Her new life

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01 Apr. '20

Helen is a 50 years old woman with lots of insecurities. She's been divorced for two years now, after her two daughters left home to go to college. Her ex husband never complimented her, so she never believed she was even attractive. 

She is working for a company designing websites. She loves her job, she loves to use her creativity and see the satisfaction in the eyes of her clients when they see the product up and running. She prefers to be assigned to women clients because she can better understand and achieve their needs.

After the divorce, for a while she dedicated her life to her work. One day she realized that this wasn’t life, she wasn’t old enough to preclude some amusement, she deserved more. 

She decided then to stick to a work schedule, 8 to 5 with a 30 minutes break for lunch. She also decided to get back in shape and started to attend the gym regularly after work. She didn’t think it was so hard to lose weight at her age, but she’s persisting and won’t give up.

Another decision she made was to find a country bar where she could finally realize her dream and learn the country line dancing. This wasn’t easy because there wasn’t a place in her town so every Thursday, after work, she got in her car to drive 30 minutes, pass the state line, and arrive at Duke's Country Saloon.

Duke’s was the name of the former owner. The new owner, Sam, kept the name but changed a few things inside like the old and worn decor, and added live music during weekends. Plus, of course, on Thursday Sam offered dance lessons for free but you are asked to drink or eat something.

The first time Helen entered the saloon, she was nervous. She didn’t have the right outfit, coming straight from work, she didn’t have time to change. She was there just to check and then will decide if she could do that on a regular basis. She also hoped to make new acquaintances. 

After that first time she bought a white button-down shirt, and the most important piece for the right outfit: cowboy boots. She always dreamt of having them. She also looked for a cowboy hat, but decided to wait to find the right one.

The second time she entered at Duke’s, she was ready, or so she thought. She ordered a burger, a beer, and a glass of water. The thing was that she doesn’t like beer but you can’t patronize a country saloon drinking only water and, for sure, the barman wouldn’t make her a Margarita, so she pretended to drink beer, while drinking water instead.

She was eating her burger when the Pat Watters Band arrived on the stage. People started to gather around the stage applauding and cheering. She really didn’t know the band nor the songs but loved the atmosphere and she got carried away.

During the break Sam called the patrons for the line dancing lesson and Helen caught the opportunity. She lost the steps a few times then Sam suggested her to not look down at her feet but to look in front of her and to listen to the music.

“Let the music get inside you and feel the rhythm. You’ll get the steps.” he said over the music.

She followed his directions and it was true, the music was leading her feet and body. Sam was laughing now.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” she asked him.

“Absolutely not! Ya’r doing great. You look like a baby in a candy store!” he replied, still smiling.

Yes, she was happy.

It was Thursday again and like every Thursday now she couldn’t wait to finish her job for the day, go to the restroom to change outfits, and drive to Duke’s.

When she got there, Dottie, the bartender and probably Sam’s lover, greeted her.

“Howdy! The usual?” Dottie asked

“Yes please.” Helen answered.

“Sure honey. Sit here so we can finally talk and get to know each other. I see you here every Thursday now but I know nothing about ya” , Dottie said pointing at the stool in front of the counter, while preparing a glass of water and giving it to Helen.

“There’s no point in paying for a beer you’ll never drink. No shame if you don’t like it!” Dottie said, winking and making Helen blush.

“Thank you! What can I say? There’s nothing interesting about me. I work in an office, got divorced, and now I’m following my dream to dance to country music. That’s all.” Helen said in a voice barely audible with the music in the background, but Dottie was used to hearing talking with the music around.

It was still early for the crowd to arrive so Dottie sat beside Helen to talk. They got acquainted and Dottie confirmed what Helen suspected, that she and Sam were lovers. Dottie was named after Dottie West, an old country singer her parents loved. So country music has been in her DNA since she was born.

“You know, I always worked in saloons for the love of the music and the patrons. I tried to write songs but nothing ever happened so I just danced. I started working here when Sam bought the saloon. I’m an old woman but we all need a warm bed to go to, if you know what I mean” Dottie said, winking and elbowing Helen. 

“Indeed I know what you mean. If only…” Helen replied in a low voice and probably Dottie didn’t hear.

The saloon was getting crowded and Dottie had to go back behind the counter to serve drinks and sandwiches.

