difficulty and picking up his lunch tray.

   I knew he didn’t mean it that way, but still…

   – Damn joints, he growled. Not even sixty yet and I feel like ninety.

   I chuckled with compassion, trying to sound like I knew he was exaggerating yet making sure he knew I cared and felt bad for his aging body.

   – I‘ll have my secretary email you my address, he said. See you Friday.

   Dr. Gering walked away very slowly and I couldn’t help but look forward to meeting his son with whom I clearly had a lot in common.


   When I got to Dr. Gering’s house – or should I say mansion? – I was met at the door by a stunningly gorgeous Latino man servant and, for a moment, was reminded of the movie La Cage aux folles and its American remake The Birdcage. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that Dr. Gering was this big Liberace-style queen with a sexy butler, a dreamy pool boy and a ripped gardener!

   Just as the doorman was about to usher me inside, a tall, lean, helmet-wearing biker appeared in the corner of my eye, racing up the driveway and speeding toward me on the walkway.

   – Thank you, Guillermo! He shouted. I’ll take it from here.

   – Yes, seňor Tomás.

   The young man hopped off his mountain bike and whipped off his helmet.

   – Sorry I’m late, he said.

   – Actually, I’m early… I replied.

   He put his hand out.

     – I’m Tommy, he trilled. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Ian.

   His eyes were like two inviting pools of Caribbean ocean water. His father had depicted him as this socially-inept, sporty type who was much better at circumnavigating trails, slopes and flight lanes than interactions with human beings. Although I’d made up a fine, good-looking young man in my imagination, I was not prepared to meet a sparkling, warm, seductive charmer.

   I shook his sweaty hand but I was not put off by it in the slightest. I was happy he had spontaneously called me Ian instead of Mr. King or – even worse – Dr. King. If he had, I would have felt obliged to answer something hokey and stupid like, “Please call me Steve. Mr. King is my father.” He was already on a friendly, first name basis with me. Nice.

   – I’m sorry I’m all sweaty but I wanted to get another bike run in before you got here. I guess I didn’t time it quite right…

   He took a look at this watch-type thing on his wrist and pressed a few buttons on it.

   – Well, actually, I think time just got away from me ‘cause I was having such a great time, you know? The endorphins, the adrenaline rush… well, you know all about that, huh?

   I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

   – I do, I said.

   He let out a contented sigh like he’d just had an orgasm and then, smiled so warmly I thought I’d melt.

   – It’ll be nice to have someone to share the bike path with on Sunday.

   – Well…

   His eyes were just so warm and I was sure he was trying to tell me that he was as into me as I was into him.

   – Yeah. Obviously. There’s no way you’ll be able to keep up with me, old man.

   He winked at me and watched my mouth drop before he started laughing.

   – I’m just kidding! My dad told me you were a tremendous athlete and you look even more amazing than I was expecting. You really do train a lot, don’t you?

   He had started squeezing my shoulder in a friendly manner to express that he really was joking but had now moved down my arm, feeling my bicep and triceps and then sensually rubbing my forearm all the way to my hand. As he started massaging my hand in his, his eyes still intensely staring into mine, - looking up because he is a few inches shorter than I am – I actually felt my balls churn and my cock stir in my Mack Weldon grey and red blended cotton-Lycra boxer briefs and I caught myself wondering what underwear he had under those Baleaf cycling shorts that looked so tight that I had actually caught a glimpse of his muscle definition before he got off his bike. I really didn’t want him to see my hardening cock through my khakis but his massaging of my hand was anything but subtle.

   – Funny how the inside of your hand is so rough, he said, making me pull away in embarrassment. No. It’s cool. It’s like… you have really manly, strong, construction-worker hands… and then the outside of your hand feels like you moisturize every day.

   He was starting to get on my nerves even more than he was making me horny. I guess he saw the annoyance on my face and felt me tense up because he said:

   – I’m sorry. I can be such an idiot. I can’t keep my mouth shut. I think that’s why I have a hard time keeping a boyfriend, you know?