A guy took Dottie’s stool beside Helen.

“Hey Mark! How are you doing?” Dottie said cheerfully.

“Tired like hell but ready to dance. You, hon?” he replied to Dottie.

“Fine, as usual. Oh Mark, this is Helen. Helen this is Mark” she said, wanting for Helen to meet new friends.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mark” Helen said shyly.

“The pleasure is all mine” Mark replied with a strong handshake, holding Helen’s hand a little longer than usual.

Mark, like her, had a white button-down shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He also had a worn cowboy leather hat. He was a little taller than her, with broad shoulders, dark eyes, and dark mustache. Helen could smell his maskulin essence of leather and musk. Very enticing. She needed a distraction. She was feeling emotional. It’s been a long time since she felt this excitement meeting a man.

Somebody was poking on her shoulder and Helen jumped. It was Sam.

“Sorry hon! I didn’t mean to scare you! I saw you here and wanted to let you know I’m making groups for dancing. Do you want to be in the first one?” Sam asked Helen.

“Sure” Helen said, hopping off the stool to join the group. She needed to put some distance between her and Mark. “Dottie, can you please hold my purse under the counter?”

“Sure thing, hon”

“Hey Mark! Do you wanna join us?” Sam asked, seeing Mark.

“Oh no thanks. I need to drink first and enjoy the show. Later though” Mark answered, wiping his mustache, turning the stool, and leaning with his elbows on the counter.

The music started and they all began dancing. After several weeks, Helen was now one of the best dancers and Sam asked her to stay beside him. Dottie wasn’t worried because Sam’s heart was completely in her hands. From where she stood, Dottie could see the dancing group, but she could also see part of Mark’s face and he was mesmerized watching Helen. She was sure he was watching Helen.

Dottie leaned down to whisper in Mark’s ear “Enjoying what you see?” not waiting for an answer.

Dottie smiled at the idea of the romance. She was still a romantic dreamer and she liked Helen. She knew Mark was a good guy, a little rough sometimes, but respectful, and still handsome.

The dancers took a break and Dottie prepared their drinks, placing Helen’s glass of water at the same spot she occupied before, to be sure she’d sit beside Mark. She loved to play the matchmaker!

“You did great out there! Country music really got ya!” Mark said when Helen finished her water.

“I love the music and Sam is a great teacher” Helen said slightly blushing. She wasn’t used to compliments.

In the background there was a Two-Step music and Helen was tapping the rhythm on the counter watching people dancing. Dottie tapped Mark’s shoulder to draw his attention, she was gesturing to him and finally he got it.

“Would you like to dance?” Mark asked Helen  

“Ehm, well, I don’t know if I’m able. I never danced the Two Step” Helen replied

“Oh don’t worry hon, Mark is good. Just let him lead and, as I said, follow the music” Sam replied understanding Dottie’s game.

“Ok then, but if I step on your foot don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Helen said to Mark hopping off the stool.

They headed to the dancing floor, Mark standing in front of Helen.

“OK, eyes on me. Don’t look down, just feel the music as you do for the line dancing. Your left hand on my upper arm with your fingers around my shoulder’s muscle. Like this. Right” Mark instructed Helen.

Helen was touching his muscles and she liked what she felt.

“You start with your right foot ahead first and follow this rhythm quick-quick-slow slow; quick-quick-slow slow. OK? Let’s try” he started dancing, leading her and singing the rhythm with a low voice. After a few minutes he stopped the rhythm because Helen was following perfectly. So he decided to be bold and to shorten distances. Not too much, just a little bit to see her reaction. She didn’t do anything. Did she notice that? After a couple of rounds on the floor, he got a little bit closer. Again she did nothing. He decided that this was enough. He didn’t want to challenge his luck. 

The song ended.

“Do you mind continuing with another song?” she asked hopeful, not wanting for this moment to end so quickly.

“Sure! But this time you lean on me, close your eyes, your right foot between mine, your left on the outside, and follow my lead. OK? And as you do with the line dancing, let your hips sway with the rhythm” Mark instructed.

“OK.” she answered blushing. She was sweating now, and not for the dancing. The heat of his body touching hers, his smell, his low voice singing the rhythm in her ear, were making her heart beat faster.

She didn't recall having experienced anything like this before. They were alone, and there wasn’t the music anymore, only his voice in her ear and the beating of her heart.