   I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t believe how candid he was.

   – I just really love the yin and yang feel I’m getting from your hand, he continued. Like you’re such a manly, strong dude but yet you have this soft side that must be so amazing for your patients… and your lovers.

   Again, my face must have expressed how stunned I was by his candor.

   – Man, this is so inappropriate, right? Damn… I’m sorry.

   He looked away but didn’t let go of my hand. There was just something surreal about the whole scene and my heart was pounding so hard in my chest I thought he’d feel it in my pulse if he didn’t let go of my hand.

   – Hey no, it’s okay, I quickly replied to ease the building awkwardness. I’m really flattered and… I… I’ve never had a sweet, young guy greet me with such a soothing… hand shake.

   He actually laughed, realizing what he had done was so much more than a hand shake.

   – I’m surprised you have problems finding lovers if you greet all your father’s guests like this.

   He just burst out laughing and I knew things would be okay.

   – I’m usually not as sweaty though, he joked. Let me hop in the shower real quick and I’ll be right back. I’ll ask Guillermo to bring you around the back to the pool and he can fix you a drink. I’ll tell my dad you’re here.

   He caressed my hand with both of his before letting go and I was half expecting him to kiss me or offer that I join him in the shower, but I was honestly relieved that he wasn’t that forward. After all, we were at his dad’s place and we were there to have dinner with his old man. Not hook up like we’d met on Grindr, for crying out loud.

   He went inside and Guillermo did come out to escort me out back. I felt a bit overdressed to sit around the pool but quickly, Dr. Gering’s maître d’ brought me the gin and tonic I had requested and I lounged comfortably, sipping this amazing drink – much better than my usual gin tonics because Dr. Gering had this artisanal gin that made all the difference in the world – waiting for my hosts to come out.

   When Thomas did come out, I almost fainted.

   – I thought you might wanna go for a swim before dinner, he shouted out to me from the other side of the pool. You up for it, doctor?

   He was wearing the most amazingly sexy green Speedo bathing suit with colorful fruit on it that made my mouth water. My eyes quickly took in the amazing muscle definition in his legs and I could just imagine how all that biking and swimming had no doubt shaped his butt.

   He ran over with two swimsuits in his hands and tossed them on the lawn chair next to the one I was stretched out on. I quickly shifted in the chair because I knew I was starting to show new signs of arousal.

   – These are brand-new. Pick one. Or both. Or none, he winked. Your choice. You can go inside to change. Or into the cabana. Or neither.

   He didn’t even bother to wink that time. He turned around and dove into the pool.

   I looked at both swimsuits and chose the Lycra boxer brief type suit that looked like short biker shorts. I walked up to the pool and, as Thomas came back out from under, I asked:

   – Shouldn’t I wait till later? Seems kinda rude to go for a swim with your dad waiting for me inside, don’t you think?

   – Oh didn’t Guillermo tell you? My dad got a call from Dr. Grant for some emergency consult. He said he’d be back as fast as he can.

   I was floored. I couldn’t believe how rude that was of Dr. Gering. How could he just leave without at least saying hi. Once I got over the shock, I started wondering if this had not been a big ruse from the start. Was it just an excuse to leave me alone with his son? Had they planned this together? I was actually starting to feel paranoid and thought the whole thing was kind of creepy. That said, I couldn’t help but be attracted to Thomas and, since he really didn’t seem indifferent to me either, I thought: “To hell with it!” I downed what was left of my drink… which was soooo delicious, and decided I’d show this cocky kid that doctors are not necessarily nerdy prudes who can’t be spontaneous.

   I ripped off my clothes while Thomas swam around in the pool, stripping down to my boxer briefs. For a moment there I thought of just diving into the water with those on as I knew they would dry quickly but then I decided to throw caution to the wind – as well as my ass, cock and balls! – and got stark naked for a few seconds before I grabbed the Lycra boxer brief suit I’d chosen before. As I was about to slip it on, I looked over to the skimpy yellow and red Speedo and thought: “Go for it, man!” I stepped into that small piece of fabric and adjusted my cock and balls to make sure my package would be comfortable yet well in view, subtly inviting without being lewd.