“What? Did I step on your feet?” she asked when he suddenly stopped dancing.

“Ah ah ah! No, the band is taking a break. Let’s go drink something” he answered laughing, noticing she was caught in the music. 

They headed to the bar where Dottie already prepared their drinks, water for Helen and Budweiser, long neck, for Mark.

“Would you like to sit at that table over there? We can talk a little” Mark asked, pointing to a small round table on a far corner.

“Sure! Why not” she replied.

“So, ehm, what do you do when you are not dancing here?” he asked, once they were sitting.

“I design websites” she answered, glad he decided to be the icebreaker.

“Wow! That sounds interesting. I think it’s a complex job. I love browsing the internet and it’s intriguing, but I have no idea how everything works inside my computer. So you spend hours watching a monitor?” he continued the conversation

“Yes, but not always. I also spend many hours with clients to understand their needs and writing or drawing things on a paper. Then at 5, I turn off my computer and head to the gym. Otherwise I go crazy. What about you?” she asked, curious to know him better.

“Well, if you promise me you won’t laugh, I can tell you” he answered, taking time and sipping his beer. Yes, he was in awe. She was smart, she probably had a degree, while he barely finished high school, and had a job that didn’t require much skills. Or so he thought. 

Then she surprised him saying:

“I never laugh at somebody’s job. In my profession I met a lot of different people with any kind of profession. I learned that any profession needs hard work. It might seem different on the surface, but then if you think better, you might find all the little difficulties any job can have. So, surprise me. Tell me about your weird job”.

“OK then. I make pipes. Tobacco pipes, to be clear” he said in a breath, leaning on the back of the chair, wiping beer’s foam from his mustache.

She glared at his mouth, licking her lips. In her head a few dirty thoughts were taking place. She was wondering how the mustache would feel on her skin. 

“As you can see, I’m not laughing. As a matter of fact I’m very curious. So tell me why you chose this activity? And how are you doing pipes?” she asked aghast. With all the people she met for her job, with all the myriad of jobs she advertised, this was the first time she ever met a pipe maker. 

Mark told her that when he was a young boy, his father used to read Maigret novels. He had the whole collection. Maigret was an investigator, and on the covers of the books, he always had a tobacco pipe. Being young he got curious about pipes and went to the library to know more about them. He learned about the best wood to make one, and how the wood could change the flavor of the tobacco. Or how the different shape can give different feelings to the nose. How different mouths need different lips. 

So after spending months in the library studying pipes, one day he asked his father to go with him to buy a wood knife, and a drill. They had plenty of wood in their land, so this wasn’t a problem. And so he started.

“Oh my gosh! That’s incredible!” she was honestly surprised. “How is your business? I can design a website for you, with your story, if you’d like. As a friend, in my spare time. If you’d like I can take a few pictures of you working on a pipe” she suggested, excited for this new feeling of doing something for a friend.  

“Well, I never thought about it. I use the internet to buy new tools and materials but I never thought about having my own website. Sure, why not. I can show you my pipe’s collection… ok this sounds like a come-on. Sorry, I meant…” he tried to apologize.

“I get it. Don’t worry” Helen reassured him.

At that moment Dottie and Sam appeared at their table. 

“Do you mind if we join you? I need a break and there isn’t any other table available” Dottie said.

“Sure!” Mark said moving his chair closer to Helen’s to make room for the two friends.

They started chatting and getting to know each other better.

It was almost midnight and Helen didn’t want for this night to end, but she had to wake up early and had a deadline to respect. She knew she might end working late on Friday so she’d better go home.

“I’m sorry guys, I’m having a great time, but I have to wake up early tomorrow and I have a 30 minutes drive to get home. Mark, this is my phone number” she said, writing her phone number on a napkin. “Give me a call so we can schedule a photo shoot anytime after Monday. Dottie, my purse is under the counter?” she asked, getting up and hugging her new friends, without giving them time to stop her.

She left almost running. She had to go without turning back or she wouldn’t leave. That was the best night since… since… since forever maybe!

Driving back home she recalled the whole night. She was excited. Mark was amazing. Was he really amazing, or was just her need for a man making her see things? She felt a tingling sensation down to her pussy. Was she excited about him or about the thought of a man interested in her? 