   When I got up on the diving board, Thomas was looking up at me from the water, half floating on his back like he was daring me somehow. I dove in and he moved away as if he was playing hard-to-get. I swam underwater all the way to the shallow end and when I came up for air, Thomas was nowhere to be found. As I wiped the water from my eyes and looked around, I suddenly felt his hands wrap themselves around my ankles and massage the top of my feet. I instantly felt a tingle in the Speedos and when Thomas came out of the water, standing a few inches away from me, I almost gasped.

   – The top of your feet is just as smooth and silky as the outside of your hands, he whispered.

   – Shut up, I chuckled, pushing him away.

   He fell back and went under again swimming back toward me and spreading my legs so he could glide between them. A shiver went through my whole body and the goosebumps he gave me made my nipples stand at attention. As he was slithering between my legs, his arms rubbing against the insides of my thighs, He twisted around and made his bulge rub against my balls through our swimsuits. My semi erection became a full-blown hard-on almost instantly.

   When he came out of the water behind me, I felt him move close and felt his breath on my neck as he turned his head up to whisper:

   – I’m going to need to get back on my bike and go work out some more if I’m going to resist wanting to have sex with you right here, right now.

   His own boner was now pressing against the back of my right thigh and I just felt like spinning around and having my way with him but when I opened my eyes, I realized that anybody in the house could see what we were doing if they passed any of this glass doors or humongous windows.

   I just stood there, trying to look innocent. But Thomas was not helping. He felt like he was doing the male equivalent of Kegels on my thigh as he placed his hands on my hips, kneading my sides through the fabric of the Speedos. As he moved his hands, I suddenly felt his thumbs hook under the swimsuit, rubbing against my butt cheeks. He massaged my ass making circles with his thumbs as he pulled the Speedos into my butt crack, turning them into a sort of weird, uncomfortable thong. But much to my surprise, I was really into whatever he was doing. I felt him kissing my back from my shoulder blades down and thought: “Since he’s shorter than I am, the probably can’t even see him from the house.”

   I know. Silly thought, right? I must have looked so silly just standing there in the pool like I was doing nothing but desperately trying to not show how my legs were turning into Jell-O and my cock was turning into a rock-hard granite rod. Feeling Thomas’s mouth in the middle of my back, on my spine, at water level, his thumbs still rubbing my ass cheeks like they were trying to ease tension points, I started spreading my feet a little wider. I don’t know why. Maybe because I somehow wanted to disappear into the pool, erase myself from anybody’s view. That’s when Thomas’s thumbs stopped massaging my buttocks and one of his hands grabbed the stringed Speedo to pull it out of my ass and his other hand slipped between my legs to rub my balls from behind. I started swaying back and forth, making the most of his hand on my gonads. Slowly, I kept inching my feet away from each other to give him better access and keep up my disappearing act. My thing was working so well that Thomas actually got down on his knees. When I got down low enough, half into a full split, I pushed the front of the Speedos over my cock and balls and made them bunch up in my groin. I twisted around, forcing Thomas to take his hand out from between my legs, and pulled him into a hot kiss, not caring anymore who could possibly see what was happening. His fingers went straight for my nipples and I almost lost it.

   – That’s what I was afraid of, he said when we pulled out of the kiss.

   – What?

   – That you’d be this amazing kisser.

   – Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet, I said, grabbing a fistful of hair on the back of his neck and pulling him into another.

   He started getting up and I spread my legs again so we’d be almost the same height. My free cock started rubbing against his Speedos as we got closer and the feel of the fabric was just amazing on the underside of my rod. He pushed against me almost masturbating me with his swimsuit and hard cock inside. My eyes rolled in my head. I wanted this to go on forever. After a few minutes, he said the magic words:

   – I want to feel you inside me.

   There was no way we were going bareback right there in the pool although that’s obviously what we both wanted. We got out of the pool and he said:

   – Meet me in the cabana.