Helen got home, took a shower, went to bed, but couldn’t sleep. His smell was still invading her nostrils. The memory of holding his hand while dancing, and touching his arm, made her palm prickling. 

She turned on her back, with a hand on her breast and the other on her belly, she started caressing herself. She then pulled up her night shirt to her neck. 

With her eyes closed, she caressed her breasts, gently at first, then with a little more strength. She then stroked her nipples and that tingling on her pussy got stronger. She felt the urge to touch it. She opened her legs and touched her inner thighs. The skin there was soft, warm, and smooth. She was imagining Mark touching her there and feeling the smoothness. The hands went slowly up, and up, and up, until touching her panties. They were a little wet. 

At this point she had two voices in her head, one said °Go ahead. Pleasure yourself. You deserve it°, while the other one said °Ew! That’s nasty. Don’t do that”

Helen wasn’t used to touching herself. Probably she never felt the need. Or probably nobody ever explained to her that there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a natural need but it’s something parents won’t talk about to their children. Helen herself never talked about it with her daughters. Her ex husband accused her of being frigid, filing for divorce.

After touching her panties for a little, she decided to pull them off and to take the night shirt all the way off. She was now naked and felt so good. 

She opened her legs wider to feel the cold air on her pussy and her nipples were stiff.

Touching her nipples, she was now incredibly sensitive. She twisted and pinched them until she felt like a myriad of little shocks starting from her nipples, down to her pussy. She had to touch her pussy now. Slowly, caressing her belly, again to her inner thighs. She was so sensitive that even brushing her hair was exciting.

With two index fingers she spread open her puffy lips. She stayed still for a few seconds to enjoy the sensation of colder air caressing her pussy. She wished Mark was there, blowing air to her pussy. She liked that sensation.

When she slid one finger up and down between her lips, she felt wet and sticky. Ignoring that voice saying “Ew! Stop it”, she continued this exciting game. She wanted to feel and enjoy it.

With her middle finger she slid around her wet entrance until she decided to enter it. Slowly. 

“This position is not the best.” she said to herself, sitting up, turning on the little lamp on her nightstand, and leaning her back against the head of the bed, her knees slightly bent, and her thighs wide open. She could see her finger glistering with her wetness. She smelled it and, feeling bold, she licked it to taste herself. Delicious.

She moved her fingers back to her pussy and watched her finger going in and out her pussy, wetter and wetter. She added a second finger holding her breath for the incredible sensation.

With the middle finger of the other hand she was touching her clit with slow circle movements. 

“Jeez! I’m fingering myself. Why did I wait so long?” 

At this point she felt the impulse to move her fingers a little faster and to push her fingers inside, deeper.

She closed her eyes and pulled her head back. 

Her breath was faster. She loved every single instant of what she was doing, and when she reached that moment, the apex when you know you are very close to the release, she wanted to stop time but couldn’t. 

She let herself go. Her fingers moved faster and deeper.

She was now holding her breath.

“Yes. I’m cumming. Yes. Yes. Yesss. Yessssssssssssss. Aaahhhhhhhh”

She was shaking now, her fingers still, her clit extremely sensitive, she couldn’t touch it, but she wanted to. She wanted more. She wanted it all.

She waited to calm down with her fingers still in her pussy, feeling little contractions.

“Wow! I didn’t know” she said to herself, looking down at her pussy. Slowly she moved her fingers out seeing her juice on her fingers and a wet spot on her sheet. She touched her wetness on her fingers and then licked them liking this new sensation, this new Helen. 

She turned off the light, still naked, and fell into a resting sleep.

When she woke up the following morning, she felt a new self, and this new Helen didn’t want to use night shirts anymore. The new Helen wanted to pleasure herself more. 

That day at work she did great, she felt great. She finished her project with just an hour of overtime. Better than planned. Before leaving the office, she checked her phone left in the drawer to not get distracted, and found a few texts. Three were from her daughters asking how she was doing and telling her they were both planning to get there for Easter Sunday, in three weeks. The others were from an unknown number.

Hi Helen, this is Mark. How are you doing?

Hi Helen, sorry to bother. Maybe you’re busy. Sam is planning another dancing night. You coming?

Ok, you are probably busy. Please text or call me when you see this.

And now, after a day immersed in her job, she recalled the previous night, the feelings, the excitement. She was feeling again the tingles in her pussy, and looking down she saw her nipples poking through her shirt.

“Oh my!” she said to herself, looking around. The office was empty and, for a moment, she had a dirty idea. But then she heard somebody whistling. “Dave! The janitor. I better go home!”.

In the car she called Mark, she didn’t know what to say but she wanted to hear his voice. She wanted to see him.

“Helen! How are you doing?” he said answering

“I’m fine. Sorry but I wanted to close the project and didn’t hear the phone.” she explained.

“No problem, you told us yesterday about the deadline. I’m glad you finished. Are you too tired to go to Duke’s? I can pick you up” he suggested, obviously anxious to see her again.

“Oh no, I don’t want you to drive all the way here. I need to go home, take a shower and change clothes and I’ll be on my way, probably in an hour. Is it too late?” she asked, hoping to make it sooner.

“I don’t want you to drive all this way if you are tired. Please text me your address. When you are ready, I’ll be outside waiting for you. OK? Text me the address” and he hung up not giving her the chance to rebut.

Chivalry is not dead!

She wasn’t one that spends hours in front of a mirror to apply makeup or to curl her hair, so she was quick. She was putting on her suede jacket when she heard a roar on her driveway. Feeling bold and excited, she decided to slip her toothbrush in her purse. Just in case…

During the drive to Duke’s she was the talker. She was clearly nervous, and excited, and she needed to find a distraction. He seemed to enjoy her talking judging by his serene expression.

“OK, I’m done talking. What about you? How was your day?” she asked then, wanting to hear his voice. 

“Oh I made a new pipe and while I was working on it, although I generally listen to the music, I was making my mind around your idea of a website, and I decided that I like the idea very much.” he said.

“Really? Oh, I’m so happy. I can go to your shop one of these days and take pictures” she replied extremely happy he liked her idea. This was a good excuse to spend more time with him. 

When they entered Duke's, Dottie welcomed them with a hug. Helen didn’t expect such a warm welcome but she was pleased. 

Sam spotted her at the bar, and almost running, got to her “Here she is! I need your help tonight. I’ve been asked for an extra lesson and I need you to help me with this huge group. I didn’t know how to contact you, then Dottie remembered that you gave your number to Mark, so I called him asking to call you. Hope you don’t mind”.

“Absolutely! I’m glad he did because I needed to get out tonight. Let me drink some water first and I’ll be with you” she said, seeing Dottie pouring water in a big glass and handing a beer to Mark.

She danced for more than an hour nonstop. She needed a break to drink some water. She was talking with Dottie, meanwhile looking for Mark trying to not being noticed. 

“He’s on the dancing floor.” Dottie said. 

“What? Who?” Helen asked, blushing, and turning to look toward the dancing floor.

“Hey, I’ve done this work for years now, I know people and I know when I’m talking but you have your mind somewhere else!” Dottie said, laughing.

“Hey! Close your mouth! You’re drooling!” Dottie said, still laughing, noticing Helen's face while watching Mark dancing.

“Well, you have to admit, he’s something. I didn’t notice yesterday, but he’s sexy when he dances.” Helen explained.

“You are telling me that yesterday you didn’t notice him? How sexy he is?” Dottie said, teasing her friend.

“Ehm, well. Yes, I noticed, but when he dances… WHEW” Helen remarked, whistling, and making fans with her hand. “He’s hot”.

After another round of dancing class, Helen and Sam joined Mark at the bar. 

“Dottie, am I still in time for a burger? I forgot I didn’t have dinner and I’m starving” Helen asked Dottie.

“Sorry hon, we closed the kitchen 30 minutes ago. I can try to fix you something, though” Dottie said, sorry for the inconvenience.

“I can fix you dinner at my place” Mark said before Dottie could go to the kitchen.

Dottie and Sam exchanged a look, smiling.

“I don’t want to bother. Don’t worry. I can resist and make something when I get home” she hesitated. She wanted to go to Mark’s but didn’t want to look too eager. 

“No bother at all. Really. Let’s go!” Mark said, paying his beer and handing Helen her jacket.

“Have a good night kids!” Dottie said, in a mocking tone, winking to Helen.

Helen was happy, hesitant, worried, excited. All at the same time. Was she reading too much in this situation? What if he didn’t like her? 