   With my hard meat swaying in the wind and my ass exposed from the Speedos being all bunched between my cheeks, I got out of the water and did what Thomas had told me to do. That would be the only time he’d be ordering me around that day.

   When he came into the sparsely lit cabana, I’d stripped out of the Speedos and was waiting for him with my pulsating cock and bulging balls. I grabbed his ass and lifted him off the floor, slamming him against the door for support and wrapping his legs around me. I felt his heels dig into my ass and for a second, I thought of a stallion getting spurred by a jockey. This made me desire him even more. I could feel my upward-pointing erection poking between his cheeks as I kissed him with all my might. I just wanted to shove my manhood inside him in one hard stroke but I resisted, humping his cheeks without doing anything stupid.

   After a while, I let him down and he reached for the condom he’d brought. He gave my cock a few tongue swipes before sheathing me up and turning to the door, spreading his legs and resting his cheek on the wood.

   – I’m ready for you, Doctor Steve, he whispered, grabbing my cock from behind and easing me inside him with a sexy moan of pure pleasure before releasing my cock to grab my hips and thrusting me hard against him.

   I grabbed his hips and fucked him hard, pulling my cock out as far as I could without having the head pop out and thrusting back in with force. He took it like a man, pushing back against me to make sure I couldn’t go any deeper. Each times, our balls with collide, sending a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure through our whole bodies.

   – Oh, man, I’m gonna cum, I said after a while. I’m gonna blow inside you, baby.

   – Yes, do it. Fuck me, Doctor Steve. Make me feel that cum explode into that condom. Yeah!  Make it happen.

   His sphincter seemed to tighten as though it wanted to help me, like it wanted to squeeze each drop of cum right out of my rod. I slammed my pelvis against his ass over and over and over, gushing loads of hot juice inside his anal cavity, filling that sheath will all the man juice I could muster.

   When I pulled out, Thomas spun around and squatted before me, whipping the condom off my cock and engulfing me in his mouth, sending crazy electric shocks to the every raw nerve in my dick, pushing the head to the back of his mouth. I thought my knees would buckle but I managed to stay up resting my right hand on his hand and my left hand on the door. His mouth felt as good as his ass and my cock just wouldn’t deflate. I started pumping his mouth on my way to a second orgasm. But I wanted a taste of his cock, too, so I quickly grabbed him under his shoulders, lifted him into a kiss during which are cocks dueled in a hot swordfight before I grabbed him again to plop him down on an inflatable pool mattress. He looked up at me like he didn’t know what I wanted but I didn’t keep him guessing for long. I lay down on the mattress next to him and engulfed his thick uncut cock like he’d swallowed mine, making him moan loudly.

   – Mmmm… those lips, that tongue, your whole mouth feels so good, he whispered before swallowing my cock, too.

   We sucked each other for what seemed like forever, enjoying every second. And when he felt he was going to come, he’d say:

   – I want to wait for you.

   That’s how we managed to come at the same time, swallowing each other’s precious man juice, moaning onto each other’s meat, creating an even more irresistible vibrating sensation.

   I quickly twisted around on the mattress when we were done, pulling him into a warm bear hug and wet, semen-sharing kiss.

   After a while, he pulled out of the kiss and said:

   – They always say it’s better not to have sex before a competition.

   – Sunday’s event is not a competition, I replied. It’s a fundraiser. I have no intention of winning the thing. Do you?

   – I don’t anymore. As long as I reach the finish line.

   – I feel the same way.

   – How about we get some dinner and go for a ride in the hills. There are plenty of little spots I saw along the path that I’d really like to explore with you.

   – That sounds great.

   I never knew at what time Dr. Gering got back that night because Thomas and I ending up exploring many little nooks and crannies all along the bike path in the mountain. Thank goodness we managed to get a good night’s sleep the following night or we’d have looked like two zombies during the fundraising bike ride on Sunday. But that myth about sex draining energy and focus from your athletic performance? As far as Thomas and I are concerned, I’d say is total hogwash.