“Make yourself at ease. Down the hall is the bathroom, if you need it. Is water fine or you want some wine?” Mark asked, trying to hide his own nervousness.

“I only drink water. I sometimes like some liquor after dinner. I need to use the restroom then I’ll help you in the kitchen. And thank you for inviting me” Helen replied.

“No worries” he answered, watching her heading to the bathroom. She probably didn’t realize how sexy her butt was. He was imagining that butt naked against his groin… 

“I need to think of something else.” he said to himself, opening the fridge.

“What?” Helen asked, walking into the kitchen “did you say something?”

“Ehm, no, I was just looking at what I have in my fridge. Any allergy?” he asked, taking out bread, butter, eggs, and cheese.

“No pickles for dear life. I can manage anything else but pickles and cucumbers” she said, with a disgusted expression.

“Ahahaha. Interesting, I hate pickles as well. I don’t mind cucumbers in a salad but I don’t generally add them. How do you feel about grilled cheese?” he asked her, happy to have something in common with her, other than the love for country dancing.

“I love it! So, I see there is no Mrs. Mark in the picture. How come, if I’m not nosy?” she asked, wanting to know everything about this mysterious, amazing guy.

“There never was one. At the beginning I was too busy with my job. Then I was so used to being alone that I couldn’t bear to share my cave with another person. I love my kingdom and my independence. Of course I’ve always appreciated a little sexy, female company.” he said the last sentence winking and raising his glass as a toast waiting for the pot to warm up.


“What about you? Any Mr. Helen? You being here makes me think he’s not in the picture either. But I could be wrong.” he asked Helen, curious as well. 

“There was one. Divorced. Now I understand your feeling about sharing your cave. I loved my husband, years ago, and living with him was… fine. But now that I’m alone I love my solitude.” she answered, hoping he wouldn’t ask her why they divorced. She wasn’t ready to share that part with him.

They sat at the counter, eating, drinking, and talking.

“No beer?” she asked, seeing he was drinking water.

“I don’t usually drink beer at home unless I have friends over for a poker night.” he answered.

She was pleased noticing they had so many similarities.

He finished his grilled cheese, drank a full glass of water, then turned to her trying to find the right words, the right input. 

She was still eating but she could feel his eyes on her. She didn’t know what to do or say. Facing him and meeting his gaze? Not a chance. She finished her sandwich. 

He was waiting for that moment to turn her chair.

“You are beautiful.” he said, caressing her cheek with his thumb.

She didn’t want to say it wasn’t true, but at the same time she didn’t know how to accept the compliment, so she just looked in his eyes and thanked him with a shy smile, bending her head to hold his hand between cheek and shoulder. She liked the sensation of his hand on her skin. A lot.

With his thumb, Mark traced her lips while getting closer and closer, until their nose tips were touching. 

Helen closed her eyes, deep breathing to relax herself, or at least try to.

Mark then got up and helped Helen to get up as well, he hugged her, kissing her neck, her jaw, until he reached her mouth. He kissed her lips gently to give her time to respond. With his hands on her face, his forehead on hers, he said:

“I’m going to kiss you now. If you don’t want to, just stop me and I can take you home.”, he said, in a low, husky voice,  and so he did, kissing her gently on her lips. 

She didn’t stop him and he continued. With his tongue he traced her lips sending little excitement shock all over her body. She hugged his neck while opening her lips and let his tongue meet hers. 

Breaking their kiss to take a breath, he held her hand in his, turned off the light in the kitchen, and led her to the bedroom. There he turned on the lamp on the nightstand. 

He looked at her, whispering “You are so beautiful, so warm, so sexy”

“You are not so bad either” she said, smiling and hugging him. “It’s warm in here…” she continued, giving him a hint to undress her.

They unbuttoned each other’s shirts. She inhaled the smell of his skin, so warm and firm, with dark hair on his chest.

He looked mesmerized at her heavy breasts, tracing the hem of her bra with his finger tip, bending down to kiss her there, making a path along the hem with his tongue.

She moaned in pleasure, looking down to see what he was doing to her, holding her hands behind his neck. She could see her stiff nipples poking through her bra. What she didn’t see but felt, was the wetness on her thong.

His hands were on her hips, tracing the edge of her jeans to stop at the button. He unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and slipped a hand between her jeans and panties.

“Mmmm. You’re wet. Delicious.” he whispered, then kissed her, with his hand still on her mound, and one finger slightly caressing the wet spot on her panties.

“I need you inside me. Now” Helen whispered between kisses.

“Yes, but not yet. I need to play with you, I need to taste you first” he replied in a deep, aroused voice.

Pulling her jeans down her legs, he squatted to help her eans slip over her feet. Holding that position, he inhaled in her femininity, kissing her mound through her panties, his hands sliding up the back of her thighs reaching that point where the thighs joined the butt cheeks. She was smooth, warm, and silky. 

She had a thong. Sexy.

“I love your choice of underwear! So incredibly sexy. It’ll be challenging to hold on, but it’ll be worth it” he said, kissing and licking her mound still through her panties, and squeezing her butt cheeks. 

Helen could barely breathe at this point. Her legs were like jelly from the excitement. 

Mark gently pushed her on the bed. She sat and was pulling herself up to the head of the bed, when he stopped her.

“Wait. Not yet” hooking his fingers to the hem, he pulled the thong off when she pulled up to let it slide off her hips. He pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, opened her legs wide, and kissed her mound inhaling her feminine smell. 

She pulled her arms back on the mattress to hold herself up, bending her head down to look at him. It was an incredibly erotic sight. The feeling of a mustache tickling her pussy, was incredible.

She then laid down on the bed.

He bent her knees up to have her pussy wide open before him. With one hand he was pinching her nipple, the other was holding her lips open for his tongue to slide from her clit, down to her entrance. After a few minutes, hours, or second, she didn’t know, his tongue entered her pussy making her jump.

“Whoa…” Helen said, not able to say anything else. Her brain was like scramble eggs right now. She could just feel and enjoy it.

He then moved his tongue to her clit, sucking gently, and with the middle finger entered her pussy.

“Oh jeez. Yes!” she said, panting, and pulling her hips up.

He added a second finger, hooking them inside her, still pinching her nipple with the other hand.

Helen pushed her heels on the mattress, held the sheet in her fists, and her hips were moving up and down. She was panting and moaning.

“Jeez Mark… I’m cumming… Oh my… Don’t stop please… Yes. Yes. Yeeess. Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss…” she screamed, cumming, hard. Her body shaking.

Mark waited for her to stop shaking, caressing her nipple with his thumb, two fingers still in her pussy, and his tongue licking all her juices. When she stopped shaking, he gently moved on top of her, kissing her so she could smell herself on his mouth. 

“Now, are you ready for my cock?” he asked in a mischievous voice.

They made love. Again. Again. They fell asleep exhausted after hours.

When she woke up at the first light of the day, she ran to the bathroom to pee and brush her teeth. When she got back to the bedroom he was still asleep, lying on his side. The view of his butt was something and she stayed there for a few minutes. She realized then that her ex-husband was wrong, he was totally wrong. She wasn’t frigid. He was the one who couldn’t excite her. 

With this thought she approached the bed, gently pushing Mark onto his back, trying to not wake him up, and bent down to his cock. She could still smell herself on it. She took his shaft with her hand, caressing the length with her thumb and then with her tongue. His cock was getting hard. She took it in her mouth, enjoying the feeling of it.

Mark was half dreaming about something hot and wet enfolding his cock. With his eyes still closed, he was touching the bed beside him to find Helen, but he couldn’t find her. He immediately opened his eyes worried it’s been only a dream, when he saw her head down at his groin.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed. Not mad. Not at all. Just astonished.

She looked up with sultry eyes, his cock in her mouth. What a view! 

“Stop please! I’m about to cum. Please?” he begged her, not able to elaborate a complete sentence. 

Helen released his cock, gently, licking his precum, and moving up, straddling him. They kissed, hard, deep, making love with their tongues.

She squatted down impaling herself, slowly to feel all his length stretching her pussy.

They became one one more time. They spent the weekend naked, making love, eating, watching tv.

After that weekend, he sometimes invades her cave, sometimes she invades his. She designed an amazing website for him, increasing his business and production. Sometimes she helps him.

Every Thursday and Friday you can find them dancing at Duke’s, happy like never before. She now has a cowboy hat, a present from Dottie and Sam for her birthday.

There is no such thing as a frigid woman, but there could be a man not able to excite her.